Jefferson County, NY
Real Estate Transactions

From the Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY
March 1877

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The following is a schedule of the real estate changes filed in the County Clerk's office
in the city for the week ending yesterday:

J. CARPENTER to H. E. CARPENTER village lot Henderson $5,000
A. ALLEN to P. S. THOMPSON village lot Lyme $4,000
H. MICHAELS and others to L. W. TAYLOR 14-100 acre Theresa $1,108
E. K. SMITH to M. M. RICE 105 80-100 acres Henderson $600
E. J. NEWTON to C. BAUTER 112 acres Orleans $3,000
M. S. MILLER to D. B. HANCHETT village lot Ellisburgh $5,500
H. COLTON and others to C. A. RICE 137 2-10 acres Adams $50
H. E. PROSSER to H. H. ADAMS 127 acres Antwerp $50
W. ISDELL to E. L. COOLIDGE 58 3-100 acres LeRay $2,400
J. BROTHERTON to H. H. ADAMS 127 acres Antwerp $50
A. A. KELSEY and others to G. M. KELSEY village lot Watertown $425
E. HODGKINS to F. T. HODGKINS 1/4 acre Carthage $150
H. COPLEY to J. INMAN village lot Chaumont $200
S. M. KILBY to C. L. SIMONS 7 8-100 acres Henderson $1,050
EX'RS of C. E. CLARK to J. E. JONES 1-2 acre Champion $50
R. M. ESSELSTYN to W. REESE 31-100 acre Clayton $200
B. VanALLEN to J. WILCOX 50 acres Alexandria $10
C. R. HOOVER to C. C. CHADWICK 21 17-100 acres Theresa $712.50
F. A. CROSS to H. ESTES village lot CAPE VINCENT $760
C. B. FROST and others to L. C. CUMMINS 99 9-100 acres Orleans $80
R. G. STARBUCK and others to E. GOULD village lot Evans Mills $125
L. C. DAVIS and others to H. E. CRPENTER 36 4-100 acres Henderson $1,000
A. CHURCH to S. TIDD 36 acres Alexandria $300
T. HUNT to R. K. HUNT village lot Watertown $6,100
H. E. CARPENTER to J. CARPENTER 150 acres Henderson $1,000

March 29, 1877, p. 3:

The following real estate changes have been recorded in the Jefferson County Clerk's Office since our last report:

M. A. HILL to W. McGRAW 60 acres Alexandria $2,000
HENRY ZOLLER to T. HODGE 4 acres Alexandria $75
D. C. READ to A. SILL 44 27-100 acres Brownville $500
C. L. BARKER to M. BARKER 19 acres Watertown $200
C. STOKES to C. H. PERRIGO village lot Sackets Harbor $6,000
J. B. GRAPPOTTE to W. ESSELSTYN village lot Cape Vincent $150
S. A. LOVELL to W. W. ENOS village lot Chaumont $535
W. H. CONSAULT to S. CONSAUL 16 68-100 acres Clayton $1,000
W. H. EDMONS to L. INGERSON 12 1/2 acres Clayton $125
G. D. KILBORN to F. N. KILBORN 26 1/4 acres Carthage $1
J. WILCOX to C. J. BARNES 30 acres Lorraine $1,500
J. HAYES to E. McDONALD 1/4 acres Clayton $1,500
C. B. CASEY to A. MUSSOTT, JR. 10:16-100 acres Cape Vincent $450
JAMES HAGAN to J. W. READ 94 45-100 acres Theresa $300
H. McKEE to E. ROGERS 10 acres Adams $400
C. DE G. LeRAY, to L. A. MARSHALL 3 15 acres Clayton $62
C. H. PERRIGO to W. J. DIBBLE village lot Sackets Harbor $900
M. A. TAYLOR and others to D. C. LYMAN 3-4 acres Adams $2,000
O. CARPENTER to G. LANE 24 85-100 acres Henderson $1,600
C. ADAMS to I. GREENISON 2 acres Watertown $400
C. PERRY to R. WHITE village lot Hounsfield $110
O. W. BURNHAM to A. BURNHAM 74 85-100 acres Henderson $1,500
S. ALVERSON to W. ALVERSON 31 16-100 acres Hounsfield $1,600
W. W. ENOS to J. T. GEORGE village lot Chaumont $575
JOHN ADAMS and others to M. E. ALLEN and others 94 12-100 acres Theresa $1,800

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Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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