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Watertown, NY

January - April 1881

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Watertown Re-Union Newspaper
Published Watertown, NY, January. 1881:

January 6, 1881, p. 4:

ANTHONY WEBER, a young man 21 years of age and a resident of the town of Lyme, was brought to the jail in this city Saturday by friends on the charge of being an insane person unfit to be at large. A commission composed of Drs. Rudd and Johnson examined the man and pronounced it a case of mild insanity. Sheriff Seaton will take the man to the Utica Asylum today for treatment by Dr. Gray.

FATAL ACCIDENT - Tuesday afternoon of last week, on the farm of SYLVESTER PETRIE, about three miles from Evans Mills, while THOMAS WELCH, a young man of about 21 years, and other others were felling trees and drawing wood, a limb of a falling tree hit Welch on the head with great force. A loaded sleigh was standing nearby. Welch told his companions that they must throw off he load and take him to the house as soon as possible as the effect of the blow was more than he could bear and he felt that he would soon die. He immediately became unconscious, and although the best of medical aid was in attendance, continued to grow worse and died Saturday morning.

same issue, p. 8:
FROM ELLISBURGH - The remains of JOSEPH W. WARD, a former townsman, were brought to town last week and buried in the village cemetery.

A wedding occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. GRAY on Saturday evening at which time their daughter, LOLA, was united in bonds of holy matrimony to Mr. DANIEL FILLMORE. Rev. H. Ernst was the officiating clergyman.

FROM PHILADELPHIA - The youngest son of T. B. ACKERMAN died suddenly last Friday. The funeral was held at the Baptist Church Sunday at 1 o'clock P.M.

There was a wedding at Charles Brown's the 29th. Mr. SPENCER WOODWARD to Miss ROSA SHARP. Rev. D. D. D., performed the ceremony. The band serenaded the newly married couple the evening of the 29th and were invited in to partake of wedding cake and enjoy a social smoke.

MRS. MATILDA STICKLES, died at her residence in this village after an illness of but three days. She was nearly 70 years of age. Her funeral was held in the M. E. Church Saturday at 10 1/2 o'clock. Rev. Dean preached the sermon.

There have been four funerals in town since Christmas: Mr. OSCAR CORNWELL, MRS. LEWIS LANDURKE?, MRS. ALECK McCUT and the infant child of JOHN and MARY COLLIS.

The wooden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. ROSELL CORNWELL in Antwerp was largely attended on Wednesday last. The presents were very nice. Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE OWENS had charge of the tables and they were nicely arranged and loaded with everything that a heart could wish. The Rev. Townsend from Theresa, performed the marriage ceremony in his usual happy way. All thought it was good to be there.

FROM NATURAL BRIDGE - ED SALTER, a painter from Carthage, does the painting in J. P. Barker's wagon shop.

FROM LORRAINE - Jan. 3: Monday evening Dec. 27 being the tenth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. LUTHER S. PITKIN, a large number of their friends on invitation assembled at their residence. The guests numbered 120 and the affair was one of great pleasure and refined hospitality throughout. The presents were very numerous and fine, including a very handsome tin chamber set. A few were not satisfied with that and procured silverware. Among those present was MRS. JENNY STEELE of Carthage, who sang some very fine selections and REV. P. LaCLARE recited some poetry. Besides being a success in respect to presents, $75 worth, it was an enjoyable occasion to all who attended.

J. A. REMINGTON of Worth Centre, died Tuesday, Dec. 28 at 32 years. He was a very active energetic young man and was the mail contractor at the time of his death, on the route from Adams to Worth Centre. His disease was consumption.

S. A. WISE and wife intended to have a china wedding January 1, but there was too much snow.

January 13, 1881, p. 1:

NOTICE TO CREDITORS - MALVINA L. FEATHERSTONE ESTATE. By order of Ross C. Scott, Esq., Surrogate of Jefferson County, all persons having claims against her estate, late of the town of Henderson...required to present the same with the vouchers...before the 10th day of June next. Dated 23d day of November 1880. Arthur J. Benedict and Marietta M. Crowner, Executors.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS - LUANNA C. ROYCE ESTATE. By order of Ross C. Scott, Esq., Surrogate of Jefferson County, all persons having claims against her estate, late of the city of Watertown...required to present the same with the vouchers before the 6th day of February next. Dated the 2d day of August, 1880. Silas W. Rose, Executor.

same issue, p. 2:
One of Watertown's oldest and most respected citizens, DAVID D. OTIS, died at 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon, his death being occasioned probably by apoplexy...He was born in Galway, Saratoga Co., NY on 19 December 1806 and was in his 75th year at the time of his death...About the year 1832 he came to this city from Schenectady and established a hardware store...He leaves a widow and seven children: MRS. SARAH W. PATTEN and ORAN G. OTIS of Denver Colorado; CARRIE, wife of JOSEPH S. GREEN of this city; DAVID D. and CHARLES M. OTIS of New York City; FANNIE and HOWARD N. OTIS, residing in this city. The funeral will be held at the family residence on Washington St., this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Dr. J. J. Porter will officiate.

same issue, p. 4:
FROM ALEXANDRIA BAY - The crossing to Canada is fine, the ice being frozen in places from four to twenty inches.

FROM THERESA - At six A.M. the thermometer was 18 degrees below zero. We have about two feet of snow in this section at present.

FROM HENDERSON - Mr. E. JOINER, an old resident of Henderson, died of old age at his late residence on Sunday night, January 2, at the age of 83 years.

Diphtheria is again in our midst. WILLIE NUTTING, age 19 years, son of SAMUEL H. NUTTING, died Wednesday morning Dec. 29.

