Northern New York Journal

A weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY ,1849-1866, by Geo. W. Smith & H.S. Noble. Formerly the Northern State Journal.

Published Wednesdays.


published Watertown, NY 1864 (Jan-Dec)

March 8, 1864, p. 3:

At the Foster House, Antwerp, Feb. 24, by Rev. J. E. Maynard, Mr. NICHOLAS MATTESON to Miss AMANDA WEBB, both of Edwards, St. Law. Co., NY

At Antwerp, March 1st by the same, Mr. EZRA MACK to Miss MARY J. RODERICK, both of Antwerp.

In Warren, PA, Feb. 21, 1864, Mrs. TEMPERANCE BROWN, wife of Capt. G. Brown, P.Q., In the 72d year of her age of palsy, living one week after receiving the shock. She was with three of her children and numerous friends.

April 12, 1864, p. 3:

At Kanona, on the 31st of March, 1864, of typhoid pneumonia, Mr. RICHARD NEAR, in the 59th year of his age.

June 21, 1864, p. 2:

At Theresa, June 5th, 1864, JANE RIPLEY, wife of DANIEL A. RIPLEY of the 10th NY Artillery, age 41 years, 9 months and 9 days.

June 28, 1864, p. 1:

In Lafargeville by Rev. H. Ward, June 2d, Mr. DEXTER T. DRAKE to Miss C. M. TANNER.

In Alexandria, June 18th, SUSAN, wife of ASHLEY TANNER, age 68 years.

July 12, 1864, p. 4:

In Philadelphia, June 25th, at the residence of Samuel Hall, by John S. Peck, Esq., Mr. W. E. ACRES of Hermon, to Miss CARRIE E. MARTIN of Antwerp.

At Oswego, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. E. R. Wilson, A. B. WESTCOTT of Pillar Point, to Miss MARTHA E. TYLER of Fulton, Oswego Co., NY.

At the residence of Nelson Fults in Theresa, July 3d, by S. W. Strough, Esq., Mr. JOSEPH WARREN FULTS of Theresa, to Miss CAROLINE KLOCK of Orleans.

In Clayton, after a long and protracted sickness of lung complaint, EDWARD RYAN, in the 27th year of his age.

July 19, 1864, p. 4:

On Thursday morning, July 14, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. T. Babcock, Hon. A. W. CLARK, M.C., of Watertown, to Miss ELIZA L., daughter of Dr. D. V. THOMAS, of South Albion, Oswego Co., NY.

On Wednesday, 13th inst., at the residence of the bride's father by Rev. Frank H. Jewell, Mr. JEAN B. STEBBINS of Little Falls, NY and Miss ADDIE C. COOPER, daughter of JOHN C. COOPER, Esq., of Adams, Jeff. Co., NY.

At the Baptist Parsonage, Adams Centre, July 4th by Rev. Edward Mills, Mr. GEORGE R. BELL to Miss CARRIE A. HILL, both of Watertown, NY.

At Norfolk, VA, July 2d, CHARLES F. MOSHER, son of JAMES MOSHER of Antwerp, of the McClellan Cavalry, Co. C, in the 20th year of his age.

July 26, 1864, p. 1:

At Adams Centre, on the 16th, CHARLES H., son of BURLEIGH and MARY D. SALISBURY, age one year and nine months.

August 2, 1864, p. 2:

At the parsonage, Adams Centre, July 28, by Rev. Edward Mills, Mr. GEORGE A. ABBOTT to Miss EMILY D. COLLINS, both of Henderson.

At Chesapeake Hospital, Fortress Monroe, July 12th of gunshot wound received near Petersburg, VA, June 16th, Capt. OSCAR F. RUDD, Co. G., 39th Ill., age 35 years.

August 16, 1864, p. 2:

At the residence of Daniel Smith, Jr., August 3d, by the Rev. C. K. ___, Mr. DEMPSTER E. GARDNER to Miss ELLIE M. BROWN, all of Rodman.

