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Born:        June 13, 1759 in Hebron, Conn.
Died:        June 25, 1836  aged 76 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Hounsfield, N.Y.
Married:     LYDIA GILBERT
Born:        1765
Died:        January 31, 1837 aged 72 yrs. (g.s.) in Hounsfield, Jefferson
             Co., N.Y.

Service:     Ralph Mack volunteered in December l776 at the age of 17 years at
Hebron, Conn. as a private to go to New London, Conn. in Capt. Skinner's Co.
of Col. Troup's Regiment of Conn.  State troops.  Kept guard at the Fort and
Lighthouse.  Served 3 months and was verbally discharged at New London and
returned to Hebron.  In 1778 he served as a private in Capt. Skinner's Co.,
for two months.  Did scouting duty.  Turned out on alarm when Arnold burned
New London.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C.  S.C. 29313

Remarks:     Ralph Mack and his wife are buried in the North Adams cemetery in
the town of Adams.  His farm was near the Hounsfield-Adams Line.  Lived at
Hebron, Conn., until after the war then moved to Mayfield, N.Y.  Lived there
seven years then moved to Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  Had lived here
twenty years in 1832 when he made application  for a pension.


Born:        1755 Woodbury, Conn.
Died:        October 1, 1834 town of Rutland, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     MARTHA
Born:        1768
Died:        November 10, 1844 town of Rutland, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Service:     Amos Mallery served as a private in Capt. Pond's Co.  Enlisted
April 23, 1777 for duration of the war.  Promoted to Corporal July 20, 1778;
Sergeant January 1, 1780.  In 1781 in Capt. Barker's Conn. Light Infantry
under the command of Marquis de LaFayette at the Southward.
Conn. Men in the Revolution, pages 213-353

Remarks:     Amos Mallery and his wife are buried in the cemetery in Champion
Hollow near Champion village, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Genealogical Committee, LeRay de Chaumont Chapter, Watertown, N.Y.


Born:        1750
Died:        September 14, 1825 Adams, Jefferson Co., N. Y.
Married:     SARAH DRAKE

Service:     John Manderville served as a corporal in the Revolution under
Capt. Leonard D. Nicoll's Co., McLaughry's Regt., N.Y. Militia.  Served in
Samuel Drake's Regt. of N.Y. troops covering a period from 1778 to 1781.
Archives, Washington, DC.  W. 17085

Remarks:     John Manderville is buried in the Rural cemetery, Adams,
Jefferson Co., N.Y.  There is no record of his wife, but she outlived him as
she drew a pension.  She is probably buried beside her husband but has no


Born:        1760 Sandisfield, Berkshire Co., Mass.
Died:        June 29, 1833 aged 82 yrs.,  town of Adams, Jeff. Co.,  N.Y.
Married:     two times, both unknown

Service:     Daniel Manley served from June 1, 1776 for 2 months in Capt.
Elijah Demmings' Co.; 3 months from September 15, 1777 in  Capt. Carton's Co.;
2 months from June 1, 1779 in Capt. Collin's Co.; and 8 months from May 2, 1780 
in Capt. Smith's Co.
Archives, Washington, D.C.  R. 6864

Remarks:     Daniel Manley states in his pension that his first wife died, but
gave no name.  That he married again, but his wife was now living in Dutchess
Co. with her family.  He gave no name.  Daniel Manley is buried in the Rice 
cemetery in the town of Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  His children were: 
Asa  Manley,  Bazelloc, Ohio
Mrs. Clarissa Ellewood, wife of Joseph
Mrs. Abigail Richards, wife of Charles, both of Gamelsville, Ohio 
Mrs. Lucy Wates, wife of Abner, of Gustavus, Trumbull Co.,  Ohio.


