Jefferson County, NY

This is a collection of newspaper articles in three sections that I have found while researching veterans buried in Jefferson county, NY for various projects. Many of the people mentioned here have memorials on

Sections: A B C

Rome Telegraph, Rome, NY, Tuesday, April 3, 1838

When the Rome and Port Ontario and Lake Huron Rail Roads are completed, it will require but 24 hours to travel from Albany to Lake Huron; allowing 20 miles per hour for railroad and 12 for steamboat traveling. Passengers from New York to the West, will breakfast in Albany, dine in Utica, take tea at Fort Ontario, here, take a bed on board a steamboat, and be called up to breakfast at Toronto next morning. From Toronto they will cross the Peninsula to Lake Huron in three hours. - Port Ontario Aurora

The Whale Fisheries

On Saturday and Sunday last nine vessels employed in the whale fishery arrived as New Bedford. They were freighted with cargoes amounting in the aggregate nearly to TWENTY THOUSAND barrels of sperm and whale oil, and valued, at the present prices, at more than two hundred and sixty thousand dollars.

Female Horse Thief

A women decked out in male apparel was arrested at Baltimore on Saturday, while endeavoring to dispose of a horse which she had stolen. She is a native of Yorkshire, and had been dressed as a man for three years, during which period she had been employed as a laborer on the canal and had performed other labors usual for those of the stronger sex.

Daily Courier, Syracuse, NY, Saturday, July 17, 1858

Hiram Spencer, son of Widow Spencer, of Belleville, Jefferson County, and 21 years of age, in company with an associate from Oswego, named Boomer, were sailing in a small boat on Henderson Bay, last Saturday, when the boat capsized and both were drowned.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, February 19, 1874, Page 5

The County

Mr. Samuel Brown, of this village, is a veteran who is entitled to the golden wedding degree. He was married to Miss Mary Hodge, February 9th, 1824; fifty years ago the 9th of the present month – neither disease or death have parted them and both are in possession of excellent health. The old gentleman lost his eyesight a few years since from cataracts, but can see well to go to the polls at every election and vote a sound Democratic ticket and one that he has voted without flinching for fifty-four years. Who can show a better record in this salary grabbing town than “Uncle Sam,” as we all call him?

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Thursday, May 17, 1877, Page 5


Mangarr- Vantorrell, At the residence of J. P. Porter, Esq, Lowville, on Tuesday, May 8th, Timothy Mangarr, of Martinsburg, to Hattie Vantorrel, of Theresa.

Townsend – Tom, At Alexandria Bay, May 10th, by Rev. S.M. Warn, Mr. J.D. Townsend, of Theresa, and Miss Celia J Tom, of Orleans.


LADD- In Hounsfield, May 9th, Nathan Ladd, aged 90 years, 3months and 10 days.
MOUNT- In Three Mile Bay, April 21st, 1877, Lizzie S Mount, aged 33 years.
DRESSOR- In Huntingtonville, May 1st, 1877, Melora, wife of Leonard Dressor, aged 75 years, 4 months and 14 months(sic).
WELLS- In this city, May 3rd, 1877, Julia, daughter of James and Julia Wells, aged 1 month.
MOUNT- In Three Mile Bay, May 5th, 1877, Annie, wife of – Mount, aged 21 years.
BENSON- In this city, May 7th, 1877, Mary, daughter of Dominick and Agnes Benson, aged 4 weeks and one day.
Francis- In Dexter, May 7th, 1877, James Francis, aged 76 years.
LaBATRE- In this city, May 11th, Liza, daughter of Joseph and Amelia LaBatre.
McGOWAN- In this city, May 10th, Mary Jane, daughter of Thomas and Harriet McGowan, aged 8 months.
FELL- On Ox Bow, May 3, 1877, Mrs. Lunettie Fell, aged 25 years and 8 months.
BARNES- In this city, May 10th, 1877, Frederick W, son of Ralph and Betsey Barnes, aged 7 weeks.
BUELL- In Watertown, May 11th, Nellie H, only daughter of George C and Mary S Parks, and wife of Willis Buell, aged 18 years, 7 months.
GREEN- In this city, May 15th, Frank, widow of the late S.A. Green, aged 31 years and two months.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Monday, November 4, 1878


Peck- In this city, Nov. 4, Mrs. Laura Pearsons, wife of Abner W Peck; aged 48 years.

Prayers at her late residence, 6 Massey, st, on Wednesday next at 9 a.m. Funeral services will be held at the Stone church at Stone Mills sane day at 1:30 p.m.

In a separate column;

We are pained to record the death of Mrs. Laura Pearsons Peck, wife of sheriff Peck, which occurred this morning at about 9 o'clock in this city. Mrs. Peck was a very estimable lady and will be greatly missed. Owing to the crowed state of our columns, we cannot give an extended notice of her today, but one will appear to morrow. Prayers will be said at her late residence on Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock, the funeral service will be held at Stone Mills the same day at 1:30.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Tuesday, November 5, 1878

In the death of Mrs. Peck, the Sheriff loses an estimable companion, and his children a kind and loving mother. She was a lady who possessed many virtues and many friends. Those who knew her loved her, and those who mourn her departure are not numbered by the members of her family. During her sufferings from cancer, which caused her death, she was patient and always ready to answer the summons of her Master. During her sickness she always spoke pleasantly of death and the hereafter. She will be greatly missed by very many. Dr. Cone of Canton will officiate at the funeral services to-morrow, which will be held at her late residence at 9 a.m. And at Stone Mills at 1:30 p.m.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Thursday, November 7, 1878

The funeral of the late Mrs. Peck was very largely attended yesterday. Many friends of the Family were present, besides a large number of the members of the bar of this city, friends of the sheriff. The services were conducted by Rev. Dr. Cone of Canton and Rev. Mr. Porter of Pennsylvania. The remarks made by Dr. Cone were both touching and appropriate. The remains were taken to Stone Mills for interment.

Watertown Re-Union, November 7, 1878, Page 5


Peck – In this city, Nov. 4, Mrs Laura Pearsons wife of Abner W Peck, aged 48 years.

Bartholomew – At Ai, Fulton county, Ohio Oct. 25th, 1878, Daniel Bartholomew, in the 83rd year of his age. Deceased was born at Augusta, Oneida county, NY January 19th, 1796; went with his parents to Watertown, NY in 1800; moved to Attica, Seneca county, Ohio, in 1857 and to Ai in 1867. He was the last of seven children, descendants of Adam Bartholomew, a soldier of the Revolution; had always enjoyed good health and was around till within three weeks of his death. Firm in a faith founded upon no particular creed of doctrine the Reaper found him ripe and ready for the harvest. The remains were taken to Blissfield, Mich., for burial, and except in the memory and to be cherished by every one who knew him, “Uncle Daniel” is no more.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Thursday, May 29, 1879, Page 5


WHITE-LAWYER At residence of the bride's father, on Thursday, May 22, by the Rev. L.R. Brewer, Geo. H. White and Miss Alice E Lawyer, both of Watertown.


NICKLES, At the residence of his son in law, Wallace Bettinger, of Henderson, of paralysis, Wiley G Nickles, aged 77 years, 6 months and 6 days.
RHINES, In this city, May 21st, Mary Jane, wife of Robert Rhines, aged 24 years, 8 months and 11 days.
MORSE, In this city, May 22nd, Ross G, son of Charles W and Nettie G Morse, aged 9 months and 11 days.
KRAKE, At the residence of his son, H. M. Krake, Adams, April 25th, Henry Krake, aged 93 years.
GREEN, In this city, May 23rd, Cornelia K, wife of Joseph Green, aged 58 years and 11 months.
VALLAT, In this city, May 24th, 1879, Emma A, daughter of T.J> and Alice Vallat, aged 14 years, 5 months and 1 day.
FULLER, In this city, May 24th, 1879, John Fuller, aged 82 years.
O'CONNER, IN this city, at his mother's residence, No. 44 Meadow street, Sunday afternoon, May 25th, Lagoria O'Conner, in his 19th year.
INGRAHAM, At the residence of her son, Herbert Ingraham, at Black River, May25th, Mrs Charlotte Ingraham, mother of George W and L. M. Warren, aged 70 years and 9 months.
HICKOX, At Spring Garden Florida, May 13th, 1879, at 11 p.m. After a lingering illness of seventeen weeks, Eaton R Hickox, aged 51 years, 6 months and 12 days.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Thursday, February 10, 1881


BIED-REASOWER, At the M.E. Parsonage at Kings, Ogle Co., Ill., February 1st, 1881, by Rev. H.S. Clendening, Mr. John W Bird of Lynnsville, Ogle Co., Ill., and Miss Martha J Reasower of Cape Vincent, Jefferson, NY.

REEVER-McWAYNE, At Sacket's Marbor(sic) February 2nd, by Rev. F>P> Winne, Mr. Fred W Reever, of Pillar Point, and Miss Georgiana McWayne of Sacketts(sic) Harbor.


RYAN, In Watertown, Feb. 4, 1881, William Ryan, age 76 years.
SYLVESTER, In Copenhagen, February 1, Nathaniel Sylvester, aged 90 years, 10 months.
MANN, In Mannsville, February 3, 1881, Mrs. N.B. Mann.
COUNTRYMAN, At Pamelia Four Corners, February 8, G. Elmer, only child of George and Sarah Countryman, aged 17 years, 8 months and 28 days.
CONGDON, At Smithville Flats, NY, February 3, S Congdon, father of Rev. H.W. Congdon, formerly of this city, aged 81 years.
STOKES, In the town of Adams, February 2, Mervin, son of George and Matilda Stokes, aged 3 weeks and 1 day.
PRIME, In the town of Leray, February 2, Augustus, son of Henry and Mary Prime, aged 4 months.
GAGE, In Hounsfield, February 5, 1881, Mrs. Phoebe Gage, aged 82 years.
WETTERHAHN, In Orleans February 5, Katie, wife of John Wetterhahn, aged 31 years.
PETRIE, In Evans Mills, Feb. 6, 1881, Sarah J, wife of Fremont Petrie, aged 28 years, 10 months and 11 days.

Watertown Re-Union, Wednesday, December 12, 1883, Page 5

Leonard Allen

Leonard Allen died Wednesday, Dec 5, at East Hounsfield. The deceased was born in the town of Hartland, Windsor county, Vermont, April 21, 1795. In the spring of 1808, his Father, Major Ebenezer Allen with his wife and ten children, emigrated from Vermont, and settled on the farm now owned by L. F. Allen, where the subject of this sketch has ever since lived, with the exception of three years' residence in the Town of Orleans in this county.

He served in the war of 1812, and took part in the battle of Sackets Harbor at the age of 18. On June 20, 1818, he was married to Eunice Knowlton, who still survives him. Over sixty-five years as husband and wife they have been permitted to enjoy each others society and walk the journey of life together.

Six children were born to them, four of whom survive him: Mrs. Wm Fisk, of Limerick, Mrs. S. E. Field and L. F. Allen, of East Hounsfield. One child died in infancy, and one, Mrs. O. A. Ostrander, late of East Hounsfield, died Dec. 11, 1782.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, March 5, 1884, Page 5


GRAHAM – WHITE, On Feb. 24, by Rev. Father Spatt, Mr. Thomas Graham, of Carthage, and Miss Anna White, of Newbogne, Ont.
BARON – SIMMONS, In this city, Feb.27, by Rev. Wm. Watson, Gustavus A Baron and Catherine J Simmons, both of Watertown.
WATKINS – McWAYNE, At the home of the bride, Feb. 20, 1884, by Rev. M.E. Grant, Mr. J.E. Watkins, of Point Peninsula, to Miss Carrie McWayne, of Cape Vincent.


