A weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY, 1850-1867, by Ingalls, Burdick & Co.. It began with the Aug. 29, 1850 issue.

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(published Watertown, NY) July-Dec. 1855:

July 12, 1855, p. 1.:

On the 27th ult., by the Rev. P. Brown, the Hon. HENRY JOHNSON of Evans Mills, to Miss NANCY MACOMBER, of Alexandria.

By Rev. A. A. Thayer, July 4th, Mr. JUSTUS CHASE, to Miss HARRIET L. MASURY, eldest daughter of Dr. Masury, all of Watertown. (possible Massey)

In this village on the 10th inst., by Rev. A. Parmalee, HORACE C. HUNTINGTON and Miss MARY A. DAKE, all of this place.

On the 24th ult, Mr. ALLEN BRIGGS, of Alexandria, age 18 years.

At Orleans 4 Corners, the 26th of June, PETER J. CASLER in the 50th year of his age. The deceased was a kind husband and father, a consistent member of the Lutheran Church in the place and respected by all who knew him. His funeral was attended on Thursday following.

July 19, 1855, p. 4:

In this village, by Rev. H. A. Smith, Mr. JOSEPH DONALDSON and Miss MARY LAFAVE.

In this village, by the same, Mr. RUFUS S. PETERS and Miss MARY ANN NEAL.

In this village, by the same, on the 9th inst., Mr. OZIAS LITTLE and Miss ANN NIXON, both of Alexandria.

In this village, by the same, on the 12th inst., Mr. B. F. WOOD and Miss LOUISA TASKATT, both of Antwerp.

July 26, 1855, p. 2:

In Ellisburgh, July 19th, by Rev. E. A. Holbrook, Mr. OSWELL P. GOODNOUGH to Miss MELISSA B. FRINK both of Ellisburgh.

In this village, on the 23rd inst., LUCIUS ELLIOT, son of J. and L. WOOLLEY, age 1 year, 3 mos, and 9 days.

At the residence of Dexter Haven, Esq., of Pamelia, on the 21st inst., Mrs. SARAH E. WISWELL, wife of A. M. WISWELL, age 30 years.

At the residence in LeRay, on the 23rd inst., Mrs. ACHSA STRONG, consort of EPHRAIM STRONG, age 74 years. The deceased with her husband came into the county in 1811 and moved into the then dense wilderness, and made the farm where he now resides...north of what is now 4 Corners. Till after the close of the late war in 1814, he was the very northernmost settler between him and Hammond, St. Law. Co.

August 9, 1855, p. 3:

In this village, on the 1st inst., of consumption, ___CIUS E. BUTTERFIELD, age 18 years and ___months.

In this village on the 7th inst., C. A. LEWIS, son of C. C. LEWIS, of consumption, age 30 years.

August 16, 1855, p. 1:

On the 6th inst., at Van Buren's Hotel, Gouverneur, by Rev. E. C. Bruce, Mr. H. SISSON, to Miss __L. MOSHER, both of Philadelphia.

On the 9th inst., at Carthage, Jeff. Co., NY by Rev. H. Doane, Rev. SILAS LIVERMORE, of Richmond, Virginia, to Miss ELVIRA M. ANDRES, daughter of SAMUEL ANDRES, Esq. Of Chambly, C.E. (Canada East)

In this village on the 18th inst., infant son of WILLIAM GOUNDREL, age 5 weeks.

August 23, 1855, p. 3:

On the 12th inst, at the M. E. Church, Depauville, by Rev. H. O. Tilden, Mr. SEYMOUR AUSTIN, to Miss LUCENA A. LOW, both of Clayton.

In Rodman, on the 31st of July, by the Rev. J. F. Bishop, of Adams, Rev. J. BUTTRICK JONES, of Baptist Mission Cherokee Nation, Arkansas, to Miss MARTHA JANE SMITH, of Rodman.

On Thursday, the 16th inst., JAMES M., son of T. T. and L. G. TURNER, age 2 months and 12 days.

In this village on the 18th inst., GRACE A., only daughter of CHARLES and JANE MILLS, age 15 months.

August 30, 1855, p. 2:

At the residence of Lewis Aldrich of Rutland, on the 15th inst., JANE AMANDA, daughter of JAMES W. and MARY JANE WARNER, age 3 years, 1 month, 24 days.

At her residence at the Great Bend, on the 20th inst., of liver complaint, MRS. LEVINA H. BENTLY, consort of WM. J. BENTLY, Esq., age 44 years and 10 months.

