A semi-weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY, 1866-1918, by A.H. Hall.It began with the July 19, 1866 issue.


April - June 1887

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April 1887

April 6, 1887, p. 5:

At Lowville, March 22, 1887, by Rev. D. D. Dean, CLARK VARY of Harrisburg, and Miss JOSIE E. BENNET of Lowville.

At Carthage, NY, March 21, by Rev. J. V. Shurts, CLINTON W. DAVIS of LeRay and Miss NELLIE L. FREDENBURG of West Carthage.

At Naumburgh, Lewis Co., March 28, by Rev. W. F. Tooke, FRED W. SANDERSON of West Carthage and Miss HATTIE H. ROBERTS.

At West Carthage, March 23, By Rev. W. F. Tooke, GEORGE M. BENNETT of West Carthage, and Miss JENNIE L. BRADLEY of Prescott, Ont.

At the residence of Mr. John Tamblin, Stone Street, March 30, by Rev. James Coote, Mr. LOWELL F. GARNSEY of Clayton, NY and Miss MINNIE L. TAMBLIN of Watertown.

At the Keep Home in this city, March 30, by Rev. Richmond Fisk, WILLIAM SEAVER and MRS. ELMORE H. RAWSON both residing at the Keep Home, Watertown, NY.

At the home of the bride on Plank Road, March 31, by the Rev. D. N. Stoddard, Mr. CLINTON E. WRIGHT to Miss GRACE L. ALLEN.

At his home in Stockbridge, Calumet Co., WI, March 10, 1887, JOHN CROUCH, age 78 years, 7 months, formerly of Brownville.

At Felt's Mills, March 28, JOSIAH DRAKE, age 74 years, 11 months.

In the town of Brownville, March 30, HIRAM A. PRATT, age 70 years, 11 months, 12 days.

At West Carthage, March 21, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. FRED FULTON, age 6 days.

In Ellisburg, March 16, EPHAN, widow of PETER BETTINGER, and mother of DELOS and PHILETUS BETTINGER of Ellisburgh, and MRS. HARRIET LOM? of Mannsville.

At Lawrence, Mich., March 22, MRS. LOUISE TAYLOR, wife of WILLIAM TAYLOR of Adams Centre.

In Adams, March 26, MRS. SOPHRIANA WITHINGTON, age 85 years.

In Theresa, March 26, MRS. MARGARET SPRAGUE, age 42 years, 8 days.

In Pamelia, March 31, ALFRED LAFAVE, age 56 years.

In Gouverneur, St. Lawrence Co., March 25, PROVIDENCE FOSTER BOLTON, age 75 years.

Near Sackets Harbor, April 2, SYLVENUS TYLER, age 82 years.

In this city, April 3, JEREMIAH HOLLAND, age 68? years.

In this city, April 3, ANN HOPPER, mother of MRS. A. W. ROBLIN, age 82 years.

At Ovid, NY April 3, SEYMOUR B. YENDES, age 38 years.

In this city, April 1, ORA A., son of HENRY and BLANCHE SNYDER, age 3 months, 1 day.

At Chicago, March 28, NETTIE A. ROSE, wife of W. D. ROSE, formerly of Watertown, age 34 years.

At Clayton Centre, April 1, JAMES D. GLOYD, age 75 years.

Also, lines written on the death of MRS. JAS. LARABEE by her daughter, F. C. (see column)

April 13, 1887, p. 6:

In Carthage, March 30, by Rev. J. V. Shurts, DON A. WILCOX and Miss ETTA BLOOD of Harrisville, NY.

In Lowville, March 30, by Rev. L. B. Noulton, HIRAM C. DOUD, of Lowville, and MRS. JULIA REED of East Watertown.

At the home of the bride, April 5th, by Rev. J. B. Kenyon, Mr. ADELBERT A. DANIELS and Miss EMMA DIEFENDORF, both of Chaumont.

A very pleasant affair took place Wednesday afternoon, at the residence of the bride's parents, No. 16 Boyd Street. It was the marriage of FRANK OLMSTEAD and Miss CLARA HERRICK, daughter of F. M. HERRICK, one of the proprietors of the Watertown Post. The Cermony was performed by Rev. S. A. Hayt, of the Presbyterian Church...

