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Born:        Dec. 25, 1764 in Salem, Mass.
Died:        June 3, 1827 in Champion, N.Y.
Married:     HANNAH GARE
Died:        Mar. 27, 1842 aged 71 yrs. (g.s.) in Champion, N.Y.

Service:     John Pardee was a private in Capt. David Pardee's Co., Col. Thasseus
Crane's regiment of Westchester county militia.  Was in sundry alarms in 1780-81,
in Revolutionary War.

Remarks:     John Pardee and his wife are buried in a private burial plot on the
Champion-Great Bend road in the town of Champion, Jeff. Co., N.Y.


Born:        September 20, 1764 in Richmond, N.H.  (or September 29, 1764)
Died:        January 26, 1828 in Watertown, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     1736 at Ackworth, N.H., MARTHA HOUSTON
Born:        April 26, 1769
Died:        April 14, 1841 aged 72 years (g.s.) in Brownville, N.Y.

Service:     James Parker served as a corporal in Capt. James Bladislin's Co.
in service of Vermont from the beginning of the campaign in 1781, the 30th of
June, for which he received 3 lbs. 15 shillings, 10 pence.  Also in the will of 
Capt. Peter Page's Co. of Volunteers in the service of the state commanded by 
Ebenezer Walbright, Lieut.,  Company commandant.  He enlisted in the service 
September  4, 1781, ending November 21, was paid for 21 days, 5 lbs., 5 sh. and 
4 pence, and for 101 miles of travel, 1 lb., 13
sh., 4 pence.  
Ref. "Vermont in the Revolution, Rolls 388, document No. 314, pages 529, 530.  
Doc. 125-190, p 559.  Doc. 336.

Remarks:     James Parker and his wife are buried in the Brownville cmemtery.
His children were: 

James Parker came with his family in 1802.  They came in upon a sled drawn by
oxen all the way from Vermont.  In company with his son Alexander, he became
interested in the manufacture of the solid millstones, then the only stones used 
in grinding grain, in use throughout the whole north country.


Born:        April 15, 1757 at Groton, Mass. (V.R.)
Died:        April 18, 1840, "ae 81 yrs. and a few days," Rodman, N.Y.
Married:     1st "soon after the war" LUCY BLANCHARD
Married:     2nd FANNY NEWTON, sister of Nehemiah Newton
Born:        1764
Died:        Sept. 10, 1839 ae 75 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Rodman, N.Y.

Service:     John Parker volunteered June 1, 1775 at Sherley, Mass., for eight 
months under Col. Whitney of the Mass. Line.  In the battle of Flatbush and White
Plains.  Was at the surrender of Burgoyne.                       
Veterans Administration, Washington D.C.  S.C.11181

Remarks:      John Parker and his second wife are buried in the Honeyville Cem.
in the town of Adams, Jeff. Co. N.Y.  At the ate of fifteen John and his brother
Abel left home, going to Maine where they learned the blacksmithing trade.  When
seventeen and Abel nineteen they went to Rhode Island and joined the army.  Was 
on pension list of 1832.
John, after his first marriage, removed to Buckingham, Windham Co., Vt., where 
he lived until 1806 when he came to Jefferson County, N.Y.  Had five sons and two
daughters.  This information found in "Links in the Chain."


Born:        1763 at Walpole, N.H.
Died:        February 25, 1835 at Plessis, Jefferson Co., N.Y. (aged 72 yrs.)
Married:     LYDIA WATTS
Born:        1773
Died:        September 5, 1843 aged 70 yrs. (g.s.) in Plessis, Jefferson Co.,

Service:     Joseph Parker served in Capt. Peter Page's Co. of volunteers in
the service of the state commanded by Eden Walbridge, Lieut. Col., Commandant
from September 2, 1781 to November 21, 1781.
Adjutant General's Office, Montpelier, Vermont.

Remarks:     Joseph Parker and his wife are buried in Brookside cemetery at
Plessis, N.Y.  He went from Walpole to Shrewbury and from there to Middlebury, 
Vt.; from there he moved to Plessis, Jefferson County, N.Y.  It is known by 
Joseph Parker's own statement that he was present at the surrender of Cornwallis 
at Yorktown, Va., that he walked from there to his home in Vermont after the 
surrender, that he was in the command of Marquis de La Ronerac (Armand
Taffin).  Marquis de La Ronerac was one of the Frenchman who came over with
Lafayette.  He organized an independent command and perhaps for this reason its 
records are incomplete.  Col. Armand is mentioned in history as taking an 
important part in the siege and capture of Yorktown.


Born:        1763, Middletown, Rutland, Vt.
Died:        1835 in town of Alexandria, Jeff. Co., N.Y.
Married:     MARY WATTS
Born:        1773
Died:        1843 aged 70 yrs. (g.s.) in Alexandria N.Y.

Service:     Joseph Parker enlisted in June 1779 for six months in a company 
called "The Rangers," at Walpole, N.H.  Capt. Ephraim Stow's Co., of Col.  
Whitcome's Regt. also served under Capt. Peter Page's Co. of Col. Eb. Walbridge's 
regiment.  Enlisted again for three years in 1781 in French Legion of Horse.  Was
mustered out at Philadelphia, Penn.  Served until Dec. 1783/
Veteran's Administration, Washington, D.C.  S.C. 43772

Remarks:     Joseph Parker and his wife are buried at Brookside cemetery in 
Plessis, town of Alexandria, Jeff. Co., N.Y.  He came to Jefferson County to be
with his children.


Born:        1753 at Methume, Essex Co., Mass.
Died:        Sept. 2, 1828 in town of Henderson, Jeff. Co. N.Y.
Married:     HANNAH B.
Born:        1762
Died:        Sept. 16, 1828 in town of Henderson, aged 67 yrs. (g.s.)

Service:     Joseph V. Parker served as a private in Capt. Whittier's Co. of Col.
Briggs Regt. from Aug 1777 to Dec. 1, 1777.  Reenlisted the same day in Capt. 
Gage's Co.  Served until 1780.  Was in battle of Stillwater.
Veteran's Administration, Washington, D.C.  S.C. 43796

Remarks:     Joseph V. Parker and his wife are buried in the Carpenter cemetery
in the town of Henderson, Jeff. Co., N.Y.
"Like most of his fellow soldiers, he lived a brave --- and died a poor man" (on
his headstone)


Died:        1778 (?) killed in the woods
Married:     Feb 1780 HANNAH BRONNER
Born:        1760
Died:        Mar. 13, 1838 aged 78 yrs.  Calcium, Jeff. Co., N.Y.

