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Born: September 6, 1735, Gloucester, R.I.
Died: March 29, 1829 at Adams, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: SARAH WHIPPLE about 1761

Service: Edward Salisbury served as a minute man, answering the alarm at Providence, R.I. He was engaged in the service of his country through the entire War. He helped in building Fort Stanwix.
"History of Burrillville, R.I."

Remarks: Edward Salisbury is buried in the Rural Cemetery at Adams, Jefferson County, N.Y. with the Salisbury family. There does not seem to be any record of his wife.
He had twelve children:

Edward S.
Enon Alexander

His own history and the names of his children are on his headstone.
D.A.R. Nat. No. 13598, 15854

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 64345550, DAR Ancestor A099310


Born: June 22, 1758 in England
Died: August 15, 1837 aged 79 yrs. in Watertown, N. Y.
Married: SARAH
Born: September 29, 1761
Died: May 27, 1813 in Litchfield, Conn.

Service: Daniel Sandiforth was in a number of actions on the ocean, was on the vessel that took LaFayette to France on a visit and returned with him to fight the battles of his adopted country.
(From his obituary in Watertown paper).

Remarks: Daniel Sandiforth is buried in the Arsenal Street Cemetery. His wife is not found. The following in his obituary: "Mr. Sandiforth lived to a good old age, was universally respected and died regretted. It is hoped that he has gone to reap the rich reward in another world for the good deeds done in this."

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 722900


Born: December 30, 1756 in Methum, Essex Co., Mass.
Died: 1840 in the town of Henderson, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: HANNAH WHITTIER about 1790 at Methum, Mass.
Born: 1766
Died: in the town of Henderson, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service: Ebenezer Sawyer enlisted May 1, 1775 for 10 months. Was a private in Capt. Peter Colburn's Co. of Col. Ebenezer Bridge's regiment. Enlisted again April 1, 1776 for 2 mos, 9 days. Was at the battle of Bunker Hill. Discharged at the end of his term but reenlisted as Gen. Washington asked all who could, to remain. Guarded stores at Watertown, Mass. Was at the surrender of Burgoyne and at two battles of Stillwater. Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C. S.C. 144404

Remarks: Ebenezer and his wife are buried in the Carpenter Cemetery in the town of Henderson, Jefferson County, N.Y.
(Record of Mrs. Ruth Moody Greene, Nat. No. 38166)

Children were ;

Charles, b. 1791, m. December 29, 1821 Sarah B. Shepard;
Rhoda, b. 1795, m. 1817, William Wilkinson of Henderson, N.Y.

Note: BPC The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841, lists Ebenezer Sawyer, age 86, Town of Henderson, Jefferson County, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 48431123, DAR Ancestor A100228


Son of Elias and Susannah (Huck) Sawyer

Born: September 7, 1757 in Sterling, Mass.
Died: April 23, 1825 in town of Watertown, N. Y.
Married: January 12, 1779 in Sterling, Mass., SUSANNAH WILDER
Born: December 3, 1756 in Sterling, Mass.
Died: July 30, 1847 ae. 91 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Watertown, N.Y.

Service: Thomas Sawyer served as a private in Capt. Daniel Robbin's Co., of Col. Whitcomb's Regiment from Lancaster, Mass. at the Lexington Alarm. War Department, Washington, D. C.

Remarks: Thomas Sawyer and his wife are buried in Brookside, Watertown, N.Y. Soon after his marriage, Thomas Sawyer went to Plymouth, Vt., where he lived for some twelve years before he came to the "Black River Country", an unbroken wilderness, about 1800. Here he found Judge Coffeen and Capt. Butterfield. He acquired land between Burrs Mills and Watertown, which is now occupied by his descendants. Thomas Sawyer and his wife were of the first nine members of the Congregational Church of Burrs Mills. Dea. Sawyer also served in the War of 1812


NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 40912435, DAR Ancestor A100354


Born: May 20, 1764 at Stamford, Conn.
Died: September 6, 1859 at Theresa, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: Abt. 1783 ABIGAIL INGERSON of Bedford, N.Y.
Born: March 11, 1767
Died: September 1, 1861 at Theresa, N.Y.