At the residence of the bride's parents in Chaumont, Tuesday, April 5, occurred the marriage of Miss EMMA, daughter of J. R. DIEFENDORF to ADELBERT DANIELS, son of T. DANIELS of Clayton. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. B. Kenyon in the presence of about 60 friends and relatives. At half past three o'clock, MRS. J. B. KENYON took her place at the piano, and played the wedding march...Miss AGGIE HORTON was bridesmaid and JOHN GEORGE was groomsman...

In Clayton, April 3, NINA, wife of CALVIN DEWEY of Duluth.

In Lafargeville, April 3, MRS. GEORGE LAMSON.

In Antwerp, April 3, Miss MARY L. BOOKS, age 40 years, 11 months, 26 days.

In Antwerp, March 31, infant daughter of JAMES and CATHARINE QUINNE, age 11 months.

In Limerick, Jan. 18, Mr. EDWARD JAMES, age 81 years, 10 months, 15 days.

At Black River, April 5, JOSEPH LEE, age 74 years, 7 months.

In the town of Orleans, April 4th, ADA M., daughter of JOHN and KATE WETTERHAHN, age 5 weeks.

At Dexter, April 4, Miss GERTRUDE ANDERSON, age 16 years, 2 months, 21 days.

In this city, Tuesday, April 5, infant son of COLLINS and CATHERINE E. LAITZ.

In this city, April 5th, ALICE E., oldest daughter of WILLIAM and ALICE HESLOP, age 14 years, 6 months, 3 days.

In this city, April 6, MARY S., widow of the late MARINE RICKERSON, age 72 years.

In this city, April 6, CATHERINE, wife of the late GEORGE DRISCOLL, age 40 years.

In this city, April 8, JAMES WHALEY, age 65 years.

In Evans Mills, April 7th, PHILIP HELMER, age 61 years, 7 months, 8 days.

In this city, April 8, FRITZE C. BUSH, age 21 years, 11 months, 17 days.

At East Hounsfield, April 8, GERTRUDE FLORENCE, daughter of WILLIAM and ELLA ACKERMAN, age 2 years, 9 months, 8 days.

In this city, April 8, JAMES WHALEY, age 58 years.

At Lafargeville, April 3, ALICE A. LAMSON, age 36 years, 1 month, 8 days.

In this city, April 10, JULIA TOMY, age 70 years.

Entered into rest at the U. S. Naval Station in Sackets Harbor, April 11, Lt. CHARLES V. MORRIS, age 84 years, 11 months, son of Gen. JACOB MORRIS. Funeral from Christ's Church at Sackets Harbor, on Wednesday, April 13 at 3 p.m. The remains will be escorted to the cemetery by a detachment of the 12th U. S. Infantry and buried with military honors.

April 20, 1887, p. 2:

In Canton, St. Lawrence Co., April 8th, by Rev. Dr. J. S. Lee, GROVENOR F. HAZLETON and Miss LINNIE E. EVANS, both of W. Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co.

In Adams, March 31, by Rev. D. W. Stoddard, CLINTON E. WRIGHT and Miss GRACE L. ALLEN

In Antwerp, April 5th, of consumption, AMELIA, wife of GEORGE MYERS, age 20 years, 11 months.

In Champion, April 8, GEORGE A., son of Mr. and Mrs. ISAAC BOHALL, age 13 years.

In Leray, April 9, MRS. MARY NOTE, age 77 years, 11 months.

In this city, April 12, MARY ELIZABETH, daughter of JOHN and ANN WARD, age 26 years, 1 month, 17 days.

Near Evans Mills, April 13, PETER HELMER, age 65 years, 3 months, 15 days.

At Dexter, April 2, JOHN HOWK, age 79 years.

At her home, Pillar Point, NY, April 16, NANCY, wife of OLIN SMITH, age 37 years, 2 months, 5 days.

At S. Rutland, NY, on the 26th inst., HARRIET A., wife of AMOS F. JONAS, age 63 years, 11 months, 21 days.

At Evans Mills, April 17, NANCY BERRY, widow of the late BOWEN ROOT, age 83 years, 1 month, 17 days.

