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Robert Ackerman was born in 1761 or 1763 and died 7 May 1839.  His body was 
buried in Sherwin's Bay Cemetery, Town of Brownville.  His wife was 
Roxelene Child.

Born:                January 16, 1757 in Ponfret, Conn.    
Died:     September 18, 1837 aged 79 years, 10 months, 22 days in Watertown, 
                                                                   New York  
Married:  unknown  
Born:     1759  
Died:     August 10, 1830 aged 71 years, (g.s.) in Watertown, New York  
Service:  Drafted as a Private August 1776 at Brooklyn, Conn. (Windham Co.) 
          in Capt. Joseph Abbot's Co. of Col. Ebeneezer Williams Regt. of 
          Conn. State Militia.  Served seven months along the Hudson River.  
          Drafted in  May 1777 for three months to go to New London, Conn.
          under Capt. Elijah Avery.  He served one month in 1778 at Groton, 
          Conn., under Capt. Avery. 

Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C.; S.C. 28615
Remarks: Shubael Adams and his wife are buried in Brookside Cemetery  
at Watertown, N.Y.  Shubael Adams came to Watertown in 1807.  

EBENEZER ALLEN, son of Joseph & Elizabeth (Warner) Allen  
Born:       May 24, 1762 in Dudley, Mass.  
Died:       July 3, 1824 in town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County, New York  
Married:    March 16, 1786 to Phoebe Healy daughter of Samuel & 
                                            Phebe (Curtis) Healy  
Born:       December 6, 1765 in Dudley, Mass.  
Died:       November 19, 1825 in the town of Hounsfield, New York  
Service:    Ebenezer Allen's name appears in a list of men mustered 
            in Worchester Co., Mass. by Thomas Newhall, muster master, 
            Capt. Corbin's company, Col. Davis' Regiment.  

Remarks:    Ebenezer Allen and his wife are buried in Muscalonge Cemetery, 
            town of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., New York.  The inscription  
            on his stone reads "In Memory of Major Ebenezer Allen who departed 
            this life July 3, 1824, aged 62 years."  "Sudden fell, no warning 
            given  Prepare your soul to meet in heaven"  

JOSEPH ALLEN, son of Daniel & Elizabeth (Seabury) Allen  
Born:       November 14, 1758 in Westport, Mass.  
Died:       September 23, 1838 at Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson Co., New York  
Married:    June 27, 1784 to PRUDENCE EARL, daughter of CALEB & ELIZABETH
Born:       January 14, 1768 in Dartmouth, Mass.  
Died:       December 27, 1843 at Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson Co., New York  
Service:    Joseph Allen served in the Revolution as a private in 
            Capt.  Wm. Hudson Ballard's Co. of the 
            7th Mass. Regiment of Foot commanded by Col. Ichabod Alden.  
            Enlisted March 14, 1777 for three years.  

Remarks: Joseph Allen and his wife are buried in the village cemetery at 
         Pierrepont Manor, Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y. where eight 
         of his children are buried.  Joseph Allen came to the Black River 
         Country in March of 1805, from Galway, Saratoga Co., N.Y.  They
         came by way of Redfield and  Adams.  Part of the time the only trail 
         was blazed trees.  Mr. Allen purchased on Bear Creek and built the 
         first house on the site of the Allen Blacksmith shop. 
         As a young man he worked at vessel blacksmithing at  Providence, R.I.
         Mr. Allen served as magistrate for forty years.  He gave to the  
         public a lot for a burying ground and also laid out the public square 
         or "green",  which was part of his original purchase.  He was the 
         father of ten children.