Service: In 1780, Elisha Scofield became personal waiter to Gen. Washington and served for one year. At the age of 17 years he entered the service as a soldier in the Revolutionary army and served in Col. Waterbury's regiment of Connecticut Vol., serving for three years.

Remarks: Elisha Scofield and his wife are buried in the village cemetery at Evans Mills, Jefferson County, N.Y. When Elisha was about 12 years old his parents moved to Bedford, Westchester County, N.Y. where he lived during some of the most exciting times of the Revolution. Soon after his marriage he moved to Greenfield, Saratoga County, N.Y. where he resided until 1812 when he moved with his family of ten girls and four boys to LeRay, Jefferson County, N.Y.
His children were:

Alvah, b. November 1795, m. Hannah Burdick
Mary, m. Taggert
Huldah, b. November 24, 1808, m. Darius Anthony
Sally, b. 1803, m. Oliver Flint

Note: The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841, lists Elisha Scofield, age 76, Town of LeRay, Jefferson Co., N.Y. BPC

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76783513, DAR Ancestor A101293



Phineas Sergeant: Appears with rank of Corporal on Lexington Alarm Roll of Capt. Thomas Newhall's Co., which marched on the Alarm of April 19, 1775 from Leicester to Cambridge. Service 8 1/2 days. Residence, Leicester.
Vol. 13 - p. 28

Boston, Jan. 29, 1896
I certify the foregoing to be true abstract from the Record index to the Revolutionary War Archives deposited in this office.
Witness the Seal of the Commonwealth
Wm. M. Olin, Secretary


Born: April 1753 in Leverett, Mass.
Died: March 4, 1830 in town of Antwerp, Jefferson County, N.Y. aged 76 yrs. 11 mos. (g.s.)
Married: SALLY
Born: January 1772
Died: October 6, 1829 aged 57 yrs.(g.s.) in town of Antwerp,N.Y.

Service: Gideon Scott served as a Corporal in Capt. Joseph Slarros' Co. of Col. David Wells' regiment. Enlisted September 23, 1777; discharged October 18, 1777. Served 1 mo., 1 da. On expedition to the Northward, including 6 days (120 miles) home. Also a sergeant in Capt. Elisha Lyman's Co. of Col. Elisha Porter's regiment (Hamp. Co.), engaged July 25, 1779; discharged August 3, 1779. Name also appears on descriptive list of men received to reinforce the Continental Army for a term of 6 months.
Soldiers and Sailors of Mass. p. 915

Remarks: Gideon Scott and his wife are buried in the old part of the village cemetery at Antwerp, N.Y. On his stone appears "A Soldier of' the Revolution". The date of birth of Gideon Scott on his pension record says he was 21 yrs. on July 7, 1780. The dates on the headstone would make his birth year 1753. He is the only Gideon Scott on the Revolutionary Roll.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 68293583, Pension S42257


Born: 1756 in Philadelphia, Penn.
Died: Mar. 12, 1840 in town of Theresa, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service: Martin Sheley enlisted at Albany in April 1778 in Capt. James Dixon's Co., Col. Hay's Reg't. From Albany went to Peekskill and White Plains, N.Y. Served in Capt. DeGraff's Co., of Col. Yates' regiment for one year. Discharged at Stillwater January 1, 1781.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C. R. 9458

Remarks: Martin Sheley is buried in the village cemetery at Theresa, Jefferson Co., N.Y. His wife is not there. Martin Sheley went from Philadelphia to New York and then to Albany and to Danube, Herkimer Co., finally going to Alexandria, N.Y.
A list of his children is given in his pension application:

Jane Whitman, Brownville
John, Alexandria
James, Theresa
Katherine, Springfield, Otsego County, N.Y.
Martin, Orleans
Mary, Theresa
Fanny, Alexandria
Richard, Alexandria.

