Northern New York Journal

A weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY ,1849-1866, by Geo. W. Smith & H.S. Noble. Formerly the Northern State Journal.

Published Wednesdays.

The Northern New York Journal
published Watertown, NY Jan-Dec. 1854:

January 4, 1854, p. 4:

On the 29th ultimo, by Rev. L. D. Ferguson, D. BEARUP, Esq., to Miss MARY A. SALISBURY, all of Theresa.

At the same time and place, by the same, Mr. N. C. SPALSBURY to Miss SARAH THWING, both of Theresa.

Next notice cut out of issue.

At St. Mark's Church in Malone, Franklin Co., on Christmas Eve, by the Rev. Mr. Tredway, Mr. DANIEL H. STANTON, printer of the above place, to Miss ELIZABETH WARE, formerly of Watertown.

At Evans Mills, 18th ultimo, by Rev. Mr. Rosseel, Mr. W. E. FRANKLIN, of Watertown, to Miss MARY M. ROGERS of Philadelphia.

In this village, on Christmas Eve, by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. A. J. DEWEY, to Miss CELESTIA A. RYDER, both of Chaumont.

In this village, on the 28th ultimo, by the same, Mr. GEO. C. PARKER of Rodman, to Miss MARY S. SKEAL, of Watertown.

In this village, on the 31st ult, by E. Wakefield, Esq., Mr. DANIEL LOSEE to Miss LAURA J. COOPER, daughter of J. M. COOPER, Esq., all of this town.

At the residence of Hon. C. Lyon, of Lyondale, on the 21st ultimo, by Rev. G. Saxe, Mr. LAFAYETTE SPRINGSTEEN, to Miss SARAH JANE ROSELLE, both of Greig.

At Theresa, on the 2d instant, of typhus fever, JAMES DAVISON, M.D., age about 28 years.

In this village, on the 27th ultimo, MARY CUMMINGS, daughter of JOHN J. SAFFORD, Esq., in the 7th year of her age. Next notices cut out of this issue.

January 25, 1854, p. 2:

By the Rev. L. S. Bingham, on the 18th inst., Mr. G. W. CANDEE to Miss LUCY J. WINSLOW, eldest daughter of the Hon. J. WINSLOW, all of Watertown.

At Rodman, on the 29th ultim, by Rev. D. Spear, Mr. ELI SEELY, to Miss CINDERELLA TROWBRIDGE.

In Lorraine, on the 12th instant, by the Rev. P. Persons, Mr. D. F. FREDERICK, of Worth to Miss C. DEAFENDORF of Alexandria.

In Pamelia, on the 18th inst, by Rev. I. H. Brayton, Mr. ISAIAH LODOWICK of Evans Mills, to Miss SOPHIA L., daughter of ELIPHALET LADD, Esq., of Pamelia.

In Smithville, at the residence of Dea. Gibbs, by the Rev. D. McFarland, Mr. IRA G. TOWSLEY, formerly of California to Miss E. GIBBS, of Smithville.

In Henderson, at the residence of John Carpenter, Esq., Jan. 19th, by the same, Mr. E. H. DAVIS, merchant of Belleville, NY, to Miss L. C. CARPENTER, of Henderson.

Next notice cut out of issue.

In Adams, on Thursday, 12th instant, Mr. MILES COOPER, age 85 years.

On Monday night last, in this village, Deacon JACOB BLISS, age about 70 years, formerly of Otsego Co. Funeral Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock at the 2d Presbyterian Church.

February 1, 1854, p. 4:

In the State Street Methodist Church, on the 19th, ultimo, by Rev. J. Erwin, Mr. W. B. WEMP of Tyrendingo C.W., to Miss JANE ANN McKAY, of Watertown.

In LeRay, on the 19th ultimo, by Rev. Mr. Modesitt, Mr. M. H. SMITH of Redwood, to Miss ELVIRA STILL of Theresa.

At Ogdensburgh, on Sunday inst., Mr. CHARLES BREWSTER, proprietor of the Washington Hotel, at that place. He formerly resided in Utica.

