Church Records of Jefferson County, NY

Index of Names in Presbyterian Church of Oxbow, NY: Surnames beginning with A-Z

The following names can be found on Russ Sprague's site and we are using them here with his permission.

___, Madeline Grace

Adair, Rev. A.

Adair, Arthur Prentiss

Adair, E. C.

Adair, Mary Eveline Bapt Death

Apple, Candace Margaret

Apple, Floyd Hellington

Apple, Jennie

Apple, Willard

Bacon, Louise

Ballantyne, Betsey

Ballantyne, Robert

Ballaytyne, A.

Ballaytyne, M.

Ballaytyne, Mary

Barker, Jennie E.

Baxter, Charles Robert

Baxter, E.

Baxter, Euphemia Bapt Bapt2

Baxter, Helena Sophia

Baxter, James Dickson

Baxter, John Edwin

Baxter, Nellie Lowella

Baxter, Sally Euphemia

Baxter, William (Wm) Bapt Bapt2

Baxter, William Harvey

Beenfield, Charles

Beenfield, Charles Ingals

Beenfield, Charles T.

Beenfield, George Thomas

Beenfield, Julia A.

Beenfield, Keith Ingalls

Beenfield, Letitia

Beenfield, Louisa

Beenfield, Louise Bacon

Beenfield, Mary

Beenfield, Peter

Beenfield, Ray Earl

Beenfield, Thomas Bapt Bapt2 Death

Beenfield, William Thomas

Bell, Archibald Marr Bapt Bapt2 Death

Bell, Ellen Bapt Bapt2

Bell, Ellen Brown

Bell, Katie Ellen

Bell, Margaret Elisabeth

Bell, Mary

Bellinger, Carrie O.

Berls, Catherine Elizabeth

Berls, Katie Ollwick

Bishop, Emogene

Bolton, Helen

Boyd, ___

Bremner, Charles Morrison

Bremner, J.

Bremner, James Stephen

Bremner, S.

Bremner, William

Brenner, Isabella Markwick

Brenner, William M.

Briggs, Abbie

Briggs, Gertie

Briggs, Nellie

Briggs, Rosland

Brown, Agness

Brown, Alex Bapt Bapt2

Brown, Alice N.

Brown, Bell

Brown, Earl George

Brown, Edwin Thomas

Brown, Eliza

Brown, Ellen

Brown, Euphemia Elliott

Brown, George A.

Brown, Grace A.

Brown, Henry

Brown, Idella

Brown, James

Brown, Jane

Brown, Jennet

Brown, Julia A.

Brown, Lafayette Alexander

Brown, Latitia A.

Brown, Mungo Bapt Bapt2 Death

Brown, Nellie

Brown, Nellie C.

Brown, Stanley Spencer

Brown, Victoria Dickson

Brown, William

Brown, William Marcus

Campbell, Althea

Campbell, Charles

Campbell, Inez Jean

Campbell, Letitia

Campbell, Lucy Elizabeth

Carr, Ada Mae

Carr, Emily

Carr, Emily Dickson

Carr, Ethel Bell

Carr, Grace

Carr, Hattie Leone

Carr, Joseph

Carr, Margaret

Carr, Mary Lowella

Carr, Sarah Viola

Carr, Spencer Clug

Cawin, Eunice

Cawin, George H.

Cawin, Mary Louisa

Cawin, William Arthur

Chamberlain, John

Chamberlain, Sarah Hicks

Chisholm, Anna

Chisholm, Anna May

Chisholm, George

Chisholm, Harold Thomas

Chisholm, Jannette Elizabeth

Chisholm, Margaret

Chisholm, Nettie E.

Chisholm, Walter

Chisholm, Walter Doun

Chisholm, Walter Thomas

Clark, A.

Clark, Ale B.

Clark, Alice Brown

Clark, Alice N.

Clark, Brayton Marr Bapt

Clark, Carrie Frances

Clark, Charlotte E.