Born:        October 25, 1740 at Swansea, Mass.
Died:        September 22, 1827 at Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Born:        1746
Died:        October 3, 1827 at Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Service:     Joseph Martin served as a private in Capt. Peleg Peck's Co., Col.
Thomas Carpenter's Regiment.  Enlisted August 3, l780.  Discharged August 9,
1780.  Served seven days.  Company marched to Tiverton, R.I. on an alarm by
order of Col. Slead.  All the men in Swansea were joined in one company under
Capt. Peck, the officers refusing to serve.
Mass. Soldiers and Sailors

Remarks:     Joseph Martin and his wife are buried in the Saxe Cemetery in the
town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  His great-great granddaughter, Miss
Clara Martin, lives on the old homestead in Ellisburgh.

JEREMIAH MASON,  son of Simeon and Hannah (Thomas) Mason

Born:        February 3, 1757 at Swansea, Mass.
Died:        April 9, 1848 in town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     RHODA LUTHER, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Little) Luther
Born:        August 3, 1762 at Swansea, Mass.
Died:        August 17, 1831 in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co.,N.Y.

Service:     Jermiah Mason, Swansea, private in Peleg Peck's Co., Col. Thomas
Carpenter's  Regiment, enlisted August 4, 1780, discharged August 9, 1780,
service six days.  Company marched to Triventon, R.I. on an alarm by order of
Col. Slead.  All the men in Swansea were joined in one company under Capt.
Peck as all the other officers refused to serve.  Roll sworn to at Rehoboth,
Mass.  Soldiers and Sailors, Vol.  10,  page 286

Remarks:     Jeremiah Mason and his  wife are buried in the Saxe Cemetery in
the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  The following names of their
children taken from the Mason Genealogy, page 207:  
Ezra, b. September 19, 1784 
Mary, b. March 1786; 
Hannah, b. November 19, 1788; 
Nancy, b. January 28, 1790; 
Phebe, b. April 9, 1792; 
O1ive, b. May 9, 1794, m. John Whitney;
Alfred, b. March 29, 1796;      
Jeremiah, b. March 7, 1798; 
Delana, b. July 11, 1799, m. Orin Carpenter, Albion, N.Y.; 
Thomas Luther, b. September 23, 1801;
Lydia, b. April 1, 1805, m. Mr. Millen of Belleville.  
The first ten children were born in Swansea, Mass.
The family came to the town of  Ellisburg about 1801.  Some of the dates on
the headstones do not agree with the dates in the Mason Genealogy.


Born:        July 6, 1747
Died:        March 30, 1830  in Watertown, N.Y.
Married:     about 1767, BETSEY
Born:        1748
Died:        October 18, 1819 aged 71 yrs. (g.s.) in Watertown, N.Y.

Service:     Jonathan Massey served with the New Hampshire Militia and in 1776
was with the Continental Army at Salem, New Hampshire.
N.H. Revolutionary rolls, Vol. 2, page 9

Remarks:     Jonathan Massey and his wife are buried in Arsenal Street
Cemetery.  Jonathan Massey lived at Salem, N.H. during the war.  In 1792 he
moved to Windsor, Vt., coming to Watertown, N.Y. in 1801.  Ref. Emerson's
History of Jefferson Co., N.Y., p. 301.
Ancestor of Mrs. Charles Remington, Nat. No. 12162 & Miss Harriet Fairbanks,
Nat. No. 10696.

JONATHAN MATTESON of Coventry, Kent Co., R.I.

Born:        March 21, 1762 in Coventry, R.I.
Died:        September 25, 1848 in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     1st, November 1786, MARTHA HILL (Record of the Deborah Champion
             Chapter, Adams, N.Y.)
Born:        December 21, 1764
Died:        December 10, 1826 in Ellisburg, N.Y.
Married:     2nd, January 29, 1829 in Ellisburg, N.Y., MRS KATHERINE CARTER
Born:        1782

Service:     Jonathan Matteson, while residing in Coventry, R.I., enlisted as
a private for one month, 1777 in Capt. Lanford Weaver's Co.; the following
winter one month as substitute for his uncle, Solomon Matteson, names of
officers  not shown; from August 1, 1778, twenty days in Capt. Asa Bennet's
Co., and was in the Sullivan expedition; from April 15-16 1779, one year in
Capt. Philip Traffam's Co., Col. John Topham's Regt.; in 1781 two months on
alarms, names of officers not shown;  a little later, eleven days, as corporal
in Capt. Asa Bennet's Co., Col. Kasson's Regt.
Veterans  Administration, Washington,  D.C.  W. C. 10213