At a special meeting of Free and Accepted Masons of Stone Mills Lodge, August 16th, 1855, pursuant to call upon the occurrence of the death of DR. FERDINAND KING, a member of said Lodge.../s/ S. B. STARR, Secretary Dated Stone Mills, August 16, 1855

September 6, 1855, p. 3:

In Henderson, Sept. 1, 1855, by Rev. R. Persons, Jr., Mr. I. H. WIGHT, M.D. Of Oshkosh, WI to Miss RACHEL E. FINNEY, of Henderson, NY.

At his residence in this village, Mr. EPHRAIM ROBERTS, of typhus fever, age about 32 years.

On the 30th Aug. at Ox Bow, CHARLES E., only child of BENJAMIN and ABBY BURT, age 5 years and 2 months.

September 13, 1855, p. 2:

At the residence of the bride's mother, in Hounsfield, on the 10th inst., by Rev. J. B. Foote, Mr. LYMAN G. SNELL of Harrisburgh, Lewis Co., to Miss HARRIET E. GRAVES, daughter of the late LUTHER GRAVES.

In Champion, Aug. 28, by Rev. D. W. Roney, Mr. A. H. MEAD of Dexter, Michigan, to Miss C. A. PHELPS of Champion, NY

In Lamartine, Wis., Aug. 24, of congestion of the lungs, FRANKLIN P., oldest child and only son of DR. V. A. and M. R. BAKER of Carthage, Jeff. Co., NY. The parents of this interesting child, were on a visit to their friends in the west. Taking a sudden cold, in 24 hours from the time of attack, he was no more.

In Lamartine, WI, Aug. 30, of malignant dysentery, HELEN M., only remaining child of Dr. V. A. and M. R. BAKER, of Carthage, NY, age 11 months and 11 days. Only one week ago and they consigned to the tomb, their only son, Fraklin P., age 8 years and 22 days.

At Adams, Jeff. Co., on the 22nd of August last, Mr. WELLS SPENCER, son of JOBE SPENCER of Adams Centre, age 25 years. The deceased was in the enjoyment of good health, up to the very moment of his death, which was sudden, indeed, almost instantaneous. He was nearly a mile below Adams village, at the house of Mr. Joseph Hull, where he ate a hearty supper and immediately started, on foot, for the Adams Depot, in order to take the cars for Watertown; hearing the cars blow at Pierpont's Manor, and fearing he might be left, he ran with all his might, and when within a few rods of the depot, dropped down dead in the road. Two men immediately ran to his assistance, called others, and a physician who attempted to restore life; but all their efforts were unavailing; the vital spark had fled; his spirit had taken its flight.

At the residence of her son, CHARLES D. SMITH, of this village, Mrs. POLLY, widow of ANSON SMITH, deceased, formerly of RUTLAND, age 77 years.

On the 6th inst., MARY ELIZABETH CAMP, age 15 months, only daughter of T. H. and ELIZABETH CAMP of this village.

September 20, 1855, p. 1:

At Copenhagen, on the 12th inst., by Rev. Mr. Hunt, Mr. JOHN R. DAVENPORT, to Miss HARRIET BOYNTON, both of that place.

On the 11th inst., by Rev. P. Snyder, Mr. R. A. OAKES, to Miss MYRA C. MOORE, all of this village.

On the 5th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Barrett, Mr. HORACE H. HOOKER, of Morristown, St. Lawrence Co., NY, to Miss SARAH, youngest daughter of the Late JAMES McALLASTER, Esq. Of Boston.

Sept. 13 by Rev. H. O. Tildon, Mr. MILO MACUMBER, to Miss HELEN PAYNE, all of Clayton.

September 27, 1855, p. 1:

On the 22d inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. HENRY B. MATTEY, to Miss CAROLINE M. CARPENTER, both of Rutland.

At Evans Mills, Jeff. Co., NY, Sept. 19th by Rev. William A. Decker, Mr. GEO. WRIGHT, to Miss BETSEY A. MURPHY.

At the residence of the bride's father, in Depauville, on the 18t inst. By Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. CHARLES F. STAPLES, of Watertown, to Miss CELESTINE M. PLUMB, of the former place.

On the 18th inst., by the Rev. H. Doane, Mr. H. BENTON SMITH to Miss AUGUSTA V. KIMBALL, both of Carthage, Jeff. Co., NY.

In New York City, 20th Sept. instant, by Rev.___, CHARLES S. HOWK, Esq., of this village, to Miss CHARLOTTE A. KROM, of the former place.

In Pamelia, Sept. 18th, of consumption, MARY L. ROGERS, wife of LORENZO ROGERS and daughter of THOMAS BUTLER, age 26 years.