Service:     Joseph Passage enlisted about 1777 as a private in Col. Gansevoort's
regiment for three years.  Served from May 1782 to Jan. 1783 in Capt. Peter 
Feerics'(?) Fearce ? Co., in Col Wiessenfels regiment.  Also served as a waiter.  
Served at German Flats, Herkimer Co., N.Y.

Remarks:      There are no headstones to mark the resting place of this family 
but the pension records state they lived in Calcium, N.Y.
After the death of Joseph Passage, his wife Hannah married Philip Harwick, who 
died July 20, 1810.  Joseph and Hannah Passage had two children, names not given.  
Hannah Hawwick's name appears on the church membership of the old Calcium Church.
Archives Building, Washington, D.C.  W.17043

Note:         The records of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of German 
Flatts in Fort Herkimer, town of German Flatts, Herkimer County, N.Y., Vol. I. 
p. 78 shows:
Joseph Passage and wife Anna, had daughter Sophia, born Oct 24, 1783, bapt. Nov.
18, 1783.  Sponsors for baptism, Johannes Schall and Salome.


Born:        April 2, 1747 in Stratford, Conn.
Died:        January 18, 1830 in East Rodman, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     1st, May 8, 1770 probably in Stratford, Conn., MARY BROOKS
Born:        July 3, 1751 at Stratford, Conn.
Died:        May 1, 1810 aged 60 yrs. (g.s.) in East Rodman, N. Y.
Married:     2nd, after 1820, ABIGAIL SEELEY FOSTER
Born:        October  2, 1754 in Stratford, Conn.
Died:        June 10, 1829 aged 75 yrs. (g.s.) East Rodman, N.Y.

Service:     John Peck served in the war of the Revolution as corporal in Col.
Lamb's regiment of Artillery 1777 and ensign in Col. Canfield's Militia
Regiment at West Point.

Remarks:     John Peck and his wives are buried in the Whitesville (East
Rodman) Cemetery, Jefferson Co., N. Y.   In the Boston Transcript of November
25, 1936 is the following: "Abigail,  born in Stratford, Conn., October 2,
1756 (gravestone says 1754), married Nathan Foster October 25, 1773 in Warren,
Mass.  He died in Norwich, N. Y. about 1820."  Abigail Foster was the
mother of Sophia Foster,  wife of the late Loveland Paddock of Watertown, N.Y.

Ancestor of Mrs. Grace Moffatt Lansing, (Mrs. L.S.), Nat. No. 12160

J0NATHAN PECK, son of Jonathan & Mary (Troop) Peck

Born:        June 5, 1760 at Bristol, R. I.

Service:     Jonathan Peck served as a private in Capt. William Throop's Co.,
under Lieut's Joseph Reynolds and Jonathan Diman.  Served one month in 1776.  
Served under Col. Allen three years.  In 1780 he was drafted and served one 
month.  Was stationed at Newport, R. I.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C.  S.C.  11220

Remarks:     Jonathan Peck was given a pension in 1833, at which time he was
aged 73 years and living at LeRay, Jefferson County, N. Y.  In his pension he
stated he was a son of Jonathan and Mary Troop Peck; that the date of his
birth is written in the family bible.  He enlisted when he was 16 years of
age.  His name does not appear in the Peck Genealogy or on any will or deed in
the county of Jefferson, New York State.


Born:        February 4, 1758, New Haven, Conn.
Died:        June 27, 1835, Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Born:        September 7, 1762, Waterbury, Conn.
Died:        February 10, 1834, Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Services:     Joseph Peck served as a member of the Governor's Foot Guard and
was at the Lexington Alarm; also enlisted at New Haven, Conn., February 23,
1778 for three years.  Served for four years until June 9, 1783 in the
Artillery Artificers.
Oaks History, p. 1102

Remarks:     Joseph Peck and his wife are buried in the Champion Hollow
cemetery in the town of Champion, Jefferson County, N. Y.

Born:        1756 at Norwich,  Conn.
Died:        July 3, 1838 at Pt. Peninsula, town of Lyme, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     1st, EUNICE
Died:        1819 at Scipio, N. Y.
Married:     2nd, SARAH
Born:        1766
Died:        December 11, 1834 aged 68 yrs. (g..s.) Pt. Peninsula, N.Y.

Service:      Simon Peck enlisted from Norwich, Conn., August 14, 1777 in the
American Army.  Served two years. Was in the battle of Bennington, also at
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C.


Born:        July 18, 1743 in Dutchess Co., N. Y.
Died:        February 16, 1816 aged 70 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Adams, Jefferson
             Co. N.Y.
Born:        1744
Died:        November 12, 1827 aged 83 years (g.s.) in town of Adams,
             Jefferson Co., N. Y.

Service:      Ammiel Penny was a private in the Revolution in Col. John
Field's Regiment.
War Department, Washington, D. C.

Remarks:     Ammiel Penny and his wife are buried in the Rural Cemetery in the
village of Adams, N.Y.  Ammiel Penny came from good Puritan stock.  His
grandfather on his mother's side, George Wicks, was a Presbyterian minister,
sent from England as a missionary to Cape Cod, among the Indians.  His
granddaughter, Mrs. Henry Bailey, says her grandfather, Ammiel, was twice
married.  His first wife must have died before he came into Jefferson Co. in
1806.  Two of his nine children were John, aged 21 in 1806 and George, aged 25
in 1806.
See also Ammiel Penny Pioneer Family


Born:        November 30, l765
Died:        April 23, 1864 in town of Henderson, N. Y.
Married:     June 23, 1800 at Rome, N. Y., by Squire Knight, HANNAH FOX,
             sister of Daniel Fox of Adams, N. Y.
Born:        June 15, 1774 at Groton, Conn.
Died:        August 25, 1866 or 1867 in town of Henderson, N.Y.
Service:     John Pettingill enlisted in August 1780 for three months in
Capt. Smith's Co., of  Col. Wells' Regt.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C.  B.L.Wt. 26017-160-55

Remarks:     John Pettingill and his wife are buried in the Carpenter Cemetery
in the town of Henderson, N. Y. In 1876 their children were: 
James of Henderson, aged 62 yrs. 
Eastman P., of Rodman, N. Y., aged 65 yrs.
Izriah Ramsey of Ellisburgh, aged 67 yrs.  
John Pettingill said he lived at Frogsneck, Windham, Conn.

