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Born: August 28, 1755 in Stafford, Tollard County, Conn.
Died: July 19, 1838 Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: 1st EUNICE
Born: 1761
Died: May 1, 1819 Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Married: 2nd SARAH
Born: 1767
Died: June 19, 1831 Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Married: 3rd ABIAH
Born: 1762 Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Died: September 10, 1836
Service: Enlisted June 1776 at Coventry, Tollard County, Conn. in the Conn. State Troops. He went to New London in July where they were under Capt. Erastus Woolcot of Windsor, Comm. Built the Fort Trumbull. Served nine months, ten days.
Pension Department, Archives Building, Washington, D.C., S. 12837

Remarks: Samuel Eaton and his wives are buried in the Giddingsville cemetery, town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76627239, Pension S12837


Born: December 25, 1760 in town of Canaan, Conn.
Died: December 11, 1843 Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: MARY
Died: Living February 1844
Service: Bryant Eddy enlisted from Great Barrington, Mass. August 1777 when he was 16 years old in the Mass. Militia in Capt. Peter Ingersoll's Co. of Col. John Brown's Regiment. Went to Saratoga where Gen. Gates was in command. Went to Fort Edwards where they were driven out by the enemy and retreated to North River. No battles were fought by this company but did scouting during the time he remained. Bryant Eddy's name is borne on Pay roll of Capt. Enoch Noble's Co. of Col. Ezra Wood's Regiment from May 15, 1778 to February 7, 1779. Also on pay roll of Capt. John Spoor's Co., Col. John Brown's Regiment from July 18, 1780 to October 3, 1780.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C., S. C. 22748

Remarks: The graves of Bryant Eddy and his wife are not found in the cemeteries of Ellisburg, N.Y. but his name appears on the 1840 U.S. list of Revolutionary pensioners. He is probably buried in the village cemetery at Ellisburg where there are other Eddy graves.

Note: The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841 lists Bryant Eddy, age 79, Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y. living with C. Boomer.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 77116559


Born: February 19, 1763 in Voluntown, Conn.
Died: August 10, 1840 in Antwerp, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: March 27, 1786 in Dutchess County, N.Y. (Oswego) CONTENT HADSELL (or HEALSULL), daughter of Joseph Hadell from Wales.
Born: March 13, 1769 Rhode Island.
Died: April 13, 1850 in town of Antwerp, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Service: Asa Eggleston enlisted at Voluntown, Conn. in the R. I. Troops, Col. Dyer's regiment, Capt. Burdick's company. During 1778 he served one and one-fourth months. In 1779 he re-enlisted as a Minute Man and served during the remainder of the war. Pension allowed on Application September 11, 1832. Content Eggleston allowed pension July 31, 1847.
Pension Department, Washington, D.C.

Remarks: Asa Eggleston and his wife are buried in the Kinne cemetery in the town of Antwerp, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Their children were:

Cynthia, b. March 19, 1787, m. Joel Munson;
Asa, Jr., b. August 15, 1789, m. Patience Rogers;
Mary, b. August 21, 1791, m. John Rogers;
Perry, b. August 16, 1793, m. Sally Colburn;
Rachel, b. January 12, 1796, d. June 9, 1822;
Dorcas, b. October 21, 1798, m. Nathaniel Munson;
Samuel, b. April 27, 1801, m. Poly Thurston;
Patty, b. April 7, 1803, m. David Dewey;
John M., b. August 7, 1806, m. 1st Ann Keene, m. 2nd Mrs. Luana Wick Clark;
David, b. September 7, 1808,m. 1st Mary Ann Hart, m. 2nd Elizabeth Rugg;
Harriet, b. March 12, 1814, m. Richmond Howland.

All children born in Hebron, Washington County, N.Y. This data was from family records.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 66241680, DAR Ancestor Number A036906


Son of Richard & Jane (Phillips) Ellis

Born: August 14, 1754 (lived at Keene, N.H.) Ashfield, Mass.
Died: April 14, 1813 in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: About 1779 MARY COUCH (CROUCH)
Born: August 4, 1757
Died: March 3, 1813 aged 54 years (g.s.) in town of Ellisburg, N.Y.
Service: Caleb Ellis served as a private in the Revolution in Capt. Jeremiah Stiles' Co., Col. Paul Dudley's Sergeant's Regiment. Served under Gen. Gates and Ethan Allen and was at the surrender of Burgoyne.
War Department, Washington, D.C.

