We are indebted to Kurt Laidlaw for the these records of Oxbow Church. The Oxbow Presbyterian Church was founded and organized on 2 July 1820 by James Sandford. The following people were the first members of the church, admitted through letters from their churches in Scotland.

a.. Zika Tuttle

b.. David Storie

c.. John Dodds

d.. Daniel McEarl(?)

e.. Robt. Ormiston

f.. Geo. Tait

g.. John Henderson

h.. James Brown

i.. Juel Wilder

j.. John Tait

k.. Andrew Culberson

l.. Willm Bathy

m.. Tho. Elliot

n.. Walter Wilson

o.. Colen McLennen

p.. Mrs. Tuttle

q.. Mrs. Storie

r.. Margaret Dodds

s.. Jamima Stebbens

t.. Mary Dodds

u.. Widow Dodds

v.. Sally Dye

w.. Mrs. Robt. Ormiston

x.. Agnes Ormiston

y.. Jane Ormiston

z.. Janet Tait

aa.. Olive Bishop

ab.. Margaret Henderson

ac.. Janet Brown

ad.. Lydia Wilson

ae.. Sarah Sanford

af.. Lydia Shutie

ag.. Mrs. Tho. Elliot

ah.. Mrs. Colin McLennen

On 1 October 1820 the following people were admitted to the church:

a.. Jarmes Fanham

b.. Robt. Dean

c.. Andrew Dodds

d.. James Dickson

e.. Mrs. Jas. Fanhom

f.. Mrs. Robt. Dean

g.. Mrs. Andrew Dodds

h.. Mrs. Jas. Dickson

These constitute the members of the church from July 1820 to December 1820. I hope this information is helpful to people.

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