DORR, At Pamelia, March 8, Lizzie, wife of John Door(sic), aged 24 years, 1 month and 18 days.
HAYES, In this city, March 8, David Hayes, aged ?9 years.
CHITTENDEN, In this city, Feb. 27, Grace Vaughn Chittenden, aged 16 years, 11 months and 28 days. Only daughter of Thomas C and Emma V Chittenden.
HILL, At Richland, Feb. 16, Mrs. Roxana M Hill, aged 42 years, 8 months and11 days,
SHARP, In this city, Feb. 28, Mary Jane, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Sharp, aged 8 months and13 days.
JEWETT, At Chaumont, Feb. 27, Mary A, wife of H.W. Jewett, aged 55 years.
TOURANGEAU, In this city, Feb. 27, Mary, wife of Emerie Tourangeau, aged 88 years.
BRABANT, In this city, Feb. 20, Malissa, wife of Augustus Brabant, aged 20 years and 4 months.
LADD, At Sulphur Springs, Feb. 20, Betsey, widow of the late Nathan Ladd, aged 83 years and 22 days.
HARRIS, In Lorraine, Feb. 23, Samuel Harris, aged 72.
GALLOWAY, At Sackets Harbor, March 1, Flora, daughter of William and Marietta Galloway, aged 14 years, 6 months and 27 days.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, April 9, 1884, Page 8


William Dobson died April 2d, at the age of 69 years, 2 months and 23 days. Mr. Dobson, born in Henderson, where he has always resided until his death. He was one of the foremost men in town, always at the front of things when reforms were discussed, his judgment being sought after by all. He was several times elected supervisor of the town and was well known throughout the county as an honest man and one whose example is worthy of imitation.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY, Tuesday, July 29, 1884, Page 8


The republican headquarters have been connected with telephone.
Theodore Tuttle, an old and respected citizen, who lived in Watertown all his life, died Wednesday, aged 90 years and 7 months.
The game of base ball played at the union grounds Saturday between the blacksmiths and the painters of the Spring Wagon shop, resulted in a score of 40 to 35, in favor of the former.
Pliny Monroe, one of Watertown's oldest and most respected citizens died at his residence, 151 State street, on Tuesday last. Mr. Monroe had been in apparently good health and worked on his premises the afternoon his death occurred. Heart disease together with old age, it is thought, caused his death.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, September 24, 1884, Page 4


Luman Arms died last week at his home on Church street, Adams, aged 88. He has been for 80 years a resident of the town and was respected by all who knew him.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY, Tuesday, February 24, 1885, Page 4


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Black – At Chaumont, Feb. 12, William Black, aged 66 years.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, December 8, 1886, Page 4

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Oyer and Terminer opened at the Court House in this city on Monday before Justice Vann. Several cases were referred and laid over.

The matter of Olive Arms against, William D Arms, as executor, etc, is an interesting one. The facts are alleged to be as follows; In 1882, Luman Arms, then being 86 years old, married Oliver (sic) Fuller, the plaintiff in this action. Before marriage the contracting parties entered into an ante-nuptial contract, by which he was to give her a certain sum of money in lieu of any rights in his estate as his widow.

Mr Arms died in 1884, when there turned up in the hands of the plaintiff a note for $1000, payable out of his estate at his death. And upon this note suit is brought. The defense is that Luman never made the note, and that there was no consideration for it. This case was tried by jury and Tuesday they rendered a verdict in the plaintiff favor for $1000.

The Chase will case is on trial. This case is an interesting one as it was once decided by the Surrogate.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Tuesday, January 22, 1889



Death has again visited our city and taken from our midst the wife of Mr. A. W. Dillenbeck. Mrs Dillenbeck had lived in this village about twenty years. She was a kind hearted, Christian woman, a member of the M.E. Church. A number of years ago she suffered a stroke of paralysis, from which she never fully recovered. On Wednesday last she the second shock, which resulted in her death on Friday night. The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon at her late residence in this village. A number of friends gathered to pay their last tribute of ??? for a king friend and neighbor., Rev. Mr. Cheeseman, pastor of the M.E. Church, conducted the services. There are left to mourn her loss a husband and six children – Miss Libbie and Bertha Dillenbeck, Mrs Michael Christie, Mrs. G. Port, and Edward Dillenbeck, of Dexter, also Mr. Marvin Dillenbeck, now living in Michigan. The family have the heartfelt sympathy of a large circle of friends in this their sad hour of affliction.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, March 13, 1889, Page 8, Column 4


Entered into Rest: at her home in Bishop street, on March 4th, Mrs Sally Bishop, widow of Calvin Bishop, aged 93 years and 11 months. Mrs Bishop was a highly respected woman and has been for many years a devoted member of the M.E. Church. Of the ten children which came to bless her life only three remain to mourn the loss of their affectionate mother.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, May 1, 1889, Page 4, Column 5


Lottie Mitchell Peck

Lottie Mitchell Peck, wife of District Attorney F. H. Peck, departed this life on Thursday morning at her home No. 42 Franklin street. Mrs Peck's death, after only 1 year of married life, is particularly sad. She leaves a babe only a week old, and a husband whose constant care was for her happiness and comfort.. She was a daughter of Hon. Isaac Mitchell, of Stone Mills, this county, and her age was 21 years and 10 months. Prayers were said at her late residence at 10 o'clock Saturday morning and the further funeral ceremonies took place in the church at Stone Mills at 1:30 o'clock on the same day.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY, (Tuesday), March 4, 1890, Page 5


George W Horth, for many years a resident of this village, died at his home on Church street Saturday morning. For the past two years he has been a great suffer from kidney difficulty, which he contracted in the army and which resulted in his death. He was a fine musician and a most excellent player upon his favorite instrument, the violin. He was an upright man, exemplary citizen and pleasant in his family. He was a member of DeAlton Cooper Post, G.A.R., which organization attended his funeral in a body, which was held Monday, Rev. L D Peaslee officiating. The deceased leaves a wife and son to mourn his loss.

The Watertown Herald, Jefferson County, NY, Saturday, June 7, 1890


Rodman, June 6- The Rodman village cheese factory sold last week for 8 3/8c. The hotel is being newly painted, B.L. Cooley is doing the work. Thomas McMichal & Co. received a flying call from a new visitor Wednesday afternoon, two drummers in the store taking orders orders for goods made rapid strides to get behind the counter at once fortunately no one was hurt as the horse went in the front door and out the back. Children, day will be be observed at the Congregational church one week from Sunday. Henry Ralph died Wednesday afternoon with neuralgia of the heart; he had been to work on the highway and not feeling and not feeling well started to go to the house, but only went a short distance before he dropped down on the road and only lived a few minutes.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Tuesday, October 7, 1890


Allen-At Perch River, Oct. 6, Cyrus Allen, aged 90 years, 7 months, 13 days. Funeral from his late residence, on Wednesday the 8th inst. At 2 P.M.

Oswego Daily Times, Oswego, NY, Friday, May 15, 1891, Page 5


Mrs. John Looker, a former resident of Adams, died at Lee, Mass., Monday, May 11, in the 91st year of her age. Her remains will be brought to Adams for interment in charge of Mr. Henry F Overton, of the firm of Overton & Fish, undertakers.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, July 29, 1891, Page 5, Column 4


Harmon – In this city, July 22, 1891, Uzal H Harmon, aged 55 years.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Friday, September 19, 1893, Page 2, Column 3

Mr. Michael Christie, who was so severely wounded on November 6th by the premature discharge of a cannon while celebrating Republican victories, died at his residence on Saturday night last. Mr Christie was a highly respected and popular citizen. A member of the Dexter fire department and the G.A.R., always active in any public movement and an efficient officer in both organizations he will be greatly missed from their numbers. Mr Christie was born in Dexter 45 years ago. At the age of 16 years he enlisted in the United States army and went to fight at the front. Only a boy, he fought for the preservation of his country and returned home at the close of the war, and identified himself in the growth and prosperity of his native village. Here, also, he married Miss Alphena Dillenbeck, daughter of Mr Aaron Dillenbeck of this village, who now is left with a family of four children to mourn the loss of a kind and indulgent father. There are three sons William, Walton and Harry, and one daughter Miss Glenna Christie.

The funeral was largely attended on Tuesday afternoon, it being held in the Universalist church, which was filled to overflowing, the G.A.R. And Dexter fire department and Sons of Veterans attending the in a body. One hundred uniformed men were in line. Beautiful floral tributes were presented by the Dexter fire department and by Messrs. F.W. Spicer and Louis Lansing, of the Frontenac Paper company, with whom Mr. Christie was employed. Rev. Mr. Ernest, pastor of the M.E. Church, and Rev. Me. Fairchild, pastor of the Universalist church, officiated. The G.A.R. burial service was given at the grave. This sad event has cast a gloom of sorrow- over our village, as the genial friend “Mac” will be greatly missed in all circles, where he was a welcome and ever popular companion.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, September 26, 1894

Drowned in the St. Lawrence

Judson Carter, who was in charge of the lawns of J. J. Belden at Round Island, was drowned in the St. Lawrence river at Clayton early Wednesday evening. He was about 65 years old, married, and leaves several children. W. C. Carter, a son, is a baggagemen on the Black River road, running between Clayton and Carthage, and another son, Judson Carter, is a brakeman on the same road. Mr. Carter was on the steamer Nightingale and fell overboard. All efforts possible were made to rescue him, but in the darkness they were not successful.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, October 3, 1894


The body of Judson Carter of Clayton, who fell from the steamer Nightengale(sic) and was drowned on the night of Sept. 19, was found Thursday afternoon near Pine Island by a fishing party.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, December 8, 1897, Page 7, Column 4


Mrs Mary Calkins

Mrs. Mary Calkins, for over half a century an esteemed resident of Perch River, died early Wednesday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs Mary Phelps, at Buck's Bridge, St. Lawrence county. Mrs Calkins was born in Herkimer county, her maiden name being Macombs, and came to this county when a girl. She married Irving Calkins and for 55 years they resided on a farm at Perch River. Since the death of her husband, Mrs Calkins has resided with her daughter at Buck's Bridge. Besides her daughter she is survived by four sons; John Calkins, of Thousand Island Park; Haylor Calkins, of Perch River; Walter Calkins, of Dexter, and E.B. Calkins, of this city.

Darius C. Larkins

Darius C. Larkins died late Tuesday afternoon at the residence of his sister, Mrs H.A. Myrick, No. 9 Moulton street, aged 77 years and 11 months. The deceased had been in poor health for some time, and death was due to old age. Besides his sister, he is survived one son, Charles Larkins, of New York city.

Mrs. Caroline Gotham

The death of Mrs Caroline Gotham, one of the oldest residents of the town of Watertown, occurred Wednesday morning at her home near Cold Creek, where she had lived for the past 40 years. Mrs Gotham was 85 years of age. Her maiden name was Caroline Hutchinson, and she was born in Oneida county. She was married in the town of Rutland, 49 years ago, to Genery Gotham, who died about 14 years ago. She is survived by two sons and one daughter, John H Gotham, of the town of Watertown; Darwin B Gotham, of this city, and Mrs Ceres Fish, of the town of Watertown.

