These are copied as found. The spelling is as given.


Mar 17 Gould, Mrs. Sophrona w/o Orvy Pamelia ae. 54 d. on the 5th
Mar 18 Benjamin, Mrs. Sarah, w/o Charles E. Hounsfield ae. 63 d. on the 16th
Mar 19 Ball, Miss Nettie, d/o Edward Rutland ae. 9-6- d. on the 7th
Mar 30 Holcome, Myron, g/s of Asa Otis Pamelia ae. 5 das d. on the 21st
Mar 30 Welder, Francus Adams Center ae. 56 d. on the 28th
Apr 3 Boyington, Derius Watertown ae. 39-10 d. on the 1st
Apr 7 Bush, Miss Laura A.d/o S. Bush Phil ae. 15 das. d. on the 5th
Apr 21 Bigwood, Mrs. Maria E. w/o James Dexter ae. 34 d. on the19th
May 28 Seber, Charles B. s/o Mrs. Sarah Dexter ae. 1-4  
May 25 (---), Charles Brownville ae. 23 d. on the 22
May 31 Rawson, Edmond Crogan ae. 77-8- d. on the 30th
June 14 Olean, Geo E. Watertown ae. 1-10  
June 25 Rice, no name, s/o Marcus Rice Watertown    
July 6 Burnam, Eugene Watertown ae. 21  
July 30 Baker, Ossian Dexter ae. 22- d. on the 28th
Aug 16 Dakin, Mary, w/o J.B.Dakin Dexter    
Aug 17 Sennicle, Mr. Peter Redwood ae. 37 d. on the 15th
Sept 1 Fairbanks, Mrs. Elanor LeRay ae. 86-6-29 d. on the 30th
Sept 8 Persons, Addie F. d/o Austin and Juliett Ellisburg ae. 4  
Sept 9 Plumb, Mrs. Polly w/o James DePauville ae. 59-5  
Oct 17 Marvin, Mrs. Laura A. w/o M.M.Marvin Hounsfield ae. 17-6-23 d. on the 15th
Oct 21 Mrs. Mary A. w/o Thos Slade LeRay 46- d. on the 18
Nov 9 Bowen, Harlow West Lowville ae. 49 d. on the 7th
Nov 17 Zuller, Mr. Jeremiah Hammond ae. 38-3-18 d. on the 14th
Nov 21 Harris, Miss Julia A. youngest dau of Asa Watertown ae. 30- d. on the 19th
Nov 29 Ostrander, Ira East Hounsfield ae. 60  
Dec 10 Bowers, Alta L. s/o Charles Dexter ae. 4-1-17 d. on the 8th
Dec 13 Robinson, Mrs. Zenna w/o James Brownville d. on the 11th
Dec 20 Porter, Mr. Martin Dexter ae. 67 d. on the18th
Dec 24 Perry, Mrs. Geo W. Watertown   d. on the 22
Dec 25 Baker, Mr. Deforrest, oldest s/o C.W. Watertown ae. 16-6- d. on the 24th
Dec 28 Churchill, Mr. Elisha Rutland ae. 65 d. on the 26th
Dec 28 Gefford, Mr. Charles Watertown ae. 29 d. on the 26th
Feb 2 Fisher, Archabel Theresa ae. 67-8 d. on the 30th
Feb 5 Lane, Mr. Marcellus West Lowville ae. 19  
Feb 28 Smith, Mr. David Watertown ae. 70 d. on the 25th
Mar 9 Waldo, Mrs. Jane M. Champion 42-10- d. on the 6th
Mar 18 Makepeace, Mrs. Sarah E. w/o George S. Utica ae. 33 d. on the 16th at Ellisburg
Mar 24 Sprague, Clark D. s/o C.W. Henderson ae. 9 d. on the 21st
Mar 29 Blodgett, Mrs. Roxey, w/o Caleb Hounsfield ae. 60 d. on the 27th
Mar 31 Walker, Benjamin F. Herman ae. 31 d. on the 27th
Apr 3 Smith, Nelson Henderson ae. 31 d. on the 8th [sic] at Washington D.C.
Apr 19 Bigwood, Fred s/o James Dexter ae. 7 Drowned on the 18th
Apr 29 Mott, Mrs. Sarah Jane w/o Christopher Rossie ae. 31-8-14 d. on the 27th
May 3 Boyce, Miss Helen C. Henderson ae. 21 d. on the 30th
May 19 Wilson, Achsa C. w/o Nelson J. LeRay ae. 28-6-24  
May 22 Baker, Daniel B. Dexter ae. 41 d. in the Army on the 8th
June 4 Patridge, Mr. Winslow Watertown ae 73 d. on the 2nd
June 8 Hill, William's child Watertown    
June 19 Christie, George Dexter ae. 9 yrs d. on the 17th
June 19 Gates, David R. Watertown ae. 20 d. on the 16th
June 21 Langdon, child of Watertown ae. 5  
July 8 Countryman, Oscar Pamelia ae. 20-10 d. on the 6th
July 10 Rich, Joseph Copenhagen ae. 88 d. on the 8th
July 15 Carter, Hubbard C. Watertown ae. 46 d. on the 13th
July 17 Emclaw [sic], Nelson Dexter ae. 26 Killed at the Battle of Cold Harbor
July 18 Rudd, Oscar F. of Ill. Formerly of Watertown ae. 25 d. on the 11th at Fort Monroe of wounds rec'd in Battle
July 28 Zimmerman, Nicholas Brownville ae. 67 d. on the 27th
July 31 Earl, Sullivan C. LeRay ae. 25 d. on the 30th
Aug 3 Stanley, Daniel Adams 89-2-15 d. on the 1st
Aug 14 Todd, Joseph Burrville d. in the army
Aug 14 Baker, Benoni Dexter 33 killed at the Battle of the Wilderness
Aug 21 Enos, Geo W. Depauville 36 killed in the Army
Sept 14 Payne, Henry W. Sackets Harbor ae. 45 d. on the 12th
Sept 18 Moore, Joseph Boylstone, NY ae. 21 Killed at the Battle of Cold Harbor, June 2
Sept 22 Earl, Aurilla Carthage ae. 73 d. on the 20th
Sept 24 Gains, Mrs. Emma P., w/o Copenhagen ae. 28 d. on the 22
Nov 20 Penney, Walter Dexter d. in New Orleans in July
Dec 18 Fox, Miss Harriet E. d/o A. Fox Depauville ae. 18 d. on the 16th
Dec 24 Smith, John Wilna ae. 83-8   
Jan 7 Zimmerman's child, Theoran Wtn ae. 6 mos.  