FROM CARTHAGE - The tombstones, furnished by the government for unmarked soldiers graves, are being distributed now.

The wife of HORACE H. ADAMS, a lady who was highly respected in this community died this afternoon.

FROM LORRAINE - Jan. 11., more snow; 3 feet and it is being piled up.

FROM REDWOOD - MRS. DAVID PARKER, wife of one of the oldest settlers of this section, was buried yesterday.

January 20, 1881, p. 3:

FROM GOUVERNEUR - Mr. AMASA CORBIN an old and respected resident of this town, died last week. Mr. Corbin was one of the most uncompromising of Democrats and patriots in St. Lawrence Co.

FROM CARTHAGE - Mr. JOSEPH JENNINGS and Miss ANNIE L. LYMAN were united in matrimony Saturday evening at St. James Church.

SAMUEL McCULLOP was arrested Saturday for assault upon his wife. The case was held open till tomorrow for Samuel to get sober.

The beaming countenance of Mr. JAMES HARVEY is accounted for by a bouncing boy of 13 pounds.

THOMAS McIRNEY was arrested Thursday evening for being drunk and disorderly and was arraigned before Justice O'Leary Friday, and was fined five dollars or ten days in jail. Mr. McIrney being short of funds, accepted board in the Watertown jail for the ten days.

FROM CLAYTON - Married, Wednesday, January 12 at the residence of B. F. Kent, by the Rev. S. M. Wary, CHARLES B. CALDER to Miss GERTRUDE KENT. Mr. C. and wife left for the West on the 1:30 p.m. train.

FROM THERESA - Married at the residence of the widow Yost, on Tuesday, January 11, 1881 by the Rev. Canfield, Mr. ROBERT FALL of Theresa to Miss MAGGIE CASIN of Theresa.

FROM PLESSIS - The funerals of Mr. JEROME HOUSE and MRS. DAVID PARKER were held in the M. E. Church last week. Rev. Mr. Smith of Lafargeville conducted the services of the first and Rev. S. F. Danforth preached the funeral sermon of Mrs. Parker to a very large congregation.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS - CHARLES E. GOULD'S ESTATE - In pursuance of an order of Ross C. Scott, Esq., Surrogate of Jefferson Co., all persons having claims against Charles E. Gould, late of the town of Rutland, deceased, intestate...are required to present the same with vouchers...on or before the 1st day of August next. Dated the 18th day of January 1881. Rice Gould, Administrator.

same issue, p. 7:
On Wednesday evening last, a large company assembled at the residence of PHILIP HEYL, near Lafargevill, to witness the marriage of his daughter, MIDA, to Mr. H. TIMMERMAN of Orleans Corners. Rev. Mr. Strail officiated...

January 27, 1881, p. 1:

FROM ELLISBURG - The late JOHN GOODNOUGH farm of 209 acres, was sold at public vendue for thirty dollars per acre. Deputy Sheriff Herbert Seaton officiated as auctioneer.

FROM THERESA - The thermometer was 27 degrees below zero on Monday morning. E. STOCKWELL'S saw mill is stopped on account of low water in the river. We have not got quite eleven feet of snow here yet.

FROM REDWOOD - GEORGE RIBSCHIR and MRS. MARIA SCHOLENBURG were united in holy matrimony by Rev. C. H. Hartwig.

FROM LORRAINE - Died in Lorraine January 21, PRESTON D. CLARK, age 30 years.

FROM CARTHAGE - MILLY STEELE, daughter of MRS.JENNIE STEELE, an unusually bright and interesting girl of thirteen years, died last week of diphtheria; she was a great favorite with all her school mates and dearly loved by all who knew her....

FROM ALEXANDRIA BAY - On Thursday last, Mr. LIBERTY SIMPSON was stricken down after a short sickness of four days. He had been a sufferer for years. He leaves a sick wife and three children to mourn his death...

Mr. BENJAMIN FOX, died on Saturday last. He had been sick for a long time ad confined to his bed ever since election. He was an old resident of the town for about 40 years, engaged in farming pursuits. His children were seven in number and his wife all survived him.

same issue, p. 5:
January 23, 1881, from Alexandria Bay - The community was shocked yesterday afternoon to learn of the death of MR. BENJAMIN FOX, father of WALTER FOX, of the well known firm of Sisson & Fox of this place. Mr. Fox was in the 66th year of his age...

Watertown Re-Union Newspaper
Published Watertown, NY, Feb. 1881:

February 3, 1881, p. 2:

Mr. JAMES DECKER, for many years a resident of Watertown, died at his residence No. 48 Arsenal Street in this city, Tuesday, in the 73d year of his age...The deceased was born in Saratoga County in 1808 and married in that county to AZUBA ANN BETTS in 1827, who survives him....The deceased leaves a large property. Five children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Decker: JAMES H. DECKER, who died in 1867; EMILA A., wife of DR. H. G. P. SPENCER; VICTORIA E., wife of EDWIN R. WOOLEY and LEONARD W. DECKER. The funeral will take place Saturday in the afternoon at the house at 48 Arsenal Street.

same issue, p. 4:
FROM PHILADELPHIA - ALICE HART, wife of FRANK HART of this place, died at her uncle's residence near Watertown a short time ago.

CHARLES BROWN did not attend the wooden wedding at OSCAR CORY'S in Watertown, the 21st. The snow was too much for him.

FROM LORRAINE - Snow four feet deep. A. C. REED and ELI CAULKINS are trading farms.

LAFAYETTE WISE, of Middleton, has bought the Taber farm of sixty acres. Price: $35 per acre. The same farm sold a few years since for $50 per acre.

