Jefferson County

Wives of Patriots Not Buried In Jefferson

Some patriots are buried elsewhere while their wives are buried in Jefferson county. This can happen when the Patriot dies first and the widow goes to live with the children.

Elizabeth High Barrett

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Elizabeth High was born 9 July 1760, the daughter of William High. On 20 December 1778, at Kingsburg, NY, she married Oliver Barrett. Oliver was born 9 July 1760 at Windsor County, VT. Oliver made application for pension 11 April 1818 at Windsor county, VT. DAR Lineage books and his pension application show he enlisted in the NH Line in 1775 in Capt. Elisha Benedict's company, Col Goose Van Schaick's NY regiment and served till the spring or summer of 1776; was Sergeant in Capt. William McCune's company, Col. Seth Warner's Continental regiment known as the "Green Mountain Boys", Dec. 4, 1776, became Quartermaster Sergeant July 1, 1777 and Ensign Aug. 14, 1778, in the same regiment, which participated in the battles of Hubbardton July 7, 1777 and of Bennington Aug 16, 1777. He was taken prisoner Apr. 11, 1780 at Fort George, NY, paroled and returned home, remaining unexchanged till the end of the war.

Children of Oliver Barrett and Elizabeth High

- Mary Ann Barrett m Chesterfield Pearson
- Katherine Barrett m Josiah Rogers
- Elizabeth Barrett (1793-1874) m Seth Shaw (1788-1848)

Elizabeth applied for pension on 13 September 1836 at Watertown, Jefferson, NY. She lived in the town of Orleans and was 76 years old on 9 July last. She stated her husband had been a Lieutenant and had a letter from the Secretary of the Treasury proving it. This was sent in with the pension application. Elizabeth gave her date of marriage as 30 December 1778 and that her husband had died at Windsor, VT on 13 March 1832 (Findagrave memorial 75621587). She was awarded pension W10384 land grant B.L.Wt. 80-200 Lt. This is the only time, in Oliver’s pension file, he is given the rank of Lieutenant.

Elizabeth died 25 May 1843, Town of Orleans, Jefferson County, NY, Findagrave memorial 80834096. The 1840 Federal Census puts her in Town of Orleans, 80 years of age. She probably came to Orleans with her daughter Mary Ann and Mary's husband Constable Pearsons. All three are buried in Orleans Four Corners Cemetery, LaFargeville, Orleans, Jefferson, NY

- Lineage book, Volume 14 By Daughters of the American Revolution
- Lineage book, Volumes 37-38 By Daughters of the American Revolution (1901)
-Pension W10384

Ester Steward Butterfield Campbell

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Ester Steward was born 1767 at Colrain, Franklin, M, daughter of Samuel Seward and Rebecca Henry. In 1795 she married her first husband Nathaniel Butterfield, 14 April 1761-25 September 1793, son of Nathaniel Butterfield, a Patriot 1732-1809 DAR A017780, and Elizabeth Steward Campbell, 1734-1803. Nathaniel Butterfield died 25 September at VT, FAG #38997483.

Their children:

Nathaniel Butterfield 1789-1854
Samuel Butterfield 1790-1794
Elijah Butterfield 1792-1827
Benjamin Butterfield 1794-1878

Ester married second William Campbell. He was born 1750 at Varsphirm, Kinsardineshire, Scotland, Son of William and Agnes Campbell. He died 15 June 1828 at Washington county, NY.

Their Children;

William Campbell II 1790-1853 of Philadelphia, NY
Stillman Campbell 1800-1874 of Champion 1830
Priscilla Lucy Campbell married Peter Crowner of OH
John Campbell 1804-1881 of Champion 1830
Elizabeth Campbell 1806-1887 married Stephen H Nutting of Philadelphia, NY

Pension lists show Esther Campbell drawing a widow’s pension for N. Butterfield, Corp. from 1836 until her death in 1846, W18852. It indicates Nathaniel fought for MA. Ester is buried in Hillside cemetery, Town of Champion, NY., FAG# 76442900.