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841,
lists: John Pettingell, age 73, Town of Henderson, Jefferson Co., N.Y.


Born:        June 29, 1759 in town of Dighton, Mass.
Died:        1855 in Mannsville, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     CHLOE CHASE
Born:        1758
Died:        April 6, 1846 aged 88 yrs. (g.s.) at Mannsville, N. Y.

Service:     Abiezer Phillips enlisted at the age of 16 years and served
during the entire war.  Enlisted in 1776 in the Mass. Line and served for 21
days, in R.I., under Capt. Ephraim Hathaway in Col. Sylvester Richmond's
regiment.   On Oct. 2, 1777, enlisted in Capt. James Briggs' Co. of Militia, 
Col. Richmond's Regt., stationed at Fall River.  In 1780 enlisted in 
Capt. Bates' Co.,  Mass. Line for 3 months in R. I.
Veterans Adininistration, Washington, D. C.  S.C.  29381

Remarks:     Abiezer Phillips and his wife are buried in Maple Wood cemetery
in Mannsville, Jefferson Co., N. Y.  They came to Mannsville, N. Y. in 1819.
May have lived in Rehoboth, Mass.
Oaks History, p. 619

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D. C., 1841,
lists Abiezar Phillips, age 81, living with M. Phillips, Town of Ellisburg,
Jefferson Co., N.Y.


Born:        1752, Uxbridge, Mass.
Died:        August 31, 1837, Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., N.y.
Married:     1st, HANNAH
Born:        1763
Died:        June 10, 1832 aged 69 yrs.
Married:     2nd. name of second wife not known

Service:     Charles Phillips served as a private in Capt. Edward Seagrave's
Co., Col. Joseph Read's (20) Regt., muster roll dated August 1, 1775.
Enlisted May 13, 1775, served 2 months, 24 days; a1so company return dated
September 25, 1775; also return of men raised to serve in Continental Army
from Capt. Samuel Read's Co.  Engaged from town of Uxbridge, joined Capt.
Knap's Co., Col. Shepard's Regt.  Discharged February 20, 1782
Mass. Soldiers and Sailors

Remarks:     Charles Phillips and his wife are buried on his farm in the town
of Hounsfield.  He came to Jefferson Co., from Putney, Vt.  Children: 
Joseph Phillips 
Jonathan Phillips 
Elijah Phillips 
Chauncey Phillips 
Sally Phillips 
Arthur Phillips 
Icabod Phillips 
William Phillips 
Hannah Phillips
Waring E. or F. 
Ann Phillips.


Born:        1758 of Waltham, Mass.
Died:        March 11, 1854 in the town of Hounsfie1d, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     1st, RACHEL GALE
Died:        after 1805
Married:     2nd, January 9, 1820 in Cheshire Co., N. H., CHARLOTTE HAYDEN
Born:        1783

Service:     Ebenezer Phillips served as a private in Col. Bond's Regiment,
Capt. Trow's Company for twelve mouths.  Discharged at Mt. Independance.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C.

Remarks:     Ebenezer Phillips is buried in the North Adams cemetery.  His
wife is not there or her headstone has disappeared.  He had two daughters:
Roxie aged 17 yrs., and Betsey aged 13 months, in 1822.
S.C. 29381, S.L.Wt. 38578-160-55

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D. C., 1841,
lists Ebenezer Phillips, age 80 years, Town of Houndsfield, Jefferson County,
N. Y.


Born:        1761 in Springfield, Otsego Co., N.Y.
Died:        July 23, 1856 in town of Orleans, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Service:     Adolphus Pickard enlisted as a corporal in June 1776 in Capt.
Weser's Co., of Col. Campbell's Regt. of Infantry.  Called out in 1777 and
marched to Fort Stanwix.  Was at the battle of Oriskany and received a wound
in the shoulder.  In 1778 served at Springfield, N.Y. in garrison under Capt.
Weser.  Also went to Cherry Valley.  In l779 enlisted at Palatine under Capt.
John Casselman, Col. Burn's Regt. for seven months.  In 1782 did scouting duty
on the Hudson River.  Discharged at Fort Plain.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C.  S.C. 18162

Remarks:     The grave of Adolphus Pickard has not been found.  His eldest
son, Adolphus, born in 1801, is buried in the Evans Mills cemetery.  The  
following children's names are to be found in his pension papers: 
Adolphus, b. 1801; 
Susannah Hardy; 
Catherine Turner, b. 1804 at Orleans Four Corners; 
Clarissa Pickard, b. 1808 at Orleans Four Corners; 
Sally Frost ? (hard to read); 
David, b. 1814 
All of the town of Orleans.  

Mary Tanner or Turner, wife of John Jonas Pickard of Bristol, N. Y.  
Jonathan Pickard of Lock, Mich.

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D. C., 1841,
lists Adolphus Picket, age 79, Town of Orleans, Jefferson Co., N. Y.

NATHANIEL PLUMB,  son of Samuel & Grace (Babcock) Plumb

Born:        April 4, 1760 in Stonington, Conn.
Died:        December 2, 1841in Brownville, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     August 19, 1781 ANNA LANGWORTHY daughter of Sanford & Anna (Babcock)
Born:        November 4, 1764 in Conn.
Died:        June 5, 1852 in Brownville, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Service:     Nathaniel Plumb enlisted April 1775 with Capt. James Eldridge's
Company, changed to Capt. Darrow's Company.

Remarks:     Nathaniel Plumb and his wife are buried in the cemetery in the
village of Brownville, Jefferson County, N Y.  They had twelve children:
George,  who was born in Oneida Co., N. Y.; 
Charles P., born in Brownville in 1811, 
were two of the children.