Remarks: Caleb Ellis and his wife are buried in the Ellisburg cemetery with a number of his children. The dates of birth of Caleb and his wife are taken from the Bible record sent to the Pension Department when his son Robert applied for a pension for service in the war of 1812.
Caleb and Mary had the

following children:
Daniel, b. August 23, 1780;
Hannah, b. April 3, 1782;
John, b. February 3, 1784;
Jane, b. February 6, 1786;
Thomas, b. June 19, 1788;
Squire, b. June 6, 1790;
James, b. August 12, 1792;
Robert, b. March 24, 1794;
Polly, b. April 24, 1796;
Sally, b. March 14, 1798;
Betsey, b. May 25, 1800.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 72017547, DAR Ancestor Number A037657


Son of John Ellis & his wife Mary

Born: April 27, 1754
Died: March 13, 1827 in town of Rutland, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: December 18, 1774 at Richmond, N.H. RACHEL MARSH of Richmond, N.H.
Born: March 13, 1757
Died: February 5, 1840
Service: John Ellis, Jr. marched from Richmond to Bunker Hill in 1775and then marched to Fort Stanwix. He was out ten months at one time. He was drafted. He was at Bennington. This affidavit signed by Capt. Bullock.

Remarks: John Ellis is buried in Rutland Hollow cemetery. If his wife is there her grave has disappeared. John Ellis' father, John, was also in the Revolutionary War. He served from Rehoboth, Mass.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76622049, DAR Ancestor Number A037766


Born: November, 1759 at Menden, Wor. County, Mass.
Died: March 12, 1847 aged 87 years (g.s.) in town of Ellisburg, N.Y.
Married: August 8, 1806 SIBIL BURHAM
Born: 1775
Died: February 8, 1859 in Syracuse, N.Y.
Service: Lyman Ellis was too young to be drafted so he enlisted as a fifer in June 1776 in Capt. James Foster's Co. Was called to "New Levies". Went by way of Hartford to New York City. Retreated from the British to White Plains where he remained until the end of his enlistment. In 1777 he enlisted as fifer under Capt. Peter Pennyman in August for four months. Went to Bennignton, Vermont just after the battle. Saw many Hessian soldiers taken prisoner. Was at the surrender of Burgoyne October 17, 1777.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C., W. C. 7193, B. L. Wt. 10714-60-55

Remarks: Lyman Ellis and his wife are buried in the village cemetery at Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y. Lyman Ellis was one of the first settlers. He lived at Pittstown and Troy after the war. The following was taken from his notebook: "Lyman Ellis and Sibil Ellis were married August 6, 1802. February 7, 1827 Daniel M. York and Caroline Trilard (?) were married by me (Lyman Ellis, J.P.) January 14, 1830 Oliver N. Snow and Shophia Cheever married by Elisha Wheeler, Rev. Mahlon M. Ellis and Lucinda Fifiled married October 6, 1847. Their son Lyman Ellis was born September 14, 1848."

Note: The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C. 1841 lists Lyman Ellis, age 80 years, Town of Ellisburg, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 20742491, Pension W7093


Born: 1749 Hinsdale, Cheshire County, N. H.
Died: June 3, 1835 Theresa, Jefferson County, N. Y.
Married: BETSEY BARRETT in 1796 as his 2nd wife
Born: 1773
Service: Eldad Evans served as a private in Capt. Carlisle's Co., Col. Moody Beedle's N.H. Line. Enlisted for one year January 1, 1776. Discharged at Swansey, N.H. Was at Quebec, came back to Ticonderoga where he saw his brothers John and Uriel.
Archives, Washington, D.C., S. 12822

Remarks: Eldad and his brother Uriel Evans are buried in the Kelsey Bridge cemetery in the town of Theresa, Jefferson Coounty, N.Y. There are no headstones for the wives. Capt. John Evans, of Evans Mills, Jefferson County, N.Y., also a Revolutionary soldier, was a brother.
Hemminway's Gaz. Of Vt.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 49710955, DAR Ancestor Number A037486


Born: 1760 in Hinsdale, Cheshire, County, N.H.
Died: February 19, 1836 aged 77 years (g.s.) in town of LeRay, N.Y.
Married: RHODA
Born: 1755
Died: September 3, 1838 aged 83 years (g.s.) in town of LeRay, N.Y.
Service: Capt. John Evans was drafted March 1777 and served seven and one- half months as a private in Capt. John Scott's Co. of Col. Ellis' Regiment. He left home April 1, 1777 and joined the army at Mt. Independence. Was at the surrender of Burgoyne. William Reed and John Reed served in the same company; also their brother, Ephraim Reed of LeRay, N.Y. All were of Hinsdale, N.H.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C., S. C. 10639

Remarks: Capt. John Evans and his wife are buried in the village cemetery at Evans Mills, Jefferson County, N.Y. Pension roll gives July 28, 1833 aged 78 years as time and age.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 45037614, DAR Ancestor Number A208444


Born: 1750 Hinsdale, Cheshire County, N.H.
Died: August 21, 1825 Theresa, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: October 10, 1774 Hinsdale, Cheshire County, N.H., LUSENDA
Service: Urial Evans was at Ticonderoga in service when his brother Eldad returned from Quebec. This statement is in Eldad's pension. (See his Pension #.)