Note: John Sheley was aged 48 years June 1, 1833.
Jane Whitman, daughter, aged 50 years last February, 1833. BPC

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 74137456, DAR Ancestor A102704


Born: January 20, 1765 in Stratford, Conn.
Died: March 17, 1858 in Limerick, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service: Samuel Shelly served as fifer in Capt. Paul Brigham's company of Col. Isaac Sherman's regiment, April 1, 1781. Was at Valley Forge, 1777-1778; present at the battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778; in camp at White Plains in Huntingtens' 2nd. Brigade. Served along the Hudson River, 1780.
"Connecticut Men in the war of the Revolution", page 349

Remarks: Samuel Shelley is buried in a destroyed cemetery at Limerick, town of Brownville, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Ancestor of Elizabeth Pierce Pruyn, Nat. No. 96059

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 77226435, DAR Ancestor A102705


Son of Godfrey and Kate (Fry) Shew

Born: April 15, 1763 at Johnstown, N.Y.
Died: January 23, 1853 at Evans Mills, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: March 10, 1787, HANNAH PUTNAM, daughter of Lodewyck and Elizabeth (Sacts) Putnam
Born: December 9, 1764 at Johnstown, N.Y.
Died: October 5, 1849 at Evans Mills, N.Y.

Service: Jacob Shew served as a private in Tryon County Militia 3rd Regiment, under Col. Fisher. ("Col. John Harper's Lives, pages 181, 276" and Robert's "New York in the Revolution"). He was a private in Harper's regiment, Putnam County; Fisher's regiment, Little County. (Page 470 in the roster of Feronon's "New York Troops in the Revolution"). Jacob Shew, with his father and two brothers, were taken prisoners by the Indians and Tories and taken to Canada, eventually to be sent to Boston and exchanged for British prisoners. He then enlisted in the Continental Army. (See "First Settlers in Fish House Roster", page 93 and 453.)

Remarks: Jacob Shew and his wife are buried in the village cemetery at Evans Mills, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Note: The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D. C., 1841, lists Jacob Shew, age 77, Town of Northampton, Fulton County, N.Y. BPC

First Presbyterian Church, Broadalbin, Fulton County, N.Y.: Jacob Shoe & wife, Hannah Putman had Aaron, bn. July 16, 1803 & Elisabeth, bn. Dec. 7, 1805. Jacob and Hannah Shoe dismissed to Presbyterian Church, LeRay, N.Y., June 15, 1845.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76782227, DAR Ancestor A103600


Son of Godfrey Shew and Kate (Frey) Shew

Born: 1762 in Montgomery County, N.Y.
Died: March 27, 1841 aged 79 yrs.(g.s.) in town of Wilma, N.Y.
Married: Summer of 1802 or 1803, by Rev. Jonathan Finch, in town of Providence, Saratoga County, N.Y., SUSANNA WELLS, sister of Job Wells of town of Sullivan, Madison County, N.Y.
Born: 1778
Died: January 13, 1858, aged 80 yrs. (g.s.) in town of' Wilma, NY.

Service: Stephen Shew served from April 2, 1780 to June 1782 in Capt. Fonda's Co. of Exempts, of Col. Fisher's Regt.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C. Pen. No. 1090
B.L. Wt. 13417-160-55

Remarks: In Stephen Shew's application for a pension he gives an interesting account of his experience in the War. In part he says; "On June 3, 1778 an alarm was given by Solomon Woodworth, a noncom-missioned officer in Capt. Sam Rees' company to the inhabitants of the frontier settlement in Tryon county, about eighteen miles east of the village of Johnstown, that a party of Indians and Tories were over from Canada, going to Fort Hunter and they would probably return by way of the 'Great Swamp' or 'Fly' about fifteen miles away and either murder or capture the inhabitants. Accordingly, Woodworth ordered the men in Capt. Rees' Co. to turn out in militia service, or rather, they volunteered." Stephen Shew stood his part on guard that night. Stephen Shew claimed to have been the one to fire the first shot the next day when the fort was attacked. Against orders, a few men went outside the Fort and were captured and taken to Canada, Stephen Shew among them. He said "Encouraging proposals were made to them to join the British army, which were rejected with disdain". The prisoners were returned by way of Boston about June 1, 1779 at which time Stephen Show returned home.