Remarks:     Jonathan Matteson is buried in the Reed Cemetery in the town of
Ellisburg, N.Y.  His wives do not seem to be there.  His second wife, Katherine, 
was allowed a pension April 19, 1859, at which time she was living in Ellisburg, 
N.Y., aged 78 years.  It is stated that there were children by both wives, only 
name given being Samuel Matteson.  It is not shown whether he was a son by the 
first wife or second.  (Later, Samuel was shown as son of first wife.  See list
of children).

Children of Jonathan & Martha (Hill) Matteson:  
Thomas, b. August 20, 1787
Polly, b. December 21, 1789, m. William Nutting
Jonathan, b. September 1, 1792
Sally, b. May 27, 1794
Martha, b. February 15, 1796
Phebe, b.March 31, 1798, m. Harvey Crittenton
William, b. September 6, 1800 
Samuel, b. July 7, 1806, m. Lucretia Tracy

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published in Washington, D. C.,
1841, lists Jonathan  Matteson, age 78, Town of Eliisburg, living with Samuel 

WILLIAM  MAYNARD, son of Zachariah & Jabells Maynard

Born:        October 18, 1752 in Mass.
Died:        February 14, 1827 in town of Antwerp, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     LUCY BALCOM, August 20, 1772 at Sudbury, Mass.

Service:     William Maynard appears with rank of private on Lexington Alarm.
Pay Roll of Capt. John Noxon's Co., of Capt. Abijah Pierce's regiment, of
Minute Men who marched on the  alarm of April 19, 1775 from Sudbury, Mass.
Length of service, 5 days.  Town to which soldier belonged, Vol. 13, 26.
Again appears with rank of private on Company Return of Capt. David Moore's
Co. of Col. John Noxon's 5th Regt. dated Sept. 30, 1775.
Ref. Mass. Soldiers & Sailors, Vol. 10, p. 403

Remarks:     William Maynard is buried in the town of Antwerp.  His family is
as follows: 
Sally, b. July 13, 1775
Henry, b. April 1, 1778 
Nancy, b. August 6, 1780 
Lucy, b. November 29, 1783 
Eliza, b. January 1, 1786
Rhoda, b. January 30, 1788 
Jane, b. April 5, 1790 
Polly, b.  April 7, 1792.  (Ancestor of Mrs. Nellie M. Spencer, Nat. No. 77585)


Born:        1750 at Westerly, Wash. Co. R.I.
Died:        Mar. 18, 1842 in town of Adams, Jeff. Co., N.Y.

Married:     1st LOIS STILLMAN
Born:        1756
Died:        Sept. 18, 1820 in town of Adams, N.Y.

Married:     2nd Nov. 1. 1822 at Petersburg, N.Y. Mrs. Mary Stillman Potter, 
             widow of George Potter of Westerly, R.I.
Died:        Apr. 6, 1851 in Hopkinton, Wash. Co., R.I.

Service:     Asa Maxon enlisted in 1777 and did service at Watch Hill, R.I. for 
20 days; at South Kingston 25 days; at Boston Neck, R.I. 27 days.  In 1778 at 
the time of Sullivan's Expedition against the British near Newport, R.I., served 
30 days.  At Stoughton, in Conn. served 15 days.  Was in service until 1783.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C.  S.C. 22889; W.C. 21754

Remarks:     Asa Maxon and his first wife are buried in Union Cemetery in town 
of Adams, N.Y.  His children living in 1842 were
Asa born July 1, 1776
Polly born July --, 1781
David born Sept. 27, 1788
Amelia born Oct. 12, 1792

His second wife, Mary Stillman Potter, died at the home of her own daughters in 
R.I.  She was pensioned by the government as the widow of George Potter.  Mary
Stillman married George Potter at Westerly, R.I. April 26, 1780.  He was killed
in the war Oct. 25, 1801 [?].  
Amelia Maxon married Robert Collins of Adams and the names of George and 
Mary Potter's children are to be found in Asa Maxon's pension papers.  

