1.  JACOB SHERMAN (son of EDWARD & (---) SHERMAN) who, as a young man, fought in the War of 1812, was born in 1798.  He 
was the son of Edward Sherman, who in 1810 resided in Newport, Herkimer County, New York.  Edward Sherman's other children 
(his second wife's name is unknown) were: Job, b. 1800-1810, Mary, Eliza, Martha, Jane Sarah and Lucy, all born 
somewhere between 1794 and 1809.  Jacob Sherman and family moved to Minnesota in 1868, joining his father and mother
 who moved there in 1857, with their "at home" sons, William and Cassius.

He married 
RHODA (STEARNS) SHERMAN who was the daughter of0 LEVI & KEZIAH (WETHERBEE) STEARNS was a direct descendant of Isaac and
Mary Stearns who helped settle Watertown, Massachusetts in 1630.  Rhoda's grandfather, Aaron Stearns of New Hampshire 
fought in the Revolutionary War.  Phinehas Stearns, Rhoda's first cousin, twice removed, was a participant in the Boston 
Tea-party. Rhoda's sister, Lucy Stearns, married Alanson Cheeseman of Theresa, New York.  Their daughter, Julia Ann 
Cheeseman, married Rodney I. Simons, of Alexandria Bay, who, later, lived in Theresa.

Children, SHERMAN: 


+    3    ii   FREDERICK SHERMAN married ELECTA McDONALD daughter of SAMUEL McDONALD

     4   iii   JOHN G. SHERMAN 

     5    iv   THEODORE E. SHERMAN 

     6     v   MARY SHERMAN  

     7    vi   FRANKLIN B. SHERMAN 

     8   vii   LEVI SHERMAN

     9  viii   WILLIAM SHERMAN

    10    ix   CASSIUS SHERMAN

    11     x   JANE SHERMAN

3.  FREDERICK SHERMAN (son of JACOB & RHODA (STEARNS) SHERMAN) was born in Oneida County, New York July 16, 1823.  
At the time of Frederick Sherman's death, August 23, 1897, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, it was reported in his obituary 
that he had one sister and one brother still living in the state of New York.  The sister referred to would have to be 
Mary or Jane.  Eleanor, who married George Gould, died in Minnesota.  The brother referred to as living in the state of 
New York, would have to be John or William.  All the other brothers were known to have died in Minnesota.

He married in Theresa, Jefferson County New York by a Methodist minister.

ELECTA McDONALD, daughter of SAMUEL McDONALD was born in Canada November 16, 1819.    

Children, SHERMAN:

    12     i   JANE SHERMAN

+   13    ii   BENJAMIN SHERMAN

    14   iii   ALMEDA SHERMAN

    15    iv   LUCY SHERMAN

    16     v   JACOB SHERMAN

    17    vi   JOHNY SHERMAN

13.  BENJAMIN SHERMAN (son of FREDERICK & ELECTA (McDONALD) SHERMAN) was born in 1845.  He fought with the 35th New York 
Vol. Infantry, and, later, with the 20th NY Vol. Cav..   Benjamin died October 16, 1869, of consumption contracted 
in service to his country.  He is buried in Holmes City, Douglas County, Minnesota.  

He married

EMMA ALBERTSON, the daughter of JOSIAH & RHODA (RIGGINS) ALBERTSON of Theresa. Emma returned home from Minnesota to 
Theresa where she died April 8, 1873.

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