1. JAMES I. SHELDON was born on 11 Apr 1743 in South Kings Towne,
Washington, RI.  He died on 10 Aug 1828 in Greenes Settlement, Town of
Adams, Jefferson County.  He was left 50 pounds in the will of his
grandfather Isaac SHELDON. He lived in South Kingstown, RI; Richmond, RI;
and Adams, NY.  He was elected a Justice of the Peace for South Kingstown
in May 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782, and 1783. As a Justice of the Peace he was
required to take an oath under the "Rhode Island Independence Act."

A number of women have joined the D.A.R. based on the above-mentioned civil
service performed by James SHELDON during the Revolutionary War. A ceremony
marking the grave of James SHELDON was held at the Greenes Settlement
Cemetery in May, 1980.

He married first on 24 Oct 1762

HANNAH BEARD who died before 1781 in South Kingstown [?], RI.  Her name is
seen as HANNAH RECORD in some sources.

Children, SHELDON:

    2    i     AUGUSTUS SHELDON married SALLY IRISH

+   3   ii     HENRY SHELDON married JOANNA PECKHAM

    4  iii     SARAH SHELDON married Rev. BENJAMIN BARBER

    5   iv     HANNAH SHELDON married GARDNER KENYON



    8  vii     an infant SHELDON born in 1781.

    9 viii     an infant SHELDON born in 1781.

JAMES I. SHELDON married second on 14 Oct 1781 in S. Kingstown, RI

ELIZABETH MOORE.  According to information in Sheldon Family Association
files, the marriage was performed by Elder Solomon Sprague. Elizabeth MOORE
was born in 1756; she may have been the daughter of David MOORE and
Mrs. Mary (BARBER) JAMES.  Elizabeth MOORE died on 8 Aug 1828 in Adams, NY
and is buried in Greenes Settlement Cemetery.

They had the following children:

   10    i     WAITE SHELDON married JOSHUA LOCKE


   12  iii     MARY SHELDON married Rev. NATHAN MOORE

+  13   iv     AMY SHELDON married CHARLES GREENE

+  14    v     MARTHA SHELDON married EDWARD GREENE

+  15   vi     MERCY SHELDON married Rev. WILLIAM H. GREENE

   16  vii     VIRTUE SHELDON married LORENZO RHODES

   17 viii     ISAAC SHELDON married MARY RHODES

   18   ix     SUSANNAH SHELDON married JAMES MAIN

on 30 Mar 1765 in Richmond, Washington County, Rhode Island.  He died 
2 Jan 1835 in Otego, NY.

He married about 1788 

JOANNA PECKHAM, who was born 25 Oct 1766.  She died 20 Mar 1849 in Otego, NY.

Children, SHELDON:

       19   i     BENJAMIN B. SHELDON

       20   ii    JOHN B. SHELDON

born 15 Jul 1776.

He married 5 Sep 1799


Children, SHELDON:

       21   i     PHEBE SHELDON

13.  AMY SHELDON, (daughter of JAMES I. and ELIZABETH (MOORE) SHELDON) was
born 2 Sep 1788 in Berlin, Rensselaer County, NY.  She died 10 Dec 1874 in 
Adams Center, Jefferson County.  She was apparently a twin sister of 
Martha Sheldon, unless birthdates have been confused.

She married 5 Nov 1803 

CHARLES GREENE, Jr, the son of (CHARLES and WAITE (BAILEY) GREENE) was born 10
Oct 1788 either West Greenwich, RI or Berlin, Rensselaer County, NY.  He
removed from Berlin in 1805 and settled in the Town of Adams at Greene
Settlement, Jefferson County, where he spent the rest of his life.  In
1878 a writer estimated that there were over 300 Greenes living in the
Town of Adams.  CHARLES GREENE died 9 May 1878 aged 99 years 7 months at
the home of his son LEANDER GREENE at Adams Center.  (See Greene family there).

Children, GREENE:

       22   i     ANNA "Annie" GREENE

       23   ii    THOMAS H. GREENE

       24   iii   ELIZA GREENE

       25   iv    CHARLES GREENE

       26   v     RILEY W. GREENE

       27   vi    LUCRETIA GREENE

       28   vii   CELIA AMY GREENE

       29   viii  ROSANNAH GREENE

       30   ix    KEZIAH "Kate" GREENE

       31   x     MAXSON S. GREENE

       32   xi    MONROE ASA GREENE

       33   xii   LEANDER R. GREENE

       34   xiii  CINDERELLA B. GREENE

was born 2 Sep 1788 in Berlin, Rensselaer County, NY.  She died on 27 Mar 1846 
in Adams, Jefferson, NY.  Again, she was apparently a twin sister of 
Amy SHELDON, if birthdates are correct.  She had ten children.

She married about 1808 in Berlin, Rensselaer County NY

EDWARD GREENE, who was born in 1779 in prob. Berlin, Rensselaer, NY.  He died 
in 1848 in Adams, Jefferson, NY.  He was a farmer in Adams, New York having 
moved from Berlin in Rensselaer County to Pinckney, Lewis Co., about 1808, and 
from there to Adams a few years later. By his first wife LYDIA GREENE (daughter 
of CALEB and WELTHAN ELLIS) he had a son who died young and a daughter.  
See Greene Family.

born 4 May 1791.  She died on 16 Jun 1862 in Hounsfield, Jefferson County and 
was buried in Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Hounsfield.  Her given name is also 
seen as Marcy.

