Northern New York Journal

A weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY ,1849-1866, by Geo. W. Smith & H.S. Noble. Formerly the Northern State Journal.

Published Wednesdays.

published Watertown, NY 1865 (Jan-Dec.)

Transcriber's note: This was a weekly paper. Many of the available issues were printed upside down with no way to turn the print around. In some instances the printing was not readable. We have salvaged as many of the records as we could decipher.

January 24, 1865, p. 1:

Bermuda Front, VA, Jan. 14, 1865:
At a meeting of the members of Co. A., 10th NY Artillery, the following soldiers who lost their lives were as follows:

The first named received a mortal wound while performing his duty in front of Petersburgh. The others were stricken down by the hand of disease.

Page 2:

At the residence of his father, in this village, WILLIAM J. HALLORAN, of consumption, Sunday, Jan. 22, age 19 years, 4 months and 22 days. (long obituary followed)

February 7, 1865, p. 1:

In the US Hospital at Martinsburg, VA, Nov. 7, 1864, of typhoid fever, LEWIS C. NIMS of Co., I 20th NY Artillery, age 16 years, 4 months and 1 day.

February 14, 1865, p. 1:

At Carthage on the morning of February 8th, MERRILL MIDDLETON, son of WILLIAM M. and MARGARET JANE COBURN, age 13 years, ten months and 23 days.

February 21, 1865, p. 1:

On the 11th inst., by Rev. K. Kellogg, at the house of the bride's father, Mr. LEWIS C. DOHN? To Miss EUNICE A., daughter of LEWIS ALDRICH all of Rutland.

Febraury 28, 1865, p. 1:

Marriages: 5 notices printed upside down and unreadable.

March 14, 1865, p. 2:

On the 6th inst., by Rev. M. Lyon, at the house of Mrs. H. Steele in Brownville, Mr. LEVI DAVIS, of New Oregon, Howard County, Iowa, and Miss BETSEY CROUCH of Brownville, NY

At the residence of the bride's father, near Smithville, NY, Feb. 22d by Rev. Edward Mills, Mr. GEO. W. FELT and Miss SARAH L., eldest daughter of Mr. MERLIN BOSWORTH, all of Adams.

In Adams Centre, NY, March 1st by the same, Mr. B. F. RICHARDSON of Parish, Oswego Co., NY and Miss MARY E. BEARDSLEY of Hounsfield, NY.

At the bride's home, on the 2d inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. HENRY S. POOL to Miss HATTIE N. GIFFORD, both of Ellisburgh.

In Croghan, Feb. 22d, 1865, of the epidemic, SAMUEL PATTERSON, age 55 years, 11 months and 16 days.

Also on the 24th of February 1865, of the same disease, ALBERT S. PATTERSON, son of SAMUEL and EMILY PATTERSON, age 1year, 1 month and 2 days.

In Denmark, on the 1st day of March, 1865, of heart disease, MRS. CLARRISSA CRARY, wife of AARON K. CRARY, age 69 years, 5 months and 14 days. She had been married for over 50 years.

At his residence in Lorraine, Feb. 22d, WM. H. WILSON, age 71 years.

At Sandusky, Ohio, on Thursday, the 2d of March 1865, MRS. MARY A., wife of S. WELLS MASSEY, of Osburn Ghie, and daughter-in-law of SOLON MASSEY, of this village, in the 33d year of her age.

In this village, of spotted fever, on Friday morning, LILLIAN E. DECKER, age 11 years and 10 days, daughter of CALVIN and HESTER A. DECKER.

April 4, 1865, p. 4:

At the house of John Ecker, Plessis, March 28, 1865, by Roy S. L. Merrell, Dr. CHARLES M. MARTIN of Granville, Mich. And Miss SARAH E. ECKER of Plessis.

In Champion on the 22d inst., of spotted fever, after a brief painful illness, MRS. SUSAN, wife of J. HAYDON CLARK, age 37 years, 2 months and nine days.

In Philadelphia, March 21, 1865, MRS. SALLY TOWNE, age 74 years.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, JOHN HENSHAW, son of BENJAMIN HENSHAW of this place, age 33 years.

At his residence in this town, January 13, 1865, of typhoid pneumonia, RICHARD TAYLOR age 55 years, 4 months and 17 days.

May 2, 1865, p. 1:

In South Watertown of diptheria, after a lingering illness of three weeks, ELLA D., only daughter of JEREMIAH and FRANSINA PARKER, age 12 years, 3 months and 24 days. Long poem followed.

May 9, 1865, p. 4:

At Adams, April 22, by Rev. J. D. HOUGHTON, Mr. THOMAS W. FASSET of Waterloo, Iowa, and Miss OCEANA HAZEL of Adams, NY.

LAVINA ,wife of JAMES L. WEATHERBY in Tylerville, of consumption, April 13th, 1865, age 33 years, 6 months and 11 days.

At Fulton, ILL, on the 4th of April 1865, Mrs. LORINDA S., wife of Rev. JOHN CAVERT, late of Terre Haute, Indiana and formerly of Adams, NY.

At his residence in Adams, April 15, 1865, Mr. DANIEL WILCOX, age 70 years.

