200 Members of Constance Family at Second Reunion

From Watertown Daily Times, 3 September, 1927, page 13

Courtesy of Larry Corbett, who remarked: I've added the first and maiden names of the wives, if you're interested. Coordinator has added ' ' around first names of wives: Mr. & Mrs. John 'Jennie' Constance & daughter; and the usual ( ) around maiden names: Mr & Mrs Charles (Elizabeth White) Constance

The second annual reunion of the Constance family was held at Burnham's Point state park, Cape Vincent, on Sunday, Aug 28, with about 200 members present.

A basket picnic dinner was served after which the business meeting was called by the president, Lawrence Constance, with Thomas Gere acting as chairman. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: John Constance, president; Frank Constance, vice president; Elizabeth Constance, reelected secretary; Blanche Wiley, Treasurer; Ruth Constance & Mrs. Carl Hubbard, reelected historians.

Singing & various sports were enjoyed by young & old. Mrs. Elizabeth Swallia was the oldest member present, & Grace Reff, infant

daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Reff, was the youngest.

Those present were:

Mr. & Mrs. John 'Jennie' Constance & daughter

Laurence (Constance)

Mr & Mrs Edward Ruth & son Vincent

Mr & Mrs Charles (Elizabeth White) Constance & daughters Gladys, Leona, Evelyn, & Frances & sons Harvey & Walter

Mr & Mrs Anthony 'Marceline' Wood

Mr & Mrs Wm (Addie Stewart) Constance & son Willard

Mr & Mrs Leonard (Mae Stumpf) Constance, & sons Bernard & Donald & daughter, Catherine

Mrs. Elizabeth Swallia

Mr & Mrs Alvin Hayes

Mr & Mrs. Ward (Lucy Dick) Hayes & daughters Marjorie & Constance

Mrs. Mary Wiley

Mrs. Elizabeth Aubertine

Mrs. Gertrude Favret

Ed. Wiley & daughters, Blanche & Lucille & son Frederick

Mrs. Helen Dunlay & son Lawrence

Frank Constance

Mr. & Mrs. Albert (Gertrude Wiley) Constance & daughter Ina & son George

the Misses Clara Constance, Elizabeth Constance, Catherine Constance, & Mary Constance

Mr & Mrs Jos (Emma Constance)Favret

Mr & Mrs Augustus (Mary Docteur) Mussot & sons Raymond & Edward

Mr & Mrs. Michael (Amelia Mussot) Reff & daughters Florence & Leona

Mr & Mrs. Joseph (Julia Bourcy) Reff & daughter, Emma, & son Frank

Mr. & Mrs John (Margaret Hogan) Docteur & daughter Marie

Mr & Mrs. Louis (Marion Bourcy) Docteur & sons, Lawrence & Glenn & daughter, Edna

Mr. & Mrs. Ed (Katherine Favret) Docteur & son Edward

Miss Helen Docteur

Charles Docteur

Mr & Mrs William (Blanche Kemmis) Docteur & son Hilary

Mr & Mrs. Earl (Helena Bourcy) Docteur & daughter, Dorothy

Mr & Mrs. Wilfred (Cora Rose Docteur) Reff & daughters Catherine & Doris

Michael Weaver

Joseph Weaver

the Misses Mary, Anna & Catherine Weaver

Miss Elizabeth Swallia

Mr & Mrs. _Jane_? Gustavus (Cora Swallia) Stumpf & daughters Winnifred & Helen & son Willard

Mr & Mrs. Wm (Edna Swallia) Peters & daughter Loretto

Mr & Mrs Ray (Mae Fraley) Constance & daughters Bernadette & Agnes

Mr. & Mrs Duane (Emma Stumpf) Constance & son Richard

Mr & Mrs. Chester (Cora Aubertine) Constance, & daughters Vera & Verna

Mr & Mrs Fred (Geraldine Constance) McKeever & daughters, Helen, Audrey & Norma

Mr & Mrs Carl (Mabelle Constance) Hubbard & sons, Leslie, & Donald

Mr & Mrs Amos (Alma Zimmerman) Favret & daughter Mary & son Claude

Mr & Mrs Thomas (Gertrude Genevieve Favret) Chatterton & sons Glenn & Kent

Mr & Mrs. William (Cornelia Aubertine) Pilon & daughters Ruth, Margaret, Constance, Wava Jean, & son William Jr.

Mr & Mrs. Freeman (Elsie Aubertine) Hubbard & daughter, Nina & sons Glenn, Paul & Harry

Mr & Mrs Norris (Myrtle Aubertine) Wetterhahn & sons Gustave & Gerald

Mr & Mrs Charles Au....

(page cut off here) continues on next column:

(Mr) & Mrs. Charles (Mary Moineau) Reff & daughters Rita, Virginia, Faith, Grace, & son John

Mr & Mrs Frank (Maggie) Huff & daughters Marie, Helen, Estella, & Hilda, & son Richard

Mr & Mrs. Thomas Gere

Mr & Mrs Clarence (Mary Reff) Cornaire, & daughter Rosemary, & son Roy

Mr & Mrs. Fred Smith

Mr & Mrs Neil (Muriel Mason) Reff & daughter Nora

Mr & Mrs Albert (Anna McKeever) Reff

Mr & Mrs Fred Weaver & son Daniel

Mr Charles Crusott & son, Paul

Mr & Mrs. Alfred (Emma Docteur) Bourcey, & sons, Kenneth, Donald, & daughter Eleanor

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