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Watertown Re-Union Newspapers
Watertown, NY

May - December 1880

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May 6, 1880, p. 3:

From Redwood-Mr. RICHARD CRABB age 88, died suddenly of apoplexy April 29th, funeral Sunday morning in the rites of the M.E. Church of which he was an honored member.

The recent death of MRS. JOHN STRALLS in town, although not unexpected, was a great shock to her husband and many kindred and friends. She was an intelligent Christian lady and died of consumption.

From Theresa- Married at the residence of Rev. M. D. Townsend on Saturday eve, May the first, 1880. Mr. WILLIAM H. VANDUSAN of Albany, NY, to Miss ALMA WORDEN of Theresa, NY.

page 5:
The largest American Islands in the St. Lawrence River are: Grindstone, $5,291 acres, and Wells, 8,068 acres.

One hundred years old--The HON. LEVI ROBBINS of Copenhagen, has reached this great age, and on Saturday the occasion was duly honored by an assemblage of his friends...

Page 8:
From Plessis-Mr. and MRS. M. GILLICK and MR. CHARLES COMSTOCK start for the West this week. They are accompanied by the good wishes of their numerous friends.

Mr. DANIEL COOPER died Sunday of consumption. Mr. Cooper had not long been a resident of this town, but had made friends of those who became acquainted with him and his family has the sincere sympathy of all in their deep affliction. The funeral was held at Philadelphia, where his remains were taken for burial.

MRS. JOHN SCHULTZ died at her home a short distance from this village Saturday evening from consumption. MRS. SCHULTZ was very much respected and beloved by a large circle of friends and her death causes a sad vacancy in her home and her loss is deeply felt by her husband and children. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. S. F. Danforth, Tuesday, at the M. E. Church. Her remains were taken to the Tannery graveyard for interment.

From Chaumont-The wife of Mr. McPHERSON died Monday afternoon of apoplexy. Funeral services Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the house.

May 13, 1880, p. 4:
From Theresa-A very sudden death occurred in town Sunday morning--MR. ALVAH ELY, age 87. He was in his usual health on Saturday, and walked down town in the afternoon to attend a funeral, was taken sick while there, and died about 3 a.m. Sunday.

On Saturday, ALVAH ELY walked over town to attend the funeral of CHAUNCY BALL. While at the funeral he had another stroke of apoplexy and died at 2 a.m. of Sunday. The deceased, both of them, were old residents of this town, good solid men who had the respect and esteem of their townsmen.

From Plessis-MRS. RHODA SPRAGUE died May first. She had been an invalid for many years, still her death was unexpected. She was cared for by her daughters, MRS. CHAUNCEY BALL and MRS. W. C. WILCOX. Her son, Mr. WESSON SPRAGUE, arrived from the West in in time to attend her funeral which was held in the M. E. Church, Rev. S. F. Danforth officiating; her remains were buried at Theresa.

MR. CHAUNCY BALL died at his home about ten miles from this village on the 6th inst., after a long and painful illness. His remains were taken to Theresa for interment...

From Carthage- GEORGE O'HARA, the young man, who was injured while leading a bull about three weeks ago, and who has been lying in a critical condition the past week, died Monday morning at 4 a.m.

page 6:
At the LEVI ROBBINS centennial celebration the other day, in the procession was one carriage which is 26 years old, drawn by a team known as the Davenport team, which is 27 and 29 years old. NATHANIEL SYLVESTER, who is over 90, sat in the carriage.

PATENT LIST: List of patents granted by the U.S. Patent Office to citizens of this section, for the weeks ending April 20th and 27th:
ROLLA R. JONES, Watertown, NY, pliers
FELT & HOTCHKIN, label manufactured by the German Package Dye Co., Watertown, NY, for package dyes
CASSIUS M. COOLDIGE, Rochester, formerly of Antwerp, Jeff. Co., trade mark for medicinal preparation.

From Pamelia-The funeral of MARTIN ARMSTRONG was attended on Sunday last by a large number of friends and neighbors. Mr. Armstrong has been for many years a respected resident of our town.

From Dexter--Mr. GEORGE WINEGAR and Miss MARY BRENNAN of Brownville, have started in life to live together, they were married last week.