Stephen Shew had six children and three brothers, John, Harry, and Jacob. The father, Godfrey, and his four sons all belonged to the 3rd regiment of Tryon Co., all enlisted from Mayfield, now Johnstown N.Y. Godfrey was one of the first settlers of Fish House Village.

Stephen Shew, when he left Montgomery County, went to Northampton, Fulton county, living there for several years before going to Jefferson County. He was in Rutland in 1832. Stephen Shew and his wife are buried in the Lake District cemetery in the town of Wilna, Jefferson Co. N.Y. His brother Jacob, with some of his family, is buried in the Evans Mills cemetery, in the town of LeRay, Jefferson County, N.Y. In Stephen Shew's pension papers was a letter from Mrs. Floyd Moore, 1320 Maple St., Kalamazoo, Mich., asking for information on Stephen Shew. There is more about his life in the army given in the pension application of Stephen Shew, but no more family history.

Note: The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C., 1841, lists Stephen Shew, age 79, Town of Wilna, Jefferson County, N.Y. BPC

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 51395251, DAR Ancestor A103601


Son of Anthony and Elizabeth (Whittemore) (Breed) Sigourney

Born: May l2, 1751, Boston, Mass.
Died: July 10, 1825 in town of Watertown, N. Y.
Married: 1st RUTH CHASE of Sutton, Mass.
Born: in Sutton, Mass.
Died: January 17, 1802 in Stratton, Vt.
Married: 2nd (---) Phillips

Service: Anthony Sigourney enlisted in the Army and was nearly taken prisoner at the retreat from New York in 1776. Was in the battle of White Plains and other engagements. The Sigourney Genealogy gives these facts.

Remarks: Anthony Sigourney was first buried in Gotham St. cemetery with other members of the Sigourney family. Was later removed to Brookside Cemetery at Watertown, N.Y.

Ref. Genealogy of the Sigourney Family, by H.W. Sigourney, 1857, p. 10
Ref. Child's Gazetteer of Jefferson County, p. 711
Ancestor of Mrs. Carrie Sigourney Smith, Nat. No. 15855

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 55565237, DAR Ancestor A103558


Born: 1734 in Williamstown, Mass.
Died: March 14, 1823 in town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: May 25, 1763 at Williamstown, Mass., RUTH GROVER
Born: December 25, 1742
Died: January 11, 1842, aged 99 yrs., 17 days in Hounsfield, N.Y.

Service: Jedediah Smedley enlisted for three months Dec. 1, 1776 in Capt. William Douglass' Co., of Col. Benj. Simmon's regiment of the Mass. Line. Served until Mar. 1777 and was discharged. Again enlisted in Capt. Isaac Warren's Co., Col. Seth J. Bailey's regiment of 2nd Mass. Line of 4th Brigade. Served until December 20, 1780 when he was taken ill. Was never able to reenlist and was a cripple all his life.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C.

Remarks: Jedediah Smedley's wife Ruth is buried in the Talcott Stand Cemetery in the town of Watertown, N.Y. Jedediah is probably buried there too, but the cemetery has for many years been in a state of dense underbrush.
From the Vital records of Williamstown, Mass., the names of the children are found:

Sabrina, b. January 11, 1765
Jedediah, b. July 22, 1767
Ruth, b. April 7, 1769
Benjamin, b. December 14, 1771
Rebekah, b. September 21, 1776
Joseph b. January 23, 1780
Moses F., b. December 2, 1783
Naomi, b. February 11, 1787
Martha, b. March 30, 1789.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76957480, DAR Ancestor A105577


