Partial list

Contributed by Gerald and Margaret Desormeau

Karl H. Snell
Charles Braveman
George W. Higgins
Clark H. Zanker
Robert F. Hardy
Lawrence E. Garceau
Myron E. Reynold
Oscar Countryman
Thomas W. Massey
Frank A. Gray
James Miller
Anthony Fink
Wesley J. Elliot
Lawrence J. Gilman
Dr. Francis Gillick
Rexferd Davis
Harold M. Ames
Harold Hale
Clinton Van Tassel
Leslie Alton
Clarence M. Fregoe
George J. Stevens
Bert S. Greenwood
Jeremiah DeYoung
Nelson F. Burns
Eddie Montondo
Benjamin Allen
Joseph L. Lawton
Fred Sartwell
James Gilmore
Ernest West
Henry J. Jones
Elias Getman
Porter William Sackett
W.J. Howard
Harry Kelsey
G.A. Gleason
Leonard H. Petrie
Fred J. Ward
Fred B. Walton
Glen V. Hunter
Frank E. Rowell
Royal A. Strough
Francis A. Cavanaugh
Everet L. Thornton
Ernest J. Newton
Guy C. Porter
Claude J. Ashton

Lawrence Garceau has enlisted in the U.S. Infantry and left Thursday for Ft. Slocum.

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