1.  Deacon AMOS REED  was born on 15 Feb 1762 in Newton, Middlesex Co.,
MA.  He died on 11 May 1847 in Clayton Center, Jefferson County and was
buried in Three Mile Creek Cemetery, Town of Clayton. 

He married (1) on 11 Sep 1782 in Blandford, Hampshire County, MA  

HANNAH SLADE who was born on 17 Apr 1765 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. 
and died on 24 Jan 1824 in Clayton, NY.  She was buried in Three Mile
Creek Cemetery 

Children, REED:

      2      i       ARCHA REED 

+     3     ii       JOHN SAVAGE REED

      4    iii       POLLEY MARY REED married TRUMAN BARKER

      5     iv       AMOS REED Jr 

      6      v       PHEBE REED married PETER WRIGHT

      7     vi       WILLIAM REED 

      8    vii       ROLON REED d.y.

      9   viii       SIMEON PARKER REED 

+    10     ix       HANNAH REED

+    11      x       BETSEY REED

+    12     xi       ROLON (2nd) R. REED

     13    xii       JAMES SLADE REED married BETSEY EMELINE CASE

     14   xiii       THANKFUL PURLINA REED married PHILIP HENRY

Deacon AMOS REED married (2) on 14 Sep 1824

THANKFUL SLADE who was born on 22 Mar 1771 in CT.  She died on 21 Oct
1840. She was a sister of Hannah SLADE.

3. JOHN SAVAGE REED was born on 19 Sep 1784 and died on 23 Feb 1878.  He
was buried in Three Mile Creek Cemetery, Town of Clayton, Jefferson

He married (1) about 1803


Children, REED:

     15      i      WILEY REED

     16     ii      SAMUEL REED

     17    iii      TAYLOR REED

He married (2) about 1812 

SUBMIT JOINER who died in 1878 and is buried in Three Mile Creek Cemetery 
Town of Clayton.

Children, REED:

     18      i      LYDIA REED

     19     ii      MARY ANN REED

     20    iii      JANE REED 

     21     iv      ROLAND REED married JANE WETHERBEE

     22      v      EDWARD SAVAGE REED 

     23     vi      WILLIAM REED

     24    vii      AMOS REED

     25   viii      ANDREW JACKSON REED

+    26     ix      BENJAMIN FRANKLIN REED

10. HANNAH REED was born on 21 Sep 1799 in Blandford, MA and died in 1836.

She married 


Child, GREENE:

+    27      i      CHARLES  F. GREENE

11. BETSEY REED was born on 15 Jan 1802 in CT.  She died on 2 Apr 1865 in
Clayton, Jefferson County.  She was buried in Three Mile Creek Cemetery,
Town of Clayton,  NY.

She married about 1821 in Clayton, Jefferson County

JOSHUA ROGERS who was born in 1794 in RI.  He died on 16 Nov 1881 in
Watertown/Pamelia, Jefferson County and was buried in Clayton Center [?], 
Jefferson County.

Children, ROGERS:

     28      i      SIMEON ROGERS 

     29     ii      ALONSON PORTER ROGERS 

     30    iii      BETSEY ROGERS

     31     iv      ORVILLE ROGERS 

     32      v      DeALTON B. ROGERS

+    33     vi      LUCINA ROGERS

     34    vii      HANNAH ROGERS

     35   viii      DELILAH ROGERS

     36     ix      ALPHEUS ROGERS 

     37      x      AMOS G. ROGERS 

12. ROLON (2nd) R. REED was born on 22 Aug 1804.  He died on 23 Apr 1867
and was buried in Three Mile Creek Cemetery, Town of Clayton

He married 

ELVIRA CASE was born in 1809 and died in 1867.

Children, REED:

     38      i      EMILINE REED 

26. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN REED was born in 1831 and died on 8 Oct 1855 in
Oswego, Oswego County, NY.

He married 

LENORA HALL who was born in 1831.

Children, REED:


27. CHARLES  F. GREENE was born on 24 Jul 1824.

He married 


Children, GREENE:

+    40      i      HELEN GREENE

33. LUCINA ROGERS was born on 19 Aug 1834.  She died on 7 Apr 1913 and was
buried in the Town of Alexandria, Jefferson County.

She married on 6 Jul 1850 in Clayton, Jefferson County
NORMAN LAPRELATE SNOW who was born on 13 Aug 1823 in MA.  He died on 26
Dec 1899 and was buried in Town of Alexandria, Jefferson County.

Children, SNOW:

+    41      i       JOHN MILLARD SNOW

     42     ii       ALPHEUS JACKSON SNOW d.y.

     43    iii       ERALD GERALD SNOW d.y.

     44     iv       ANNIE GENETT SNOW d.y.

+    45      v       NETTIE WINIFRED SNOW

     46     vi       NELLIE WADSWORTH SNOW married OLGIVIE PETRIE

     47    vii       ORA MERRIUM SNOW married (1) RHODA A. (___); (2) CARRIE
                                          S. TYLER 

+    48   viii       MINNIE ALMA SNOW

     49     ix       ELLA LUCINA SNOW d.y.

     50      x       ALICE MAY SNOW d.y.

     51     xi       WILLIAM DEALTINE SNOW married GERTRUDE HALL 

+    52    xii       BERNARD "BURNEY" DESTINE SNOW

     53   xiii       EMILY "MINNIE" GRACE SNOW 

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