FROM CARTHAGE - JOHN LABOURTIER'S funeral was largely attended this morning. (Jan. 31)

FROM HENDERSON - Gallop Island is suffering from scarlet fever and diphtheria. One death has occurred and many more are ill.

The ice has formed across to Gallop Island, so that teams cross on the ice. There is quite a large quantity of snow on the ice at present.

FROM STERLINGVILLE - Mr. and Mrs. RELLEY WOOD attended the silver wedding of their brother, JASON WOOD, in Rossiere on the 22nd inst. Mr. and Mrs. Wood were the recipients of many valuable and useful presents, and the happy couple were wished a long and prosperous journey down the western slope of life by over 25 of their friends and connections. Many were kept away by the severe snow storm of the night before. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. DAYTON of Sterlingville were also among the guests.

FROM PLESSIS - The marriage of Mr. NORMAN S. HIND and Miss FLORENCE TAHASH was solemnized at the home of the bride's parents on the evening of the 19th. Rev. Mr. Canfield, of Theresa, officiating. All join in wishes for their future happiness.

FROM WORTH - The snow is about three feet deep here in the woods, with more coming.

Mr. C. V. HALLADY lost two children with the measles. They have the sympathy of the entire community in this their sad affliction.

same issue, p. 8:
M. MANET, the painter of sensational pictures, whose canvases are always the subject of much wonder in France, is reproducing in oils the episode of Rocheford's escape from New Caledonia.

GEORGE ELIOT is called by The Atheneum probably the most accomplished woman the century has seen. She had a complete mastery of French, German and Italian, and serviceable knowledge of Latin, Greek, Spanish and Hebrew. She was widely learned in science and philosophy and deeply read in history; and she had an intimate knowledge of music and painting.

February 10, 1881, p. 1:

FROM BELLEVILLE - Good sleighing. We have had another cold wave here. The thermometer marked from 26 to 38 degrees below zero Wednesday morning.

FROM ELLISBURG - Feb. 7 - Saturday evening about 6 o'clock, DAVID WILSON, a laboring man age about 60 years and residing three miles south of Ellis Village, committed suicide by hanging himself in his barn....after visiting the village and a neighbor, he returned home and went to the barn. Some time afterward his son, on going to the barn, found him hanging by the neck suspended from a beam, his feet reaching the floor, but the life extinct...He leaves a large family who were dependent upon him...

FROM ALEXANDRIA BAY - S. G. POPE of Ogdensburg has the job of enlarging McNaughton's Isle and building a summer cottage on the same.

Mr. H. DeVRIESE of the Reformed Church will preach Sunday morning on the "good angels"...

The division of the Sons of Temperance here is thriving, people are joining in large numbers...

JAMES LUESLER, while crossing the river last week with his team, broke through and before assistance could reach him one horse was drowned, the other, with the sleigh, was saved.

FROM NATURAL BRIDGE - Feb. 2-The coldest day of the season-the thermometer hanging from 32 to 40 degrees below zero, at least, so says Dr. Ballard.

FROM REDWOOD - Up to yesterday the thermometer ranged from 4 to 24 degrees below zero the preceding six days. Fish are caught in large quantities in the outlet of Mud Lake. The lake being shallow and the ice freezing so thick, it is thought, is the cause of driving them out.

FROM THERESA - LEVI SEYMOUR'S family are all down with the measles--seven in all.

Miss ETTA PARKHURST has sold her house and lot to NORRIS WICKS for $800.

Nearly all of the shops in town suspended work on Tuesday on account of the severe cold.

AARON PARKHURST has bought the WILLARD DIEFENDORF place for Miss E. PARKHURST paying $300.

FROM DEPAUVILLE - The thermometer indicated 32 degrees below zero on the 1st.

FROM HENDERSON - A grand social was held at the residence of MRS. C. S. SIMMONS on Thursday night of last week. A good time was had and all voted it a success.

FROM STERLINGVILLE - Feb. 5 - The oldest inhabitant says that the past week has been the coldest ever known in this region.

FROM CLAYTON - P. K. HAYES has bought the Percy horse "Startle."

FROM PLESSIS - A number in our village are now down with measles.

MRS. F. AHLES from whom a tumor was removed a short time making good improvement.

same issue, p. 7:
JOHN FAY, who was elected sheriff of Jefferson County in 1828, and who served acceptably for one term, died a few days since at his home in Waukegan, ILL. The Waukegan Gazette says:
Mr. Fay was born in Reading, Vermont, Oct. 29th, 1792, and was therefore more than 88 years of age. In 1802, his father moved to Watertown, NY and for almost 50 years that was the family home. During the War of 1812, Mr. Fay served as Adjutant of a NY regiment, being upon the frontier most of the time for a period of two years...In 1851 he came to Lake County, settling first upon a farm at Gage's Lake, where he remained until 1858, when he removed to the farm near the north city limits of Waukegan, which was his home for about 15 years. During most of the time since 1860, he has relinquished all care of business and made his home with his younger son, Mr. WILLIAM H. FAY of this city....

February 17, 1881, p. 6:

MRS. DIGMAN of Gardner Island died at Clayton, Friday from the effects of a fall while getting out of a sleigh. She was on a visit to her daughter at the time and was one of the oldest residents of the island.

MRS. ELIJAH BUCK, wife of ELIJAH BUCK, who built the Kirby House, died on the 25th day of January at her home in California and was buried at Marysville. She was an old resident in this city and was well known as a kind and estimable lady. Mr. Buck died three or four years ago.

same issue, p. 8:
Mr. GETMAN has sold his farm of 43 acres to GEORGE WALL of Philadelphia, NY. Consideration, care and support of self and wife.