May 20, 1880, p. 2:

OBITUARY - LEONARD WILLCOX, a former resident of this county, died in Toledo on Thursday last, where for 26 years he had been a most estimable citizen...Mr. Wilcox was born in Lyme, Jefferson Co., NY on the 7th of January 1821 and was at the date of his death in his 60th year...Mr. Wilcox became a citizen of Toledo early in 1854...Soon after arriving there he engaged in the ship chandlery business..but about 20 years ago, he and his brother, M. L. WILCOX, who had also been in the same business, formed a partnership...and which firm continued until dissolved by death...Mr. Wilcox leaves a wife, two brothers and a sister in this city, one brother and a half sister in Jefferson Co., NY, and one sister in Illinois; also a large number of other relatives in this city and elsewhere...

page 6:
From Carthage--Wednesday evening Mr. CHAS. DUFFY, a popular and trusty engineer of the U B.R.R.R. and Miss MAGGIE McCORMICK of West Carthage, were united in marriage. The ceremony was performed in St. James Church, which was filled to overflowing with the many friends of the contracting parties...

page 8:
From Carthage- MRS. EMMA HAMMOND, wife of Mr. HARLEY B. HAMMOND, died Friday morning. Deceased was 31 years of age and universally respected and beloved. Her funeral took place Sunday at 2 p.m. The family and friends have the sympathy of all...

From Clayton--Mr. F. H. HALL returned home last Friday with his young bride. He was married to Miss EMMA HURD of Mannsville on Tuesday, May 11th, and returned to Clayton on the 14th...

May 27, 1880, page 6:
From Theresa-NATHAN M. FLOWER of California is to visit his old home here soon, hosts of his old friends of 30 years ago will welcome him.

Married at the residence of Mrs. Gilman Evans, by the Rev. Rice, Mr. ABNER HUNTINGTON to Miss ADDIE EVANS, both of Theresa.

From Carthage-A party of gipsies passed through town Saturday...

The funeral of Miss SALLY CROSSETT took place Sunday afternoon at the Presbyterian Church, of which she was a devoted member. Rev. P. M. Snyder officiated...

The funeral of the late WM. B. MORGAN took place from his residence on State St., Saturday afternoon. Deceased had been a terrible sufferer for many years. he served in the U. S. navy during a portion of the rebellion, afterward kept a restaurant in Washington, and during the years 1865-66 was proprietor of the Levis House (then Brown's Hotel), Carthage. The pall bearers were selected from the Veterans' Association, a goodly number of whom attended his funeral in a body. His remains were taken to Wilna for interment.

From Philadelphia--Miss MINNIE ALLIS was married to Rev. Mr. WHEATON of Cincinnati, O., at 3 o'clock p.m., Thursday, May 20th. Rev. Mr. Merrill of Carthage united the couple...

page 8:
From Carthage--Died at her home near Copenhagen, Monday 17th, TRIPHINA, wife of AARON DAVIS, age 69 years. The funeral took place from her residence, Wednesday at 1 p.m.

From the US Patent Office -
E. A. DEXTER, Black River and J. CHASE, Rochester, chair

May 27, 1880, p. 6:

From Theresa: Married at the residence of Mrs. Gilman Evans, by the Rev. Rice, Mr. ABNER HUNTINGTON to Miss ADDIE EVANS, both of Theresa.

From Carthage: The funeral of Miss SALLY CROSSETT took place Sunday afternoon at the Presbyterian church, of which she was a devoted member. Rev. P. M. Snyder officiated and preached an excellent and appropriate sermon.

The funeral of the late WM. B. MORGAN took place from his residence on State St., Saturday afternoon. Deceased had been a terrible sufferer for many years. He served in the U. S. Navy during a portion of the rebellion, afterward kept a restaurant in Washington, and during the years 1865-6 was proprietor of the Levis House, (then Brown's Hotel) Carthage. The pall bearers were selected from the Veterans' Association, a goodly number of whom attended his funeral in a body. His remains were taken to Wilna for interment.

From Philadelphia: Miss MINNIE ALLEN was married to Rev. Mr. WHEATON, of Cincinnati, O., at 3 o'clock p.m., Thursday, May 20th. Rev. Mr. Merrill, of Carthage, made the happy couple one...

page 8:
From Carthage: Died at her home near Copenhagen, Monday 17th, TRIPHINA, wife of AARON DAVIS, age 69 years. The funeral took place from her residence, Wednesday at 1 p.m.

June 17, 1880, p. 8:

HARRY DUEL of Three Mile Bay, committed suicide by hanging, on Sunday last. He had just lost what little property he had and became very despondent the day before his death. Twice before had he attempted suicide--once about fifteen years ago, and a second time about ten years since. He was buried yesterday.

On the 28th day of May, 1880, at the residence of her son, HENRY HEYL, in the town of Clayton, near Depauville, occurred the death of MRS. CATHARINE, widow of the late HENRY HEYL. The deceased has been ailing for many years from a stroke of paralysis...The deceased was born in Germany March 8th, 1804, emigrated in 1831, and has been a resident of the town of Clayton for about 23 years. Her age was 76 years, 2 months and 22 days. She was the mother of one of the most respected families of the town in which she resided. Her family consisted of seven children, of which six survive her, who deeply and sincerely mourn the loss of their affectionate parent.

