The basis for this list was supplied by John and Ellen Bartlett, and consisted of Revolutionary War Veterans buried in cemeteries in Jefferson County. The names from the original list are marked "B". This list was not complete, since not all cemeteries are yet surveyed, and since not all graves are marked, nor are all soldiers of the Revolution identified. If you know of a soldier not listed here, you are invited to send in his name, dates, and place of burial. A note on his service (rank, outfit, battles he participated in) gives us an idea of who he was.

Cemetery names will be capitalized, using the regular Bartlett abbreviations, where applicable. When lower case is used, it gives the place of death, not necessarily the cemetery.

We have broadened the scope slightly by including all Jefferson County Pioneers, whether they were buried here in Jefferson County or elsewhere. Any soldier who has mention elsewhere on this site will be hyper-linked to his appearance, with this code:

B = Bartlett's list, described above. The B is not a hyper-link. If the soldier was also a Jefferson County Pioneer, his name will be highlighted. Only individuals listed in the Bartlett publications will be given a gravestone inscription.

F = Fonda, a list found at the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives in Fonda, NY, titled "Jefferson County Revolutionary Burials", source unknown, and copied with permission of Jackie Murphy, director.
Underlined F's have a click to the files. The files are separated by first letter of last name. Each file contains all of one or more letters of the alphabet. i.e. A-B, C-D.

I = Names of soldiers sent in by individuals not connected with any page on this site. You can correspond with the senders. Clicking on the names provided will bring up an email form.

S, = Veterans taken from South Jeff's booklet, "Revolutionary War Veterans who settled in the Sixtown Area of Southern Jefferson County." We extracted only those names with information not found in our previous files.

W = "Freedom Fighters", or "A Bicentennial Tribute to Veterans of 1776". On the occasion of the nation's Bicentennial Celebration, The Watertown Daily Times presented a list of names and short biographies of Revolutionary War heroes buried in Jefferson County, through the cooperation of the LeRay de Chaumont Chapter, DAR. This list appeared in the Watertown Daily Times throughout 1976.

Pioneers, as usual, will have highlighted names.

In addition, there are files of pensioners as taken by the 1840 census. These are not listed in the main file. To access these files Click Here.

In order to accomodate additional information about our Jefferson County Revolutionary Veterans, we have opened a new page for updates to the individuals at Updates. An "Update" click is provided in each appropriate file. If you have information you would like to see added, please write to Nan Dixon. The first so updated are:

F,W ACKERMAN, Robert                 29 May 1823 61 Yrs SHERWIN
F ADAMS, Shubael                     18 Sep 1837        Watertown
W ALLEN, Amasa            7 Mar 1753-22 Dec 1820        Theresa            
F ALLEN, Ebenezer                     3 Jul 1824 62 Yrs MUSK. CEM
W ALLEN, Elijah                    1762-Apr 1826        3-MILE CR
F,S, ALLEN, Joseph       14 Nov 1758-23 Sep 1838        Pierrepont Manor
W ALLEN, William                                        Clayton
F,S, ANDRUS, David Ira          1766-21 Aug 1831        GIDDINGSVILLE
F ANSTEAD, Henry                1750-24 Apr 1838        Le Ray
S,W ARMES, Truman                                       Adams
W BABCOCK, Jeremiah                                     Champion
F BACON, Sybbel                      27 Nov 1846 89 Yrs Rutland
B BAKER, Benjamin                    15 Dec 1838 86Y11M CALCIUM  
F BAKER, Nathan                  1758-4 May 1819        Hounsfield
W BARKER, Benjamin                                      Antwerp
F,S, BARNEY, Edward       18 Aug 1749-9 Aug 1835        Ellisburg
F BARNEY, William               1782-16 Jul 1834        S.RUTLAND
W BARR, Samuel                                          HILLSIDE
B,F BARTHOLOMEW, Oliver              18 Jun 1850ae92Y8M BROWNVILLE  
F,S, BASSETT, Abel       29 Feb 1759-27 Nov 1842        Adams  
BATES, Samuel
B,F BAXTER, John         11 Aug 1757-17 Apr 1847        PERCH RIVER  
W BEAN, Enoch                                           Watertown
I BEDFORD, Cornelius           c1753-29 Mar 1813        BEDFORD 
W BENJAMIN, Jesse                                       Clayton
F BENJAMIN, Jonas          6 Apr 1760-6 Jun 1854 ae94Y  MUSK.CEM
F BENTLEY, William        23 Apr 1765-2 May 1850        Antwerp
S,BISHOP, Capt. John
B,F BONES, Thomas                       Apr 1830 77Y    QUAKER  PHIL
F,S, BOYDEN, Joseph                                     LORRAINE VILLAGE
F,S, BREWSTER, Timothy                                  BREWSTER SETTLEMENT
I BRITTON, Calvin--Brig Gen
F BRITTON, Samuel               1762-19 Apr 1835        SAND BAY  
B BRONSON, Ethel          22 Jul 1765-8 May 1825        MAPLE HILL
S, BROWN, Ebenezer                                      LORRAINE VILLAGE
F BROWN, George                                         BROWNVILLE
F BROWN, Peter                                          Wilna
F,S, BURPEE, Ebenezer                                   LORRAINE VILLAGE
F,S, BURR, Isaac                                        ELLISBURG
F BUTTERFIELD, Isaac            No Stone                SACKETS H              
B BUTTERFIELD, Levi Capt.       1761-8 Jul 1837         CALCIUM  
F,I BUTTERFIELD, Nathaniel                              Champion
I CAMPBELL, William                                     Champion
S, CARPENTER, Abiel                                     RURAL CEMETERY
F,W CARPENTER, John                                     ADAMS VILLAGE
F CARPENTER, Phillip                                    STONE CEMETERY
B CARPENTER, Philip      29 Mar 1765-30 Nov 1836        STONE  
F,S, CAULKINS, Joel                                     STEERS CORNERS
F,W CLARK, Thomas                                       MIXER
I CLARKE, Willett
F CLEVELAND, Isaac                                      ARSENAL STREET
F CLEVELAND, Solomon                                    SAND HILL
F COBB, John                                            unknown
I COLE, Benjamin, Jr.                                   Washington Co. NY
F,S, COLEMAN, Jesse                                     FAIRVIEW
W COLLINS, John                                         STONE MILLS
F,I COLLINS, William       25 Oct 1759-23 Sep 1850      STONE MILLS
S,COOK, Charles
F COOK, Niles                                           KINNE
S,W COOK, William                                       FAIRVIEW, Rodman
B,F COWEN, Jonathan        27 Nov 1840 80 Yrs           EVANS M.O  
F CRAMER, Jacob                                         NORTH WATERTOWN
F CRANDALL, Abel                                        HILLSIDE
W CROOK, Thomas                                         HILLSIDE, Champion
F,S, CROTTENTON, Jason                                  CARPENTER
F DAVIS, Jesse                                          ?Walton St
S, DAVIS, Jonathan
B DEAN, John             13 Sep 1837 79 Yrs             CALCIUM  
F,S, DE CASTORER, John                                  GIDDINGSVILLE
DeLANO, Thomas                                          Huntingtonville Rural Cemetery in Watertown 
S, DEWEY, Barzillai
W DICK, Simon                                           PT.PEN C
F DIKE, Nathan                                          ?LeRay
F,I DIXON, Curtis        15 Oct 1752-22 Feb 1835        ?STONE MILLS
S,W DOAN, Ephriam                                       WOODVILLE, Ellisburgh
S,W DOBSON, Thomas                                      CARPENTER, Ellisburgh 
F DODD, Ebenezer                                        ARSENAL STREET