Born:       1766 in Conn.  
Died:       August 21, 1831 in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Married:    First at Middle Upper House, Conn., SALLY RANNEY, daughter of 
            WILLET & MARY RANNEY of Middleton, Conn.   
Born:       January 2, 1763, Cornwall, Conn. (Upper House)  
Died:       July 22, 1818 in town of Ellisburg, N. Y.  
Married (2) Mrs. ESTHER HINNAN  
Service:    David I. Andrus served as fifer in the 6th Co. of the 4th Regiment,
            (Conn.)  Commanded by Col. Zebulon Butler in the Revolution.  
            He enlisted at Southington, Jan. 1, 1781, transferred to Capt.  
            Robertson's 2nd Conn. Regiment commanded by Col. Heman Swift. 
            Served as a private until March 1, 1783.  His name appears on 
            the rolls until May 6, 1783.  War Department Washington, D.C.  
Remarks:   David I. Andrus and his wife are buried in the Giddingville cemetery 
           in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  David Andrus came to 
           the Black River Country with Daniel Fox about 1800.  In 1805 he 
           settled at Ellisburg and became agent for Samuel Wardell of Rhode
           Island.  He built the first sawmill of Mannsville, and the first 
           dwelling at that place.  He was elected member of assembly in 1809 
           & 1812, Sheriff in 1812-13, and 1815-18.  He was the father of 
           4 daughters and 4 sons.

Born:       1750  
Died:       April 24, 1838 in town of LeRay, Jefferson Co., New York  
Married:    January 5, 1780 by Abraham Rosecrantz, pastor of the Reformed 
            Protestant Dutch Church, German Flatts, Herkimer Co., New York; 
            ELIZABETH RITTER  
Born:       April 3, 1765  
Service:    Henry Anstead enlisted Sept. 1781 in N.J. in Capt. Thomas' Co., 
            Col. Lamb's  regiment of the New York Line.  Was in the battle of 
            New Brunswick, N.J.  Was discharged at West Point November 1, 1781.  
            Pension allowed Sept. 1, 1822  
Remarks:    Henry Anstead and his wife are probably buried at Evans Mills where 
            members  of the Anstead family are to be found.  Henry & Elizabeth 
            Anstead had seven children all born in Herkimer Co., N.Y.  Henry and  
            Elizabeth were members of the Evans Mill Church.  
Note:       The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published in Washington, D.C., 1841, 
            lists: Elizabeth Anstead, age 74, Town of LeRay, Jefferson Co., 
            New York.    

Died:       In Rutland on the 27th ult. (November), Mrs. Sybbel Bacon, mother 
            of Moses Bacon of this village, Watertown, aged 89 years.  She 
            received for several years a pension as the widow of a Revolutionary 
            soldier, was the mother of 12 children, 84 grandchildren and 105 
            great grandchildren and several of the fifth generation.  
            (From the Northern State Journal, published in Watertown.  Issue 
            of Wednesday, December 2, 1846.)  

Note:       Franklin Hough's Gazetter of New York State, page 355, under the 
            town of Watertown, Jefferson County, Watertown village, says 
            "The first birth was in the family of Moses Bacon."  The village 
            of Watertown was settled in 1800.  The Moses Bacon, above son
            of Sybbel, could have been born in or about 1777, and therefore 
            could have been the settler whose child was the first one to be 
            born in the village.  

(Freedom Fighters of 1776):  Mrs. Sybbel Parker Bacon received a pension for 
            several years as the widow of Timothy Bacon, a Revolutionary 
            soldier.  She was  the mother of 12 children, among them 
            Deacon ISAAC BACON of the Baptist Church of Watertown, and 
            MOSES BACON, long-time sexton of First Presbyterian Church, 