At South Dedham, MA, Sept. 9, Mrs. RUTH FARRINGTON, wife of DAVID FARRINGTON, age 70 years.

Also, on the 17th of Sept. Mr. DAVID FARRINGTON, consort of Mrs. RUTH FARRINGTON, age 80 years.

October 4, 1855, p. 6:

At Cape Vincent, on the 26th inst., by the Rev. A. Crocker, Jr., Mr. PHILO ROOT of Brownville, to Miss JULIA I. HORR of Cape Vincent.

Sept. 30th by the Rev. E. G. Blount, Mr. WM. H. EASTMAN of Ellisburgh, to Miss SOPHIA LEFFINGWELL, of Henderson.

In Harrisburgh, Lewis Co., Sept. 27th, by Rev. Mr. Hunt, JAMES PARKER, of this town, to Miss AMELIA KNAPP, daughter of J. KNAPP, Esq., of the former place.

Sept. 17, by Rev. H. O. Tilden, Mr. LAFAYETTE WOOD of Ellisburgh, to Miss HANNAH ANN BABCOCK, of Clayton, NY.

Sept. 24th at the Empire House, by Rev. H. A. Smith, Mr. HENRY FOSTER and Miss SARAH McCARTNEY, both of Gouverneur.

In this village, Sept. 29th, by the same, Mr. WILLIAM W. SHERMAN and Miss RHODA D. WILLIAMS.

In this village, Oct. 1st by the same, Mr. CYRUS PRYNE and Miss ADELINE P. FERGUSON.

In this village, Oct. 1st, JESSIE W., daughter of ANDREW J. and MARY M. W. FAIRBANKS, age 11 months and 8 days.

October 11, 1855, p. 1:

In Antwerp, Sept. 17th by Rev. Robert T. Canant, Mr. ERASTUS CROOK to Miss CHARLOTTE SEELY, both of Antwerp.

In Philadelphia, Sept. 19th, by the same, Mr. DEXTER ALLIS to Miss CATHERINE STICKLE, both of Piladelphia.

In LeRy, Sept. 26th, by the same, Mr. EDWARD MACOMBER to Miss MARY HEPP, both of LeRay.

At Natural Bridge, on the 28 ult., of consumption, ERASTUS S. JOHNSON, in the 28d year of his age.. He was a resident of Johnstown, Wisconsin and was in this county on a visit to his relatives.

At Harlem, Sept. 26, Mr. NATHAN PEARSONS, late of Jeff. Co., NY., age 74 years. The funeral services were performed at the residence of his son-in-law, AMBROSE FOSTER, corner of 125th St. and 7th Avenue, on Friday, 28th ult.

October 18, 1855, p. 4:

In Henderson, Oct. 8, by Rev. R. Persons, Jr., Mr. A. R. SAWYER and Miss A. J. SIAS, both of Henderson.

In Oswego, on the 7th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Saulsbury, Mr. S. D. SMITH to Miss H. HUIT, both formerly of Watertown.

On the 27th ult., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. DUANE M. COOK of Hamilton, C.W., to Miss MARIA D. RICH, of Copenhagen

On the 2d inst., by the same, Mr. J. B. DAKIN to Miss MARY L. BASSETT, both of Dexter.

On the 8th inst., by the same, Mr. ORVILLE L. CUTLER to Miss ADELIA R. BABCOCK, both of Champion.

In this village, on the 18th inst., Mr. ORLANDO C. PERKINS, of consumption, age 21 years.

At his residence in Rodman, on the 28th of Sept. ult., ARNALDO D. WOOD, age 44 years.

At Antwerp, Sept. 28, of the croup, GEORGE W., the only child of GEO. And M. A. BRANAGAN, age 1 year, 6 months.

October 25, 1855, p. 3:

Near Belleville, on the 15h inst., by Rev. M. Lyon, Mr. JOHN WILCOX of Cicero, Onondaga Co., to MRS. EMELINE GRAVES, of Belleville.

In Watertown, Oct. 17, by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. NATHANIEL PURDY, late of California, to Miss SUSAN J. REAMER, daughter of D. D. REAMER, Esq., of Watertown.

In Philadelphia, by the Mayor, on the 11th inst., at the residence of J. B. McFarland, Esq., GEO. I. KNIGHT, Esq., of Brownville, NY, to ESTHER MORRIS DONALDSON, daughter of the late JOSEPH DONALDSON of the City of Philadelphia.

In Rutland, on the 20th inst. MARIETTA S., daughter of DAVID and LYDIA ANN HAMLIN, of inflammation of the lungs, age 6 months.