Mrs. A.F. Andrus

Mrs. A. F. Andrus, widow of the late Merritt Andrus, died Thursday afternoon, at her home, No. 23 Mullin street, of heart trouble, from which she has long been a sufferer. She is survived by two sons, Sherwood and Seward E. Andrus, of Chicago; three daughters, Misses Grace and Maud M Andrus and Mrs J.C. Streeter, of this city, and one brother, Dr. D.E. Dickerson, of Kansas City, Mo.

Spencer S.B. Peck

The death of Spencer S.B. Peck, an esteemed resident of Brownville, occurred at his home in that village early Thursday morning. Mr. Peck was in his 60th year. He was born in Albany and resided there until about seven years ago, when he came to this county and up to about two years ago resided on a farm in the town of Brownville. For the past two years he has resided in Brownville village. He leaves a wife and one son, Roy Peck, of Brownville. He is also survived by two brothers, Samuel Peck, of Albany, and Henry Peck, of Denver, Col., and one sister, Mrs Bailey, of Dexter.

Mrs Carrie B Servey

The death of Mrs Carrie B Servey, wife of Lee Servey, occurred at her hoe, No. 6 Broadway avenue, just before noon Friday. Mrs Servey was the daughter of Addison and Sarah Hardy and was born in the town of Rutland. She has resided in this city since her marriage, about ten years. She was a devoted and beloved wife and mother, and the many friends who mourn her early death extend heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved husband and children. Mrs Servey leaves, besides her husband, three children, aged respectively 7 and 4 years and 1 day.

The Ogdensburg News, Ogdensburg, NY, Tuesday, December 23, 1902, Page 1

Watertown's Noted Lawyer

Captain Frank H Peck Died Suddenly Sunday Evening

The funeral of the late Captain Frank H Peck, who died at Watertown Sunday night, will be held this forenoon at 10:30 at the home of his father, Abner W Peck, in the Winthrop flats in State street. Rev. Dr. Osgood E Herrick, U. S. A., retired will conduct the service. The interment will be at Stone Mills.

Captain Frank H Peck died very suddenly at St. Joachim's hospital. The news of his death therefore, was a shocking surprise to his multitude of friends. Captain Peck had been suffering from a severe attack of bronchitis and tonsillitis, threating pneumonia, and on the advice of his physician, Dr. F R Calkins, he went to the hospital last Thursday for treatment. About 4 Sunday afternoon he received several friends and seemed much improved. Within an hour he became suddenly worse, and Dr. Calkins and Dr W J Kello were called. Captain Peck was very weak when they arrived, and within a few minutes he died in the arms of an attendant. The physician sad death was due to an embolism- that is the stoppage of a large blood vessel by a clot, to which the weakness induced by his previous illness had undoubtedly contributed.

Captain Peck was one of the best known and most popular men in Watertown. He was born in Jefferson county in 1856, the son of Abner W and Laura Pearsons Peck. After receiving an education in the Watertown schools and in St. Lawrence university he won a cadet ship at West Point in a competitive examination and entered the United States Military academy in 1876, graduating in 1880 very near the head of his class. He did not remain in the Army, but spent two years in civil engineering in the western states and territories and was then appointed to the chair of mathematics in St. Lawrence university. He resigned this position for the study of law, and studied in the office of Russel & Post in Canton and in the McCarthy & Williams in Watertown. He was admitted to the bar in 1884 and at once entered upon the practice of his profession alone.

His ability, force of character and resourcefulness soon won recognition, and in the fall of 1886 he was elected district attorney, and in the fall of 1889 was re elected. He made an excellent prosecuting officer, and the only criticism, if criticism it is, ever made by his political or personal opponents was that he preferred to prosecute crimes rather than misdemeanors, and that he seldom moved a case for trial unless he had first procured his evidence and was pretty sure of a conviction.

Frank Peck had some faults, else he would not have been human, but he had more admirable characteristics than he had failings. He was a big, strong, generous man, a man of heart and strength and courage. No man ever accused him of lying or dishonest dealings or even of sharp practices. He had a host of friends that realized his high ideal of what a strong man's friendship ought to mean, and his death is generally mourned.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, January 21, 1903

Death From Nervous Shock
Sudden Demise of William Dillenbeck in His Home at Dexter

Went to the Sulphite Mill to View the Wreck, Returned Home and Died in His Chair

The disastrous explosion at the Dexter Sulphite Pulp and Paper Co. at Dexter Sunday morning indirectly caused a second death, the of William Dillenbeck, an octogenarian and one of the oldest residents of the village. Mr Dillenbeck, who was a hale and hearth old man, and, to the knowledge of friends in this city, never had a days serious illness in his life, walked from his home a short distance down to the wrecked mill Sunday morning immediately after the explosion and surveyed the scene of the ruin. He walked back to his house, lighted his pipe, seated himself in a chair and fell forward, dead. It is supposed that the excitement resulting resulting from the explosion overcame Mr. Dillenbeck and caused his death from heart failure.

Mr. Dillenbeck was formerly a carpenter and spent nearly his whole life in Dexter. He is survived by two sons, Edward Dillenbeck of this city and Martin Dillenbeck of White Plains and three daughters, Mrs George Portt of this city, and Mrs William Holbrook and Mrs Markham of Dexter. Five brothers and four sisters, whose homes are near Fort Plain, NY, also survive him.

St. Johnsville News, St. Johnsville, NY, Wednesday, March 11, 1903

Death of Nathan Saltsman

Vienna, March 5 – Nathan Saltsman died yesterday at his home a mile north of this place, He had been failing for some time, but his death was sudden and unexpected. He complained yesterday morning of not feeling as well as usual and expressed the wish that the children be sent for., he died before the day closed. Death was due to old age and general breaking down. Throughout his life he had enjoyed the best of health, was a strong and robust man and he retained all his faculties unimpaired to the last. He was born in St. Johnsville December 15, 1817, and was the son of Mr and Mrs Peter I. Saltsman, old residents of that town. He was brought up on a farm and received his education in the public school. When a young man he went to Illinois, where he resided for a time, and then returned to St. Johnsville. Here he was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Klock, removing soon after to Vienna, where he has resided for over fifty years, occupying the same farm during that time. He was an excellent farmer and a good citizen, respected by all who knew him. He took an interest in public matters and politics, but never was a seeker after office. Early in life he united with the Baptist church and continued his interest matters. He had positive opinions in matters of religious belief. He was a kind father, a good husband and an excellent neighbor, and there will be deep regret, not only among members of his family, but throughout the community because of his death.

He leaves besides a wife, six children, two sons, K.S. Saltsman of Williamstown and E.U. Saltsman of Utica, and four daughters, Mrs Sherman Stone of Vienna, Mrs William H Evans of Gloversville, Miss Julia A Saltsman of Utica and Mrs Alice Allen of Ephratah. He is also survived by three brothers and three sisters, Alvin, William and Jerry Saltsman and Mrs. Julia Dillenbeck of St. Johnsville, Mrs Amelia Rumpff of Canajoharie and Mrs Alonzo Kilts of Vienna. Those who attended the funeral Saturday from here were Mr Jerry Saltsman, brother, and Mr. A.L. Saltsman, a nephew.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY, Tuesday, June 2, 1903

Memorial Exercises

About 60 of the veterans ad members of DeAlton Cooper Relief Corps observed Decoration Day at Rodman. Cooper post performed the cemetery ritual service at the grave of Comrade George Isham in Fairview cemetery and returning to Rodman village about 12 o'clock were invited to partake of a feast, such as none but the loyal people of Rodman are able to prepare. The post and corps re-formed at 1:15 and marched to the Congregational church and listened to an address by Comrade and Rev. A. C. Danforth of Watertown, the most eloquent and interesting it has been our pleasure to listen to for a long time. Too much praise cannot be given the music furnished by the Rodman choir. On motion of the adjutant a rising vote of thanks was tendered the speaker, the choir and the loyal people of Rodman for their kind entertainment. Long may Rodman prosper is the wish of Cooper Post and W. R. C.

The following is a list of veterans of the war of the rebellion from '61 to '65 whose graves were decorated by DeAlton Post May 30, given by cemeteries.

Rural cemetery of Adams – George Horth, Franklin Walsworth, Michael Kelley, George Hammond, DeAlton Cooper, James Grinnell, DeWitt Strickland, Harry Lyman, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; John Hazel, Barton Eaton, 59th Vol. Inf.; Lewis Ward, James Lloyd, Schuyler Gardner, 14th N.Y.H. Art.; Oramel C Bosworth; A. A. VanWormer, 20th N.Y. Cav.; John Looker, Thomas Lisk, 35th N.Y. Vol. Inf.; M.V.V. Washburn, George McCarthy, 1st N.Y. Vet. Cav.; S.B. Stearns, Ira B Lee, 18th N.Y. Cav.; William Mott, Samuel Glasier, Brayton Glasder, 94th N.Y. Vol. Inf.; Edwin Ramsdell, 122nd Ohio Vol. Inf.; Albert Greene, U.S. Navy; Martin Fish, Monroe Lyons, Edward Swan, 186th N.Y. Vol. Inf.; William Hinman, David L Andrea, 12th N.Y. Vol. Inf.; Albert Babcock, William H Draper, 1st N.Y. L. Art.; Erastus Wheeler, 25th U.S> Inf.; Oren S McNeil, 18th N.Y. Cav.; Geo. Dewey, 91st Wis. Vol. Inf.; Melvin Rose, Henshaw's Ill. Battery.; Henry Morrill, 18th N.Y. Cav,; Garrett H Dock, 44th N.Y. Vol. Inf.

Elmwood cemetery, Adams – Albertus(?) Whitford, Issac Washburn, Schuyler Lewis, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Rockwell Brown, Wm. Phillips, 1st N.Y.L. Art.; William Streeter, 5th N.Y. Art.; W. B. Smith, 30th N.Y. Cav.;l Dewitt Smith; 59th N.Y. Inf.; Jotham York; Andrew Mills, 1st Md. Inf.; Willis Blair, 18th N.Y. Cav.; Martin Overton, Assistant Surgeon; Clarence Smith, 94th N.Y. Infantry; James Munson, 85th N.Y. Infantry Charles S Pearsons.

Union cemetery, Adams Center – Martin E Dealing, 186th N.Y. Inf.; Allen wilder186th N.Y. Inf.; Henry Moulton 186th N.Y. Inf.; Elbridge Lee, 85th N.Y. Inf.; Alfred Newton, 40th N.Y. Inf.; John Cratsenburg, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Osman Divers 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Homer Green, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Bailey Potter 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Oren Freemen, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Elias Babcock, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Oreates Babcock, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Charles H Babcock, 2d Wis. H. Art.; Reuben Webb, 2d Wis. H. Art.; Thomas Spicer, 90th N.Y. Calvary; Nathaniel York, 90th N.Y. Cav.; George W Hawes, 94th N.Y. Inf.; Joseph Burdick; Lewis Roberts.

Lyman cemetery, Lorraine – Henry C Day, 24th N.Y. Cav.; Lamont M Baker, 24th N.Y. Cav.; Alfred N Bissell, 186th N.Y. Inf.; Samuel W Becker, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; George S Gardner, Charles H Davis, 94th N.Y. Inf.; George Charnick.