Born:       1758 in Killingworth, Conn.  
Died:       May 4, 1819 in the town of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Married:    ABIGAIL WESCOTT, daughter of GARDNER & MARY (KING) WESCOTT of 
            Cranston, R.I.  
Born:       June 1764 in Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Died:       after 1825 in Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Service:    Nathan Baker served as a private in the Conn. Line in the 
            Revolution, was Pensioned, Act of 1819 as resident of Jefferson Co., 
            N.Y.  He was on the Muster Roll June 25, 1778 of "nine months men" 
            mustered in state of Mass., town of Marlborough.  He has lived in 
            Cheshire, Mass. before going to Deerfield, N.Y.  
N.Y. Pension Roll, p. 172  
N.E. His. & Gen. Reg. V. 50  p. 317  
Remarks:  Nathan Baker was one of the pioneers of Hounsfield, coming here from 
          Deerfield, Oneida Co., N.Y. about 1807 and settling near the south 
          line of the town near Stoel's Corners. 
His children were: Mahala; Lucy, b. 7/17/1793, m. SAMUEL HOLLOWAY; 
                   a daughter, m. Mr. OWEN; 
                   Olive, b. 9/24/1799, m. GEORGE LEE; 
                   John, b. 1803, d. 1880; 
                   Freeborn, b. 1805;  
                   Nathan, b. 1816, d. 1867, m. ANGELINE SPALDING, dau. of 
                       Evander & Betsey (VanHooser) Spalding.  
                       The graves of Nathan and his wife have not been  found.

EDWARD BARNEY (Son of John Jr.-5 & Rebecca (Martin) Barney, John-4, Joseph-3, 
              Jacob-2, Jacob-1) 
Born:       August 12, 1749, Rehobeth, Mass.  
Died:       August 9, 1835 in Ellisburg, N.Y.  
Married:    First, October 29, 1770, ELIZABETH BROWN, dau. of BENONI & MABEL 
            (PORTER) BROWN at Leyden, Mass (Bernardstown, Mass. Records)  
Born:       October 3, 1750 at Middleton, Conn.  
Died:       March 5, 1793 at Guilford, Mass. in childbirth, age 42 years, 5  
            months and 2 days.   Buried in Green Cemetery.  
Service:    Edward Barney served as a private in Capt. Asa Pierce's Co. of 
            Col. William William's New York State Militia.                                                                          
War Department  
Washington, D.C.  

Remarks:        Children of Edward Barney & 1st wife Elizabeth Brown are as 
                Elizabeth b. 12/2/1770, d. 1813, m. CYRUS  CARPENTER; 
                Susannah, b. 5/5/1772, d. 2/16/1838, m. ELIJAH CORE, JR.; 
                Edward, Jr., b. 1/1/1774, d. 3/17/1821, m. REBECCA PARKER; 
                Hannah, b. 11/29/1775, d. 6/7/1795; 
                John, b. 4/2/1778, d. 9/4/1869, m. CYNTHIA POTTER 
                        (David Champlin, Aaron, Samuel Nath'l); 
                Benjamin, b. 1/4/1780, d. 8/25/1859, m. NANCY POTTER (Ephraim);
                Rebekah, b. 4/1/1782, d. 11/18/1860, m. SAMUEL GORE;  
                Mable, b. 3/30/1784, d. young; 
                Aaron, b. 10/11/1785, d. 1856, m. CYNTHIA  BARNEY (Sylvanus);
                Eliakim, b. 2/8/1788, d. 10/30/1852, m. SARAH BARNEY;  
                Miriam, b. 2/1/1790, d. 12/1852, m. 1st Mr. NIYES, 
                                                 m. 2nd Mr. COOK;  
                Mable, b. 3/5/1793, d. 3/5/1793.    

EDWARD BARNEY was a doctor and practiced his profession  
in Guilford, Vermont, where he came with his father in 1764; also to 
Ellisburg, N.Y. to which place he removed in 1804.  
Married:    2nd. PHEBE BENNETT, December 4, 1793.  
Remarks:    Children of Edward Barney & 2nd wife Phebe Bennett are as  follows:
                Lydia, b. 11/15/1795, d. 1797; 
                Darius, b. 8/28/1798;  
                Darmarius, b. 3/15/1801, d. 1/29/1871, m. LABAM BROWN; 
                Jeshuram, b. 3/25/1805, m. Miss POTTER;   
                Caroline, b. 8/23/1807, m. REUBEN TAFT; 
                Eunice, b. 7/29/1810.  
The last three of his children were born after coming to Jefferson 
County.  Edward is buried in an almost destroyed cemetery in the town of 
Ellisburg, near Belleville.  If his wife Phoebe was buried there, her grave 
has disappeared.    
Notes:      University of the State of New York, New York State Library, 
Albany, New York.  January 6, 1896.  
"This is to certify that of page 74 of a manuscript volume entitled "Treasurer's
Certificate, Vol. 9, in the custody of the Regents of the University in the State 
Library, the name of Edward Barney is recorded as a Private in the Cumberland 
county (now Vermont) regiment of the New York State Militia, which regiment was 
under the command of Col. William Williams, and in the company commanded by 
Captain Asa Rice; and that this said regiment was employed in active service 
in the Revolutionary War."  
(Signed) George Rogers Nowell  
(Seal) Witness the Seal of the University of the State of New York  
The father of Edward Barney and several of his brothers also served in the  

