A weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY, 1850-1867, by Ingalls, Burdick & Co.. It began with the Aug. 29, 1850 issue.

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The New York Reformer Newspaper
published Watertown, NY 1858 (July-Dec.)

July 1, 1858, p. 3:

In this village, June 27, by Rev. W. Titus, Mr. JOSEPH J. MATTICE, of Carthage, to Miss AMELIA KING, of Watertown.

In Carthage, June 25, at the bride's fathers, by Rev. L. P. Day, Mr. OLIVER P. V. ROOT, of Newport to Miss ELIZABETH C. CRANE, of Carthage.

At Adams Center, June 20, of consumption, after a long and painful illness, Miss FATIMA A. LEE, age 25.

In Hounsfield, on the 16th of June, after an illness of over 18 months, CHARLES S., youngest son of WILLIAM S. and MARY O. PETTIT, age about 8 years and 10 months.

July 8, 1858, p. 4:

By Rev. Lyman Waugh, on the 7th of June at Stone Mills, Mr. HENRY COLLINS, to Miss HULDAH BRANT, all of Stone Mills.

At Theresa, July 1st, by Rev. C. W. Treadwell, Mr. ATWOOD B. BODMAN to Miss FANNY CHRYSLER, all of Theresa.

At the residence of the bride's father, in Lyme, July 1st, by the Rev. D. Dye, Mr. G. A. KELSEY, of Theresa, to Miss HARRIET CALHOUN of 3 Mile Bay.

Also, by the same, July 4, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. WARREN A. DYE of Antwerp, to Miss ROSE ELLEN BENNETT of Lyme, Jefferson Co., NY.

At the Davis House, Evans Mill, July 4th by C. P. Granger, Esq., Mr. J. C. PATTERSON of Hounsfield to Miss NANCY MACK of Pamelia.

At Elyria, Ohio, June 26, 1858, Mr. DAVID MILLS, formerly of Pamelia, age 88 years.

July 15, 1858, p. 4:

At Theresa, July 1st, by Rev. C. W. Treadwell, Mr. ATWOOD R. BODMAN to Miss FANNY CHRYSLER, all of Theresa.

At Antwerp, July 1st, by Rev. R. T. Conant, Mr. MONMOUTH STICKLE to MRS. MATILDA SHOLTUS, all of Antwerp.

At Pamelia 4 Corners, in this county, on the 8th inst., by Rev. G. M. Peirce, Mr. OLIVER COX to Miss HANNAH PENNELL, both of Alexandria.

In Wilna, on the 7th inst., GERTRUDE VAN ANTWERP, wife of JOHN I. VAN ANTWERP, age about 67 years.

In this village, Sabbath morning, July 11th, Miss DELIA CLINE, age 26 years.

July 22, 1858, p. 2:

In Hartford, VanBuren Co., Michigan, July 4, MRS. CATHERINE DEWEY, wife of JARED DEWEY, of dropsy, in her 46th year. Deceased was formerly from Rutland, and had lived in Jefferson County 34 years.

In Champion, on the 14th inst., the infant son of T. W. and ELISABETH COUGHLAN of New York, age 2 years.

July 29, 1858, p. 2:

By the Rev. J. F. Dayan, at Cape Vincent, on Sunday eve., July 2, at the house of Ira Hadley, Esq., Mr. EDWIN BRUCE MAYEW to Miss LODEMA PENNY, both of Point Peninsula, N.Y.

In Martinsburgh, July 17, at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. G. W. Elwood, Mr. DANIEL VANDERBERG to Miss ELIZA E. LOUCKS, all of Martinsburgh.

On the 12th inst., by Rev. W. M. Empie, at the Plessis Hotel in Alexandria, Mr. GEORGE W. FULTS, of Theresa, and Miss CATHARINE HOUSE, of Orleans.

In Orleans, on the 26th ult, MRS. NANCY CASLER, age 91 years.

In Orleans, on the 14th instant, ALBERT E. COUNTRYMAN, age 15 years.

In Pamelia, 23d inst., of cholera morbus, LUTHER R. ALLEN age 57 years.

In Philadelphia, N.Y., March 27, Mr. E. D. WOODWARD, age 44 years.

August 5, 1858, p. 4:

In Alexandria, Sunday, August 1, by Mr. Cornwell, J. P., Mr. WALTER VAN AMBER, of Felts Mills, to Miss MARYETTE NEWMAN, of the former place.

At Dexter, July 26, LUANA, wife of NICHOLAS KANE, in the 62nd year of her age.

August 19, 1858, p. 3:

Note: this issue bound in a manner than partially concealed the data.

By The Rev. J. H. Stanton, on the 18th inst., CATPT. W. W. ____HARRY, of Pillar Point, to Miss E. A. KNOWLTON of the same place.

At Theresa, Aug. 9, by Rev. C. W. Treadwell, Mr. DAVID BISHOP?, to Miss MARIA LULL, all of Theresa.

At Orleans 4 Corners, August 14th, by Daniel Eddy Esq., COONRAD E. WALTERS to MRS. MARY GARDNER, both of Pamelia.

In Nevada, California, June 2d, 1853, ALFRED D. MAYHEW, age 25 years, son of St. V. and CALISTA MAYHEW. The deceased formerly resided on Point Peninsula, Jeff, NY where his parents now reside, who with a large group of friends are left to mourn his early death.