Remarks: Urial Evans is buried in the Kelsey Bridge cemetery in Theresa, Jefferson County, N.Y. in the Evans' lot near his brother Eldad Evans. There are no headstones for the wives. Capt. John Evans, Evans Mills, N.Y. was a brother. The date of marriage of Urial and Lesenda Evans is data sent by the town clerk of Hinsdale, N.H.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 45478149, DAR Ancestor Number A037720


Born: December 3, 1756 Ellsworth, Conn.
Died: March 27, 1815 at Brownville, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Born: 1762
Died: June 2, 1851 aged 89 years (g.s.) in Brownville, N.Y.
Service: Eliphalet Everett served as a private in Capt. Theodore Woodbridge's company, also designated Col. Swift's company in the Seventh Continental regiment commanded by Col. Herman Swift. He enlisted March 3, 1777 for three years and was transferred April 1, 1778 to the commander-in- chief's guards of Continental Troops, being discharged March 3, 1780.

Remarks: Eliphalet Everett and his wife are buried in the Brownville Cemetery.
The children of Eliphalet Everett were:

Austin, m. Minerva Crandall;
Loronia (Laura), b. September 19, 1787, m. Henry Hatch;
Mary, m. Oliver Bartholomew;
Hampton, b. 1801, never married.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 75964552, DAR Ancestor Number A037828


Born: 1753 Tryon County, N.Y.
Died: May 27, 1838 in town of Pamelia, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Born: 1759 Tryon County, N.Y.
Died: September 22, 1851
Service: John D. Failing served in the Revolution as a private in Col. Jacob Klock's Tryon Co. Militia.
"New York in the Revolution", Page 176

Remarks: John Failing and his wife are buried in the Parish Cemetery in the town of Pamelia, Jefferson County, N.Y. He was taken prisoner by the Indians at St. Johnsville, Montgomery County, N.Y. at a block house where the New York Central station now stands. At that time it was his farm.

Johannes Feling, born April 3, 1755, son of Johannes Feling and wife Magdelena - Lutheran Trinity Church, Stone Arabia, Town of Palatine, Montgomery County, N.Y.
March 15, 1785 - Johannes Fehling married ELIZABETH SCHMIDT, Dutch Reformed Church, German Flats, Herkimer County, N.Y.
Johann Dietrick, baptized 1788, son of Johannes & Elizabeth Fehling - Dutch Reformed Church, German Flats, Herkimer County, N.Y.
Matheus, baptized 1789 and Anna Eva, baptized 1793, children of Johannes and Elizabeth Fehling, Dutch Reformed Church, Stone Arabia, Town of Palatine, Montgomery County, N.Y.
Johannes, born 1797; Maria, born 1799 and Anna, born 1805, children of Johannes Fehling and wife Elizabeth, all baptized St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Town of Minden, Montgomery County, N.Y.

St. Johnsville Enterprise and News - Issue of 7/15/1935 states:
Johannes Failing, born 1755, died 1838, buried in Parish Cemetery, Jefferson County. Records of F. Deuel. Johannes Failing listed as John Dietrich Fehling in the records of baptism for several of his children.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 75964552, DAR Ancestor Number A037828


Born: January 14, 1750 in Damererscotta, Maine
Died: July 19, 1845 in Chaumont, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: February 10, 1778 SARAH BRACE
Born: 1757
Service: Henry H. Fall served as a private in Capt. Boune's company of Lt. Col. Bond's regiment (37th Regiment of Foot), dated Prospect Hill, October 7, 1777. Coat Rolls, eight months service, page 252.

