Jefferson County, NY
Real Estate Transactions

From the Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY
November 1876

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Watertown Re-Union, November 2, 1876, p. 7:

Transactions recorded with the County Clerk during the past week:

MARTIN BOOS to I. SIXBURY village lot Evans Mills $1,200
M. FINNERTY to L. F. BACHMAN village lot Carthage $3,400
EUNICE PATRICK to A. M. HUESTIS 50 acres Rodman $3,000
B. BATES to J. SHERIDAN city lot Watertown $400
N. RAPPOLE to L. VANLUVEN 1 acre Cape Vincent $730
JAMES A. BELL to J. M. TILDEN city lot Watertown $3,000
F. A. CROSS to L. VANLUVEN village lot Cape Vincent $193
JOSEPH RIVET to P. McDONALD 38-100 acres Carthage $1,200
JOHN H. GRAVES to H. M. BURTRAND 1/2 acre Clayton $1
G. MATHER to T. E. FULTON 10 acres Ellisburgh $590
ALBERT H. WELCH to M. H. PECK 9-40 acre Brownville $500
GEORGE B. PHELPS to R. R. BROWN 58-100 acre Carthage $306
E. PICKET to C. ST. THOMAS and others village lot Rutland $400
MARGARET ROUSE to A. PHILLIPS 28-100 acre Cape Vincent $150
J. GORMLEY JR. to J. BOW 2 acres Watertown $325
HANNAH B. DUNANT to E. A. DUNANT and others 1/4 acre Carthage $633
E. NORTHORP and others to
J. W. OVERTON and others
6 acres Ellisburgh $1100
J. E. HARMON to C. N. ELY 40-100 acre Watertown $1,000
A. BOSSNOT to P. K. BOSNOTT 38-100 acre Carthage $300
W. D. WOOLEDGE to O. VANDEWALKER village lot Clayton $233
SAME to R. M. ESSELSTYN village lot Clayton $1000
H. HADCOCK and others to E. EVANS 99 acres Rodman $4500
W. M. THOMSON and others to H. FRENCH 1/2 acre Alexandria $50
E. M. FENNER to J. A. SCOFIELD village lot Brownville $2,200

Watertown Re-Union, Nov. 9, 1876, p. 1:

C. CLOBRIDGE to C. A. CLOBRIDGE city lot Watertown $1,600
MOSES OGSBURY to M. GRAVES 25-100 acres Theresa $1
S. D. KILBY to S. M. KILBY 78-100 acres Henderson $1
R. M. HUNTINGTON to R. BROWN village lot Adams $9,000
D. B. LOCKWOOD to B. F. HAWES 30 acres Lorraine $1,000
H. COWAN to Z. WOOD 1/2 acre Wilna $107
A. M. BROWN to L. M. MARTIN 2/5 acre Ellisburg $900
HARMON D. HILL to M. E. HILL 61 12-100 acres Alexandria $1,823
M. A. HILL to H. D. HILL61 12-100 acres Alexandria $1,823
A. BRETSCH to T. CANELL village lot Lafargeville $330
ELIZA J. MARTIN to J. C. KENNEDY 1 acre LeRay $75
DUANE PIERCE to J. LANPHEAR JR. 49 acres Wilna $1,300
JOSEPH A. SMITH to J. EVANS village lot Wilna $200
E. D. SHELEYto L. E. TWING 25-100 acres Theresa $800
D. FRINK to P. NELLIS 11 58-100 acres Watertown $1,158
E. J. WARD to S. O. HENDRICKSON 1/4 acres Carthage $330
T. C. CLINE to M. E. WILCOX village lot Chaumont $5,101.16
P. T. WELCH to M. H. PECK village lot Brownville $1,600
MERCHANTS BANK to H. G. LYTTLE city lot Watertown $1,400
B. HELMER to S. A. SIXBURY 2 12-100 acres LeRay $4,000
H. GOULD to E. TIMMERMAN 58 6-100 acres Pamelia $3,200
L. HULBURT to A. BLANCHARD village lot Natural Bridge $650
C. A. CLOBRIDGE to B. CLOBRIDGE city lot Watertown $1,600
LOUIS BRUSO to J. YOUNGS 1/4 acre Redwood $250
A. CORNWALL to MRS. M. CHARGO 6 1/2 acres Watertown $4,000

Watertown Re-Union Nov. 23, 1876, p. 4:

ADELIA DeZOTEL to S. W. GREEN 1/4 acre Rutland $450
D. BURTCH to D. COPELY 15 acres Antwerp $150
MARTHA E. HALL to S. J. HALLADAY 50 acres Worth $780
C. LeRAY to G. MAYNORE 1/;8 acre Clayton $30
H. J. KILBORN to A. M. O'DOUGHERTY 1 acre Watertown $100
M. A. GROHE to M. J. AVERY 54 50-100 acres Wilna $2,180
A. CORNWALL and others to T. JEROME 1-10 Orleans $50
H. AYER to A. K. HEDDEN 4 acres Ellisburgh $100
W. J. McDONALD to N. D. EASTON 5/8 acre Clayton $550
J. H. GRAVES to P. H. GRAVES 1 1/4 acres Clayton $1
JULIA WIGGINS to J. GILL 65-100 acre Antwerp $1
WM. C. PIERREPONT to A. MELLEN and others 30 37-100 acres Ellisburgh $750
JASON D. TIMMERMAN to R. TIMMERMAN 110 acres Orleans$600
A. MELLEN to R. C. MELLEN 30 27-100 acres Ellisburgh $475
A. WHITFORD to W. GILL 15-100 acre Antwerp $40
THOMAS MATHEWS to J. G. DAVID village lot LeRay $12
ANTHONY J. BROWN to R. H. HUNTINGTON village lot Adams $4,000
B. G. MENTRIER to M. BARTHOLEMY 75 50-110 acres Cape Vincent $700
NILES EVANS to C. SWAN 1 acre Alexandria $250
H. S. ANABLE to M. ANABLE 15 29-100 acres Alexandria $200
C. MILLER to W. A. PORTER 5 acres Pamelia $1
M. J. JEROME to S. VANTASSEL 38-100 acre Orleans $700
M. LOVELL to S. A. LOVELL village lot Lyme $600
J. W. GRIFFIN to D. G. GRIFFIN 39-100 acre Watertown $2,500

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