Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Baptisms

Taken from the History of OLSH Parish

In 1872, the Diocese of Ogdensburg was created out of the Diocese of Albany, which had included all of Northern New York. Bishop Edgar P. Wadhams became the first bishop of the new diocese and began seeking priests to minister to Northern New York Catholics and requested the bishop of Montreal, Canada, to send a French-speaking priest to take up permanent residence in Watertown.

Father Jean-Baptiste Chappel, MSC, was assigned to St. Mary's Parish in December 1875, marking the beginning of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in the United States. Since St. Mary's did not have a rectory, he took up residence at the "vast house" on Thompson Street. Father Chappel also became pastor of St. Mary's Parish in Evans Mills.

The following May, Father Joseph Durin, MSC, and two seminarians arrived from France and in June 1876, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart purchased the "vast house" for $8,000 to establish the oldest MSC community in the New World. It is now the second oldest MSC community in the world outside Issoudon, France, where the order was formed in 1854 by Father Jules Chevalier.

Information supplied by Larry Corbett

NameDate of BirthDate BaptisedParents (mother's maiden name)
Allard, Marie Eliza5/8/18796/8/1879Alphonse Allard & Marie F Baron
Armand,Josephine Helen8/7/18779/25/1877Erin Armand & Margaret Josephine P.
Backus, Rosalie7/1/18777/15/1877Adele Backus
Baltz, Eugenia Floraage 6 days4/10/1877Augustus Baltz & Eugenia Simonet
Barney, Robert Laurence5/14/18766/25/1876Robert Barney & Rosa Charet
Baron, Joseph Victor 1/24/1878Agnace Emile Baron & Josephine Rivet
Baron, Lillian Rose8/1/18809/7/1880Emilio Baron & Josephine Rivet
Baudoin, Josephine1/11/187810/16/1880William Baudoin & Josephine Blanley
Beaudin, Rose Delima1/17/18772/9/1877Edgar Beaudin & Adele Vautrin
Belanger, Helenage 3 mos.8/27/1877Helen Belanger
Bergevin, Alphonse6/5/18777/23/1877John E Bergevin & Elise Marie Baron
Bergevin, Louise Ida Gabriel7/2/18807/17/1880Carl Bergevin & Marie Louise Lefevre
Bertrand, Jeanne M 10/25/1877John Bertrand & Marie Bastien
Bichet, John Francis11/24/18792/7//1880Francis Bichet & Catherine Rhannot
Bichet, Mary8/6/18809/7/1880Ferdinand Bichet & Anna Fitzgerald
Bigarrel, Alvin1/17/18756/12/1876Joseph Bigarrel & Clarissa Garigien
Bigarrel, Arvin1/17/18756/12/1876Joseph Bigarrel & Clarissa Garigien
Bisson, Marie Anna11/28/18762/8/1877Urenee Bisson & Exida Boileau
Bissonnette, Agnes Adele12/1/18781/23/1879Idamier Bisonnette & Rosaline Larocque
Bissonnette, Carolum10/9/188010/13/1880Carl Bissonnette & Sophia
Bissonnette, Celestine9/11/18779/30/1877Alexander Bissonette & Margaret Papin
Bissonnette, Francis 1/29/1877Joseph Bissonnette & Marie Larivierre
Bissonnette, Joseph Henry3/8/18774/12/1877John Bissonnette & Rose Larocque
Bissonnette, Martina Olivia1/6/18803/7/1880Joseph Bissonnette & Maria Lanan
Bissonnette, Rose9/1/188010/17/1880John Bissonnette & Rosalie Larocque