Born:       1762 in Taunton, Mass.  
Died:       July 16, 1834 in town of Rutland, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Married:    February 10, 1784 in Taunton, Mass. By Jesse Bullock, Esq., MARY  
            CRAPO of Freetown, Bristol Co., Mass.  
Born:       September 16, 1765 in Rochester, Mass.  
Died:       March 9, 1841 (about) in town of Rutland  
Service:    William Barney enlisted in Mass. June 18, 1778 and was a private in 
            Capt. James Cooper's Co., Col. Bradford's regiment and was 
            discharged March 18, 1779. 
Veteran's Administration, Washington, D.C.; W.C. 15675  
Remarks:    William Barney is buried in the Tylerville cemetery.  If his  
wife is buried there, her grave has disappeared.  She drew a pension, 
granted in 1820.  In 1820 there were two children, Laura, aged 15 years, 
and John aged 11 years.   

Notes:      1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C. 1841 lists: 
         Mary Barney, age 74 years, Town of Rutland, Jefferson Co., living 
         with John Barney.   

Born:       October 20, 1757 in Branford, Conn.  
Died:       June 18, 1850, aged 93 years, (g.s.) in Brownville, N.Y.  
Married:    July 6, 1780 in Goshin, Conn. ANNA LACY, dau. of EBENEZER & 
                   FREELOVE (CANFIELD) LACY  
Born:       June 23, 1758 in Milford, Conn.  
Died:       October 30, 1848 in Brownville, N.Y.  
Service:    Oliver Bartholomew enlisted in Goshin, Conn. in January 1776 under 
            Capt. Bube and Capt. Tuttle, in Col. Baldwin's Regiment.  He 
            removed from Goshin, Conn. to Lee, Mass.  
Remarks:    Oliver Bartholomew remained a year or two in Lee and then went to 
            Vashire, Vt., where he joined the church in 1792.  In 1794 he moved 
            to Augusta, N.Y. and in March 1800 to Watertown, N.Y., settling 
            two and one half miles from Watertown on the Brownville road. 
            In 1803 he was largely instrumental in forming the first Baptist 
            Church.  The first bridge at Brownville was built at a cost of 
            $1,000 on subscription by Oliver Bartholomew in the summer of 1801.  
            Oliver and Anna Bartholomew are buried in the cemetery at 
            Brownville, N.Y. 

Born:       February 29, 1759 in Conn.  
Died:       November 27, 1842 in Adams, N.Y.  
Married:    HANNAH CHAPIN  
Born:       1764  
Service:    Abel Bassett enlisted in the Continental Army August 4, 1777 for 
            three years.  He served under Capt. Chapman in Col. Heman Swift's  
            Regiment of the Conn. Line as a private.  
Veteran's Administration  Washington, D.C.   
Remarks:    In the pension record of Abel Bassett, his wife Hannah was aged 57 
            years in 1821; one son Abel was aged 19 years, a daughter Hannah 
            was 15 years, a grandson, Alanson was aged 11 years and a 
            granddaughter was aged 3 years.  
Miss Antoinette C. Rogers  
Nat. No. 76-13  
Notes:      The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published in Washington, D.C., 1841 
            lists Abel Bassett, age 80, Town of Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  