She married on 12 Feb 1809 in Berlin, Rensselaer County, NY

Rev. WILLIAM H. GREENE, who was was born on 13 Aug 1791.  He died on 
12 Jun 1866 in Hounsfield, Jefferson County.  He was also buried in 
Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Hounsfield.

Children, GREENE:

       35   i     ANN MERCY GREEN

James and Elizabeth (MOORE) SHELDON died within two days of each other in August,
1828. (Their gravestone can still be seen in the Greenes Settlement Cemetery,
Town of Adams, NY).  The letter which follows was written by Charles GREENE, Jr.,
husband of their daughter Amy SHELDON, to Samuel and Elizabeth (SHELDON) CLARKE,
another daughter, informing them of the sad news. Samuel CLARKE and his wife
Elizabeth lived in Greece, Monroe County, NY at the time:

Adams, August 12, 1828 Jefferson Co. N.Y.

"Respected brother and Sister: I take this Time to inform you of our healths,
which is not good. wee have had a verry wet Season. our Corn is very light;
other grain is tolerable good; wheet is one dollar per Bush. I have one thing
in particular to wright: that is to inform you that Mother Shelden Deseased
8th of august, funeral 10th; father Shelden Died the 10th of august, Jus as
they had Caried Mother out of the house. fathers funeral 11th of august,
atended--Both of their funerals was--By grate many People. Mother--they Cauled
it the tipeus feaver, But I dont now. She was well of a Tuesday, and in ten
days after, She paid the debt which wee all owe, and gone to rest. Mother was
Sick but a few days before father was taken ill. he was not So Sick as to lie
abed all the time, -- Continued along through Mothers sickness. a week before
he Deseased, he Came out to My house. the Day before he died, he walked the
house an went into the back room, when Suposed Struck with death. he Deseased
Sunday Morning about 10. on friday before, he Stropt his Rasor to Shave, and
was a going to Shave, and Edward Says to him, "father, you hadent better
Shave,--Your hand Trembles So." Says father, "Bring me my InkStand And I will
Convince you that I Can wright as well as I Could when I was Eighteen years
old." he went and got the InkStand and Roat a noat For value Recd, and Roat as
Strate as any Boddy and Carryed a Stedy hand. wee Concluded that father had no
Disorder than old age, and over Come with Mothers Death, and trouble Carried
the old Man off. Isaac is verry Sick, and Rather doubtful of recovering. his
Eyes is no better. his wife is in a weekley way,--has ben for two or three
years. Isaac is rather better to day. Edward Greens wife is Rather weekley.
James Mains wife is a good deal on well at this time. Lonzo Rhodes family is
well at presant. Wm Greens family is very well, Excepting their Youngest
Child, it is very Sickley in these parts at this time. I and My family are all
well at Presant, Excepting Thomas has Ben Sick about Six weeks with the ague
and feaver. he is geting Bitter, So he begins to work. I have talked of Cuming
out their this fall. But I dont know Whether I Shall Come or not. I want you
to wright as Soon as you get this letter whether you are Coming out here this
faul or not, for wee Should Be happy to see you out here this faul. Frute is
not Verry plenty: Plumes are all Blasted. I Recved your letter Dated April
15th AD 1828. father planted onions in my Garding,--a good many of them. he
has got a garding to holme--as fine a garding as Can befoun in the Town or
County for the age of it. Aples trees that father Sat out in his garding that
Bares apples hangs full, So the old Man proped them up. he has a grate number
of plums Trees In his Garding, and Evry other Vegitapes what Ever; a grate
Deal of tobaco, and french Turnips, onions, Curants, goos Berries; and gates
to go any whare in the garding. the week Before he deceased, he Caried to
gather Between fore and five acres of rye, and Shocked it up for me,--I hired
him. he would Carry togather And Shock it up as fas as the other man Cradel
it. I hired a nother Man to bind after the Cradler. Mother went to a picking
Bee to pick wool the week Before She Deseased, and it was noticed By most Evry
one how Smart the old wooman was. She walked as Spri as any of the Girls.
Seamingly, the Day She was taken Sick She Renst yarn and Sized out a piece
redy to put in the Loom, and went over to James Main and Came holme and Says
"I am Sick," and Lay Down on the Bead and never got up a gain. the week before
this She wove 12 yds Carsey Double work. She wove this Sumer Betwee 70 and 80
yds of Cloth. She was 72 years old Last July. Father was 85 the 22 of April. I
Can Stand in My Door and See their graves. They was Both Enturd in one grave
Side by Side. Mother Did not apear to have hir Senses Much of hir time after
She was taken Sick, or Did not Say anything about hir things while Sick. She
Left Some things,--two beds, goldneclafs, Cow, 8 sheep, and Clothing. one Bed
she gave to Isaac Before She Died; and father Said nothing a Bout his things,
altho he Seemed to have his Senses till he Died. he walked the house the Day
before he Died, and talked as Regualr as Ever, and that night Before he Died
he Could not Speak a loud word, But failed all night and Died next Morning
about 10 oclk. Elder freeman Preached their funeral Sermon.

Elizabeth Shelden 72
James I. Shelden 85

Charles Green [the writer - ds]
Samuel Clark [the recipient - ds]

fathers Text: Jobe the 14 Chapt 14 virse; Mothers Text: Jobe the 17 Chapt 13
virse and 14.

[On the address side (folded, without envelope):] Adams Aug 18 NY Mr. Samuel
Clark In the Town of Greece Monro County State of New York."

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