1.  JACOB St. ORES (a.k.a. Jacques Ambale Payant) was born 12 Jan 1759 in St.Ours, Richelieu, Quebec, Canada to Dominique 
Payant and Marie Louise LaPorte. He came with his older brothers to fight in the Revolutionary War with Major Nicholson's 
detachment of "French Cadets" at Albany, N.Y. in 1776. He added five years to his age, and told them he was Jacques from 
St. Ours. They did not understand his French and gave him the name of Jacob St. Ores. He kept this name the rest of his 
life, and all St. Ores descend from him. His name can be found under Pyon and ST. ORES in the Jefferson County records. 
He lived in Lyme from 1818 until his death 20 May 1845.

He married 12 June 1781 at Stillwater, Saratoga Co. NY 

ABIGAIL POTTER who was born in 1765 in Rhode Island.  

Children, St. ORES:

    2    i   ELIJAH St. ORES b. 1783/84

    3    ii   ABNER St. ORES b. abt 1785

    4   iii   PHEBE St. ORES b. 16 Feb 1787  m. JOHN JAMISON 

    5    iv   PETER St. ORES b. 14 Oct 1788  m. SOPHRONIA GRANT

    6    v    DANIEL St. ORES b. abt 1790

    7   vi   LEWIS St. ORES b. 1792  m. PLUMA OSMORE (HOSMER)

    8   vii   JAMES St. ORES b. 24 Feb 1802 m. ANNA OSMORE (HOSMER)

    9  viii   BETSEY St. ORES  b. 1805

   10.   ix   CHARLOTTE St. ORES b. 1807 m. ALANSON DUNTON

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