In Rochester, Minnesota, April 7, 1865 of typhoid fever, MARY L., daughter of LIBEUS ANDRUS formerly of Adams, age 18 years.

In Pulaski, Oswego Co., NY, Tuesday, April 18, 1865, of congestion of the lungs, ELIZABETH M., wife of JOHN M. WATSON, in the 69th year of her age.

May 16, 1865, p. 1:

At the M. E. Parsonage, in Sprague's Corners, on the 9th inst., by Rev. G. P. Kenney, Mr. ____ROBINSON to Miss KATE JOHNSON, both of Antwerp, NY.

By Rev. B. Alden at the house of the bride's father, in Henderson, May 6th, Mr. D. A. RICH to Miss FRANK A. DODGE, both of Henderson, NY.

May 23, 1865, p. 2:

On the 8th day of May by the Rev. J. Winslow, at the residence of the bride's father, Mount Pleasant, Hanover Co., Virginia, GEORGE BECKER, Esq., of Otsego Co., NY to Miss HATTIE, daughter of Col. HENRY CADY, formerly of Rochester, NY.

DORA MAY ADAMS, daughter of S. E. and MARY I. ADAMS, May 7th, 1865, at Watertown, age 9 years, 7 weeks and 12 days.

May 30, 1865, p. 1:

In Adams Center, Wednesday, May 24, 1865, at the house of her son-in-law, Mr. FRANK PARKER of consumption, MRS. HANNAH WILDER, wife of ABEL WILDER, Esq., of Watertown, age 68 years and six months.

June 13, 1865, p. 2:

In Philadelphia, May 27th, 1865, of cholera infantum, BRADDIE E., only child of ASA E. and JOSEPHINE MACOMBER, age 1 year and 1 month.

June 20, 1865, p. 2:

At the residence of the bride's father, in Adams, on Wednesday evening, June 14, by Rev. F. F. Jewell, Mr. JOHN BUDLONG, editor of the Northern NY Journal to Miss MINNIE SMITH, daughter of PHILANDER SMITH, ESQ.

In Ellis Village, NY, June 7, by Rev. G. W. Divoll, W. H. MORSE, Esq., of St. Louis, MO, to Miss HELEN E. WEBB of Ellis Village.

In this village, Wednesday morning, June 7, 1865, MRS. SARAH DEMING, age 84 years.

At her residence in Champion, on the 21st day of December last, MRS. LOVISA BROOKS, wife of NELSON BROOKS, Esq., of heart disease, age 64 years.

July 4, 1865, p. 1:

At Ellis village, NY, June 7th by Rev. G. W. Divoll, W. H. MORSE, Esq., of St. Louis, MO, to Miss HELEN E. WEBB of the former place.

August 29, 1865, p. 1:

At the Parsonage of the Arsenal Street, M.E. Church, Watertown, by Rev. L. J. Bingham, WM. SCOTT of Boston, MA to ANNA FORTUNE of Watertown, NY.

Also, at the same time and place, by the same, ISAC SAUNDERS, JR. to ELLEN McDONNELL, both of Adams, NY

Died: In Dexter, on Wednesday, August 23d CHARLIE F., only child of S. B. and GUSTIE LOOMIS, age one year and seven months.

In st. Charles, Winona, Minnesota, July 24th, CELESTINE, daughter of GILES and SARAH GREEN, age 14 years and 1 month.

In Watertown, on the 16th inst., after a brief illness, MRS. LOIS WILSON, widow of THOMAS WILSON, age 79 years and six months.

October 25, 1865, p. 2:

At the home of the bride in Henderson, on the 2d inst., by the Rec. Ward W. Hunt, Mr. GEORGE W. LOVELEE of Ellisburgh to Miss ISADORE COLE of the former place.

At her residence on Madison Square on the 22d inst., MRS. EBENEZER CALHOUN, age 60. (Rebecca)

At the residence of her brother, Hon. Lewis Palmer of Evans Mills, Oct. 18th, MRS. ELIZABETH T. CRANE, relict of ABRAHAM CRANE, late of Georgia, age 69 years.

November 4, 1865, p. 2:

On the 31st ult, at the house of the bride's father, JOHN P. WILSON, Esq., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. BYRON MONROE of Pulaski, to Miss MELISSA L. WILSON of Watertown.

Oct. 29th, 1865, at the residence of his brother, No. 139 West Eleventh St., NY, by the Rev. Dr. M. J. Raphall, assisted by the Rev. Dr. J. S. Kramer, Mr. CHARLES S. MARKS of Watertown, NY to Miss HULDA, daughter of the late DR. LUDIVIG MEYER of Prussia.

November 14, 1865, p. 1:

At Tyrrel's Hotel, Theresa, Nov. 2, 1865, by Rev. S. L. Merrell, Mr. HENRY SPENCER and Miss EMMA J. JENNY, both of Pinckney, Lewis Co., NY.

At her residence in Antwerp, Jeff. Co., on the 3d of Nov. 1865, MRS. CYNTHIA SIKES, age 71 years, relict of the late Capt. JOHN E. SIKES, of Watertown,

At Fabius, Onondaga Co., Miss LEVAPHINE FLORA JENKS, age 21 years, 1 month and 12 days.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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