1.  JOHN REED was born 1782 in Massachusetts.  He died 1857 in the Town of
Lorraine, NY.

He married ESTHER (---), who was born 1783, MA or VT .  She died Jun 1850.

Children, REED:

+     2     i      LORENZO D. REED

+     3    ii      LORINDA REED

2.  LORENZO D. REED, (son of JOHN and ESTHER (---) REED) was born 1817. 

He married 

ELIZA ADZIT who was born 1820

Children, REED:

      4     i      ERASTUS REED married HARRIETT DRUMMON 

      5    ii      ESTHER REED 

      6   iii      ALBERT C. REED married HANNAH A. TABOR 

      7    iv      GEORGE W. REED married EMMA (---)

      8     v      HERBERT REED 

      9    vi      ELLA REED (1859/60)

3.  LORINDA REED, (daughter of JOHN and ESTHER (---) REED) was born 1819.

She married 

ASA DURFEE who was born 1813. 

     10     i      BYRON DURFEE 

     11    ii      ADELBERT DURFEE 

     12   iii      MARTHA DURFEE married ALFRED WOODARD


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