Jan 12 Gains, B.C. Copenhagen ae. 26 d. on the 9th
Jan 16 Andrus, Hattie B. (David's child ae. 5-6 d. on the 14th
Feb 5 Potter, Miss Emily J. Evans Mills ae. 28 d. on the 3rd
Feb 13 Woolworth, Gilbert, s/o Gilbert E. Deer River ae. 7  
Feb 21 Dougherty, Mary E. d/o James Wilna ae. 8 mos.  
Mar 1 Phileps, Mrs. Laura LeRay 64  
Mar 6 Wood, John E. Dexter ae. 21  
Mar 13 Masury, John Brownville ae. 75  
Mar 19 Potter, Elisha Evans Mills ae. 78 d. on the 16th
Mar 22 Powers, Miss Cordelia H. Wtn Fields Settlement   d. on the 20th
Mar 23 Fox, Geo. C. s/o Alfred Clayton ae. 26  
Mar 24 Couvis, James Ellisburg ae. 76 d. on the 21
Mar 27 Clark, Mrs. Susan w/o Hayden Great Bend ae. 37-2-9 d. on the 25
Mar 30 Stewart, Mrs. Susan w/o h.c. Augusta [ON?]   d. on the 28th
Apr 18 Martin, Ira Sterlingville ae. 62 d. on the 16th
Apr 19 Lincoln, A. late Pres. of U.S.    
May 9 Aams, Isadore May w/o Ely Hounsfield   d. on the 7th
May 10 Sterling, Howard s/o Samuel Sterlingville ae. 10-3-26 d. on the 8th
May 13 Bonney, Miss Amelia d/o Geo Brownville ae. 16 d. on the 12th
May 14 Holmes, Claria M. d/o R.J. Wtn ae. 1-6 d. on the 12th
May 17 Guyot, Bazelle Carthage ae. 79 d. on the 15th
May 18 Wilson, Amon Deer River ae. 88-11 d. on the 16th
May 21 Hooper, Richard Hounsfield ae. 48 d. on the 19
May 25 Graves, Wilbur H. s/o Gilbert A. and Sarah Ellisburg ae. 2-1-4 d. on the 22
June 4 Knox, Mrs Rhoda Brownville ae. 75 d. on the 3rd
June 9 Joiner, Mrs Lovina w/o Asahel Hounsfield ae. 74 d. on the 8th
July 10 Seeber, Stelia W. d/o Sylvanus and Catherine Pamelia ae. 3 mos. d. on the 9th
July 23 Warren, Geo W. Cape Vincent ae. 17 d. 4-6-1865 at Alexandria Va. Of wounds rec'd at Petersburg
July 27 Steven, James M. s/o Geo. and Mary N. Wtn ae. 48  
July 28 Rose, Alanzon G. s/o Geo. and Mary D. Champion ae. 1-11 d. on the 26th
Aug 7 Baker, Mary d/o Rolla and Mary Dexter ae. 7 mos 6 das. d. on the 6th
Aug 10 Hayes, Hazen B. Hounsfield ae. 60-9 d. on the 8th
Aug 11 Eddy, Mrs. Amanda w/o Enoch A. Pamelia ae. 46 d. on the 10th
Aug 16 Bates, Jennie Estell d/o P. Bates Henderson ae. 1 d. on the 15th
Aug 17 Rice, Alson D. s\o James B. Dexter ae. 6 d. on the 16th
Aug 20 Wheelock, Orlen Felts Mills ae. 60  
Sept 5 Hunt, John Hounsfield ae. 63 d. on the 3rd
Sept 6 Earl, George R. LeRay ae. 63 d. on the 5th
Sept 20 Sterrett, Mrs E. Adelia, w/o Geo Wtn ae. 56 d. on the 18th
Sept 21 Davis, Belisant E. w/o Jacob Evans Mills ae. 57 d. on the 19th
Sept 30 Dix, John Wilbur s/o Walter Huntingtonville ae. 15 d. on the 28th
Oct 7 Lewis, Israel   ae. 70 d. on the 4th
Oct 10 Frink, Trustrim Rutland, NY ae. 85 d. on the 9th
Oct 11 Stout, Mrs. Tempa w/o James   ae. 19-9-1  
Oct 19 Rose, Miss Clarinda A. eldest d/o Alanson Rutland ae. 24 d. on the 17th
Oct 17 Tripp, Miss Hattie N. d/o Susan   ae 6 yrs 19 das. d. on the 19th
Nov 18 Lasher, Mrs. Isabella w/o David Wtn. ae. 47 d. on the 17th
Nov 29 Woodruff, Mrs. Caroline E. w/o Jackson F. Chicago ae. 36 d. on the 24

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