Born: September 5, 1762 at Lyme, Conn.
Died: August 21, 1837 in town of LeRay, Jefferson County, N. Y.
Married: January 13, 1785 at Saybrook, Conn. by Rev. Wm. Hotchkiss, DEBORAH SANFORD of Saybrook, Conn.
Born: October 1, 1758
Died: February 17, 1843 in town of LeRay, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service: Ephraim Smith was drafted in the town of Lyme, New London Co., Conn. about April 1, 1778 to serve in the Conn. Militia for 6 months. Served as a private in Capt. Hardy's Co., Col. Ledgard's Regiment at Fort Trumbell. Sometime in June he marched to Providence, R.I. going through Mohegan, an Indian town, Norwich, Plainfield, Providence, crossed the river into Mass. and joined Gen. Sullivan in R.I. The army attacked the British at Newport but retreated and went back to the northern part of R.I. Left R.I. September 1778 and returned home and was discharged. Then did scouting duty along the L.I. Sound until the end of the war under Capt. Hardy.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C. R. 9711

Remarks: Ephraim Smith lived in New Norwich, Mass. for 7 years, Saratoga, N.Y. for 34 and in 1833 had lived in LeRay for 7 years.
Their children were:

Leander of Theresa, N.Y.
George of New York City
William of LeRay, N.Y.
Thomas of Byron, Mich.
Ephraim, deceased
Sanford, deceased

Ephraim and his wife are buried in the village cemetery at Evans Mills, Town of LeRay, Jefferson County, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76957480, DAR Ancestor A105349


Son of Henry and Lucretia (Moore) Smith

Born: January 13, 1753/4 in Sudbury, Mass.
Died: February 22, 1834 in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: January 12, 1779 in Bolton, Mass., PHOEBE WALCOTT, daughter of Jesse and Rebecca (Conant) Walcott
Born: December 1, 1758
Died: June 22, 1833 in town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service: Ezra Smith enlisted in 1775 for eight months as a private under Capt. John Nixon. Re-enlisted in 1776 for twelve months; in 1777 for three months. Was at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Was then of Sudbury, Mass.

Remarks: Ezra Smith and his wife are buried in the Saxe cemetery, in the town of Ellisburg. He came to Rodman, from Nelson, N.H. in 1802 and lived in Rodman all his active life. Later he went to live with his son, Henry, in Ellisburg, where he died.
His children were:

Reuben, b. 1782
Jesse, b. 1784
Henry, b. 1786
Ezra, b. 1789, d. 1795
Rebecca, b. 1791
Ruth, b. 1796
Lucretia, b. 1798

Rebecca married first W. Sprague, second J.Sargent; Ruth married Abram Sheldon, lived at Adams Centre; Lucretia married John Osgood, lived at Adams Centre.
Ancestor of Grace Moffatt Lansing ( Mrs. L.S.) Nat. No. 12160

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 60653224, DAR Ancestor A105371


Born: January 5, 1765 at Marbletown, Ulster County, N.Y.
Died: about 1842 in town of Pamelia, Jefferson County, N. Y.

Service: Jacobus Smith enlisted April 1, 1782 at Marbletown, N.Y.for 9 months in Capt. Pauling's Co. of Col. Frederick Wiesenfelt's Regiment. Was in the Col. Guard the whole time of his enlistment.
Veterans Administration, Washington D. C. S.C. 25924

Remarks: General Accounting Office, Washington, D.C. states that the last payment of Pension to Jacobus Smith was made March 15, 1842, by the Pension Agent at Albany, N.Y. to R.M.S. Pease, as attorney for the pensioner. On March 9, 1842, the pensioner stated that he had resided in Pamelia, Jefferson County, N.Y. for a period of seventeen years and previous thereto he had resided in Springfield, Otsego County, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 84237831, Pension S23924


Born: May 25, 1755 at Haddon, Conn.
Died: September 4 or 11, 1848, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Born: 1773
Died: February 9, 1865 ae. 92 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Worth, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service: Levi Smith enlisted at West Hampton, Mass. in Capt. Catlin's Co., of Col. Mosely's regiment of Mass. troops for 4 mos. Enlisted in Capt. Wa1es' Co. for 2 months
Veterans Administration, Washington, D. C. S.C. 14505 or l4500