LIEUT. ABEL POTTER, SON OF Abel & Hannah (Green) Potter

Born:        March 10, 1760 in West Greenwich, Kent Co., R. I.
Died:        March l3. 1846 in town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     abt. 1782, perhaps in Halifax, Vt., MARGARET GREEN, daughter of 
             Job and Meribah (Carr) Green
Born:        August 5, 1763, West Greenwich, R. I.
Died:        July 13, 1845 aged 82 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Ellisburg, N. Y.

Service:     Abel Potter enlisted from West Greenwich, R. I.   Served as a
private under Capt. Whitman;  as Ensign under Capt. Hoppin and Col. Topham;
as Lieutenant under Capt. Traffam and Col. Barton.   In fall of 1778 was taken
prisoner in R. I. by scouts and taken to a British camp where he made his
escape and returned to his regiment.  Afterwards served as Capt. of Militia
upon numerous occasions to the end of the war.  He was with Col. Barton when
he captured Gen. Prescott.  Was wounded in the right thigh during the battle
of R.I.
War Department, Washington, D. C.

Remarks:     Lieut. Abel Potter and his wife are buried in the Woodville
cemetery in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N. Y.

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D. C., 1841,
lists Abel Potter, age 80 years, Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N. Y.

EPHRAIM POTTER, son of Theophelus & Lois Potter

Born:        July 31, 1752 at Marlborough, Mass.
Died:        July 15, 1830 at Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson, Co., N. Y.
Married:     June 21, 1774 at Brookfield, Mass., SUSANNAH RICE, daughter of
             Zebulum and Abigail Rice
Born:        September 28, 1758, Westboro, Mass. (Westboro Rec., p.90)

Service:     Ephraim Potter enlisted in the Revolutionary War Feb. 3, 1777 and
served as a private in Capt. Nathan Goodale's Co. of Col. Rufus Putnam's 
regiment.  Became Sergeant in Nov. 1777 and Ensign Oct. 19, 1781 with J. Benson
as Captain.  Discharged Jan. 9, 1783 at Newburg, N. Y.
Veteran Administration,  Washington, D. C

Remarks:     Ephraim Potter and his family are buried in the village cemetery
in Pierrepont Manor, in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N. Y.  His wife 
does not seem to be there.
D.A.R., Vol. 60, p. 258.  Children:  
Ephraim, b. Dec. 3, 1774, Brookfield, Mass.
Susannah b. June 27, 1776, d. Sept. 18, 1778 
Susannah, b. Nov. 21, 1783, m. Ebenezer Brown 
Nancy, b. Nov. 21, 1784, m. Benjamin Barney 
Edwin, b. 1791, m. Nancy Earl 
Lucinda, m. William Lewis


Potter, Ephraim, Brookfield

List of men raised in 1777 to serve in the Continental Army, as returned by
Capt. Daniel Gilbert, residence, Brookfield; engaged for town of Brookfield;
joined Capt. Goodale's company, Col. Putnam's Regiment, term 3 yrs.; also list
of men raised to serve in the Continental Army from James Converse's (4th
Worcester Co.) Regiment, also list of men mustered by Thomas Newhall, Muster
for Worcester County;  Capt. Goodale's Company, Col. Putnam's Regiment;
mustered Apr. 10, 1777;  term during war;  also Corporal, Major Allen's
Company, Col. Putnam's Regiment.

Continental Army pay accounts for service from Feb. 3, 1777 to Dec. 31, 1779;
reported as serving 9 months, 4 days as Corporal, 25 months, 24 days as
Sergeant; also Sergeant, Capt. Nathan Goodale's Company, Col. Rufus Putnam's
4th Regiment; return dated Albany, Feb. 9,  1778.  Mustered by Capt. Newhall;
also Capt. Goodale's Company, Col. Putnam's (5th) Regiment; Continental Army
pay accounts for service from Jan. 1, 1780 to Dec. 31, 1780;  also descriptive
list dated West Point, Jan. 10, 1781, Capt. Goodale's Company, Col. Putnam's
(5th) Regiment; rank Sergeant; age 26 years, 5 months; stature 5 feet 1  in.;
complexion light; hair dark; eyes dark; enlistment during war; also Sergeant.
Capt. Nathan Goodale's Company, Col. Putnam's Regiment; muster roll for Jan.
1781; also Muster Rolls for Feb. and Mar. 1781, dated Garrison West Point;
reported transferred to Capt. Smith's Company, Apr. 1, 1781; also Sergeant
Major, Capt. Sylvanus Smith's Company, Col. Rufus Putnam's Regiment; Muster
rolls for Feb. -  May, 1781, sworn to in Garrison at West Point; reported
transferred to Capt. Goodale's Company, June 1, 1781.

Ephraim Potter:  Rank:  Ensign; Annual allowance: 240.00; Sums received
431.51; Description of service: Massachusetts Line.  When placed on the
pension roll: June 15, 1818; 
Commencement of Pension, May 18, 1818.
Ref.:   U. S. Secretary of War -- in relation to the Pension Establishment of
the United States, 1835.  Vol. 2, p. 161.

Descriptive List   1781 - 1 - 10
                     26   5          years old at that date
                   1754 - 8 - 10
According to the above this Ephraim was born August of 1754.

Ephriam Potter who married Susannah Rice was born July 31, 1752, Marlborough,


Born:        1756 in Livingston Manor, N. Y.
Died:        Mar. 30, 1840 in town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     HANNAH, Feb.1783 at West Camp, Co1umbia Co., N.Y.

Service:     Nicholas Powers served as a private in Capt. Peter Casbeck's
(Peter Van Gaasbeck) Co. in 1775 for two months, 10 days and in 1776 and 1777
for six months as sergeant in Lt. Jacob Bowen's Co.  In June 1777, he served
for six weeks, twelve days as private in Capt. Pulver's Co. and Capt.
Rockefeller's Co; in Aug. 1778 for three months as Ensign in Capt. Pulver's
Co. and in Aug. 1780 for two months as private in Capt. Miller's Co.  Was in
the battle of Saratoga and at the taking of Burgoyne.
"Roberts in the Rev. War." 
Veterans Administration Washington, D. C.

