A weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY, 1850-1867, by Ingalls, Burdick & Co.. It began with the Aug. 29, 1850 issue.

Published Thursdays

Jan-Jun, Jul-Dec.

The New York Reformer Newspaper
(published Watertown, NY) 1856 (Jul-Dec):

July 3, 1856, p. 1:

On the 17th June inst., at Worth, by J. M. Akey, Esq., Mr. JACOB VAN BOSCARK, of Whitesville, to MRS. PHEBE WILCOX, of Worth. (probable Van Buskirk)

At Earll's Hotel on Monday, June 23rd, by Rev. Geo. Morgan Hills, MAHLON BIDDLECOME of Orleans, and Miss FANNY E. JENNINGS of Jefferson Co.

In this village on the 28th June, by Rev. Geo M. Hills, GEO BROWN and Miss GEORGIANA JOHNSON, both of Brownville.

In Rodman, June 10th, of a chronic disease, Mr. HORACE WOOLWORTH, age 36 years and 4 months.

July 10, 1856, p. 3:

In Brownville, July 3rd, by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. DANIEL VANDEWALKER of Brownville, to Miss MARY WARREN, of Cape Vincent.

In Clayton, June 26th, by the Rev. G. W. Divoll, Mr. WILLIAM E. BRINTNALL to Miss CORDELIA VINCENT.

By the Rev. P. Morse, Mr. FRANCIS BRIMMER with Miss ELIZABETH BROWN, both of Hounsfield.

In Orleans, by Rev. L. T. Ford, Mr. JUDSON MARSHALL of LaFargeville, to Miss MARY EVERETT, of Orleans.

At the Hermitage, on the 3rd inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. DANIEL VANDEWALKER of Brownville, to Miss MARY JANE WARREN, of Cape Vincent.

By the same, on the same day, Mr. ROBERT SNOWDEN of Watertown, to Miss MARANDA A. KIMBALL, of Brownville.

July 4th, by Rev. H. O. Tilden, at the house of Mr. James Johnson in Depauville, Mr. CHARLES FRY to Miss DEMERIS M. ALLEN, all of Clayton.

At LaFargeville, July 2nd, 1859, of scarlet fever, LOIS ADDEL, daughter of JOHN D. and JULIA GREENLEAF, age one year and 28 days.

On the morning of the 4th of July, of dropsy on the brain, EMMA, only daughter of J. G. and M. A. HARBOTTLE, age eight months and five days.

July 17, 1856, p. 2:

On the 6th of July inst., at the Parsonage, Pillar Point, by Rev. J. Zimmerman, Mr. ALDRICH LUTHER of Brownville, and Miss AMANDA THUMB of Brownville. (probable Plumb)

On the 9th of July, by the same at the same place, Mr. EDSON DELANO of Chaumont, and Miss FRANCES O. BALL, of Brownville.

In Pamelia, at the residence of the bride's father on the 10th inst., by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. JESSE W. SMITH of Adams, to Miss PRISCILLA K. TOWNSEND, daughter of Mr. TRUMAN B. TOWNSEND.

In Champion, June 17th, of consumption, MINERVA CONE, age 36 years.

July 24, 1856, p. 4:

July 15th, at the residence of the bride's father in Worth, by O. A. McCumber, Esq., Mr. E. SCOTT?, of Pinckney, to Miss LAURAETT CHAPIN, of the former place.

In North Adams, on the 7th of June ult, of a combination of diseases, MRS. ABIAH R. WARRINER, age 63 years and 7 months.

In West Theresa, on the 1st inst., LAURA, wife of THOMAS WAKEFIELD, age 59 years, 10 months and 9 days.

July 31, 1856, p. 4:

On the 22nd inst., by the Rev. H. Ward, Mr. GUVERRIE MARSHALL, to Miss ELLEN ROOD, all of LaFargeville.

By the Rev. A. Webb, at his residence in Bellville, July 12th, Mr. ABNER M. WEBB, to Miss ALTIRA I. FOX, all of Clayton.

In Rodman on the 28th inst., Mr. NATHANIEL UTLEY, one of the early settlers of the town, age 70 years.

At her father's residence, near Adams Center, on Thursday morning, July 17th, of consumption, CELESTINE, only daughter of HIRAM and LAURA LOVELAND, in the 20th year of her age.(rather lengthy poem follows the notice)

August 7, 1856, p. 3:

In Clayton, NY, July 29th by the Rev. G. Divoll, Mr. JOHN C. CALHOUN, of Pillar Point, to MRS. MARIA T. BUSKIRK, of Clayton.