Remarks: There does not seem to be much to be found about Levi Smith. At the time he applied for a pension he was a resident of Henderson, Jefferson County, N.Y. Lived in Ellisburgh for 8 yrs. Betsey Allen Smith is buried in the Worth Cemetery in the town of Worth, N.Y. Her daughter, Sally Allen Wilcox, wife of Sterling Wilcox, lived at Worth and her mother may have lived with her. Betsey Allen's name is found in Child's Gazetteer, p. 872.

Note: The 1840 Census of Pensioners, published Washington, D.C. lists Levi Smith, age 85, Town of Ellisburgh, Jefferson County, N.Y. living with Hiram J. Babbit. BPC

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76616268, Pension S16252


Born: October 20, 1781 at Montpelier, Vermont
Died: August 16, 1855 at Rutland, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Born: October 10, 1781
Died: October 11, 1853 at Rutland, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service: (Reference, Gen. Servs. Admin., Pension, Dept. of Interior - 11,705.) John Southworth was a private in Capt. Timothy Tamblin's Co. under C.P. Bellinger's N.Y. Militia from September 9 to 19, 1812. (Listed on Service Rolls, 1812 in Flower Library, Watertown, N.Y.). Soldier or Militiaman, Capt. Timothy Tamblin's Co. commanded by Gershom Tuttle, (76th). Entered in the service of the United States as a volunteer at Rutland, in said County on or about the tenth day of May, A.D. 1813 for an indefinate term. Honorably discharged at Sackets Harbor, Twentieth day of July, A.D. 1813.
(The above was taken from the Cert. Of Identity and Oath of Service, Jefferson County, N.Y. November 8, 1850, signed by Isaac Munson, County Clerk).


Hannah Southworth, m. Jacob Tooker;
Mary Southworth, m. Nathaniel Tillotson;
Eunice Southworth, m. 1st Richard Vanderburgh and 2nd Joseph Hind;
Esther Southworth, m. Ezra Tillotson;
Salome Southworth, m. Osmyn Caswell;
Sarah Southworth, b. January 12, 1812, d. September 2, 1888, not married;
William Southworth, m. Hortense (Ortance) Devoise, b. October 23, 1813, d. September 22, 1898, m. April 4, 1854;
Alice Southworth, b. October 10, 1820, d. September 12, 1886, not married;
Lydia Maria Southworth, m. Hayden Clark.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76957931, Born too late to fight in the Revolution

John Southworth and his wife Bathsheba (Bashaby), and daughters Alice and Sarah (Sally) and son William and wife, Ortance are all buried in Maple Hill Cemetery on the Middle Road, town of Rutland, Jefferson County, N.Y.


Born: 1753 in East Greenwich, Kent County, R.I.
Died: July 14, 1857 aged 84 yrs. (g.s.) in Watertown, N.Y.
Married: ELEANOR
Born: 1761
Died: July 9, 1828 aged 67 yrs. (g.s.) in Watertown,, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service: Rufus Spencer served as a private at Cheshire, Mass. under Capt. Painter, a militia officer who had been sent to Mass. from Conn. to find volunteers in the summer of 1775. Lieut. Jonathan Joice's Co. First marched to Crown Point then went through Williamstown, Bennington to Castleton, spending part of the time at Skeinesborough (Whitehall). January 1776 enlisted at Lanesboro, Mass. under Capt. Pearce, Lieut. Jonathan Joice's regiment. Went to Quebec to support Gen. Montgomery, who had been repulsed. Went down the St. Lawrence to where Gen. Arnold's army lay above Quebec. After five months returned to Skeinesborough. Was at the battle of Bennington under the command of Col. Symonds, a militia officer.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C. S.C. 24473

Remarks: Rufus Spencer and his wife are buried at Brookside, Watertown, N.Y. with other members of the Spencer family. After the close of the War, Rufus Spencer moved to Schuyler, Herkimer County, N.Y. and remained there about five years and then moved to Watertown, N.Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 25161234, DAR Ancestor A014202


NOTE; A DAR National Number is listed below but George Staples is not currently listed on the Free DAR site. BPC

Born: 1730 in R.I.
Died: 1820 in Watertown, N. Y.
Married: 1st about 1796, RUTH JOY
Born: 1757 in Conn.
Died: February 19, 1841 in Watertown, N.Y.