August 26, 1858, p. 4:

Married: At Theresa, Aug. 16, 1858, by Rev. C. W. Treadwell, Mr. GEORGE W. WOODRUFF, to Miss MARY C. SALSBURY, all of Theresa.

On the 2d inst. At Orleans 4 Corners, by Rev. M. W. Empie, Mr. JOHN N. YOUNGS, of LeRay and Miss CATHARINE PRICE of Orleans.

On the 4th inst., in Mannsville, by Rev. M. Lyon, Mr. MORRIS H. STANTON and Miss MARIAH H. BROWN, both of Watertown.

In the same place and by the same, on the 15th inst., Mr. G. W. GRIMSHAW and Miss HANSON, both of Lorraine.

In Ellisburgh, by the same, on the 19th inst., Mr. OTIS SAWIN of Gardner, Mass, and Miss MARTHA S. COMEE of Ellisburgh.

In Tuckerton, N.J., on the 21st of July, THOMAS DUNN, son of Rev. T. D. and M. E. SLEEPER, formerly of Tuckerton, NJ, now of Sackets Harbor, NY age 11 mo., and 21 days.

In Brownville, Sunday morning, Aug., 22, EDMUND KIRBY DARBY, ten weeks old.

In Wynona, Min. on the 6th inst., MRS. FLORA F., wife of HARVEY G. BROWNING, age 32 years and 7 months, formerly of Rutland, in this county.

September 2, 1858, p. 4:

On the 22d inst., by Fred Emerson, Esq., Mr. GEORGE ADAMS, JR. to Miss MINERVA ISABEL SKINNER, both of Watertown village.

In Winona, Min., on the 6th ult, FLORA F., wife of HARVEY G. BROWNING, age 32 years. The deceased was taken sick about seven months previous to her decease.

At Ann Arbor, July 16, at the residence of her son, WILLIAM L. BEECHER, MRS. ASENATH BEECHER, age about 71, for many years a resident of Jefferson County until recently.

September 9, 1858, p. 4:

In LaFargeville, on the 2d inst., by Rev. H. Ward, Mr. T. D. FLANSBURGH, with Miss L. H. RICHARDSON.

By the Rev. J. F. Dayan, on the evening of Aug. 30th, at Earll's Hotel, Cape Vincent, Mr. OREN S. WILCOX, merchant, at Three Mile Bay, to Miss MARY F. CLINE, eldest daughter of HENRY CLINE, Esq., of Point Peninsula, Jeff. Co., NY.

By Rev. J. N. Spoor, at Quakertown, New Jersey, August 12th, 1858 GEORGE H. ARMSBERRY, of Adams, Jeff. Co., NY, and Miss FANNY V. LAWSHE, of Quakertown, Hunterdon, N.J.

By Rev. A. Cleghorn of Belleville, on the 23rd ult, Mr. GEORGE H. CRANDALL, of Utica, to Miss ELLEN C. GREGORY, of Adams.

In Adams, on the 25th ult, by Rev. W. Ninde, Mr. BURLEIGH SALISBURY, of Adams Center, to Miss MARY DIXON, of the former place.

In Dexter, the 1st inst., by Rev. C. N. Chandler, Mr. HENRY A. HOSE, of Watertown, and Miss SARAH M. MILLER, of the former place.

Also, by the same, the 4th inst., Mr. WM. T. GAYLORD, and Miss LAURA J. LAUGHRAY, both of this village.

In this village, on the 25th ult, JAMES, age 16 months, infant son of J. E. KEMP.

Mr. JOHN HULL, at the residence of his son-in-law, GEN. A. BAKER, in this village, on the 28th ult, age 88 years. He was one of the early settlers of this county. He had been in good health up to the day previous to his death, and was walking about the village on Friday. He was found in a fit on Saturday morning, when the family arose, and lived until night, though unconscious of anything transpiring during the day.

At his residence in the town of Lyme, on the 8th inst., Mr. JOHN REED, in the 63rd year of his age. Mr. Reed came to this town some 40 years ago. Mr. Reed made a public confession of religion and united with the Open Communion Baptist Church. His funeral was attended at the Baptist Church in Three Mile Bay.

In LeRay, Sept. 1, HON. JOEL HAWORTH, age 68 years. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. Chandler of this village.

At his residence in this town, in the evening of the 1st Sept. inst., Mr. OLIVER HORR, age 67 years. Mr. Horr had resided in this town and in the immediate neighborhood where he died, a little more than half a century, having emigrated with his father's family from New England, at the age of 14 years. In his occupation as a farmer, chopping and clearing land, and whatever labor that required great strength, skillfully applied, he prided himself in taking the brunt of the effort, and in never allowing any fellow laborer to stagger under an unequal burden. In consequence of this readiness, to take the post of danger, he was frequently a sufferer by bruised limbs and broken bones. An abscess in the left breast, or side was the result of broken ribs, and it has been the immediate occasion of his death, after having suffered from it for a number of years.

September 16, 1858, p. 4:

At Adams Centre, Aug. 28th, by Eld. Jas. Summebell, Mr. CHRISTOPHER HUSON and Miss SARAH C. KILBORNE, both of Lorraine.

In Utica, on the 9th inst., by Rev. Wm. A. Matson, Mr. FREDERICK K. MASSEY of Peoria Ill. And Miss LIZZIE PHELPS, daughter of Dr. A. E. PHELPS of Kirkland, NY.