FROM ALEXANDRIA BAY - Eighty days continuous sleighing. The following is the list of old citizens and their respective ages:


FROM STERLINGVILLE - A very pleasant gathering took place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. ALEX. RICKET Tuesday last, it being the anniversary of their wedding. About 50 guests were present. Among them were Rev. and Mrs. SMITH of LaFargeville. Mr. and Mrs. Ricket received many nice presents...

MRS. HANSON, a daughter of A. MacINTOSH of North Wilna, was brought here a corpse on Thursday from Canada. The roads were so bad that the coffin was drawn on a sleigh to her father's some three miles, by hand, as a horse could not travel at all. Mr. Hanson brought with him three children, on a babe ten days' old....

FROM THERESA - Ice that was taken out of the river last week was over thirty inches thick. The whooping cough is among us. G. O. HOOVER has four children down with it.

Mr. CHARLES EDDIE, a farmer living a few miles from Theresa, died on Thursday last after a very short illness. Age about 75.

FROM CORY'S CORNERS - Mr. and Mrs. COREY celebrated their wooden wedding on Saturday night, January 22. Several valuable and ornamental presents were given them.

Miss ANGIE COREY, daughter of D. M. COREY was married to HOLLEY WHITNEY on Dec. 1, 1880. By some oversight or neglect by the officiating minister, the marriage was not published at the time.

FROM CARTHAGE - The funeral of MRS. SUSAN BUDD, an old and very highly respected lady was very largely attended Sunday.

The funeral services of Miss CARRIE FRINK (age 18 years), daughter of H. H. FRINK, were held at the Baptist Church Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Rev. Mr. Weed, a former pastor of this place, conducted the services. Her death was very sudden.

FROM DEPAUVILLE - The thermometer has thawed out and indicates 48 degrees above zero today, a change of 80 degrees within five days. The snow has disappeared very fast, leaving the ground bare in many places.

FROM CLAYTON - Feb. 15 - Miss MATTIE JEWETT is dead. She died yesterday at West Winfield with pneumonia.

February 24, 1881, p. 1:

FROM PHILADELPHIA - Feb. 2 was the coldest day we have seen this winter - 39 degrees below zero.

Rev. Dr. Hopper of Adams, preached the funeral sermon of Mrs. MARSHALL.

Mr. C. VanDUZEE of Gouverneur was in our village February 12th. He came to attend the funeral of his mother, Mrs. MARSHAL. The funeral services of MRS. MARSHALL, an old resident of this place, was held at the Baptist Church, Saturday, Feb. 12th. She was long a member of this church and although she died in Scranton, PA her remains were brought from there here by her request to be buried beside those of her second husband. She was 78 years of age and had survived three husbands.

The funeral of CHARLES G. EDDY was held from his late residence on February 12th, Rev. Baker officiating.

FROM DEPAUVILLE - Feb. 19 - The wooden wedding of MRS. NELSON EASTON last evening was a numerous and every enjoyable affair and abounded in many valuable presents.

FROM CLAYTON - Mr. E. CHALDBOIS lost his team yesterday through the ice, going from his home on Grindstone Island to Gananoque. Loss: $250.00.

FROM NATURAL BRIDGE - Feb. 18 - MRS. ANN WEAVER, widow of the late JABEZ WEAVER, died at her residence early this morning. Funeral at the Universalist Church, Friday at 12 P.M.

FROM PLESSIS - Feb. 18 - The infant son of MR. and MRS. JOHN DICKHAUT of Brown's Corners, died last week of measles. The funeral was held at the house Sunday morning, Rev. S. E. Danforth officiating.

FROM STONE MILLS - Feb. 22 - Died at Orleans, February 18, KATIE ALMIRA, daughter of GEORGE H. and CELIA A. SCHAVER, age 4 weeks, 1 day.

FROM WORTH - The funeral services of MR. ISAAC HORNING were attended Friday, the 18th. Rev. P. LaClair conducted the services. He leaves a wife and one child to mourn his loss.

FROM THERESA - Married at the residence of Hon. DAVID BARRUP, on Thursday evening, Feb. 17, 1881 by the Rev. M. M. Rice, Dr. SANTWAY of Theresa to Miss MINNIE BARRUP of Theresa.

Died in Theresa, Feb. 18th, little JESSIE, infant daughter of JERRY and CELIA MAHANY, age 10 months, 9 days....

from WATERTOWN RE-UNION NEWSPAPER, Published Jefferson Co., NY:

March 3, 1881, p. 1:

Mr. FURMAN MARTIN died at his farm residence last Saturday night, very suddenly. Mr. Martin was in the village town meeting during the day, although not feeling well. He grew worse and on Sunday night died. We did not learn his age.

A Mr. THOMPSON, living near the Shurtliff ore bed, died very suddenly last Sunday night. He was found dead in his bed on Monday morning. Mr. Thompson was 90? years old or thereabout. Still one by one the old landmarks pass away.

MOTHER BODMAN, as she is generally called was 99 years of age last Tuesday the 22nd. Mrs. Bodman is one of the early settlers of this town, coming here from Massachusetts. She is one of the charter members of the First Presbyterian Church of Theresa, of which there are but two left. The old lady has been blind for a number of years, otherwise her bodily health is good. She has been to church about every Sunday during the past summer. If Mother Bodman survives another birthday, a grand time is expected by the family and friends.

Hon. HENRY SPICER has gone to Washington.

CAPTAIN JACK TAYLOR and JOHN HOALDEY, the famous oarsman, are in town today.