February 8, 1854, p. 3:

In this village, at the Adelphi Hotel, on the 4th instant by F. Emerson, Esq., Mr. JOSIAH A. McQUAIN, to Miss EVELINE SMITH, both of Dexter.

In Adams, on the 28th ult, by Rev. P. D. Gorrie, Mr. LYMAN A. BENJAMIN of Hounsfield, to Miss PHEBE A. WEBB of Greensborough.

In this village, on the 26th ultimo, Mr. EDWARD GUEST, age 58 years. On the 28th ultimo, Mrs. JANE GUEST, wife of Edward Guest, age 52 years.

At Waukesha, Wisconsin, in the 15th year of her age, ALICE ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of Major O. N. COLE, formerly Collector at Sackets Harbor.

February 15, 1854, p. 1:

At the Pera Mission Chapel, Constantinople, Nov. 7, by Rev. W. G. Schnuffler, Rev. HOMER B. MORGAN and MRS. SUSAN H. SUTPHEN.

In Brockville C.W., on the 2d inst., by Rev. Mr. Elliott, DAVID BOOTH, Esq., Civil Engineer of Sheffield, England, to Miss S. G. FLINT, of Brockville.

On the 12th instant, by Rev. J. S. Robinson, Mr. WM. H. SEEBER of Theresa, to Miss MARY E. STANSEL.

In this village on the 8th instant, by Rev. Mr. Hunt, Mr. HENRY S. WILKINS, of Copenhagen, to Miss E. A. HADDOCK of this place.

In this village, on the 5th instant, of scrofulous consumption, AGNES, wife of GEO. SNOWDEN, age 39 years and 8 months.

On Wednesday, the 8th instant, at the residence of John Clarke, Esq., BUTLER RANNEY, age 75 years.

March 1, 1854, p. 1:

On Tuesday, Feb. 13th, in All Saints Church, Dexter, by Rev. Geo. B. Eastman, Mr. CALVIN SPERRY of New Haven Conn., and Miss CYNTHIA C. RIGGS, of Brownville.

On Thursday, Feb. 23d, at Dexter, by the same, Mr. MERCHANT B. WOODWARD, of Philadelphia, and Miss ELIZA McMULLIN.

In LeRay, on February 9th Mr. IVAH HOLBROOK, age 69 years.

At Black River, Feb. 11th, after a short illness, Mr. CHRISTOPHER POOR, age 74 years. He was one of the earliest settlers of the town of Rutland. He was of New England parentage, being one of the children mentioned in the History of Jefferson County, on page 235, whom MRS. PETER POOR (his mother) carried on horseback through the wilderness in the State of Maine, after the murder of her husband by the Indians. Escaping the Indian massacres of those times he afterward came with his mother to the town where he has since resided. He had but just established himself here, when he and his neighbors were ordered to muster under Gen. Brown for the defense of the Frontier, to which order he promptly responded.

In Philadelphia, on the 24th Feb., Mr. JAMES WELCH, age 53 years.

In LaFargeville, on the 16th inst., GEORGE A. BAILEY, son of HARVEY BAILEY, Esq., age 9 years and 6 months.

March 8, 1854, p. 1:

In Pamelia, on the morning of the 7th inst. By the Rev. George Morgan Hills, Mr. E. GEO. FERRISS, to Miss MARY JANE FAILING.

On the 22d ultimo at the Crowner House, by Rev. L. S. Bingham, GEORGE H. SCOTT of Rutland, to Miss JANETTE L. HINES, of LeRay.

On the 23d ult, by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. KENRICK JONES of Rutland, to Miss MARY E. JENNINGS, of Perch River.

On the 2d instant, by the same, Mr. BEMOS WELLS of Three Mile Bay, to Miss MARY A. POMEROY, of Lyme.

On the 5th inst., by Rev. J. Erwin, Mr. JOHN GRISWOLD of Champion, to Miss OLIVE RELYEA of Pamelia.

On the same day, by the same, Mr. ALMON BUTTON to Miss ELIZA YEARDON, all of Watertown.

At Ellisburgh, on the 5th inst., MRS. EUNICE HALL, age about 60 years, wife of Mr. CYRUS HALL.