At Philadelphia, NY, April 15, Dr. CHAUNCEY HEATH, age 77 years.

At Dexter, April 9, MRS. MARY FALL, age 78 years.

In this city, April 18, FLORENCE A., daughter of DOMINICK and JANE HALEY, age 12 years, 5 months, 1 day.

At Champion, NY, on the 18th inst., PRESERVED PIERCE, age 91 years.

Mr. NELSON BOOMER and family have the sympathy of all in the death of the wife and mother which occurred April 3. She had been in poor health for some time. She was buried at Roberts Corners.

MRS. CHARLES RICKETT, who has had the inflammatory rheumatism, died Thursday night at her home. She leaves a husband and two children to mourn her loss.

It is with sadness that we announce the death of our most esteemed citizen and neighbor, Mr. NORRIS M. SHEPARDSON, which occurred Sunday morning. He was 73 years old. He had been confined to his house about four weeks. He is the last one of six children and he leaves one daughter, EUNICE SHEPARDSON, who has done all that could be done for her dear father since the death of her only sister three years ago. The wife and mother died a great many years ago...He was a member of the Baptist Church...The funeral will be held Wednesday.

April 27, 1887, p. 2:

At Montreal, April 19, Miss MINNIE E. CONROY, formerly of Watertown, and I. N. MULDOON of Montreal.

In this city, April 20 by Rev. James Foote, presiding elder of the M. E. Church, NORMAN F. FREDENBURG and MINNIE E. MOORE, both of Wells Island, NY.

In this city, April 20 at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. B. S. BRIMMER and Miss KITTIE PITCHER, both of Watertown.

In this city, April 19 by Rev. Richard G. Keys, CHARLES D. McDONALD and MARY E. PRESLEY, both of Carthage.

On Wednesday morning, April 20 at Trinity Church, Watertown, NY, by Rev. Russell A. Olin, JOSEPH MULLIN and MRS. ROSE M. BABCOCK, all of Watertown, NY.

At Stone Mills, Jefferson Co., April 6, by Rev. A. D. Belknap, LAFAYETTE POLLEY and Miss KATIE A. GREENE, both of Stone Mills.

In this city, April 21, by Rev. S. A. Hayt, BENEDICT ADOR and ANNA KOHLER, both of Watertown.

At Dexter, NY, on the 24th inst., MRS. SUSIE M. COMBS, age 30 years, 7 months.

In New York City, Sunday morning, April 24, ELIZA THOMAS, wife of Hon. A. W. CLARK and daughter of the late Dr. D. V. THOMAS of New Jersey, age 53 years.

In Orleans, Monday, April 18, Miss LYDIA PEABODY.

In Minneapolis, Minn, April 11, MRS. ALICE E. BEVIS, formerly of Antwerp, age 31 years.

In the town of Brownville, April 19, at the residence of David Zimmerman, CYNTHIA, widow of the late DAVID PHELPS, age 72 years, 11 months, 9 days.

At Felts Mills, NY, April 19, ELIZABETH B. FELT, age 70 years, 4 months, 10 days.

In this city, April 20th, JACOB HERMES age 33 years, 7 months, 10 days.

At Stone Mills, April 21, WAITSTELL COLLINS, age 22 years.

In this city, April 22, SARAH, widow of the late STEVEN GIBBS, age 88 years, 4 months, 6 days.

At Plank Road, NY, April 14, BERTHA? A., only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. STODDARD, age 5 years, 19 days.

OBITUARY - We are pained to announce the death of MRS. A. W. CLARK which occurred in New York Sunday. She had been a good deal of an invalid for a number of years and went to New York, we believe, for treatment. Her husband and family have the warmest sympathies of their friends in their great affliction.

The announcement of the death of JACOB HERMES at his residence on Academy Street, Wednesday morning, created a feeling of sadness...He died from hemorrhage of the liver. Last fall Mr. Hermes was taken suddenly ill, and since that time he has never recovered entirely from his sickness. Mr. Hermes formed a partnership with Loveland Paddock in the retail drug business about four years ago...Mr. Hermes married a daughter of THOMAS MOTHERSELL of this city and leaves a wife and child to mourn his loss.