Margaret Montgomery Mack

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Margret Montgomery was born 12 June 1763 at Londonderry, Rockingham, NH. On 19 April 1787, at Londonderry, VT, she married James Mack. James was born in 1760 at Londonderry, Rockingham, NH and died in October 1814 near Batavia, Genesee, NY on his way home from fighting in the War of 1812. His grave site is unknown, FAG# 108445864.

James Mack served in the MA Line as a private, Captain Joseph Mowers company, Col. William Prescott's regiment for 20 months. James served at the Battle of Bennington and the capture of Burgoyne. Margaret applied for and received widow’s pension W18482.

Children of James and Margaret;

Susannah Mack: b. 2 Oct 1787 - married Joseph Tuttle
Robert Mack b. 4 Mar 1792
James Mack b. 5 Apr 1794, d. 27 Jun 1795
John Mack b. 1796, died young?
Martin Montgomery Mack (1806-1875) see FAG# 31467435
Betsey Mack, married William Morse

Betsey Morse 1784-9/27/1854 burial in Parish Cemetery
William Morse 1783-7/28/1843 Burial in Parish Cemetery

Margaret Mack died 20 August 1858 at the Town of Pamelia, Jefferson, NY and is buried in Parrish Cemetery, FAG# 83548060.

Elcy/Elsey Young Burtch Norton

Benjamin Norton of Salisbury, Herkimer, NY served in the Connecticut line for 3 years. First as a sergeant in Captain Ely’s company, Colonel Meigs 1777. Second, 1779 until the end of the war, as a Lieutenant in Captain Potter’s company, Colonel Butter’s regiment. He received a pension of $20 per month staring the 3rd of April 1818.

Benjamin first married Abigail. Abigail died 1820 in Fairfield, Herkimer, NY. Benjamin then married Elsey Young Burtch, widow of Gideon Burtch, on or about 20 February 1821 in Herkimer county, NY. Benjamin died 20 Feb 1836 in Fairfield, Herkimer, NY. Elsey then moved to Antwerp, Jefferson, NY with her son Darius E Burtch.

Children of Gideon and Elsey Young Burtch

Darius of Antwerp, Jefferson, NY
Gideon of Scriba, Oswego, NY
Alfred P. of Liverpool, Onondaga, NY
William E of Syracuse, Onondaga, NY
Albert of Maysville, Dodge, WI
Children of Alvin Burch, deceased, Mary Worden, a widow, George Burch of Scriba, Alvin Burch of New Haven, Oswego, NY, Sarah Van Alstyne and Adrian Burtch, a minor, of Liverpool.

On 3 March 1853, in Jefferson county, Elsey applied for a pension under the Law of 15 May 1828. She obtained a widow’s pension, W2234. In her will she names her children, all surnamed Burtch, and makes Darius Burtch her executor. She is buried in an unmarked grave in Hillside, Antwerp, FAG 103918227. Her son Darius, 1800-29 May 1886 FAG 55636238, is also buried there.

Lydia Drury Turner

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Lydia Drury was born 3 December 1767 at Grafton, Worcester, MA, the daughter of Luke Drury and Lydia Sherman. She died 25 March 1849 at Antwerp, Jefferson, NY and is buried in Kinne cemetery, Antwerp, Findagrave memorial 66241820.

On 22 August 1781, at Grafton, MA, she married Joshua Turner. Joshua was born 1765 at Middleborough, Plymouth, MA, the son of Joseph and Mary French Turner, and died 21 December 1820 at Hadley, Saratoga, NY, Findagrave 66672975.

Joshua served in the Revolution and is listed with the DAR as Ancestor A117146. He and Lydia received pension S*W19475 for $8 per month, commencing 18th April 1818. Joshua served in Captain Hastings company, Colonel Henry Jackson’s 16th regiment of the MA Line for three years. He enlisted in October 1777 when the regiment was at Cambridge, MA. He was discharged in 1780 at Verplancks Point, on the East side of the North river in New York. His discharge was signed by Colonel Jackson.