Clark, Florence Hinsdale

Clark, John

Clark, John H. Marr Bapt2

Clark, Lorena Maggie

Clark, Robert Leslie

Clark, Sarah

Clark, Sarah Hicks

Cotton, C.

Cotton, Jennie May

Cotton, John Bapt Death

Cowen, Eunice Eustis

Cowen, George H. (Geo)

Cullbertson, Sarah

Culbertson, Sarah J.

Darling, Jane

Darling, Robert

Day, Jane

Day, Wm. (William)

Deans, Jennet

Deans, Robert

DeWolf, Anna

DeWolf, Anna Hand

DeWolf, Frank

DeWolf, Frank M.

DeWolf, George Daniel

DeWolf, Marion Antonette

DeWolf, Marrietta Lavina

DeWolf, Margaret Teresa

DeWolf, Mildred Hazel

Dickson, Alex Bapt Bapt2

Dickson, Alex A.

Dickson, Alexander

Dickson, Ale (Alex?) A. Marr Marr2

Dickson, Carrie

Dickson, Carrie Bellinger

Dickson, Catherine

Dickson, Charles

Dickson, Charles A. (Chas)

Dickson, Charles Addison

Dickson, Delia Lyon

Dickson, Ellen Eggleston

Dickson, F.

Dickson, Frances Bapt Bapt2

Dickson, Grace Bapt Bapt2

Dickson, Grace Brown

Dickson, Mrs. Harriet

Dickson, Hattie Bapt Bapt2

Dickson, Hattie Eggleston

Dickson, Hazel Elizabeth

Dickson, Helen Elizabeth

Dickson, Helen Gregor

Dickson, Helena

Dickson, Helena Jane

Dickson, James (Jas) Bapt Bapt2 Death Death2

Dickson, James A. Marr Marr2

Dickson, James Andrew

Dickson, James C. Marr Marr2

Dickson, James H. (Jas)

Dickson, James Stanley

Dickson, James Walter

Dickson, Jane Eggleston

Dickson, John Marr Bapt Bapt2 Death

Dickson, John Albert

Dickson, John Chester

Dickson, John Edwin

Dickson, John Albert

Dickson, Lucy

Dickson, Lucy Ormiston

Dickson, Maggie Marr Bapt

Dickson, Maggie Potter

Dickson, Margaret E.

Dickson, Mary Tait

Dickson, Nettie Eggleston

Dickson, Robert

Dickson, Roy Byron

Dickson, William A.

Dickson, William Alexander

Dodds, Agness

Dodds, Andrew

Dodds, Charlotte F. Bapt Death

Dodds, Elisabeth

Dodds, John

Donor, F.H., MD

Donor, Gertrude Se?ak

Drummond, James

Eggleston, Ellen G.

Eggleston, Everett

Eggleston, Florence Hicks

Eggleston, Hattie M.

Eggleston, Jane S.

Eggleston, Mary

Eggleston, May

Eggleston, Nettie L.

Eggleston, Richmond

Eggleston, William Henry

Elliott, Euphemia B.

Elliott, Jennett

Elliott, Jennet F.

Elliott, Thomas

Elmer, Gleason

Eustis, Eunice C.

Faichney, Agnes Jane

Faichney, Agness Dodds

Faichney, Alex

Faichney, D. A.

Faichney, Daniel (Danile) Bapt Death Death2

Faichney, Elizabeth Bapt Death

Faichney, Elizabeth Jane

Faichney, Jane H.

Faichney, Elizabeth Jennett

Faichney, Margaret

Faichney, Mary Idella

Faichney, Sarah

Faichney, Wm. (William)

Faichney, William Sr.

Fairbanks, Phoebe

Farnel, Leon

Farnel, Mary

Farnel, Robert

Fleming, Anna

Fleming, Corrine May

Fleming, Ellen

Fleming, Estele M.

Fleming, Esther

Fleming, Eva Pearl

Fleming, George Alexander

Fleming, Jesse (Jessie?) I.

Fleming, John Bapt Bapt2 Death

Fleming, John M.

Fleming, Maggie

Fleming, Leslie Ray

Fleming, Mary

Fleming, Mary J.

