A weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY, 1850-1867, by Ingalls, Burdick & Co.. It began with the Aug. 29, 1850 issue.

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Jan-Jun, Jul-Dec.

(published Watertown, NY) 1856: Jan.- June

January 10, 1856, p. 3:

On the 1st inst., at J. C. Foster's Hotel, in Antwerp, by Almon Buell, Mr. BUTLER PHELPS, of Sterlingville to Miss MARIE C. WILLIAMS, of Antwerp.

In Belleville, on the 1st inst., by Rev. . Lyon, Mr. CHARLES E. DURHAM to Miss EMMA T. HOWARD, both of Ellisburgh.

Also, by the same, on the 3d inst., in Ellisburgh, Mr. LEONARD J. NUTTING of Henderson, to Miss MARY A. JOHNSON, of Ellisburgh.

Also, by the same, at the same time and place, Mr. FREEMAN H. HUBBARD to Miss HANNAH M. NUTTING, both of Henderson.

In Copenhagen, on the 1st inst., by Rev. J. R. Stewart, Mr. CHESTER SNOW, of Champion, to Miss HELLEN A. EARL, of Rutland.

At the same time and place, by the same, Mr. C. B. LAWTON to Miss JANE A. EARL, both of Rutland.

In Watertown, on the same day, by the same, Mr. NELSON MANTLE, to Miss ELIZABETH COOK, both of Watertown.

In Denmark, Dec. 25, by the Rev. H. Rogers, Mr. ALANSON HAM, of Illinois, and Miss ANN. L. EDMUNDS, of Denmark.

Ja'y 1st, by the same, at Deer River, Mr. FRANCIS W. BARNUM of Lowville, and Miss POLLINA A. AUSTIN of Deer River.

At the same time and place, by the same, Mr. RUBIN MONGER of Denmark, and Miss MARY A. HAMMON, of Deer River.

By Rev. D. Dye, of 3-Mil Bay, January 3, 1856, Mr. JOHN B. JOHNSON, of Lyme, Jeff. Co., and Miss ANN ELIZABETH SCHUYLER, of the same place.

At his residence in the town of Cape Vincent, on the 2d day of January inst., JACOB A. WILLIAMS, Esq., in the 80th year of his age.

In LeRay, Jan. 1st, 1856, of consumption, SUSAN E. PRIEST, daughter of SAMUEL and LUCY PRIEST, age 26 years, 11 months.

At Denmark, NY, Dec. 21, Mr. VIANCES MONGER, age 26. He was converted at a revival meeting at Denmark, some five weeks previous to his death.

January 17, 1856, p. 2:

In this village, on the 2d inst., by Rev. J. B. Foote, Mr. GEORGE NEWTON to Miss SAMANTHA Z. GOODENOUGH, both of Pinckney, NY.

Also, on the 8th inst, by the same, Mr. JONAH HODGES of Bellmont, NY, to Miss MINERVA LUVIS, of this village.

In Martinsburgh, on the 20th of Dec., ult., by the Rev. H. Bowen, CORNELIUS E. STEPHENS, of Rome, Attorney and Counselor at Law, to Miss FRANCES L. STANFORD, of the former place.

In Monroe, Wisconsin, Dec. 26th, MRS. MARTHA SCOVILLE, wife of LYMAN SCOVILL, formerly of this county, age 88 years.

January 24, 1856, p. 2:

On the 15th inst., in this village, by Rev. J. B. Foote, Mr. W. W. REALS to Miss JANE E. WOOD, both of Little Falls, NY.

On the 16th, inst., at the hotel of W. D. Alport, in Rodman, by the Rev. Mr. Cleghorn, Mr. PHILO M. BROWN, of Lorraine, to Miss A. M. GILLETT, daughter of E. GILLETT, Esq., of Lorraine.

On the 17th inst., by Rev. Mr. Stanton, at Evans Mills, Mr. JOSEPH M. CARPENTER, to Miss AMANDA J. GREAVES, both of this village.

On the 17th inst., by Rev. D. Day, of Three Mile Bay, Mr. D. E. WELLS, of Lyme, Jeff. Co., to Miss ELIZABETH ALLEN, of the same place.

By the same, and at the same time and place, Mr. R. F. Hunt, of Adams Center, to Miss F. A. ALLEN.