RICHARD McALLISTER, son of Richard & Ann (Miller) McAllister of Scotland and
Londonderry, N.H.

Born:        October 20, 1749 at Bedford, N.H.
Died:        February 11, 1813 at Antwerp,  Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     SUSANNA DIMOND, daughter of Francis & Elizabeth (Norwood) Dimond
Born:        July 12, 1754
Died:        January 25, 1813 at Antwerp, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Service:     Richard McAllister served in Capt. Wilkin's Co., Col. Beedle's
Regiment in Canada, at the surrender at the "Ceders" May 19, 1776.
"American Archives", N.H. in the Revolution

Remarks:     Richard McAllister and his wife are buried in the village
cemetery at Antwerp,  N.Y.    
D.A.R.     43667


Born:        1758 in Conn.
Died:        May 1, 1842 in town of Rodman, Jeff. Co. N.Y.
Married:     1st HANNAH
Born:        1743
Died:        before 1834
Married:     2nd Apr. 17, 1834 by Claudius Hubbard DIANTHA WILLIAMS of Adams, N.Y.
Born:        1778
Died:        July 9, 1853

Service:     Andrew McKee enlisted in the Spring of 1776, in Conn. in 
Capt. Able's Co. of Col. Willis' regiment of the Conn. Line and served 
continuously until Aug. 1780 when he was discharged state of New Jersey.  
Was in the battle of White Plains.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C.  W.C.5364,  B.L.Wt. 38536-160-55

Remarks:     Andrew McKee is buried in Fairview cemetery in the town of Rodman.
His grave is marked with a wooden slab.  The graves of his wives do not seem to
be there.             

JOHN MC NITT,  son of Barnard & Joan McNitt

Born:        April  25, 1749  Palmer, Mass.
Died:        April 13, 1835 at Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     January 14, 1777 at Rowe, Mass., by Rev. Mr. Jones, PATTY WILSON,
             daughter of Michael and Mary Wilson
Born:        July  9, 1758
Died:        February 17, 1848 at Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Service:     John McNitt served as a private for two months under Capt. Lallen
in Col. Mosley's Mass. Regiment.  February 1777 enlisted for 6 weeks in Capt.
Steward's Co. of Col. Well's Regiment.  July 1777 for 6 weeks in Capt. Taylor's
Company, Col. Well's Regiment.  In 1780, he enlisted for 3 months in Capt. 
Newcomb's Co.
Pension Department, Washington, D. C.     S.C.  14541

Remarks:     John McNitt and his wife are buried in Hillside cemetery at
Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  In the application for a pension is the
following:  July 5, 1833, Samuel McNitt, the lighthouse keeper in the village
of Sacketts Harbor, aged about 61 years.  Declared that when he  was about six
years old his father died and he went to live with his Uncle John McNitt and
heard him tell of his Revolutionary service and remembered when he went to
war in 1780.   Lived with his Uncle John until 21 years of age.  John McNitt
moved from Rowe, Mass. to Cambridge, Washington Co., N.Y. in 1798 where he
resided for five years, then moved to Jefferson Co. N.Y.  It is stated that
Samuel McNitt was a brother of Noah McNitt.   On December 20, 1836, Noah
McNitt of Champion, N.Y. testified before Calvin McKnight, first judge of
Jefferson Co., on January 3, 1838, Noah Wilson, of Canton Twp., Bradford Co.,
Penn. aged 76 years, declared that in 1777 he resided in Rowe, Mass. and about
January 14, 1777 "was present at the marriage of my sister Patty."

WILLIAM MC PHERSON son of Joseph and Ann McPerson of Deering, N.H.

Born:        1752 at Deering, N.H.
Died:        Sept. 28, 1828 at Chaumont, Jeff. Co. N.Y.
Married:     MARY GREGG

Service:     William McPherson is found on the muster and pay roll of Capt. 
Samuel McConnell's Co.  Col. Daniel Moor;s Regt.  Dated Sept. 26, 1776; also
on muster roll of Capt Winan Aikens Co., Col. Daniel Moore's Regt. which 
marched to the assistance of the American Army at Ticonderoga, July 1, 1777.
N.H. Revolutionary War Records.

