Errata from the
Watertown Re-Union Newspapers
Watertown, NY

Sept. - Dec. 1875:

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September 30, 1875, p. 2:

IN THE MATTER of CARLTON C. MOORE, a bankrupt, No. 4721:...of the town of Lorraine...Assignee of the estate and effects of Carlton C. Moore..who has been adjudged bankrupt upon his own petition by the District Court...Dated 19 August 1875. Orville C. Tucker, Assignee

October 6, 1875, p. 4:

SAD ACCIDENT - On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Halloway, wife, and Mrs. Snell left Gananoque in a small boat to go to Fisher's Landing. The wind was blowing very hard at the time, and when near Corn Island, the boat capsized. Mr. Halloway caught his wife and Mrs. Snell to save them, there being another boat close behind, containing Mr. Snell and another gentleman; but before they reached the unfortunate party both ladies were drowned. The body of Mrs. Halloway was soon found, but up to this evening nothing has been seen of Mrs. Snell. (Clayton, Oct. 1)

page 5:
At the meeting of the Democratic County Committee held in this city on Saturday, October 2d, the following gentlemen were chosen members of the Executive Committee:
JAMES E. GREEN, Ellisburgh
The Chairman and Secretary of the Committee are also ex-officio members of the Executive Committee.

OBITUARY- Col. JOHN BALL, of Winona, Minn., who has been home on a visit to his father, WM. P. BALL, and has been lying at home hopelessly sick of consumption and brain disease, died on Sunday last in his 40th year. Col. Ball emigrated to Minnesota in 1855, where in the practice of his business of surveying, he became well acquainted with both the topography and people of his adopted state and other parts of the Northwest, which was then largely inhabited by wild Indians...he served in the Civil War and was at the first and second battles of Bull Run, Chickahominy, Antietam and Gettysburg and many others, 22 in all. He was severely wounded at Bristow Station and disabled for some Gettysburg, his regiment suffered severely...the commissioned officers were all killed or disabled except two, Capt. Ball being one of the two... after the War, and his ill health obliged him to quit working in Minnesota, he wanted to visit his childhood home and he reached his father's house only to die...reported by the East Rodman correspondent of the Adams Journal.

page 6:
NATURALIZATION - No person can vote unless he has been a citizen ten days before election. Every person entitled to be naturalized should see to it in time.

October 14, 1875, p. 3:

Hon. JAMES F. STARBUCK of Watertown, has been nominated as a candidate for State Senator by the Democrats of Jefferson and Lewis. Last year the Republicans had a majority of 800 in this district, but it is believed that Mr. Starbuck, who is a most worthy citizen and a popular candidate, will wipe out this majority, and will add one to the democratic majority in the next Senate.

page 4:
RESIDENCE OF VOTERS-The qualifications of a voter under the amended Constitution, on the day of the ensuing general election (Nov. 2), will be a previous residence of one year in the State, four months in the county and thirty (30) days in the election district where the voter resides, and there are no other qualifications as to residence. Every voter who has removed from one election district of a town or ward into another in the same county, since October second instant, will therefore lose his right to vote at the ensuing election.

page 5:
FLORENCE E. GILL has commenced an action against Rev. HARVEY HERSEY of this city (Watertown) for alleged indecent assault, laying her damages at $5,000. The papers have been delivered to the Sheriff to serve, including an order of arrest.

page 6:
The new Catholic Church at Belleville, Jefferson Co., NY, will be dedicated by Rt. Rev. E. P. Wadhams, D.D., of Ogdensburg on Tuesday, October 19th at 11 a.m.

same page, but from New York Tribune of Oct. 11:
Col. THOMAS JEFFERSON RANDOLPH, grandson of Thomas Jefferson, died on Thursday last at his late residence near Charlottesville, VA. He was the son of Gov. Thomas Randolph and Martha, daughter of Thomas Jefferson. He was born in Albermarle County Sept. 11, 1792. His boyhood and youth were spent at Monticello, the home of his grandfather, who superintended his education and regarded him with the greatest affection. Mr. Randolph became the executor of Jefferson and assumed his debts, thereby taking upon himself a burden which embarrassed him for many years. He married a daughter of Governor Nichols, by whom he had several children. In 1829, he published in four volumes the "Life and Corrspondence of Thomas Jefferson"...The only surviving sisters of Mr. Randolph are Mrs. Coolidge of Boston, Mrs. Twist of Alexandria, and a sister who is the widow of a New York physician...The Hon. George W. Randolph..was for a time Secretary of War for the Confederate States, and was his youngest brother. Dr. Wilson Cary Nicholas Randolph of Charlotteville, is his son. Col. Frank G. Ruffin of Richmond married one of his daughters, long since dead. Sarah N. Randolph, author of the "Home Life of Jefferson", is his daughter. His wife several years ago preceded him to the grave.