Remarks: The place of burial of Henry H. Fall and his wife is not known. His home was on the town of Chaumont, N.Y. and he may be in one of three destroyed cemeteries in that town. His daughter, Elizabeth Fall Holley, wife of Numan Holley was a Real Daughter of the LeRay De Chaumont Chapter, D.A.R.
Ancestor of Mrs. Josie H. Lee, Nat. No. 128522

In the pension of Henry H. Fall, he says his wife was Sarah Dunham and a sister of Stephen Dunham of Pinckney, Lewis County, N.Y. but in all the D.A.R. papers she is accepted as Sarah Brace. (A.B.W.) (Adda Barnes Williams)

Note: The Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1840, lists Henry H. Fall, age 90, Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 77116963, DAR Ancestor Number A038387, 1835 and 1840 Census of Pensioners


Born: 1758 at Westborough, Worcester County, Mass.
Died: March, 1839 in town of Watertown, N.Y.
Married: About 1786 at Reading, Windsor County, Vermont, ELEANOR STANLEY, daughter of Capt. John Stanley.
Service: Sherbiah Fay served three years in detached companies in the Revolutionary War and for the most part campaigned in the militia of his native state. He was on board one of the ships on the American flotilla on Lake Champlain commanded by Gen. Waterbury. He was engaged in a severe encounter with the enemy, which resulted in the dispersion of our little fleet. He was at Tappan, N.Y. on October 2, 1780 and witnessed the execution of Major Andre.

Remarks: Soon after the close of the Revolutionary War, Sherbiah Fay, in company with his brothers, moved to the state of Vermont and settled at Reading. In the winter of 1792-93 he moved his family by a sled drawn by a single yoke of oxen to the "west" in the Mohawk Valley in the town of Litchfield, a few miles south of Herkimer, N.Y. He remained here for three years and then settled at Augusta, Oneida County. Hearing of the "Eldorado of Northern New York", Fay and his brother-in-law, Daniel Stanley, in 1801 came in and bought 100 acres of land. In 1802 they brought in their families. Their log cabins were built in the forest on the northwest side of the north branch of Sandy Creek. Here Sherbiah Fay lived until his death in 1839. Sherbiah Fay is buried in Brookside cemetery at Watertown, Jefferson County, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 35724946, DAR Ancestor Number A039541


Born: 1759 in Mass.
Died: March 23, 1836 aged 77 yrs in town of Watertown, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: February 6, 1783 in Lyme, Conn. ALIFF PECK
Born: 1763 in Lyme, Conn.
Died: 1848 living in Rutland, Jefferson County, N.Y. aged 85 years.
Service: William Fellows was allowed a pension on Certificate No. 8545 which was issued March 27, 1819. His widow was allowed pension on Certificate No. 479 issued January 24, 1848. William Fellows enlisted in March 1778 and served three years as private in Capt. John Bryant's Co., Col. Crane's Regiment, Conn. Line.

Remarks: The following was taken from an early Watertown paper, "Dea. William Fellows, aged 77, was a soldier of his country in the Revolutionary War and for about one half a century was a soldier of the Cross." He was one of the first deacons in what is now First Presbyterian Church but which was then a Congregational Church and met at Burrville. With unusual fidelity he served the Captain of our Salvation in all the relations of life and "will be held in everlasting remembrance." "He died the peaceful, joyful and happy death of the righteous." William Fellows came to Watertown village about 1803 about the time Henry Coffen, Zachariah Butterfield, Hart Massey and others came. William Fellows was one of the "Silver Grays" of the War of 1812. The burial place of William Fellows has disappeared as had his wife's Aliff Peck Fellows. He settled in the eastern part of Watertown near Burrville.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 77117199, 1835 Census of Pensioners


Born: July 24, 1764
Died: March 10, 1841 in town of Clayton, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: January 13, 1793 JINEAS SECHNER (Jane)
Born: March 16, 1774
Died: was living in 1844 at age 69 years.
Service: Thomas Fetherly enlisted at Canajoharie, N.Y. on March 1781 under Capt. Jacob Wright of 2nd N.Y. regiment under Col. Philip Van Cortland. He served until June 1783. Was in the Battle of Yorktown. Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C., W.C. 3478

Remarks: Thomas Fetherly (Fetterly) came to the town of Clayton among the first settlers. His grave has not been found. Folded in his pension application is a hand drawn chart of the family. All dates in this record are taken from that chart.
His children were:

John, b. April 1801;
Elizabeth Jane, b. June 19, 1803;
James, b. February 18, 1806;
Thomas, b. March 22, 1809;
William, b. November 12, 1812; and
Daniel, b. August 8, 1817.

Drawn by Jacob Fetterly (son), July 28, 1820

Thomas Fetterly came from German Flats, Herkimer County, N.Y.

Note: The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841 lists Thomas Fetherly, age 76, Town of Clayton, Jefferson County, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 77117603


Born: 1767 in Mass, R.I. Line
Died: November 19, 1827, aged 60 years (g.s.) in Watertown, N.Y.