Gould cemetery – William Chafin.

Green Settlement cemetery- Geo Bannister, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Walter Felt, James Silsby; Sherman Greene, Decatur Greene, Steward Greene, Edward Richardson.

Honeyville cemetery – Loren Carley, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Adney Carley, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Ashley Hancock, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Manford Jenkins, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Preston Nichols, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; J. W. Bartlett, 180th N.Y. Inf.; John Kenyon, N Knight, J. W. Woodard, 94th N.Y. Inf.; D. M. Cole, R Woodard.

Rices cemetery – Augustus Darrow; one unknown grave.

North Adams cemetery – William Bartlett, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Brayton Bartlett, 85th N.Y. Inf.; Ebenezer Phillips.

Fairview cemetery, Rodman – H. C. Dye, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Russell Ellsworth, 186th N.Y. Inf.; A. Durfee, 186th N.Y. Inf.; Edwin North, 186th N.Y. Inf.; John Empey, 90th N.Y. Cav.; Eastman Rumsey, 17th N.Y. Inf.; Seth Jones, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Charles Barton, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Benjamin Stevens, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; James M Griffin, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Frank Bolls, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; A. W. Tiffany 10th N.Y.H. Art.; E.L. Waite, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Alanson Pettengill, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; A.S. Blair, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; C.B. Spear; 10th N.Y.H. Art.; G.F. Isham, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; John Filler, 94th N.Y. Inf.; Charles Eastman, 94th N.Y. Inf.; Almeron Wardwell, 94th N.Y. Inf.; Barney parsons, 90th N.Y. Inf.; William Hitchcock; James M Lyons, 94th N.Y. Inf.; James Demsey, 5th N.Y. Art.

Zoar cemetery – William Glass, 10th N.Y.H. Art.; Henry Ralph, 181 N.Y. Inf.; William Waldrick, 90th N.Y. Cav.; John Devoy, 90th N.Y. Cav.; William Pries, 90th N.Y. Cav.

Brookside cemetery, Rodman – Wesley R Seagur, 10th N.Y.H. Art.

Giddingsville cemetery – Darwin Kneesland, 11th N.Y. Inf.; Horace P Mitchell, U.S. Navy; Harrison Helmer, 3rd N.Y. Cav.

Cape Vincent Eagle, Cape Vincent, NY, Thursday, November 19, 1903

The funeral of Noah Dunham was held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the residence of his son, William Dunham, at Chaumont, Rev. H.L. Campbell officiating. Mr. Dunham was born in the northern part of Vermont on Lake Champlain on Sept. 14, 1814, the day on which the battle of Plattsburg was fought. At the age of 6 he was brought to Watertown, where his father, Noah Dunham, operated the first paper mill built there; 12 years after, the family came to Point Salubrious, where young Noah married and made his home. He sailed on the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence river for over 50 years. He was a kind hearted, sunny tempered man, who loved children and was beloved by them in return. He is survived by two sons, Fordyce H. and William Dunham, both of Chaumont.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Saturday, January 9, 1904


Veteran Milton D Hall Answers the Last Roll Call

Adams Jan. 8 – Milton D Hall died at his on Gran?? avenue Wednesday afternoon, aged 71 years. He was a member of the 94th regiment N.Y.V. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon and was conducted by Cooper Post G.A.R. . Interment in Rural cemetery.

Watertown Herald, Watertown, Jefferson County, NY, Saturday, June 24, 1905

Mrs Susan Munk

One of the earliest and most respected residents of Watertown passed away Saturday. Mrs. Susan Munk was the daughter of Jasper and Sarah Avery, and was born in Pinckney, Lewis county, Feb. 18, 1822, being the third of a family of 13 children. Jasper Avery, her father, was born in Saratoga, this state, Aug 1 1794, and came to northern New York at the age of 15 years. He took part in the battle of Sackets Harbor and was afterward captain of a “flood-wood” company during what was then known as “General Training Time.” In 1816 he married Sarah Sidmore at Saratoga, N.Y. He was a carpenter by trade and worked for the late Philo S Johnson during the building of Madison Barracks at Sackets Harbor. He died in 1865 and his wife died in 1872. Jasper Avery's grandfather was killed during the Revolutionary war.

Mrs. Munk was married Nov. 1, 1849, to Adam Munk, who was born in Heidelberg, Germany, June 3, 1822. In 1851, Mr. Munk was employed by the state of New York as an interpreter, with headquarters in Albany. In 1852 he mysteriously disappeared. It was believed by his relatives and friends that he had been murdered, as his clothing was found on the banks of the Hudson river, and it was thought this was done as a ruse to cover the crime. His father was a Lutheran minister in Heidelberg, Germany.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Thursday Afternoon, August 9, 1906, Page 11

Watkins L. Ryder

Limerick, Aug. 9- Word was received here yesterday of the death of Watkins L Ryder, which occurred at his home in Monticello, Ill., Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Ryder was born in Chaumont 72 years ago. He was a student at the Jefferson County Institute. After leaving the Institute he taught school at Watertown Center and Fox Creek. He entered Oberlin college, from which he graduated, and then went to Boment, Ill., where studied law and was admitted to the bar. Answering the call of his country in'61 he enlisted in the Second Illinois Cavalry and served honorably through the war.

After the war he married Mary E Spaulding of Waukegan. In 1865 he was elected county clerk of Platt County, Ill., and continued in this office for eight years. He invested in real estate while the West was young and was known in Platt County as a through business man.

He is survived by his wife, two sons, Clyde of Monticello and Gaylord of Decatur, Ill., one daughter, Mrs. Frank Caldwell of Decatur; one brother, Bruce Ryder of Limerick; and two sisters, Mrs. Deforest Putnam of Cape Vincent and Mrs. Charles Gillingham of Watertown.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, April 17, 1907


Allen Cobb

Allen Cobb, a veteran of the war of the rebellion, and probably one of the oldest citizens of this country, died Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs William Corey, in the Baron block. He was 92 years of age and was born at Pillar Point. He had resided the greater part of his life at Adams and came here only four months ago. He served in the Civil War in Company L, Fifteenth Regiment, New York Volunteers. He leaves a widow, the daughter with whom he resided and two sons, William, of this city, and Charles, of Michigan.

The Watertown Daily News, Watertown, NY, Wednesday Afternoon, August 21, 1907

Killed in Train Wreck
Three Mile Bay Man Meets Death in Alberta
Was Firing an Engine

Albert B Perney Had Been Railroading in the Canadian Northwest for Several Years – Railroad Employees Bring Body Back East for Burial

After six days continuous travel B McFarland, an engineman, and J A Geneat, a conductor, both in the employ of the Canadian Pacific railroad, arrived in Watertown this morning with the body of Albert B Perney, a fireman who was killed in a passenger train wreck on the Canadian Pacific road at MacLeod, Alberta, on Aug. 12. Perney formerly lived at Three Mile Bay, where the body was taken today. The funeral will be held in the Baptist church at Three Mile Bay at 10 tomorrow morning. Mr. Perney had lived at Crambrook, British Columbia, for the past five years, and for the past nine months had been firing. While he had not served long enough in this position to become a member of the fireman's organization, Crows Nest Lodge No. 559, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, paid the expenses of Mr. MacFarland to accompany the remains to Three Mile Bay. Mr Geneat, who was a close personal friend of the dead man, came at his own expense. The Canadian Pacific road furnished transportation free for the body and the men.

Albert B Perney was the son of Napoleon Perney who resides near Three Mile Bay and was well known in that part of the country. Besides his father, Mr. Perney is survived by three sisters. The remains will be buried in St. Lawrence.

Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, October 13, 1909


Charles A Sigourney

A total of six shocks, the last of which occurred last Tuesday, became fatal Sunday to Charles a Sigourney of No. 311 Waltham street, who died at 9 o'clock Sunday mourning at his home. He was 67 years of age, a life long resident of this city and a man especially well known. While a portion of his life was spent in the undertaking business, the latter years were spent as an employee of the New York Air Brake Company.

Besides a widow there survive two sons, Frank M Sigourney of Jamestown and Charles L of this city; two sisters, Miss Ann Elizabeth of East Watertown and Mrs Addie Bault of the same place; one niece, Mrs Fred Stewart of this city; a grandson, Charles Mosler of Columbus, and a daughter-in-law, Mrs Charles L Sigourney of Watertown.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Thursday Afternoon, January 26, 1910, Page 10, Column 3

D M Rice Dies After Brief Illness

Inspector f Customs at Cape Vincent Passes Away
Was Long in Business
He Became Ill With Pneumonia Last Saturday
Greater Part of His Life Was Passed in Watertown

Devillo M Rice, inspector of customs at the port of Cape Vincent, a former resident and business man of this city and one of the best known men of Jefferson county, died Wednesday night at his home in Cape Vincent, aged67 years and 8 months. Mr. Rice was taken ill on Saturday of last week with pneumonia and failed rapidly during the brief illness. Prior to the attack he had been in his usual health and was actively engaged in the duties of his office. Mr. Rice was a native and life long resident of this county. He was born at Rices May 21, 1842, the son of the late Marcus and Jane Collins Rice, who were numbered among the sturdy and substantial early residents of the town of Watertown. His boyhood days were spent at Rices, and on attaining his young manhood, he became one of the successful farmers of this section.

About 1865 he came to Watertown and engaged in business, purchasing the grocery store of F R Farwell and later the grocery establishment operated by the late George W Flower. Mr. Rice successfully conducted these establishments for 15 years being located for a time in Court street at what is now the Felt Drug Co. store, and later in the store now occupied by the J R Miller Co. in Public Square. While in business here Mr. Rice erected and occupied as his home the Miller residence in Ten Eyck street. While conducting his business he also engaged in the live stock trade and, on retiring from the grocery business, devoted all his energy to the latter following. He subsequently resumed farming in the town of Watertown, and about 15 years ago was appointed inspector of customs at Cape Vincent, a position he filled to the time of his death with satisfaction and credit. Mr. Rice was a member of Watertown Lodge, No. 49, F&AM, Watertown Chapter No. 59 R A M and Watertown Commandery, No. II K T.

Mr. Rice was twice married. His first wife was Sarah Antoinette Brintnall, the marriage taking place in 1870. By this union two sons were born, Fred D Rice of this city, and Frank D Rice of the town of Watertown. Mrs. Rice died in 1883, In 1886 Mr. Rice married Martha Parmeter of Rodman. She died in 1904. Besides the two sons, already mentioned, there survive one sister, Mrs. C A Wadley of this city and three brothers; Homer H Rice and Willis W Rice of this city and Harvey C Rice of Rices. The funeral will be held at the home of Frederick R Farwell, 127 Clinton street, this city, Saturday afternoon at 2 pm. The Masonic ritualistic service will be performed. Interment will be made in Brookside cemetery.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, April 13, 1910, Page 3

Abner W Peck Passes Away

Well known Citizen, Ill Long Time, Passes Away

In Assembly, Later Sheriff

He was Born on Piller Point in 1822 and Resided Many Years In the Town of Clayton – One of the Best Known Residents of the County

Portrait; Abner W Peck

Abner W Peck, former sheriff of Jefferson county and at one time an assemblymen from this district, died about 10 Tuesday night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George A Lance, 25 Emerson Place. Mr Peck had been in poor health for a year or more and had been seriously ill for several weeks. The funeral will be held at 9 Friday morning from the home, Rev. Andrew M Brodie, D.D., pastor of the First Presbyterian church, officiating. The body will be taken to Stone Mills, his former home for interment.