In Henderson, July 23rd, Mr. RUFUS PENNY, age 63 years. He was a worthy citizen, a kind husband, and an affectionate father.

Suddenly, at his residence in the Town of Hounsfield on the second of July last, Mr. MILTON PARKER, in the sixty-first year of his age. He was born in New Hampshire the 27th of October 1795. He made a profession of the Christian religion and joined with the Baptist denomination at an early age, and in June 1817 came into this county and commenced an improvement where he has resided up to the time of his death. On the date of his death, Mrs. Parker, with the children residing at home, went to Watertown on business. When they returned in the after part of the day she found the house with the doors open, the windows raised, and everything remaining as they were when she left, with the exception of one chair which stood near the door fronting the bee house, which had been a little moved, and on which lay Mr. Parker's hat, he lying on a bed with his clothes on, in an easy and most common position, his eyes closed as if in natural sleep, with the bed quilt or spread drawn from behind across him and he a lifeless corpse. There were no marks or signs of violence having been used, no distortion of the countenance; there had been no struggle.

August 14, 1856, p. 3:

At Kenosha, Wisconsin, on the 6th inst., by Rev. Jno, Gridley, Mr. HIRAM F. FRARY, to HATTIE B. GRIDLEY, both of Watertown, NY.

In this village, July 31st, Mr. CHAUNCY CALHOUN, age 80 years. He was one of the early settlers in this village; one of the principal founders of the Universalist Society. His worthy companion with whom he has sojourned 55 years of his mortal pilgrimage; his children, grandchildren, kindred and many friends, will ever fondly cherish his memory.

Of numb palsy, in Alexandria, Feb. 5th, 1856, at the residence of her son-in-law, Rev. P. Brown, MRS. SALINA FARWELL, age 75 years. She was born in Wethersfield, VT, Dec. 29, 1780; she was married to SOLOMON FARWELL, of Mount Holly, VT in 1797, with whom she removed to the Black River country, now the town of Denmark; 1818 she professed faith in Christ and united with the Baptist church in Copenhagen.

August 21, 1856, p. 4:

In Depauville, after a lingering illness of consumption, Miss CLARA A. NASH, age 29 years.

At his residence in this village, on Sunday the 17th inst., DANIEL LEE, age 61 years.

August 28, 1856, p. 2:

In Sterlingville, Aug. 21st, by Rev. L. Rice, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. JAMES H. MERRILL, of Sandisfield, Mass., to Miss LOUISA W. REED.

In Brownville, Aug. 17, by Rev. G. W. Elwood, Mr. PHILO SCOTT to Miss ADELIA STEVENS, all of Brownville.

In Henderson, Aug. 17th, by Rev. M. M. Rice, Mr. ALBERT E. BESSLY of VanBuren, Michigan, to Miss ANN E. WHITMORE of Henderson. (probable Beesly)

At Clayton, NY., Aug. 17, by Rev. G. W. Divoll, Mr. G. H. VINCENT to Miss LOUISA A. BROOKER, all of Clayton.

Aug. 8, 1856, in Henderson, NY, JAMES E., son of Mr. STEPHEN S. and ALMIRA CORNISH, age 1 year.

Aug. 16, 1856, in Henderson, NY, Miss LAURA LUCINDA, eldest daughter of WM. H. and ALMIRA GILL, age 5 years.

In worth, Aug. 15, of Summer Complaint, RICHARD E., younger son of CARLTON C. and TRYPHENA A. MOORE, age 10 months and 11 days.

On the 18th ORMSEY D. MOORE, age 8 years and 18 days.

September 4, 1856, p. 3:

At the house of the bride's father, in Amesvile, NY on the 19th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. GILBERT E. WOOLWORTH, of Martinsburgh, NY to Miss MARY E. WHITE.

In Watertown, on the 24th inst., by the same, Mr. MARTIN LAVETT, to Miss ESTHER DOBSON, both of Watertown.

At Clayton, Aug. 23d, by the Rev. G. W. Divoll, Mr. EDWIN BROWN of Governeur, to Miss ABIGAIL A. EMMONS, of Fowler.