At Denmark o nte 16th inst., by the Rev. H. Rogers, Mr. RADOLPHUS R. WILSON, of Harrisburgh and Miss AMELIA A. SHULTS, of Denmark.

On the 17th inst., at Wautoma, Wisconsin, SAVILLA, wife of GEORGE V. RUMFORD, and eldest daughter of HORACE BARR of Champion, age 22 years.

January 31, 1856, p. 3:

By the Rev. John S. Bishop, on the 1st inst., Mr. ERASTUS CARLEY, to Miss PHIDELIA A. FREEMAN, both of Rodman.

In Henderson, Jan. 23d, by Rev. M. M. Rice, Mr. J. F. TOWNER, of Watertown, to Miss C. J. BAUDER, of Henderson.

In Brownville, Jan. 10Th, MARY D., wife of L. A. JOHNSON, and daughter of ARBA STRONG, deceased, age 21 years. (long poem to the bereaved husband followed)

February 7, 1856, p. 2:

At his residence in Pamelia, on the 28th ult., Mr. IRA BANKS, age 66 years. His death was sudden, and occasioned, as is supposed, by the breaking of a blood vessel in his throat.

February 14, 1856, p. 2:

On the 12th inst., in this village, by Rev. J. B. Foote, Mr. WM. F. READ to Miss EMILY WILKES, both of this village.

On the 31st ult, by Rev. H. A. Waite, Mr. WILLIAM I. VROOMAN and Miss CATHARINE E. FARLEY, both of Denmark.

At his residence in Clayton, on the 6th inst., Mr. JAMES M. BARNEY, of consumption, age 25 years and 2 months.

In Brooklyn, E. D., on Tuesday, Jan. 29, ELIZABETH S., wife of H. L. HUNTINGTON in the 33d year of her age. Her remains will be interred in the Cemetery of the Evergreens, from her late residence, Fourth St., corner of S. Six Street, tomorrow morning at ten o'clock. Saco and Portland, ME., and Jefferson Co., NY, papers, please copy.

In Watertown, on the 23d ult, MRS. JULIAETTE BROWNLOW, in the 35th year of her age.

February 21, 1856, p. 4:

From the Mississippi Reformer: At Mississippi City, in this county, on Tuesday evening 19th ult, by Rev. Claiborne H. Ball, Mr. DAVID A. YATES and Miss MARY S. BAXTER, both of that place.

On the 15th inst., at the Earll Hotel, by the Rev. J. B. Foote, Mr. GEORGE JEFFERS and Miss ELIZA M. UNDERWOOD, both of Brownville.

In Clayton, NY, on the 13th instant, by Rev. G. W. Divoll, CAPT. DANIEL WHITNEY, JR. of Dexter, NY to Miss SARAH ANN BASS, of Clayton.

At the house of the bride's father, in Brownville, on the 12th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. JAMES S. MOFFATT, of Limerick, to Miss NANCY J. BUCKMINSTER.

Feb. 6, in Glenn, Montgomery Co., NY, by the Rev. Mr. Wilton of Columbia Co., Mr. WM. H. SEEBER, JR. of Canajoharie, to Miss KATE MOUNT.

At the same time and place, by the same, Mr. CHRISTOPHER YATES SEEBER to Miss MARGRET MOUNT.

At Chaumont, Feb. 11, after more than a year of patient suffering, MRS. ADELIA, wife of NATHAN STETSON, and daughter of ADDISON MANDVILLE, of Sheboygan, Wis.

Suddenly, on the 3d inst., in the 27th year of his age, at Mattoon, on the Chicago Branch of the Illinois Central Railroad, whither he had gone on business of the Company, Mr. GEORGE D. LEWIS, Station Agent of Company at Richton. Mr. Lewis was in apparent perfect health the morning of the day before he died. He was taken with a mild cold on the 2d but continued at his business as usual. The next day, Sunday, the 3d, at one o'clock in the morning he was a corpse. His disease was congestion of the brain, and he fell into a deep slumber and thus died, his friends being totally unconscious that his end was so near. Mr. L. leaves a young wife in this state to mourn his untimely deceased, and also aged parents at Watertown, NY, whose only child he was. His remains have been taken to the East for interment. Source: Chicago Democrat.

February 28, 1856, p.2:

On the 15th inst, in this village, by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. ADONIJAH WHITE to Miss CHARLOTTE M. NEVILLE, all of this place.