At Chaumont, Aug. 22, 1858, by Rev. J. A. Canfield, Mr. DAVID HARRINGTON, to MRS. EMELINE BLODGETT, both of Lyme.

Also in the town of Lyme, Sept. 5, 1868, by the same, Mr. MICHEAL VAN SCHAICK, of Cape Vincent, to MRS. JULIA ALLEN of Lyme.

Also at Chaumont, Sept. 7, 1858, by the same, Mr. HOSEA H. MOFFATT, to Miss ABBIE ALLEN, of Brownville.

On the 9th inst., by Rev. H. M. Church, Mr. SIDNEY C. COOPER, to Miss ROSETTE F. POTTER, both of Evans Mills.

On Sunday, Sept. 5, by Elder Jacob A. Wood, Mr. JAS. B. BLODGET, of Watertown, to Miss AMANDA KITTS, of the town of Fowler, St. Lawrence Co., NY.

At Chaumont, Sept. 12, 1858, by Rev. J. A. Canfield, Mr. ALVIN WARNER, to Miss CAROLINE AUSTIN, both of Brownville.

In Orleans, on the 22d ult., MRS. MARY J., consort of NICHOLAS WALTZ, in the 25th year of her age.

In Canton, August 31, 1858, of consumption, ANNA, wife of PAINE CONVERSE, Esq., sheriff of St. Lawrence Co., age 57 years.

At the Water Cure, in Surrey, England, on the 14th inst., GEORGE COMBE. This distinguished Phrenologist was born in Edinburgh in 1788, and has always resided there. (medium length obituary)

September 23, 1858, p. 3:

On the 16th inst., by Rev. P. Morse, Mr. ISAAC P. POWERS to Miss LORINDA I. LAMON, both of this village.

On the 15th inst., by Eld. G. S. Warren, at the residence of the bride's father in Orleans, Mr. CHARLES S. SMITH, to Miss EUGENIA M. WARREN, both of Orleans.

At Canandaigua, NY, Wednesday, Sept. 15th by the Rev. Dr. Daggett, JOHN L. HOTCHKIN of Watertown, NY to Miss MARY C. ROBINSON, daughter of ROBERT ROBINSON, Esq., of Canandaigua.

In Pamelia, on the 18th inst., by Rev. F. H. Stanton, Mr. SAMUEL POPPLE of Bloomington, ILL, to MRS. RACHEL POPPLE, of Pamelia.

At his residence in Pamelia, on the 12th inst., ORVIS GOULDING, Esq., of congestion of the brain, age 48 years.

In the village of Waterford, Saratoga Co., NY, JOHN A. RICHARDSON, son of JOHN RICHARDSON, of this village, age 26 years. His disease was the asthma and affection of the heart.

At Perch River, on the 7th inst., in the enjoyment of Christian hope, Mr. ORLANDO NELLIS, in the 28th year of his age.

On the 12th day of July, 1858, Mr. MARTIN SMITH, of Jackson Co., Iowa, formerly of Orleans, Jeff. Co., NY, age 69 years.

In Rutland, Sept. 9th, WILLIAM CLIFT, son of WM. A. and HARRIETTE E. WINSLOW, age 2 months and 20 days.

At Dexter, Sept. 10th, SARAH JANE, daughter of ROBERT R. and SARAH J. BELL, in the fourth year of her age.

On the 10th inst., of typhoid fever, in Newark, Allegan Co., Mich. DOCTOR ORVILLE R. FLOWER, age 27 years. He was a son of the late NATHAN M. FLOWER of Theresa, in this county. He pursued the study of his profession under the instruction of his brother-in-law, DR. CARPENTER, and graduated at Buffalo in 1853. He moved to Michigan about two years ago and was in active practice up to the time of his death. He leaves a young wife and a large circle of relatives to mourn his death.

The New York Reformer, Thursday, September 23, 1858, Page 2:

The LeRay Tragedy
Inquiries are often made concerning the wife whose miserly husband and beautiful children were destroyed by fire in the town of LeRay last Spring. We learn that Mrs. Comstock returned to her desolated home a few weeks after the occurrence and, though she had a long and terribly struggle with her agony, her reason maintained its throne. She returned again to Auburn, where she had been under medical treatment, and at last accounts was doing well.

September 30, 1858, p. 4:

In Oswego, Aug. 5, by Rev. Dr. Condit, WILLIAM LORD, JR., of Brownville, and Miss LUCINDA S. MILES, formerly of Watertown.

At C. C. Chadwick's Hotel, Theresa, on the 23d Sept. 1858, by G. W. Cornwell, Esq., Mr. AMOS M. CASE, to Miss SARAH M. SMITH, both of Clayton, Jeff. Co.

At. St. Lawrence, Jeff. Co., Sept. 18th, by Rev. E. W. Pierce, WILLIAM L. WILCOX, of Janesville, Wis., to ELIZABETH MILLER, of St. Lawrence, Jeff. Co., NY

On the 22d inst., by Rev. G. M. Jenks, Mr. GEORGE W. HAMMOND, to Miss FANNIE L. SAWYER, both of Watertown.

On the evening of the 22d September, at the Parsonage, Orleans 4 Corners, by Rev. M. W. Empie, Mr. CHESTER FULTS of Orleans, and Miss ELIZA A. WALTER, Theresa.