Blanchard, Joan Elisabeth10/15/188011/5/1880Augustus Blanchard & Sara Berger
Boudreau, Alfred Liquori7/22/18797/27/1879Alfred Boudreau & Anna Hess
Boudreaum Joseph10/?/188012/?/1880Alfred Boudreau & Anna Schone
Boudreau, William Alexander8/30/18789/?/1878Adolph Boudreau & Jennie Bilfeather
Boutillier, Henrietta1/26/18763/8/1878Octavius Bouttilier & Marie Wilde
Boutillier, Joseph1/21/18783/8/1878Octavius Bouttilier & Marie Wilde
Boutillier, William Henry3/12/18724/15/1877Ferrea Boutillier & Euphronia Challoux
Brennon, Charles Joseph9/19/187910/12/1880Martin Brennon & Catherine Hickey
Burns, Marie Elizabeth5/3/18765/20/1876Richard Burns
Canady, Louise4/12/18769/13/1876Rodney Canady& Amelia Major
Carlin, Catherine5/25/18806/13/1880Thomas Carlin & Celine Blanchard
Carlin, John4/5/18774/14/1877John Carlin & Bridget
Carriere, Isabelleage 2 mos.6/30/1878??? Carriere & Margaret Robert
Charet, Alfred7/6/18762/1/1877Alexander Charet & Esther Renaud
Charet, Francis7/17/18799/8/1879Joseph Charet & Agnes Piquet
Charret, Elizabeth8/18/187710/21/1877E. Charret & Emily Malette
Cloth, Alice10/16/187610/23/1876John Cloth & Margaret Melin
Colligan, Jacques 3/25/1877David Colligan & Margaret
Cosineau, Francis10/29/18735/3/1876Delohis Cosineau & Caroline Boutillier
Danoin, Waltherus Marianbsp;6/16/1879Joseph Danoin & Shelia Lapatrie
Daughinot, Joseph Edward6/25/18766/24/1877Girard Daughinot & Justina Montondou
Dehaut, Louise3/15/18799/6/1879Maximus Dehaut & Clophae Drolett
Delandier, George Marie9/20/18799/11/1879Djorie Delandier & Marcelline French
Demarse, Marie12/2/18779/?/1878Alexander Demarse & Rhoda Ward
Deschamps, Aurelius Onesimeus1/9/18803/21/1880Joseph Deschamps & Catherine Demarse
Desgenet, Anna May4/5/18805/20/1880Henry Desgenet & Maria Brossin
Despinetta, Rachel Philomene7/28/18798/3/1879Ludovic Despinetta & Catherine
Donat, Alfredage 85/4/1876Joseph Donat & Amelia Lapatrie
Donat, Emily Louisa5/12/18767/18/1876Joseph Donat & M. Lapatrie
Donat, Emma Marie8/15/18766/9/1877Susie Donat
Donat, Eugeneage 15/4/1876Joseph Donat & Amelia Lapatrie
Donat, Georgeborn 1775?6/7/1876Louis Donat & Miranda Dumas
Donat, George11/15/18765/13/1877Augustus Donat & Flavia St. Comb
Donat, Henryage 35/4/1876Joseph Donat & Amelia Lapatrie
Donat, Joan Mary3/16/18805/22/1880Augustus Donat & Flavia St. Onge
Donat, Matilda Henriettaage 75/4/1876Joseph Donat & Amelia Lapatrie
Drolett, Catherine3/26/18799/6/1879Celestin Drolett & Philomene Piquet
Drolette, David John4/18/18768/6/1876Celestin Drolette & Philomene Deragon
Drolette, Edward Frederick9/9/18771/1/1878Celestin Drolette & Philomene Daragon
Dubey, John James10/8/187611/21/1876Henry Dubey & Anna Marie Esforte
Dubey, Lily Marie2/27/187211/21/1876Henry Dubey & Anna Marie Esforte
Dubois Hieronymo2/22/18793/14/1880Jacob Dubois & Felicity D'Avignon
Dubois, Leon3/25/18774/5/1877James Dubois & Felicie Daragon
Dubois, Marie Josephine Elizabethage 6 days7/8/1877Alexander Dubois & Marie Pillon
Dubuque, Edgar7/14/18777/20/1877Delphi Dubuque & Henriette Boutillier