In Brownville, August 21, by Rev. G. W. Elwood, Mr. HORACE S. HUNT of Rodman, to Miss ETTE VANHOOSER of Watertown.

In Clayton, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. Wm. G. Denio, Mr. SAMUEL A. MOFFATT, of Brownville, to Miss LOUISA DELANO of Chaumont.

In Dexter, on the 20th inst., EDWIN D., infant son of JAMES and ELIZA ELDER.

In Mishawaka, St. Joseph's Co., Indiana, FRANK, son of A. E. and M. A. CLOSSON, August 16th, age 2 years.

September 11, 1856, p. 3:

At Deer River, Aug. 8th, by the Rev. H. Rogers, Mr. PETER LEWIS, of Lowville, to Miss MARY ANN BARRETT, of Denmark.

By the same, Sep. 2d, Mr. ELIHU DARWIN, of Champion, and Miss EMMALINE SPEAR of the same place.

In this village, on the 7th inst., by the Rev. Mr. White, Mr. DEMPSTER WHITE, to Miss SARAH BIDWELL, all of this place.

In Carthage, Aug. 26th, by Mr. Bidford, Esq., Mr. FREDERICK H. GATES, of Wilna, to Miss DOLLY PUNAM of Croghan.

Sept. 3d, at the residence of J. L. Marsh, Esq., by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. MILO A. LESTER, of Newton, Iowa, to Miss ADLADE WOOLSON, of this village.

On the 20th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Armstrong, Mr. ANDREW M. CONVERSE of Pamelia, to Miss ELVIRA E. GIBBS, of the same place.

In Belleville, on the 2d inst., by Rev. M. Lyon, Mr. ROBERT BOGARDES, of Montezuma, Cayuga Co., and Miss MARTHA E. SEARLES, of Belleville.

In this village, on the morning of Sept. 8th, ABBIE A., wife of ALLEN C. BEACH, Esq., and daughter of N. M. WOODRUFF, Esq., age 22 years and 2 months. The funeral will take place from the residence of P. Mundy, on State St., Wednesday, at 2 p.m.

At Pillar Point, Brownville, Mr. CHARLES GRANT, in the 57th year of his age.

On the 16th ult, of consumption, FANNY, wife of WILLIS DAVISON, and sister of J. H. MEIGS, age 57 years.

September 18, 1856, p. 1:

In this village on the 13th inst., by the Rev. L. D. White, Mr. JAMES FITZGERALD, to Miss ANN ELIZA LEE, both of Watertown.

In this village, Sept. 9, by the Rev. J. Butterfield, Mr. A. E. LORD?, of Sarnac, NY, to Miss. B. B. TURNER, of this village.

At Rutland, on the 14th inst., by Samuel Fink, Esq., Mr. CHAUNCEY DURHAM, of Rutland, to Miss ADELIA WAITE of Rodman.

In Watertown, on the 10th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. GEORGE BIRMINGHAM of LeRay, to Miss CAROLINE BUTTERFIELD, of Watertown.

At his residence, in the village of LaFargeville, on the evening of the 6th inst., of a fit of apoplexy, JOHN HILL, a botanic physician, age 46 years.

At the residence of J. M. THOMPSON, in Alexandria, on the 24th August, P. MYERS, of Freesburgh, Chautaqua Co., NY, age 60 years.

At Port Leyden, Lewis Co., NY, on the 28th ult, MRS. JULIA S., wife of JAMES A. MERWIN, and daughter of EZRA CHURCH, age 27 years.

In this village, Sept. 10th, WILLIE, son of JOHN and CAROLINE KAMP, age 1 year and 8 months.

September 18, 1856, p. 2:

Theresa, Sept. 10th 1856: a distressing casualty occurred in the western part of this town on Sept. 1st. A Mr. Ryon was occupied in drawing lumber home from the mill of Horace Parker. He had been urged to bind his lumber for several loads previous, but expedition being preferable to precaution he had neglected to secure his lumber, on descending a small hill his load shoved on to his horses, they ran away throwing him off and crushing all the lower part of his face. He remained insensible until the 3d inst. When expired, leaving a circle of friends in deep distress.

October 2, 1856, p. 2:

On the 18th inst., by the Rev. J. Burchard, Mr. J. J. SHAVER of Dexter, to Miss L. T. PATRICK of Hounsfield.

On the 21 inst., by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. JAMES DOTY, to Miss CHARLOTTE ROGERS, all of this place.