On the 15th inst., by the Rev. A. Chapin, Mr. ANDREW J. COTTRELL, to Miss HARRIET E. McKEE, both of Sandy Creek.

At Manlius, Onondaga Co., on the 16th inst., by Rev. Edward Moyses, CHARLES ROLLIN REMINGTON, of Watertown, to Miss HELLEN M. WARREN, of the former place.

At Alexandria, on the 14th inst., at the residence of H. L. White, Esq., by Rev. Mr. Benton, of Theresa, Mr. HIRAM K. KORNELL, of Lysander, Onondaga Co., to HARRIET S. BROWN of Alexandria.

In this village, September 22d, by Rev. T. Babcock, Rector of Trinity Church, Mr. GUSTAVUS S. WALLRAFF, of Redwood, to Miss SARAH BELL ARMSTRONG, of Watertown.

On the 22nd of August last, at his residence in Smithville, Mr. HARRY TAYLOR, age 57 years. Mr. Taylor was taken with the apoplexy, of a Thursday evening, after the burial of a little daughter, and died on the next Sunday, and without having been able even so much as to speak to his distressed family. He leaves a widow and several highly respected children to mourn his loss.

At Philadelphia, Jeff. Co., on the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 22d, of dysentery, STANLEY BURT, only child of DAVID J. and SOPHRONIA BODMAN WAGER, age 8 months.

At Newcomb City, McDonough Co., Ill. On the 17th of July last, of intermittent fever, HENRY P. FARWELL, age 28 years. The deceased formerly lived in Denmark, Lewis Co., and removed West about three years since, where he has been teaching a high school.

In the village of Champion, on Monday the 20th inst., in the comfort of a reasonable religious and hole hope and deeply beloved and lamented by a large circle of relatives and friends, EMMA F., daughter of WARD HUBBARD, Esq., age 23 years and 3 months.

October 7, 1858, p. 4:

At the residence of the bride's father, JOHN KENNEDY, Esq., on the 29th ult, by the Rev. O. P. Pitcher, Mr. D. M. CORY with Miss ANGELINE C. KENNEDY, both of LeRay.

On the 19th of August, at Castallon Springs, Miss., by Rev. Mr. Freeman, of Jackson, Mr. THOMAS F. ELLERBE, of S. C. to Miss ANN E. BISHOP, formerly of Jeff. Co., NY and eldest daughter of Rev. J. F. BISHOP. The bride will be remembered as a former contributor to the Reformer, who left this county some three years ago to teach in the female college at Castallon Springs, where she has since been engaged in a twofold sense.

Sept. 30th by Rev. A. A. Thayer, Mr. NORMAN DAVIS, and Miss PRUDENCE M. DYER, both of Evans Mills.

On the 29th September, by Rev. M. W. Empie, at the house of the bride's father, Mr. ENOS W. COVELL, and Miss ELIZA M. TIMERMAN, both of Orleans.

At the house of the bride's father, on the 5th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. H. F. ZIMMERMAN, to Miss LIBBIE LORD, both of Brownville.

By Rev. J. F. Dayan, in Cape Vincent, on the afternoon of the 29th ult, at the residence of the bride's father, W. R. PARISH, Esq., Mr. HENRY IRVIN of LaFargeville, Jeff. Co., NY to Miss ESTHER A. PARISH of the former place.

Also, by the same, in the Wilson Settlement in Cape Vincent, on the eve of the 30th ult, at the house of Philip Kirchnor, Esq., Mr. GABRIEL KLOTE?, to Miss MARY McCENN, both of Cape Vincent.

Also by the same, at his residence in the village of Cape Vincent, on Sunday evening, the 3rd instant, Mr. JOHN AUTEY, to Miss ESTHER BROWN, both of Cape Vincent.

In Rodman, on the 28d inst., LEICESTER LE GROSS, age 30 years. In 1850, he united with the Congregational Church in this place.

At Champion, Sept. 10th at the residence of her son, MAJ. C. J. JOHNSON, MRS. POLLY JOHNSON, widow of the late J. C. JOHNSON, M.D., age 86 years, 5 months and 20 days. She, with her husband came to this county in 1809, where they resided during their lives, the doctor following his profession until a few years before his death in 1841.

At her residence in this village, on the 4th inst., MRS. NANCY A. PORTER, widow of the late ROBERT PORTER, of consumption, age 37 years. Her death leaves a family of five orphan children. The funeral will be at her residence on Factory Street today, Wednesday, at 12 o'clock.

On the 22d of August last, at his residence in Smithville, Mr. HARRY TYLER, age 57 years.

October 14, 1858, p. 1:

In LaFargeville, Oct. 5th, by Rev. H. Ward, Mr. J. E. SYLVESTER to Miss C. D. FLANSBURGH.

At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. WM. MARTIN, in Hounsfield on the 4th inst., by the Rev. Jason McKee, Mr. LEONARD L. PECK, of Missouri, to Miss SUSAN M. MARTIN.

At Great Bend, Oct. 3d, by Rev. L. P. Day, Mr. FRANKLIN A. ASHCRAFT to Miss ANICE E. ADNER, both of Wilna.

Also, by the same, Oct. 6th in Philadelphia, Jeff. Co., Mr. JOSHUA A. ROBERTS, of Felt's Mills, to Miss MARY ALLIS, of Philadelphia.

In this village, on Tuesday evening, the 5th inst., by the Rev. T. Babcock, Mr. WILLIAM BARBER to Miss MARY BOYD, all of Watertown.