Born:       August 19, 1757 in Weathersfield, Conn.  
Died:       April 18, 1847 in town of Brownville, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Married:    1st about 1785, Anna  
Born:       1764  
Died:       After 1792  
Married:    2nd July, 1806 at Brownville, Jefferson Co., N.Y., CANDACE EMERSON
Born:       1784  
Died:       In the west  
Service:    John Baxter enlisted at Sanderfield, Berkshire Co., Mass,  
            November 1775 in Capt. Sorles' company under Col. Asa Whitcomb 
            and served 13 months.  Re-enlisted in April 1777 in Capt. 
            Elijah Denning's company, served one and one-half months.  
            He then re-enlisted June 1, 1778 as gunner and sailed from 
            New London, Conn. on privateer, General Putman, commanded by 
            Capt. Thomas Allen.  He again re-enlisted in June or July 1780 
            as private in Capt. Noah Allen's and Capt. John Kilby Smith's 
            company under Col. Shepard and served five and one-half months.  
            He applied for a pension September 11, 1832 and the claim was 
Pension Department  
Washington, D.C.  
Remarks:    John Baxter is buried in the cemetery at Perch River, Jefferson Co., 
            N.Y.  His wife is buried in the west.  John Baxter's father Timothy 
            was born February 26, 1706 and died April 18, 1777.  His mother, 
            Sarah died December 23, 1785.  They were married July 14, 1726. [sic]   
Note:       The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published in Washington, D.C., 1841, 
            lists John Baxter, age 88, Town of Brownville, Jefferson Co., N.Y. 


Born:       April 6, 1760 in Canterbury, Mass.  
Died:       June 6, 1854 AE. 94 years (g.s.) in Hounsfield, Jefferson Co.,  
Married:    1st about 1800, MERCY ANN SAULTER  
Born:       1764  
Died:       June 14, 1834 ae. 70 years (g.s.) Hounsfield, N.Y.  
Married:    2nd,  March 7, 1839 in Hounsfield, N.Y., Mrs. POLLY WILDER HUNT  
Born:       1776  
Died:       No record of death.  Last payment of pension September 4, 1871.  
            Polly Benjamin was 95 years of age October 31, 1871.  
Service:    Jonas Benjamin enlisted March or April 1781 at White Plains, 
            that place being the Headquarters of General Washington.  
            Company in command of Capt. Walker in the 9th regiment of the 
            Mass. Line under command of Col. Jackson.  He was transferred 
            to a company under Lt. Bullard in the 2nd Mass. Line.  Jonas 
            was discharged by Col. Sprout.  Polly Wilder Benjamin may  have 
            been the widow of Thomas Hunt who died at the age of 40 and is 
            buried in the Muscalunge cemetery.  She may be buried with him 
            but has no headstone.  
Pension Department, Washington, D.C.  W. 8135  
Remarks:    Jonas Benjamin and his wife are buried in the Muscalunge cemetery 
            in the town of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  

Ancestor of Grace Benjamin Nott.  Nat. No. 45914  (D.A.R.)  

Born:       April 25, 1765 probably in R.I.  
Died:       May 2, 1850 at Antwerp, N.Y.  
Married:    January 18, 1785, ANNA MATTHEWS or MATHERS  
Born:       1767  
Died:       June 18, 1835, aged 68 years  
Service:    William Bentley entered the service of the colonies at Lyingham, 
            Mass. in 1781 when he was 16 years of age, and marched to 
            Springfield where he was mustered in by Capt. Bannister.  He 
            marched to Verplank Point to join the company commanded by Capt. 
            Bridgit, Col. Hall's third Mass. regiment, Continental establishment.  
            Afterwards he joined the company commanded by Capt. Thomas Hunt, 
            Col. Henry Jackson's continentals (or First American) Regiment and 
            was discharged in June 1784, having served one year as a private 
            and two years as first corporal.  
Remarks:    William Bentley and his wife are buried in a private family plot on 
            the Champion-Great Bend road in the town of Champion, Jefferson Co.,  
            N.Y.  They had a family of seven sons and four daughters.  
            The daughters all married in Montgomery Co., the  sons were 
            William G. 
            James E.  
            Barnett H. 
            all born in Montgomery Co., N.Y.  
            William G. and his wife died in 1811, leaving a son 
            William Jason Bentley.  
Ancestor of Miss Julia Willard, Nat. No. 132483  
Note:       The 1790 Census, N.Y. State lists William Bentley, 
            Town of Canajoharie, Montgomery County
Family: 2 males over 16 years  (including himself), 
        2 males under 16 years, 
        2 females.        