In hospital, near Petersburgh, VA, July 27th of small pox, CHARLES CHAPIN, member of the 10th NY Artillery age ___years.

At Theresa, July 29th, of cancer, Mrs. RESERVE CHAPIN, age 46 years.

In Orleans, July 10th, of dropsy, RUFUS SMITH, Esq., age 78 years.

At Cape Vincent, on the morning of the 9th, instant, CAROL L., only child of Dr. H. N. and LAURA C. BUSHNELL, age 5 months and 13 days.

August 30, 1864, p. 3:

At the residence of Wm. Sloat, August 28th, by the Rev. H. Ward, Mr. C. B. LEWIS to Miss M. HAWLEY, all of LaFargeville.

In the city of Detroit, August 11, 1864, R. E. FOWLER, formerly of Clayton, NY.

September 13, 1864, p. 3:

At Watertown on Thursday, Sept. __, at the residence of John D. Newman, by Rev. T. Babcock, Mr. JOHN McGRATH of Watertown, to Miss CATHERINE HOLAHAN of Canada.

September 20, 1864, p. 2:

At his residence, in the town of Cape Vincent, Sept. 7, 1864, JACOB VANNORSTRAND, age 74 years.

At Alexandria Bay, September 6th, after a short illness, MRS. ESTHER A., wife of JOHN J. EVERSON.

Col. ANSON HUNGERFORD, died July 12, 1864, age 31 years and 10 months.

October 4, 1864, p. 3:

At the residence of the bride's father in Watertown, on the 3d inst., by the Rev. Theo. Babcock, L. O. WOODRUFF, Esq., of St. Louis, MO, to Miss MARIAN R. BABCOCK, daughter of H. H. BABCOCK of Watertown, NY. St. Louis papers please copy.

October 11, 1864, p. 4:

In Leray, Sept. 28, at the bride's residence, by Rev. John Peck, Mr. JAMES M. GLASS to MRS. A. A. PARKINSON.

BETSEY, wife of TRUSTRIM FRINK, of Rutland, Aug. 28, of dropsy, age 80 years.

In Antwerp, Sept. 18th, MRS. EMILY WICKS, age 45 years and 7 months.

At Theresa, Sept. 28th, MRS. CYNTHIA THWING, age 62 years and 1 month.

October 25, 1864, p. 2:

At the residence of the bride's father, October 3d, by Rev. Geo. Rockwell, Dr. M. J. HUTCHINS to Miss MARY E. FULLER all of Alexandria.

At the American Hotel, in this village, on Wednesday, Oct. 19th by Rev. Theo Babcock, D.D., BENJAMIN C. RUDD, 1st Lieut. Co. E., 20th NY Cavalry, to Miss ALMA, daughter of Mr. HORACE COOK, both of Carthage, NY.

At Alexandria Bay, Sept. 6th, ESTHER, wife of JOHN T. EVERSON, in the 34th year of her age. She was survived by her husband and six children. (paragraph obituary)

Please note that all of the November issues online did include notices; however, they were published upside down which makes them unreadable.

December 20, 1864, p. 4:

On Thursday evening, the 8th inst., at St. John's Church, Buffalo, by the Rev. Geo. Morgan. Hull, of Syracuse, assisted by the Rev. O. Witherspoon, Mr. EDWARD DOWS to REBECCA, daughter of SAMUEL A. PROVOST, Esq., of Buffalo.

On Thursday afternoon, the 15th inst., in Trinity Church, Watertown, by the Rev. T. Babcock, D.D., Rector, Mr. GEORGE HENRY WHEELER of Chicago, to ALICE J., daughter of GILDEROY LORD, Esq., of Watertown.

Nov. 17th of consumption, ROSWELL H. NILES, son of SAMUEL M. and HANNAH NILES of Pamelia. He enlisted in the Illinois Cavalry and served until his failing health compelled him to give up. On the 5th Nov. he came home to die.

In NY on the 4th? GRACE E., the youngest daughter of WM. H. HAWK, formerly of this place age 16.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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