FATAL ACCIDENT - A man kicked by a horse and instantly killed-
Gouverneur, NY June 15th, 1880: JAMES O'BRIEN of this village was instantly killed by the kick of his horse at about 11:30 a.m. today, at Natural Dam, near this village...Mr. O'Brien was about 30 years of age, he leaves a wife and four small children the youngest but four weeks old...

June 24, 1880, p. 8:

MARRIAGE BELLS: Mr. GEORGE W. LINGENFELTER, the popular School Commissioner of the Third District of this county, was married on Wednesday afternoon, the 16th inst. to Miss MARION DOUGLASS, eldest daughter of N. E. DOUGLAS, Esq., of Ashland Farm, near Three Mile Bay. A large number of the relatives of the bride and groom were present...The array of presents was extensive and rich...The ceremony was impressively performed by the Rev. J. V. Shurtz of Chaumont...This is the second marriage ceremony ever celebrated at the renowned Ashland Farm, the first being that of Miss PATTEN and Mr. OSBORN, which occurred while the late Hon. William Dewey owned the estate.

July 1, 1880, p. 7:

From Clayton-MRS. JOSEPH MASON, formerly of this place, died at her late residence near Rossiere on Friday morning the 25th inst., at the matured age of 90. Her funeral took place at St. Mary's R. C. Church, Clayton, the 27th. The funeral services were conducted by Father Sherry, Pastor of St. Mary's Church...

July 8, 1880, p. 4:

DROWNED AT ADAMS (Adams, July 6). A sad accident occurred in Adams yesterday, which resulted in the drowning of FREDDIE BATES, son of Mr. O. S. BATES. Freddie left home about 9 o'clock in the morning, telling his mother he was going fishing and would not be home to dinner. Not returning, search was made for him last night without success. This morning the search resumed, which resulted in the finding of the body in the flume of the mill owned by S. H. Pitcher. Deceased was about 9 years of age.

July 15, 1880, p. 1:

From Redwood-MRS. STAR, the mother of Julius, and grandmother of H. C. KING, died last week, age 100 years and four months...

From Huntingtonville-All that was mortal of Mr. JOHN HUNTER was consigned to the grave last Sunday afternoon. He was long a resident of this place, but since the death of his wife, a few since he has resided with his daughter, Mrs. Hull, of our city.

From Cape Vincent-Several persons from Watertown attended the funeral of the late MRS. JOHN ESSELSTYN yesterday. (July 9 dispatch)

Page 5:
From Plessis- June 28th the remains of MRS. ALMIDA CLARK, wife of the late HON. JASON CLARK, were brought here for interment in the family lot in Plessis cemetery...

July 22, 1880, p. 2:

Monday, MRS. PHILANDER ELLENWOOD of Adams Centre, was killed by being thrown from a buggy. It seems that she and her husband were out riding, and when nearly home, Mr. Ellenwood stopped to talk with a neighbor, telling his wife to drive on. Before she reached the house, however, she was thrown from the buggy and killed as the team became frightened and ran away. What frightened the horses will never be know. The body of Mrs. Ellenwood was found by the roadside, a deep gash was cut in the forehead and it was understood that her neck was broken...

July 29, 1880, p. 8:

A MAGNIFICENT TOMB - The marble mausoleum which will form Brookside's Latest Acquisition - Messrs. Churchill and Hitchcock of Quincy, have commenced the erection of a mausoleum at Brookside Cemetery for Mr. JOHN A. SHERMAN of this city. The structure, when completed, will be in the form of a Greek cross, about 25 feet high and some twenty feet each way. It will be built of Vermont and Massachusetts granite and lined with white Italian marble. The material is arriving daily from the quarries and comprising some of the very best stone in the years. Sixteen platform cars are necessary to transport it, the weight of the whole being nearly two hundred tons. When complete it will be one of the finest structures of the kind anywhere, and an ornament to beautiful Brookside.

August 5, 1880, p. 1:

FOUND. The Body of GEORGE DeMARSH recovered:
The body of George DeMarsh, who was drowned Thursday was recovered Sunday....Undertaker Ballard was at once notified and took the body from the water and conveyed it to the house of the boy's parents on Bronson Street. Coroner Sill viewed the remains and decided that no inquest was necessary as it was clearly a case of accidental drowning. The funeral will be held Tuesday.

August 12, 1880, p. 6:

OBITUARY - Mr. JOHN BURKS, the oldest resident in the city (Watertown), died at the residence of his son-in-law, MICHAEL BURNS, on Morrison Street, on Saturday morning. Mr. Burke was born in County Mayo, Ireland, June 8th, 1781, and emigrated to this country when a middle aged man, settling in Pinckney, Lewis Co, having taken up a tract of land. He resided upon the place until a few years ago, when he came to the city to end his days with his daughter. He had been blind for the past two years, occasioned by old age. The funeral will be held at St. Patrick's Church this morning at 10 o'clock.

