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Watertown, NY

January - April 1880

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Waterton Re-Union Newspaper, Watertown, NY, Jan. 1, 1880, p. 1:

JAMES PLUMB died December 23d, 1879, at his late residence in Clayton, in the 86th year of his age. The deceased was born at Guilford, Windham co., VT, April 2nd, 1794, and emigrated into this then new and uncultivated Black River County...March 20th, 1823 he married Miss POLLY VINCENT, only daughter in a family of nine children, and settled on the farm on which he resided up to the time of his death...

Mr. CHARLES A. BENJAMIN, one of the leading agriculturalist of our county, died at his residence in Smithville yesterday morning. He died of heart disease and his death was sudden...Mr. Benjamin was about 60 years old...

page 2:
From Carthage-The remains of Miss FLORA HORR of Great Bend, formerly of this place, were brought here for interment today. The funeral took place from the M. E. church at 11 o'clock a.m.

From Adams-One of the most interesting events which has occurred in Southern Jefferson Co., for some time was the silver wedding of Mr. WILLIAM BALCH and wife on Wednesday evening of last week at Mannsville.

From Antwerp-The cold wave reached Antwerp last Sunday, the thermometer indicating 26 degrees below zero.

page 3:
From Evans Mills-Died in Chicago, Dec. 22nd, 1879, JOSEPH W. PIERCE in he 66th year of his age. Mr. Pierce was a brother of Miss M. W. PIERCE and MRS. JOHN J. KINNEY of Evans Mills.

January 8, 1880, p. 1:

From Carthage-Wednesday, a MRS. WESLEY BLANCHARD residing near Natural Bridge came to Carthage to consult professionally with Dr. G. N. Hubbard, who has been treating her for some time for a chronic disease of the liver and kidneys. The day was a very stormy one and Mrs. Blanchard appeared very much exhausted when she arrived at the doctor's house. She was accordingly put to bed and from that time she continued to grow worse and died Friday a.m. about 6 o'clock. She was 64 years of age. Her husband died four years ago. She leaves several children who are men and women grown.

From Alexandria Bay-There are several aged people residing in our village. Some have lived here many years. Among the number is JAMES CARTER, age 85 years. Mr. and Mrs. Carter have been married and traveled through life together for 60 years.

January 15, 1880, p. 4:

Supervisor Samuel N. Hodges, of Hounsfield died at his residence at Sackets Harbor on Monday, after an illness of some time. He was formerly a resident of this city (Watertown), nearly a quarter of a century ago being engaged in the clothing business here with his brother, EZRA P. HODGES, now of Utica. ..Mr. Hodges was 58 years old. He leaves a wife and one daughter, MRS. W. H. LYTTLE, of Adams. Of his brothers and sisters there are five, four sisters and one brother. Among the sisters is MRS. NANCY SLOAN of this city. The funeral will be held as his residence at the Harbor on Thursday at 2 p.m. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge of this city, and the order will attend the funeral, leaving this city at 12 o'clock on Thursday, returning at 5 p.m.

January 22, 1880, p. 5:

We briefly mentioned a few days ago the death of Wm. McGinnis of Pamelia, but the part he has taken in the affairs of the county demands a more extended obituary notice than was at the time given. Mr. McGinnis was born in Marbletown, Ulster county, on the 24th of August 1786, nearly one hundred years ago. He came to this county in 1815 and settled in the town of Brownville where he remained two years when he removed to a farm in Pamelia, then Brownville, Where he died. He was a weaver by trade and he spent much of his life in that business making cloths of all description including the double webbed carpets and coverlids and also the celebrated Damask diaper...His wife died 12 years ago at the age of 81...

The following notice of the death of a former resident of Jefferson County, appears in the Adrian Michigan Journal: Died at the residence of his son, Geo., at Menominee, Wisconsin, Dec. 12, 1879, NATHAN STARKS, age 78 years. Mr. Starks was formerly of Jeff. Co., NY where he married SARANNA CROSS, eldest daughter of ABISHA CROSS, by whom he had two sons, ARTEMAS B. STARKS, now of Chicago, and GEORGE, the youngest, of Menominee. Nathan started the first ax and nail manufactory at Carthage, Jeff. Co. In 1833 he sold out his nail works and emigrated to Illinois, where he remained about one year; the health of himself and family was so poor that he returned to Albany, where his brother, ARGALE, was then keeping the New England Hotel...

page 7:
From Evans Mills- The funeral of the late MRS. GRACIA BARNS was largely attended Tuesday from the residence of her son near Evans Mills. She was an estimable lady, loved by all who knew her...

From Carthage-Mr. JOHN V. VAN BROCKLIN, a well known and respected farmer residing about two miles from Carthage on the Copenhagen Road, died Thursday after a long and painful illness.

About three weeks ago we chronicled the death of one of the bright little twin boys of Mr. SPENCER BYRANT, and now the family is again called to mourn the death of the surviving one, which occurred Tuesday night

January 29, 1880, p. 4:

From Limerick-There is considerable excitement around our little town over the marriage of MYRON CUMMINS and MINNIE MUNSO, of this place.