Remarks: Abraham Fisk is buried in Brookside Cemetery in Watertown, N.Y. His wife does not seem to be bruied there. Abraham Fisk came to Jefferson County in 1802, and took up 500 acres of land south of the then village of Watertown. They had eight sons and three daughters. Three of his sons served in the War of 1812.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76658768, DAR Ancestor Number A039721


Born: Sept. 12, 1757
Died: June 29, 1841 in the town of Ellisburg, Jeff. Co., N.Y.
Married: Nov. 28, 1841 at Cheshire, Berkshire Co., Mass., LILLIS MASON
Born: Dec. 20, 1765 at Warren, Mass.
Died: Mar. 21, 1848 aged 82 yrs.(g.s.) in town of Ellisburg, N.Y.
Service: Jonathan Fish served as a private in the Revolution having enlisted in the R.I. troops from Dighton, R.I. Nov. 1775. Served in Capt. James Briggs' Co., Col. Benjamin Brewer's Mass. Regt. In 1776 served in Capt. Benjamin Pierce's Co., Col. Babcock's R.I. Regt. While in this service he volunteered on board the galley "Spitfire" and helped capture a sloop and brig loaded with coffee, flour and naval stores.
War Department, Washington, D. C.

Remarks: Jonathan Fish and his wife are buried in the Brewster cemetery in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Note: The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841, lists Jonathan Fish, age 83, Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 16360207, DAR Ancestor Number A041946


Anthony FLANSBURGH, Jefferson County Pioneer, was born in Schenectady NY, 1755; bpt. Ref. Dutch Church, Schenectady, 4 Jan 1759; and enlisted 1 Mar 1777 in Capt. John VAN PATTEN's company in Col. WAMP's regiment for six months. He served two months longer than his enlistment period. He was discharged in Nov 1777. His second enlistment, in March 1778, was in the bateaux service under Capt. PEAKE in Col. YATES' regiment for one year and he was employed transporting military goods and supplies to forts on the Mohawk River. In the winter, he cut fire wood and built barracks for troops at Albany, NY. He was discharged in Mar 1780, but on 1 Apr 1781 again enlisted, this time for nine months in Capt. Guy YOUNG's company in Col. WILLIT's regiment. He served at Fort Plain, Fort Clyde and Fort Weyndaken [Windecker?] and was discharged 1 Jan 1782.

Anthony FLANSBURGH m. 2 Mar 1788 at Schenectady, Susanna ALLEN. In 1823 they moved to Orleans, Jefferson Co., NY. Anthony Flansburg died 10 Jan 1839 and is buried at Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY.

Children included Peter FLANSBURGH who m. Cynthia Hayes of LaFargeville in 1834, parents of Caroline Delilah "Carrie" Flansburg who m. at LaFargeville 5 Oct 1858, Isaac Eddy SYLVESTER.
Submitted by Anthony Sylvester.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 77118081, DAR Ancestor Number A040539


Born: 1761 (or 1755)
Died: July 20, l844, aged 83 years, in Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married: ESTHER
Born: 1766
Died: In 1820, was 54 years old.
Service: Benjamin Fletcher served as a private of Dragoons in a company commanded by Capt. Dunn in a regiment commanded by Col. Wigglesworth of the Mass. Line. Pension issued April 20, 1818. Enlisted at a place called Sheepcut Falls in 1777. Discharged at Danbury, Fairfield Co., Conn. in 1785. Was in the Battle of Monmouth and Saratoga. Was of Luzerne, Warren County, N.Y.
National Archives, Washington, D. C., S.28752

Remarks : The burial place of Benjamin Fletcher has no headstone, but he is buried in Lorraine Cemetery. Benjamin was one of the guard that had charge of Major Andre during his captivity.

Note: The l840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841, lists Benjamin Fletcher, age 80, Town of Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N. Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76639498, DAR Ancestor Number A001450


Born: November 7, 1758 in Hebron, Conn.
Died: December 4, 1858 in town of Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Married: 1st, January 12, 1778 SABRA NETTLETON
Born: August 14, 1757
Died: August 10, 1784

Married: 2nd, March 17, 1785 SALLY BROCKWAY
Born: 1757
Died: July 2, 1827, buried in Rural Cemetery, Adams, N.Y.

Married: 3rd, MARY
Born: March 18, 1771
Died: January 24, 1841, aged 69 years, 9 mos. 27 das. (g.s.) in town of Lorraine, N.Y.
Service: Elijah Fox enlisted as a private in Capt. James Horton's Co. of Col. Baldwin's regiment of Artifiers. He was made Sergeant. This regiment was at Brandywine, Monmouth and Germantown. He enlisted at Hebron, Conn., and was discharged February 1, 1780.
Sur. File No. 22774, Revolutionary War

Remarks: Elijah Fox and his third wife are buried in the Lyman Cemetery, in the town of Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N.Y. The Gazetteer says Elijah Fox was the father of ten children. The record of Korleen Fox, Nat. No. 159736 gives the names of three children;

Elijah, b. February 18, 1780, m. Sally Burnham;
Sally, b. October 7, 1782, unmarried and
Sabra, b. July 29, 1784.

