ARNOLD, MILO E. of Philadelphia, and MAY E. MOSHER of Antwerp, 18 Dec 1886, by Rev. S.M.Warn of Methodist Episcopal Church, Philadelphia. Mrs. D.A. Warn, Witness. Groom 25 at next birthday; farmer; b Clayton son of Philo and Kate Workman Arnold; his first marriage. Bride 23 next birthday, born Antwerp, daughter of James and Mary A. Ingalls Mosher, first marriage.

ALLEN. Groom 23 next birthday; farmer, born Theresa; son of Benjamin and Laura Wariner Allen; first marriage. Bride 19 next birthday, daughter of Charles and Cornelia Clark Coolidge. First marriage.

BEACH, HENRY MONROE of Lowville, and BERTHA WHITE BROWN of Philadelphia by Rev. S. Thomas Williams of First Baptist Church of Philadelphia. 4 Sep 1886 at the residence of Bennet F. Brown, Esq. Witnesses, B.F. Brown, M.J. Young. Groom 25 next birthday; born Watson NY son of George M. and Ester E. Hall; first marriage. Bride 18 next birthday; daughter of George White and Mary Dor [?]

HIGGINS, GEORGE M. and EFFIE R. KINYON, both of Philadelphia by Eber T. Strickland, Esq., J.P. of Philadelphia, 3 May 1886. Groom 22 next birthday; born Canada; son of Charles and Martha Townsend Higgins; laboring man, first marriage. Bride 19 next birthday; born Canada; daughter of Albert and Eliza J. Pearce Kinyon, first marriage.

MOSHER, EUGENE of Wilna, and MINNIE LEWIS of Evans Mills by Rev. S.M. Warn, Methodist Episcopal Church Philadelphia, 2 May 1886. Witnesses, Sarah J. Garrison, E.L.Comstock. Groom 23 at next birthday, farmer, born in Wilna, son of Thomas and Catharine McNeal Mosher, first marriage. Bride 23 next birthday, born Brownville. Daughter of Frank and Sophia LaRock Lewis, first marriage.

MYERS, JEROME W. and ELLA R. YOUNGS, both of Philadelphia, by Eber T. Strickland, Esq., J.P., of Philadelphia, 3 May 1886. Groom 22 next birthday; son of John and Emma Robbins Myers; born Philadelphia; carpenter; first marriage. Bride 26 next birthday; daughter of John and Lucy Clark Youngs; first marriage.

NORTH, C.M. of Watertown and EMMA J. PORTER of Philadelphia, by Rev. Abel S. Wood at Philadelphia, 10 June 1886, witnesses Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Cross. Groom 30 years on 29 Dec 1886; clerk, born Antwerp, son of Lyman and Sarah Wooley North; first marriage. Bride 25 on 3 June 1886; daughter of Martin and Julia Williams Porter. First marriage.

OWENS,SEYMOUR of Philadelphia and Alira Ingalls of North Wilna, N.Y., by Rev. S.M. Warn, Methodist Episcopal Church of Philadelphia, 1 January 1887; witnesses, Charles Owens, Mrs. A.D. Warn. Groom 26 next birthday; farmer' born Philadelphia son of Roselle and Sarah Frost Owens; first marriagel. Bride 21 next birthday; born Mentor, Bremer Co. Iowa; daughter of Joseph and Mary Fay Ingalls, first marriage.

PLANTZ, SYLVESTER, of Canton, N.Y., and ALTHA McNEIL of St. Regis Falls, by by Rev. S.M. Warn, of Methodist Episcopal Church of Philadelphia. 9 July 1886. Witnesses, Mrs. D.A. Warn, Master Fred N. Warn; Groom 23 next birthday; common laborer; born Harrisville; son of Nicholas and Sarah Dennis Plantz; first marriage. Bride, 17 next birthday; daughter of George and Lucy Trickey McNeil; born Hopkinton, first marriage.

PATRICK, JULIUS of Lowville, and METTIE M. ALLIS, of Philadelphia, June 23, 1886. Witnesses: John Allis and Hiram Patrick. Groom 23 next birthday; railroad agent; born Dexter N.Y. son of Hiram and Lucy M. Wilder Patrick; first marriage. Bride 22 next birthday; daughter of John and Laura A. Wood Allis; born Philadelphia, first marriage.

PENNEY, FRANK DEE of Bridgewater, N.Y., and FLORINCE ADDIE WHEELER of Mannsville, N.Y. bu Rev. Riley A. Vose of Syracuse N.Y. at Mannsville, 27 July 1887. Witnesses: Roscoe C. Penney, Abby A. Baldwin. Groom 31 next birthday; minister of the gospel; born Adams, N.Y. son of Alva and Helen A. Stonbro Penney; first marriage. Bride 25 next birthday, daughter of David H. and Hannah Janet Marsh Wheeler; first marriage.

SHAW, FRANK of Sterlingville, and FLORENCE PHELPS of Champion by Eber T. Strickland, J.P., of Philadelphia. 4 April 1886 at Philadelphia. Witnesses Thomas Strickland, Fhildelia [sic] Strickland. Groom, 20 next birthday; laborer; b Herkimer Co., N.Y., son of George and Malisa Sterling Shaw; first marriage. Bride is 16 next birthday; daughter of Baldwin and Fhilema [sic] Burnet Phelps, b Jefferson Co. N.Y.

WALTER, EDSON J. of Alexandria, N.Y. and MARAGARET [sic] THOMPSON of North Star (?) Canada, by Rev. Abel S. Wood of Philadelphia. 15 August 1886, Witnesses James Cromwell, Jenett (Mrs. James) Cromwell. Groom 22 years August 30th, laborer, born Alexandria, son of George W. and Sarah Morse Walter; first marriage. Bride--23 years September 12, born North Star, daughter of Charles and Mary Graves Thompson, first marriage.

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