From Cape Vincent-W. H. HUNTINGTON of this village and Miss JESSIE MONROE of Cornwall, Ontario, were married at Toronto, Ont., on Monday...

page 6:
Tribute by the Watertown Grange No. 7 to JOSIE HADCOCK...

page 8:
From Theresa-The old gentleman WEST was buried last week. He was an old landmark and a much respected citizen. He was the father of W. L. and E. S. WEST, of this town.

February 5, 1880, p. 2:

Mrs. JOHN McQUILLEN burned to death--How a lady 81 years of age was called to the other world.
On Saturday afternoon about two o'clock, occurred a fearful accident on Pearl Street, which resulted in the death of Mrs. John (Mary) McQuillen, a lady about 81 years of age. Mrs. McQuillen and a woman named Mrs. Gray, lived together in a little house on Pearl Street...On Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Gray left the house to go to a well nearby to draw some water...when she returned she found Mrs. McQuillen upon the floor and enveloped in flames...Dr. H. G. P. Spencer was sent for, who upon arrival dressed her burns and made her as comfortable as possible. She suffered terribly until seven in the evening, when she died. The cause of the calamity is attributed to a pipe. The old lady has smoked a pipe for a great many years and it is thought that a spark from it fell into her clothing...Mrs. McQuillen was born in Ireland and was married about sixty years ago. She married John McQuillen, who died in 1870. He was a prominent Mason...Immediately after being married they moved into the house on Pearl Street where he died and where she also died, after living there for a little less than sixty years...the body was laid out and taken to the residence of Mr. Graham on Factory St., where Mr. Richard McQuillen, a son, and the only surviving child of the deceased resides...

page 4:
From Barnes Corners--The friends of JAMES McCARTY are pained to learn of his death which occurred at Cherokee, Kansas, where he has been the past four years. His mother is also quite feeble at her home in Harrisburg.

From Huntington--JAMES WOODWARD, who was taken ill at Chicago, returned as far as Watertown City, and being unable to get home, died at the residence of his aunt, MRS. ROBERTS, Saturday, the 24th of January, of typhoid fever. His funeral was held on Monday the 29th, at the residence of his father, Mr. ALBERT WOODWARD, Rev. Mr. Holbrook of Black River, officiating. Little did his father and Clarence think that in a few short weeks the son and brother would come back to die. Yes, James has gone to join his mother, and the father and brother have one less tie on earth and one more in heaven.

From Redwood-The marriage of JOHN FORTUNE and Miss LIZZIE MOORE occurred on the 27th Jan., by Father O'Conner...

One of the most important recent events in this vicinity which we, for want of particulars, have failed to chronicle, is the death of the venerable father WEST, as he was affectionately called, which occurred on the 17th of January, at the residence of his son, LESTER, about midway between this village and Theresa. He was nearly 94 years old, had been a resident of Jefferson Co. 70 years, came into it before even your beautiful city of Watertown was a village. Mr. West was born in Massachusetts, hence legitimately entitled to, as his figure, form and expression always showed the characteristics of the true Yankee...a devoted member of the M.E. Church and was buried in its rites on the 19th by Rev. Mr. Danforth...

page 5:
DROWNED NEAR CLAYTON-A party of men attempt to cross the St. Lawrence on bad ice--one of them drowned - a sad experience. Clayton, Jan. 31, 1880:
GEORGE PENN of Gananoque, and GEO. CUMMINGS of Grindstone Island, started on Friday evening, Jan. 30th from Gananoque for the Island with a party of farmers. The night was very dark and the party had not gone a great way when they struck bad ice. Penn, Cummings and a man named Robinson took charge of the sleigh and the other eight men took the horses into their care. In the darkness, the two parties separated and before Penn's party had proceeded far, the sleigh went through and sunk...About six o'clock Penn and Cummings ascertained that they were alone and were floating on a cake of ice. Cummings began to grow cold and stiff and Penn did the best he could to protect him from the wind, rubbing him to keep up the circulation of the blood. About 10 o'clock Cummings became delirious and uncontrollable. He rushed into the water but Penn caught him and held him as long as he was able, but he too was becoming benumbed and Cummings finally got away, jumped in and was drowned. He leaves a wife and five children in destitute circumstances. Penn was rescued about 12:50 o'clock, after several hours of exposure.

page 8:
From Barnes Corners-Mrs. PERLEY CARY, widow of Perley Cary, late of Pinckney, Lewis County, celebrated her 94th birthday at her son ALBERT's at Barnes Corners. The inclemency of the weather and the condition of the roads prevented all her children and other relatives being present, yet she was represented not only by sons and daughters, but by grand, great grand and great great grandchildren, as well as other relatives. Mrs. Cory is remarkably smart, mentally and physically and bids fair to reach 100 years.

From Dexter--Mr. Penney, an old resident of this place who has been an invalid for a number of years, died Tuesday evening.

A pleasant affair took place at the residence of Mrs. J. Horton on Sunday evening which made WILL CASTER (of Chaumont) and Miss NELIA HORTON man and wife...The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Winnie...