At Hudson, Michigan, on the 10th inst., by Rev. W. W. Atwater, Mr. C. M. BEASOM, to Miss ABBIE RAMSDELL, both of that place.

On the 21st inst., by Rev. P. Snyder, LEWIS P. PHELPS to Miss MARY M. HARTER, all of this place.

In Burrville, Feb. 18 by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. SIMEON ROCKWELL of Dubuque, Iowa, to Miss CAROLINE BARLOW, adopted daughter of GEO. STERITT, Esq., of the former place.

In Adams Centre, on the 21st., by Rev. D. Spear, Mr. S. D. HUNT of Watertown, to Miss EMELINE E. ARMS, daughter of HIRAM ARMS, Esq., of Adams Centre.

On the 19th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. JAMES H. RIES of Canton, NY, to Miss MARY J. ANTHONY, of Pamelia.

On the 20th inst., by the same, Mr. M. B. HUNTING, of Henderson, NY to Miss ANN JANE CONVERSE of Pamelia, NY.

At Fall River, Wisconsin, on the 16th inst., FRANKLIN INGALLS, from a disease in the hip of some four years duration, age 28 years. The deceased was a younger brother of the Editor of this paper, and has been afflicted for more than four years past with what is called “hip ail”. (a medium length obituary followed)

March 6, 1856, p. 3:

At the house of the bride's father, on the 3d inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. PERRY P. FULLER to Miss GRACIA E., youngest daughter of OTIS ANDRUS, Esq., both of Rutland.

At his residence in Champion, on the 22nd of January last, Mr. ELISHA WOODARD, age 70 years.

At the residence of his brother, in Ellisburgh, NY, ALBERT P. WILLIAMS, Esq., of consumption, age 26 years. The deceased was a member of the Junior Class of 1852, in Genessee College, Lima, NY, having received his previous preparation partly in Cazenovia Seminary. He connected himself with Williams College, where he graduated with honors in 1854. He commenced the study of law in Albany and removed to Watertown for further study. Before his removal from Albany, the symptoms of the disease became apparent and his vigorous application hastened its progress.

March 13, 1856, p. 2:

On the 4th inst., at the house of Mr. George Wilson, in Rutland, by the Rev. L. Clark, Mr. CHESTER S. CUNNINGHAM, of Denmark, Lewis Co., to Miss NANCY M. SNYDER of Picton, Canada West.

On the 6th inst., by the same, at the house of the bride's father in Denmark, Mr. EDWIN R. WOLFY of River Side, Ulster Co., to Miss EUGENIA V. DECKER of Denmark, Lewis Co., NY.

In Clayton, NY March 6, 1856, by Rev. G. W. Divoll, Mr. WILLIAM W. ANGEL, to Miss SAMANTHA M. AUGSBURY, all of Clayton.

In Alexandria, on the 28t Feb'y, by the Rev. A. S. Nickerson, Mr. WASHINGTON CARR to Miss JULIA GATES.

By the same, at the same time, Mr. DUANE PECK to Miss CLARINDA BARNES, both of Alexandria.

At the residence of D. C. Rouse, Esq., in the town of Orleans, on the evening of the 8th inst., by Rev. M. W. Empie, Mr. J. W. NICHOLS of Watertown, to Miss LEONORA ROUSE of the former place.

At the residence of the bride's father, at Black River, on the 20th ult, by the Rev. H. Houghton, Mr. MADISN GOULDING of Pamelia 4 Corners, to ELIZA P., only daughter of CYRUS T. HUNTINGTON, of the former place.

In this village, on the 10th inst., by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. MARCUS E. BROWN of Canajoharie, NY to Miss SARH C. PECK, daughter of Mr. AUGUSTUS J. PECK, of this place.

In this village, on the 9th inst, JOHN N. GALVIN, only son of MORGAN and ELIZA GALVIN, age 6 months and 4 days.

March 20, 1856, p. 5:

On the 11th inst. In the Arsenal St. Church, this village, by the Rev. J.B. Foote, Rev. O. P. PITCHER, of Rodman, to Miss SARH P. BENTON, daughter of WELLS BENTON, of this village.

On the 18th inst., by the same, Mr. SAMUEL BURKE, of Pamelia, to Miss HULDAH E. BURKE of LeRay.