Dubuque, Samuel Joseph Edgar3/6/18793/16/1879Adolph Dubuque & Henrietta Boutillier
English, Mary5/14/18797/15/1880Elisha English & Martha Kenny
Faber, John Henry12/29/18742/3/1878Frederick Faber & Elizabeth Jasmin
Faubert, Francis6/7/18807/18/1880Frederick Faubert & Elisabeth Jasmin
Fee, Marie9/6/18695/13/1876James Fee & Elizabeth Manville
Ferrand, Albert 8/?/1878Eliza Ferrand
Flood, James Thomas5/9/18766/7/1876James Flood & Cary Mary
Flood, Joseph Andrew10/15/187911/15/1879Jacob Flood & Mary Cary
Gamier, John7/?/187612/23/1876Firmin Gamier & Adeline Lacaille
Gartland, Joseph 8/15/1878Jacob Gartland & Julia Boudin
Gibeault, Charles6/9/187810/9/1880Carl Giveault & Rose Remington
Gignac, Albert Anthony1/16/18792/3/1879Godfrey Gignac & Louise Robert
Gilbo, Edward Gabriel 10/1/1878Ludovic Gilbo & Sara Gagel
Greeves, Josephine9/2/187710/8/1877D.A. Greeves & Josephine Artbize
Grenier, Francis Lafayette3/30/187411/26/1876Edward Grenier & Meta Venahume
Grenier, Jean B.8/7/187611/26/1876Edward Grenier & Meta Venahume
Grenier, Joseph Charles3/1/18803/30/1880Daniel Grenier & Julia Traver
Gymen, Joseph Noel5/3/18776/22/1877Joseph Gymen & Marianne Dumas
Halferty, John Philomene 8/1/1879John Jacob Halferty & Eliza Novels
Halferty, William Henry11/8/18793/25/1880William Henry Halferty & Anna
Herniger, Emma Catherine7/15/18799/25/1879John Herniger & Albertina Getman
Herniger, Ida Emelinda6/30/18789/25/1879John Herniger & Albertina Getman
Husted, Louise3/1/18803/24/1880Orlando Husted & Louise Povier
Hutton, Josephineage 2 yrs3/18/1878John Hutton & Anne Craigue
Jackson, Elam9/30/188010/12/1880Jacob Jackson & Ellen Carlton
Jameson, Marie Anne4/2/18764/13/1876James Jameson & Marie Anne O'Brien
Johnson, Carolus Camillus12/6/18773/8/1879Uryel Johnson & Milie Povier
Johnson, George Albert10/18/18791/11/1880Nigel Johnson & Melina Povier
Jones, Eva Frances 3/9/1878Benjamin Jones & Carrie Clark
Jones, Louise Amy8/27/18757/6/1876Benjamin Jones & Caromy Clark
Jones, Mary Eldora3/21/18805/23/1880Benjamin Jones & Cora Clark
Kalack, Reuben Benedict12/23/18789/27/1879Reuben Kaleck & Adeline Dona
Kavanaugh, Helen9/17/187611/26/1876James Kavanaugh & Elizabeth Strong
Keller, Eugene William 9/27/1878Benjamin Keller & Odilia Dona
Kennedy, Louis Joseph 6/28/1880Roger Kennedy & Emelia Major
Kenyon, Marie Blanche 6/?/1878??? Kenyon & ??? Gervais
Kethin, Waltherus5/2/18789/3/1879Samuel Kethin & Margaret Neumarth
Kraemer, Anna Alphonsina Josephine2/8/18803/14/1880Louis Kraemer & Anna Maria Morgan
Kraemer, Marie Louise Josephine2/8/18803/14/1880Louis Kraemer & Anna Maria Morgan
Laberge1/26/18809/7/1880George Laberge & Isabell Masson
Labragne, Marie4/6/18795/6/1879George Labragne & Christine Morin
Lajoie, Joseph Edward10/6/187611/5/1876Edward Lajoie & Emily Clement
Lajoie, Ludovica Margaret Josephine8/9/18783/23/1879Edward Lajoie & Emily Clement
Lalonde, Seliman 6/28/1880John Lalonde & Marie Bissonnette
Lane, Mary Agnes Margaret8/17/18728/18/1880Jacob Lane & Margaret Demarse
Langlois, Francis9/9/187610/26/1876M. Langlois & Marty K.