At her father's residence in Champion, on the 21st ult., MRS. LUCINDA ANDRUS, wife of CHESTER ANDRUS, Esq., of Wilna, age 42 years and 5 months.

At Woodville, Oct. 11, 1855, of erysipelas, Miss POLLY ELIZABETH BATCHELLER, in the 21st year of her age, after an illness of 8 days. (notice followed by Sabbath School Testimonial)

In Rutland, NY on 9 Sept. DEA. DAVID TYLER, age 78. He was born in Woodbury, CT, of puritan lineage and brother of Rev. Bennet Tyler, DD, and founder of the Theological Institute of Conn., at East Windsor. Dea. Tyler united with the Congregational Church at the age of 24 and 4 years after, moved to Rutland, Jeff. Co., NY, being one of the first settlers of the town. (followed by a fairly long obituary.)

November 1, 1855, p. 2:

On the 24th inst. By the Rev. J. Zimmerman, at the residence of the bride's father, in Antwerp, Mr. LEWIS W. BROWN of DeKalb, St. Lawr. Co., to Miss CANDACE STREETER, of the former place.

At Plessis, Jeff. Co., NY, on the 2d Oct. by Rev. C. W. Tredwell, JAMES STERLING, JR., of Sterlingville, NY to JULIA O., only daughter of Hon. JASON CLARK, of the former place.

At Plattsburgh, Oct. 24th, by the Rev. J. Dobie, HENRY ORVIS, Esq., of Rutland, Jeff. Co., to Miss WEALTHY HUNT, of the former place.

In Cape Vincent, Oct. 25th, by Rev. J. A. Canfield, Mr. T. WOODBRIDGE ALLEN, to Miss SABIN M. PHELPS, both of Cape Vincent.

In Ellisburgh, Oct. 25th, by Rev. . Lyon, Mr. WM. H. HURD of Rodman, to Miss FRANCES L. CUSHMAN of Ellisburgh.

In Dansville, Livingston Co., NY, by the Rev. Mr. Hequembourgh, WM. B. FARWELL, of Watertown, to Miss MINERVA F. BRADNER, daughter of LESTER BRADNER, Esq., of the former place.

November 8, 1855, p. 2:

At Deer River, Oct. 31st, by Rev. H. Doane, Mr. JOHN J. FIRTH, of Troy, NY, to Miss. G. CATHARINE VISSCHER, of D. River, N.Y.

In Gerry, Oct. 21st, by Rev. W. H. Husted, Mr. WYMAN C. WOOD of Terre Haute, IN., and Miss MARILLA SCOTT of Gerry.

In Watertown, by Rev. J. F. Bishop of Adams, on the 31st of Oct. ult, Mr. DARWIN J. FREEMAN, of Rodman, to Miss CALISTA R. PETITT of Watertown.

In this place, by the same, Oct. 29, Mr. ARCHIBALD BARRETT of Adams, to Miss RACHAEL COLNEY, of Cayuga Co.

At the house of the bride's grandparents, Oct. 30, by Rev. William P. Decker, Mr. HIRAM WILKIE, to Miss CHARLOTTE BROGNARD, all of Evans Mills, NY

In this village, on the 6th inst., by Rev. I. S. Bingham, Mr. LEWIS A. PIERCE, to Miss MARY FRANCES MAYO, both of Watertown.

In Lorraine, of consumption, on the 19th of Sept. SIDNEY W. BARTON, age 44 years. He was a member of the Baptist Church some 24 years. He left a wife and seven children.

At Wardwell, Oct. 28th, of consumption, JOHN HINMAN, JR., age 34 years.

On the 2d inst., at the residence of his father, in Antwerp, of consumption, SETH A., youngest son of SAMUEL and ELIZABETH COOK, in the 21st year of his age.

November 15, 1855, p. 4:

At Whiteplains, Westchester Co., NY, Nov. 7th by the Rev. Mr. Luckey, E. D. RAMSDELL, M.D. Of New York to Miss HARRIET M. DISBROWE, of the former place.

November 21, 1855, p. 3:

In 3 Mile Bay, November 14, by Rev. D. Dye, Mr. NATHAN R. BATES of Cape Vincent to Miss HELEN M. HYATT, of 3 Mile Bay.

September 12, in Vernon, Michigan, MARY MALVINA, daughter of SOLOMON I., and NANCY E. ADAMS, formerly of Jeff. Co., NY, age 2 years and 10 months.

At Chicago, Oct. 29th, CAPTAIN BENAJAH CARTER, a resident of Jeff. Co., NY, of typhoid fever. (a short obituary followed)

November 29, 1855, p. 1:

At Deer River, on the 13th inst. By the Rev. H. Rogers, Mr. PETER BENT, JR., and Miss NANCY M. COTTRELL, both of Denmark.