Service: George Staples served two years on a whaling vessel and two years as a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. He was one of a party of four who crossed over from New York and burned Brooklyn during the War.
Childs Gazetteer, page 711

Remarks: George Staples and his wife are buried in Brookside Cemetery at Watertown, Jefferson County, N.Y. By his first marriage he had one son and three daughters. By his second marriage he had one son, Nathan, born at Deerfield, Oneida County, N.Y in 1797. Came to Jefferson County with his parents in 1807 and settled on Burville Hill.
Frances Marion Peterson
Nat. No. 42437

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76960958


Born: March 21, 1738, Salisbury, Mass.
Died: August 11, 1813 Adams, N.Y.

Service: David Starr was commissioned 1st Lieutenant January 1, 1777; Lieut. April 19, 1779; Capt. October 1780; Col. in 1781 in 6th regiment Conn. Line. Formation of 1777-1701, Col. William Douglass Rand's Regt. to continue through the War. Recruited mainly in New Haven, Conn. Went into camp at Peekskill in summer of 1777. Served in August and October on the Hudson under Gen. Putnam and engaged in all maneuvers made in consequence of the enemy's move against Fort Montgomery. Wintered, 1777-1778 at West Point. In the summer of 1778 encamped with the main army under Washington at White Plains. Wintered 1778-1779 at Redding. Winter of 1779-1780 at Morristown, N.J. Because of Arnold's treachery the army moved to West Point in anticipation of an enemy attack.

David Starr is buried at Adams, N.Y. but the location is unknown. The above information taken from the D.A.R. papers of Miss Lettis Green Say1es. Genealogical Committee, LeRay de Chaumont Chapter, Watertown, N. Y.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 84238555, DAR Ancestor A109045


Born: May 20, 1755
Died: November 18, 1848, aged 95 yrs.(g.s.) in town of Ellisburg, N.Y.
Married: 1st LUCY SIMONDS
Born: Keene, N. H.
Married: 2ND MARY, wife of son Jared Stevens, Jr.
Born: 1786
Died: June 17, 1835 aged 67 yrs. (g.s.) in town of Ellisburg, N.Y.

Service: Silas Stevens enlisted October 6, 1775 at Southwick, Berkshire Co., Mass., for eight months. Was stationed at Roxbury, Mass. during the whole time of enlistment. Was at Bunker Hill and Charleston. Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C. S.C. 23942

Remarks: Silas Stevens and his wife, Mary are buried in the Mixer Cemetery in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y. Silas Stevens came to Jefferson County from Southwick, Mass., about twenty years after the War. He must have had a first wife, not shown in the records, as he had a son Jared, who was 61 years old in 1848, which would make him born in 1787, one year after Mary was born. Silas Stevens or Stephens had a sister, Lovina Norton. Silas Stevens also was in the Militia in Jefferson County, N.Y. in 1806. This additional information taken from the War of 1812 papers of Mrs. Jenny Marsh Coolidge, 49 Parkside Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. Nat. No. 5945. State No. 710.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76961549, DAR Ancestor A109134


Born: May 25, 1763, N.H.
Died: November 6, l849 in Woodville, town of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y.
Married: ABIGAIL
Born: July 18, 1770, N.H.
Died: September 13, 1848 in town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service: Paul Stickney enlisted in the town of Temple, N.H. in Capt. David Emerson's Co. of Col. Mooney's regiment of the N.H. Line and continued in the same corps until January 1779 and was then discharged at Providence, R.I. In September, 1779 he enlisted again and continued in the service until December 1779, discharged at Charleston, N.H. This company was commanded by Capt. Thomas in Col. Reynold's regiment. Enlisted in the Navy at Boston, Mass. in July, 1782. Served in the Continental Frigate, Hague, under Capt. John Manley. Discharged May 10, 1783 at Boston, Mass.
Pension Department, Archives Building, Washington, D. C. S. 42406