Mr. Peck was born at Piller Point, Feb. 8, 1822, the son of Eliphalet and Lois Webb Peck. His young boyhood days were spent at his native home and at the age of 17 years he moved to the town of Clayton, where he resided the greater part of his active life. He was married to Laura Pearsons, daughter of Chesterfield Pearsons of LaFargeville, and to them were born five children. Mrs. Peck died in 1878.

During the greater part of his life Mr. Peck was engaged in farming. He was successful in this and was regarded as a progressive, energetic citizen of the community in which he lived. He had the confidence of all his acquaintances and the respect of everyone. He served in the state legislature as a member of the Assembly from this county for two terms, beginning in 1837 and in 1876 was elected to the office of sheriff. He was a staunch Republican always and his interest in the welfare of his party was deep seated and abiding.

After completing his service as sheriff, Mr. Peck returned to his country home in Stone Mills and shortly thereafter with his daughter, the late Flora Peck, spent nearly two years in California. Sixteen years ago he took up his residence in this city, enjoying the care and comforts to which he felt entitled through a long life of activity.

Mr. Peck always believed in the desirability of extending every opportunity to young men and women to obtain a complete education and in his own family exerted every effort to bring this about. He was willing to make all sacrifices to give his children efficient educations and at one time four of his sons and daughters were away from home at the same time attending college.

Of the five children, but two survive. They are Carson C Peck of New York and Mrs. George A Lance of this city. The youngest son, Fremont Peck, a lieutenant in the United States army, was instantly killed by the bursting of the breech of a Hotchkiss gun at the Sandy Hook proving grounds Feb 19, 1895. Capt. Frank H Peck, the oldest son and the second child died Dec. 22, 1903 The youngest daughter, Flora Peck, died just about one year ago. Mr. Peck is also survived by the following grandchildren, Lo?? Peck of Paterson, NJ, son of the Late Frank H Peck; Freeman and Clara Peck, children of Mr. and Mrs Carson H Peck, Brooklyn; Mrs Harry Horton, Watertown; Mrs Walter B Massey, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Anson Lance, Passaic, NJ; Mrs C H VanSlyke, New York, children of Mr and Mrs George A Lance of Watertown; two brother, Elliott and Frank Peck of Kansas, also survive him.

The Watertown Re-Union, Watertown, NY, Wednesday, June 7, 1911

Napoleon Perney

Rosiere, June 6 – Napoleon Perney died last Wednesday at the age of 62 years. The funeral was held Friday at 10:30 am, Rev Father Wieland saying a high mass. Interment was in Warren Settlement cemetery.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Tuesday Afternoon, October 15, 1912, Page 10, Column 2

Veteran of 10th New York Heavy Artillery dies

Abel F Lowe of Dexter Passes Away
Well Known in County

Dexter, Oct 15, Abel F Lowe, a veteran of the 10th New York Heavy Artillery, died at his home in this village at 10 last evening. Mr. Lowe had resided in Dexter for the last five years. He had been a resident of Clayton for 60 years previous. He enlisted in the 10th New York Heavy Artillery at Clayton, Aug.?0, 1864, and was mustered out of the service as a private in company G, June 28, 1865 at Petersburg, Va. Mr. Lowe was 19 years old at the time of his enlistment. Mr Lowe was born May 22, 1844. He was a farmer and a cattle buyer and was well known in Jefferson county. He is survived by his widow, one daughter, Mrs Charles H Eveliegh, and three sisters, Mrs. Alzina Cook and Mrs Sylvia Van Camp, both of Perch River, and Mrs Delia Leonard of Dexter. Mr. Lowe was a member of the Depauville Masons and the Eastern Star, both lodges of which will have charge of the funeral services. The Lowe family is one of the oldest in the state, having originally settles in Kingston in 1660. The funeral will be held from his late home Thursday at 1 PM. Burial will be made in Dexter.

The Journal and Republican, Lowville, NY, Thursday, October 17, 1912

Abel F Lowe

Abel F Lowe, for many years a prominent cattle buyer of the town of Clayton, died Monday at his home in Dexter, aged 68 years. Mr. Lowe was born in the town of Clayton May 22, 1844. For more than 50 years he lived in that town and five years ago moved to Dexter. He was a veteran of the civil war and served in the Tenth New York Heavy Artillery. He leaves surviving his widow, who was Kate Cummings, to whom he was married 25 years ago last June; one daughter, Mrs Charles R Eveleigh, of Syracuse, three sisters, Mrs Alzina Cooke and Mrs Sylvia Van Camp, of Clayton, and Mrs. Delia Leonard, of Dexter, formerly of Lowville.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY, Wednesday, October 30, 1912, Page 6, Column 3


Presley In Stony Creek, Oct. 27, Hiram Presley, aged 96 years.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY, Wednesday, November 6, 1912

Mr and Mrs George Presley and daughter, Mrs. Len Palmer of Adams, Mr and Mrs Morris Waite of East Rodman were here to attend the funeral of their father and grandfather H. Presley.

The Funeral of Hiram Presley, the oldest resident of this town, who died at the home of his son, William Presley, was very largely attended at the school house, Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 11 o'clock, Rev. G M Greetham of the ME church officiating. Mr Presley was laid to rest in Evergreen cemetery by the side of his wife, who died three weeks ago.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Wednesday Afternoon, February 5, 1913, Page 11

Veteran of 10th N.Y.H. A. Dies
Henry Eugene Fox Passes Away In Adams Aged 66 Years.
(Special to The Times)

Adams, Feb. 5 – Henry Eugene Fox, a well known resident of this village died at his home on Church street last night, aged 66 years. He was the son of the late Ezra and Sylvia Wright Fox. His father was one of the pioneers who went to California in 1849. Henry Fox was a veteran of the Civil war, being a member of the 10th New York Heavy Artillery. After the war he resided for a time in Missouri.

He was a member of the firm of Henry E Fox & Son in this village. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church and was one of the organizers of DeAlton Cooper Post G.A.R. Hunting was his favorite pastime and each year it was his custom to visit the Adirondacks.

Besides his widow he is survived by one son, Gilbert H Fox, of this village.

The funeral will be held from his late home Friday at 2:30 p.m. Rev. W. E. Kimball of Sauquoit will officiate and interment will be made in Rural cemetery.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, October 7, 1914, Page 6, Column 5


Abel G Lyon was born in the town of Lorraine, Jefferson county, NY, Sept 22, 1831, and departed this life Sept. 28, 1914, aged 83 years and 5 days. He was married to Sarah Bice Dec 25, 1871. To this union were born three children, one son and two daughters. His only son, Henry, and two sisters, besides neighbors and friends, are left to mourn his death, his wife and daughters having preceded him to the great beyond. Let us be reconciled by remembering that Jesus doeth all things well and with his help may we learn to say “Not my will but thine, O Lord, be done.”

Mr. Lyon was a soldier in the civil war, enlisting as a private in Co. C, 94th regiment, NY infantry, in 1861 at Sackets Harbor, when he went bravely forward to the front with his comrades to help defend our country, over which the stars and stripes so proudly wave. He was a member of the Methodist church at Worth for about 30 years. He was well known throughout this section, having lived in and around Worth all his life.

On Sept 25, while at the home of Mr. Folsom at Diamond he was stricken with paralysis, from which he never recovered. He was at once removed to the home of his son and everything that a physicians and his children could do was done to relieve his suffering and make him comfortable during his last days. His suffering lasted only a short time, then God called him to meet his Judge, and to answer the final roll call, where goodbyes are never spoken and farewells are never said. His life's work is ended; he has gone to his reward.

Death our dearest friends can sever,
Take our loved ones from our side;
Bear them from our homes forever,
O'er the dark some riverside.
In that happy land we'll meet them,
With those loved ones gone before
And again with joy we'll greet them
There where parting is no more.

Funeral services were conducted at the Methodist church at Worth Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 30, at 2 o'clock. Interment in Worth cemetery, Rev. Carpenter of Diamond officiating.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY, Tuesday, December 1, 1914, Page 4

Benjamin VanBrocklin, aged 70, of Lorraine, dropped dead on Railroad street, Nov. 26. He was in company with his son in law, George Riley, with whom he had been spending Thanksgiving. He was a member of the G.A.R.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY, Tuesday, December 1, 1914, Page 4

George L Carpenter

George Carpenter, one of our oldest citizens, died at the residence of his sister, Mrs. Alice Newton, in Sandy Creek, Monday evening. He had been seriously ill for over a year with heart trouble and his death was not unexpected.

Mr. Carpenter was a carriage painter by trade, having a shop on Spring street for many years. He was a good citizen, a faithful member of the Methodist church and of its official board.

The funeral was held this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the M.E. Church, Rev. S>S> Davis officiating. Burial in Rural cemetery. He leaves two children, Frank P Carpenter of this village and Mrs. Mary Carpenter Broolm of California.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Tuesday, December 22, 1914

Philander Bowker

Philander Bowker, aged 86, a resident of this county during most of his life, died Sunday morning at his home in Brownville. Mr. Bowker was a native of Cortland county but he had spent practically all of his life in this county. Previous to living in Brownville, he had made his home in dexter.

He was a member of the Julius Broadbent Post of the GAR of Dexter. He had served through most of the Civil war, having participated in several engagements. He was by trade a mason. He was a member the Methodist Episcopal church of Dexter.

He is survived by his wife; three daughters; Mrs A.B. Ingersoll of Deer river, Mrs Fannie Kempfield and Mrs. Inez Tamblin of Brownville; and one son Frank B Bowker of California. The funeral arrangements have as yet not been completed.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Wednesday Afternoon, February 17, 1915

Veteran Of 94th Dies in Michigan

Enlisted With Lafargeville Men in '61

Wm. Sargent, Late of Orleans

He served in Numerous Battles, Returned to Lafargeville After the War, Later Going West

Lafargeville, Feb. 17 – Word has been received here of the death of William H Sargent of Olin, Genesee county, Michigan. William Sargent was born in the town of Orleans about 71 years ago, the son of Edmund and Louisa Sargent. When Lincoln called for volunteers he enlisted in Company ?, 94th regiment, under Capt. Lansing Snell, together with Walter Loucke, the late George Myers and the late Jacob Barner of Lafargeville. He fought in the battles of Cedar Mountain, second Bull run, south Mountain, Petersburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness, Gettysburg and was at the surrender of General Lee. He was once wounded. He served three years and three months. Shortly after the war Mr. Sargent was married to Emogene Marble of this town. Forty two years ago he left for Michigan, where he owned a farm. Later her retired and lived in Clio, where he served as justice of the peace for many years and at his death was holding this office. He was a prominent member of the GAR.

He is survived by his widow, one daughter, Mrs Harry Hudson of Clio, Michigan; two brothers, George Sargent of Perch River, Byron Sargent of Lafargeville and one sister, Mrs. Elnora Pietrie of Lafargeville.