LaPatrie, Carla Susanna10/12/187810/25/1878Jeremiah LaPatrie & Josephine Montondou
Lapatrie, Edmund8/20/187910/12/1879Joseph Lapatrie & Nellie Geralut
Lapatrie, Emily Maria6/24/18799/7/1879George Lapatrie & Adeline Blotquarn
Lapatrie, Florence11/?/18789/21/1879Joseph Lapatrie & Florence Morin
Lapatrie, Jeanne Emily 7/22/1878Joseph Lapatrie & Emily Gervais
Lapatrie, Joseph Gilbert8/30/18762/19/1877Lewis Lapatrie & Josephine Montondou
Larocque, Julie Josephine3/6/18783/11/1878Alexander Larocque & Adaline Daragon
Larocque, Margaret3/5/18793/29/1879Anthony Larocque & Adele Barthe
Lashau, Grata Rose11/24/187912/15/1879William Lashau & Anna McDonald
Laur, Orville Herman11/3/187911/23/1879Casper Laur & Josephine Sayer
Laurence, Charles5/16/18806/17/1880Francis Laurence & Emelia Pepin
Lavigne, Albert George7/2/18769/8/1876Oliver Lavigne & Celenise Benoit
Lebreque, Joseph10/21/188010/27/1880Carl Labreque & Juliana Feubert
Lebrun, Gertrude 7/9/1876Amede Lebrun & Angelina Demarse
Legros,Agnes8/16/187612/26/1876Joseph Legros & Helen Jasmin
Legros, Henrietta Anne2/4/18783/23/1878Joseph Legros & Helen Jasmin
Legros, Honorah Maria1/24/18802/21/1880Joseph Legros & Helen Jasmin
Leroy, George Louis10/4/18764/22/1877Joseph Leroy & Melinda Ganvette
Lyman, Isabel Mary12/22/18755/28/1876William Lyman & Rosa Dayley
Maccoy, Gertrude Marie7/18/18784/13/1879William Maccoy & Lucia Lebrun
Mahoney, Jeremiah 5/16/1878Timothy Mahoney & Helen Leary
Mahoney, Jeremiah4/15/18805/22/1880Timothy Mahoney & Helen Leary
Mallette, Francis Xavierage 2 mos.7/13/1877Marcelline Mallette
Marcile, Carolum12/?/18771/6/1878Moses Marcile & Marie Rosalie Pinsonneault
Marcille, Amable Jean Baptiste4/21/18805/9/1880Moses Marcille & Mariam Basilider Pinsonneault
Marcille, Georgiana Maria1/28/18782/2/1879Moses Marcile & Marie Basilice
Marcille, Joseph Edgar8/22/18768/26/1876Moses Marcile & Marie Pinsonneault
Matra, Frank Henryage 11 mos.10/22/1876Frank Matra & Delia Cordiere
Matras, Gilbertage 512/25/1876William Matras & Philomene Demers
Matras, Marie3/26/18774/10/1877Frank Matras & Delina Carriere
Matras Marieage 212/25/1876William Matras & Philomene Demers
Matras Rosalieage 312/25/1876William Matras & Philomene Demers
McCarthy, Catherine9/25/180011/25/1880Timothy McCarthy & Mary Ann
McCarthy, Mary Jane1/22/18778/16/1879Timothy McCarthy & Marie Aron
McDonald, Alexander6/13/18725/2/1876Alexander McDonald & Catherine Hughes
McEnsy, Gertrude Helen 4/3/1877Daniel McKensy & Joan Brown
McGaven, Marie10/22/187910/23/1879John McGaven & Carrie Cory
McGowan, John Henryage 28 mos.10/13/1876Thomas McGowan & Martha Ryne
McHugh, John10/16/187612/3/1876John McHugh & Louise Despeneau
Mileau, Victoria4/10/18794/13/1879Toussaint Mileau & Emmelia Paradis
Miro, Williamage 2 mos.5/23/1877Alec Miro & Louise Jasmin
Monereau, Josephine4/20/18765/5/1876Valentine Monereau & Josephine Bovais
Montondou, Adolph4/26/18786/5/1878Charles Montondou & Julianne Faubert