February 12, 1880, p. 2:

From Cape Vincent-The funeral of the late MRS. GEO. R. STARKEY will take place at St. John's Church at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Rev. G. G. Perrine, officiating.

From Three Mile Bay-On Monday evening last, Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES W. McKINSTRY celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage with a silver wedding, at their residence in Three Mile Bay. Quite a large and happy company, numbering about 75 persons, assembled to pay their respects to the bride and groom of 25 years...(Note: a long list of guests, gifts and "regrets" accompany this notice.)

page 4:
MISS SALLY COBURN-Died at Carthage, February 5th, 1880, Mrs. SALLY, widow of the late Hon. MERRELL COBURN, in the 83rd year of her age. Mrs. C. was born in Acworth, New Hampshire, at which place she was married in 1817, and immediately came to Felts Mills, in this county, where she resided with her husband for over 50 years. Some ten years ago she removed to Carthage to live with her son, the late WM. M. COBURN...Of her children, only two survive her, MRS. CHARLES FOLLANSBEE and MRS. M. B. CLANCY, both residing in Chicago, Ill. The funeral will be held at Carthage on Tuesday, the 10th inst., at 9 1/2 a.m.

on page 7, an additional notice of Mrs. Sally Coburn:
The death of this estimable lady occurred on the 5th inst., in the 83rd year of her age...She was married on the 3d day of February, 1817, in Ackworth, New Hampshire and came with her husband to Watertown. In March, 1849, went to Felts Mills, where they lived fifty years...They removed to Carthage, where their son had located in business, something over ten years ago...her sister, NANCY ALEXANDER, in her 86th year, has been her companion much of the past few years...Mrs. Coburn was the mother of five children--four girls and one son. Two of her daughters and a son had gone before her. The survivors are MRS. CHARLES FOLLANSBEE and MRS. MARK B. CLANCY, both residents of Chicago. The latter was with her mother for several weeks before she died, giving attendance to her wants...Mrs. Follansbee is now here also...

page 8: From Carthage-Deceased was the mother of MERRILL COBURN. The funeral will take place next Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Her remains will be taken to Watertown for interment.

C. W. BURDICK, M.D.-We are pained to announce this morning the death of Dr. C. W. BURDICK, which occurred at his resident on State Street last evening...Dr. Burdick, it will be remembered, some time ago was thrown from a carriage on the Brownville Road, and quite severely hurt. It was thought that he would not recover. He did finally rally, and for the last year he has been in very good health. He was a little over 63 years of age...

OBITUARY-Wednesday afternoon, Mr. HENRY HOPKINS of Rutland, a former resident of this city, died of heart disease...Mrs. Hopkins...found him lying on the ground, near the cutter, dead. He had been troubled with heart disease, and his death is not, therefore, a surprise to his relatives. He was born in Stratford, Conn., February 10th, 1804. He was the son of JOSEPH HOPKINS of Waterbury, Conn., and grandson of JOSEPH HOPKINS, a lineal descendant of a family of his ancestors who emigrated from England on the ship, Mayflower, in the year 1820?, and settled in the State of Connecticut. His fathers and uncles were soldiers in the Revolutionary War. His father was a silversmith by trade, but engaged also in shipping and milling, and being unfortunate in the shipping business, losing his ship, about the year 1805, he removed to Bridgeport, Conn., and in the year of the great eclipse (1808), removed to the town of Rutland, in this county, with his family consisting of himself, wife and eleven children, and settled, as it were, in the wilderness, there being but a very few clearings and log houses...When the deceased, who was the youngest of the family, was 26 years of age, his father died. The year previous he had purchased his father's farm, consisting of 225 acres, and the same year of the death of his father (1830) he married Miss CELESTIA TYLER, daughter of DAVID and CHLOE TYLER, of Rutland. He carried on farming for a few years...In 1864, his wife died. He married again, this time choosing for his partner, MRS. C. E. BURNHAM, widow of the late DEXTER BURNHAM...Mr. Hopkins was one of the pioneer representatives of the county...He was a member of the Presbyterian Church...He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his loss...

page 7:
OBITUARY-JOHN FERGUSON, JR. John Ferguson, Jr. was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY, May 20th, 1813, and died with typhoid pneumonia, at his home in Calmar, Winnesheik Co, Iowa, Jan. 10th, 1880, age 66 years, 7 months and 20 days. In 1834 he married Miss LUCRETIA LEWIS, with whom he lived until 1844, when she passed...In 1849, he married Miss MARRIETTA VAN HOUISER, with whom he lived until his death, and who survives him. He leaves two children, a son and daughter, by his second wife...He kept the hotel in Burrs Mills, and also in Henderson prior to 1844, after which he was engaged in the mercantile business in Burrs Mills and he was also in the tanning and currying business at the same place...

page 8:
From Carthage-DR. BENJAMIN S. BUDD died Tuesday night after a painful illness. His funeral will take place Friday at 2 p.m. from the residence of his son, Mr. B. C. BUDD. Dr. Budd was born at Philadelphia, PA in August 1800 and was consequently in the 80th year of his age. He came to Carthage in 1818, graduated at the Philadelphia Medical College two years later...he leaves an aged widow, who with the other relatives have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.
(Note: the initial caption reads "Rudo", not Budd)

From Cape Vincent-WAYNE BREWSTER and Miss NANCY ROBINSON were married Wednesday afternoon by M. E. Grant...