Fleming, William Death Death2

Flemming, Edgar Arthur

Flemming, Everett Arthur

Flemming, Maud E.

Flemming, Maud Elizabeth

Fletcher, Otis

Fo, Grace

Gates, Luella

Gleason, Annie

Gleason, Charles (Chas)

Gleason, Charles Gillett

Gleason, Charlotte Clark

Gleason, Clarence

Gleason, Clarence Culver

Gleason, Earl

Gleason, Earl Leslie

Gleason, Edith Jannet

Gleason, Elmer Marr Bapt

Gleason, Ethel Bethann

Gleason, Frances Marion

Gleason, George Roswell

Gleason, Hazel Bell

Gleason, Janet McRobbie

Gleason, Jannet

Gleason, Nettie

Gleason, Olive Ruth

Gleason, Roswell

Gleason, Sarah Helen

Gleason, Sarah Ina

Gleason, Sarah J. Bapt Death

Grant, Jennie

Graves, Amber

Graves, Anna

Graves, Annie Laidlaw

Graves, Bessie Sophronia

Graves, Charles Leslie

Graves, Earnest C.

Graves, Earnest Clinton

Graves, Elijah

Graves, Ernest

Graves, Frank

Graves, Frank F.

Graves, Grace Hicks

Graves, Hilda Marion

Graves, Joseph

Graves, Roy

Gregor, Helen

Gregor, Margaret

Hall, Agness A.

Hall, Amy Anna

Hall, Andy

Hall, David Bapt Death

Hall, David A.

Hall, Emma

Hall, Frances Elizabeth

Hall, Gladys Matilda

Hall, Isabella

Hall, James David

Hall, Mary Bapt Bapt2 Death Death2

Hall, Mary R.

Hall, Ralph Bapt Death

Hall, Robert

Hall, William Alexander

Hanson, Harry

Hanson, Helen Christina

Hanson, Mabel

Hicks, ___

Hicks, Alexander

Hicks, Florence

Hicks, Florence Jane

Hicks, George Bapt Bapt2 Death Death2

Hicks, George Henry

Hicks, Grace

Hicks, Grace Lucretia

Hicks, Hazel Luna

Hicks, Jane Bapt Bapt2 Death Death2

Hicks, May Llewella

Hicks, Sarah Marr Marr2

Hicks, Wilhemina

Hill, A.

Hill, E.

Hill, Emily

Hill, Minet Elmer

Hinsdale, Florence

Hinsdale, Sarah

Hirsh, James

Hirsh, Mary Wilson

Hornbrook, David Leslie

Hornbrook, Jane Bapt Bapt2

Hornbrook, Jane J.

Hornbrook, John

Hornbrook, Willie (William?)

Hornbrook, William Henry

Howe, Herbert

Howe, May Eggleston

Johnston, Edwin Tait

Johnston, Elisabeth (Elizabeth) Bapt Death

Johnston, William

Johnstone, Elisabeth Dodds

Johnstone, William (Wm)

Killough, Lois Margrave

Killough, Matthew S.

Laidlaw, Alexander

Laidlaw, Alexander T.

Laidlaw, Andrew

Laidlaw, Anna Mary

Laidlaw, Annie M.

Laidlaw, Andrew Marr Bapt Bapt2

Laidlaw, Bell A.

Laidlaw, C. C.

Laidlaw, Christian Marr Bapt

Laidlaw, Elizabeth Jane

Laidlaw, Ellen Bapt Death

Laidlaw, Euphemia

Laidlaw, G. P.

Laidlaw, George P.

Laidlaw, George Wallace

Laidlaw, Gertrude

Laidlaw, Gertrude May

Laidlaw, Glenn Murray

Laidlaw, Grace Euphemia Marr Bapt

Laidlaw, Harry Wendell

Laidlaw, Iantha Storie

Laidlaw, James (Jas) Bapt Death

Laidlaw, James Andrew Bapt Death

Laidlaw, John Marr Bapt Bapt2 Bapt3

Laidlaw, John A.