Sept. 25th, by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. WILLIAM TARBLE of Adams, to Miss HANNAH J. GUEST, of Watertown.

Sept. 23d, by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. WILLIAM BROWNSLOW of Watertown, to MRS. MARIA BENT, of Denmark.

At the residence of the bride's parents on the morning of the 25th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Fowler of Utica, Mr. D. P. BALLARD, of Appleton, Wisconsin, to Miss ELIZABETH G., youngest daughter of WM. BROADWELL, Esq., of Trenton Falls, Oneida Co., NY.

In the Epis. Methodist Church, Arsenal St., on Sunday the 21st inst., by Rev. J. W. Armstrong, Mr. DANIEL W. HOWE to Miss ANNE JANETTA GLASS, both of this place.

On the 25th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. GEO. E. DEAN, to Miss ERMINA E. WAIT, both of East Rodman.

By the same, on the same day, Mr. BUCKLEY A. WILSON of Watertown, to Miss MARY E. BARNEY of Rutland.

At Denmark, Sept. 16th, by the Rev. H. Rogers, Mr. JAMES E. BOSWORTH of Lowville, to Miss DELONA A. PHILLIPS of Denmark.

By the same, at Deer River, Sept. 23d, Mr. HORACE POTTER of Deer River, to Miss CAROLINE M. MYERS of the same place.

At Antwerp Sept. 28th, by Rev. C. B. Pond, ALVAH THOMPSON, Esq., of Carthage, NY, and Miss L. A. BOWEN, daughter of IRA BOWEN, Esq., of Antwerp.

Sept. 4th at Antwerp, at the residence of Elias Clark, MRS. PAMELIA ALDRIDGE, age 24 years, of dropsy. Sister Aldridge was a daughter of BRO. A. SAVAGE of this place and a substantial member of Lodge No. 281 I.O. Of G. Templars. (followed by a short Resolution by the lodge)

In Henderson, N.Y., August 16, Miss LAURA LUCINDA, age 5 years, and August 30, Miss ANNAH ALMIRA, age 2 years, daughters of Mr. WM. H. and ALMIRA GILL.

In Lyndon, Wisconsin, July 26th, PARTHENA M., daughter of WARREN and FRANCES E. GREY, age 20 months.

In this village on the 17th inst., RANDOLPH CASE, son of RODNEY and CALISTA CASE, age 8 years. His death is supposed to be caused by injury to the spine, which produced inflammation of the brain.

October 9, 1856, p. 6:

Married: (extremely poor copy)
On the 6th inst., by Rev. H. M. Church, Mr. JASON M. GENELL, to Miss CHLOE PEABODY, both of Orleans.

By Rev. A. A. Tahyer, Oct. 7, Mr. CHAS. C_____ of Rochester, to Miss JOSEPHINE MALLARD?, of Watertown.

At Bethany, NY, Sept. ___by the Rev. G. W. Lane, Mr. J. PHINES? Of Rodman to Miss ______LATHROP of the former place.

Sept. 29 by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. CHARLES M. ANDRUS of P____, C.W., to Miss ANN E. _____ of____.

Sept. 2_th at Washington, Iowa, by Rev. W. P. Walsh, Mr. ______ W. ANDRUS to _______________ of Washington, Iowa.

October 16, 1856, p. 2:

On the 29th ult, by the Rev. P. Brown, at the residence of the late D. C. Rouse, Esq., E. G. BROWN, merchant of Stone Mills, with Miss LUCRETIA ROUSE of the same place.

Oct. 9th by the Rev. Geo. Morgan Hills, THOMAS B. McNIDER and Miss ANNA E. KANES, all of Watertown.

At New Britain, Conn., on Wednesday, the 1st inst., GEORGE L. MASSEY, Esq., merchant of Osborne, Ohio to Miss NELLIE F. LEE, youngest daughter of Hon. Philip Lee of the former place.

In Depauville, Sept. 18, by Rev. H. O. Tilden, Mr. ABRAM LOWE to Miss HARRIET PAINE, all of Depauville.

In Pamelia, Oct. 1st, by Rev. H. O. Tilden, Mr. ARTHUR KLOCK of Orleans, to Miss CHARITY VANDERWALKER of the former place.

Oct. 9th by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. CHAS. B. ANGEL to Miss ELIZA A. SEAVER, all of Watertown.