October 21, 1875, p. 3:

Yesterday, EDWIN HALLADAY of Clayton, while threshing at the farm of Mr. Racine of Cape Vincent, stepped his foot in the cylinder and had it bruised so badly that it was necessary to amputate it just below the knee.

FASHIONABLE WEDDING-One of Watertown's popular young gentleman, to wit: HERBERT P. BABCOCK, the other day went down to Oneida County and Matrimonially carried off one of Waterville's fairest daughters....the event took place at the home of JOHN MONROE in the village of Sangerfield Center. At 3 p.m., HERBERT P. BABCOCK, of Watertown, wed to Miss ROSE MONROE, by Rev. Mr. Bell of the Episcopal Church. Note: this is a very long notice, that lists guests and gifts of the couple.

October 28, 1875, p. 7:

Notice to Creditors. - THEOPHILUS LUTHER estate...Pursuant to an order by William W. Taggart, Surrogate of Jefferson Co., that all persons having claims against Theophilus Luther...are requested to present the same with the undersigned sole administrator of the deceased, at his residence in the town of Watertown..on or before the 10th day of May next. Dated Oct. 23d, 1875. Milton W. Luther, Administrator.

November 4, 1875, p. 2:

Returns from all of this county except a few towns, and estimating them on the basis of last year's vote, Mr. Harder (the Republican candidate) has 280 majority in Jefferson County. A telegram from Lewis County stated that Mr. Starbuck's majority so far as heard from is 700. It will probably reach 1,000 in Lewis County. Mr. Starbuck, Democrat, is therefore elected by from 500 to 800 majority. That is glory enough for one day. Mr. Starbuck carried the city yesterday by 119 votes, a Democratic gain of 212 over last year.

page 3:
Four of the best German mechanics in this country are in Redwood: WILL CABLE, carriage; PETER BERT, cabinet; CHRIS AHLES, shoes and GEO. HYLE, horse shoeing.

page 5:
Marriage at Brownville, Tuesday, October 26, 1875: St. Paul's Church was the location of the marriage of Miss ELIZABETH WALL, daughter of Mr. JOHN WALL, formerly of Fulton, to Mr. THOMAS SMITH of Cohoes. Note: this notice is lengthy about the ceremony, gifts, etc.

November 11, 1875, p. 5:

Redwood: In enumerating the first class German mechanics in Redwood last week, I omitted to mention JOHN SCHADD, the tinner.

from Plessis:
Our winter schools have commenced. Mr. NELSON HASNER teaches the Browns Corner's School. There have been two weddings near this place within a short time: Mr. ADELBERT WILLIAMS and Miss ALIDA HUNNEYMAN and Mr. GEORGE HUNNEYMAN and Miss KATE HASNER.

November 18, 1875, p. 8: from Redwood
"Westminster Park" is to be the name of the new grounds at the foot of Wells Island, which are to be immediately purchased and fitted up as a religious summer resort under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church...

November 25, 1875, p. 1: from Redwood
Westminster Park at the foot of Wells Island is going to be to Alexandria Bay what Coney Island, Jersey City, Hoboken and Brooklyn are to New York..where the religious, the fashionable, the gay, the rich and poor can migrate and while away summer months from the "noise and confusion" of the business world.

The Catholic Church in this village had religious services all last week and a jubilee. Rev. Father Fedigan of Carthage on Tuesday evening preached an able and eloquent sermon on the Christian faith.

We are exceedingly pained to hear of the death of Dr. Lemire of your city (Watertown). He was a gentleman, pre-eminently social and an honor to his noble profession.

page 2 from Belleville:
Lysander Spafford and wife are going west, having bought a farm near New Buffalo, Michigan.

Messrs, John Lovelee and John Wakefield have gone West. Rev. Mr. Spafford has sold his house and lot to Captain T. B. Kenney; consideration $1,550. Possession given next spring.

Mr. Ambrose Brimmer has bought Mr. Peleg Garner's little farm of 20 acres, paying therefor $4,000, or $200 per acre. It's a splendid little farm, however, and worth all it cost.

On election day, Mr. OLIVER BATCHELOR of Woodville, within a few days of 90 years of age, came to the polls here and deposited his vote, and Mr. Samuel Brown of Marther's Mills, 80 years of age and totally blind, led by his son, and deposited his ballot.