Laidlaw, John Andrew

Laidlaw, John W.

Laidlaw, John William

Laidlaw, Lillian

Laidlaw, Lillian J.

Laidlaw, Lillian Storie

Laidlaw, Lydia Bapt Bapt2

Laidlaw, Mabel Lillian

Laidlaw, Maggie B.

Laidlaw, Margaret

Laidlaw, Margaret Bell

Laidlaw, Margaret C.

Laidlaw, Mary Bapt Bapt2

Laidlaw, Mary Clyde

Laidlaw, Mary Euphemia

Laidlaw, Mary Hall

Laidlaw, May

Laidlaw, Murray Alexander

Laidlaw, Nellie J.

Laidlaw, Nettie Chisholm

Laidlaw, Robert Bapt Bapt2

Laidlaw, Robert D.

Laidlaw, Roy Alexander

Laidlaw, Salina Hall

Laidlaw, Sarah

Laidlaw, Thomas G.

Laidlaw, Thomas Gilbert

Laidlaw, Velma Marion

Laidlaw, Wallace

Laidlaw, Wilhelmina Bapt Bapt2

Laidlaw, Wilhemina Hicks

Laidlaw, William

Laidlaw, Willie Murray

Lait (Tait?), Margaret

Lazenby, Jennie

Lazenby, May Marr Bapt

Lazinch, Mary

Lazinch, Thomas

Lee, Angeline

Lockie, Elizabeth

Lockie, James

Lockie, Mrs. ___ (widow)

Lyon, Delia Lynde

Macgregor, John M., Rev.

Macwain, Mrs. Harriet

Margrave, Lois

Markwick, Agnes (Agness) Bapt Bapt2

Markwick, Catherine Jane

Markwick, Helen Agness

Markwick, Isabell

Markwick, Isabella H.

Markwick, James

Markwick, James, Sr.

Markwick, Jennett W.

Markwick, Louisa (Louiza)

Markwick, Mary Eva

Markwick, Robert Bapt Bapt2

Markwick, Stephen

Markwick, William

Markwick, William Allister (Wm)

Marshall, Lizzie McDougal

Marshall, William (Wm) D.

McDougal, Jane

McDougal, John

McDougal, Lizzie

McRobbie, Janet

McRobbie, Janet Elizabeth

McRobbie, Jennett

McRobbie, Jennie Louise

McRobbie, John M.

McRobbie, Thomas J.

Melrose, Edna

Melrose, Eliza

Melrose, Ida

Melrose, Jane Bapt Death

Melrose, Nellie

Melrose, Robert

Melrose, Sarah

Mi__?, Elsie

Mi__?, Raymond

Mi__?, Rolland

Mills, Agnes Euphemia

Mills, Edith Elizabeth

Mills, Euphemia Bapt Bapt2

Mills, Hilton Elliott

Mills, Jennie A.

Mills, Julie Ettie

Mills, Mary Isabella

Mills, Thomas (Tho) Bapt Bapt2

Mills, Thomas Erastus

Moak, Mattie F.

Morley, Isabel

Murphy, Amelia Eliza

Murphy, Eugene Franklin

Murphy, Helen

Murphy, Jenny May

Murphy, Joseph

Murphy, Josiah

Murphy, Nelly

Myer, Charles Philip

Myer, Sarah J.

Myer, Theodore

Olwick (Ollwick?), Jennie B.

Ollwick, E. Bapt Bapt2

Ollwick, Elisabeth

Ollwick, Catherine Sheill

Ollwick, H. Bapt Bapt2

Ollwick, Herman Marr Bapt Bapt2

Ollwick, Jennie Bell

Ollwick, Katie

Ollwick, Katie Caroline

Ollwick, Mary M.

Ollwick, Mary Margaret

Ollwick, Sophia Amanda

Organ, Minnie H.

Ormiston, ___

Ormiston, Abner

Ormiston, Abner G.

Ormiston, Cyrus Henry

Ormiston, E.

Ormiston, G.

Ormiston, George, Elder

Ormiston, Hough (Hugh) Bapt Death Death2

Ormiston, J.