At a special meeting of Jeffersonian Club held Wednesday evening a resolution was given for the death of JACOB HERMES...

May 1887

May 4, 1887, p. 4:

At Little Falls, NY, April 27, by Rev. G. Moore, GEO. E. VAN CAMP of Albany and Miss E. EMMA WILCOX of Little Falls.

At Theresa, NY, April 22, JAMES LOCK and Miss MAY SOPER both of that village.

In Montgomery, Penn., April 26, by Rev. Mr. Campbell, GEORGE N. CROSBY of Antwerp and Miss PAULINE S. HOUSTON of Worcester, Mass.

In Henderson, April 20, by Rev. V. G. Shaffer, WILBUR A. GOYNER of Lorraine and Miss HANNAH L. BURHAM of Henderson.

At Chicago, April 24, by Rev. J. S. Mabie, W. H. DAVIS of McCook, Neb., and Miss VIOLA REES of Clayton, NY.

At Clayton, April 20, JOHN HOGAN of Plessis and Miss ELLA McKINLEY of Orleans.

At 16 William St., by Rev. C. C. Townsend, JOHN H. RICHNER of Watertown and IDA A. MITCHELL of Pamelia Four Corners.

At Cape Vincent, April 25, by Rev. F. E. Arthur, EMMET H. KELLEY of Oregon and Miss IDA E. HUMPHREY of Cape Vincent.

At Dexter, April 29, by Rev. Alfred T. Vail, FRANK PATTERSON of Bath-on-the-Hudson, NY and Miss ANNA WOLFE of Dexter, NY.

In this city, April 28, by Rev. F. M. Ambrose, assistant pastor of St. Patrick's Church, WILLIAM DORAN and Miss RHODA SPARROW, both of Watertown.

At Sackets Harbor, April 28, by Rev. L. R. Webber, JULIUS C. BECHTEL and Miss INA M. HOLDRIDGE, both of Sackets Harbor.

At Grace Church, Utica, Wednesday evening, Miss MARY ADAMS and WILLIAM WALLACE WOTHERSPOON were made man and wife. The bride is a beautiful and accomplished young lady, daughter of Hon. CHAS. D. ADAM a prominent member of the Oneida Co. Bar. The groom is a resident of Washington and holds the position of Lieutenant of the 12th United States Infantry, which is now stationed at Sackets Harbor...

GEORGE E. VAN CAMP of Albany was united in marriage April 27, to Miss E. EMMA WILCXO, daughter of BENJAMIN WILCOX of Little Falls. GEORGE E. VAN CAMP is a rising young druggist in business in Albany and a brother of JOHN W. VAN CAMP who is employed at E. H. Thompson's store in this city, and a brother-in-law of G. B. HUNTINGTON of Theresa.

The marriage of JAMES LOCK, son of JOSEPH LOCK and Miss MAY SOPER of Theresa in that village, April 22nd, was attended by a large number of relatives and friends of both parties...

In this city, April 30, JENNIE, daughter of DAVID and CORDELIA MATHER, age 16 years, 7 months, 28 days.

In Adams, April 25, MRS. ROSA SANJULE, age 91 years, 7 months.

In Clayton, April 20, Miss JULIA BRINTNALL, age 69 years.

In Clayton, April 22, DELIA, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JOHN CANALEY, age 11 years.

At Fisher's Landing, April 13, JOANNA, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES BENSON, age 8 months, 11 days.

In this city, April 29, CLARA A., daughter of MRS. SYLVIA A. and the late GEORGE WILLARD, age 27 years, 7 months, 28 days.

In this city, April 29, RICHARD DUFFY, age 68 years, 4 months.

In the town of Hounsfield, April 28, WILLIAM B. GREEN, age 72 years, 3 months.

Of membraneous croup, April 14th, JOHNIE NEIL, age 2 years, 9 months, eldest child of JOHN T. and MARTHA VIRGINIA DELANEY of Chaumont.

At Denver, Col., on Wednesday, April 27, MRS. JULIA L. CAMP, widow of the late MAJOR E. M. CAMP, U.S.A.