On the 10th inst., by Fred Emerson, Esq., JOHN C. LEWIS, Esq., to Miss ELIZA A. BENNETT, both of Watertown.

At Three Mile Bay, Oct. 10, by Rev. D. Dye, FRANK PEO, of Cape Vincent, to Miss MARY H. MULLIN, of Watertown.

In Trinity Church, in this village, on Wednesday evening, the 6th inst., by the Rev. T. Babcock, the Rector, GEO. A. BAGLEY, Esq., to Miss PAULINA SABINE, only daughter of Col. A. W. CLARK, of the Northern NY Journal.

In this village, on the evening of the 6th, of consumption, CORNELIA E. FOWLER, younger daughter of EDWARD FOWLER, deceased, age 28 years.

At his residence in Cussewago Township, Crawford Co., PA, on Sunday, Sept. 12, JAMES MORRIS, formerly of Carthage, in this county, in the 68th year of his age.

Of consumption, at his father's residence near Rochester, on the morning of the 8th inst., WM. R. OSBORN, of the firm of Gennett & Osborn of this village. A sermon will be preached by the Rev. Mr. Snyder at the 2d Presbyterian Church next Sabbath morning.

At Pillar Point, Oct. 7th, of dropsy of the heart, MRS. BETSEY ALGER, wife of J. L. ALGER, age 42 years.

October 21, 1858, p. 4:

In the St. James Church, of Theresa, on Wednesday eve. Of the 6th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Benton, Mr. GEORGE DRESSER, to Miss CAROLINE, only daughter of ALEX COOPER, both of the above place.

Oct. 12, by Rev. F. H. Stanton, Mr. S. A. MERRIMAN, of Rutland, and Miss M. CLARK, of the same place.

At the parsonage, in 3 Mile Bay, Oct. 14, by the Rev. D. Dye, Mr. CHARLES W. MARSHALL and Miss FANNY F. HUSE, both of Cape Vincent.

On the 12th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. H. L. Grose, L. J. BIGELOW, Esq., of this place, and Miss HATTIE E. ROUNDS of Mannsville.

In Watertown, on the evening. Of Monday, the 18th inst., EDWARD SPENCER, eldest son of L. M. and LEEFA L. STOWELL, age 10 years, six months and eighteen days.

In New Orleans, Sept. 13, BYRON F. COOK, only son of the late Rev. E. P. COOKE, after a sickness of two weeks from the yellow fever now prevailing in that city. Mr. Cook was born in Jeff. Co., 1826. He attended Hamilton College and graduated at age 22. He united with Rev. Mr. Brayton's Church in Watertown. And then united with the Presbyterian Church of Louisiana. He has for the last five years resided in Louisiana and commenced the practice of law in New Orleans some four years since. He left a mother and two sisters.

At his residence on Gotham Hill, near Watertown, Oct. 14, JEREMY ROGERS, age 82 years. He was ill but a few days, and old age seemed the cause of his death. He was a member of the Baptist church for a long time.

In this village, on the 18th instant, GEORGE FARNHAM, Esq., in his 63d year.

October 28, 1858, p. 3:

In Hudson, Oct. 18th, by Rev. L. Smith Hobert, ALBERT MOFFATT, of Lane, Ill., and MARY BEASOM, of Hudson, Michigan

On the 14th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. ORVILLE CUMMINGS, to Miss JANE A. THURSTIN, both of Black River.

At Clayton, Oct. 14th, by the Rev. G. W. Divoll, Mr. LUCIUS BOARDMAN, of Grindstone Island, to Miss MARGARET SEYMOUR of Clayton.

Also, at the same place, Oct. 17th, by the same, Mr. JOHN FORBES to Miss MARTHA SANDERSON, both of Stone Mills.

Also at Millen's Bay, Oct. 20th, by the same, Mr. ROBERT IRVIN, to Miss AREIS C. MILLEN, both of Millen's Bay.

October 21st, by Rev. J. W. Armstrong, Mr. JOHN A. WELCH, of Hammond, to Miss L. B. WHITE, of Pamelia.

In West Martinsburgh, Oct. 19th, by Rev. G. W. Elwood, G. S. McFARLAND, to Miss MARINDA BATES, all of the above place.

Also, at the same time and by the same, Mr. STEPHEN S. KLING of Seward, NY to Miss ANN JENNETTE HOYT of Martinsburgh.

Suddenly, in Handsborough, Miss., on the 10th instant, HENRY W. HORTON, formerly of this village, age about 30 years.

Near Smithville, CHARLES A. EDDY, son of WM. & CALISTA EDDY, in the 12th year of his age.

November 4, 1858, p. 4:

On the morning of the 25th inst., at Adams, by the Rev. M. C. Manning, Mr. T. S. GRAVES of Watertown, to Miss MARY E. TEMPLETON of Ellisburgh.

On Saturday afternoon, Oct. 23d, MRS. ELIZABETH BENEDICT, wife of G. L. FARNHAM, superintendent of city schools of Syracuse, at the age of 32.

On the 15th inst., FRANCES IDA, daughter and only child of MELVIN and FRANCES GUNN, age 9 years. Mrs. Gunn, with her little daughter, was on a visit to their friends in Oneida County, where she sickened and died suddenly. Her remains were brought home and interred at Perch River on Tuesday, the 19th inst.