Ormiston, James E.

Ormiston, Lucy A.

Ormiston, Mina Amelia

Ormiston, Robert (Robt)

Ormiston, Sarah Cullbertson

Ormiston, Walter Scott

Patterson, Jennie May

Patterson, William (Wm)

Payne, John Erwin

Peeler, George (Geo) S.

Phillips, Betsey Ballantyne

Phillips, George

Potter, Maggie E.

Pride, Archibald

Pride, Mrs. Catherine

Pringle, Mrs. George Jr.

Pringle, George Sr.

Pringle, Walter

Robinson, Catherine

Robinson, Elisabeth

Robinson, Elisabeth Wilson

Robinson, George (Geo)

Robinson, John

Robinson, Luella Gates

Robinson, Margaret

Robinson, Mary Fleming

Robinson, Reuben

Robinson, Robert

Robinson, William

Robinson, William H.

Rodger, John S.

Rodger, Mary Faichney

Russell, Albert Clarence

Russell, E.

Russell, Ellen

Russell, John Lawrence

Russell, M.

Russell, Martin

Rutherford, Charlotte Sheill

Rutherford, Emogene Bishop

Rutherford, Euphemia

Rutherford, Euphemia Laidlaw

Rutherford, Jannis M.

Rutherford, John

Rutherford, John R.

Rutherford, Maggie

Rutherford, Maggie Laidlaw

Rutherford, Margaret Ellen

Rutherford, Robert

Rutherford, Thomas (Thos) Marr Bapt

Rutherford, Thomas T. (Thos)

Rutherford, William (Wm) Marr Bapt

Rutherford, William J.

Scott, Betsey Melrose

Scott, Latitia

Scott, Pauline

Scott, Robert

Scott, Walter

Se?ak, Gertrude

Sheill, Catherine

Sheill, Charlotte

Shiell (Sheill?), Andrew

Shiell (Sheill?), Margaret

Shiels, Amanda

Siegel, Anna

Siegel, Anne

Siegel, Annie

Siegel, Francis Benedict

Siegel, Frank Bapt Bapt2

Siegel, Grace Irene

Siegel, Mary Edna

Siegel, Pearl May

Slaid, Idella J.

Smith, Grace

Smith, Grace Estella

Smith, Grover

Somerville, John

Spraker, Fred J.

Spraker, Nellie Laidlaw

Storie, Amy

Storie, Andrew Laidlaw

Storie, Arthur Andrew

Storie, Betsey (Elizabeth)

Storie, C. Bapt Bapt2

Storie, C.M.

Storie, Charles

Storie, Christiana

Storie, Christian Laidlaw

Storie, Cynthia J.

Storie, David

Storie, David W.

Storie, Elizabeth (Betsey)

Storie, Fanny Jane

Storie, Harriet Macwain

Storie, Helen Bolton

Storie, I.

Storie, Iantha E.

Storie, Isabel (Isabell) Bapt Death

Storie, Isabella

Storie, Iva Mae

Storie, James

Storie, Jennet

Storie, John

Storie, John Kennedy

Storie, John Wallace Marr Marr2

Storie, K.

Storie, Kenneth D.

Storie, Kennedy Marr Death Death2

Storie, Lillian Josephine

Storie, Mable Frances

Storie, Margaret

Storie, Mary

Storie, Mary Frances

Storie, Nellie

Storie, Nellie Briggs

Storie, R., Elder

Storie, Roy Emory

Storie, Susan

Storie, Theodore

Storie, Wallace Bapt Bapt3 Death Death2

Storie, Walter

Storie, Walter Livingston

Storie, William Alexander (Wm)

Storie, William Herbert (Wm)

Streeter, Beulah Mae

Streeter, Esther

Streeter, Geo. (George) M. Bapt Bapt2

Streeter, Mabel Irene

Tait, Betsey Bapt Bapt2 Bapt3

Tait, Betsy Jane Marr Bapt

Tait, Earl Melrose

Tait, Ellen Clark

Tait, James

Tait, Jane Bapt Death

Tait (Lait?), Margaret

Tait, Margaret Adelade

Tait, Mary Adaline

Tait, Mary June

Tait, Walter Bapt Bapt2 Bapt3 Death

Tait, William (Wm) Death

Tait, William Walter Bapt Death

Taitt, Betsey Bapt Bapt2

Taitt, Mabel Eliza

Taitt, W.

