Jefferson County Naturalization Index

Jim Ranger, County Historian and Records Management official has graciously allowed Jefferson County Genweb to display the INDEX ONLY of the U.S. Naturalization Records for the Northern Zone, covering Jefferson County. From the information on the index, the researcher may be able to recover the entire record.

All physical records are in safekeeping at the Jefferson County Clerks Office, 175 Arsenal Street, Watertown, Jefferson County, New York, 13601. Researchers can walk in and obtain copies over the counter. The cost is the cost of the copies (currently 65 cents per page 2016). Out of town researchers will need to write the Clerk (Attn: Naturalization Records) for copies. Included in the copies request would need to be the full first and last name, date of naturalization, index, file number, and center location. For more information, visit the county clerk's site.

The dates range from the 1830s to the 1970s.

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IDFamily NameGiven NameDate of NaturalizationIndexFile NoCenter Location
15887UbriacoRose Abbate (Rosa)1951N4341BC117
15889UhlCharles F. A.1880O2396BA189
15892UllmannIsaac J.1825O6250 
15893UllmannIsaac J.1825O6255 
15894UmbachJustus H.1876O2705BA190
15899UphamGeorge Goldsworthy1935N2431 
15900UrbanJoseph Walter1928N1922 
15901UrbanJulia C.1940R7 
15902UrbonJospeh George1923D2938BA027
15906UsherThomas William1928D3699BA027

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