In Ellisburgh, Oct. 1st, at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. A. Pamalee, Mr. EDGAR G. SMITH of Troy, Morris Co., NJ, to Miss ELLEN KING, eldest daughter of HENRY A. KING, Esq.

In this village on the 9th inst., by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. WILLIAM SMITH of Rutland, to LAURA BRADWAY of Watertown.

At the residence of her son-in-law, SAMUEL F. BALLARD, Esq., of this town on the evening of the 5th of October—rest of notice cut off.

Of consumption in this village on the 19th of September, MRS. ELIZABETH BONISTEEL, age 58 years.

On the 20th of Sept., RAYMOND W. BONISTEEL, age 21 years, 6 months and 5 days, son of Mrs. ELIZABETH BONISTEEL.

By the students of Hamilton College after the death of ELI GRAHAM JOHNSON. Oct. 6, 1856.

Lost at sea, off Valparaiso, Chili, on the 24th of July, JOHN C. DOWE, eldest son of the late JOHN DOWE, of New York and MRS. A. . DOWE, of this village, age 26 years. This lamented young man sailed from NY on the 4th of May last, in the clipper ship Sea Serpent, for San Francisco. The vessel had a most tempestuous passage around Cape Horn and had been two months and 20 days out at the time of the accident which caused his death. He was aloft with thirty-five others, endeavoring to furl the mainsail, when mistaking the rope which he held it gave way and he fell into the sea. The severity of the gale, the state of the sea, and the rapidity with which the ship was running at the time, rendered all thoughts of his rescue out of the question. (included following were comments from the Captain)

October 23, 1856, p. 3:

In this village this morning, by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. JUDIAH MATTESON of LeRay to MRS. LUCINDA COON, of this place.

In Rodman, Oct. 16th, by Rev. D. Spear, Mr. JACKSON GALE of Sheboygan, WI, to Miss LUCY ANN SPEAR of the former place.

In LaFargeville, Oct. 18 by the Rev. L. T. Ford, Mr. ALONZO DEFENDORF and Miss FRANCIS BLODGET, both of Lyme.

By Rev. M. W. Empie, on the 8th inst., Mr. ANDREW M. LOUCKS to Miss HANNAH WAGGONER, all of Orleans.

Also by the same on the 15th inst., Mr. ASA J. WILCOX and Miss MARY P. WALTER, all of Theresa.

Also by the same on the 6th ult, Mr. HENRY DEFENDORF to Miss MELINDA ATWATER, both of Pamelia.

Oct. 8th, 1856, at Evans' Mills by Rev. William P. Decker, Mr. MATTHEW HANNAHS to Miss ABIGAIL ANN BEEBEE both of Evans' Mills.

In Rutland at the residence of the bride's father, JAMES EDDY, Esq., by the Rev. P. Morse, Mr. AUSTIN CROOK of Excelsior, Minnesota, with Miss HULDAH EDDY.

In LeRay Oct. 4th, by Rev. R. T. Conant, Mr. CLARK WILSON to Miss ALMIRA HEWITT both of Philadelphia.

In LeRay by the same, Oct. 8, Mr. LEWIS R. BROWN of Philadelphia, to Miss LOUISA L. CHAPIN of LeRay.

At the house of Mr. Nathan Ward in Antwerp on the 1st day of Oct. inst., by Rev. C. B. Pond, Mr. JOHN T. WAITE and Miss CORDELIA F. WARD both of Antwerp.

At Sherburne, Chenango Co., NY on the 8th inst., by Rev. R. L. Warriner, Mr. JOEL McCOMBER of Watertown, to Miss MARY C. LYON of Sherburne.

In this village on the 11th inst., by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. JOHN FARAWTY? to Miss HELEN RHINE, both of this place.

In Rutland, NY on Thursday, Sept. 18, EUGENE E., son of the late ELIAS WOODWARD, age 16 years.

At Black River, NY, on Sunday evening, Oct. 6, Miss LORETTA WHEELOCK, age 18 years.

October 30, 1856, p. 2:

In Chaumont, on the 16th inst., by the Rev. J. A. Canfield, Mr. FOSTER DRAKE, to Miss EMILY BORT, both of Orleans.

On the 21st, inst., by the Rev. I. Brayton, Mr. JOHN STREETER, clothing merchant, with Miss MARY C. WHITE.