August 19, 1880, p. 3:

DROWNED - Charlie Phillips' Death - Cape Vincent, August 17: About half past seven this evening, a small straw hat and a little pail were noticed floating on the river near the seed house dock. Several children had been playing on the wharf during the afternoon and upon inquiry it was learned that CHARLIE, a six year old son of ROSELL PHILLIPS, had been missing all afternoon. The hat and pail were recognized as belonging to the little boy and search was commenced at once by the large crowd which had collected at the dock. In a very few moments, the body was found in about four feet of water and was carried home.

August 26, 1880, p. 6:

ANOTHER LANDMARK GONE - CONVERSE J. JOHNSON, Esq., age 78 years, died at his residence in South Champion, NY, on the 18th inst. Mr. Johnson was born at Bainbridge, NH, but his father moved to the farm on which he died, when he was only seven years old, so that as bout and man he was a resident of this county over 71 years. In 1839 he married Miss ALLELINE BROWN, who survives him...His funeral was attended at his residence, on Friday last, by a large concourse of the citizens of the vicinity, the Rev. Mr. Stewart, of this city, officiating.
(Transcriber's note: descendants will want a full copy of this obituary as it outlines the various positions Mr. Johnson held in his lifetime.)

From East Watertown -
The funeral services of our worthy friend and neighbor, CLARK S. WOODRUFF, took place at his late residence on Thursday last, where a large assemblage of people listened to consolation from Rev. J. G. Porter (Dispatch date August 23.)

September 9, 1880, p. 6:

From Sacketts Harbor, September 7 - While a party from Smithville were sailing near Campbells Point this afternoon in the yacht, Eva Pope, one of the party, REV. A. D. E. HODGES, was knocked overboard by the boom and drowned. Efforts are being made to recover the body. The accident occurred within 25 rods from where the seven men were drowned, September 5, 1879, who started from Campbells Point to attend a boat race at Henderson. Mr. Hodges was between 28 and 30 years of age and was pastor of the Baptist Church in Smithville. He was ordained in this city about a year ago, and his brother now resides in Watertown.

GOLDEN WEDDING: There was a happy time at East Rodman, Friday. It was the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. SAMUEL STODDARD. Mr. and Mrs. Stoddard were quietly in their home thinking of the many changes a half century had wrought when about 75 friends and relatives descended in a body on the homestead and took possession, bringing with them many valuable presents, thus celebrating the golden wedding of the happy couple handsomely and appropriately. Guests were present from Iowa and other places and the fifth generation of the family was represented--something unusual. The Rev. Mr. Danforth made a few happy remarks and all joined in the sincere wish that Mr. and Mrs. Stoddard might live to see many future years of sunshine and serenity.

September 16, 1880, p. 5:

From Three Mile Bay--Sept. 10--The marriage ceremony of CHARLES H. DICK and IDA P. MAINE was witnessed by nearly 150 people at the Baptist Parsonage, Thursday evening, September 9. The twain were made one by Rev. E. F. Maine, pastor of the Baptist church......F. C. Maine was groomsman and bridesmaid was Sarah E. King.... (Note: there is a long list of guests with this notice.)

September 23, 1880, p. 3:

From Alexandria Bay --Wednesday last a few friends assembled at the house of Mr. COY to witness the marriage of his daughter, LILLIAN, to Mr. OSCAR J. SYKES of Rome. It was a happy evening...Rev. H. DeVries, of the Reformed Church, was the officiating clergyman...(A list of gifts is included in this notice.)

From Cape Vincent--Miss Susan B. Anthony will entertain our citizens at Hammond's Hall on Tuesday evening, Sept. 28. Subject: "Woman Wants Bread and not the Ballot." The price of admission has been placed at 25 cents which will insure a crowded house.

From Clayton--Mrs. WILLIAM MARSHALL died of quick consumption at the residence of H. E. MORSE (her father) Sunday afternoon. Funeral Tuesday.

September 30, 1880, p. 2:

From Adams - MARIAN COUGHLAN, only child of W. R. and ELLA BROWN, died with cholera infantum last week.

October 7, 1880, p. 7:

From Plessis-MRS. NOAH BAKER died at her home Saturday night, after a painful illness. Her disease was cancer. She was a woman of great fortitude and was highly esteemed by all.