Montondou, Alexin5/14/18778/26/1877Alexin Montonou & Marie Duffet (Duffy)
Montondou, Anthony3/8/18795/4/1879Anthony Montondou & Julie Lapatrie
Montondou, Claire8/10/188010/2/1880David Montondou & Mary Joan Lapatrie
Montondou, Henrietta2/6/18764/30/1876Charles Montondou & Julianna Fabre
Montondou, Jacob12/24/18792/8/1880Alexander Montondou & Maria Duffy
Montondou, John Bapiste 7/9/1876Alfred Montondou & Matilda Faber
Montondou, Joseph5/13/18807/4/1880Louis Montondou & Margaret Morin
Montondou, Justin8/23/18809/26/1880Francis Montondou & Lucy Lapatrie
Montondou, Justine3/29/18765/14/1876David Montondou & Marie Jeanne Lapatrie
Montondou, Lucy8/16/18778/26/1877Louis Montondou & Catherine Labreck
Montondou, Mario Joseph11/9/187912/12/1879Louis Montondou & Catherine Larocque
Montondou, William1/28/18772/1/1877Frank Montondou & Adele Lariviere
Morin, Carl Ludovic8/2/18798/11/1879Israel Morin & Matilda Stumb
Morin, Catherine Justina2/28/18764/25/1876Pierre Morin
Moulton, Hubert Eugene Mario8/21/18799/28/1879Hubert Moulton & Mary Emma Rebour
Moulton, Louis Joseph7/3/18777/4/1877Albert Moulton & Marie Emma Harbor
Mulcahey, Honorin Jane7/14/18761/24/1877Patrick Mulcahey & Mary Horan
Murphy, William7/16/18778/9/1877James Murphy & Helen Ellsworth
Nadau, Marie Agnes12/21/18781/18/1879Francis Nadau & Corinna Boudroun
Nadeau, Onesime Joseph1/20/18773/4/1877Onesime Nadeau & Marie Demarse
Nellis, Charles Oscar11/22/18773/17/1878Bartholomew Nellis & Marie Demarse
Noel, Robert4/16/18785/27/1878Robert Noel & Marie Donat
O'Connor, Agnes10/29/188011/1/1880John O'Connor & Mary Blanley
O'Connor, Marie Romanus8/21/18799/25/1879Joseph O'Connor & Emiline Paradis
Olive, Evelina7/19/18808/12/1880Joseph Olive & Joanne Guyette
Olive, William Alfred9/30/187711/8/1877Joseph Olive & Jeanne Guyette
Papin, Frances Maria2/10/18803/13/1880Eleanor Papin
Papin, Isabelle9/29/187910/14/1879George Papin & Caroline Donat
Papin, Marie Proxelle8/12/18779/6/1877John Baptiste Papin & Catherine Gerand
Parish, Marie Jeanne 6/1/1876William Parish & Marie Masson
Payn Aliceage 2 mos.6/30/1878John Payn & Katherine Hafferty
Phillips, Ludovic1/6/18793/2/1879William Phillips & Hermina Lavigne
Pillon, Alfred10/28/187711/3/1877John Pillon & Adelaide Jasmin
Pilon, Carolus12/19/18782/20/1879Francis Pilon & Julia Montondou
Pilon, Francis Andrew5/30/18798/16/1879William Pilon & Cleophae Marie
Pilon, Julia Elizabeth3/23/18778/5/1877Frank Pilon & Julia Montondou
Pilon, Marie Eva10/5/187911/11/1879John Pilon & Adela Jasmin
Pilon, William5/21/18805/30/1880William Pilon & Cleophe Maria
Pinnsonneault, Carl Ernest2/17/18783/2/1878Ernest Pinnsonneault & Philomene Sequin
Pinnsonneault, Henry 2/11/1878Peter Pinnsonneault & Valina Lalonde
Pinnsonneault Maria 10/5/1879Herman Pinnsonneault & Josephine Berkin
Pinsonneault, Charles John Baptist Dewey4/18/18805/23/1880Ernest Pinsonneault & Philomene Sequin
Pinsonneault, Eveline Maria1/1/18802/22/1880Peter Pinsonneault & Evelina Lalonde