B,F DODGE, Joel            26 Dec 1843 82Y 7M           EVANS M.O  
S, DODGE, William
F DORCHESTER, Alexander                                 MUSCALUNGE
F,S, DOTY, Danforth                                     HONEYVILLE
S,W DOXTATER, Peter                                     RURAL, Adams
F DRAKE, Josiah                                         unknown 
W DRESSER, Aaron                                        OLD THERESA
B,W DUNTON, Thomas         27 May 1832 80 Yrs           CALCIUM  
F,S, DWIGHT, Alpheus                                    ELMWOOD
W EAMES, Charles                                        BROOKSIDE, Wtn
B,W EARLE, Artemus         21 Feb 1839 78 Yrs           TAYLOR  
W EARLE, ESEK                                           W.CARTHAGE
F EATON, Samuel                                         GIDDINGSVILLE
F EDDY, Bryant                                          unknown
B EDDY, Enoch            20 Sep 1848 81Y 2M 14D         EVANS M.O 
B,W EDDY, John           18 May 1839 71Y                RUT HOLLOW 
W EDNEW, George                                         KINNE
F EGGLESTON, Asa                                        KINNE
F,S, ELLIS, Caleb                                       ELLISBURG
F ELLIS, John                                           RUTLAND HOLLOW
F,S, ELLIS, Lyman                                       ELLISBURG
F,I EVANS, Eldad                1739-3 Jun 1835         KELSEY'S
B,F EVANS, John Capt.      19 Feb 1836 77 Yrs           EVANS M.O  
 EVANS, Gen. Samuel                                     QUAKER, Town of Le Ray.
B,I EVANS, Uriel, Esq.          1750-21 Aug 1825        KELSEY'S 
B,F EVERETTE, Eliphalet         1758-27 Mar 1815 57 Yrs BROWNVILLE  
F FAILING (or FEHLING), John                            PARISH
F FALL, Henry Hatevil                                   unknown
F,S, FAY, Sher(e)biah   1839                            BROOKSIDE, Watertown
F FELLOWS, William                                      unknown
F FETHERLY (FETTERLY), Thomas                           unknown
I FIELD, Elijah         20 Apr 175629 Sep 1828         FIELD
I FINNEY, Sylvester      15 Mar 1759-26 Jun 1842        Oberlin, OH
F FISK, Abraham                                         BROOKSIDE, Watertown
F,S, FISH, Jonathan                                     BREWSTER
I FLANSBURGH, Anthony                                   Clayton
F FLETCHER, Benjamin                                    Lorraine
F,S, FOX, Elijah                                        LYMAN
F FULLER, Isaac                                         SANFORDS CORNERS
S,W GARDNER, William                                    EAST RODMAN, Rodman
W GATES, Abraham                                        CHAMPION HUDDLE
W GATES, Asa                                            HILLSIDE, Champion
F GATES, Jonathan                                       unknown
F GATES, Silas                                          FAIRVIEW, Rodman
F GAULT, James                                          SAXE
F GAY, Jonathan                                         CEDAR (3 Mile Bay)
W GEAIRE                                                HOWLAND
F,S, GILMAN, Calvin                                     LYMAN
F GOODALE, Ezekiel                                      unknown
W GOODALL, Joel                                         HUNTINGTONVILLE
F GOODENOUGH, Adino                                     BROOKSIDE, Watertown
F GOTHAM, Henry                                         unknown
W GOTHAM, John                                          GOTHAM ST.
W GOULD, Samuel                                         ADAMS CENTER
W GREEN, Cabel                                          GREEN SETTLEMENT
F GREENE, Joseph                                        GREEN SETTLEMENT
F,S, HALL, Daniel                                          Rice's Corners, Twp Adams
F HALLOWAY, Daniel                                      SULPHUR SPRINGS
F HARRIS, Asa                                           HILLSIDE, Champion
F,I HARPER, John                        Mar 1825        BROOKSIDE
F,I HART, Henry          10 Sep 1759-1 Feb 1835         ARSENAL ST
HATCH, John             b 8 May 1751
F,S, HAVEN, Samuel                                         Ellisburgh
F HAWKINS, Stephen                                      unknown
W HEATH, Phineas                                        BISHOP ST
F HELMER, John                                          OLD THERESA
F HENDERSON, James                                      Hungerfords Corners, Henderson
F,I HICKS/HIX, Stephen Alpheus                          Ellisburg(SAXE)
F,S, HILL, Jedediah                                        MIXER
F,S, HOLLISTER, John                                       Ellisburg
W HOLLOWAY, Daniel                                      SULPHUR SPRINGS  
F,S, HOLLY, David                                          GIDDINGSVILLE
F,S, HOLLY/HOLLEY, Nathan                                  Ellisburg
