We are indebted to Marilyn Sapienza for the these records of The Reformed Church of the Thousand Isles.


William Comstock bapt 3 Aug 1851, son of Alpheus and Ruth Comstock

Phebe Ellen Comstock, bapt 3 Aug 1851, dau of Alpheus and Ruth Comstock

Joseph Comstock, bapt 3 Aug 1851, son of Alpheus and Ruth Comstock

Martha Comstock, bapt 3 Aug 1851, dau of Alpheus and Ruth Comstock

Richardson Comstock, bapt 17 Oct 1851, son of Alpheus and Ruth Comstock

Willard Comstock, bapt 21 May 1854, son of Alpheus and Ruth Comstock

child Comstock, October 1855, died few days later, of Alpheus and Ruth Comstock

Sarah Comstock, bapt 13 Mar 1858, dau of Alpheus and Ruth Comstock

Eleanor Comstock, drowned 8 July 1866 ae 28 years

George Comstock died 25 Feb 1860 ae 20 years

Mrs. George Comstock rec'd June 1882 and died July 1908

Jane Comstock drowned 8 July 1866 ae 26 years

John McCue Comstock bapt 6 Dec 1885

Riley Comstock died 10 April 1862 ae 20 years

Ruth Comstock bapt. 3 Aug 1851, wife of Alpheus Comstock

Ruth Eliza Comstock rec'd 1 Aug 1851

Comstock infant bapt 11 July 1878

Thomas Comstock bapt 1 Mar 1880 and died 24 May 1897 ae 72

Mrs. Thomas Comstock died 10 Dec 1851 ae 26

Comstock child d Jan 1862, child of Thomas Comstock

William Comstock died Aug 24, 1850, resident of Wells Island

Mrs. William Comstock rec'd 18 April 1897

Bruce Davis married Mary (Polly) Hoadley 18 Dec 1853

John Hoadley JR died 27 Dec 1852 ae 7 yrs

Mrs. Martha Hoadley rec'd 1 Mar 1880

Mary E Hoadley rec'd 7 April 1889, wife of Thomas Hoadley, died 1 Nov 1893 ae 45

Nathan Hoadley died 1852

Mrs. Philina Hoadley rec'd 27 Feb 1876

Mrs. Philander Hoadley d 27 Aug 1881, formerly Mae Powers

Thirza Ann Hoadley rec'd 7 Apr 1889, wife of John Hoadley, maiden name Weller, m 19 Dec 1857

Warren Hoadley bapt 6 Dec 1885

Mrs. Amelia May Weller bapt Dec 1885, wife of William Weller, maiden name Hoadley, m. 18 Mar 1860, died 15 Dec 1905

Miss Edith Marguerite Hoadley rec'd 3 Apr 1892, dau of Franklin Hoadley

Linnie Hoadley bapt 1894 ae 12

Mrs. John H. Hoadley bapt 1 June 1902 as an adult, wife of J. H. Hoadley


11 Jan 1857 Richard W. Wells and Jane Comstock

8 Aug 1870 George Hoadley and Mary Elizabeth Gilman

25 Dec. 1871 Franklin Hoadley and Martha Landon

15 June 1862 Andrew Duclon and Delia Comstock

4 Sept 1884 Lodowick Comstock and Carrie Zylpha Perry

7 Sept 1886 John Hoadley JR and Sarah Jane Phatem

24 Nov 1890 James Leslie Hunt and Hattie May Comstock

4 March 1903 Charles W. Hoadley and Minnie M. Morris

25 May 1913 Charles B. Wells and Florence E. Hunt

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