On the 13th?, inst., in the ME Church, Adams, by Rev. I. S. Bingham, BRADLEY WINSLOW and GERALDINE M. COOPER.

At Dexter on (unreadable) Mr. GEORGE JACOBS of Gouverneur to MARY ANN POLLY, of Dexter.

In the ____at Chaumont, Nov. 25, Mr. DAVID OWEN?, of Cape Vincent and MERCY A. ___ERS, of Pt. Salubrous

In Portland, Michigan, about the ___inst., Mr. TILTON PEARCE, age 74 years, with palsy. Mr. Pearce had for 30 years previous to his death resided in Jefferson Co.

December 6, 1855, p. 1:

In Dexter, at the house of the bride's father, on the 15th ult., by the Rev. Wilson Pennock of Champion, Mr. HENRICK G. BABCOCK, of Perch River and Miss CAROLINE M. EDGERLY, of Dexter.

On the 25th ult, at Camden East, C.W., of apoplexy, Mr. ROBERT ELDER, age 65 years, a resident of this village.

In Champion, at the residence of her son, MINER MERRILL, Mrs. PHILENA MERRILL, age 65.

In Guilford, CT, Hon. CALVIN McKNIGHT formerly and for many years a resident of this village in the 73d year of his age.

At a meeting of the Junior Class of Hamilton College, held soon after the death of CHARLES M. MERRELL. (a notice of sympathy followed)

December 13, 1855, p. 4:

In this village, on the 11th inst., by Rev. E. C.____of Adams, WM. GEO J. GRENELL, of same place, to Miss FLAVILLA D. PHILLIPS of Watertown.

In Watertown on the 29th ult, by the Rev. P.____, Dr. K. W. TOWNSEND, of Buffalo to H. BUTLER, of Watertown.

Dec. 8d, at the residence of Mr. _____, by Rev. M. M. Rice, Mr. OREN RICE and MARY J. BOOMER.

Henderson, Nov. 27th at the house of the bride's father, JOHN H. WINEGAR to MARY DYER, all of Henderson, Jeff. Co.

On 28 ult., by Rev. J. Douglas, at the home of David Hamlin, Esq., A. E. ISHAM to Miss BOWEN or OWEN, all of Rutland.

On 3d inst. At the parsonage in Depauville, by H. O. Tilden, Mr. JOHN G. WOOD to CAROLINE WALROTH, both of Clayton.

At the residence of A. R. Heath, in Rodman, Dec.___, ____Y. HOSMER, relict of WALTER HOSMER, age 56 years 9 months.

December 20, 1855, p. 4:

At Woodville, Wednesday morning, December 12, JOHN POLLARD, age 67 years.

December 27, 1855, p. 4:

In Bellevile, on the 15th inst., by Rev. M. Lyon, Mr. GEO. F. McCUMBER of Clayton, to Miss LUCY I. ALVERSON, of Ellisburgh.

Also at the same time and place, by the same, Mr. WM. W. ALVERSON to Miss MELISSA A. FILMORE, both of Ellisburgh.

In Syracuse, on the 18th inst., by Rev. S. B. Canfield, Mr. NATHANIEL H. McINTYRE, of Ottwa, IL, to Miss RUTH D. KILLMAR, of Syracuse.

At the Woodruff House, on the 5th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. MOSES H. WILLIAMS and Miss SARAH H. WALLBRIDGE, both of Ameliasburgh, C.W.

At the Hermitage, on the 18th inst., by the same, Mr. JOSIAH BURINGTON of Adams, to Miss AMANDA POOR, of LeRay.

In Champion on the 20th, by the same, Mr. WM. J. SAXTON of Rutland, to Miss JANE E. THOMPSON, of Champion.

At the Hermitage on the 22d, by the same, Mr. B. BAKER, of Dexter, and MRS. ESTHER MOSIER, of Watertown.

In Pamelia, on the 28d, by the same, Mr. HIRAM PORTER, of New Haven, CT, to Miss LOUISA HOUSE, of Pamelia.

In Rutland, March 16, 1855, CHARLES E., adopted son of JAMES and NANCY PHILBROOKE, age 21 years.

In Rutland, June 16, 1855, NANCY M. PHILBROOKE, youngest daughter of JAMES and NANCY PHILBROOKS, age 29 years.

In Rutland, December 6, 1855, JAMES PHILBROOKS, age 67 years. Thrice within the last nine months had the survivors of this afflicted family followed to the grave, a beloved member of their family.

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