Remarks:     The graves of Nicholas Powers and his wife have not been found.
Nicholas Powers came from Hoosick, N.Y. to Ellisburg about 1823.  His pension
was allowed Sept. 11, 1832.  His wife Hannah, was allowed a pension Apr. 11,
1843 when she was 77 years old and living with her son Jacob, at Ellisburg, N.
Y.  In the Maplewood cemetery at Mannsville, N.Y. is to be found the graves of
Jacob Powers and his wife.  So probably that is where Nicholas Powers and his
wife are buried, but their stones have disappeared.  The only Nicholas Powers
on Revolutionary Pension Roll.  His children were:
Andrew, b. 1789 
Jacob b. 1794, married an Onderkerk 
Betsey, who married a Hardy
Sophia, who married a Snyder  
Jane, who married a Bennett.


Born:        Nov. 21, 1744, Bolton, Mass.
Married:     SYDONIA KING
Born:        Nov. 19, l754, Warwick, R. I.

Service:     Joshua Priest served in the Revolutionary War in 1781 in Capt.
Icabod Robinson's Co. of Militia from Clarendon, Vt.
Signed or  Certified by the Adj. Gen. of Montpelier, Vt.

Remarks:     Joshua Priest lived at Clarendon, Vt., during the Revolution but
later went to Watertown, N. Y.  The graves of Joshua Priest and his wife have 
not been located.


Born:        March. 28, 1731 at Cornwell, Conn.
Died:        1818 at Smithville, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     Nov. 19, 1752, MARY BUTLER

Service:     Willett Ranney served as a private in Capt. Samuel Walcott's Co.
of Col. Hopkins' Regt. from July 16, 1776 to Aug. 5, 1776.  Marched to
Highland, N. Y.; private under Capt. Elijah Dunning's Co. of Col. John
Ashley's Regt. from July 8, 1777 to July 28, 1777.  Called out by Maj. Gen.
Schuyler to march to the relief of Fort Edward.
War Department,  Washington, D. C.

Remarks:     The burial place of Willet Ranney and his wife cannot be found.
It is known he was living in Smithville at the beginning of the War of 1812.
Some of his family are buried in the Smithville cemetery.
Mrs. Hadcock, Nat. No. 65050 (Mrs. Mary Ranney Hadcock)

Children of Willet and Mary Ranney: 
James, b. Feb. 27, 1757
Seth, b. Jan. 21, 1761 
Willett, b. Aug. 6, 1769, m. Betsey Robbins
Chloe, b. Mar. 2, 1753, m. Nat. Gilbert 
Polly, b. Mar. 1755, m. William Smith 
Lucinda, b. Jan. 20, 1759 
Sally, b. Jan. 2, 1763, m. David Andrus 
Sybil, b. Jan. 7, 1765, m. Richard Willis
Lucy, b. 1767, m. Mr. Bradner 
Percy, b. 1773, m. Samuel Jarvis.


Born:        July 14, 1755, came from Palatine (now Oppenheim),N.Y.
Died:        Mar. 25, 1841 in town of  Theresa, N. Y.
Married:     1st, ELIZABETH FAILING
Married:     2nd , in summer of 1793, MARGARET HALLEGAR
Born:        1769

Service:     George Rappole enlisted for three years in 1777, under Capt.
Finck's Co., of Col. Van Schaick's Regt.  Did service at Rome, N.Y.  Was in
the battle of Oriskany.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C.  W.C.  1651

Remarks:     The grave of George Rappole has not been found but a number of
Rappole graves are to be found in the old Theresa cemetery.  Their daughter
Elizabeth, born Mar. 2, 1794 married Hosea Hough of Theresa.

Note:        The Census of Pensioners, 1840, published Washington, D. C.,
1841, lists George Rappole, age 89 years, Town of Alexandria, Jefferson County,
N.Y., living with Henry Rappole.


Born:        Oct.  2, 1747 at Uxbridge, Mass.
Died:        Sept.18, 1835 in town of Rutland, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     1st, Dec. 3, 1767, CHLOE FISH
Born:        Sept.28, 1748
Married:     2nd, unknown

Service:     Timothy Rawson served as a private in Capt. Joseph Chapin's Co.
Minute Men on alarm of April 19, 1775.  Served 15 days.  Also Sergeant in
Capt. Andrew Peter's Co., Col. Joseph Read's Co., 10th Regt.  Muster Roll
dated Aug. 1, 1775.  Also in Capt. Thaddeus Read's Co., Col. Nathan Tyler's
Regt.  Enlisted July 28, 1780, discharged Aug. 1, 1780.
Pension Department Washington, D. C.

Remarks:     Timothy Rawson is buried in the Huntingville [Huntingdonville?] 
Cemetery, town of Watertown, N. Y.  His wives do not seem to be there.  
His children were:
Dolly, b. Mar. 10, 1768, m. Mason Whitney 
Chauncey, b. Oct. 23, 1770, m. Sibel Pratt 
Perley, b. May  9, 1773, m. Charles Counnis 
Lucy, b. Dec. 23, 1775, m. Joseph Hall 
Sally, b. Jan. 6, 1778, m. Nathan Bullard 
Luther, b. Dec. 13, 1780, m. Ruby Parker 
Calvin, b. June  4, 1785, m. Nancy Sherman 
Perlina, b. Mar. 20, 1787, m. John Beatley   
(Mrs. William J. Linnell, D.A.R. Nat. No. 116319.

SIMON READ,  son of Joshua & Sarah (underhill) Read

Born:        1763
Died:        1846 in town of Adams, Jefferson Co., N. Y. (g.s.)
Married:     1st, ROCSA (?) LYON
Born:        1771
Died:        1831 aged 60 in town of Adams, N. Y. (g.s.)
Married:     2nd, ROSE LYMAN
Died:        1842 aged 72 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Adams, N.Y.
Married:     3rd, ABIGAIL
Died:        (same data given as for Rose Lyman - undoubtedly an error in one
              or the other).

Service:     Simon Read served in Capt. William White's Co., Col. John Brown's
Regt. in 1780 when his Col. was killed at Stone Arabia.  He enlisted in 1781 
under Capt. Joseph Price.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C.

Remarks:     Simon Read and his wife are buried in the North Adams Cemetery in
the town of Adams, Jefferson Co., N. Y.