From Redwood-Mr. C. WATSON SIMONS of LeRay, NY, was married yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock to Miss LOTTA B. BUTTERFIELD of Redwood, NY, at St. Peters Church, Redwood, by the Rev. J. B. Fin of Evans Mills, formerly pastor of St. Peters Church, Redwood, assisted by Rev. G. G. Perine, of Theresa and Redwood. The bridal party entered the church, first the groom accompanied by Mrs. W. W. BUTTERFIELD, followed by the bride on the arm of her father, Hon. W. W. BUTTERFIELD, who gave her away, and Mr. JAMES GILLETT of LeRay and Miss LAURA L. STEVENS of Hermon, Mr. FRANK WESS of LeRay and Miss ADDIE McALLASTER of Gouverneur, as best men and bridesmaids. The ushers were Mr. FRANK BUTTERFIELD of Redwood; CHAUNCEY NOTT of Watertown; FRED HOLMES and WILL N. RAND of Redwood.... Extensive guest list in this notice.

October 14, 1880, p. 1:

From Rodman--A telegram was received yesterday afternoon announcing the death of ALONZO WASHBURN of NY, a brother of J. R. and L. WASHBURN of this village. Mr. Washburn was a resident of a western state and went to NY for treatment of cancer, and had an arm amputated. ...

Page 2:
DR. JOHN GRAFTON - (Oct. 8th) It is the sad duty of the Despatch, this morning to chronicle the death of Dr. John Grafton. After a lingering illness of ten weeks, he passed away Saturday afternoon at one o'clock, age 65 years...Dr. Grafton was born in England and came to Quebec, Canada when he was about 23 years of age...He removed to Watertown about 30 years ago but took up his residence with Mr. Daniel Chase of Brownville....He was reared in the creed of the Episcopal Church and a prominent member of the Masonic Order. The deceased leaves a wife and two children. Two of his children he saw consigned to their graves. The two that survive are Mr. GEO. GRAFTON of Chicago, and MRS. KATE, wife of Mr. SILAS C. GEORGE of this city...Dr. Grafton's disease was inflammation of the coating of the stomach and lungs, probably resulting from an injury to his spine, sustained by falling from his carriage some time ago...(Note: this is very lengthy death notice and outlines Dr. Grafton's medical practice in a variety of places.)

From Carthage--We are pained to announce the death of Mr. JAMES E. NEARY which occurred this morning. (Oct. 8) Deceased was 32 years of age, and was a prominent businessman of this village...

From Belleville--Thursday afternoon, Mr. C. FERRIL, of Sennet, NY, was married to Miss FRAN A. HICKS of this place, in the presence of relatives and a few friends. Rev. C. E. Becker performed the ceremony. Miss Hicks will be greatly missed here by her many friends...

October 21, 1880, p. 3:

Philadelphia, October 15--Wednesday, October 13 at 8 o'clock p.m. at the residence of George Kirkbride, in the town of Philadelphia, the Rev. W. P. Hall, pastor of the Methodist Church, joined in holy matrimony Miss MARY C. KIRKBRIDE and Mr. W. J. WAIT, both of this village...

The people of this place have long been expecting the event which on Thursday was fully realized and a most pleasant affair it was. Large numbers of the relatives and friends were gathered at the residence of James Danforth, where Miss NELLIE BRALEY and Mr. STANLEY FRINK were to united hands and hearts for life. The ceremony was performed about two o'clock p.m., Rev. J. Canfield, of Theresa, officiating...

Page 7:
NEWLY NATURALIZED - The following persons have been naturalized since our last report.:


From Belleville-MRS. BRADLY BARNEY died at her brother's, Capt. Joiner, at Henderson, on Monday last week, after a long illness. She was an excellent woman and was loved by all who knew her, and they regret her death.

From Theresa-Died at his residence, on Thursday, Mr. NELSON MONTONDO, after a short illness of eight days, of typhoid fever. Age 63.

October 28, 1888, p. 8:

SACKETTS HARBOR SAILOR LOST - A dispatch from Glen Haven last evening says that the schooner David Vance is in that harbor with her foremasthead gone and that she lost three men overboard at Point au Sable, among whom was FISHER PHELPS of Sacketts Harbor.

From Plessis-MRS. LUCRETIA CORLIS died Thursday evening after four days illness. The funeral services were held at her late residence, Rev. Mr. Canfield officiating. Mrs. Corlis had been a member of the Presbyterian Church for many years. She was a sister of the late Dr. Sumner, of Orleans....By her death another home is broken up. MRS. LEMUEL RUSSELL of New York, the adopted daughter of Mrs. Corlis, arrived in time to attend the funeral.

From Belleville-The many friends of Mrs. JAMES MATTISON FREEMAN regret to hear of her sudden death, which occurred at Adams Saturday night. She was found dead in bed Sunday morning. She leaves a son and four daughters and she was a sister of Mr. JOSEPH RANDALL of this place.