Remarks: Paul Stickney and his wife are buried in the village cemetery at Woodville, Jefferson County, N.Y. In his pension he gives the names of three of his children, Artemus, with whom he lives: Celinda aged 13, "inferm from infancy"; and Paul aged 7 yrs. Seemed to have lived in Litchfield, Oneida County, N.Y. Had a daughter, Mrs. Sela Wilkinson.

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76961963, DAR Ancestor A109824, served on the frigate Hague


Born: August 25, 1759 at Danbury, Conn.
Died: October 17, 1857 in town of Martinsburg, Lewis County, N.Y.
Married: March 21, 1782 at Norfolk, Conn., MIRIAM HOWE of Wells, Vt.
Born: November 2, 1764
Died: July 6, 1824 in town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.(aged 95 yrs. 8 mos. 4 das.)

Service: Caleb Sturdevant enlisted as a private in March 1777 in Capt. Baldwin's Co. of Infantry of Col. Herman Swift's Regt. of the Conn. Line for three years, 1777-1780. Was in the battles of Germantown and Monmouth.
Veterans Administration, Washington, D.C. S.C. 35645

Remarks: Caleb Sturdevant and his wife are buried in the Ellisburg cemetery in the village of Ellisburg, Jefferson County, N.Y.
In 1821 the names of his wife and children were given as:

Miriam - 56 years
Lucy - 18 years
Phoebe - 15 years
Polly - 12 years

A son, James Monroe Sturdevant, M.D. was born at Timouth, Vt. May 11, 1800, died at Rome, N. Y., August 10, 1873. He married Louisa Stephens at Lowville, Lewis County, N.Y. Louisa Stephens was born December 12, 1808 at Lowville, died at Rome, N.Y. May 29, 1867.
Miss Crawford, of Lowville, gives Miriam Howe as of Wells, Vt. (D.A.R. No. 45901)
Mrs. F. A. White, 112 Blake Road, Hamden, Conn. (Louisa Palmer White) Nat. No. 116930.

BPC Note

Caleb is buried in Martinsburg Cemetery, Martinsburg, Lewis, NY, Findagrave Memorial 76962369

Found at the DAR free search site;
Under the spelling Sturtevant;
DAR# A110648
Service: CT
Rank: Private
Birth: 8/25/1759 Danbury, Fairfield, CT
Death: 10/17/1837 Martinsburg, Lewis, NY
Pension: *S35645
Service Source:
Service Description: Col Swift; Capt Baldwin
Spouse: Merriam Howe

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76962369, Pension S35645, 1835 Census of Pensioners


Born: 1764, Palatine, N. Y.
Died: April 28, 1853 aged 89 yrs. (g.s.) at Plessis, Jefferson County, N.Y.
Married: about 1785 in Montgomery County, N.Y., ELIZABETH GASTER
Born: 1761
Died: August 19, 1836 aged 75 yrs. (g.s.) at Plessis, Jefferson County, N.Y.

Service: Peter Suts served as a private in the Revolutionary War in Capt. Thomas Skinner's Co. belonging to the New York regiment of Levies, commanded by Col. Marinus Willet.
Pension Department, Washington, D.C.

Remarks: Peter Suits or Suts and his wife are buried in Brookside Cemetery in the village of Plessis, Jefferson County, N.Y. Other reference given is Certificate of Treasurer, folio No. 6, at Albany, N.Y. The Suts family came from Montgomery County, N.Y. where his sons served in the War of 1812.
Edna Cheesman Nat. No.49614

NOTE BPC; Findagrave Memorial 76638967, DAR Ancestor A110790

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