SQUIRE READ, son of Samuel & Sibil (Bowen) Read

Born:        Sept. 18, 1756 at Warren, R. I. (R.I.V.S.)
Died:        April 4, 1822 in town of Brownville, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married:     1st , ELIZABETH READ, daughter of Joshu and Betty (Barney) Read of
             Berkshire, County, Mass.
Died:        1796
Married:     2nd, SUBMIT PRESTON READ, widow of Samuel Read

Service:     Squire Read served as a private in the Berkshire Co. Militia in
1781 under Capt. Samuel Clark.
D.A.R.  Lineage Book,  Vol. 28, p. 269

Remarks:     The Read family of Jefferson Co., has been studied by Mrs. L. S.
Lansing and she has compiled a very interesting amount of information on this 
family.  Squire Read and his first wife had the following children:
Daniel who was born 1796, the same year his mother died.  

Children by the second wife: 
Betsey,  b. 1798
Olive, b. 1800   
Laura, b. 1803
Hiram Abif, b. 1805  
George W., b. 1807 
Stephen, b. 1809  
Asa b. 1811 
Cynthia b. 1813

Luther Read was born 1787, married Polly Wescott, had eighteen children,
served in the War of 1812 and died in 1867.  He is buried in the Stone Cemetery 
on Pillar Point, with his wife, who died in 1879.   
Calvin married Polly Seaman and Hiram married Betsy Smedley.
Squire Read is buried in the Sherwin Cemetery on Pillar Point but the graves of
the wives are not found.

PRESERVED REDWAY, son of James and Mehitable (Bliss) Redway
(See Pioneer Preserved Redway for updated information)

Born:        July 14, 1764 at Rehoboth, Mass.
Died:        Apr. 25, 1837 in town of Adams, N.Y. (aged 73 yrs.) (g.s.)
Married:     AZUBAH JONES
Born:        Nov. 1, 1771 at Somers, Conn.
Died:        Jan. 1, 1853 in town of Adams, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

Service:     Preserved Redway served in the war of the Revolution as a private
in Capt. Robert Warner's Co. from Feb. 1781 to Dec. 31, 1783.  Was also a 
Corporal.  History says he served for three years in Conn. Line as one of Gen. 
Washington's bodyguard.
War Department, Washington, D. C.

Remarks:     Preserved Redway and his wife are buried in the Rural cemetery in
the village of Adams, N. Y.  The children of Preserved Redway and his wife
were all born in Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y., with the exception of the last
three.  They were: 
Chauncey H. 
Daniel J. 
Albert G.
David J. 
Abel (2) 
Harvey N. 

Note:   The records of The First Presbyterian Church, West Galway, Fulton
County, N. Y., contains the following:  Jan. 27, 1831 - Mr.-----------
Redaway, Ellisburgh, Jefferson County, N.Y. married Charlotte Grenell, Galway,
in Galway at Ezra Grenell's.


Born:           February 15, 1762 in Newton, Mass.
Died:           May 11, 1847, town of Clayton, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married:        1st, abt. 1782, HANNAH SLADE
Born:           Apr. 12, 1765
Died:           Jan. 24, 1824
Married:        2nd, PHOEBE (CAMPBELL) SAVAGE
Born:           Oct. 28, 1755
Died:           May 15, 1835, town of Clayton, Jefferson Co., N.Y. (probably)

Service:        Amos Reed enlisted as a private and his name appears on a muster
and pay roll of Capt. John Carpenter's Co. of Gurads.  Enlisted October 6, 1779; 
discharged January 6, 1780.  Time of service three months.  Was stationed at 
Springfield, Mass.  Amos Reed appears with rank of private on Muster and Pay 
Roll of Capt. Levi Ely's Co., Col. John Brown's Regt.
Enlisted August 9, 1780, discharged October 22, 1780.  Served two months.
Commonwealth of Mass., Vol. 26, p. 193; Vol. 18, p. 256

Remarks:      Amos Reed and two of his children are buried in the Three Mile
Creek cemetery in the town of Clayton.  Many of the stones are gone but one says 
"son of Amos and Phebe".  This is not correct as all his children were by his 
first wife, Hannah.  The son John died February 23, 1878, aged 93 years and by 
that time his mother had been forgotten.  The children of Amos and Hannah Reed 
are as follows:
                   Araha Reed b. March 18, 1783
                   John Savage Reed b. September 19, 1784, m. Submit Joiner.
                   Polly Reed b. June 26, 1786, m. Truman Barker
                   Amos Reed, Jr. b. April 14, 1788
                   Phebe Reed b. January 17, 1790, m. Peter Wright
                   William Reed b. January 12, 1792
                   Rolon Reed b. April 6, 1795, d. December 9, 1801
                   Simeon Parker Reed b. March 24, 1797
                   Hannah Reed b. September 2, 1799, m. Joseph L. Green
                   Betsy Reed b. January 25, 1802, m. Joshua Rogers
                   Rolon Reed, II b. August 22, 1804, m. Alvira Case
                   James Slade Reed b. December 17, 1806, m. Betsy E. Case
                   Thankful Purline Reed b. December 19, 1809, m. Phillip Henry
Genealogical Committee, LeRay de Chaumont Chapter, Watertown, New York


Born:        February  9, 1765, Hinsdale, Cheshire Co., N. H.
Died:        November 11, 1842, Evans Mills, Jefferson County, N Y.

Service:     Ephraim Reed was drafted March 1777 and served in Capt. John
Scott's Co. of Col. Ellis' Regiment.  Left home April 1, 1777 and joined the
army at Mt. Independence.  Was at the surrender of Burgoyne.
Archives Building, Washington, D. C.   See Pension No. 10639

Remarks:     Ephraim Reed is buried in the village cemetery at Evans Mills,
Jefferson County, N.Y.  Do not have the name of his wife.   In the pension of 
Capt. John Evans, pension No. 10639,  he states that Ephraim Reed was in the 
service with him and was from the same town.


Born:        1751, at Wallingford, Conn.
Died:        November 12, 1851 at Carthage, N.Y.
Married:     1774, LEVINA WISE
Born:        1757
Died:        October 28, 1840 aged 85 yrs. (g.s.) at Carthage, N.Y.