Also, on the 16th inst. Mr. CHARLES F. RUDD, of Sterlingville, to Miss MARY VANAMER, of Pamelia. (probable Vanamber)

In Brownville, March 12th, by Rev. H. O. Tilden, Mr. CHARLES FORBES of Clayton, to Miss HARRIET A. CALKINS of Brownville.

In Brownville, on the 17th inst., by Rev. M. W. Empie, Mr. ADAM HAGAR, of Orleans, to Miss JANE ALLISON, of Brownville.

At Carthage, Feb. 28th, by Rev. H. H. WAITE, Mr. HIRAM J. WISER, of Antwerp, to Miss OLIVA BARR, of Champion.

In Lodi, Washtenaw Co., Mich., Feb. 27th, Mr. ISAAC BEECHER, age 78. He was formerly a resident of LeRay, Jeff. Co.

In this village of consumption on the 16th, inst., MARY M. WHITE, daughter of Doct. JOHN and MRS. LUCY B. WHITE, age 16 years.

In Champion, after a long and painful illness, DEA. EZRA CARTER, in the 67th year of his age.

March 27, 1856, p. 3:

On the 19th inst., at the residence of the bride's father in Rutland, by the Rev. D. White, Mr. HENRY STERNBURGH of Watertown, to MRS. MARTHA L. SCOTT.

On the 24th inst., by the Rev. L. D. White, Mr. ALEXANDER INGERSON, of Evans' Mills, to MRS. DELIA ROSE of Felt's Mills.

In Watertown, March 20th by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. JOHN METCALF, to Miss HELLEN A. FULLER, both of Rodman.

On Thursday, March 18th, in Harlem, NY, at the residence of her daughter, MRS. BETSEY, wife of late NATHAN PEARSONS, deceased.

In LaFargeville, March 6, MARTHA, youngest daughter of REV. H. WARD, age 2 years and 3 months.

In this village on the 19th, FRANCES D., child of C. A. and LUCY L. HOLDEN, age 1 year and 5 months.

In Adams on the 25th ult., of dropsy on the brain, CHARLES WM., youngest son of the late SIDNEY WM. BURTON of Lorraine, age 2 years.

In Turtle, Wisconsin, Feb. 1st, MRS. AMY, wife of DEA. C. TUTTLE, age 55 years. Dea. T. with his companion were from Rutland, Jeff. Co., NY and were among the first settlers of this county, and among the original members of the Congregational Church in Beloit (WI), with which they remained until the organization of the Baptist Church. Mrs. T's disease was cancer.

In Champion, Feb. 28th, SOPHIA HOLCOMB, wife of ABRAM HOLCOMB, Esq., age 59 years. She was united with the Methodist Episcopal Church. Her death was caused by consumption.

In Black River, Jeff. Co., March 15th, ORINDA M. RICE, wife of FRANKLIN B. RICE, and daughter of NATHANIEL and CLARISA W. RALPH, of consumption in the 26th year of her age. She was united with the M. E. Church in Black River. (followed by a long poem and eulogy)

April 3, 1856, p. 4:

On the 26th inst., by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. VOLNEY W. HART, to Miss ISABELLA RICHARDSON, all of Watertown.

On the 27th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. CHARLES B. BUCKMINISTER of Brownville, to Miss EVA ANN TIMMERMAN of Pamelia.

At Evans Mills, Jeff. Co., on Saturday eve., March 29th by Rev. William P. Decker, Mr. ALEXANDER COYER, to Miss MARY DEMARSE, all of Evans Mills.

In Watertown, Nov. 22, 1855, of the dropsy of the heart, Mr. JAMES SAWYER, in the 66th year of his age. He was a soldier in the War of 1812 and in that conflict, done his duty with firmness and principle. He received a small reward from the government, in the last year of his life, for the service he done his country in 1812.

In Whitehall, NY March 26th, after a lingering illness, HANNAH, wife of Er. IRA WRIGHT, in the 52nd year of her age.

MARY, wife of ELIHU SCOVILLE, of consumption, at her residence in Rodman, Feb. 20, 1856, in the 36th year of her age.

At his residence on Factory Street, in this village, on sabbath morning the 3rd ult., Mr. E. C. LEWIS, of a disease of the ear, age 58 years.