Pinsonneault, Ida Marie2/18/18793/2/1879Eudes Amand & Helen Pinsonneault
Povier, Louis Albert6/18/18799/7/1879Louis Povier & Aurelia Turcot
Putnam, George Henry James7/17/18808/27/1880Jacob Putnam & Rose Bridget Lenart
Quencer, Cleghorn Augustus Mario10/12/187310/12/879Julius Quencer & Anna Maria Bernard
Quintal, Emma5/20/18766/11/1876Francis Quintal& Rose Demarse
Reynolds, Elisabeth10/12/18773/18/1878Richard Reynolds & Julie Rynay
Reynolds, Francis Joseph12/9/187512/24/1876Richard Reynolds & Julianna Kaney
Rheaume, Mary Sophia12/6/188012/?/1880Louis Rheaume & Celina Lucier
Rice, Marie Vilena4/5/18794/20/1879Owen Rice & Lydia Lariviere
Robert, Charles4/7/18806/13/1880Peter Robert & Josephine Hutton
Robert, Emilie Louiseage 3 mos.4/8/1877Noel Robert & Liley Donat
Robertson, George Edward12/28/18791/16/1880Edmund Robertson & Christina Washer
Roby, Maria Velzina9/23/187710/6/1877Louis Roby & Louise Morin
Rouby, Joseph Henry5/29/18796/1/1879Ludovic Rouby & Ludovica Morin
Scott, Helen11/23/18799/9/1880George Scott & Elisa Pinsonneault
Sequin. Clayton Alexander5/24/18799/17/1879Alexander Sequin & Georgeiana Periort
Sequin, Joseph Henry5/3/18806/22/1880Joseph Sequin & Hermina Pinsonneault
Sequin, Marie Edmonde3/3/18774/15/1877Alexander Sequin & Georgianna Piriot
Sequin, Marie Eveline12/15/18761/28/1877Joseph Sequin & Emily Pinsonneault
Simon, John1//18782/7/1878Alice Simon
Simond, Henry14 mos2/1/1877Joseph Simond & Marie Beauvaire
Simonet, Caroline Eva7/12/18793/14/1880Louis Simonet & Melanie Blanc
Simonet,Charles Emile8/6/187610/8/1876Louis Simonet & Melani Blanc
Smit, Francis Albert11/6/18734/28/1880 
Smit, George5/3/18794/28/1880 
Souve, Florence4/16/18764/28/1876Joseph Souve & Philomena St Thomas
Souve, Josephine1/27/18792/4/1880John Souve & Ludivica (Louise) St Amand
Souvet, Marie Florence9/30/18772/2/1878John Souvet & Theresa St Amend
Souvier, Charles Mario8/15/187911/15/1879Joseph Souvier & Margaret St Amand
Sprague, George Robert6/12/18797/8/1879Robert Sprague & Millie Dikere
St. John, Caroline3/16/18783/19/1878George St.John & Caroline St.Louis
Tammurun, Marie11/28/18788/2/1879James Tammerun & Mary Ann O'Brien
Tourangeau, Augustus5/20/6/1/1877Emery Tourangeau & Marie Leblanc
Trudot, Emily2/5/18772/25/1877Narcisse Trudot & Melanie Brisson
Turcot, Georgia Maria3/18/18797/4/1879Alfred Turcot & Esther Peck
Vacher, Elisabeth 6/14/1877Louis Vacher & Odiila Chidaya
Vallet, Julius 7/4/1880 
Vallet, Marie Gratia12/10/18793/5/1880Frank Vallet & Maria A Finigot
Wells, John10/9/187610/18/1876John Wells & Mary McGowan
Wells, Mary Ann Rosanna 8/12/1876John Wells & Clara Bileau
Williams, Marie Anneinfant6/3/1876Steve Williams & Jeanne M
Wilson, Johnage 84/06/1876William Wilson & Julia Dubois
Wood, Mary Florence6/18/18799/11/1879Henry Wood & Amelia Demarse
Wool, John Edward 8/26/1878John Wool & Cleophia Boileau

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