W HOSNER, Thomas                                        TYLERVILLE
F HOUGH, Elijah                                         unknown
F,S, HOWLAND, William                                      unknown
F HUBBARD, Abner                                        unknown
W HUBBARD, Noadiah                                      HILLSIDE
F HUBBARD, Samuel                                       FAYLES
F,B HUDSON, Enos           10 Jun 1827 68 Yrs           EVANS M.O  
W HUNGERFORD, Amasa                                     CARPENTER
F,S, HUNT, Henry W.                                        LYMAN
F,S, HUNTING, Jonathan                                     EVERGREEN, Henderson
F HUNTINGTON, William                                   HUNTINGTON
F HURD, Isaac                                           ARSENAL ST (no marker)
F HURLBURT, Josiah                                      PIERCE
F,B JEWETT, Ezekial Capt.  11 Jun 1830 67Y 8M           CALCIUM   
F JOHNSON, David                                        unknown
W JOHNSON, Stephen                                      HILLSIDE
W JONES, Alexander                                      SUNNYSIDE
W KELLOGG, Israil                                       BISHOP ST
W KEYSER, Michael                                       LeRay
W KILBOURN, Allen                                       HILLSIDE
W KILBURN, Jacob                                        Brownville
I LADD, Bodwell          12 Dec 1750-15 Oct 1829        THERESA OLD      
F,S, LAMSON, Jonathan                                      Adams village
W LARABEE, Seth                                         SUNNYSIDE
F LARUE, Henry                                          BROOKSIDE, Plessis
W LAWRENCE, Amos                                        EVERGREEN
F LEAVENWORTH, Jesse                                    unknown
F,LEWIS, Arnold                                         Champion Huddle Cemetery
S,W LEWIS, James                                          ELLISBURG VILLAGE
F,S, LINDSEY, Stephen                                      private cem, Oswego Co.
F,S, LITTLEFIELD, Edmund                                   HONEYVILLE
F,S, LITTLEFIELD, Jesse                                    MIXER
F,S, LITTLEFIELD, Josiah                                   near Belleville
W LIVERMORE, Solomon                                    MUSCALONGE
F,W LOOMIS, John(Jonathan)                              HILLSIDE,CHAMPION`
W LOOMIS, SAMUEL                                        HILLSIDE
W LOOMIS, SOLOMON                                       OXBOW  
F LOSEE, John                                           family cemetery on Dry Hill
F,B LOW, Peter G.               1752-1847               DEPAUVILLE
F LYMAN, Ezekiel                                        unknown
F McALLISTER, Richard                                   HILLSIDE, OLD Antwerp
F,S, McKEE, Andrew                                         FAIRVIEW, Rodman
S,W McKEE, Joseph                                         ELLISBURG VILLAGE
F McNITT, John                                          HILLSIDE, Champion
W McNITT, Noah                                          CHAMPION     
F McPHERSON, William                                    McPHERSON
W MACK, Ebenezer                                        Antwerp
F,S, MACK, Ralph                                           NORTH ADAMS
F MALLERY, Amos                                         Champion Hollow near Champion Village
W MALTBY, Joseph                                        TYLERVILLE
F,S, MANDERVILLE, John                                     RURAL, Adams
F,S, MANLEY, Daniel                                        RICE
S,W MARSH, John                                           MAPLEWOOD
F,S, W MARTIN, Joseph                                      WEST CARTHAGE (SAXE)
F,S, MASON, Jeremiah                                       SAXE
F MASSEY, Jonathan                                      ARSENAL ST
F MATTESON, Jonathan                                    REED
F MAYNARD, William                                      Town of Antwerp
F MAXON, Asa                                            UNION
F,S, MERRIMAN, John                                        RURAL
W MIDDLETON, Andrew                                     RUT HOLLOW
B,W MILLER, Jonathan       18 Jan 1833 68Y              EVANS M.O  
B MILLER, Nathaniel      10 May 1831 77Y 1M 27D         EVANS M.O  
W MILLS, Roswell                                        RICES
F MILLS, Samuel Frederick                               MARKET ST
B,W MIX, Elisha            13 Oct 1838 87Y 7M           CALCIUM  
F,S, MIXER, Samuel                                         MIXER
W MONROE, Noah                                          UNDERWOOD
F,S, MONTAGUE, Adonijah                                    CARPENTER
S,W MOORE, Jabez                                          ADAMS VILLAGE
F,S, MORRIS, John                                          BUTTERVILLE