Joshua and Lydia had a daughter Lydia, born 10 September 1783 at Grafton, MA. She married Allen Thompson and lived with him in Antwerp, NY. She died 11 February 1863 at Antwerp and is buried in Kinne cemetery along with her husband and mother. She shares a stone with her mother, being on the top of the stone, with her mother at the bottom.

Martha Rexford Clark

Martha Rexford was born 10 February 1764 at Wallingford, New Haven, CT, the daughter of Benjamin and Ester Hall Rexford Sr. She died about November 1850 at Antwerp, Jefferson, NY.

On 11 December 1783, at Wallingford, New Haven, CT, she married Lamberton/Lambert Clark. Lamberton was born 26 June 1760 at Middletown, Middlesex, CT, the son of Lamberton and Sarah Foster Clark Sr.

Lamberton enlisted at the Saw Pits (now Port Chester), NY in 1777. He served in Captain Robert Warner’s company, Colonel Samuel Willis’s 3rd CT regiment, General Parsons brigade. He was discharged June 1783 at West Point while in Captain Buell’s company, Lt. Col. Butter’s 1st CT regiment. During his service he fought at the Battle of Long Island, the retreat from New York and in several skirmishes in New York and New Jersey. He is listed with the DAR as Ancestor A022540

In May of 1818, at Chittenden county, VT, he applied for a pension. He claimed he claimed to had given his discharge papers to Gen. Parsons in order to establish a land claim but the General had drowned in the Ohio river and the papers were believed lost. He was entered on the VT rolls with a pension of $79.77 yearly.

On 12 October 1838, Martha applied for pension while living in Antwerp, Jefferson, NY, claiming Lamberton had died 28 September 1835. The 1835 Census of Pensioners shows him living there as Head of Family. Asa Southworth testified she was Lamberton’s widow. The 1840 Census of Pensioners show Martha living in Antwerp with Asa as Head of Family. She received a pension, W18919, of $80 per year. Census registers show the last payment on her pension was September 1848. This is assumed to be her approximate date of death.

No graves have been found for Lamberton or Martha but it is assumed they are buried somewhere in the Town of Antwerp. Since both are buried in Jefferson county, Martha doesn’t fit into this section’s category. Originally, I found records that Lamberton was buried in VT and once I had the research done, I decided to use it.

1840 Census

When researching this census, I became interested in the wives listed as pensioners. Perhaps there were Patriots buried in Jefferson I had not discovered. Those listed above were married to Patriots buried outside Jefferson county but the rest were not. Below is a clarification of who they were married to.

Prudence Unknown Hodges, widow of Abraham Hodges FAG 93042889, DAR A056128

Edith Cole Patten, widow of Benoni Patten, DAR A088801

Anna Cowles Dorchester, widow of Alexander Dorchester, FAG 4588756, DAR A033017

Mary Crapo Barney, widow of William Barney, FAG 76490085, DAR A006529

Cynthia Burdick White, widow of Oliver White, FAG 57976754, Pension W20128

Anna Elizabeth Ritter Ainstead/Anstead, widow Henry Anstead, FAG 84104965, Pension W21620

Hannah Harwick, widow of Philip Harwick, former widow of Joseph Passage, died in Herkimer county, Pension W17043

Editha Ingham Taylor, widow of Jonathan Taylor, FAG 76963338, 1840

I have been unable to find formation on Mrs. Deuse, age 80, of Ellisburg.
BPC: Perhaps Van Deusen?

Hopestill Fanning Johnson Dean

The story of Ephraim and Hopestill Fanning was submitted by Marilyn Sapienza. It caught my interest and I added some research.