Several persons about here are having the measles the second time. Mr. Curran closed school Monday on account of the prevalence of measles.

Deacon SAMUEL WILSON celebrated his 70th birthday last week. He is highly blessed with health and strength.

Measles are raging. We have tomato plants ten inches high.

The house to be built upon Isle Imperial will cost nearer $6,000 than $600...

O. G. Staples was in town last week making arrangements for a new elevator in is hotel (Thousand Island House).

On Tuesday last we were called upon to perform the last sad rites of one of our school mates and friends, MRS. EVA STARRING, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. DANIEL ROOT of this place...

The funeral of MRS. WEAVER at the Universalist Church last Friday was largely attended. Rev. L. Rice of Watertown, preached the sermon.

Messrs. Crumb, Enos & Co., have nearly completed drawing the large quantity of logs which were cut on their tract of land this winter, which have amounted to over 1,000,000 feet.

TIMOTHY D. FLANSBURG, one of the most influential and respected citizens of LaFargeville, died Sunday evening at his home. He had held many pubic offices and was 45 years of age.

same issue, p. 3:
MRS. ELNORA MUNSELL, wife of JONATHAN MUNSELL died yesterday at the residence of her son-in-law, S. L. King, Esq., West Front St., in her 92nd year...

March 10, 1881, p. 4:

FROM LORRAINE - JOSEPH TABER has purchased 18 acres of land near Smithville. Price: $1,200.

J. G. KELLOGG has sold his farm of 119 acres to J. W. CRANDALL of Rutland.

Died in Lorraine, March 3, 1881, ELLEN A., wife of C. M. GRIMSHAW, age 34 years. Mrs. Grimshaw's maiden name was Gilman; she was born and has always resided in Lorraine. She was married to her now bereaved husband about 12 years since; she was a member of the M. E. church. The funeral services were held at the M. E. Church on Sunday last, conducted by her pastor, Rev. P. LaClare. She left a husband and daughter...

FROM BELLEVILLE - There is a great deal of sickness in this vicinity at present.

Mr. and Mrs. HIRAM P. STACY celebrated the 25th anniversary of their wedding, last Wednesday. About 40 relatives were present.

FROM PLESSIS - There are many sick in and about this village. Measles are vising nearly every family, and in some cases are going very hard.

The ice harvest is about over. There are very few farmers in this town and on Wolfe Island who will not raise either beans or peas for A. B. Cleveland the coming season. All who dealt with this firm last year were well pleased and made a good profit.

Four deaths and three marriages during the week.

Miss MINNIE BODMAN of Clinton, Oneida Co., came upon on Tuesday to attend her brother's funeral. Died on Tuesday night, of diphtheria, LEWIS BODMAN, only son of MARTIN BODMAN, age 17 years. The funeral was largely attended at the house on Thursday. The sermon was preached at the Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Rev. Canfield officiating...

MILO SHIRTLIFF, an aged man and his daughter both died in the same house and were buried on Thursday. We did not learn the cause of death.

C. C. CHADWICK died at his residence Thursday night at 8 o'clock, age 62. The funeral was largely attended at the Episcopal Church Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the Rev. G. G. Perienne officiating Married, at the bride's home, Theresa, on Tuesday afternoon, March 1st, 1881, by the Rev. D. D. Dean of Philadelphia, Mr. ARTHUR D. BARR of Philadelphia, NY to Miss ELLA HUNGERFORD of Theresa. Mr. J. B. CHIDESTER of Philadelphia acted as groomsman and Miss NETTIE TALLMAN of Orleans, as bridesmaid....

The trustee of the Brooklyn School thought it advisable to close the school to prevent the spread of diphtheria.

BENJAMIN THAYER, one of the men who was injured by the explosion of a blast they were attempting to drill out, a couple of weeks ago, died on Tuesday morning from the effects of the injuries then received.

MRS. MARIA BECKWITH, widow of the late REV. B. B. BECKWITH, died at her late residence on Main Street on Saturday last at the age of 73. The deceased had been an invalid and confined to her house for the past 40 years.

Our school closes on Friday the 4th inst., a term of 22 weeks. It has been taught by Mr. JOHN T. DELANY. John is a first class teacher and has given general satisfaction.

same issue, p. 6:
Resolutions passed by the Jefferson County Pomona Grange on the death of ALBERT D. FULLER, which occurred suddenly on the 23d of October, 1880....

CHRISTOPHER WODELL died at his home in Sandy Creek on the 3d instant.

The only daughter of NELSON THOMPSON age about 18 years, died of consumption on February 28.

THOMAS RILEY died here March 2, age 84 years. He was one of the first settlers of Carthage having emigrated to Long Falls when the surrounding country was a wilderness...Funeral from St. Mary's Church on Friday...

FOR SALE IN THERESA - In Theresa, the old HORACE PARKER farm of about 265 acres, nearly all wood land. It is half a mile from West Theresa and on the line of the Utica & Black River Railroad. Terms easy.

March 17, 1881, p. 5:

FROM THERESA - Died here on Saturday, very suddenly, MRS. AMOS POTTER, age about 70 years. She had a stroke of paralysis on Thursday paralyzing the left side. On Saturday afternoon she had another shock which struck to her heart killing her instantly.

MRS. W. E. HALL died at her home near here yesterday age about 25. Thus another has left us in the bloom of young womanhood...

MISS ISABELLA M. GRAHAM of this place died on the 9th ult. at Buffalo with a cancer, where she had gone for treatment. She was generally loved by all and leaves many friends to mourn her loss. She died at the age of 55 years.