April 10, 1856, p. 3:

In Shasta, California, Feb. 11th, by the Rev. M. C. Briggs, Rev. ELIJAH MERCHANT, Tract Agent of the California Conference and Agent and Corresponding Editor of the California Christian Advocate, to Miss MARY ARNOLD, eldest daughter of Rev. EBENEZER ARNOLD, P.E. Of Shasta District, California Conference and formerly member of the Black River Conference.

By Rev. Chas. B. Pond, on the 27th ult, at the house of Mr. Frederick Stype, in Antwerp, Mr. JAMES STEWART to Miss FANNY STYPE, both of the same place.

At Evans Mills, Jeff. Co., NY, April 8, by the Rev. William P. Decker, Mr. ALBERT B. WEAVER to Miss OLIVA A. COOPER, all of Evans' Mills.

At Pillar Point, April 8, by the Rev. H. O. Tilden, Mr. HENRY M. LEPPER to Miss HARRIET C. LOWE, both of Pillar Point.

In this village, on Friday evening, April 4th, by the Rev. Geo. Morgan Hills, HARVEY P. REDWAY, of Utica, and Miss MARY A. GIBBS, step-daughter of AMASA TROWBRIDGE, M.D., of Watertown.

On the 27th inst., by the Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. CHARLES BUCKMINSTER, of Brownville, to Miss EVA ANN ZIMMERMAN, of Pamelia.

On the 3d inst., in Hounsfield, by Rev. J. B. Foote, Mr. CHARLES W. BENJAMIN to Miss JANE EVANS, both of Hounsfield, NY.

In Cape Vincent, March 28th, of consumption, CATHARINE, wife of ALFRED E. ROGERS, age 24 years.

April 17, 1856, p. 4:

In LaFargeville, April 6th, by Rev. M. W. Empie, Mr. NELSON FULTS and Miss ELIZABETH KLOCK, all of Orleans.

Also by the same, April 6th, Mr. JNO W. FULTS, of Theresa, to Miss NANCY KLOCK, of Orleans.

At Fort Plain, on the 2nd inst., by the Rev. Mr. Schenk, Mr. EGBERT HOWE, of Watertown, NY, to Miss MARY E. VANALLEN of Fort Plain.

At the residence of Joseph Goodale, Esq., in this village, on the 8th inst., Miss J. A. ANDERSON, age 51 years.

At the residence near Cooperstown, NY, on the evening of the 1st inst., CHARLES SMITH, in the 72nd year of his age.

In Ellis Village, on the 10th inst., ABIGAIL, wife of THERON HOLLEY, and daughter of JOSEPH A. and ABIGAL MONTAGUE of Henderson, age 29 years.

On Wednesday morning, April 10th of consumption, ALICE AMELIA, daughter of JOHN L. and FANNY MANSFIELD, age 14 years.

In this village, on High St., April 8th, of debility, IDA MAY, youngest daughter of HENDERSON and SOPHRONIE TUTTLE, age 9 months 18 days.

April 24, 1856, p. 2:

In Watertown, on the 5th inst., by Rev. P. Morse, ROYAL CHAMBERLAIN, Esq., of Brooklyn, NY to MRS. MINERVA S. WILLIAMS of Rochester, NY.

At Denmar, March 19th by the Rev. H. Rogers, Mr. DIWANE? A. BLINN, of Denmark and Miss CATHARINE D. BELLINGER, of the same place.

At Harrisburgh, on the 8th inst., by the same, Mr. DUETT? ROGERS of Denmark, and Miss HARRIET J. SNELL of Harrisburgh.

At Wilna, March 27th, by the same, Mr. EBER MAYER of Denmark, and Miss SOPHIA SMITH of Wilna.

On the 2nd inst. By Rev. I. d. White, at the residence of Mr. Robert Porter, Mr. CYRUS H. CARPENTER to Miss ELIZABETH NEIL, all of this place.

On the 16th inst, in this village, by Rev. J. B. Foote, Mr. JOHN RICKENBACK to Miss MARY ROMAN? Both of Cape Vincent,

On the 17th inst. At L. L. Standings, Esq., Deer River, Lewis Co., NY, by Rev. H. Doane, Mr. DANIEL A. ROSSEAU of West Troy, NY and Miss AMELIA FERGUSON of Deer River, NY.

At the residence of the bride's father in Wilna, April 15th by Wm. Christian, Esq., Mr. B. J. ARCHER of Rutland and Miss ADALINE S., youngest daughter of JOSIAH ALLEN of the former place.

