1.  SAMUEL PHIPPEN (son of SAMUEL & EMME/AMY (AVERILL) PHIPPEN) was born 20 Jan 1743 at Topsfield, 
Essex County, Massachusetts.  He moved to Vermont in 1770.  A Revolutionary veteran, in 1775 he served as 
a private in the militia company of Capt. Azariah Wright.  In 1777 he served 40 days as a private in Col. William 
William's regiment of militia.  In Mar 1781 he served 3 days as a private in Capt Burk's & Capt Gilson's companies.  
From July - Dec 1781 he served for 153 days as a lieutenant in Capt Abner Seeley's company.  According to the 
1800 census, they lived at Westminster, Windham County, Vermont.  In 1808 they arrived in Jefferson County,
New York.  He died 23 Jul 1820  Jefferson County, New York.

He married 5 Sep 1784  Westminster, Vermont

RUTH LANE, daughter of JOHN & OLIVE (JENNINGS) LANE.  Ruth was born 15 Aug 1760 at Hadley, Massachusetts.  In 1820 
and 1830 the census places her in Watertown, Jefferson County NY.  She applied for a pension in 1839.  She died 12 Sep 
1839 at Watertown.

Children, PHIPPEN:

     2     i   RUTH PHIPPEN

     3    ii   ZUBA PHIPPEN married WILLIAM MOORE

+    4   iii   ASEPH PHIPPEN

+    5    iv   SUSAN PHIPPEN married IRA ORVIS

     6     v   ENOS PHIPPEN married SUSAN STORY

+    7    vi   HORATIO PHIPPEN married ELIZA TUTTLE

     8   vii   SALLY PHIPPEN married JOHN SINCLAIR

     9  viii   AMELIA PHIPPEN

    10    ix   CHESTER PHIPPEN


He married 


Children, PHIPPEN:

    11     i   JOHN PHIPPEN

    12    ii   HIRAM PHIPPEN

    13   iii   SAMUEL PHIPPEN

    14    iv   AMASA PHIPPEN

    15     v   RICHARD PHIPPEN

    16    vi   AMELIA PHIPPEN

    17   vii   ELECTA PHIPPEN

    18  viii   LUCINDA PHIPPEN

    19    ix   LOVINIA PHIPPEN

    20     x   GEORGE PHIPPEN

    21    xi   ARMENA PHIPPEN

5.  SUSAN PHIPPEN (daughter of SAMUEL & RUTH (LANE) PHIPPEN).  She was born in 1792 in Vermont.  Perhaps the Sarah Ann 
Orvis of Clayton, who married Girvin Pierce 28 Mar 1849, is one of her daughters.

She married Mar 1811 or 1812  Watertown, Jefferson County, New York

IRA ORVIS who was the son of WILLIAM & RACHEL BROOKS ORVIS.  He was born 2 Sep 1787 at Leyden, Franklin County, 
Massachusetts.  He fought in the Battle of Sacket's Harbor.  He served as a private in Capt Stephen Gifford's & Lieutenant 
Joseph Mayo's Company, 76th Regiment, New York militia, for 10 days at Sackets Harbor in Sept 1813, 2 days in 
May 1813, 30 days in July & Aug 1813, 30 days in Feb & Mar 1814, and 24 days July & Aug 1814.  He received bounty 
land warrants for 40 & 120 acres.  The 1830 census places him in the Town of Orleans; 1840 and 1850 in Lyme, and the 
1860 and 1870 in the Town of Clayton.  He died 23 Oct 1876 at Clayton, Jefferson County, New York


    22     i   daughter ORVIS

+   23    ii   WILLIAM ORVIS married (1) AMANDA CLARK; (2) HANNAH                 (---)

    24   iii   daughter ORVIS

    25    iv   ALZINA ORVIS


+   27    vi   HORATIO ORVIS married (1) MARIA PETTIT; (2) ELIZABETH                 PRUYN

    28   vii   daughter ORVIS

7.  HORATIO PHIPPEN (son of SAMUEL & RUTH (LANE) PHIPPEN) was born  8 Sep 1797 probably in Vermont.  He died 20 May 
1861 at Watertown, Jefferson County.

He married 


Children, PHIPPEN: 

    29     i   HOMER PHIPPEN

    30    ii   CHAUNCEY PHIPPEN

    31   iii   ROSWELL

23.  WILLIAM ORVIS (son of IRA & SUSAN (PHIPPEN) ORVIS) was born in 1814 in New York State.  

He married 

married (1) 


Children, ORVIS:

    32     i   SUSAN ORVIS

    33    ii   CLARISSA ORVIS

    34   iii   ALVERA/ALVIN ORVIS

    35    iv   AMY ORVIS

    36     v   WILLIAM J. ORVIS

    37    vi   GEORGE ORVIS

    38   vii   BYRON ORVIS

WILLIAM married (2) 

HANNAH (---)

26.  SAMUEL ORVIS (son of IRA & SUSAN (PHIPPEN) ORVIS) was born 12 Mar 1821  Brownville, New York.  He died 
26 Jun 1902 at Clayton, Jefferson County.  He was buried at St. Lawrence Cemetery, Cape Vincent.

He married 


Children, ORVIS:

    39     i   HORATIO ORVIS

    40    ii   ALZINA ORVIS

    41   iii   IRA ORVIS

    42    iv   JULIA ORVIS

    43     v   CARIE ORVIS

    44    vi   IDA ORVIS

27.  HORATIO ORVIS (son of IRA & SUSAN (PHIPPEN) ORVIS) was born about 1823-5 at Pamelia, 
Jefferson, County, New York.  According to the 1850 census, he was age 23, living with father Ira, 
grandfather William, and son Byron, in Lyme, Jefferson Co NY.  He enlisted in Company C, 
110th Regiment, New York Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War.  He died 5 Jan 1864 at Sandy 
Creek, Oswego County, New York.

He married (1) 


Child, ORVIS: 

    45     i   BYRON ORVIS

He married (2) 


Children, ORVIS:

    46     i   ALTHESTA ORVIS

    47    ii   SARAH LOUISE ORVIS

    48   iii   DEFORREST HORATIO

    49    iv   LETTY ELEANOR

    50     v   EVRY AMBROSE

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