In a notice from the home town, it is learned he was in good health, having attended a speech by governor Ferris the evening before. A relapse from an attack of grip followed by heart failure was given as the cause of death, which came very suddenly Feb 17, about 11 am. He was a member of the Methodist episcopal church of Clio.

Jefferson County Journal, Adams, NY, Wednesday, December 1, 1915

Elam S Lyman

Elam S Lyman, for many years a resident of Adams, died at his home on Spring street last Monday. Mr Lyman was well known in northern New York as a breeder and driver of racing horses, having driven in countless races. He was born in Lorraine, served in Co. M, NYHA, in the Civil war, and was badly wounded at Petersburg. He was a member of DeAlton Cooper Post, GAR. He leaves a widow and three children. Funeral will be held on Friday, at which Rev. A.B. Bass, pastor of the Baptist church will officiate. Mr. Lyman was a member of the Adams Baptist church.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Thursday Afternoon, April 6, 1916

Brother and Sister Die on Same Day

J.W. Allen and Mrs Julianna Calkins
One 81 Years Old, Other 72
Each Succumbs To Heart Trouble
One Passed Away in Brownville, the Other in Madrid

A brother and sister died Wednesday, the latter passing away twelve hours after the death of the former. Both deaths were caused by heart trouble. James Wilson Allen, well known farmer and musician of the town of Brownville, died suddenly at midnight, April 5, following an illness of two hours, at 81 years of age. Twelve hours later, his sister, Mrs Julianna Allen Calkins, died at her home in Madrid, NY, aged 72 years. Mrs Calkins had been ill several with heart trouble. Her condition had been critical for several weeks and death was not unexpected. Her brother's obituary appeared in Wednesday's Times.

Mrs Calkins was born in Perch River, the daughter of Cyrus and Louisa Peck Allen, pioneer settlers of the town of Brownville. She resided at Perch River for several years prior to her residence on Wells Island, where she lived for about 30 years. She had lived in Madrid, where she lived, for several years. Her husband, Rev. John Calkins, a local Methodist Episcopal clergyman, has held churches at Grindstone Island, Oxbow, Edwards, St. Lawrence, Tupper Lake, Buck's Bridge, retiring from this latter place about one year ago. He was not connected with the conference. He resided in Gouverneur for several years.

Besides her husband, she leaves one son Jesse P.T. Calkins, superintendent of schools at Hempstead, Long Island; and two daughters, Mrs. T.H. Nunn of Fine View, whose husband conducts a grocery at Fine View, and Mrs Mary Hurst of Madrid, with whom she made her home. She was a member of the Madrid Methodist Episcopal church. Addis Allen, a brother of Mrs Calkins, died suddenly at his home at Perch River about ten years ago, also from heart trouble. He was found dead by his wife. Mrs Abbie Moffett, wife of Hosea Moffett, a sister of the deceased, died at her home on Sackets harbor road, about five years ago.

Funereal services will be held from the daughter's home in Madrid, Friday afternoon at 2, Rev. H. W. Jago, Pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church of Madrid, will officiate. The remains will be brought to this city and interment will be made in North Watertown cemetery.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Saturday Afternoon, August 4, 1916

Veteran Dies at Glen Park

David Zimmerman A Member of 10th New York Volunteers in Civil War Days
(Special to The Times)

Dexter Aug 3- David Zimmerman, aged 76 years, a veteran of Company H 10th regiment New York Volunteers, and for many years a resident of this section, died at the home of his stepdaughter, Mrs. Edwin Jones, at Glen Park Friday night. He had been ill for several months with heart trouble. Mr. Zimmerman was born in /St. Johnsville, NY, April 11, 1840. After coming to this place he became a member of Julius Broadbent Post. GAR and was an active member of that organization for many years. He was also a member of the Dexter grange. He was in Watertown hospital for some time this spring with heart trouble. His wife died six years ago.

He is survived by two sons, David L of the town of Brownville, and William of the Quartermaster Corps of the coast artillery, whose home is on Long Island, and a stepdaughter, Mrs. Edwin Jones, at whose home he died.

The funeral will be held from the home of his son, David L Zimmerman two miles north of Brownville, Sunday afternoon at 2. Rev. J. H. Cary, pastor of the Brownville Methodist Episcopal church, will officiate. Interment will be at Dexter.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Friday Afternoon, April 23, 1920

Crosses Given 27th Division Men


Moscow's citation read;

Lonnie J Moscow, corporal, Company C, 107th Infantry, 27th division. For extraordinary heroism near Ronssoy, France, Sept. 29, 1918. In the attack on the Hindenburg line, Corporal Moscow was an advance scout for his platoon. The platoon was temporarily halted by machine gun fire from a section of the enemy trench in their immediate front. Corporal Moscow rushed through the heavy enemy fire to the trench and at the point of his rifle compelled twelve of the enemy to surrender. He then signaled for the platoon to advance.

Note; BPC; Corporeal Moscow received the Distinguished service cross

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Tuesday Afternoon, May 4, 1920

Veteran Found Dead in his Bed

George LaGraves, 75, Suddenly Expires at Stone Mills
(Special to the Times)

LaFargeville, May 4 – The funeral of George LaGraves, Civil War veteran who was found dead in bed Monday morning at his home near stone Mills, will be held Wednesday afternoon at 1 from the Methodist Protestant church, Rev Ira Owens, pastor of the church, officiating. Burial will be made at Stone Mills. Mr. LaGraves was a retired farmer.

Several years ago he suffered a fall and had never been in his usual health since that time. Sunday he was apparently as well as usual and passed the day with his family. His niece found him dead in bed when she went to call him on Monday morning. Death was due to heart trouble.

Mr. LaGraves would have been 75 years old on July 4. He was born in Omar, the son of Dennis and Rachael Arnold LaGraves. When he was 15 years old his family moved to Stone Mills and there he has since resided. For ???? he served during the Civil War as a member of Company G, Tenth New York Heavy Artillery. When he was 24 years of age he married Catherine Murphy of Omar who died a few years ago.

Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Edwin Robbins of Thousand Island Park, Mrs Mary Lee ??? of ???guh, Calif., and Mrs. Leo?? ???. Omar; one son George L LaGraves, Stone Mills; two brothers ???? Graves of Lacross, ??? Charles LaGraves of Stone Mills and 12 grandchildren.

Mr. LaGraves was a member of the Dexter Grand Army of the Potomac ?? and the Methodist Protestant Church, Stone Mills.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Wednesday Afternoon, December 29, 1920

Chaumont Man Dies Suddenly
John Eckert Aged 79, Victim of Heart Trouble
Was Sitting in Kitchen
Native of Germany He Came to This country When five Years Old
Nearly All His Life spent in Jefferson County
(Special to The Times)

Chaumont, Dec 29 – John Eckert, aged 79 years, died suddenly of heart disease at 12:30 yesterday afternoon while seated in a chair in the kitchen of his home, waiting for his wife to prepare dinner. Death came quietly and without warning. Mrs Eckert, who was alone with her husband at the time, called neighbors and Dr. A.A. Geiman was notified. Death was practically instantaneous, however. Mr. Eckert had been in ill health for about a year. He was born in Dunatar, Germany, the son of Phillip and Marguerite Eckert. He came to this country with his parents when he was about five years old, the family settling at Redwood. Mr and Mrs Eckert lived there all their lives. The son remained with his parents until about 30 years of age when he married Miss Amelia Dulmage of Odessa, near Kingston, Canada. The marriage took place in Watertown. Mrs Eckert died about 35 years ago. Two years after the marriage, Mr and Mrs Eckert moved to Depauville, following farming. Fourteen years ago, Mr Eckert moved to a farm outside Chaumont at Three Mile Point, retiring and moving to the village about seven years ago.

Mr Eckert's second wife was Mrs. Frances McNutt Whittier, widow of Alfred Whittier, the marriage taking place about 34 years ago. She survives with two sons, William and George Eckert of Lafargeville, six daughters, Mrs Fred Dillenback of Chaumont, Mrs Dayton Hilts of Chaumont and Mrs George Schnauber of Chaumont, Mrs Fred Jerome of Lafargeville and Mars Cyrus T Meyer of Syracuse, two brothers, Phillip Eckert of Depauville and Peter Eckert of Tennessee, three sisters, Mrs Mary Hoffman and Mrs Catherine Hall of Redwood and Mrs Susan Balts(?) of Alexander Bay, 18 grandchildren and six great grandchildren.

Mr Eckert was an active member of the Methodist Episcopal church and the local post of the GAR. He served for three years during the Civil war. The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at 1 from the home, Rev. William eddy of the Methodist episcopal church officiating. Burial will be made at Depauville.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Thursday Afternoon, January 6, 1921

Soldier's Funeral Largely Attended

Services for Leonard Warren Are Held At Glen Park.

The funeral of Private Leonard Warren, son of Mr and Mrs Samuel Warren, who died in France, Feb 14, 1919, of pneumonia, aged 22 years, and whose body was brought here for interment was held at 2:30 this afternoon from the Warren residence in Glen Park, Rev. E. B. Doolittle, rector of Brownville Episcopal church, officiating. Interment was in Dexter cemetery.

The service was largely attended by friends and residents of Glen Park and vicinity.. Many of the young men in attendance are ex service men and employees of the International Paper company mill at Glen Park, where Private Warren was employed as paper maker prior to entering the service. The Glen Park organization of the American Legion was well represented.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Monday Afternoon, July 25, 1921

Adams Soldier's Funeral Tuesday

Body of Corp. Charles Ramsdell Arrives From France.

Adams, July 25 The body of Corp. Charles Ramsdell arrived here from France yesterday morning. The funeral will be held in the Methodist episcopal church, Tuesday afternoon at 3, Rev. E.J. Lavis, the pastor, officiating. The Don Rounds Post of the American Legion will have charge of the services. Burial will be in the Roberts Corners cemetery. Corporal Ramsdell was the son of Mrs. Phoebe Jackson of Chaumont, formerly of Henderson. He was killed in action July 18, 1919.

Cape Vincent Eagle, Cape Vincent, NY, Thursday, May 18, 1922


Jesse Dunham, son of Fordyce H and Caroline Douglas Dunham, died at his home here Thursday night, after an illness of twenty months from tuberculosis.. Mr Dunham was born on Point Salubrious and had always lived in the town of Lyme. His last work, prior to his illness, was for the McMeylor Interstate Steel Corporation, of Bedford, Ohio, he having gone there in April 1920, and an injury to his head in October of that year, forced him to come home.

He had followed fishing to some extent and sailing, being a pilot. He was unmarried, living with his parents and was 53 years, five months and twenty eight old when he died.

He is survived by his parents, and three sisters, Mrs Susanna Giles and Miss Anna May Dunham, of Chaumont, and Mrs Everett White of Dexter, and one brother, Frank Dunham, of Chaumont.

The funeral services were held from his late home on Monday afternoon at two thirty, Rev. Wm. H Bradley, officiating, with interment in Cedar Grove cemetery.

Oswego Palladium, Oswego, NY, Wednesday, January 31, 1923

The Rev. John Calkins Dead

The Rev. John Calkins, 67, well known member of the Northern New York Conference of the M.E. Church, died at his home in Evans Mills yesterday after a long illness. He was licensed to preach in 1895. Funeral will be tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock. His second wife, whom he married in 1919, three children and seven grand children, survive.

