Jefferson County, NY
Real Estate Transactions

From the Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY
5 October 1876, p 1:

August, October, November, December

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The following is a schedule of the real estate changes filed in the County Clerk's office
in the city for the week ending yesterday:

NamesSize and LocationPrice
A. CHRISMAN to A. CHRISMANvillage lot, Ellisburgh$175.00
GEORGE PETRIE to S. A. SIXBURY1 acre, Evans Mills$5,000
A. BEMIS to H. BEMIS19 acres, Ellisburgh$1
M. BEMIS to H. BEMIS19 acres, Ellisburgh$1
W. H. H. TAYLOR to A. H. SCOTT15 acres, Ellisburgh$1,000
I. WESTCOTT, to E. B. WHITE86-100 acres, Antwerp$900
S. INGALLS to R. OWENSvillage lot, Wilna$1,500
WILLIAM WHITE to J. F. CONVERSE70 acres, Ellisburgh$5,000
J. F. CONFERSE to W. GRAY1/8 acre, Ellisburgh$1
JACOB VAN ALLEN to J. HAGAN3 14-100 acres, Plessis$400
J. MATTISON to M. A. BUDDvillage lot, Carthage$3,000
J. CARRIER, to N. F. WHITINGvillage lot, Cape Vincent$112
A. S. PLANK to G. S. LEWISvillage lot, Carthage$1,000
W. FLANSBURGH to W. C. BECKER1 acre, Philadelphia$300
J. RANDALL to L. BLAKE6 1/2 acres, Ellisburgh$600
P. BAKER et al. to H. AYER4 28-100 acres, Mannsville$800
C. WEBB to M. BURNHAM3/4 acre, Cape Vincent$2,500
D. WILSON to O. WILSON2 acres, Ellisburgh$400
F. B. WARD to A. TASKETT56 acres Champion$1,200
N. WINSLOW et al., to H. H. MORGANvillage lot, Watertown$200
W. N. STANDISH to A. GETMAN43 1/2 acres, Lorraine$950
O. A. STERNE to R. H. HUNTINGTONvillage lot, Adams$9,000
E. CARTER to G. DAVENPORT1 16-100 acres, Champion$304
M. A. LEE to C. DINGMAN41 16-100 acres, Brownville$1,600
MATTIE GEORGE to J. SUITS50 acres, Alexandria$575

Real Estate Transactions from the Watertown Re-Union, October 12, 1876, p. 1:
Recorded in the Clerk's office during last week:

NamesSize and LocationPrice
J. VAN WORMER to W. GRAY, Sr.village lot, Ellisburg$700
MARY A. BUDD to R. H. WILMOTT, et al.village lot, Carthage$2,144
JAMES L. WITHERBY to JANE RACE14-100 acre, Watertown$1,400
PHILLIP M. RANNERY, et al. to A. D. GARDNER6 11-100 acres, Theresa$1,700
CORNELIA M. OLEAN, et al, to A. V. WESTCOTTvillage lot, Watertown$800
C. DAY to E. R. SWEET30 acres, Lorraine$500
JOEL LOVERIDGE to P. J. COLE29 45-100 acres, Alexandria$1,100
ANN E. FLETCHER to F. M. WYLIEcity lot, Watertown$950
P. S. STEWART to S. SENECAL, JR1/2 acre, Redwood$251
ALICE M. BAKER to J. E. COIT1 acre, Adams$900
SARAH E. BUTTS to O. B VIETS40-100 acre, Ellisburgh$100
B. LEACH to M. SHELEY, et al45 29-100 acres, Wilna$1,500
J. RODERICK to W. W. ANGEL1-5 acre, Clayton$300
S. A. THOMAS et al, to S. NORTONcity lot, Watertown$30
J. D. BURTIS to S. A. SIXBURY2/3 acre, Evans Mills$3,500
N. W. STREETER to D. C. WEST63-100 acre, Watertown$336
J. BOOMER to A. CHRISMANvillage lot, Ellisburgh$100
G. S. GOODALE, to S. B. GOODALE3-16 acre, Watertown$1
A. CHRISMAN to P. F. CHRISMAN, et al50 acres, Ellisburgh$1,100
W. WRIGHT to W. BECKER50 acres, Wilna$1,250
L. M. RIPLEY to W. C. BECKER86 acres, Alexandria$2,000
ARTHUR J. ARMSTRONG, to W. P. DAVISvillage lot, Henderson$3,500
G. R. FAIRBANKS, ET AL, to M. A. MARCH1/4 acre, Watertown$1,350
C. LOWE to G. WILSON50 acres, LeRay$3,384
C. de G. LeRay de CHAUMONT to O. L. CUTLER6 acres, Champion$660.

Transactions, same issue, p. 3:

NamesSize and LocationPrice
J. SWART to J. W. HUNTERvillage lot, Clayton$400
JOHN ROSS to E. BLACKSTONEvillage lot, Adams$20
TRUMAN BUCK to U. E. BARR1 acre, Champion$200
JAMES H. WASHBURN to G. WASHBURN1 46-100 acres, Philadelphia$806
E. McNEIL to F. B. WARD25-100 acres, Carthage$1,800
JAMES W. HUNTER to J. SWARTvillage lot, Clayton$250
AUGUSTUS POTTER et al. to L. DENNY4 79-100 acres, Clayton$239
G. LAROCK to Trustee M.E. ChurchDexter, village lot, Dexter$500
J. D. ELLIS to
Trustee Congregational Church, Antwerp
84-100 acre, Antwerp$5,000
J. ALLIS to D. ALLIS39-100 acres, Philadelphia$200
S. SENECAL JR. to J. E. GRAPOTTE1/2 acre, Alexandria$1,200
EDWIN BURR to L. BURR4 acres, Rutland$150
CHARLES L. JUDD to H. PEO76 44-100 acres, Cape Vincent$3,847
J. C. VANDERGRIFT to O. C. DENNISONvillage lot, Hounsfield$500
MARY J. ACKERMAN to W. G. HOLMES27-100 acres, Philadelphia$650
E. E. KENYON to F. R. SMITHvillage lot, Hounsfield$3,736
S. D. MILES, administrator of L. MILES133 3.4 acres, Lorraine$1,222
F. PARKER to R. RIVERS22-100 acres, Theresa$140
C. WEST to J. WILLISvillage lot, Dexter$45
A. MAY to C. QUINZER1 acre, Redwood$560
LUMAN JAMES to M. J. ACKERMAN27-100 acres, Philadelphia$900
WILLIAM SARGENT to J. W. SARGENT49 8-100 acres, Orleans$2,500
J. LINDSEY to M. J. NEILSONvillage lot, Sackets Harbor$50
GEORGE WASHBURN to W. D. WAIT87-100 acres, Philadelphia$2,900
R. Z. SMITH, et al., to O. M. WOODARD25 35-100 acres, Rodman$1,000

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