Born:       1753 County Antrim, Ireland  
Died:       1830 Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Married:    January 31, 1795 in Perkiomen, Penn., SUSANNAH  ROWLAND, dau. of  
            John Rowland.  
Born:       1767  
Died:       1820, Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Service:    Thomas Bones served in Col. John Durke's 4th Regiment at the 
            Battle of Germantown, October 4, 1777.  He was at Ft. Miffin on 
            the Delaware, November 12, 1777 and wintered at Valley Forge, 
            1777-1778.  At winter quarters at Redding 1778-1779. In movements
            on the east side of the Hudson River.  At Battle of Stony Point 
            July 15, 1779 and wintered at Morristown 1779-1780.  Thomas Bones 
            appears in the Trefyffrin Co. Chester Co., Penn. Militia in 1782.  
            The company was commanded by Capt. Jonathan Rowland and Capt. 
            David Wilson.  
Penn. Archives  
5th Series, Vol. 5  
Pages 617, 865, 868  
Remarks:    Thomas did considerable confidential work for Gen. Washington.  
His home was in Philadelphia, Penn. and he went north about 1818 and settled 
in Philadelphia, N.Y., one of the first settlers in that section.  John Rowland, 
living in Great Valley now Paoli, often entertained Gen. Washington.  He provided 
conveyances for sending flour ground at his mill.  This mill is still standing 
and still grinding flour at his old home in Great Valley.  The Rowland homesteads 
on both sides of the road are still standing but the one on the hill side has been
greatly enlarged and beautiful beyond recognition from its earlier  appearance.  
A large pool has been installed on the grounds behind the house.  Delicious 
cookies are made from the flour ground there.   


Born:       1757 in Worchester, Worchester Co., Mass.  
Died:       May 27, 1840 ae. 83 years (g.s.) in town of Lorraine, Jefferson  
            Co., N.Y.  
Married:    POLLY  
Born:       1764  
Died:       February 27, 1844 ae. 80 years (g.s.) in Lorraine, N.Y.  
Service:   Joseph Boyden enlisted April 1775 and served in Capt. Jonas 
           Hubbard's Co., of Col. Jonathan Ward's regiment for eight months.  
           He also served 2 months in Capt. Seth Washburn's company in 
           Col. Whitney's Regiment.  He also served five month's in Capt. 
           William Estes' company in Col. Holmes regiment of the Mass. Line.   
           Joseph was a substitute for his brother. 
           He helped build the fortifications around Boston, then occupied by 
           the British.  He was on Dorchester Heights, where he remained until 
           they drove out the British, which was about the middle of March.  
           After his two months' enlistment, he was discharged and returned 
Pension Department, Archives Building, Washington, D.C.  
A.C. 29019  
Remarks:    Joseph Boyden and his wife are buried in the village cemetery at 
Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  They came to Lorraine from Mass. to live with 
his son.  
Born:       September 22, 1759 at Norwich, Conn.  
Died:       June 28, 1849 in town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Married:    TEMPERANCE ANDRUS, July 5, 1781  
Born:       October 29, 1750 in Pawlet, Vermont (born 1758?)  
Died:       December 17, 1831 in town of Ellisburg, N.Y. age 73 years  
Service:    Timothy Brewster enlisted as a private at Williamstown, Mass. 
            August 1776 in Capt. Peter Porter's Co., of Col. Samuel Brewer's 
            Regiment.  He marched through to Bennington and then to Whitehall, 
            N.Y.  He went by water to Ticonderoga and three miles away at 
            Mt. Hope he helped build a fort.  Timothy remained there until 
            November 28, 1776 and then he returned to Williamstown, Mass.  
            He served three months at Norwich, Conn. in December 1776.  
            In 1779 he served as a substitute for Jacob Norton and went to 
            New London, Conn. where he was stationed for two months at the 
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C.  
R. 1190  
Remarks:    Timothy Brewster and his wife are buried in the Brewster cemetery 
            in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y. with others of his 
            family.  It is stated on the headstone  of Temperance that she had 
            "been his wife 50 yrs, 5 mos and 12 das."   Timothy Brewster states
            he lived in Williamstown, Mass. after the war at Paulet, Vt. for 
            30 years and then came to Ellisburg, N.Y.  