On Sunday, Oct. 26th at Evans' Mills by Rev. Wm. P. Decker, Mr. AUSTIN CASWELL to Miss CHLOE COMINS, all of Evans' Mills.

In Hounsfield at the residence of T. W. Warren, Esq., on Thursday evening, Oct. 23d by the Rev. Jason McKee, Mr. L. F. ALLEN to Miss MEROE WARREN, all of Hounsfield.

November 13, 1856, p. 3:

On the 30th ult, by the Rev. Thomas Richey, Mr. T. G. McCLENATHEN?, of Providence, RI to Miss JANE E. RICHEY, only daughter of WM. RICHEY of this town.

On the 9th ult, by Rev.. H. Waite, Mr. RENSELAER VAN DUSEN and Miss CANDACE CAMPBELL, both of Champion.

On the 30th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. WM. W. WALKER of Aurora, ILL., to Miss LUMIRA SKEELS of Watertown.

In Jordan, Nov. 1st, by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. BENJ. R. SWEETLAND of Eldorado, Cal., to Miss MARIA BOND of Jordan, N.Y.

Nov. 6, by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. HORACE RICE?, of LeRay, to MRS. LUCINDA LEARE?, of Pamelia.

Nov. 21, by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. MARVIN HOLCOMB of Hansboro, Miss., to Miss ELIZABETH OLIS?, of Pamelia, N.Y.

In Sackets Harbor on the 2nd, inst., by Rev. T. D. Sleeper, Mr. JAMES M. CAMPBELL of Wisconsin, and Miss MARY M. HAZELWOOD, of Henderson, N.Y.

By Rev. P. Snyder, on the 11th inst., ROBERT O. ROBERTS, to Miss MARY E. TUTTLE, all of this town.

At Theresa on the 9th inst., WILLIE, only son of JOSEPH and JANE FAYOL, age 2 years and 9 months.

At the residence of his son, Stephen, Mr. LUTHER CONKLIN of Antwerp, age 90 years. The deceased has been a resident of Antwerp, over forty years and died respected and beloved by all who knew him.

November 20, 1856, p. 2:

On the 22d inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. R. B. ADAMS to Miss O. A. BARLOW, both of Watertown.

November 27, 1856, p. 2:

At Stone Mills, on the morning of the 19th inst., Mr. CHARLES BALDWIN of Orleans, to Miss MARY A. ALLEN of Watertown.

In the city of New York on the 26 ult, by the Rev. Mr. Davis, Mr. ISRAEL M. COHEN of Watertown, NY, to Miss KATE LICHSTENSTIEN of the city of NY.

At Evans Mills, by Rev. R. T. Conant, Mr. LORENZO B. CANFIELD of Denmark, to Miss SUSANNAH DEMARER?, of Evans Mills.

Nov. 6, by the Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. CHARLES JONES of Bloomington, Ill., to Miss MARTHA J. RICHARDSON, of Watertown.

In Pamelia, Nov. 8th inst., BENJAMIN SKINNER, Esq., age 77 years. He was a native of Williamstown, Mass., where he was born Sep. 11th, 1779. His father, Dea. BENJAMIN SKINNER, was a native of Colchester, Conn. The subject of this notice, was educated at William's College, where he graduated in 1799. He pursued his legal studies in the law office of the late Judge Nathan Williams at Utica, and was admitted to practice as an attorney early in 1802. He came to Brownville in July of that year, having while at Utica, contracted an acquaintance with some members of the Brown family at whose suggestion he was induced to cast in his lot with the little band of pioneers who had clustered together at the present village of Brownville. He afterwards connected himself by marriage with a sister of General Brown, who survives him. Brownville at that time, was a component part of Oneida county, and embraced all that territory lying north of Black River which is embraced in the present county of Jefferson. When this county was organized in March 1805, young Skinner was among the first to receive notice from Gov. Morgan Lewis, receiving the appointment of Surrogate, April 18th, 1805,just 15 days after the passage of the act of organization. In October of the same year, he was appointed County Treasurer by the Board of Supervisors at their first annual session. The office of Surrogate was held by Mr. Skinner until February 2d, 1811, when he was appointed to the office of County Clerk by Gov. Tomkins, though he had been superseded in the office of Treasurer by Joseph Clark, Esq., October 7th, 1807. The office of County Clerk was held by him until February 28th, 1818, when he was superseded by Richard M. Esselstyne; be he was re-appointed February 16, 1815, and continued to hold the office until June 3d, 1820, when he was superseded by Geo. Andrews, Esq., at which time his office and public life closed and he retired to his farm to spend the remainder of his days in the quiet of rural life and in the bosom of his family.