February 19, 1880, p. 1:

From Cape Vincent-MRS. GEO. THOMAS, who has been very sick with typhoid pneumonia for the past three weeks, died on Wednesday evening. She leaves a husband and three small children to mourn her loss. The funeral will take place at the Methodist Church on Sunday morning.

page 4:
OBITUARY-MRS. ALMIRA WRIGHT- The funeral services of the late MRS. ALMIRA WRIGHT, of Rodman, will be held at the Congregational Church in that village on Sunday next at 11 a.m. Mrs. Wright was the widow of the late NATHANIEL WRIGHT of that place...She died at the residence of her stepson, N. A. WRIGHT, with whom she lived on Wednesday the 11th inst., of cirrhosis of the (liver?) at the age of 67 years...

page 6:
From Adams-We were much pained Friday to hear of the death of Miss FLORA WRIGHT. She has been sick for nearly a year and has suffered very much. For the past four months she was not able to leave her bed. The funeral was held at Rodman, Sunday, at which time her grandmother Wright was also buried...

From Cape Vincent-The funeral of MRS. GEORGE THOMAS was largely attended at the Methodist Church on Sunday morning.

From Plessis-MR. JOHN ROOF of Theresa, received a telegram from Big Rapids, Saturday morning, saying that his brother, DANIEL ROOF, had died in a fit. To those who saw Mr. Roof on is recent visit to this place, the news seemed shocking and to his relatives and many friends in our village feel this sad blow keenly...Mr. Roof...was a member of the M. E. Church, and was for some time Master of the Alexandria Lodge of F. A. M...

From Theresa-The annual celebration of the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. ALEXANDER COOPER was celebrated on Saturday last at the residence of A. H. Cooper. There were present all the children and grandchildren except MARTIN and family, who reside at Sarest City, Iowa. The family calendar showed no deaths during the year, but two additions viz: by birth, RENA, age six months and by marriage, M. W. ZIMMERMAN who married MISS LIZZIE, not long since. At the head of the table was seated Alexander the 1st, 2nd and 3d, representing the aged, middle aged and the youth...this couple have never lost a child or a grandchild during their now 55 years of married life and all except the far-distant absent, were present and able to eat a good square meal on this occasion.

From Rodman-Another stern lesson upon the brevity of life and certainty of death has been given to thoughtless mortals by the demise of the late MRS. ALMIRA WRIGHT whose obituary has been published and that of her young relative, MISS FLORA A. WRIGHT, of Adams, whose death occurred a few hours after. Flora...was age sixteen. She was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ELFRED F. WRIGHT of Adams, a former resident of this place...The impressive funeral services of both deceased ladies were conducted at the Congregational Church on Sunday the 15th inst., at 11 a.m. by Rev. A. S. Emmons and Rev. Bates...

From Redwood-We are pained to see announced in the Despatch, the sudden death of Dr. C. W. BURDICK of your city. He was an honor to his profession and a gentleman.

Redwood in 1834, when Mr. Foster built the glass factory was called Jamesville. By the by, Mr. Butterfield and Mr. Baldwin of your city are to "start up" the factory and commence blowing glass about the first of June.

February 26, 1880, p. 1:


From Brownville-
The town officers of Brownville are as follows:
Justice of Peace, FARLIN BALL
Commissioner of Highways, EDWIN R. WHITE
Inspectors of Election, Dist No. 1, CHARLES P. PLUMB, CHARLES C. STEELE
Inspectors of Election, Dist. No. 2, WALTER CALKINS, DEMPSTER WHEELER
Inspectors of Election Dist. No. 3, EDWIN R. ADAMS, WHEELER LOWE
Inspectors of Election Dist. No. 4, HENRY C. DORCHESTER, JR., HENRY BLUM
Game Constable, FARNHAM CORY
Sealer of Weights and Measures, WILLIAM H. WINN

From Barnes Corners-

Supervisor, W. C. BARRETT
Town Clerk, C. D. DOUGLASS
Justice of the Peace, full term, C. D. HALL
Justice of the Peace, short term, GEORGE ACKER
Commissioner, WM. MARHAR
Collector, EDWARD CARL
Overseers of Poor, JOHN CORY, WM. LANE

From Carthage-

Town of Wilna-

Supervisor, JAMES GALVIN
Justice of the Peace, full term, FRED S. WARD
Commission of Highways, CALEB KEYES
Collector, THOMAS L. BURNS
Overseer of the Poor, B. C. BUDD
Inspector of Election, 1st district, HIRAM K. LAMPHEAR, FREDERICK L. BONES
Inspector of Election, 2nd district, JOHN N. HILL, EDWARD S. PENNY
Inspector of Election, 3d district, THOMAS C. HART, DEWITT SPENCER
Sealer of Weights and Measures, GEORGE O'LEARY, JR.