Remarks:     William McPherson is buried in an abandoned cemetery which is on
the left side of the long bridge out  of the village of Chaumont.
His headstone stated he was a Soldier of the Revolution.  His wife does not seem
to be buried there.        


Born:        January 17, 1756 at Barre, Mass.
Died:        December 14, 1843 at Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     Before 1812, in Vermont, GRATA ASHLEY
Born:        1770  Vermont
Died:        December 19, 1819

Service:     John Merrian served as a private in Col. Rufus Putnam's Co.,
formally commanded by Benjamin Gates, 5th Batt'n. Mass., Bay forces, commanded
by Col. ----- Putnam in the war of the Revolution.  He enlisted at Barre,
Mass. April 22, 1777 to serve three years.  Was honorably discharged January
1, 1781.  He reenlisted in the field January 1, 1781 and served until the
close of the war.  He participated in a number of battles.  He was detailed
with others of his command to take charge of the British Standards when
Burgoyn surrendered at Saratoga.
Pension Department, Archives Building, Washington, D. C.

Remarks:     John Merriman and his wife are buried in the Rural Cemetery
Adams, N.Y.  During his early life John Merriman resided at Barre, Mass., his
birthplace, where one of his children was born to him, viz. James.   Later he
removed to Vermont and married with Grata Ashley.  In 1812 he moved to Adams,
Jefferson Co., N.Y. where he died.  He was a pensioner of the United States as
a Revolutionary soldier at the time of his death and is thus mentioned in
Haddock's History of Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C. 1841
lists John Merriam, age 84, Town of Adams, Jefferon Co., N.Y. living with
David H. Parham.


Born:        Dec. 30, 1759 at Derby, Conn.
Died:        Nov. 5 1857 aged 98 yrs. at Cape Vincent, N.Y. (g.s.)
Born:        1763
Died:        Aug. 31, 1849 aged 86 yrs (g.s.) at Cape Vincent, N.Y.

Service:     Samuel F. Mills enlissted Aug. 1776 in Capt. Yates and Capt. 
Pettibone's Cos.  Col. Whitney's Regt.  Returned to the Army whenever he was 
needed.  Served in Conn. and New York State.
Veterans Administration, Washington D.C.  S.C. 13938, B.L. 26016-160-55

Remarks: Samuel F. Mills and his wife are buried in the Market Street Cem. in Cape
Vincent, N.Y.  In his pension says he moved to Stratford, Conn. when a small child.
In May 1819 he bought a farm in the wilderness of Brownville, now in the town of
Cape Vincent.  In 1832 he was placed on the Revolutionary Roll.  Notice of his 
death in "Reformer" of Nov. 26, 1857.

Note: The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841, lists a 
Samuel J. Mills, age 81, Tn. of Lyme, Jeff. Co., N.Y.


Born:        January 15, 1758 at Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., Mass.
Died:        October 2, 1845 in town of Ellisburgh, N.Y.
Married:     UNITY
Died:        December 3, 1845 aged 85 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Ellisburgh, N.Y.

Service:     Samuel Mixer served in the Revolution under Capt. Joel Fletcher
and Col. Doolittle.  In 1776 as drummer under Capt. Boynton and Col. Dana.  
In 1777 as private under Josiah Wilder, Capt. and Col. Nathan Sparhawk.  In 1777 
as private under Capt. Thomas Lord of Col. Job Cushing's regiment.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C.  S.C. 13931

Remarks:      Samuel Mixer and his wife are buried in the Mixer Cemetery, in
the town of Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  Samuel Mixer was stationed at
Winter Hill for four and one half months in 1776.  Later marched to White
Plains and then to Tarrytown, on the North River.  He served as a drummer at
this time.  In 1777 Samuel went to Bennington and was at the surrender of
Burgoyne at Saratoga, N.Y.

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841,
lists Samuel Mixer, age 82, Town of Ellisburgh, living with Grant Mixer.