Taitt, Walter

Taylor, Ephrim

Taylor, Isabell

Turnbull, Adam Bapt Bapt2

Turnbull, Aleander (Alexander?)

Turnbull, Alexander Bapt Bapt02 Death

Turnbull, Andrew Bapt Bapt2

Turnbull, Andrew (And)

Turnbull, Andrew F. Marr Death

Turnbull, Candace Jennett

Turnbull, Catherine

Turnbull, Catherine Dickson

Turnbull, E.

Turnbull, Harry Fletcher

Turnbull, Isabell

Turnbull, James B. (Jas)

Turnbull, James T.

Turnbull, James Tait

Turnbull, Jennie Grant

Turnbull, Julia Jennett Bapt Death

Turnbull, M.

Turnbull, M. A.

Turnbull, Maggie Bapt Bapt2

Turnbull, Maggie Dickson

Turnbull, Maggie Rutherford

Turnbull, Margaret Bapt Bapt02

Turnbull, Margaret B.

Turnbull, Margaret Eleanor

Turnbull, Margaret Maria Elisabeth

Turnbull, Margaret Gregor

Turnbull, Margaret Lait (Tait?)

Turnbull, Mary Margaret

Turnbull, Michael Death Death2

Turnbull, Michael Angelo

Turnbull, Michael Leslie

Turnbull, Minnie Organ

Turnbull, Thomas A.

Turnbull, Victoria Allison

Turnbull, W.P.

Turnbull, William (Wm.)

Turnbull, William P. (Wm) Marr Marr2

Turnbull, Willis Adam

VanDezee (VanDuzee?), Elizabeth

VanDezee (VanDuzee?), Ralph Clifton

VanDezee (VanDuzee?), Ross

W___, Alice Elizabeth

W___, Marion Margaretha

W___, Rubia S.

W___, Dr. W. E.

Walker, Jannis Rutherford

Walker, Jennie M.

Walker, Rev. George F. Marr Death

Walsh, Elsie Wilson

Walsh, Rolland

Walters, Charles Marr Bapt

Walters, Charles F. (Chas)

Walters, Charles Frederick

Walters, Helen Bapt

Walters, Helena Dickson

Walters, James Dickson

Walters, Mary Elizabeth

Warren, Hannah

Weber, Alice Priscilla

Weber, Henry

Weber, Mary M.

Weber, Peter Marr Bapt

Weber, Rubia

Weston, Abigal

Weston, Abigail Wilson

Weston, Clark Bapt Death

Whalen, Benjamin

Whalen, Grace

Whalen, Margaret Anna

White, Ethel

Whitford, Alice

Whitford, W.E.

Wicks, Alice Lurena

Wicks, Allen Benjamin

Wicks, Charles Marr Bapt

Wicks, Mae Lazenby

Wicks, May

Wicks, May Lazenby

Wicks, Wendell Charles

Willard, Charles Marr Bapt

Willard, Hermann Elbert

Willard, Jennie

Willard, Jennie Olwick

Wilson, Elizabeth

Wilson, Elizabeth A.

Wilson, Elsie

Wilson, Elsie M.

Wilson, Grace Marr Death

Wilson, M.

Wilson, Mary Marr Bapt

Wilson, William Marr Bapt Death

Whalen, Benjamin

Whalen, Grace Laidlaw

Wood, G.A.

Wood, George

Wood, George Rice

Wood, Jennie Mills

Wood, Jesse

Wood, John Appleton

Wood, Sarah

Young, Carrie Olive

Young, Guy

Young, Guy C.

Young, Harold Gilbert

Young, Isabel

Young, Kenneth Carlton

Young, William

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