In Orleans, the 28d inst., Mr. PETER MILLER, in the 84th year of his age. He was literally worn out and sank peacefully to rest.

November 11, 1858, p. 4:

In Belleville, Oct. 27th, by the Rev. J. D. Houghton, Mr. NAHUM C. HOUGHTON and Miss MARIETTA WARRINER, both of Belleville.

On the 27th Oct., at the parsonage, Orleans 4 Corners, by Rev. M. W. Empie, Mr. ASA A. TIMERMAN, and Miss ELIZABETH WAGGONER, both of Orleans.

At the residence of the bride's parents, in Lyme, Oct. 26th, by Rev. D. Dye, Mr. FRANCIS C. CLINE, and Miss KATE M. INGALLS, both of Lyme, Jeff. Co., NY.

At the residence of the bride's father, in North Adams, Mass., Oct. 25, 1858, by the Rev. Miles Sanford, Mr. JOHN SCHRAM, of Adams, N.Y., and Miss MARY L. KING, of the former place.

In this village, Oct. 21st, 1858, by Rev. C. N. Chandler, Mr. CHARLES E. WEBB, of Denitt, Iowa, and Miss LIZZY S. CLARK, of the former place.

Also, at the Kirby House, Nov. 6, by the same, Mr. JOHN A. FAUCETT of Loraine, and Miss CLARISSA CADY of Hounsfield.

In Cape Vincent, Nov. 3rd, at the residence of David F. Percy, by Rev. E. W. Peirce, Mr. ITHAMER BARBER, to MARY M. WATKINS, all of Cape Vincent.

Also, by the same, in Clayton, Nov. 4th, Mr. JEREMIAH SHELL, to Miss JANE E. SHELDON, all of Clayton.

At the Woodruff Hoouse, in this village on the 6th inst., by Rev. P. Morse, Mr. GEORGE D. STERRETT, of Watertown, and Miss EMILY THOMPSON, of Alexandria.

At the residence of the bride's father, J. F. Mc LAUGHLIN, Esq., on Tuesday, the 19th ult, by Rev. S. Parks, NORRIS WINSLOW, of this place, to Miss JENNIE McLAUGHLIN, of Troy, N.Y.

At his residence, in Rodman, on the 4th of Nov. instant, COL. ORA COOLEY, of apoplexy, in the sixty-second year of his age. The deceased retired to his bed on the evening previous in good health and excellent spirits. His heavy and choked breathing awoke his wife, but before a light could be procured he had ceased to breathe. (followed by long obituary extolling his virtues) His funeral was attended on the Sabbath after his death, and the consolations of the gospel were administered by the venerable Father Spear.

At Handsboro, on the 18th inst. GEORGE S. RANSOM, age 80 years, formerly of Watertown, Jeff. Co., NY.

In Hounsfield, Jeff. Co., Sept. 30th, 1858, MRS. ELIZA H. YORK, wife of Mr. MARVIN C. YORK, and daughter of WESLEY and CATHARINE VAN VALKENBURGH, in the 32nd year of her age. She was connected with the M. E. Church of Sackets Harbor.

In Sterlingville, on the 26th of Oct. Mr. GEORGE WEAVER, in the 77th year of his age.

November 18, 1858, p. 1:

On the 9th inst., by Rev. M. W. Empie, in Watertown, Mr. LANSING HOYER of Warren, Herkimer Co., and Miss HANNAH T. HUTCHENS of Watertown.

In Adams, Nov. 11th by Eld. A. Campbell, Mr. EDWARD KNIGHT, and Miss LUTHERA SARGANT, both of Hounsfield.

By Rev. D. Simons, Nov. 10th, Dr. A. S. THOMPSON and Miss E. S. KIBLING, both of Ellisburgh.

By Rev. P. Snyder, Oct. 21st, CHARLES A. MISER, to Miss EMILY COFFEEN, both of Rutland.

By the Same, Oct. 27th, TRUMAN GROMMON, of Adams, to Miss MARY FIDELIA CASTLER of Dexter.

By the same on the 10th inst., SAMUEL Y. WAIT, to Miss FANNIE ELIZA PUFFER, both of Evans Mills.

By the same, on the 15th inst., WM. AUGUSTUS BAUM, of Ogdensburgh, to Miss MARY ADELAIDE MOSELY, of this village.

At his residence, in Brownville, Sunday, Oct. 24th, DR. JESSE AYERS, age 67 years. Dr. Ayers in early childhood, in company with his father's family removed from his birthplace, Woodstock, Vermont, to this then new and wilderness county of Jefferson. The locality selected by the father for a residence was in the southern part of Watertown, near Fields' Settlement. But a short time elapsed after their settlement there where the subject was deprived of a father's counsel and guidance. His father was among the first to respond to the “call to arms” in defense of his country, during her second and last struggle with Great Britain. He died a prisoner of war at Quebec. While yet a mere lad, Dr. Ayers fixed his mind upon the profession of medicine as an object for which to strive—and animated by the same steadfastness of purpose. He commenced practice in Brownville where he resided for 30 years. He was elected to the office of supervisor of the town last February. He was both husband and father. Transcriber's note: Jesse was the son of John Ayers and Hannah Winslow. John served in the War of 1812 and was taken prisoner; he died in Halifax, Nova Scotia. See: Pioneer Families of Abram Graves and John Ayers, this site.