Born:        Apr. 11, 1757 Sunderland Mass
Died:        Oct. 8, 1828 in town of Henderson, Jeff. Co., N.Y.
Married:     Mary Simonds
Born:        1754
Died:        Aug. 16, 1831 in town of Henderson, Jeff. Co., N.Y.

Service:     Was in the Montgomery campaign to captrue Quebec and returned with the party
through the woods.  Was at the Battle of Bennington and served in the capacity
of private throughout the war.
War Department, Washington, D.C.

Remarks:     Adonijah Montague and his wife are buried in the Carpenter 
cemetery in the town of Henderson, N.Y.      


Born:        September 2, 1759 at New Haven, Conn.
Died:        June 22, 1844 in town of Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     DESIRE
Born:        1761
Died:        April 14, 1850 in her 69th year in the town of Adams, N.Y.

 Service:    John Morris served as a private in Capt. Brown's Co., of Col.
Ward's Regiment in the Conn. Line for 22 months.
Veteran's Administration, Washington, D.C.  S.C.

Remarks:     John Morris and his wife are buried in the Butterville cemetery
in the town of Adams, Jefferson  Co., N.Y.  He states in his pension that he
knew Jonathan Fish of Ellisburg, N.Y., a Revolutionary soldier.  His birth as
recorded in the family Bible: "John our 3rd  son was  born Saturday night,
September 2, 1759."

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published  Washington, D.C., 1841,
lists John Morris, age 81, Town of Henderson, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

ARIEL NIMS, son of Moses and Margaret (Allen, Hawks) Nims.

Born:        February 25, 1751, Deerfield, Mass.
Died:        1830, Rodman, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     June 14, 1773, ANNA BREWER
Born:        1753
Died:        1828, Rodman, N.Y.

Service:     Ariel Nims served as Sergeant on Lexington Alarm in Capt. Jonas
Locke's Co. of Col. Williams Regt.  Marched from Deerfield, Mass., April 19, 
1775.  Service 9 days.  Served as Private in Capt. Ebenezer Webber's Co. of 
Col. John Fellows Regt.  Enlisted April 27, 1775.  Service 3 months, 11 days.
Mass. Soldiers and Sailors

Remarks:     Ariel Nims' name appears on the family monument, but without
dates, in the Fairview Cemetery in the town of Rodman, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  Miss 
Amitta Eastman joined the Leray de Chaumont Chapter, Watertown, N.Y. on this 
record.  Nat. No. 56337.  

Children: James Nims, b. February 24, 1779, m. Lucy Boyden
Mary, b. February 24, 1779
Joel Nims, b. January 30, 1781, m. Sallie Boyden
Anna Nims, b. May 6, 1783, m. Luther Bartlett
Asaph Nims, b. January 9, 1784
John Nims, b. September 29, 1789, m. Phila McKee
Horace Nims, b. about 1789


Born:        1756
Died:        Mar. 1, 1816 in town of Adams, Jeff. Co. N.Y.
Married:     BETHIAH SMITH
Born:        1755
Died:        Feb. 28, 1848 aged 93 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Adams, N.Y.

Service:     Benjamin Oatman served a s a private on an alarm in Col. Herrick's
Regt. during the Revolution October 1780.

Remarks:     Benjamin Oatman and his wife are buried in the Honeyville Cem., 
town of Adams, Jeff. County, N.Y.  He was later called Capt.


Born:        July 22, 1759, in Bloomfield, Conn.
Died:        July 23, 1846, in Brownville, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     (unreadable)
Born:        1779
Died:        1848, in Brownvi1le, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Service:     Jared Olcott enlisted in Hartford, Conn., April 9, 1777, served
in Capt. John Barnard's Co., Col. Samuel Wylly's Co. Regt. and was discharged in 
December, 1780.  He also stated that he was a teamster under Gurdon Wadsworth, 
Conductor of Teams.
Veterans Administtation, Washington, D.C.  S. 47577