Her mother died August 10, 1784. This same history says Sabra Fox married James McKee. The name of Elijah Fox's 2nd wife is from family papers.

Sabra (McKee) went to Beeleville, Canada
Surrogate Office, Watertown, N. Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76639840, DAR Ancestor Number A041308


Born: February 1756 Union, Conn.
Died: December 25, 1835/40 in Sanford's Corners, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Service: Isaac Fuller served in the Revolution as a 1st Lieutenant in the 28th Mass. regiment commanded by Col. Dudley Sargent. His name appears on a return of the regiment dated Sept. 20, 1775, and also on a return of appointment for the year 1776. Served in Battle of Bunker Hill and Bennington. War Department Washington, D. C.

Remarks: Isaac Fuller is buried in the old cemetery at Sanford's Corners so stated in the papers of Ruth Angell Folger for membership in the D.A.R. No dates are given for his wife Abigail, but she is buried (probably) in the same cemetery.
Their children:

Joseph Buel;

BPC Note

There is some disagreement betweeen the above and DAR records for Isaac Fuller Patriot A042238.

Found at the DAR free search site;

DAR# A042238
Service: CT-MA
Rank: Private
Birth: 2/1756 Union/Windham/CT
Death: 25 Dec 1834 Leray/Jefferson/NY
Pension: SW11029
Service Source: SW11029, BLW #24155-160-55
Service Description: Capts Pease, Charles, Winchester & Keep, Cols Huntington, Hays & Sprout
Spouse: 1) Judith Buell, 2) Elizabeth Chamberlain

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76701470


Son of Capt. Jonathan and Mary (Shedd) Gates

Born: September 27, 1762 at Harvard, Mass.
Died: August 4, 1835 in town of Champion, Jefferson. Co., N.Y.
Married: Dec. 11, 1783 at Chesterfield, N.H. ZERVIAH HARRIS, daughter of Abner and Jerusha (Ross) Harris
Born: March 1, 1776 at Chesterfield, N.H.
Died: March 6, 1851 (about) in town of Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Service: Jonathan Gates states in his pension that, "he resides in Ashburnham, Worcester Co., Mass." at time of the Revolutionary War. He enlisted under his father in April, 1775; September 1777; 1778 or 1779. Also in 1780 in Capt. Fish's Mass. Co.
Pension Department, Washington, D. C.

Remarks: Jonathan Gates moved from Ashburnham, Mass. to Chesterfield, N.H. in 1781 and resided there until about 1798 when he moved to Salisbury, Montgomery County, N.Y. About 1815 he moved to Antwerp, Jefferson Co., N.Y. and in 1818 to the town of Champion in the same county.
Their children were

Josiah, d. 1784;
Roswell, b. May 28, 1798, m. Hannah Taylor;
Zerviah, b. 1799, m. Charles Wright;
John, m. Bernard (?) Bagley; and
Sally, b. 1809, m. Alonzo Watson.

Much of this information was raked from the chart of the Gates family owned by Mrs. L. S. Lansing of Watertown, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76335275, DAR Ancestor Number A043509


Born: 1758 in Worcester, Mass.
Died: August 28, l836 in town of Rodman, Jefferson Co., N.Y., ae. 79 y. (g.s.)
Born: 1757
Died: April 2, 1837 in town of Rodman, N.Y., ae 80 yrs. (g.s.)
Service: Silas Gates enlisted December 1775 at Worcester, Mass. in Capt. Gates' Co., Col. Holman's Regiment. In 1776 he enlisted for three months in Capt. Hubbard's Co. Marched to New York and was in the battle of Long Island. Retreated to Harlem. Later marched to Saratoga and was at the surrender of Burgoyne. Went to Tarrytown where he was discharged.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C., S. C. 23647

Remarks: Silas Gates and his wife are buried in the Fairview Cemetery in the Town of Rodman, Jefferson County, N.Y. Other members of the family buried there.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 73914522


Born: 1756
Died: August 10, 1842 in town of Ellisburgh, N.Y.
Married: LYDIA
Died: Before May 1, 1833
Service: James Gault served in the Revolution as a private. He enlisted in 1776 and served two campaigns, one in the South and one in the North under Capt. John Wells. Was first in Mass. near Coleran, later lived in the town of Hallefax, N.Y. Marched through Northampton to White Plains, where he stayed three months, at which time the Battle of White Plains was fought. Returned to Hallefax, N.Y and enlisted again and marched through Pittsfield, Greenbush, Albany, Saratoga, Fort Edward, Fort Ann to Ticonderoga. In the Co. of Capt. Wells for four months. Served in Hugh McClellan's Co., Col. Moseley's Regt. in Penn.
Veterans Administration, Washington D. C. S.C. 15134