On Wednesday, the 3d inst., at his residence in Wilna, Mr. WM. GRAHAM, of dropsy of the heart, age 52 years. He leaves a widow and ten children to mourn his sudden death.

In Hansboro, Miss, on the 18th inst. Mr. SIDNEY OTIS, age 35 years, 1 month and 10 days. But a few months since the subject of this obituary was married, and looked forward to a long life of prosperity and happiness. He was a native of Watertown, Jeff. Co., NY. --Hansboro, Miss. Gazette

November 25, 1858. Page 1:

On the 17th Inst., by Rev. G. M. Jenks, at the bride's father's, in Champion, Mr. DWIGHT HUBBARD, of Denmark to Miss TEMPERANCE THOMPSON, of the former place.

On the 28th Oct., at Orleans 4 Corners, by Daniel Eddy, Esq., Mr. CHRISTOPHER CLARY and Miss BETSEY ANN TIMERMAN, both of Orleans.

At Governeur, on the 16th inst., by Rev. Geo. S. Boardman, DD of Carmonia, GEORGE B. BOARDMAN of Watertown to HELEN M. PARSONS, of Keokuk, Iowa.

On the 16th inst. At the residence of the bride's father, in Middle Granville, NY, by Rev. G. G. Saxe, MILTON H. MERWIN, Esq., of Watertown, NY, and HELEN F. KNAPP.

At Theresa, Nov. 15th by Rev. C. W. Treadwell, Mr. GEORGE H. STROUGH, at Orleans, to Miss BERSINA M. BALLARD, of Theresa.

Also, by the same, on the same evening, Mr. ANDREW J. CHRYSTLER, to Miss ELLEN COMSTOCK, both of Theresa.

In Watertown, on the 16th inst., of dropsy, JULIA F. HOTCHKIN, in the 15th year of her age, daughter of the late J. B. Hotchkin.

Nov. 20th, at 1 o'clock, at the house of his son, JOHN WARRINGTON, of palsy, age 86. He came from Derbyshire, England to America, about 40 years ago. Eleven of his twelve children and his wife had died before him. His end was peaceful, as might be expected of one who had been more than 40 years a Christian.

In this village, on the 8th inst., ERNEST, son of H. and FANNY CARTER, age 2 years, 10 months.

In Watertown, on the morning of the 19th, MRS. NABBY WELCH, age 69 years.

In Rodman, on the 5th inst., JOHN DEAN, age 72.

Transcriber's Note: cemetery stone suggests he was age 80.

December 2, 1858, p. 3:

At Theresa, Nov. 24th, by Rev. C. W. Treadwell, Mr. GEORGE E. YOST, to Miss EVA STOCKWELL, both of Theresa.

In Adams, Nov. 17th 1858, by Rev. Jas. Summerbell, Mr. JOHN A. SNELL of Watertown, and Miss MARY D. FEILER?, of Adams.

In Theresa, Nov. 17th, by the Rev. James M. Freeman, Rev. GEORGE H. WHITNEY, A.B. Principal of Macedon Academy, Wayne Co., NY, to CARRIE A. SHEPARD, eldest daughter of Rev. HIRAM SHEPARD of Black River Conference.

By Castor C. Bailey, South Rutland, Nov. 20th, Mr. B. M. LYLE of Montague, to Miss L. DUNAWAY of Lorraine.

At Sheboygan, Wis., Nov. 11th, by Rev. I. Morton, at the residence of W. W. Huson, Mr. JOHN HUSON of Sheboygan, to MRS. MAHALA COFFEEN, formerly of this place.

In Theresa, by the Rev. H. Shepard, on the 25th ult, Mr. ESRA A. WATERS to Miss MELISSA McDANIELS, all of Theresa.

In this village on Wednesday, the 24th ult., WILLIAM SMITH in the 52nd year of his age. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Babcock of the Episcopal Church. (long obituary)

At his residence in Pamelia, Nov. 10th 1858, JAMES ROGERS, age 66 years.

At Pamelia 4 Corners, Nov. 1th MRS. LOUISA S., wife of GEO. H. COUNTRYMAN, and daughter of ANSEL MILLS, age 32 years.

In Pamelia, on Wednesday, the 23d Nov. ultimo, Mr. THERON CONVERSE, age 85 years. He was one of our old men, and had been accounted so for a great many years. He had been here half a century, and many of our gray headed men have grown up from early boyhood since he came here in 1807 and established a shop for the manufacture of hats. He was born in Litchfield, Connecticut in 1778, where he lived until 1798, when he came to Oneida County. In 1807 he came to Rutland, where he remained one year and then in 1808 to Watertown. He was the first hatter in our town and had his shop on the south shore of the Black River, at the bridge which crosses to Failings in a building which had been erected by Isaac and Barnabas Cutler for a distillery. He discontinued the hatting business in 1815, when he removed to the farm in Pamelia, where he died. He had a family of 14 children, who grew up to full age before there was any death in their circle.

In Henderson, on Friday, Nov. 19th, 1858, EPHRAIM, son of WILLIAM and LUCINDA RAY, age 20 years.

In Utica, on the 26th ult, MRS. SARAH MILLER, relict of JABEZ MILLER, SEN., in the 79th year of age.

In this village, on the 8th ult, ERNEST, so of H. E. and FANNY CARTER, age 9 years and 10 months.