S,W MORSE, Alpheus                                        PATRICK-THOMPSON
W NEAR, John                                            BREWSTER
F,S, NIMS, Ariel                                           FAIRVIEW, Rodman
F OATMAN, Benjamin                                      HONEYVILLE
F OLCOTT, Jared                                         unknown
F,B ORVIS, Gershom         23 May 1754-9 Mar 1824       EVANS M.O  
W OTIS, Annials                                         RUT HOLLOW
F OTIS, Arunah                                          RUTLAND HOLLOW
W PALMER, SOLOMON                                       FELTS MILLS    
W PALMER, SOLOMON                                       FELTS MILLS    
F,PARDEE, John            BROOKSIDE (Plessis)      also Town of Champion 
F PARKER, James                                         BROWNVILLE
F PARKER, John                                          HONEYVILLE
F,S, PARKER, Joseph                                        BROOKSIDE, Plessis
F PARKER, Joseph Valentine                              CARPENTER
W PARKINSON, William                                    MAPLEWOOD
F PASSAGE, Joseph                                       unknown
I PATTERSON, Jonathan                                   Ellisburg
F,S, PECK, John                                            WHITESVILLE
F PECK, Jonathan                                        unknown
F PECK, Joseph                                          CHAMPION HOLLOW
W PECK, Nathaniel                                       HILLSIDE
F PECK, Simon                                           unknown
I PENNOCK, Wilson                                       Champion
F,S, PENNY, AMMIEL                                         RURAL, Adams
S,W PERRY, Ezra                                           HONEYVILLE
F,S, PETTINGILL, John                                      CARPENTER
F PHILLIPS, Abiezer, Jr.                                MAPLEWOOD
F PHILLIPS, Charles                                     PHILLIPS 
F,S, PHILLIPS, Ebenezer                                    NORTH ADAMS
I PHILLIPS, John                                        ?Pamelia 
F PICKARD, Adolphus                                     unknown
F PLUMB, Nathaniel                                      BROWNVILLE
F POTTER, Abel                                          WOODVILLE
F,S, POTTER, Ephraim                                       PIERREPONT MANOR
W POWERS, Isaac                                         West Carthage
F,S, POWERS, Nicholas                                      unknown
W PRENTICE, John                                        South Champion
F PRIEST, Joshua                                        unknown
W PRIEST, Samuel                                        TAYLOR
W PRIOR, Samuel                                         TAYLOR
F RANNEY, WILLET                                        unknown
F RAPPOLE, George                                       unknown
F RAWSON, Timothy                                       HUNTINGDONVILLE  See also
F READ, Simon                                           NORTH ADAMS
F,B READ, Squire           18 Sep 1756-4 Apr 1822         SHERWIN  
,S, REDWAY, Comfort
F,S, REDWAY, Preserved                                     RURAL, Adams
F,B,I REED, Amos         15 Feb 1762-11 May 1847        THREE MILE CR    
F,B REED, Ephraim        11 Nov 1842 82 Yrs             EVANS M.O  
F RICE Benjamin                                         WEST CARTHAGE
F RICHARDSON, Rufus                                     REED
F RICHARDSON, Tilly                                     BROOKSIDE, Watertown
F,B RIDER/RYDER, David    11 May 1757-26 Aug 1825       PT SALUBR(Guffins Bay)  
B RIDER, Thomas          17 Sep 1827 67Y                CALCIUM  
F RISING, Josiah                                        TALCOTT STAND
F RIXFORD, Samuel                                       unknown
F ROCKWELL, Silas                                       HILLSIDE, Champion
S,W ROGERS, Isaac                                         UNION, Adams
F,B,W ROGERS, William      21 Feb 1842 85Y              CALCIUM  
W ROSS, Laban                                           PATRICK-THOMPSON
F ROUSE, William                                        STONE MILLS
F,S, RUSSELL, John                                         FAIRVIEW, Rodman
F RUSSELL, Simeon                                       ELLISBURG, village
I ST. ORES, Jacob               1754-20 May 1845        ?LYME
F,S, SALISBURY, Edward                                     RURAL, Adams
F SANDIFORTH, Daniel                                    ARSENAL ST
W SARGENT, Samuel                                       RUT HOLLOW
F,S, SAWYER, Ebenezer                                      CARPENTER
F SAWYER, Thomas                                        BROOKSIDE, Watertown
F,B SCOFIELD, Elisha     20 May 1764-6 Sep 1859         EVANS M.O  
F SCOTT, Gideon                                         HILLSIDE OLD, Antwerp