Service:     Benjamin Rice served as a private in Capt. John Rice's Co.,  Col.
Phinney's Regt. of eight months men.  Was with the army at the siege of Boston
in 1775, having enlisted ------ of  1775.  Also in Col. Phinney's Regt. under
twelve months enlistment from January 1, 1776.  Service found in Vol. 13 of
"Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution" (Massachusetts).

Remarks:     Benjamin Rice and his wife are buried in the West Carthage
Cemetery.  Mrs. Maie(?) Eliza Rice Colburn (Mrs. Fred) of  Carthage, N.Y.,
joined on this record.
Nat. No. 122779


Born:        1760
Died:        September 16, 1841 aged 81 yrs (g.s.) in town of Ellisburg, N.Y.
Married:     February 24, 1784 at Berry, Mass. (co. of Worcester), RUTH HOLDEN
Born:        May  4, 1761
Died:        June  4, 1851 aged 90 yrs. 1 mo. (g.s.) in town of Ellisburg,

Service:     Rufus Richardson served as sergeant in Capt. Hadam's Co., Col.
Putnam's Conn. Line for two years.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C.  W.C.  18816

Remarks:     Rufus Richardson and his wife are buried in the Reed Cemetery in
the town of Ellisburg, Jefferon Co., N. Y.  On his headstone it stated he was a
Revolutionary soldier and was one of George Washington's life guard.  Has D.A.R.
Marker.  Had son Rufus of Buffalo, aged 54 years in 1853.  Rev. Josiah Danna, of 
Barre, Mass. had the church marriage records, which had been kept by Rev. James
Thompson.  This record was found when Ruth Richardson was trying to get a 
pension and had to have the date of her marriage. (November 11, 1844).

Note:           The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D. C., 1841,
lists Rufus Richardson, aged 79 years, Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.


Born:        March 22, 1759, in Sterling, Mass.
Died:        January 14, 1852 aged 93 yrs. (g.s.) in Watertown, N.Y.
Married:     1781 in Lancaster, Mass.,  MARY THURSTON
Born:        October 1761
Died:        June 29, 1839 aged 77 yrs., 8 mos. (g.s.) in town of Watertown, N.Y.

Service:     Tilly Richardson was but sixteen years old, when in opposition to
his family's wishes, he became a patriot.  He never saw any of his family again.
Was present at the siege of Dorchester Heights in 1776.  Went to Saratoga.  Was 
at the surrender of Burgoyne and at the siege of New York in 1778.
Ref. Arch. in the Commonwealth of Mass
Haddocks History of Jefferson County, N.Y.

Remarks:     Tilly Richardson and his wife, Mary, and most of his children are
buried in Brookside cemetery, Watertown, N.Y.  Further data on his family can
be found in the office files of the Jefferson County Historical Society at
Watertown, N. Y. 
Ref. Child's Gazetteer of Jefferson Co., N.Y., p. 710  
D.A.R. Cemetery records.  
Ancestor of Jeannette M. Adams, Nat. No. 47290.  After the close of the war, 
Tilly Richardson returned home and in 1802 went to Jefferson County, N.Y.  
Bronze marker placed on his grave May 31, 1903.

DAVID RIDER (or RYDER) son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Shephard) Rider
Born:        May 11, 1757 at Douglass, R. I. (or May 5)
Died:        August 25, 1825 in town of Lyme, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married:     April 24, 1780 (or May 24, 1778), ESTHER JOSLYN
Born:        1758
Died:        December 4, 1844 aged 86 yrs. (g.s.) in Lyme, N Y.

Service:     David Rider enlisted May 1, 1775 at Roxbury and was in the service 
from December 14, 1776 to March 1777.  Enlisted from Worcester Co. for nine 
months, from time of arrival at Fish Kill, June 7, 1778.
Adj. Gen. Office, Boston, Mass.

Remarks:     David Rider and his wife are buried in the Guffin Bay Cemetery on
Point Solubrious, in the town of Lyme, Jefferson County, N.Y.  His children were: 
Benjamin, b. 1779, m. Polly Knapp 
Joseph, b. 1780, m. Mary Hill 
Esther, b. 1799, m. Hiram Pomeroy 
Deborah, b. 1800, m. Silas Greenman.  
The date of marriage, April 24, 1780, is the date supplied by someone in 
Washington.  The date May 24, 1778 is from family records.
Nat. No. 102572
Nat. No.  95157


Born:        April 20, 1765
Died:        April 3, 1844 in town of Watertown, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married:     November 19, 1788 at Cambridge, Oneida Co., N.Y. by Elder Wait,
             HILDAH MILLER
Born:        November 23, 1766
Died:        October 5, 1856 aged 91 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Watertown, N.Y.

Service:     Josiah Rising enlisted in 1781 for three years in Capt. William
Stanton's Co. of Col. Elisha Sheldon's Regt. of the Conn. Line and served until 
the close of the war.  Discharged at West Point, October 1783
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C.  W.C. 18818

Remarks:        Josiah Rising and his wife are buried in the old cemetery at
Talcott's Stand, town of Watertown, N. Y.  The following was from a Bible record, 
"Josiah Rising was born April 20, 1765. Huldah Miller was born November 23, 1766.  
John,  first child was born 1st day of September, 1790.  
Polly, 2nd child was born September 14, A.D., 1792 and departed this life 
May 3, 1800 in the 9th year of her age.  'Go home, dear friends, wipe off 
your tears; Here I must lie till Christ appears.'
Diana J., daughter of Josiah and Huldah Rising was born November first 
day of 1795. Major, son of Josiah and Huldah Rising, was born March, fifth day 
1798.  Jesse, son of Josiah and Huldah was born May, fifteenth day, 1800.  
Rebecca, daughter of Josiah and Huldah Rising was born April, twentieth day, 
In 1844 Huldah Rising was living in Lee, Oneida County, N.Y.  In 1849 she was
living with her son Jesse, at Reading, Hillsdale County, Michigan, but in 1853
she was back in Watertown living with a daughter.