Jefferson County Journal. Adams, NY, Wednesday, June 4, 1924

Veterans' Graves Decorated

The Following is a list of the graves of veterans of the Civil war and the cemeteries in which they are located that were decorated Memorial Day by the comrades of DeAlton cooper Post, No. 381, G.A.R.

Rural Cemetery, Adams – John Hasel, George Horth, Barton Easton, Lewis Ward, Oramel Bosworth, Michael Kelley, David Gaylord, A Babcock, James Grenell, Oren Grenell, Schuyler Gardner, DeWitt Strickland, Milton D Hall, Jackson Wilcox, James Lloyd, Orlando Wright, Isaac W Payne, Garrett H Dack, Erastus Wheeler, Harvey Lyman, James Campbell, Oscar Wiley, Melvin Ross, Wm H Draper, George Dewey, Geo. McCarty, Henry Moreland, Gaylord Babcock, Caleb N Lyman.

Oscar Randall, Martin Throp, Nelson W Corey, Samuel Glazier, Brayton Glazier, Martin Fish, Hiram Wright, William Mott, Henry Ramsdell, DeAlton Cooper, David M Greene, Albert Greene, Hiram Loder, Ira B Lee, Devere Washburn, Henry E Fox, Grove Heath.

George Hammond, Oren McNeil, Stuart Stearns, Moss V Washburn, Frank Walsworth, John Looker, A A VanWormer, Monroe Lyons, Luzerne Steward, Barton Eaton, Edwin Swan, George fox, Wm. Hinman, Thomas Lisk, Ira Andrus, George Parham, Eugene Robbins, John C Whiting, Frank Spicer.

Elmwood Cemetery, Adams – Albertus Whitford, William Phillips, Isaac Washburn, William Streeter, Rockwell Brown, Schuyler Lewis, W R Smith, DeWitt Smith, Jotham York, Andrew Mills, Willis Blair, Martin Overton, Charles S Persons, M D Manville, T M Kenyon.

Giddingsville Cemetery – Harrison Helmer, Horace P Mitchell, Darwin Kneeland, William H Williams.

Gould Cemetery – William Chafin

Union Cemetery, Adams Center – Martin M Dealing, Elbridge Lee, Alfred Washburn, John Crantsenburg, Osman Davis, Homer Greene, Bailey Potter, Oren Freeman, Joseph Burdick, Lewis Roberts, M D Titsworth, Elias Babcock, Orestus Babcock, Reuben Webb, C H Babcock, Thomas Spicer, Nathaniel York, Allen Wilder, George W Hawes, Henry Moulton, Geo. D. Sullivan.

Green Settlement Cemetery – Geo. Banister, Walter Felt, James Silsby, Sherman Green, Edward Richardson, Steward Green.

Lyman Cemetery, Lorraine – Lamont M Baker, Alfred N Bissell, Samuel W Becker, B B Brown, D H Mooney, Abraham Lyon, Frank Roberts, Chas. Wilcox, Jacob Haff, John Lanfear, Silas Bateman, Joseph Chapman, James Middleton.

1776 – Ebenezer Brown, Ebenezer Durfee, Benjamin Fletcher

1812 – Isaac Lanfear, David Caulkins, Walter Brown, Aaron Brown, Lemuel Taber, George S Gardner, Charles H Davis, George Charnick, John H Nichols, H R Garner, Alfred Parker, George H Stevens, Eli S Gillette, Eli Wilcox, L L Bateman, A W Harrington, Morgan McCoon.

Mattoon Ground, Lorraine – 1776- Joel Caulkins.

Fairview Cemetery, Rodman – H.E. Dye, J. Empey, Russell Ellsworth, Eastman Rumsey, Seth Jones, Charles Eastman, Almeron Wardwell, Barney Parsons, Benjamin Stevens, Asa Durfee, James Demsey, G.F. Isham, James M. Griffin, Aleanzar Wardwell, Edgar North, Frank Bolls, A.W. Tiffany, Wm. Hitchcock, E.L. Waits, James M. Lyons, Alanson A Pettengill, A.S. Blair, S.B. Spear, John Filler.

Zoar Cemetery – William Glass, William Wallbick, John DeVoy, Henry Ralph, William Priest.

Brookside Cemetery – Wesley R. S???

Honeyville Cemetery – Loren Carley, Andy Carley, Ashley Hancock, John Kenyon, Manford Jenkins, I.W. Woodard, N. Knight, D.M. Cole, J.W. Bartlett, E.W. Greene, Preston Nichols, R. Woodard.

North Adams Cemetery - William Bartlett, Braton Bartlett.

Rices Cemetery – Augustus Darrow, Ebenezer Phillips, Unknown Grave.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Saturday Afternoon, May 23, 1925, Page 14

A. H. Wilder, 75, Veteran, Dies

Passes Away At Home In Black river
In Lincoln's Bodyguard
Enlisted with 186th Infantry and Served With It Throughout War- Widow is Seriously Ill
(Special to The Times)

Black River, May 23- Alfred H. Wilder, 75, died at the home of his son, Arthur Wilder, Friday evening, following an illness of several weeks. Mr. Wilder was a Civil war veteran and served as a member of Lincoln's body guard. He was well known in this section being prominent in church affairs and being a member of a Grand Army post. He was born in Pillar Point and was educated in the schools of that place. Later he moved to Brownville and Houndsfield where he was engaged as a farmer. About 3 years ago he moved to this village where resided with his son Arthur. While living in Brownville he married Miss Lydia Dougherty, who survives him.

During the Civil war, Mr Wilder enlisted in the 186th infantry. He served with Company H throughout the war, taking part in many major engagements. Near the close of the war he was stationed in Washington DC and served as a member of Lincoln's body guard.

Mrs Wilder is critically ill at her son's home and has not been told of her husbands death. It was thought advisable not to tell her until her condition improves. The body was removed to C J Sweet's undertaking parlor.

Surviving besides his widow are one son, Arthur of this village, one daughter, Mrs Elsie Wheeler of Dexter, and two sisters, Mrs. Martha Sterling and Miss Margaret Wilder, both of Dexter.

The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at 1:30 from the Sweet undertaking parlors and at 2 from the Church of Christ at Felts Mills, Rev W A Williams will officiate. Burial will be made in the Black River cemetery.

Cape Vincent Eagle, Cape Vincent, NY, Thursday, June 4, 1925

F.H. Dunham Passes Away

On Thursday afternoon of last week at his home in Chaumont occurred the death of Fordyce H Dunham, one of the town of Lyme's oldest and most highly respected residents, at the age of 79 years. He had been in poor health for a number of years. Mr. Dunham was born on Point Salubrious, a son of Noah and Susan Horton Dunham, March 20, 1846, and lived in the town of Lyme all of his life. He married Miss Caroline A Douglas July 3, 1867. For many years he was employed in the quarry at Chaumont.

Besides his widow there survive three daughters, Ana Dunham and Mrs. Musette White, of Pillar Point; one son, Frank Dunham of Chaumont, and one brother, William Dunham, of Watertown; also five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

The funeral was held from the home Monday afternoon at two o'clock, the Rev. Ralph DeKay, pastor of the Presbyterian church, officiating. Interment was made in Cedar Grove cemetery.

The Journal and Republican, Lowville , NY, Thursday, July 15, 1926

George L Banister

Former Resident of Watson Dies at Adams Center

George L Banister, 84, a veteran of the Civil war, died at his home in Adams Center Tuesday afternoon after an illness of about a month following a stroke. He was a son of the late George W and Rebekah Clark Banister and was born in Oneida county, July 11, 1848(sic). When he was a child his parents removed to the town of Watson. He married Miss Sarah Fowler, of Watertown on November 7, 1868. Five children were born to them, four of whom survive. They continued to live in Lewis county for twelve years after their marriage and then removed to the vicinity of Adams Center, where, with the exception of two winters spent in Florida, Mr. Banister has since resided. Mrs Banister died in 1923 and since that time his daughter, Sylvia, has lived with him.

Cape Vincent Eagle, Cape Vincent, NY, Thursday, February 10, 1927.

County News

James Daniel, aged 84 years, died at the home of his son, Frank, at Chaumont, Tuesday of last week. He was a veteran of the civil war.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Wednesday Afternoon, May 23, 1928, Page 6

Mrs. Mary Ryder Putnam, 80, Expires at Cape Vincent
(Special to The Times)

Cape Vincent, May 23, Mrs. Mary Ryder Putnam, widow of Deforrest Putnam, aged 80 years, died at her late residence here yesterday afternoon at 4:30. She had been ill for more than two years. Mrs. Putnam was born in the town of Brownville, May 26, 1847, a daughter of the late Benjamin and Caroline Horton Ryder. She lived all her life in the towns of Brownville and Cape Vincent. On March 3, 1901, she married Deforrest Putnam who died in 1916.

Six nieces and two nephews are the only survivors they being Mrs. Alice Spencer and Mrs Mary York of Watertown, Miss Edna Baily of New York City, Mrs C.J. McGarrity of Binghamton, Miss Helen Ryder of Rome, W. Brayton Ryder of Cape Vincent and Walter B Ryder of Limerick.

Funeral services will be held Friday morning at 10 from the late residence, Rev. John Fairburn, rector of the Episcopal church here, officiating. Interment in Point Salubrious cemetery.

The Journal and Republican, Lowville, NY, Thursday, February 7, 1929

10th Artillery Veteran Dies

William P Smith, 90, one of the few remaining veterans of the old Tenth Heavy Artillery Civil war regiment, died Sunday at the home of his son in Perch River. Mr. Smith was a retired farmer. He enlisted January 1, 1865, and served in the Tenth and in the Sixth Field Artillery.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Monday, November 7, 1932, Page 8

Mrs. Mary E Fox, 84, Passes Away at Adams
(Special to the Times)

Adams, Nov. 7- Mrs. Mary Emma Fox, 84, widow of Henry E. Fox, died Sunday night at 8:15 at her home, 63 Church street, Adams, after a brief illness. She was a native of this village and had lived here practically all her life. She was born Sept. 1, 1848, the daughter of Henry Peter and Almira Scott Gilbert. She was a member of the Presbyterian church here, the Order of the Eastern Star, and the DAR.

She is survived by one nephew, B.F. Gilbert of this village.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 3 from the hone, 63 Church street, Rev. W.F. Bishop of the Presbyterian church officiating. Burial will be in rural cemetery.

Lowville Journal and Republican, Lowville, NY, Thursday, May 31, 1934

Death of Harvey C Rice

Prominent Jefferson Fair Official and Horseman Ill of
Pneumonia Only Five Days

Harvey C Rice, 82, prominent farmer and horseman of Rices and long a member and officer of the Jefferson County Fair society, died Friday morning at the House of the Good Samaritan, where he had been ill of pneumonia since Sunday. He was the father of Maj. Marcus H Rice, aviator, who died in 1928, at San Francisco, Calif. Mr. Rice was a native of Rices, son of Marcus and Jane Collins rice. He had always lived in the house of his birth. His father was a pioneer settler, of Jefferson county, coming here from Hartford, Conn. Mr. Rice was a life member of the Jefferson County Fair society. He had served as judge and timer at horse races at the fair for years and was superintendent of the horse devision for years. He had exhibits at the fair since he was nine years old. He had driven his own horses in races at the fair. He was a Democrat and had served as county committeeman of the town of Watertown more than 40 years.