Town of Clayton-

Justice of the Peace, WILLIAM H. CONSAUL
Inspector of Elections, Dist. No. 1, GEORGE A. NORTON, ELIAS G. STERNBERG
Inspector of Elections, Dist. No. 2, WALTER H. WALRATH, HORATION N. ESTIS, J. H. GOULD
Game Constable, HENRY SWEATMAN
Excise Commisssioner, ELIJAH McCARN

From Rodman-

Supervisor, JOHN R. WASHBURN
Town Clerk, JULIUS B. LYON
Justice of the Peace, GEORGE A. GATES
Commissioner of Highways, WILLARD D. WAIT
Assessors, ANSON MILLER for 3 years; SIMEON H. GATES for 2 years; WM. R. DEAN for 1 year.
Collector, REUBEN Z. SMITH
Game Constable, RICHARD M. MALONEY

Page 1:
From Plessis- The funeral of Miss SALLY FROST, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. DELOS FROST of this village was held in the M. E. Church Saturday at 11 o'clock. The deceased was a teacher, for a number of years he health has been failing some time and for the last few months her disease, consumption, has worn upon her constitution more rapidly. By her death, her parents lose an affectionate daughter and her brother a loving sister...

page 2:
From Plessis- The death of the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. RUSH CLINE occurred on the 20th. The remains were taken to Three Mile Bay for interment.

The news of the very sudden death of MRS. JAMES BOLTON, on the 19th inst., was received with surprise and pain. Mrs. Bolton led a life of usefulness and her death causes a sad vacancy in her home, leaving a husband and motherless children. The funeral services were held in the M. E. Church Saturday and a large number assembled to pay the last tribute of respect...

From Dexter- A pleasant affair took place at the residence of H. M. Peck of Brownville on Sunday, February 22nd, in which the Rev. H. M. Dodd of Dexter, united BERT FOSTER of Dexter and Miss MINERVIA PECK in matrimony...

From Theresa- Our people were sad last week upon receiving intelligence that MRS. A. G. RYTHER was dead and buried. For many years, Mrs. R., was one of the shining lights of this village...She had a tumor removed a few days ago from the effects of which she died...

March 4, 1880, p. 1:

From Plessis: The funeral of Miss SALLY FROST, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. DELOS FROST of this village, was held in the M. E. Church Saturday at 11 o'clock...

Page 4:
From Evans Mills: The ladies of the M. E. Church, Evans Mills, and others, have for the past few days been busy in making clothing for the family of WM. STEELE, which consists of six little girls, whose mother died about two weeks since. Mr. B. M. STRONG is mentioned as being very active in the commendable work.

From Carthage: The funeral of Gamby occurred Tuesday. No post mortem examination was held, so it is not likely anything will be done about the matter. A brother of the deceased told us that if they had been able, an examination would have been had and the affair thoroughly investigation.

March 11, 1880, p. 3:

Henry W. Longfellow has been presented with a uniquely bound volume containing the autographs of nearly all the 800 children who contributed, a year ago, to the cost of the chair made from the wood of the famous chestnut tree.

The many friends of Sojourner Truth, now 104 years old, gave her a surprise party at her cottage in Battle Creek, Michigan, on the evening of the 2d inst. The old woman was in a state of bewildered delight, saying to a particular friend who came late: "They kept floodin' in and floodin' in till I just says, 'Why bless my heart, chil'ren, war on arth did ye all come from and when in the name of common sense are ye going' to stop comin'?"

Page 6:
MRS. HOFER, a lady 67 years of age, residing with her son, Mr. CHRIS HOFER, a few miles from Carthage, in this town, died very suddenly Monday morning. She had been in her usual good health up to Sunday morning, and while engaged in dressing fell over on her bed and remained unconscious from that time until her death, at the time above mentioned.

From Theresa: Farrell was buried at Redwood Saturday. He was a member of the Catholic Church at that place.

Another old and respected resident of this place, JOHN W. DOWEN, has gone home to rest. He was buried on Sunday last.

The body of the late Joe. Bartlett, killed at the mines, passed through here on Sunday en route for Alexandria Bay for interment.

March 18, 1880, p. 2:

From Cape Vincent: Jerry Valley's little girl, age about two years, who has had the whooping cough for several weeks past, caught cold which resulted in her death on Friday last. The funeral took place at the Presbyterian Church Sunday morning.

From Philadelphia: Most of the people in this village were surprised last Tuesday morning to hear that Rev. Pendell had gone to the residence of C. Werner to unite in holy matrimony, Mr. CONRAD WERNER and Miss ANNA MALONA. The bride and groom left on the 9:25 train South...

We are pained to announce the death of MRS. SARAH SAVAGE. She was the widow of the late ROBERT SAVAGE, and was one of the oldest residents of Dexter, being in her 75th year. Her funeral will take place Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock from her late residence. (dated March 16th, 1880)

From Redwood: The Mr. MICHAEL FARRELL of this town who was so suddenly and sadly killed at the Shurtleff ore bed, was about forty years of age and left a wife and four small children. He was a temperate, industrious man, and we trust that the Ore Company will not hesitate a moment to make at least a partial remuneration to the poor family for their irreparable loss.