At her father's residence in Springfield, Lucas Co., Ohio, on the 27th March by the Rev. John Shannon, Mr. WILLIAM A. WILLIAMS formerly of Clayton, Jeff. Co., NY to Miss PHILENA J. CASS.

In Orleans, April 10th by Rev. L. T. Ford, Mr. L. C. BARTLETT to Miss FRANES E. REED, both of Orleans

By Rev. D. D. Dye of Three Mile Bay, April 15th, Mr. ISAAC VAN NOSTRAND and Miss GRACIA McWAYNE, both of Cape Vincent.

In this village, April 22d at 3 a.m. MRS. LUCY MASSEY, relict of the late HART MASSEY, in the 85th year of her age.

In St. Joseph, Berrie Co., Michigan, April 6, 1856, of dropsy on the heart, Mrs. E. M., wife of Rev. S. L. BULIS, age 85 years.

May 1, 1856, p. 3:

By Rev. D. D. Dye, of Three Mile Bay, Mr. ISAAC S. NORTON of Depauville, and Miss SALLY M. LEONARD, of Three Mile Bay.

At Chaumont, April 20, 1856, by Rev. J. A. Canfield, Mr. ABRAM VAN LOREN to Miss ELIZABETH HORTON, both of Lyme.

At Three Mile Bay, on the 26th of March, by Rev. D. D. Dye, Mr. JOHN N. VODRA, of Clayton, to Miss LOUISA BASTION of Theresa.

At Ringgold, ILL., on the 16th inst. WARREN WOODWORTH in the 54th year of his age, formerly of this town. He was postmaster and justice of the peace of the former town for several years previous to his death.

May 8, 1856, p. 3:

In Rodman, April 21st, by the Rev. Isaac Hall, Mr. RUFUS MATTGON, of Worth, to Miss CATHARINE C. GIBBS of Pamelia. (may be Mattison)

By Rev. D. D. Dye of 3 Mile Bay, May 4th, Mr. CALVIN L. BRADLEY and CATHARINE L. OATS, both of Lyme.

On Sunday morning, April 27, MRS. HELEN, wife of L. D. TOWNSLEY, late of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and eldest daughter of WM. FRAZELLE of this village, age 26 years, of consumpton.

May 15, 1856, P. 2:

On the 11th inst. In this village, by Rev. J. B. Foote, Mr. CHAUNCY CALHOUN, to Miss MARGARET ADSIT, both of this village.

Also by the same, ELIJAH L. BURTON of Rodman, to Miss PAMELIA K. THOMAS, of this village.

In Adams, April 30th, by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. EATON A. SIKES of Watertown, to Miss VILETTA GRISWOLD of Adams.

GAINS OATMAN, by the fall of a tree, on the 17th ult, age 28 years in Canada West, London District. He was formerly a citizen of the town of Adams and a son of TRUMAN OATMAN, deceased. His remains were brought to Adams, and his funeral services held in the Adams Baptist Church on the 20th ult. He left a wife and three small children. Mr. Oatman survived some three or four hours after his hurt, while another was instantly killed by his side, and a third one dangerously wounded.

May 22, 1856, p. 4:

In Henderson, NY, May 12th, Miss LOUISA, daughter of Mr. H. and Mrs. MARIA HUNGERFORD, of scarlet fever, age near 5 months.

At Evansville, Rock Co., Wisconsin, on the 5th inst., Mr. HORACE C. BUSH, age 49, formerly of Turin, Lewis Co., He was a brother-in-law of E. B. FOWLER, Esq., of this village.

May 29, 1856, p. 3:

In Watertown, May 26th, by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. HENRY G. THURBER, formerly of Great Bend, to Miss ELIZABETH MORGAN of Canada West.

In Woodstock, Illinois, on the 18th inst., Mr. WM. PAY, of the erysipilis in the head, age 50 years. Deceased was formerly a resident of this village.

Died at the residence of his son-in-law, Wm. P. Ball, Esq., on the 24th of April, after a short but severe illness, ASA HILL, in the 86th year of his age. Mr. Hill was one of the pioneer settlers of Rodman, having emigrated to that town from Oneida Co., in 1810, where he endured all the hardships and privations incident to that early period in the history of Jefferson Co. He resided on the same farm, which he cleared up, for more than forty years, where he reared a family of ten children, eight of whom, with their aged mother, still survive, and are useful and industrious members of society.