At Channahan, Will Co., Illinois, MRS. MARGARET A. BENEDICT, widow of the late HENRY M. BENEDICT of Utica, in this state.

In this village, on the 2d inst., Mr. EBENEZER CALHOUN, age 52 years.

In Hounsfield, on the 3d inst., Mr. LUTHER GRAVES, age about 50 years.

In this village, on the 2d inst., Mr. DEXTER HUNGERFORD, age 60 years.

March 15, 1854, p. 2:

In Cape Vincent, on the 7th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. ADDISON VANDERWACKER, of Brownville, to Miss RHODA WARREN, of Cape Vincent.

At the Woodruff House, in this village, on the 9th inst., by the same, Mr. GEORGE FOX, of Lyme to Miss MARCIA HORTON of Chaumont.

At the residence of Clark Rice, in this village, on the 2d inst., of influenza, MRS. EUNICE DRURY, age 81 years, mother of the late Mrs. Rice.

In Rutland on the 2d inst., Mr. ASA CLARK, age 74 years. He was one of the first settlers of Rutland. He resided fifty years on the farm where he died. He lived to see the village of Watertown grow from three little log huts to what it now is. (short obituary followed)

March 22, 1854, p. 7:

In Cleveland, Ohio, on the 7th inst., at the house of Wm. Collins, Esq., by Rev. Mr. Rogue of Zanesville, Miss HARRIET A. COLLINS, late of Lowville, Lewis Co., and J. W. HERRON, Esq., Attorney at Law, of the firm of Collins and Herron, Cincinnati.

On the 15th inst., at the Parsonage, Arsenal Street, Watertown, by Rev. L. S. Bingham, WM. GEO DEALING to Miss ROXE McINTYRE, both of Carthage, NY.

At the Woodruff House, on the 18th instant, by the Rev. George Morgan Hills, Mr. ISAAC BOOTH and Miss CAROLINE STEWART, both of New Centre, Oswego Co.

At Theresa, March 9th, by Rev. J. S. Robinson, Mr. ALONZO R. TURNER of Alexandria, to Miss MARTHA A. SIMPSON of Orleans.

In this village, on the 16th inst., CARRIE FRANCES, only daughter of CHARLES D. WRIGHT, Esq., age 2 years, 5 mos. And 4 days.

In this village, on the 14th inst., WM. L. POOL, of Pierrepont Manor, age 28 years.

April 5, 1854, p. 1:

Marriage notice cut from issue.

April 12, 1854, p. 2:

Marriage notice cut from issue.

On the 19th inst., of inflammation of the lungs, EMMA, youngest daughter of SOLOMON ALLEN, of Juhelville age 1 year and 6 mos.

April 19, 1854, p. 3:

In this village, on the 17th instant, Mr. SILAS M. GATES, proprietor of the Empire House, age 40 years.

In Henderson on the 9th instant, CHAUNCEY G. PERSONS, age 15 years, 2 months and 20 days. His disease was such that he was a sufferer from infancy.

At Cape Vincent, on the 10th inst., MRS. ZURVIAH GATES, relict of the late CAPT. JONATHAN GATES, age 88 years.

April 26, 1854, p. 4:

On the 18th instant, by Rev. J. Erwin, Mr. HENRY WOODWORTH of Rutland, to Miss LOVINA FALL, of Brownville.

On the 14th instant, by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. O. P. CARTER and Miss MARIA WOOD, both of Watertown.

On the 12th instant, by Rev. W. W. Hunt, Mr. G. A. SCOVIL of Copenhagen, to Miss L. H. KELLOGG of Adams.

On the 15th inst., from the effects of a cancer, JOSIAH RICHARDSON, Esq., in the 71st year of his age. One of the first settlers of the town.

In Hamilton, C.W., March 30, RACHEL ERVILLA, infant daughter of WM. H. and SOPHIA DELANO.

May 3, 1854, p. 2:

At St. Paul's Church, in Brownville, on the 25th ult, by Rev. Mr. Eastman, Chief Engineer W. E. EVERETT, U.S. Navy, and Miss PAMELIA W., daughter of the late Col. E. R. KIRBY, U. S. Army.