I SHELDON, James I.      11 Apr 1743-10 Aug 1828        GREENES SETT
F,B SHELEY, Martin              1756-12 Mar 1840        OAKWOOD  
F SHELLEY, Samuel                                       Limerick (destroyed cem)
F,B SHEW, Jacob            23 Jan 1853 90Y m:10 Mar 1787  EVANS M.O  
F SHEW, Stephen                                         LAKE SCHOOL ROAD
F SIGOURNEY, Anthony                                    GOTHAM ST
F SMEDLEY, Jedidiah                                     TALCOTT STAND
F,B SMITH, Ephriam        5 Sep 1762-21 Aug 1837        EVANS M.O  
F,S, SMITH, Ezra                                           SAXE
F SMITH, Jacobus                                        unknown
B SMITH, Joel             8 Jun 1829 78 Yrs             EVANS M.O  
F,S, SMITH, Levi                                           unknown
I SMITH, Nicholas               1761-13 Dec 1846        ?STONE MILLS
S, SMITH, Samuel
F SOUTHWORTH, John                                      MAPLEHILL
F SPENCER, Rufus                                        BROOKSIDE, Watertown
F STAPLES, George                                       BROOKSIDE, Watertown
F STARR, David                                          Adams
B STARR, Samuel          13 Jun 1766-30 Aug 1830        PERCH RIV  
F,S, STEPHENS, Silas                                       MIXER
W STEVENS, Abram                                        STEVENS CM
F STICKNEY, Paul                                        WOODVILLE
F,S, STURDEVANT, Caleb                                     Ellisburg
F SUTS/SUITS, Peter                                     BROOKSIDE, Plessis
F TABOR, Lemuel                                         PIERREPONT MANOR
B TAGGART, Joseph         8 Dec 1755-11 Nov 1829        EVANS M.O  
I   TARBELL, Isaac            9 Oct 1763-March, 1841                                 
F TAYLOR, Daniel                                        CRANDALL-HILL
F TAYLOR, Elias                                         MUSCALONGE
F TAYLOR, Jonathan                                      HILLSIDE OLD, Antwerp
F,S, THOMPSON, Zebulon                                     unknown
F,S, TIFFT, Caleb                                          PIERREPONT MANOR
F,B TIMMERMAN, Henry D.  11 Oct 1834 84Y 9M 11D         EVANS M.O 
F TISDALE, George                                      SACKETTS HARBOR
S,W TRACY, Solomon Jackson                                Ellisburg
W TROWBRIDGE, Adonis                                 UNION 
F,S, TROWBRIDGE, John                                      GREEN SETTLEMENT
F TUBBS, Clement                                        unknown
F TURNER, Joshua                                        unknown
B,W TUTTLE, Solomon                                     MAPLE HILL
W TUTTLE, Ziba                                          OXBOW
W WAITE, James                                          Champion Huddle Cem
F WAITE, Richard                                        HILLSIDE, Champion
F WALLACE, Ebenezer                                     unknown
F,S, WASHBURN, Moses                                       unknown
F WEAVER, Jabez                                         SAND HILL
F,S, WEAVER, Jacob                                         RURAL, Adams
F WEBB, William                                         PERCH RIVER
F,S, WHEELER, Lemuel                                       unknown
W WHITCOMB, Joshua                                      Union, Cape Vincent
F,S, WHITE, Godfrey                                        GREEN SETTLEMENT
F WHITE, Oliver                                         GREEN SETTLEMENT
W WHITNEY, James                                        CORBINS CORS
F,S, WHITTIER, David                                       CARPENTER
F WHORRY, Daniel                                        unknown
F WILDER, Jotham                                        MUSCALUNGE
F WILSON, Isaac                                         BROOKSIDE, Watertown
W WILSON, Jephapah                                      CHAMPION 
F,B WILSON, John Gregg   19 Feb 1767-8 Aug 1855 88 Yrs  EVANS M.O  
F WOOD, Jacob                                           WOODVILLE, no marker
F WOOD, Samuel                                          unknown     
F WOODRUFF, Jonah                                       BROOKSIDE, Watertown
F WOODWARD, Thomas                                      ELLISBURG, village
F WORDEN, Thomas                                        PIERREPONT MANOR
F WRIGHT, Carmi                                         RURAL, Adams
F WRIGHT, Ephraim                                       unknown
F,S, WRIGHT, Jesse                                      GULF STREAM
S,W WRIGHT, Moses                                       Adams Village
F WRIGHT, Phineas                                       Town of LeRay
F,S, WRIGHT, Westwood                                   RURAL, Adams

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