SAD ACCIDENT - ...the bright black-eyed cash boy, FREDDIE BASCOMB...his death Saturday evening. He was an only son to a widowed mother...The accident happened about four o'clock Saturday afternoon...The body was taken to Mr. Hart's and Dr. Spencer called...Freddie was 14 years of age ...and his death is an awful warning to the thousand other boys who think it fun to catch rides on moving trains...

November 4, 1880, p. 3:

Five care loads of heavy grey stone from the quarries near Boston arrived by R. W. & O. RR. yesterday to be used on the John A. Sherman Mausoleum, now being erected at Brookside Cemetery.

BULLDOZING IN LYME- Uncle John Dingman, Aged 104, Bulldozed into Voting the Republican Ticket - Chaumont, November 2. Bulldozing was the order of the day in District No. 1, town of Lyme, today. H. Copely bulldozed old John Dingman, one hundred and four years old and a lifelong Democrat, into voting the Republican ticket.

Aged Voters--In Carthage the following gentlemen voted: PHILIP SMITH, age 100 years; J. T. HOSFORD, 85 years; JOHN MARTIN, 91 years; J. W. TOOKER, 93 years; NICHOLAS BENCE, 94 years.

November 11, 1880, p. 8:

From Harrisville, Nov. 8 - A terrible accident occurred near here today. It is one of those cases of carelessness, and is a fearful warning to those handling firearms. Peter Campbell of Bonapart Lake, intending to go out hunting, asked HASSEL C. COMSTOCK to loan him his gun. Mr. Comstock complying with his request, went into his bedroom for the gun, and, not knowing it was loaded, caught it up in such a way that the muzzle pointed towards his head. While coming out of the room, the hammer became caught on the side of the bed, and while Comstock was disentangling it from the clothes, the gun was discharged. The shot struck him full in the face, carrying away the top of his head. He lived almost an hour. The accident caused great commotion and sorrow in the neighborhood..

THE CITY OFFICERS (Watertown)- The board of city canvassers met Saturday evening and declared the following persons elected:

B. B. TAGGART, Mayor W. J. SHEPARD, Chamberlain
ELON R. BROWN, Justice of the Peace
JAS. W. WOOD, Overseer of the Poor
WM. McCUTCHEN, Policeman
JOHN NILL, Supervisor 1st ward
C. D. BINGHAM, Supervisor 2d ward
C. H. HOLDEN, Supervisor, 3d ward
T. F. KEARNS, Supervisor, 4th ward
E. G. HOWLAND, Alderman, 1st ward
M. HORTON, Alderman, 2d ward
PHI. NORTON, Alderman, 3d ward
W. R. BAKER, Alderman, 4th ward

November 18, 1880, p. 7:

From Cape Vincent--EDWARD WILCOX, a resident of this town, died very suddenly Thursday morning last, after an illness of only 24 hours, with inflammation of the lungs. The funeral was largely attended Sunday.

From Redwood--Married: At the German Lutheran Chuch, Redwood, Mr. GEORGE HARTMAN to Miss LIBBIE SCHNAUBER; also at the home of the bride, Mr. GEORGE SCHNAUBER to Miss KATIE DICKHANT. All by Rev. Hartwig.

From Lorraine--Nov. 16: ALMON HARRINGTON has received his pension and back pay to the amount of $1,700. He deserved it.

From Adams--NOTICE: Whereas, my wife, MARY J. GREENE, has left my bed and board without just cause or provocation: I hereby forbid any person harboring or trusting her on my account, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting. PAUL GREENE at Adams, NY, Nov. 4, 1880.

NOTICE: Information wanted as to the present whereabouts or death of A. L. ALLEN, Who is understood to have resided in the town of Pamelia in 1850. Any information in regard to him will be thankfully received and suitably rewarded by the subscriber, ISAAC McGINNIS, Watertown, NY

November 25, 1880, p. 1:

From Philadelphia--WM. COX, who died last Wednesday of consumption, was buried in the Masonic form Friday, the 19th. The services were held at the residence. W. P. HALL of the M. E. Church officiating.

Mr. H. L. MILLER and Miss ANNETTE COX were united in holy matrimony by Rev. W. P. Hall, Thursday, November 11th. But few of the relatives were invited on account of the severe illness of the bride's brother, WM. COX.

December 2, 1880, p. 3:

From Philadelphia--Miss JENNIE WHITE, of this place, surprised a great many of the people of our village by stepping into matrimonial traces, some time before the general belief of outsiders had placed the time, but Thursday, November 25, at 12 o'clock, she was married to Mr. J. T. DELANY, by a Catholic priest from Clayton. But few were invited, and but little is known of the affair. Mr. Delany will continue his school at Clayton, and as far as anyone knows, Mrs. D. will finish her term as teacher of the primary department in our school.