In the city of Philadelphia, on the 17th April 1854, MRS. MARY E. WHITNEY, age 27 years, wife of GEO. WHITNEY, Esq., of that city, and daughter of the late WM. S. ELY of Brownville.

In Watertown, at the residence of MRS. HADDOCK, her daughter, on the 20th of April, MRS. SALLY BARNES, age 84 years. She was a member of the Christian Church. Her funeral was attended at the Sulphur Spring Schoolhouse in Hounsfield. Rev. Mr. Foote of Sackets Harbor delivered the funeral sermon. She had lived to see grow up around her a numerous progeny of grandchildren, whose welfare was as near to her heart as that of her own offspring. Little Falls paper please copy.

May 17, 1854, p. 2:

In Brooklyn, on the 10th instant, by the Rev. Jacob Diller, Mr. ROBERT TENEYCK of Watertown, to Miss CATHARINE G. GREENE, oldest daughter of WM. A. GREENE, Esq., of the former place.

Next notice cut out of issue.

In Adams, Jeff. Co., on the 11th instant, by Rev. P. D. Gorrio, Mr. ALEXANDER AUGSBURY, merchant of Plessis, to Miss LAURA W. LOOMIS, daughter of JAMES LOOMIS, of Oxbow.

In this village, on the 10th instant, by Rev. J. Erwin, Mr. ANDREW FAGAN to Miss ROSE LINDA BENNING, both of Watertown.

In Pamelia, on the 20th ultimo, JONATHAN TOWNSEND, in the 89th year of his age. He came into Jefferson County in 1817, and spent most of the time since in Pamelia. He united with the Methodist E. Church. By the death of his second wife, some months before his decease, his family was broken up. He found a peaceful home in the family of his son, TRUMAN B. TOWNSEND, where he was cared for.

In Rodman, on the 26th ultimo, MRS. PAMELIA GATES, wife of GEO. GATES, Esq., age 68 years.

May 24, 1854, p. 3:

In New York City, on the 17th instant, by the Rev. Geo. B. Cheever, D.D., at the residence of Francis P. Schoals, Esq., FRED BAKER of Watertown, to SARAH P. PYEWELL, of that city.

First notice cut from the issue.

In Orleans, on the 18th instant of congestion of the brain, BETSEY, wife of DANIEL C. ROUSE, Sheriff of Jefferson County.

June 7, 1854, p. 3:

First notice cut from issue.

In Albany, on the 29th ult., by Rev. F. Doran, of that city, Mr. WM. McCORMICK to Miss A. M. SPALSBURY, both of Pamelia.

At Pierrpont Manor Hotel, on the 25th ult, by Rev. S. Salsbury, Mr. ANDREW J. GLASIER of Pinckney, Lewis Co., to Miss ADALINE D. MUNSON, of Salsbury, Herkimer.

In this village, on the 24th ult., by the Rev. Pitt Morse, Mr. L. R. MURRAY and Miss MARIA ROGERS, both of Watertown.

In Brownville, on the 23d ult, ANDREW STRANGE, of dropsy, age 56 years.

At the residence of her son, J. BUTTERFIELD, on the 4th inst., MRS. REBECCA ADAMS, wife of the late JOHN ADAMS, in the 79th year of her age. The deceased, with her first husband, ZACHARIAH BUTTERFIELD, was among the first settlers of Watertown, and located where the Merchant's Exchange now stands.

June 21, 1854, p. 2:

Marriages notices cut out of this issue.

In Philadelphia, Jeff. Co., on Sunday, 11th inst., Mr. CYRUS D. MOSIER, of consumption, age about 23 years. Deceased was late a resident of this village.

June 28, 1854, p. 2:

On the 6th inst., at Chagrin Falls, Ohio, by Elder Bentley, JOHN R. MANTLE, M.D., of Vincennes, formerly of Watertown, to MRS. ELIZA SEARS of the former place.

In this village on the 22d inst., by Rev. Mr. Brayton, Mr. ROBERT B. BOYD of New York to Miss CATHARINE T. E. LANSING, adopted daughter of Hon. ROBT. LANSING.

In Rutland, on the 21st, Mr. ANSEN MOORE, age 61 years.