ANDREW DUCLOU is the master builder of ED. KEELER'S new yacht which is now being built in the ship yard.

MR. DAVID ACKERMAN, an old resident of Morristown, died last Thursday, 10th.

IRA WALRATH has given up going to New Mexico and is running a hay press for BRAYTON BROWN.

March 24, 1881, p. 1:

It is estimated that 100 maple trees a foot in diameter will produce 500 pounds of maple sugar annually.

The funeral of A. C. CORBIN, an old and highly respected citizen of Clayton was held at the M. E. Church, Depauville, yesterday at 1 o'clock P.M.

Sheriff Seaton yesterday posted his notice of sale of the stock of goods of the late firm of N. Winslow & Co., at the stores in this city, and also notice of sale of the personal property of the members of the firm...

The farm of the late FRANCIS GRAPOTTE, situated in the towns of Leray and Theresa, was sold at public auction at the Court House yesterday under an order of Surrogate Scott on an application by the relatives of the deceased for authority to sell the real estate for the payment of his debts...It was finally struck off to JOEL HOOVER who bid $3,600 for the premises subject to a $2,355 mortgage. The farm consists of 117 acres.

Early Friday morning, the residents of Brownville were startled by the announcement of the death of ADAM W. WALRATH...He came to Jefferson County from the county of Herkimer 42 years ago and engaged in agricultural pursuits. About 14 years ago he retired from business and made the village of Brownville his home...He was a firm supporter and believer in the Methodist Church...

Mr. and MRS. JOHN METCALF who reside on the old Talcott Place, near Adams Center, celebrated their silver wedding Monday last. A number of Watertown people were among the guests present, including Mr. and Mrs. E. M. LaRUE, Mr. and Mrs. M. KENYON and Mr. and Mrs. E. C. EMERSON...

The funeral of SIMEON J. CORBIN was held at his late residence at Corbin's Corners on the 6th inst. He was one of the earlier settlers of the town and had lived the full allotted to man, 72 years...he raised a large family of children...

same issue, p. 5:
LOUIS STRAUSS'S WILL - The will of one of San Francisco's recently deceased merchant princes, Louis Strauss of the firm of Levi Strauss & Co. as filed yesterday afternoon for estate of $700,000...

same issue, p. 7:
Mr. A. D. BARR was married to Miss ELLA HUNGERFORD, of Theresa, March 1st. Rev. Dean, of this place, tied the knot.

MILO SHURTLEFF and a daughter died in the same house about three hours apart. Their double funeral was held March 3.

The remains of Rev. S. W. HATCH, who died at Colorado Springs, arrived at Mannsville, Monday. His remains will be brought to Adams for burial. Rev. W. H. Hawley of Fayetteville, will officiate at the Baptist Church on Wednesday at 11 A.M.

Three deaths during the week; two of them were from a relapse of the measles.

Died - on Saturday at 9 o'clock, little FRANKY, only child of GEORGE and AMELIA JOLLY, age 15 months. Funeral at the house today at 10 o'clock.

On Friday, March 18, 1881, MRS. ESTELLA JOLLY, wife of WESLEY JOLLEY, of a relapse of the measles, after a three day sickness, age 21 years.

MRS. BARRICLAUGH has sold her farm of 38 acres, to JOHN FITZGERALD. Price, $800.

GEORGE SHARP has bought the old farm formerly owned by ZILA BROWN. Price, $30 per acre - 100 acres.

Measles are increasing; Captain Westcott is sick with measles.

The wedding on Thursday last was a splendid affair. Miss IDA BARKER of this place to WM. KENNY of Detroit, Mich. The invitations were many and presents elegant...

The funeral of MRS. HENRY BARLEY took place Saturday. She had been sick nearly all winter and her death, though sudden, was hourly looked for. She and her husband (who survives her) were among the oldest settlers of this town and raised a large family of children...

Mr. JOHN COLE has sold his place to Mr. PETRIE from Adams Centre. Mr. GARDNER has moved from John Cole's house into Mrs. Duly's house.

Last Tuesday morning, MRS. JOHN LITTLEFIELD died at her late home at the advanced age of four score years. She had been sick for some time. Her husband died about one year ago. The funeral was held on Wednesday with Rev. C. E. Becker preaching the sermon.

Miss CYNTHIA NASH, sister of Johnathan and Levi Nash, and an old resident was buried today.

The recent death of DAVID FULLER, former proprietor of the Bear Creek cider mill is reported. He died in the west where he emigrated two years since.

DR. S. CORBIN leaves this morning for Clayton to attend the funeral of his father. He received the sad news of his death on Sunday evening.

March 31, 1881, p. 1:

MRS. MARIA L. SWEET of this city, has just received about $1,000 in arrears of pension, as the mother of VIRGIL SWEET, who lost a leg in battle and afterward died in this city. FRANCIS N. FITCH was her attorney.

John Dempster, who resides at No. 14 Huntington St., made a desperate attempt at suicide Monday evening by taking Paris green...About half past seven, he went to the barn on the premises, where he had a quarter of a pound of paris green, which he had intended to use in the making of colors, and mixing the whole amount with water, drank it all...Medical aid was at once summoned and Dr. Vincent of Dr. Spencer's office proceeded immediately to his relief...but he died at 1:30 A.M...The suicide was 65 years of age and leaves a wife and six children.

same issue, p. 8:
ABI, wife of BRAZIL BRADLEY was buried last week Monday, she died of cancer.

ROBERT SHELDON died Thursday, the 24th inst., age 66 years. Mr. Sheldon was one of Ellisburgh's representative farmers...