Born:       1762 in Wes (the rest is missing)  
Died:       April 19, 1835 aged 73 years  
Married:    MINDWELL BUTTERFIELD of Westmoreland, N.H. in 1784  
Born:       1768  
Died:       February 4, 1834, aged 66 yrs. (g.s.)  
Service:    Samuel Britton entered the Revolution Army when he was 14 years old 
            and served the duration of the war.  For two years he served as 
            Sergeant, for which he received a pension. 
            He enlisted from Westmorland, N.H. under Capt. Ellis of 
            Col. Scammel's regiment.  
Remarks:    Samuel Britton and his wife are buried in Sand Bay cemetery, 
            in the town of Cape Vincent, overlooking the St. Lawrence river.  
            They had a number of children; Arthur, Linda, Samuel, Hiram and 
            Jane.  All but Jane were born in New Hampshire.  
            Gen. Calvin Britton, who lived near Brownville, N.Y. was a brother 
            of Samuel.   

Born:       1751 in Conn.  
Died:       January 3, 1833 ae. 82 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Lorraine, Jefferson  
            Co., N.Y.  
Married:    MOLLY READWAY  
Born:       1750 in Conn.  
Died:       December 28, 1832 ae. 82 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Lorraine, N.Y.  
Service:    Ebenezer Brown served as a private in Capt. Stillman's Co., 
            Col. Jedediah Huntington's 20th  regiment, Conn. Militia 1776. 
War Department, Washington, D.C.  
Remarks:    Ebenezer Brown and his wife are buried in the village cemetery in 
            Lorraine, town of Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  

Born:       1755 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania  
Died:       February 1, 1826 aged 71 years at Brownville, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Married:    SUSAN HARVEY  
Born:       1755  
Died:       April 26, 1843 aged 88 years at Brownville, N.Y.  
Service:    George Brown served as a 2nd Lt. In the 7th Association Company 
            of Falls Township of Bucks Co., Penn. commanded by 
            Capt. Thomas Harvey.  
War Department, Washington, D.C.  
Remarks:    George Brown and his wife are buried in the village cemetery at 
            Brownville, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  Their children were 
            Elizabeth, b. April 2, 1776; 
            Mary, b. March 22, 1778;
            Martha, b. August 8, 1780; 
            George, b. December 18, 1782; 
            Henry, b. November 10, 1785;
            William Harvey, b. February 12, 1788; 
            Thomas, b. May 14, 1791; 
            Susanna, b. October 11, 1793; 
            Sally Ann, b. September 22, 1797.     