Remarks: James Gault is buried in the Saxe Cemetery in the town of Ellisburg, N.Y. He says in his application for a pension that he came from Kean, Pennsylvania to be with his daughter September 30, 1834 and that he had lived in Pennsylvania from September 1833 to October 14, 1834. His pension was paid in the New York Agency December 5, 1834. Wells Benton of Adams transacted his business for James Gault.

Note: Taken from Boston Transcript:
Date of James Gault (Galt), Revolutionary Soldier, b. about 1759, d. Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y. August 11, 1843; was of Halifax, N.Y. (now Vermont) 1776-77, of Ceres Twp McKean Co., Pennsylvania 1833. Data of his wife Lydia, who died before May 1, 1833. There was a James Gault, probably the same at Salem, N.Y. (Washington Co.) census of 1790, 1-4-2. Children: William, b. January 5, 1783, d. Huff's Island, Bay of Quinty, Canada 1826; Mar. Mahala Knight.
Following children named as living August 11, 1843:

Samuel, Batavia, N.Y.;
Tirzah, wife of Henry Carr, Pennsylvania;
Nancy, wife of Noah Lammon, Ellisburg, N.Y.;
Andrew T., Scio, N.Y.;
Lydia, widow of John Klock, Hastings, N.Y.;
Sally, wife of Church Cleveland, Sciota, N.Y.;

The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., lists James Gault, age 83, Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y. living with Noah Lamon.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76640287, Pension S15134


Born: l744 Mass.
Died: February 3, 1826 aged 92 yrs.
Service: Enlisted in November 1776 in the State of Conn., in Capt. Samuel Carr's Co., in the 9th regiment of the Mass. Line commanded by Col. James Weston or Wesson. Served until June l3, 1783 when he was discharged near West Point, N.Y. Was in the battle of Stillwater, Saratoga, Princeton, Monmouth, Kingsbridge and Yorktown.
Pension Department, Archives Building, Washington, D. C., S. 44870

Remarks: Jonathan Gay is buried in the old abandoned cemetery at Three Mile Bay, called Cedar Cemetery. States in his pension that he has no wife or children in this country.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 77118497, 1835 Census of Pensioners


Born: April 10, 1756 in town of East Hartford, Conn.
Died: January 14, 1835 in town of Lorraine, Jefferson Co.
Married: December 3, 1784 at East Hartford, by Rev. Phelps., *unknown.
Born: 1758
Died: February 5, 1853 ae. 96 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Lorraine, N.Y.
Service: Calvin Gilman enlisted August 1, 1776 at East Hartford, Conn. (now Manchester) as a drummer in the Conn. Militia in Regiment of Col. Geo. Pitkin's and Capt. Timothy Cheeney's Co. Went immediately to New York City and joined the army under Washington. Went up the river to Kingsbridge where he remained for about 2 months. His term having expired he returned home. In March 1777 he again enlisted as drummer in Capt. Jared Cones' Co. Went to Providence, R. I. and guarded line against the British at Bristol who occupied New Port for 2 months. In May 1778 he enlisted as drummer in Conn. Line and went to White Plains, where he joined the Army under Gen. Gates. Went into winter quarters at Horse Neck, Conn. and helped the farmers guard their cattle and horses against British forays. In May 1779 returned home.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C., W.C. 19506

Remarks: Calvin Gilman and his wife are buried in the Lyman cemetery in the town of Lorraine, Jefferson Co., N.Y. with other members of the Gilman family This family belonged to the Congregational Church in the Oxford Society.

*Note: His wife's name was HANNAH BISSELL, according to Mrs. Mildred Du Charme, 515 Ingalls St., Denver CO, 80226 (4/8/1969)

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76640780, DAR Ancestor Number A044992


Son of Enos and Mary (Angier) Goodell (Married 11/16/1736)

Born: September 8, 1745 Shrewsbury, Mass.
Died: July 10, 1827 Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Born: 1748
Died: after 1827 Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N. Y.
Service: Ezekiel Goodale served as a private in Col. Benjamin Tupper's regiment in Mass. Militia in 1782.
Commonwealth of Mass. Sec. Office, Vol. 60, page 19.