Ephraim Johnson was born 2 December 1755 at Stafford, Tolland, CT, son of Nathaniel and Huldah Johnson. In 1776 Ephraim served 7 months as a private in Captain Abiel Pierce’s company, Colonel Erastus Wolcott’s regiment of CT line. In January 1777 he served 2 months as a substitute for his father Nathaniel Johnson in Captain Abner Wood’s company. He served July and August 1780 in Israel Convena’s company, Colonel Peases’ regiment. He was stationed in the Hudson valley and fought at the burning of Kingston/Esopus.

The resistance to General Burgoyne’s southward advance caused General Clinton in New York City to advance up the Hudson river in an effort to relieve pressure on Burgoyne. In the Fall of 1777, he attacked and captured Fort Montgomery and Fort Clinton in the Hudson Highlands. Forces under the command of Lieutenant-General John Vaughn advanced on Kingston, then the state capitol and known as Esopus. Burning homes as they advanced, he entered Kingston on 16 October and burned the entire city to the ground. The state officials, knowing their position was hopeless, retreated to Hurley, NY in good time and saved many state records.

Ephraim married Hopestill Fanning 26 March 1778 at Stafford, CT. He died 5 February 1794 and his will was probated at Stafford, CT 12 March 1794. Hopestill and Jonathan Johnson were mentioned in the Probate files. A list of Ephraim’s possessions was requested and supplied by April of the same year.

Johnson children: from notes by the descendants of Ephraim Johnson.

Lydia 1780-1830
Elizabeth Johnson b 17 Mar. 1779 in Stafford Twp., Tolland CT
Parley Johnson 1785-1873; moved to Windham, Bradford, PA
Menda Johnson (Arminta?)
Nathaniel Johnson b 12 April 1781 in Stafford Twp., Tolland CT
Stanton Johnson 1783

Hopestill Fanning Johnson married Zimri Dean 7 February 1798 at Spafford, CT. According to his descendants Zimri was born 1 May 1763 at Hardwick, MA, son of Silas and Joanne Dean. Zimri had been married, at Greenwich, MA, before to Moriah Hooker who died 1 June 1797 at Stafford. Zimri died 3 June 1821. ( some evidence he died in Trenton, NY.)

Hopestill Fanning Johnson Dean made a Pension statement on the 13th day of December 1837 in Watertown, NY. The record contained the following facts.
Hopestill was 75 ¾ years old. (b. Mar 1762?)
Hopestill resident of Champion for 5 and ¾ years. (moved there Mar 1832? ,came as widow of Zimri Dean)
Ephraim served as a substitute for his father Nathaniel. His service was in the Hudson River area near Fishkill.
He was at the burning of Esopus.
Married Hopestill 26 Mar 1778, d. 5 Feb 1794.
She was a widow on 4 July 1836 and still remains one.
Samuel Fanning, of Champion, testified, at Watertown, that Hopestill was the widow of Zimri Dean.
Mary Johnson wrote to same effect from Stafford, Tolland, CT.

The 1830 federal census shows a Samuel Fanning living in Trenton, Oneida, NY, about 50 miles south of Champion, NY. Hopestill would have been about 68 in 1830 and a Free White Female age 60 thru 69 is listed living with Samuel Fanning. The 1840 census showed a Samuel Fanning living in Champion but no female of the correct age.

US Revolutionary War Pension Payment Ledgers 1818-1872 show a date of death for Hopestill, widow of E. Johnson, as 5 December 1848

From Admin. papers of Estates, Jeff. Co., NY: D-12 No. 146:
On 6 September 1849, Samuel Fanning, Adriel Ely and Charles N. Ely noted that Samuel Fanning had been appointed administrator of the estate of Hopstill Dean and that Samuel would perform the duties as administrator; they supplied the administrative bond. This paper was filed on 6 September 1849 with the Surrogate Court of Jeff. Co.

Samuel Fanning died 21 July 1863 and is buried in Quaker Cemetery, Philadelphia, Jefferson, NY, Findagrave Memorial 55941602.

I have been unable to find burials for Hopestill or Ephraim, Zimri.

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