Remarks:     Jared Olcott was living in 1833 in Brownville, Jefferson Co.,
N.Y.and in 1846 he was living in Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  He was 
allowed a pension on his application executed May 22, 1818, at which time 
he was living in Lee, 0neida Co., N.Y.  He stated in 1818 that his wife 
was then thirty-nine years of age and that he had six children living with him, 
all under thirteen years of age.  
The following children were living in 1853: 
Jared Olcott 
Nancy Putnam 
Delia Stone 
Edward Olcott 
Marinus Olcott 
Mary Emerson 
Franklin Olcott
Cornelia Griswold

There was a David Putman of Lee, N. Y., but does not state that he is related
to the daughter, Nancy.  Jared Olcott was one of the life guards of Gen.
Washington.  Was in the battle of Monmouth, Princeton, Trenton and at the
surrender of Cornwallis.  He was buried under the honors of war through the
kindness of the "Jefferson Guards of Watertown."

The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841, lists Jared
Olcott, Age 81, Towm of Houndsfield, Jefferson Co., N.Y.


Born:        1754
Died:        Mar. 9, 1824 aged 70 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Leray, N.Y.
Married:     July 17, 1776 at Brattleborough, Vt. by Rev. Abner Reeves 
             ASENATH PARMETER, daughter of Jason Parmeter of Northfield, Mass.
Died:        1837 aged 80 yrs.

Service:     Gershom Orvis enlisted in April 1775 in Capt. Benedict's Co.  The 
Co. joined the Northern Army and went under the command of Gen. Montgomery, to 
Canada and was at the siege and taking of St. John.  Remained there until 1776 
when he was discharged and went home, having served one year.  Served six months
under Capt. Merriam of Northfield, Mass.  Was at Ticonderoga and at the 
surrender of Burgoyne in 1777.
Veterans Administtation, Washington, D.C.  R.16854

Remarks:     Gershom Orvis is buried in the village cemetery at Evans Mills.  
His wife is probably buried  there as she was living in LeRay after her 
husband's death.  In the pension papers for Gershom Orvis is a beautiful 
letter written to "Asenath, my sister-in-law," by Ambrose Orvis of Genesee Co., 
N.Y. after the death of Gershom.

Jason Parmeter also lived at Hinsdale, Cumberland Co., N.Y. which afterwards
became Windham Co. Vt.  Gershom Orvis also lived in Halifax, Vt., at Paris, N.Y.,
where he kept a tavern and also had a farm at Lyden.  Thomas Wicks of Antwerp, N.Y., 
married Martha Orvis, aged 16 yrs., in the town of Halifax, Windham Co., Vt.  
Martha was the eldest child, born Sept. 3, 1777.

ARUNAH OTIS, son of Stephen & Lucy (Chandler) Otis

Born:        January 6, 1763 in Colcester, Conn.
Died:        February 15, 1833 in Rutland, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     August 31, 1786, ELIZABETH ADAMS
Born:        October 13, 1763, Suffield, Conn.
Died:        February 4, 1830 in Rutland, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Service:     Arunah Otis enlisted in the Revolutionary War at the age of 18
years, and assisted in laying the chain across the Hudson river near West
Point.  The Revolutionary records of Conn. give his residence as East Hadden,
Conn., and that he served in Col. Samuel Canfield's militia regiment at West
Point in 1731.  Stephen Otis, father of Arunah, served in the Revolutionary
War for six months in the Continental service and three months in the Conn.
militia.  Was at the Battle of Long Island in Capt. Jewitt's Co. of Col.
Huntington's regiment.

Remarks:     Arunah Otis and his wife are buried in the Rutland Hollow
cemetery, in the Town of Rutland, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  After the marriage of
Arunah and Elizabeth they resided in Marlborough, Vt., and their eight of nine
children were born there.  
Elizabeth married Benjamin Wilcox
Lucy married James Woodard
Mercy married Solomon Willard 
Fanny married Edward Wilson
Wealthy married Alden Ames 
Ruby married Sterling Graves 
Sarah married Julis Brooks 
Arunah Jr., unmarried  

Arunah Otis, Sr., was a farmer and blacksmith.  He claimed he was the first in 
Jefferson Co.  They came to Rutland Hollow in 1805.

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