Page 7:
A very sudden and sad death occurred in this city Friday, and by it Watertown loses a good citizen. Mr. CHARLES DREXEL attended Lenten services at Trinity Church yesterday forenoon, and about eleven o'clock he returned to his jewelry store on Court Street, which he had left in charge of his son...Mr. Drexel was found in the room in the rear of the store...all doubled up...and apparently dead. He remained in that state until 9 o'clock last night when he died...Mr. Drexel leaves a wife and five children to mourn his sudden death...Mr. Drexel was 53 years old...

Page 8: Queen Victoria's income is $6,800 a day. The Czar has more than any other European sovereign--$25,000 a day.

March 25, 1880, p. 2:

From Clayton: MRS. WOOD, mother of P. F. WOOD of this place, who was brought here from Watertown last Monday, died at the residence of her son on Friday and was buried Sunday. She was about 87 years old.

From East Watertown: Sad and sudden came the news of the death of Mr. BENJAMIN ANDREWS, on the morning of the 21st inst. About nine years since Mr. A. suffered an attack of paralysis, and his life terminated with the second attack...For fifteen years he has seldom lost a trip to town twice a day...Since the Post Office was established here, Mr. Andrews has held the position of P. M. The funeral services will be held at his late residence on Tuesday, 23d inst., at 10 a.m.

From Philadelphia: The funeral of Miss MARY E. ROGERS, who died of consumption on Tuesday, March 16th, was held in the M. E. Church. The bereaved friends have the sympathy of all around.

From Theresa: It is said that the brother of the man lately injured at the Shurtliff ore mines came after the injured brother, believing him to be a corpse, and was happy in finding him instead not seriously injured.

We are pained to announce of...Miss MAGGIE SHEA, a young...lovely girl of about 16 years...her death was caused by a fall received while at school...

Page 7:
The Accident at the Ore Beds: The latter part of last week we mentioned an accident at the Shurtliff ore beds, by which it was reported that JOHN JONES received "fatal injuries from which it was doubtful whether he could recover." Our Philadelphia correspondent writes concerning it as follows: "The accident was reported to be fatal to JOHN JONES was very much exaggerated, as he was only slightly injured, and went from this place the 19th to his home to take a little vacation. He rode from the mine to the depot in a Watertown spring wagon."

GEORGE W. ACKER - We are called upon to announce this morning the death of GEO. W. ACKER, which occurred at New Boston, near Barnes Corners, on Saturday, after a brief illness of four days from typhoid pneumonia. Mr. Acker was a prominent Democrat in Lewis County and has served the county well as Justice of Sessions. He leaves a wife, but no children to mourn and weep over his sudden death. His burial occurred Tuesday and as very largely attended. He was a brother of Mr. CHARLES ACKER of this city.

DEMAS PERRY of Niagara County, died a few days ago, at the age of 86 years. Mr. Perry received injuries a few days previous to his death which resulted in his demise. He was born in Woodstock, VT but his family removed to this city when he was a mere lad. Here he grew up to manhood and in the War of 1812 he enlisted with the Jefferson County Volunteers, participated in the Battle of Sackets Harbor, and was one of the pensioners of the War when he died. He married in this city, and in 1825 moved to Niagara County, settling at McNail's Corners, Royalston, but afterward removed to Warren's Corners where he remained until the close of his life.

For the last ten years he has carried the mail, Times and Despatch from this city to East Watertown..He was also postmaster at East Watertown and carried on the public house known as the Grove Hotel. Mr. Andrews was born in this county and has always lived here. He was married and has children grown up. About four years ago he had a stroke of paralysis and since that time he walked lame. We understand that his death was caused by a second stroke. He was over 54 years of age and the funeral will occur tomorrow at 11 a.m. and we presume will be attended by several from this city.

Page 8:
MR. HAREFORD - The Croghan correspondent of the Lowville Democrat writes as follows: "Mr. HAREFORD, father to HENRY HAREFORD, of Watertown, died last week, age ninety years; he was buried at Belfort."

Died, at his residence in Clayton, March 13, 1880, ALFRED FOX, age 73 years...Mr. Fox in the year 1833, with no fortune except his own willing hands, guided by a resolute purpose and high intellectual force, removed from Pompey Hill in Onondaga County, where he was born, and became a resident of the town of Clayton, in this county...He leaves a widow, two daughters and five sons, all past their majority, to mourn the loss of a kind husband and a loving sad indulgent father...(Transcriber's note: this is a very long obituary tracing this man's life-long activities; descendants will want a full copy.)