On Thursday night last your correspondent and wife with over a hundred of the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. JAMES BISHOP, one of our popular landlords of Henderson, were invited to be present and enjoy with them the tenth anniversary of their wedding day. Of course a tin wedding was in order for which many useful as well as ornamental presents were given...

On Friday last, CHARLES CLARK, a resident of this town was taken to Watertown and after being examined and pronounced insane, was taken to Utica and placed in charge of Dr. Gray under whose treatment it is hoped the unfortunate man may recover...

FROM CARTHAGE - March 28 -
The funeral of Mr. MARSELL who died last week at Deer River, was held today.

On Thursday morning the people of this vicinity were startled by the announcement of the death of Mr. ROBERT SHELDON. He had been ill with pneumonia for about 10 days...Mr. Sheldon was 66 years old and leaves a wife and one daughter to mourn his loss.... His funeral was largely attended at the Baptist Church Sunday afternoon. Rev. C. E. Becker preached the sermon after which the remains were laid in their last resting place at the Ellisburg Cemetery.

FROM WORTH - March 28 -
Died at her home in Worth, March 25, MRS. HENRY REED, age 34 years. Mrs. Reed leaves a husband and three children to mourn her loss. The funeral services were held at the Union Church, Sunday, at 2 o'clock and were conducted by Rev. N. Forbes...

The funeral services of Mr. JAMES PRIEST were largely attended and were ably conducted at the Union Church last Sunday at 10 o'clock by the Rev. N. Forbes of Worth Centre. Mr. Priest departed this life last Thursday at the age of 62 having been a constant sufferer for a long time with consumption...The remains of MR. Priest were taken to Rodman Cemetery for interment.

FROM PLESSIS - March 28 -
Mr. and Mrs. E. SHAW have the sympathy of the community in their affliction in the sudden death of their little daughter.

HENRY COFFEEN of this place was buried last week.

Errata from the Watertown Re-Union Newspaper

published Watertown, NY: April 1881

April 7, 1881, p. 6:

From Ellisburgh:
JAMES PAGE was buried from the home of his daughter, MRS. W. E. DOWNER, last Wednesday.

We are in receipt of a copy of the Aurora, Illinois Beacon containing a notice of the death of HENRY S. FIELD, who died at his farm residence near LaFox Station, Illinois on March 25th, 1881, age 59 years. He was a native of Vermont from whence came the bulk of Ellisburgh's yeomanry. When a youth, he came to this town with his parents and was a continual resident here until 1867, when he moved to Illinois...

From Lorraine:
Died in Lorraine, March 24, 1881, ELIZABETH, wife of EDMOND REMINGTON, age 25 years.

Mr. C. A. PIDDOCK of Springfield, MA was here to attend the funeral of his sister, MRS. REMINGTON, Sunday, March 27. He is the pastor of a large Baptist Church there.

Married - At the hotel in Lorraine, Sunday, April 3, by Rev. P. LaClare, CLIFFORD ELMER and ADA BUFELT both of Worth.

From Sterlingville:
The infant son of JASON and NANCY MERRICK was buried here on Friday last. It has been afflicted with a disease of the spine from its birth which has baffled the skill of the physicians.

From Chaumont:
MORRIS POWELL will close out his farm and personal property with an auction. He intends moving west.

From Theresa:
Mr. PETER LAFAVOUR departed this life at 8 o'clock Sunday morning, having been sick but a short time with inflammation of the lungs. Deceased moved into this town about 22 years ago and has raised a large family, which are grown up and have families of their own, except one son who remains at home to care for his aged mother who is thus bereft of the partner of her life...

From Clayton:
The following sailors to the number of 17, will leave Grindstone Island this spring:
Capt. H. Robinson
Thomas Robinson, 2d mate
John McCray
Will Chase
Flora McCray, cook - all as crew of the schooner Prince Alfred

Capt. Benjamin Calhoune
John Black, 1st mate
Elmer Calhoun
Chas. Comins - as crew of the schooner Republic

Capt. Truman Rusho, 1st mate
Peter Fitzgeralds, 2nd mate
David Howard of the schooner Belle Mitchell

Geo. Rattray, 2nd mate
John Rattray, cook of the schooner John Bert

Wm. C. Murdock of the schooner Albany
Willard Robinson, schooner Montana

Mr. R. P. Flower of NY has made the Episcopal Church a present of a check amounting to $200. We understand that he did not forget the little church at LaFargeville.

From Huntingtonville:
All that was mortal of the late EDWIN BUSH was interred in the Huntingtonville Cemetery last Thursday. He had many friends in this locality. To his bereaved wife and child and family we extend our deepest sympathy.

page 8:
Real Estate Changes:
JAMES FAWDRY of Sacket's Harbor has purchased of Dr. DANIEL FAWDRY of Barnes Corners, his house and lot situated on Rutland Street in this city for $4,400.

From Omar:
April 5 - At the residence of PLINY NEWTON at 11 o'clock today, in the marriage of his daughter, FRANK, to Mr. L. N. WILCOX of the Grand Central Hotel, Fisher's Landing, NY, Rev. W. P. Hall of Philadelphia officiating.

April 14, 1881, p. 5:

A Resolution of Respect at a regular meeting of Brownville Lodge, No. 53, of F. & A. M. held on 29th March, memory of our valuable brother ADAM W. WALRATH...

DIED - In Ellisburg, March 28th, HANNAH, widow of the late JESSE STONE, age 94 years, 26 days.

page 7:
From Carthage - About 50 masons and the same number of soldiers attended the funeral of Mr. JOHN COLE.