Born:        1755
Died:        June 3, 1835 in Hounsfield or Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married:     December 28, 1786 at Nelson (Parkersfield), N.H., MRS. ELIZABETH
Born:        1765
Died:        September 4, 1848 in town of Orleans, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service:     Samuel Rixford served as private and corporal from 1780 to 1783,
Capt. Thomas Turner's Co., Col. Henry Jackson's Regt. of the Mass. Line.
Enlisted in Mass.  Was in the battle of White Plains.  Discharged at West
Point in 1783.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C.  W.O.  18819

Remarks:     No trace of this family has been found.  They probably came from
N. H. to New York State.  Samuel Rixford had a son Levi S. Rixford.  Samuel
Rixford and Elizabeth Butterfield were married by Rev. Jacob Foster, town of
Nelson formerly called Parkersfield, Cheshire Co., N.H.

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D. C., 1841,
lists Elizabeth Rixford, age 75, Town of Orleans, Jefferson County, N.Y., 
living with Anson Squares.


Born:        August 30, 1760, Ridgefield, Conn.
Died:        June 26, 1843, Champion, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service:     Silas Rockwell entered the service in March 1776 as a private
under Capt. Smith of the Conn. Militia.  Lt. Benjamin Smith and Ensign Jesse
Foster were officers of the company, Col. Cook's Regt.  Silas served for 1 and
one half months.  Served on Governors Island digging intrenchments.  Returned
to New York City and was discharged April 15, 1776.  On June 25, 1776 went
with the troops to Long Island.  The troops were commanded by Washington,
Sullivan and Putnam.  Marched with the troops in the retreat from Harlem and
later to White Plains.  Was in the battle at that place and was wounded.
Enlisted again in August 1800.(?)
Archives, Washington, D. C.  S. 28856

Remarks:     Silas Rockwell is buried in Hillside cemetery in the village of
Champion, Jefferson Co., N.Y.  The headstone says "A Revolutionary Soldier."
If he was married, his wife has no headstone.


Born:        1757 in Londonberry, N.H.
Died:        February 21, 1842 aged 84 yrs. (g.s.) in towm of LeRay,  N.Y.
Married:     ELIZABETH
Born:        1765
Died:        February 6, 1838 aged 73 yrs. (g.s.) in town of LeRay, N.Y.

Service:     William Rogers was living at Salem, Washington County, N.Y., when 
called into service.  Served under Capt. Charles Hutchinson, Col. Alexander 
Wheeler's Regt. in 1776.  Served 3 months.  In June, volunteered under same 
officers, marched to Ticonderoga and was there when that place was abandoned by 
Gen. St. Claire.  In July 1777 at Salem enlisted for duration of the war under 
Capt. Joshua Conkey in Col. Alexander Webster's Regt.  Was a minute man with 
headquarters at Whitehall.  The company was divided into scouting parties and a
portion of them were constantly engaged in watching the enemy and performing
other services on the Line.  The whole company was called out in May 1778 by 
Gen. Clinton and served one month ranging from Lake George to Ticonderoga and 
Crown Point.  Was in actual service 1/3 of the time from Spring of 1776 to the 
close of the war.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C.  S.C.  14330

Remarks:     William Rogers and his wife are buried in the old part of the
Sanford's Corners cemetery.  Had lived in Salem, N.Y.;  Paris, N.Y. and LeRay, 
Jefferson County, N. Y.

Note:     The 1840 Census of Pensioners,  published Washington, D. C., 1841,
lists William Rogers, aged 83 years, Town of LeRay, Jefferson County, N.Y.

WILLIAM ROUSE [notice that no mention is made of his Revolutionary service]

Born:        October 1768, Stonington, Conn.
Died:        1821, Stone Mills, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married:     HANNAH COLLINS, daughter of Daniel and Dorothy (Wells) Collins
Born:        July 7, 1765 in Stonington, Conn.
Died:        May 6, 1857, Stone Mills, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Remarks:     William Rouse and his wife are buried in the village cemetery at
Stone Mills.  William Rouse came into the North Country among the earliest 
settlers.  His three sons came with the family.  
William Rouse, b. April 5, 1793, d. January 19, 1885 
Daniel C. Rouse, b. November 8, 1796, d. August 6, 1856 
Collins Rouse, b. November 18, 1800, d. September 9, l875.
Oakes History of Jefferson County, N.Y., Vol 2, p.107-8


Born:        1752
Died:        July 21, 1841 in town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married:     December 2, 1798, SARAH
Born:        1756

Service:     Simeon Russell enlisted in April or May 1777 in R. I. in the Levies 
of R I. under Capt. Elezer Lewis of R.I. Line, in Col. Greene's Regt.  Served 
until 1780.  Was at the battle of Monmouth and Red Bank.  Served as private for
three years and for nine months as a Marine on board the "Trumbell" of 36 guns.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C.   R. 9104

Remarks: Simeon Russell and his wife Sarah are buried in the village cemetery at 
Ellisburg, N.Y.  As Simeon Russell enlisted in the army in Rhode Island he was 
probably born there and later went to Clarendon, Rutland Co., Vt., from which 
place he came to live with his son, in 1827 "where he expected to remain", 
having lately come from Vermont.  This statement made in his pension record.

Note:        The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841,
lists 2 Simeon Russells in the Town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y. as
Simeon Russell, age 84 years, living with Jesse Littlefield and
Simeon Russell, age 89 years, living with Simeon Russell.


Born:        1761 in Mass.
Died:        June 22, l84l in town of Rodman, Jefferson Co., N. Y.
Married:     MARTHA THRALL
Born:        1759 in Mass.

Service:     John Russell enlisted in June 1778.  He was taken  when he was 17
yrs. and 6 mo. old.  Enlisted for nine months in Capt. Watson's Co. in Gen.
Leonard's Brigade of the Mass. Line as a private at Wilberham, Mass.  Passed
muster at Hadley, Mass.  Went to Fishkill and West Point, N.Y. and was
discharged in March 1779.
Archives Building, Washington D. C.  S.C. 42222

Remarks:     John Russell is buried in Fairview Cemetery in the town of
Rodman.  If his wife is there she has no headstone.  John Russell was a joiner
and carpenter and was living in Lorraine as early as 1819.  Date of death was
found in early Watertown paper.
D.A.R. Hattie Poole Newton, Nat. No. 97161
Martha Adelaide Poore, Nat. No. 60481

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