Remarks: The following taken from early Watertown paper "At Ellisburg, July 10, 1827, after a short illness, Ezekiel Goodale, for several years a Captain in the Revolutionary War, in the 84th year of his age, he was possessed of extraordinary powers of mind and a vigorous constitution. His faith in the universal benevolence of his Saviour, continued unshaken to his last. By this afflicting dispensation of Providence an aged wife and numerous descendants even to the fourth generation have been bereft of a worth friend and relative." The burial place of Ezekiel Goodale and his wife has not been found.

Service: Ezekiel Goodale served as a Lieut. in June 1777 in Capt. Isaac Frey's Co., Col. Seamon's N.H. Line, Continental Establishment. Served until 1778 when he was discharged at Valley Forge.
National Archives, Washington, D.C., S.43609

Children of Enos and Mary Goodell:

Sarah, b. June 9, 1757, Marlboro, Mass.;
Ebenezer, b. March 14, 1759, Marlboro, Mass.;
Mary, b. June 25, 174l, Marlboro, Mass.;
Enos, b. September 28, 1746, Shrewsbury, Mass.;
Ezekiel, b. September 8,1745, Shrewsbury, Mass.;
Mirriam, b. March 3,l748, m. Ebenezer Drury, Jr., Temple, N.H. 1768;
Persis b. June 19, 1750;
Elijah b. October 20, 1753. Removed with his father to N.H. Was a member of the Training Band of Jeffrey, N.H. 1784.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 77176484, DAR Ancestor Number A046257, Pension S43609


Son of Daniel Goodenough

Born: July 15, 1755
Died: June 26, 1845 in the town of Watertown, N. Y.
Married: November 24, 1779 at Marlboro, Cheshire, Co., N.H., REBECCA WODDARD
Born: 1758
Died: October 4, 1843 aged 85 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Watertown., N.Y.
Service: Adino Goodenough served in 1775 as a private for eight months, in Capt. Whitcomb's Co., Col. Reed's regiment. (Mass.) In 1776 he served for thirteen months as private in Col. Nixon's regiment (Mass.) In 1777 served for fifteen months as a private in Capt. Bial Co., Col. Scammel's regiment. (N.H.) Pension dated April 15, 1818 from Oneida, N. Y.

Remarks: Adino Goodenough and his wife are buried in Brookside cemetery, Watertown, N.Y. His headstone stated he was an officer in the Revolutionary war. Ref., Historical Society at Watertown, N. Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 14433196, DAR Ancestor Number A046501


Born: 1762, Salem, Mass.
Died: November 2, 1839 Pamelia, Jefferson Co., N. Y.

Married: 1st., unknown
Born: 1765
Died: Before 1825, probably Pamelia, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Married: 2nd., October 5, 1825 by Horatio Shumway, J.P., BETSY WILSON
Born: 1787
Died: after 1855 in Van Buren Co., Mich.
Service: Henry Gotham enlisted in 1776 in Capt. Joseph Pettengill's Co., Col. Weston's regiment. Served until Feb. 1777 when he was discharged at Cherry Valley, N.Y. Enlisted again in Capt. Dustin's company, Col. Millum's regiment of N.H. Line, and served until February 1778. Discharged at Kingsbury, N.Y. Cert. No. 2450, Issued 9/16/1818, File No. W. 1755, B.L. Wt. 6444-160-55

Remarks: Henry Gotham, in his application for a pension Apr. 17, 1818, states he is 56 yrs. old, residence Watertown N.Y. and that he enlisted at Salem, Mass. In October 1820 he made another application in which he mentions his wife (Unknown, aged 57), himself aged 58 years and three daughters, Hannah, aged 20; Merriam aged 19, and Lucina who is healthy. The place of burial is unknown but in Betsy Wilson Gotham's application for bounty land she states that Henry Gotham died in Pamelia. Town of Pamelia is just across Black River from Watertown, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; 1835 Census of Pensioners


Son of Joseph and Margaret (Greenman) Greene

Born: October 5, 1764 Westerly, R.I.
Died: August 1, 1838 Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married: About 1788, Berlin, Renn. Co., N.Y., HANNAH NICHOLS, daughter of Jonathan & Hannah (Godfrey) Nichols
Born: 1765, R.I.
Died: August 7, 1846 Adams, N.Y.
Service: Joseph Greene served as a private in Capt. David Husted Co., commanded by Lt. Col. Henry Van Rensselaer's Regiment, 1780-1781.
New York in the Revolution; Greene Gen., page 28

Remarks: Joseph Greene and his wife are buried in the Green Sett1ement cemetery with many Green members of the family. Joseph Greene was called "Old Uncle Josey" to distinguish him from his son and two nephews of the same name.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 57882228.

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