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BMD newspaper clippings from 1900-1940.

Bits and Pieces

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Watertown Re-Union Newspaper Errata

Errata from the Watertown Re-Union newspapers may include: obituaries, death notices not listed elsewhere, anniversaries, birthday parties, special testimonials of persons in Jefferson County, as well as other events that occurred in the county, state, national or international stage to bring into a timeframe what was occurring when ancestors lived in the county. Persons of note, such as Lillie Langtry, presidents, foreign dignitaries, and events such as warfare between Native Americans and the U. S. Army that were happening as late as the 1800’s, global warfare, technological advancements, farming highlights, industry news in fishing, boating, racing (both horse and boating), are sometimes included in Errata to give the visitor a better overview of the times. Articles are selected at random for inclusion in Errata. The political scene in Jefferson County was always lively and people from other states often contributed their views to the newspaper. From an historical perspective, the Watertown Re-Union did a remarkable amount of reporting and accessing the information has been made easy by the New York Historic Newspapers site. The technological advancement of the telegraph, which made news travel quickly, was a definite asset for the newspapers of the time and is reflected in the reporting process.

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Historic Notes on Jefferson County

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Bits and Pieces mainly from the Towns of
Alexandria and Orleans

BMD newspaper clippings from 1900-50
Parts 7, 8 and 9 contain some material from Hammond and South Hammond.

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Depauville Scrapbook # 1

BMD Newspaper Clippings: 1900-1940

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Mrs. Pauline Johndrow Flick's Scrapbook

Newspaper clippings - 1920-1950

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Leon Hunter's Scrapbook

Newspaper clippings- 1900-1940

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Linnie Nell Joles Smith Hammond's Book of Death

A work in progress

A record of Deaths from 1901 to 1963 with notations

Introduction, Index

Rev. Edwin Salisbury Cheeseman of Theresa, New York 1883 Diary

From Find a Grave Memorial 199157653: “Rev. Edwin Salisbury Cheeseman was the husband of Ruby Ann (Graves) Cheeseman (FAG 73592432). Ruby died February 20, 1911. Rev. Cheeseman was a minister in the Black River Conference and Northern New York Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. His first charge was Ellisburg, New York. His last charge was Cape Vincent, New York. This covered a period of 36 years of faithful service.” Edwin died 13 July 1913

Nannette McCormick discovered his diary and created a PDF, adding supportive material found in old newspapers. A great deal of work and much appreciated.
Thank you, Nannette!

On Tue, May 11, 2021, 8:42 AM Nannette McCormick wrote:
The newspaper clippings were added by me, they were not part of the diary. The footnotes contain the citation for anyone who might want to add this to their family tree. The article at the end that I provided a link to gives an excellent biographical sketch of Reverend Cheeseman.

I think it would be great to post on the Theresa site. The information I can provide is that I purchased the diary from Court Street Antiques in Watertown, NY. It's a pocket-sized Excelsior diary from the year 1883. The Reverend Edwin Salisbury Cheeseman of Theresa faithfully made an entry for every day of the year, and also kept an account of his expenses. It gives an interesting insight into the 19th century life of a country pastor. Most of the families in this diary are from St. Lawrence County as he was assigned to Heuvelton in 1883. Family names include (but not limited to) Griffin, Popple, Atwood, Bean, Cheeseman, Graves, Wright, Simons, Furness, Smithers, Hutchinson, Walrath, Goodenough, Dimick, Cobb, McLaren, Widrick, Fieldson, Watson, Calkins, Brown, Ames, McCollum, Smith, Dawson.

The diary is in PDF format and can be downloaded here.

Various articles

Jefferson Co. Temperance Meeting: 1852
Death of Joseph Cirtwell
The Drowned, Drowning Accidents Near Clayton
Help with brick wall: Phillips
Bits and Pieces Cape Vincent
Letter with Rice Family history.
1912 Old Fashioned Husking Bee by Ernest G. Cook
Cyrus T. Huntington Reminiscences, 1804-1884
John Dingman, of Chaumont, 1879 interview

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