December 2, 1875, p. 4: from Watertown:

Ninety pound halibut at the Fresh Fish and Oyster Depot, No. 42 Court Street, Cottage Block

Capt. Halpin's elegant new cut-stone block at Clayton, was dedicated on Thursday evening last, by a Thanksgiving festival, given for the benefit of St. Mary's Church...Music for the occasion was furnished by the Clayton Cornet band and orchestra, assisted by Mr. H. M. Lewis of this city...Many thanks are due to Mr. Geo. H. McKinley, the enterprising young gentleman who acted as secretary, treasurer, and business manager generally.

AN OLD VETERAN GONE--It is with regret that we are called upon to report the death of another old veteran in the person of PETER DOXTATER, who expired yesterday morning at his residence in Adams at the ripe old age of 83 years...His funeral will take place at one o'clock this afternoon and will be attended by a large delegation from Watertown, a special train for whose accommodation will leave the depot this morning at 10:20 for Adams...

J. O. Van Wormer, so long and favorably known as a first class clipper of horses, desires his friends and the public generally to remember that he may be found at No. 13 Court Street. Those having horses which they desire clipped will find him at the above address and their orders will receive prompt attention.

December 23, 1875, p. 1: from Redwood:
Hon. A. Cornwall, we apprehend is to be one of the directors of the Westminster Park Association, which is to have a meeting in Watertown this week.

Brainerd Davis took a notion to put an ax down into his foot the other day; it was dressed by Dr. H. and is doing well.

The sailor boys at Alexandria Bay have all arrived home safe and sound after a summer's cruise on the Great Lakes. Captain July, Captain Jerard, Captain Bruce Davis, Engineer Phillips and others.

page 5:
RESOLUTION OF RESPECT: At a regular meeting of Watertown Lodge, No. 49, of Free and Accepted Masons, Dec. 15th, 1875, the following among other proceedings were had. A committee, previously appointed, reported as follows in regard to the death of the late JOHN ROBERTSON of this city...J. H. Stewart, T. C. Chitenden and R. E. Smiley, Com.

December 30, 1875, p. 1: from Chaumont:
We hear that Mr. Hiram Copley has again gladdened the hearts of our poor by sending to their doors flour and beef enough to give every poor family a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

SUICIDE AT CARTHAGE - Mrs. SEREPTA A. WILMOT committed suicide last Friday afternoon by taking corrosive sublimate. Her children came home from school at noon on that day and noticed their mother acted very strangely but thought nothing of it and left again for school that afternoon. Upon returned at about four o'clock and entering the house they were greeted by a sickening odor coming from the room where their mother slept, and upon entering the room found their mother lying upon the bed apparently lifeless. Medical aid was summoned, but was of no avail. A coroner's inquest was held and the jury rendered the following verdict: "That the deceased, Mrs. Serepta A. Wilmot, came to her death on the 24th day of December, while in a state of mental derangement, by taking a poison named corrosive sublimate." The deceased was a widow and leaves three children.

The well known physician, Dr. Russel J. White, will be at the Kirby House in this city on Thursday, January 13th, 1876. He has visited Watertown regularly for the past 27 years with a continued increase of patients.

page 5, COUNTY COURT - Hon. A. H. Sawyer, Presiding, Lysander H. Brown and Ezra D. Hilts, Associates:

The People vs James Lindsley et al. Indictment against the defendants for riot in bombarding with stones, sticks and clubs the house of one Lucretia Burr in Sackets Harbor, April 24th, 1875. The indictment was found by the Grand Jury attending the May Oyer and Terminer, 1875. The jury rendered a verdict of not guilty. District Attorney Rogers for People, W. F. Porter for defendants.

The People vs Truman S. Putnam. Indictment found at the May Oyer and Terminer, 1875, against the prisoner for false pretenses in effecting the sale of some land in the town of Clayton to one Elijah Jennings upon the representation that it was only incumbered by two small mortgages. There were in fact three mortgages upon it. The jury found the prisoner guilty. District Attorney Rogers for the People, W. F. Porter and H. E. Morse for prisoner.

The People vs Joseph V. Guyot. Indictment found against the prisoner at the May Oyer and Terminer, 1875, for an assault with intent to kill one Joseph Pratt at Carthage, In April, 1874. The prisoner is charged with assaulting Pratt with a pike pole, also with throwing him into a pond of water. Now on trial. District Attorney Rogers and D. O'Brien for People. H. J. Welch and P.C. Williams for prisoner.

The People vs Hiram A. Reeves. Three indictments pending against the prisoner for forgery were ordered continued and sent to next term of this court for trial.

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