Mr. and Mrs. ITHIA THOMPSON formerly from Turin, have moved here and intent to remain during the winter, with Mrs. Thompson's mother, MRS. LYDIA DRESSER.

From Redwood--Nov. 27- married at Redwood, Mr. JACOB MURKEL to Miss MAY SCHNAUBER, by Rev. G. F. Harting.

JOHN DOLLINGER, an old resident of Redwood died after a short illness, Tuesday evening.

A Mr. STONEHOUSE, resident of North Theresa, who has for a number of seasons sailed on the lakes, perished on Lake Erie, a day or two since, we learn today.

From Lorraine--MRS. LANFEAR, widow of ISAAC LANFEAR, will be 97 years old the 3d of December. She is the oldest person in town. She retains her mental faculties and can remember events that happened in town 60 years ago. She receives a pension of $98 per year.

Page 4:
MRS. JAMES F. ANGEL of Clayton, died Thursday last, age 79 years. Mrs. Angel was born March 14, 1801, in Burlington, Otsego County, and was married in 1817 to J. F. ANGEL. Mr. and Mrs. Angel came to Clayton in 1831 and has resided there till her death. She had been a member of the Methodist Church for over forty years and was in all respects an amiable and Christian woman, and respected by all classes.

Page 7:
SITTING BULL, again to be notified of the terms of surrender, by the National Associated Press: Washington, Nov. 30, The following has been received at the War Office: Fort Buford, Headquarters, November 14, to the Assistant Adjutant General, St. Paul, Minnesota: Sir: I have the honor to forward herewith a copy of the instructions given to E. H. Allison, the scout - followed by a copy of the directions given to the scout to address Sitting Bull at his camp.

December 9, 1880, p. 3:

From Belleville--Mr. EDWARD BOOMER was married to Miss LIBBIE WAKEFIELD a few days since.

From Lorraine - Under the new law, women have the right to vote...

From Alexandria--The addition to the Reformed Church will cost $3,500. Dr. Holland is the treasurer, he having subscribed $500. The work will commence in the spring.

1000 Isle House is going to have an electric light and the Crossmon House an elevator the next season.

Page 6:
THREE MILE BAY GRANGE - The Three Mile Bay Grange has elected the following officers for one year:

Assistant Stewart- G. W. RICKETT
Chaplain - E. B. McNETT
Treasurer - A. J. WADLEY
Secretary - BYRON CARY
Stewardess - MRS. P. FAVERET


Jefferson County Pomona Grange has elected the following officers:
Worthy Master - MILES BARROWS
Overseer - W. O. TALMAN
Lecturer - GEO. E. HERRICK
Steward - O. H. FORWARD
Assist. Steward - GEO. BARRETT
Chaplain - S. H. BIBBINS
Secretary - S. G. WIGGINS
Treasurer - O. W. BAKER
Gatekeeper - J. W. RODGERS
Pomona - MRS. WM. BALCH
Stewardess - MRS. W. O. TALLMON
Delegates to state grange - L. D. OLNEY, Watertown; MRS. O. INGRAHAM, Belleville
County purchasing agent, CHAS. WILSON, Watertown

December 16, 1880, p. 6:

Ransom E. Traver died very suddenly in his room at the Woodruff House last evening . Mr. Traver went to his room intending to lie down, about 11 o'clock a.m. leaving word with his brother, Mr. ARTHUR S. TRAVER, to be called at 4 p.m. if any telegram came for him. Mr. Traver went to the room at 2 p.m. and found his brother lying on his bed, insensible. ...Proprietor Browne went to the room and Dr. Spencer was telephoned for. He came soon after, but could not help his patient who died at 10 p.m....

A tribute by the Pamelia Grange No. 68 on the death of ALBERT B. FULLER...

...died at his residence in this city at 5 a.m. Saturday, of hemorrhage of the stomach..he was born at Scipio, Cayuga County, September 5, 1815...He came to Watertown and began the study of law in 1840 in the office of Lansing & Sherman...In 1844 he was admitted to the bar......In May 1855, he married Miss SARAH M. BURCHARD, with whom he lived happily till 1857, when she died, leaving to him a daughter, Miss MARY B. STARBUCK. Miss Burchard was the daughter of the late PELEG BURCHARD and a sister of MRS. JUDGE HUBBARD. In 1861, Mr. Starbuck was again married, choosing for his wife, MRS. JUDGE BOYER of Evans Mills, widow of the late Judge Boyer. This lady survives him. (Note: Mr. Starbuck's entire legal career and political career are detailed in this notice which is one entire newspaper column. Descendants will want to get the entire notice.)

