The vital records for New York State began in the early 1880s. They were kept only sporadically at first, and not until the early 1900s can we be sure that every marriage was recorded. If you do not find a marriage here, it could be that the JP or clergyman neglected to report it. As with any new system, it took time to catch on and be consistently implemented.

We are indebted to our benefactor, Gus Rogers, for this most important genealogical aid for the Town of Clayton, the MARRIAGE RECORDS, for the years 1882 through 1907. We have not tampered with the spelling or the order. They are supposed to be in chronological order, but for one or two years, it looks as if the clerk realized something had been omitted, and added it to the end of the year. Because we can use the search engine, there will be no attempt to rearrange these in alphabetical order. Clayton is all we have, and is all we expect to have for the forseeable future. We would like all of the records, but they are extremely difficult to come by.

Thanks again to Mr. Rogers and his family, who have done so much to present records to the public.

As usual, we have made the files small for quicker downloading. These files have so much information, however, that you will have to scroll far to the right to see all the columns.

Excel Spreadsheet courtesy of Carolyn Bourgeois. Thanks Carolyn

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