At Northport, Michigan, April 24, NEWCOMB S. WHITE, age 58 years, 4 months, 10 days, formerly a resident of Pamelia, Jeff. Co., N

In this city, April 30, DANIEL MORRIS, age 58 years, 5 months, 15 days.

May 11, 1887, p. 2:

In this city, May 7, by Rev. J. B. Kenyon, BARTON CARTER and Miss MARY FAIRBANKS, both of this city.

On Thursday evening, May 5, at 49 Arsenal St., by Rev. R. A. Olin, Mr. M. W. NIMS of New York City, and MRS. ALLIE H. FORSYTH, daughter of the late C. A. HOLDEN, Esq., of this city.

In Philadelphia, NY, April 29, by Justice B. F. Brown, EDWIN E. ELLIOT, of Philadelphia, and ELIZABETH SMITH of Redwood.

At the M. E. Parsonage, in LaFargeville, May 3, by Rev. G. P. York, Mr. ELLSWORTH H. ROUSE of Stone Mills and Miss GEORGIA WESTON of Theresa.

In Sackets Harbor, May 4, Mr. H. H. .GILL and Miss MINNIE E. CONLAN, both of Sackets Harbor.

In Carthage, April 28, by Rev. P. J. O'Connell, CHARLES G. RAUHE and Miss MARY BURNS of Naumburg, Lewis County, NY.

In Carthage, April 28, by Rev. W. F. Took, ELISHA BLIM of Denmark and MRS. ADELINE R. CROOK of Crogan, Lewis Co.

At Copenhagen, April 20th, by Rev. B. F. Stanford, KIRBY A. MILLER of Carthage, and Miss MARY CUNNINGHAM of Copenhagen.

In Smithville, April 27, by Rev. V. G. Shaffer, ARTHUR W. THOMAS and Miss MATTIE SPENCER, both of Adams.

A very pleasant and happy event occurred Wednesday evening at 49 Arsenal St., the occasion being the solemnization of the marriage of ALLIE HOLDEN FORSYTH, daughter of the late C. A. HOLDEN, Esq., to VINCENT W. NIMS of New York City. The ceremony took place at 6:30 o'clock, Rev. R. A. Olin, rector of Trinity Church officiating...

In Santiago, (San Diego?) Cal., May 4, of pneumonia, MRS. MICHAEL HALEY, formerly of Watertown.

In this city, May 9, ELIZABETH, wife of K. M. BELLINGER, age 39 years, 2 months, 11 days.

At Martin Street, May 8, HELEN E. WARE, age 44 years, 2 months.

In Pamelia, May 9, NANCY, wife of JOHN J. OGSBURY, age 59 years.

At Fort Howard, Wis., May 2, FRANKIE E., son of JOHN and LUELLA COLE, formerly of Huntingtonville, NY, age 11 months, 2 days.

In this city, May 5, SAMANTHA, widow of the late PLINY MONROE, age 79 years, 6 months, 26 days.

In this city, May ?, LEWIS FREDERICK, son of LEWIS and MARY J. FRASIER, age 2 days.

At Howlet Hill, Onondaga Co., NY, April 22, DELINA COBURN, age 81 years. The remains were interred at Ellisburg, Jeff. Co., April 25.

At Roberts Corners, April 28, MRS. FRANK GRAVES, age 33 years, 2 months, 28 days.

In Adams, April 30, CLARENCE E., infant son of W. H. and HELEN H. HART, age 5 days.

In Lacona, April 28, HENRIETTA GRACE ROBBINS, age 18 years.

Near Smithville, April 19, LESTER RANNEY, age 70 years, 6 months, of paralysis.

In Carthage, April 27, FRANK GOSMAN, age 28 years.

In Sterlingville, April 28, GRACE P., wife of DELOS SWEET, age 23 years.

Died at her home near Great Bend, NY, Feb. 22, 1887, IDA J., daughter of MRS. LOIS B. REYNOLDS, age 20 years, 8 days. She had but recently returned to her home from Carthage, where she had been attending school...She was suddenly stricken down with paralysis...Rev. Mr. Olin delivered the funeral sermon...She was survived by a mother, brother and sister...