December 9 1858, p. 4:

On Thursday, Nov. 11th at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. A. J. Morrison, NATHANIEL G. GRANT, Esq., formerly of Antwerp, NY, to Miss ANN MARIA TYLER, eldest daughter of BENJAMIN TYLER, all of Wrightstown, Brown Co., Wis.

At the Hermitage, on the 4th instant, by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. SIMEON W. LEWIS of South Rutland, to Miss ELIZABETH W. MENNIE, of Watertown.

At the parsonage in Theresa, December 2, by the Rev. H. Shepard, Mr. CHARLES HENRY MILLER, to Miss MARY CATHARINE TYLER, all of Theresa.

At the Kirby House, by Rev. F. H. Stanton, Mr. M. McKEE and Miss L. WESTCOTT, both of Sacketts Harbor.

In Watertown, NY on the 26th of Nov. of consumption, ELI HOTCHKIN, in the 77th year of his age, father of B. P. HOTCHKIN of this village.

At his residence in Pamelia, Nov. 22d, 1858, JAMES ROGERS, age 66 years.

December 16, 1858, p. 2:

On Thursday, Sept. 16, 1858, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. P. Snyder, Mr. R. A. KARR to Miss C. E. STEVENS, eldest daughter of SALMON S. STEVENS, Esq., all of Watertown.

Dec. 8Th, by the Rev. Ward W. Hunt, Mr. JAMES ORMISTON to Miss HARRIET WEAVER, both of Wilna.

In Dorset, VT Dec. 9th by Rev. P. S. Pratt, REV. QUINCY BLAKELY, of Rodman, NY and Miss GERTRUDE SYKES of Dorset.

At her residence in Hounsfield, on the 7th inst., MRS. EMELINE INGLEHART, consort of C. W. INGLEWHART, Esq., in the 49th year of her age. She was a wife and mother.

On the 5th inst., in this village, of congestive fever, KATIE, daughter of HENRY and MARY M. CADWELL, age 2 years, 3 months and 15 days.

At his residence in Wilna, of a cancer in the face, Mr. WILLIAM DAWLEY in the 69th year of his age.

December 23, 1858, p. 1:

On the 9th inst., at the residence of O. V. Brainard, Esq., by Rev. Isaac Brayton, ALBERT P. BRAYTON, JR. and CARRIE SEYMOUR.

At Rodman, Dec. 17, 1858, by Rev. H. O. Tilden, Mr. HENRY C. CHURCHILL, of Evans Mills, and Miss MARY CASE of Rodman.

In Pamelia, on the 15th inst., by the Rev. M. W. Empie, Mr. JOHN F. WAGGONER of Danube, NY and Miss DELILAH WAGGONER, of the former place.

At LaFargeville, on the 18th Dec., by Daniel Eddy, Esq., Mr. HIRAM SPICER and Miss HULDAH J. KNIGHT, both of Alexandria.

In this village, Dec. 15, FRANCIS DEAUBRAUR SIGMAN, age 9 years, 2 mos., and 19 days, daughter of HENRY SIGMAN, Esq.,

In Plaquemine, Parish of Iberville, LA, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, MARY PAMELIA WORSHAM, wife of PETER F. JENNINGS, in the 28th year of her age.

December 30, 1858, p. 4:

On Monday evening, Dec. 20th at the residence of the bride's father, in Brownville, by the Rev. J. De.Larme, Mr. F. B. BEASOM of Hudson, Mich., and Miss MARCIA FOX.

By the Rev. J. Clark, at the house of Mr. C. P. Plumb, in the town of Brownville, Dec. 23rd, Mr. CHARLES R. ALLEN and Miss SUSAN C. ALLEN, both of Brownville.

In Theresa, Dec. 23d by the Rev. H. Shepard, at the residence of Rev. Lonson Cheesman, Mr. NELSON EDWIN SIMONS, of Theresa, and Miss ANN PATTEN of Rossie.
Also, at the same time and place, Mr. JOHN H. SIMONS and Miss LORINDA CHEESMAN, both of Theresa.

In Redwood, Jeff. Co., at the residence of the bride's mother, On Wednesday, Dec. 22, by the Rev. James Gregg, Mr. J. L. NORTON of Redwood, and Miss HELEN A., daughter of the late L. W. DeZANG, at the same place.

In San Francisco, on Tuesday evening, Nov. 9th, by Rev. R. P. Cutler, WILLIAM SHERMAN, President of the San Francisco Board of Education and Miss ANNA MARGARET, second daughter of G. I. SHEW, of this village.

In Lorraine, Jeff. Co., Dec. 22d, b the Rev. L. P. Day, Mr. CHARLES W. MIDDLETON and Miss HARRIET C. BROWN, daughter of Parley Brown, Esq., of Lorraine.

In Champion, Dec. 8, 1858, by Rev. C. N. Chandler, Mr. A. S. HALE of Broderick Field, Penn., and Miss M. C. PECK of the former place.

Also, in this village by the same, Dec. 22nd, Mr. HENRY GORDINIER of Rodman and Miss JULIETTE WOODWARD of the former place.

In Watertown, Dec. 24, 1858, MRS. MINERVA R. PALMER, age 52 years. A member of the Baptist Church since 1823. Her disease was a cancer. Rev. C. N. Chandler preached a sermon at Copenhagen, her former place of residence.

In Pamelia, on the 16th inst., Miss EMILINE PARKER, age 58 years.

In Brownville, on the 15th inst., CARLTON C. SMITH in the 60th year of his age.

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