April 1, 1880, p. 1:

From Belleville: Mr. CLARK BULL of Wallingford, VT., has been in town a few days. He was called here by the death of his brother, ALVAN BULL. Mr. Alvah Bull died very suddenly on Tuesday, March 23d at his home at Rural Hill, at the age of 77 years. He was taken very sick with pneumonia March 15th and was much better so he was up at the time of his death. A post mortem examination was made by Drs. Frame and Chapman of this place and they were unable to find any cause for his death. He came to Ellisburgh in 1831 from Danby, VT and bought the place where he resided until his work was done. He was married at Guilford, VT, February 11th 1832 to Miss LOISE PACKER. He leaves a widow, three sons, two of whom live in Minnesota, and two daughters to mourn his loss. Mr. Bull was a supervisor of this town in 1850...His funeral was largely attended on Friday afternoon at his late residence; Rev. Mr. Hebard preached the sermon.

From Cape Vincent - MRS. MARGARET IRVINE, who had been sick for some weeks, died on Wednesday last. The funeral took place at St. John's Church on Friday.

From Omar - We were both pained and surprised to hear of the death of MRS. ALFRED FOX, of Clayton, whose husband only died about two weeks since, and the whole of this neighborhood fully sympathize with our friend and neighbor, JAMES C. LEE and wife, as also with the rest of the bereaved family in their great affliction.

From Pillar Point- Pillar Point can boast of a very remarkable old man, CAPT. WARD, age 102 on Christmas last. He was postmaster here till three years ago, being the oldest postmaster in the United States. He sailed a schooner on Lake Ontario prior to steam navigation. He served his country, during the War of 1812, or second war for independence. He is a ship carpenter by trade, and was one of the workmen that worked on the Orleans, at Sackets Harbor, near the close of the War, is as active both mental and bodily as an ordinary man of seventy, has never used tobacco in any form, nor has never indulged in intoxicating beverages to excess. We would advise the young men of today to take pattern from this remarkable old gentleman.

From Philadelphia - JONATHAN MARSHALL died March 24, at the residence of JAMES DANFORTH, at the age of eighty-four years and seven months. He was a prominent member of the Baptist Church in this place and during the series of meetings held this winter he felt a deep interest in the work, saying several times "probably this is the last time I shall be with you in protracted meetings." He was a former resident of LaFargeville and his body was taken to that place on the evening train Friday, where the funeral services were held and the body interred. The deceased leaves an aged wife and several children to mourn his death.

Page 3:
From Lorraine- Died at his residence in Lorraine, March 22d, 1880, JOSEPH GRIMSHAW, age 69 yeras and 8 months. He leaves a wife and seven sons; was born in Dutchess County, NY, and came to this town forty-five years ago. he was a member of the M. E. Church here. His funeral will be held Thursday at 1 o'clock p.m.

From Dexter-MRS. SARAH SAVAGE, relict of the late ROBERT SAVAGE, died at her residence in this place on Monday, March 15th, after a long and painful illness, age 75 years...She followed very quickly her husband, who died only a year ago...She was a firm believed in the Episcopal faith...Her funeral was held at her late residence on Wednesday, March 17th, the Rev. Mr. Winnie officiating. She leaves three sons to mourn her loss, WM. SAVAGE of Yankton, Dakota, Capt. JAMES and GEORGE of Dexter.

Mr. And Mrs. LEWIS KIMBALL, on Monday evening celebrated the 25th anniversary of their wedded life by a silver wedding...

Page 5:
Died at his residence in Lorraine, March 22, 1880, JOSEPH GRIMSHAW, age 69 years and 8 months. Lorraine's oldest citizens are fast fading away...He was born in Dutchess Co., NY and came to this town 45 years ago and settled one and one-half miles east of the village, on a farm where he lived until nine years ago, when re removed to the village....He was a consistent active member of the M. E. Church. He leaves a widow and seven sons and all past their majority to mourn the loss...The seven sons were together at the funeral Thursday. GEORGE and BENJAMIN live in Minnesota; HENRY in Worth; STEPHEN and JOSEPH, Clinton; CHARLES in Lorraine. They were together for the first time in 24 years.

MRS. ALFRED FOX died Friday, March 26th, 1880, widow of the late ALFRED FOX of DePauville. Mrs. Fox was born in Clayton in the year 1817...At the time of her death she was a resident of DePauville. Her husband, ALFRED FOX, died Saturday, March 13th. She was taken sick one week after his death and died the following Friday...Though 63 years old when she died, she seemed to be but in the prime of life...

Page 6:
March 30-President Hayes this afternoon formally opened the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park. The ceremony was one of the most magnificent social pageants this city has ever known...

April 8, 1880, p. 8:

From Carthage-Mr. JOSEPH SWITZER, a farmer residing on the Alexandria Road, about four miles from Carthage, expected to leave with his family for Dakota last week, but were detained for a few days owing to the sudden death of a son, a young man about 21 yeras of age, who was only sick about 48 hours, with the malignant scarlet fever.

From Philadelphia- GEORGE HANNAHS, SR. died Sunday, March 29, at the residence of his son, GEORGE, JR., of apoplexy.

Miss CANDIS LEWIS, one of our most esteemed young ladies, has gone to the far West, where she will reside. She is to be married Wednesday, April 7, at Hannibal, Missouri, to Mr. Ward. The bride and groom will then go to Chetopa, Kansas, where he is now in business....