December 23, 1880, p. 2:

From Henderson-A very happy affair came off in Henderson the past week. Mr. IRVIN C. HUTCHINS of Palmira, NY, and Miss ALLIE M. DODGE were united in the bonds of holy matrimony. The services were conducted by Rev. A. J. Cottrell. They were married at the home of the bride on the 14th of December...

JAMES HICKS received a pension last week at the rate of $18.00 per month with a back pay of about $2,000. Dr. O. Buel was his attorney.

From Lorraine--Died. In Lorraine, Sunday, December 19, 1880, MARIA, wife of SILAS PITKIN, age 37 years. Funeral Tuesday at 1 o'clock p.m. at the M. E. Church.

From Carthage--Dec. 20--The funeral of WILLIAM L. BROWN took place from his late residence in West Carthage on Sunday at 2 p.m.

From Henderson, Dec. 21--ANOTHER LANDMARK GONE - JAMES PETTINGILL died at the residence of his daughter, MRS. A. N. PENNY on Sunday morning, December 19, at the advanced age of nearly 80 years. Mr. Pettingill was born in Rodman, Jefferson County, in the year 1801, and has always lived in Jefferson County leading a public life. Living in Henderson since his boyhood days, he was married to ALMIRA CLEMENT and always lived a happy life until January 15, 1870 when his companion was taken from him by the hand of death. Mr. Pettingill has been widely known through Jefferson and Lewis counties, he having the appointment of land agent, selling 11,000 acres of land in the town of Pinckney alone. He was in his early days, an extensive cattle drover. The last few years he has been bereft of his eyesight, being almost totally blind...He leaves three children and a host of friends to mourn his loss.

Page 4:
MRS. NAMEON D. CORNELL, one of the oldest residents of this county, died at her home Sunday evening, in Felts Mills, at the advanced age of 84 years.

CHAMPION GRANGE - Champion Grange has elected the following officers for the ensuing year:

Overseer - E. MACOMBER
Lecturer-MRS. E. HARRIS
Steward- H. D. BABCOCK
Asst. Steward - M. L. GRAVES
Chaplain - MRS. JANE E. HAIL
Treasurer - C. J. COLBURN
Secretary - S. P. HUBBARD
Gate Keeper - A. R. WILMOT
Pomona - MRS. C. J. COLBURN
Flora - MRS. A. W. HADSALL
Stewardess - MRS. H. D. BABCOCK

December 30, 1880, p. 1:

SITTING BULL - His Probable Surrender Before the Middle of January by the NAP: Chicago, December 28--A dispatch from Fort Buford, d. T. says Allison has arrived there with Crow King and Cooper, two of Sitting Bull's leading followers as delegates to arrange definite and agreeable terms of surrender. Sitting Bull is now at Milk River with 100 lodges and about 500 souls. The only conditions offered are that they will surrender as prisoners of war and submit to being sent to whatever reservation the government may direct. Strong influences are being exerted upon Sitting Bull not to surrender or go to Fort Keogh instead of Buford, but hunger is potent. Allison and major Brotherton fully expected that Sitting Bull and all his band will surrender before the middle of January.

A COLD WAVE - Dec. 28 from NAP- Chicago-The following is a summary of the temperature of the present Manitoba wave which is sweeping east and southeast. The government thermometer in this city this morning marked nine degrees below zero but private thermometers indicated all the way from 10 to 18 degrees below during the night. Today ten degrees below has been the average. At Minneapolis yesterday the mercury was 28 degrees below and at points on the Winona & St. Peter Railroad it ranged from 34 to 50 degrees below. The cold snap was accompanied by a strong northeast wind which badly drifted the snow in that region causing a blockade of trains. At Fort Garry this morning it was 41 degrees below. Duluth is the next coldest point noted at 38 degrees below. At St. Paul, Minn, 25 degrees below; at Escanaba, Mich and Lacrosse, Wis., 20 degrees below. Milwaukee and Madison, Wis., 19 degrees below.

Page 4:
From Cape Vincent- MRS. WAYNE BREWSTER died very suddenly Tuesday morning.

MRS. DAVID DODGE of Millens Bay, died very suddenly on Sunday last. The funeral was largely attended on Tuesday.

From Lorraine - Dec. 27-Married at the residence of the bride's father, E. S. LYMAN, Esq., in Lorraine, Dec. 22, 1880, by Rev. Mr. Hooper, GEORGE W. OLNEY of Rutland to HATTIE B. LYMAN of Lorraine. There were 90 invited guests present....

From Theresa - MR. HIRAM WALRATH'S wife died very suddenly here Friday night. The story was circulated that the woman was poisoned, as she died under very peculiar circumstances. The coroner was notified and examined the body and took the evidence of the attendants who waited on the woman. He also took what medicine that was left and had it analyzed, but could find nothing that would go to show that there was anything wrong.

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