In 1832, he became the subject of a work of grace and gave satisfactory evidence of a change of heart. He united himself by a public profession of his faith in Christ, to the 1st Presbyterian Church in this village. Among his early compeers were Egbert TenEyck and Micah Sterling, the first of whom was of the same age and educated at the same college while the other who was a few years younger, read law in the same office at Utica. They preceded him to the grave by a number of years, and so most of that class of men who were associated with him in active, public life. Of the early bar of his day, but two remain, while of the Bench but one survives whose official period was prior to 1818.

December 4, 1856, p. 3:

In this village, on the 25th ult, by the Rev. L. D. White, Mr. CHARLES M. WAIT and Miss MARTHA J. EDWARDS, both of Rodman.

Nov. 25th, by the Rev. A. A. Thayer, at the residence of A. H. Hall, Esq., Mr. R. H. HALL and Miss NETTIE C. SMITH, all of Watertown.

On the 30th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, in Lynden, Wis., by the Rev. Wilkey, Mr. WRIGHT PECK to Miss EMMA AVERIL, all of Lynden, Wis.

In this village, October 29, 1856, at the residence of her son, Mr. THOMAS BAKER, Mrs. LOIS BAKER in the 89th year of her age. She was the daughter of the Rev. Josiah Whitney, who was so well known as the pastor of the Congregational Church in Brooklyn, Connecticut, for more than sixty successive years, and who died at the age of ninety-four years. Mrs. Baker remained under the paternal roof, and under the guiding Christian counsels of her father, until the age of nineteen years, when she married in 1787 to Mr. ERASTUS BAKER, of her native town. In 1802 she removed with her husband and family to the county of Oneida, NY and then again, in 1807 to this place. She became connected by letter with the Congregational Church, which is now known as the 1st Presbyterian Church in Watertown, but subsequently, in the year 1831, she removed her relation to, and became connected with, the 2d Presbyterian Church in this village. (additional comments followed)

WILLIAM L. CHAMBERS, JR. died in Wilmington, Illinois, October 25th of bloody flux, in the 19th year of his age. He was born of religious parents, in Denmark, Lewis Co., NY, where his parents still reside.

In this place of paralysis, on Thursday, Nov. 19th, JOHN M. HULBERT, in the 40th year of his age.

On Friday, the 28th of Nov., MRS. DOLLY, consort of JOSIAH TOWNSEND, of Champion, Jeff. Co., NY, age 86 years, 8 months and 22 days.

In this village, on the 30th ult., CLARISSA SIGORNEY, consort of JOHN SIGORNEY, Esq., age 61 years.

In this village, on the 19th ult, of consumption, GEORGE V., eldest son of JOHN G. HARBOTTLE, age 14 years.

At his residence in this village on the 28th ult., Mr. WM. C. CLARK of consumption, age 40 years and 9 months.

December 11, 1856, P. 1:

At Clayton Dec. 6th inst., by Amos Ellis, Esq., Mr. RICHARD SMITH and Miss BETSEY JANE TUCKER, all of Clayton.

On the 12th of May 1856, y the Rev. Calvin Jenkins, Mr. FRANCIS C. JENKINS of Fowler, St. Law. Co. to Miss MYRANDA A. GRANT of Antwerp.

At Ellisburgh, on the evening of the 2d inst, by Rev. H. O. Tilden of Depauville, Mr. HENRY J. WELCH of Norwich, Chenango Co., NY to Miss LAURA C. WASHBURN of the former place.

On the 4th inst., by Rev. L. D. White, Mr. DAVID H. RAY to Miss NANCY EDWARDS, all of this village.

In Henderson, NY, Nov. 6th, at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. M. M. Rice, Mr. O. B. JOINER, to Miss LOUISA STEVENS, all of Henderson, NY.

In LaFargeville, Saturday the 6th inst., of the disease of the heart, MRS. DAVID H. TESSLER.

On Sunday evening, Dec. 7, FRANCES J., only daughter of JAMES K. and SERINA S. BAKER, age 2_years.

In Bellville, NY, Nov. 13, Mr. GEORGE W. BUTTS, age 26 years.