July 12, 1854, p. 3:

On the 5th inst., by H. B. Hayes, Esq., at East Hounsfield, Mr. FRANK PATRICK to Miss ELVIRA THURSTIN, both of Hounsfield.

In this village, on the 5th inst, by Rev. J. Erwin, Mr. KENDRICK ORVIS, of Antwerp, to Miss MATILDA MILLER, of Pamelia.

At Havana, in the island of Cuba, whither he had gone for his health, April 7th, BARNEY MILLS, of Smithville, Jeff. Co., age 37 years.

July 26, 1854, p. 4:

Vitals cut out of this issue.

August 2, 1854, p. 1:

In Philadelphia, Jeff. Co., July 12th, by Rev. H. Ward, Mr. C. B. BENNET of Miami, Indiana, to Miss L. J. ACKERT of the former place.

In this village, on the 24th ult, Mr. JOHN MUCKLE, of a contusion of the groin.

In this village, on Sunday 1nst, of erysipelas, after a short illness, Mr. JOSEPH KIMBALL, in the 68th year of his age.

In this village, on the 31st ult, of consumption, after a lingering illness MRS. CLARISSA McGUIRE, in the 52d year of her age.

August 9, 1854, p. 8:

At Evans Mills, Sept. 9th, by U. A. Wright, Esq., MARCUS TAYLOR to Miss ELIZA GREENFIELD, both of Clayton.

Transcriber's note: either this is a misprint of the date of marriage or it was dated as an event to come on Sept. 9.

At Adams Centre, on the 7th inst., DANIEL SPENCER, age 51 years.

In Orleans, on Friday, Sept. 1, after a protracted illness of about four years, which she bore with Christian fortitude, MRS. RACHAL HAWN, wife of GEORGE HAWN, age 57 years.

August 16, 1854, p. 4:

In this village, on Monday morning the 7th inst., of dropsy on the brain, ANNA DOOLITTLE, daughter of the late WM. M. K. DOOLITTLE.

In Brownville, suddenly, on the 13th inst., MRS. MARY A. STACY, wife of JOEL G. STACEY, Esq., age 60 years.

October 25, 1854, p. 3:

In this village, on Wednesday evening, the 18th, by Rev. George Morgan Hills, Mr. CHAS. WRIGHT and MRS. MARY GILLMORE.

In this village, Oct. 17th, by Rev. J. Erwin, Mr. WM. ARCHER of Lowville, to Miss HANNAH ROBERTS, of Harrisburgh.

In Philadelphia, on the 16th inst., Mr. ERASTUS WHITNEY, age 57 years.

November 1, 1854, p. 4:

In this village, on the 29th, by the Rev. George Morgan Hills, Mr. DAVID WITHERBEK and Miss ELIZABETH ZELLER.

At Evans Mills, on the 24th inst., JULINT?, daughter of OLIVER and PHILINDA B. DOUGLASS, age 6 years.

In this village, on the 27th ult., MRS. SUSAN LAMON, age 43 years, wife of FRANCIS R. LAMON.

November 15, 1854, p. 3:

In this village, on Saturday, Nov. 11th, Mr. CHESTER CLARK MASSEY, oldest son of ALBERT E. MASSEY, of Monroe, Mich., and grandson of the late HART MASSEY, age 23 years and 4 months.

November 22, 1854, p. 4:

At Rural Hill, Jeff. Co., Nov. 16th, by Rev. R. Persons, Jr., Mr. HENRY GREEN and MRS. LYDIA ALLEN, both of the above place.

November 29, 1854, p. 2:

At Sackets Harbor on the 22d inst., MRS. CORNELIA E. BECKWITH, wife of Edward Sackett, age 32 years.

Next notice cut out of issue.

At Indianola, Texas on the 20th ult, of yellow fever, MR. ETHEL H. BRONSON, formerly of this place.

December 13, 1854, p. 1:

In Smithville, Nov. 25th, MRS. ELIZABETH BRIGHAM, wife of CYRUS BRIGHAM, age 72 years and 10 mos.

At Rodman, on the 18th of November, ELLA D., daughter of ARTEMAS and DELILUH ADAM, age 1 year, 8 months and 3 days.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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