Mr. Hill, JESSE COLEMAN and DAVID TAYLOR were all formerly from Connecticut, their lands joined in Rodman, where they lived as neighbors for more than thirty years—all three are now in the spirit world. Their united ages at the time of their exit being 263 years.

June 5, 1856, p. 2:

At the house of the bride's father in Orleans, on the 8th inst., by the Rev. G. W. Divol, Mr. GEO C. DEANS of Oxbow, to Miss MARY J. SIMPSON.

At the residence of the bride's father, on the 28th of May, by Rev. Isaac Brayton, Mr. BYRON B. TAGGART of LeRay, to Miss FANNY L. BROWN of Watertown.

On the 29th inst., by the Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. WARREN A. JOHNSON, to Miss MARY JANE OLNEY, both of South Rutland.

In Redfield, on the 22d day of May 1856, of consumption, Mr. ORLANDO DOUGLAS, formerly of Pillar Point, Jeff. Co., age 28 years, 7 months and 15 days.

At her residence in Philadelphia, on the 24th ult, MARTHA L. WHITE, age 22 years.

On the 30th ult, MARY, daughter of DAVID and ELIZA HUTCHINS of this village, age 9 years and 10 months, of dropsy on the brain. Followed by a Tribute of Respect from the Opal Lodge, No. 296, of the I. O. of Good Templars, in the Town of Philadelphia.

June 12, 1856, p. 2:

On the 5th inst., by the Rev. G. A. Ames, ALVA WILSON, Esq., attorney and counselor at Law, of Syracuse, NY, to Miss MIRRIAM M. HAMMOND of Carthage.

At the parsonage in Depauville, June 6th, by Rev. H. O Tilden, Mr. ANDREW LUTHER, to Miss FLORENCE M. HAMILTON, both of Clayton.

In Henderson, June 7th, by the Rev. R. Persons, Jr., Mr. WILLARD G. HUBBARD to Miss ROSETTE M. DAVY, both of the above place.

At Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the 3rd day of January last, HORACE L. DICKINSON, son of the late HORACE B. DICKINSON of this county, age 29 years.

June 19, 1856, p. 1:

In LeRay, June 12th, by Rev. H. O. Tilden, Mr. ALONZO VANDEWALKER of Pamelia, to Miss C. MARY KENYON, of LeRay

By the same, at the same time and place, Mr. GILBERT C. VANDEWALKER of Brownville, to Miss GUSTAVA J. KENYON, of LeRay.

In Plainfield, Otsego Co., June 8th, by Rev. S. D. Gardner, JOSHUA MAIN, of Lyme, Jeff. Co, to MRS. BETSEY CRUMB of Plainfield, Otsego Co., NY.

At Carthage, Jeff. Co., May 29, 1856, by the Rev. H. Rogers, Mr. GEORGE HUSE, of Deer River, and Miss MARY ANN SULTZMANN, of Carthage.

June 16th ADA L., daughter of ARTHUR W. and ELIZABETH GOLDSMID, age 21 months.

In Rutland, on the 6th inst., ELIAS WOODWARD, age 62 years.

June 5, 1856, in Henderson, NY, of consumption, Miss SARAH A., daughter of Mr. BENJAMIN HUNGERFORD, age 18 years.

June 9th in Henderson, NY, MRS. MARIETTA, wife of Mr. HENRY HUNGERFORD, and daughter of Mr. B. and MRS. POLLY MOODEY, age 24 years.

In Denmark, May 14, 1856, of consumption, Miss MARY SNOW, daughter of JAMES and SARAH SNOW, age 22 years.

June 26, 1856, p. 1:

In Chaumont, by Rev. D. Dye, of Three Mile Bay, Mr. JOHN SWART of Lyme, to Miss PHEBE JANE BENNETT, of Cape Vincent, Jeff. Co., NY.

At her residence, after a short but painful illness, MRS. ELIZABETH B. MILLS, consort of H. V. MILLS and only daughter of ELISHA ANDRUS, Esq., of this village, age 29 years and six months.

TRIBUTE OF RESPECT - by the Rolling Billow Division S. of T., No. 285. At a special meeting of our Division called on the evening of Thursday, June 19th inst., on account of the death of Sister OLIVIA ROUSE. She was the wife of brother, ALONZO ROUSE.

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