Born:        1757  
Died:        December 10, 1843 in town of Wilma, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Service:     Peter Brown enlisted in April, 1775 and served for twelve days.  
             He then enlisted in New Hampshire State Militia for  months under 
             Capt. Ezra Town's Co., Col. James Reed's regiment.  Lt. Josiah Brown, 
             Ensign John Harkness.  Peter marched through Groton to Cambridge, 
             Mass. and then to Charleston where we found the regiment commanded 
             by Col. James Reed.  He was at Bunker Hill and saw Charleston 
             burned.  He then again enlisted for 4 weeks in 
             Capt. James Bancroft's Co. of Col. Thomas Hale's regiment and was 
             stationed on Long Island.  In May, 1780 he enlisted again for 
             6 months and was at West Point in Capt. Isaac Fry's Co. of 
             Col. Hazen's regiment.  Filled up Continental vacancies.  
             Went from West Point to Fishkill into what was called the English 
             neighborhood.  Discharged.  
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C., S. C. 12277  
Remarks:     Peter Brown states he was of Parkersfiled, Chashire Co., N.H.  
also Temple, Hillsborough Co., N.H., lived in 1832 at Ervins Grant, Franklin  
Co., Mass. and was then aged 79 years. (town of Montague) and in 1837 town of  
Wilma, Jefferson Co., N.Y. to live with his children.  Was then 80 years of  
age.  Had son Peter, and son-in-law Edmaund Rawson, both of Wilma, Jefferson  
Co., N.Y.  
Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published in Washington,  
D.C., 1841 lists Peter Brown, age 88, Town of Wilna, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  

Born:        1760 Lancaster, Mass.  
Died:        February 4, 1789 at Jeffrey, N.H.  
Married:     ELIZABETH WESTON November 14, 1789 at Jeffrey, N.H.  
Born:        1767  
Died:        September 1, 1848 in town of Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N.Y. aged  
             81 yrs. (g.s.)  
Service:     Ebeneezer Burpee served in the Revolution at various times  
             from 1775 to 1780.  He served as matross [sic] in 
             Col. Paul Revere's (Artillery)  Regiment from 1778 to May 1780.  
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C.  
Remarks:     Ebeneezer Burpee and his wife are buried in the village  
             cemetery in Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  

Born:        1760  
Died:        April 27, 1827 ae. 67 years (g.s.) in town of Ellisburg,  
             Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Married:     IRENE ORCUTT  
Born:        1764  
Died:        January 27, 1832 ae. 68 years (g.s.) in town of Ellisburg,  
             Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Service:     Isaac Burr fought in the Battle of Bennington, Vt.  Also  
             served in other engagements.  
War Department, Washington, D.C.  
Remarks:     Isaac Burr and his wife are buried in the Ellisburg cemetery  
in the village of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  

Born:        1765  
Died:        April 30, 1827 at Sacketts Harbor, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Married:     ORPHA HOWE July 8, 1784 at Westmoreland, N.H. 
             by Rev. Ebeneezer Bailey. 
Born:        1764  
Died:        December 1, 1839 at Sacketts Harbor, N.Y.  
Service:     Isaac Butterfield enlisted in May 1782 in the Continental Army  
for three years in Capt. Moses Dustin's company of Col. Henry Dearborn's  
regiment which was later called Maj. William Scott's Batallion.  He enlisted  
as a private at Swansey, N.H. and received an honorable discharge.  He sold  
his land rights and discharge papers.  
Pension Department, Archives Building, Washington, D.C.  
Remarks:     Isaac Butterfield and his wife are buried in the village cemetery 
             at Sacketts Harbor, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  Orpha Howe Butterfield 
             had a brother, Selah.   
Married:     ESTHER  
Died:        September 10, 1846 in town of Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  
Remarks:     John Campbell of Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y. deposes that  
             Esther Campbell, widow of William Campbell, was a pensioner of 
             United States for the services of her 1st husband, Nathaniel 
             Butterfield, under act of March 3, 1843 and June 17, 1844, at the 
             rate of $74.06 per annum and that she died in the town of Champion 
             on September 10, 1846 and the seven children surviving are as 
             Nathaniel Butterfield, Indiana; 
             Benjamin Butterfield, Illinois; 
             William Campbell, Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., N.Y.; 
             Prisy Crownder, wife of Peter of Ohio; 
             Stillman Campbell, Penn.; 
             Betsey Nutting, wife of Stephen H. Nutting, Philadelphia, N.Y.; 
             John Campbell, Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y. 
             and they are her only children and all of lawful age.    
             (Sept. 3, 1846, Box C 28 Surrogate's Office, Watertown, N.Y.)  

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