In this village, November 24th, Mr. PERLEY G. KEYES in the 59th year of his age. His death was brought about by apoplexy. He was the only son and last surviving child of the late Hon. Perley Keyes, who was so long known as connected with the civil and political history of the county and state. He was born in Acworth, New Hampshire, Sept. 1798 and came to Rutland with his father's family in 1800 and to this town in 1809. He read law in the office of Mr. Anthon of New York and afterwards in the office of the late Judge TenEyck of this village, but in compliance with the wishes of his father, he yielded his profession and settled on a farm where he devoted a number of the years of his mature manhood. He connected with the Methodist Episcopal Church in this village.

Sunday evenng Nov. 30, at Smithville, Jeff. Co., NY, CYRUS BRIGHAM in the 78th year of his age. He was born in Mass, but in early life removed with his parents to northern Vt. Some forty years since, he came with his family to this new country. Rodman was the place he first selected for his home, but some fifteen years later, he exchanged that for a residence in this place where he has since lived. His funeral occurred Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, on which occasion Father Spear of Rodman, preached an appropriate discourse.

December 18, 1856, p. 4:

In Ellisburgh, Dec. 2, by Rev. H. O. Tilden of Depauville, Mr. HENRY J. WELCH, of Norwich, Chenango Co., NY to Miss LAURA C. WASHBURN of Ellisburgh.

At the parsonage in Depauville, Dec. 8, by Rev. H. O. Tilden, JAMES H. BENNETT of Cape Vincent to Miss RUTH CHEEVERS of Clayton.

In Sacketts Harbor on the 7th inst., by Rev. T. D. Sleeper, Mr. WILLIAM PORTER to Miss CAROLINE A. SMITH both of Hounsfield.

At LaFargeville, on Saturday evening, December 6th, MRS. SARAH, wife of H. DAVID TESSLER, age 86 years. She was the mother of eight children, but buried four of them and a former husband at various times under peculiarly agonizing circumstances.

At Depauville, Dec. 8th, of typhoid fever, HIRAM W., eldest son of FOSTER V. and REBECCA HALL, age 21 years one month and four days.

At the residence of her father on the 15th of November last, of consumption, MRS. CAROLINE W. , consort of DAVIS GRANGE of Fort Covington, Franklin Co., and only daughter of C. COLWELL, Esq., of this village, age 28 years, 6 months and 8 days.

December 25, 1856, p. 1:

In this village on the 16th inst., of brain fever, FRANCIS, only son of JOSEPH and NANCY STODDARD, age 3 years.

On the 11th inst., in Scranton, Luzern Co. Penn. Of inflammation of the lungs, MRS. HARRIET, wife of WM. HILL and daughter of RICHARD EDGERLY of Dexter, NY, age 28 years.

FRANK DELOS, only son of WM. DELOS and OLIVE L. FULLER, of this town, died on the 4th inst. Having nearly closed the 7th month of the third year of his life.

July 17, 1856, p. 2:

Editorial Correspondence of the Republican – Plessis, July 8, 1856:

On Sunday morning last, two Miss Comstocks, Eleanor and Jane, sisters of Charles Comstock, merchant of this place, whose father resides on Grenadier Island in the St. Lawrence, were coming to the main shore, about 10 o'clock, in a small sailboat managed by a younger brother about 16 years old. A squall of wind was observed approaching, and so near that the boy knew he would not be able to tie up the sail or take it down before the wind would strike it, and, as the best he could do, let go the boom (the sail rope) that the sail might present no resistance to the wind. One of the young ladies seeing him let it go, and supposing it was from accident, caught hold of it and hauled it up, presenting the full surface of the sail to the wind, when the squall struck them, and they were capsize instantly. They all clung to the boat, but being on the same side of it, it rolled over and over, till from strangulation the young ladies let go their hold and sank to rise no more. The lad clung to the boat and floated to a small island in the river from which he was able to make himself heard on the main shore, when some of the inhabitants came to his relief. The corpses of the young ladies were both found soon after and their funeral is to be held today. A number of the citizens of this village are going to Grenadier Island to attend the funeral obsequie and escort the corpses to this place for interment. It is a sad bereavement to a large family and a wide circle of sympathizing friends. Eleanor was 26 years of age and Jan 20.

Contributor's Note: The girls were daughters of Levi and Jane Comstock of Grenadier Island.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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