From Three Mile Bay-Mr. DAVID SHAW who has been afflicted with consumption for about a year, died Monday morning at 5 o'clock.

April 15, 1880, p. 4:

From Philadelphia- We have heard from CANDIS LEWIS, now Mrs. WARD who started from this place the 5th for Kansas. She was married Wednesday, April 7th, at 2 p.m. in Hannibal, MO...

April 22, 1880, p. 3:

From Pamelia Four Corners - NED PATTESON, the veteran oarsman from Alexandria Bay, is tenting on Squaw Island (Perch Lake) trouting.

AMOS PICKER, the Perch Lake hunter and guide, is always on hand to take out parties who wish to try their hand at the duck. Amos is a good, careful oarsman and well posted as to the duck resorts.

From Dexter-JOHN ROSABOOM has gone to Dakota to join his father.

April 22, 1880, p. 4:

From Carthage--MRS. C. T. GORDON of Wilna, gave birth to a pair of twins a few days ago.

The funeral of Miss LIZZIE PLANCK, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. PLANCK, took place from the Presbyterian Church today. Rev. P. M. Snyder officiated. Her remains were taken to Copenhagen for interment.

From Cape Vincent- Mr. RUFUS BARRET of Millen's Bay, died of congestion of the lungs, last Wednesday. The funeral took place on Friday.

Mr. HIRAM LATHROP of Wolfe Island, a former resident of this town, died on Saturday last, at the age of over eighty years. The funeral occurred on Monday.

Page 5:
CHURCH DEDICATION - The Services Held at Theresa on Tuesday - Interesting Proceedings. The beautiful church edifice presented by the Flower Brothers to the Presbyterian Society at Theresa, was dedicated to the service of God and to the memory of NATHAN M. and MARY ANN FLOWER, their parents, in an imposing and impressive service in that village Tuesday. The church is situated at the head of Main Street, on the site of the old building, which was removed to make place for the new...The architect, Mr. Hose of this city, drew the plans, and Mr. Geo. E. Yost of Theresa superintended its construction...Messrs. Marsh & Shaffart of this city did the fresco painting, E. D. Sheley of Theresa the joiner work, Huntington Brothers the painting, and Kissel Brothers the plastering...Two elegant marble tablets placed on each side of the chancel are very attractive and interesting and is greatly to the credit of Mr. GEO. VAN VLECK of the Watertown Marble Works that he did it. The inscription on the one on the right hand as you enter the church:

Erected to God
In memory of
By their children.

On the other is the following:
First Presbyterian Church of
Organized, A.D., 1825.


Nathan M., Jr. - California
George W. - Watertown
Roswell P. - New York
John D. - Utica
Anson R. - New York
Roxline (Mrs. D. J. B. Carpenter) Guverneur

NATHAN M. FLOWER died April 4, 1843
MARY ANN FLOWER, his wife, died February 23, 1869
ORVILL FLOWER died Sept. 10, 1838
CARLINE (Mrs. George) died June 16, 1878
MARCIUS FLOWER died July 20, 1843

Page 6:
From the United States Patent Office for the week ending April 13th, 1880, patents in New York State:
J. Eastman, Rochester, method and apparatus for coating plates for use in photography. (The beginning of Eastman-Kodak and the camera popularity.)
F. PATRICK, Brownville, hay unloader.

April 29, 1880, p. 1:

From Redwood- MRS. STARR, the mother of JULIUS, living in South Hammond with her grandson, H. C. KING, was one hundred years old on the 16th inst.

Page 2:
Watertown and vicinity - SAMUEL WATSON, age 77, dropped dead in Brier Hill, Friday, and is supposed, of heart disease.

LEVI ROBBINS of Copenhagen, Lewis Co, age 100 years, is believed to be the oldest ex-member of the State Legislature now extant.

A very sudden death--We are called upon today to chronicle the death of MRS. JOHN WINSLOW which occurred Tuesday morning at a quarter of 1. At ten and a half o'clock she gave birth to a daughter and despite all the efforts of friends and medical skill she died as above stated. The immediate cause of her death is supposed to have been embolism of the heart. She had been a terrible sufferer for several months back and the final result was not entirely unexpected. The lateness of the hour forbids and obituary notice, but the relatives and friends of the deceased have the sympathy of all who read this painful announcement. The daughter appears to be doing well.

Sad Accident at Pine Plains near Carthage - April 28- The reported fire and sad death of Mrs. Ward was confirmed today by Mr. CHAS. WARD, a son of the deceased, who resides near Gates' Mill, on the Alexandria Road and from whom we obtained particulars: MRS. MARIBE WARD, the victim, was 63 years of age and lived on the Pine Plains near the famous Hog Back. The only other occupant of the house was a sister of the deceased, a few years younger. About 2 o'clock p.m. Thursday, the house was discovered on fire on the roof around the chimney..Mrs. Ward sent her sister after assistance...when she returned with help the house was nearly destroyed...

page 8:
From Gouverneur - Mr. LEWIS J. HALE of this town, who has been very sick for the past four months, died last week...

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