It will be a long time before the vacancy caused by the death of Dr. Peden can be filled. He stood at the head of the medical profession. He was noted for his generosity and kindness to any one in need of assistance...His death is mourned by the entire community.

From Huntingtonville:
April 9 - Mr. and Mrs. Addison Smith of Hammond were here to attend the funeral of Mrs. DAVID.

The funeral of the late MRS. DAVID of Hounsfield occurred April 4th at 1 P.M. at the residence of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. WALTER R. DIX. Rev. T. Richey preached an excellent sermon.

From Philadelphia:
D. J. WAGER died a short time ago after a long sickness. His funeral was held Monday, April 4th, Rev. Dr. Porter officiating.

NAPOLEAN GOODSTALL died quite suddenly in Syracuse. His body was brought to this place for internment and the funeral was held from the residence of his wife's parents, Saturday, April 9th.

From Cape Vincent: April 9 -
It is with regret that we announce the death of JUDAH T. AINSWORTH, which occurred at his residence in tis village at half past two Thursday morning. Mr. Ainsworth has been in poor health for a long time and for the past few weeks has been confined to the house. The deceased was born at St. Albans, VT in 1796, and consequently was in his 85th year. In 1841 he was appointed collector of customs for this port and held that position two years under William H. Harrison's administration. He was highly esteemed by all of our citizens. He laves a wife and two sons. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon.

From Rodman: - April 12 -
Miss LIBBIE YOUNG of this village, has been a resident of Rome during the past year, and while there, a youthful Romeo bearing the name of JOHN MITCHELL wooed and won the gentle Libbie for his bride. Being in Rome they followed the fashions of the Romans and were married on April 3d at the residence of and by Rev. M. N. Capron...

From Theresa - April 11 -
Married - Mr. CHESTER J. SWAIN who was born and raised in Jefferson County, but now a resident of Sycamore, Illinois, was married to Miss LIBBIE GILLIS of Creston, Ill. Thursday, April 7, 1881.

The many friends of Mr. CHARLES FAIRBANKS were pained to hear of his death which occurred on Saturday afternoon at half past 2 p.m. Although Mr. Fairbanks has been in very poor health for several years he was able to be around...He leaves an aged mother and sister to mourn his loss. The funeral will be held at the Methodist Church at half past two today.

Mr. DUDLEY CHAPMAN, who left here about four weeks ago for Spencer, Wisconsin, had the misfortune to lose his wife at that place on Saturday, April 2d. It appears that shortly after they arrived there, that his wife was confined, for a letter received from him stating that his wife and child were doing well on Saturday. Mr. John Hunt, the father of the girl, received a telegram stating that if he wanted to see his daughter alive to come immediately. Mr. Hunt and wife left for Spencer on Monday. We understand that the remains are to be brought here for internment.

From Sterlingville - April 11 -
JONATHAN POWELL, an old and esteemed citizen of this place, died here on Wednesday. Deceased was an exemplary member of the Society of Friends. The funeral was held at their church at LeRaysville. He was the father of JOHN B. POWELL, Esq.

April 21, 1881, p. 2:

From Carthage - April 18
Miss LUCY NUTTING left Saturday morning for college at Wellesley. She was joined here by her school mate, Miss ALICE TAGGART, of Watertown.

From Cape Vincent - April 17 -
MRS. CHARLES E. WHITNEY of this town, died on Saturday afternoon after a very short sickness. The funeral will occur on Tuesday.

MRS. O. C. COLE, wife of Rev. O. C. COLE of this village and mother of Rev. M. C. COLE of New Orleans, Major J. H. COLE of Michigan, W. O. COLE of Chicago and Mrs. JAMES B. GEGGIE of St. Louis, MO., died early this morning after an illness of about six weeks. Mrs. Cole was 68 years of age. The remains will be interred at Fulton.

From Adams - April 19 -
We are called upon to chronicle the death of an old and respected citizen, Mr. SABIN BAKER, who died Saturday at 1 p.m....

From Henderson - April 19 -
REV. S. P. REMINGTON died yesterday after a very painful illness of three months and a half. He was late pastor of the Universalist Church at this place and greatly respected by all who knew him. He died at the age of 74 years. His funeral takes place Wednesday at the Universalist Church.

From Clayton -
MRS. BENJAMIN PHILLIPS, mother of LANDER PHILLIPS was buried last Friday; she was over 80 years of age.

From Theresa - April 18
The wife of DUDLEY CHAPMAN was buried at Spencer, WI on Friday, April 8. We learn that spinal fever was the cause of death.

It is with regret that we announce the death of our highly esteemed citizen, Mr. WILLIAM DRESSOR, who died at his residence on Friday at 11 o'clock A.M. The funeral was largely attended at the Methodist Church Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the Rev. M. M. Rice and the Rev. Canfield of the Presbyterian Church officiating....

page 7, From Ellisburg -
Miss MARY AYER is quite sick

April 28, 1881, p. 3:

From Watertown - MRS. SIMEON LEWIS, age 82, died at her residence in southwest Oswego on Monday. She has lived there 34 years, coming from Watertown in 1847. Funeral from the house at 1 p.m. tomorrow. Her husband who survives her is 92 years old.

From Dexter - April 26, p. 4:
MRS. JOHN HAWK died at her home in Dexter, Sunday evening. She has been a great sufferer for the past 12 years with asthma.

From Ellisburg - April 28, p. 4
JOHN DENISON who died at Auburn, Sunday the 17th inst., age 52 years, was a former resident here and is remembered as a kind hearted and genial neighbor.

From Lorraine - April 25, p. 4
Died in Lorraine, April 19, JOHN LYMAN AGE 25 years.

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