There survive two daughters, Mrs. Ephraim C Hodges of Hounsfield and Mrs. Lewis G Ives, Rices.

Mr. Rice, before his death, made his own funeral arrangements, expressing his wish that Rev. Dr. harry Westbrook Reed of All Souls church officiate. The bearers he selected were Lewis G Ives, Ephraim C Hodge, L.F. Murray, William Maxon, town of Hounsfield, and John B Smith and Harry Y Stone, town of Watertown. Services were held Sunday.

Cape Vincent Eagle, Cape Vincent, NY, Thursday, February 27, 1941

Chaumont Women Observes Her 93rd Birthday Feb. 18

Mrs. Caroline Douglas Dunham, the oldest resident of Chaumont, observed her 93rd birthday on Tuesday of last week, February 18. Mrs. Dunham was born at Pillar Point, February 18, 1848, a daughter of Leander and Anne Wine Douglas. In 1865 she moved with her parents to Point Salubrious. On July 3, 1867, she was married to Fordyce Dunham at Depauville. Rev. John Allen, Baptist minister, performed the ceremony. Mr. Dunham died in May, 1925.

There are five generations in Mrs. Dunham's family, including a son, Frank Dunham, of Chaumont; three daughters, Mrs. Susan Giles, Watertown; Mrs Everett White, Pillar Point, and Miss Anna Dunham, of Chaumont; five grandchildren, Mrs Hector LaTray, Mrs Ralph Stoddard, Carthage; Mrs Alvia Trude, Miss Jean LaTray, Mrs D.C. Ayres, Mrs Clifford Bongard, Watertown; Edwin White, San Antonio, Texas and Mrs Norman Gould, Brownville; four great grandchildren, Mrs. Ralph Stoddard, Carthage; Mrs Alvia Trude, Miss Jean LaTray, Watertown and Janice Gould, Brownville; a great great grandchild, Brian Stoddard, of Carthage.

A family dinner was held at the home. Those present besides the guest of honor were her three daughters and one son.

BPC Notes; Her 94th birthday announcement, in the Cape Vincent Eagle, Cape Vincent, NY, Thursday, February 26, 1942, shows her as the daughter of Leander and Anne Wing Douglas.

Syracuse Herald-American, Syracuse, NY, Sunday, December 27, 1942, Page 28, Column 2

Woman Dies of Burns in Watertown

Mrs Alice B Calkins, 83, of Depauville, Succumbs in Mercy Hospital

Special Dispatch

Watertown, Dec. 26 – Badly burned about the arms and thighs when her apron caught fire from hot coals of a living room stove, Mrs Alice Barbour Wallace Calkins, 83, of Depauville, widow of the Rev John Calkins, Methodist Clergyman, died at 6:30 tonight in Mercy Hospital. At the time of the accident, Mrs Calkins, who lived on the outskirts of Depauville village, on the road to Chaumont, was alone. She was preparing herself a pot of tea before retiring on Christmas night. She opened the front door of the living room stove and placed the teapot on the live coals. When she went to remove the teapot she used her apron to take hold of the handle. The apron caught fire. Soon she was enveloped in flames. Mrs Calkins hurried to the door. Screaming for help, she went outdoors and rolled in the snow. Neighbors went to her assistance but by the time they arrived nearly all her clothing had been burned from her body.

Mrs Calkins, who had lived alone since the death of her second husband, was removed to Mercy Hospital by ambulance. She suffered third degree burns about the arms, thighs and back and also from shock. Dr. Bennie Mecklin of this city, formerly of Depauville, attended her. The only immediate survivor is a daughter, Mrs. Gertrude M Kelly, who is employed at the Harold E. Radigan home at 341 South Indiana Avenue.

Observer-Dispatch, Utica, NY, Saturday, September 27, 1958, Page 2

Frank E Brigham, Retired Carpenter

Frank E Brigham, 91, died Sept. 26, 1958 in the home of his son, Floyd E Brigham, 8 Walker St., after a long illness. Mr. Brigham was born in Lorraine, Sept. 11, 1867, son of VanBuren and Clarissa Waterman Brigham and married Rose Tennant in 1904. She died in 1941. Mr Brigham had lived in Utica with his son for the past three years. He was a carpenter until he retired in 1950. He was a member of the Lorraine Methodist Church.

Mr Brigham served in the Army at Fort Abraham Lincoln in the Dakota territory and saw active duty during Indian hostilities from 1887 to 1888.

Besides his son, Floyd, he leaves another son, Gary V , both of Utica; three grandchildren; two nieces.

The funeral will be held at 11 Tuesday from the Langdon Residential Funeral Home, York & Maple Sts., with the /Rev. Paul A Roy, pastor of Central Methodist Church, officiating. Interment will be in the Lorraine Village Cemetery. Calling hours at the funeral home are 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 tomorrow and Monday.

The Geneva Times, Geneva, NY, Saturday, February 16, 1963, Page 3, Column 5

Mrs James Peters Sr.

Geneva – Funeral services for Mrs James (Daisey) Peters, wife of James Peters Sr., of 13 Jefferson Ave., will be at 2:30 pm Monday in the McGraw Funeral Home in Carthage. Mrs Peters had been living at the home of her son in Geneva for the past three and a half years. She died Thursday afternoon in Geneva General Hospital after a long illness. She is survived by her husband; one son, James Jr., of Geneva; a daughter, Mrs John Coffin, of Beaver Falls.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Monday, June 13, 1966, Page 3, Column 1

Earl D Rogers Dies at 76

Syracuse, June 13 Earl D Rogers, 76, of 301 Merriman Ave., died Saturday in Veterans Administration hospital after a long illness. A native of Clayton, he had lived in Syracuse. He was a retired General Electric Co. employee. He was a member of the Delaware St. Baptist church. He was a charter member former commander of the Watertown Post, American Legion.

He leaves his wife, Mrs Emilie Z Rogers; two daughters, Mrs. John Hart and Mrs Elinor A Timmons; two sons, A E and George C Rogers; a sister, Mrs Charles Geary; 18 grand children and one great grand daughter.

Services will be held at 10 am tomorrow at the Callahan – Hanley – Mooney funeral home. Burial will be in Clayton cemetery, Clayton. Friends may call 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm today at the funeral home.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Friday, December 1, 1967, Page 10, Column 8

John House Dead at 70

Clayton – John L House, 70, Clayton, RD 1, died at the House of the Good Samaritan, Watertown, Thursday evening at 10:45. He had been admitted at 2 pm that day. The funeral will be Sunday at 1 pm at the Cummings funeral home, with Rev. Dean P Shaw of the Clayton Methodist church, officiating. Burial will be in Clayton cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Saturday from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9 pm.

Surviving are his mother, Mrs. Addie D House; a brother, Robert F, Clayton; three sisters, Mrs Jessie Wiedeman, Glen Park, Mrs Bernard (Josephine) Gardner and Mrs. Clarence (Hazel0 Haskins, both of Watertown, nieces and nephews. A sister, Mrs. Nonie Rousseau, died at Three Mile Bay Jan. 8, 1967, and Mrs. Paul (Gertrude) Garnsey, another sister, died in Watertown in 1946.

Born July 3, 1897 at Clayton, a son of George and Addie Daniels House, he attended local schools and was a life resident of the Clayton vicinity. Following his employment with Frink Sno-Plow, Inc., Clayton, he worked for Crowley's milk plant, LaFargeville, until his retirement. He was a veteran of World War I and II.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Friday, June 13, 1969, Page 20

Lott Peck, Long Ill, Dies at 80

Lott M Peck, formerly of 26 Emerson Place, a retired real estate broker, a veteran of World War 1 and a one time newspaperman, died about 5 this morning at the Ryan Nursing Home, 518 Pine St., after a long illness. He had been a patient at the nursing home since August, 1966. The funeral will be probably Sunday afternoon at 2 at the Cummings Funeral Home, Watertown. Burial will be at Stone Mills. Friends may call at the funeral home Saturday night from 7 to 9.

A half brother, Maj, Gen. Dewitt C Peck, Pomfret, Md., retired U. S. Marine Corps officer and former resident of Clayton, survives him. His half sister, Miss Elanor Hubbard Peck, formerly of Clayton, died Aug 5, 1954 in Brooklyn. Mr. Peck was unmarried.

Mr. Peck was born April 15, 1889, in Watertown, a son of the late Capt. Frank H and Lottie Mitchell Peck. His father was a West Point graduate, a veteran of the Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurrection and a one time Jefferson county district attorney. His mother having died when he was an infant and his father about 1902, Lott Peck was brought up in Watertown by his grandfather, Abner W Peck, and his Aunt, Miss Flora S Peck.

Mr. Peck was a graduated from the Watertown High School in 1907 and from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree of bachelor of science in economics in 1913. He took a post graduate course in high school. At the university he was a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity.

For more than a year he was a news reporter on the staff of the Watertown Daily Times, later joined the editorial department staff of the old Watertown Daily Standard and for a time was the telegraph editor of that newspaper. For a time he was employed by the Syracuse Post Standard and was also a news editor of weekly newspapers published in Gouverneur by the York Press owned by Hugh Abbott. He returned to Watertown from Gouverneur in May, 1917, after spending more than a year as editor of The Northern Tribune of that village and after an association also with the Gouverneur

See Lott- Page 3

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY Wednesday, July 8, 1970, Page 17, Column 4

John H Manning Dies at 76

Clayton – John H Manning, 76, Riverside Dr., Clayton, died Monday at the Veterans Hospital, Canandaigua, where he had been a patient since February. The funeral will be Thursday at 2 pm at the Cummings Funeral Home with the Rev. Robert Mowhert, pastor of the Clayton Baptist Church, officiating. Burial will be in the Clayton Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral today from 3 to 5 and 7 to 9. There will be a Masonic service at the funeral home at 8 pm this evening.

Mr. Manning is survived by one niece, Mrs. Dewey (Florence) Schryver, Omar; two nephews, Kieth Manning, Gouverneur, and Peter Manning, New York City. Born Dec. 4, 1893, in Richville, son of Edward and Ardella Tripp Manning, Mr. Manning attended schools in the Richville and Gouverneur area. He was a veteran of WW I and worked in New York as a chef until coming to Clayton where he was a chef on private yachts on Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. He was a member of Clayton Baptist Church, Clayton Lodge 296 F and AM, Colon – Couch Post 821, American Legion and Odd Fellows.

Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Sunday, October 13, 2013, Page B1, Column 1


Civil War soldier buried in Watertown is honored

The city held a dedication ceremony Saturday at North Watertown Cemetery on Bradley Street for a Civil War soldier with a Watertown connection. City officials honored Pvt. Asa Philip Forbes, who was 16 years old when he and three stepbrothers signed up to serve With the 147th New York Infantry Regiment on Aug 25, 1862. The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War volunteered to get a headstone for him. The headstone was dedicated on Saturday, with the soldier's descendants in attendance.

Pvt Forbes, who was born in 1846 in Oswego, fought in the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. He and one of his step brothers were captured, and Pvt Forbes was a prisoner in a Confederate camp for three months until he was released and subsequently rejoined the fighting. His great granddaughter, Carol Forbes Cooper, grew up in Watertown and talked Saturday about her life here and her ancestors' lives. Her father, also named Asa Philip Forbes, was the first man from Watertown to enlist when world War I broke out. All of his boys served in world War II.

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