JOHN G. WAITE of Rodman, NY, died at noon Wednesday at his home in that town, at 82 years. Mr. Waite has been an invalid for the past 14 years, suffering from hear disease. He was one of the oldest residents of Rodman...Mr. Waite was born in Rome, Oneida County. He was married 53 years ago at Ithaca to ELIZABETH LATTIMORE of Ulster County, who survives him. Eleven children were born to them: ALEXANDER WAITE, killed in front of Petersburg; E. L. WAITE; J. B. WAITE; MRS. WM. CLARY, Franklin Street; MRS. E. REAMER, High Street; MRS. CLARK MONROE, State Street; MRS. DWIGHT BAILEY, North Watertown; J. HART WAITE, Adams; Miss E. WAITE. MRS. AMANDA HUNT, deceased and FLORA, dying in childhood. Two of Mr. Waite's sons, ALEXANDER and EBEN L., the assistant superintendent at the Jefferson Co. Asylum, entered the army of the Union, the former losing his life at the mine explosion before Petersburg, while the latter served through the 35th NY Volunteers, the first man to enlist from the Town of Rodman...

May 18, 1887, p. 3:

At the residence of the bride's parents in Lorraine, May 15, by Rev. G. Ernest, HORACE D. SCOVILLE of Constantia, NY to Miss CARRIE L. GROW of Lorraine, NY.

Near Pierrepont Manor, April 27, by Rev. Chas. H. Walton, assisted by Rev. George B. Fairhead, ED BALCH of Mannsville and Miss ANNA ARMSTRONG.

At Dexter, May 10th, by Rev. Alfred T. Vail, ALBERT J. ALLEN of Brownville, NY and Miss CORA H. WEBB of Adams, NY.

In this city May 4, by Rev. Dr. Fisk, CHARLES KELLEY and Miss MINNIE MATTHEWS, both of this city.

At 28 High St., Watertown, May 11 by Rev. C. C. Townsend, W. H. EBBLIE of Lowville, and CARRIE M. COOPER of Watertown.

In Clayton, May 8, by Rev. E. G. Brice, BENJAMIN SAYRES of Watertown and MRS. SOPHIA LONGWAY of Clayton.

At Three Mile Bay, by Rev. W. H. Merriman, May 12, Mr. JACOB B. BASINGER and MRS. MARY ANN MacPHERSON, all of Three Mile Bay, NY.

On May 12, at the home of the bride's father, No. 13 Rutland St., by Rev. W. T. Stokes, LILLA CELIA MCOMBER and FRED CALVIN PHILLIPS, both of this city.

At Mannsville, May 8, C. H. HALL, age 62 years.

In this city, May 11, JOHN S. SCHENCK, age 49 years.

On Grindstone Island, St. Lawrence River, GEORGE CARTER, age 19 years.

In this city, May 12, TAMMY S., widow of the late ISRAEL LEWIS, age 83 years.

Died at her residence on Main St., in Copenhagen, May 10, MRS. BELLE SMITH THOMPSON, age 30 years, 6 days.

In this city, May 14, CATHERINE J., wife of G. A. BARON, age 38 years.

In Wardwell Settlement, May 12, of consumption, HORACE P. MITCHELL, age 48 years, 3 months, 17 days, formerly of this city.

May 25, 1887, p. 3:

In this city, May 22, by Rev. C. C. Townsend, JESSE B. GUNN and MRS. MINNIE ROBBINS-LOCKE, both of Watertown, NY.

In Sackets Harbor at the home of the bride, May 18, by the Rev. J. Winslow, Mr. JOSHUA J. WENTWORTH, member of the 12th Infantry Band, U. S. Army, and Miss IONE HELEN DeWOLF, daughter of the late DAVID O. and MRS. LOUISA DE WOLF of Sackets Harbor, NY.

At the Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, May 19, by Rev. Father B. Grom, JOHN TEALT and HELEN BOUCHER, both of this city.

At 16 William Street, May 19, by Rev. C. C. Townsend, LUZERN W. TUTTLE of Spragueville, and ANN J. KINYON of Watertown, NY.

In this city, May 17, MARY C., wife of JOHN SEVERANCE, age 71 years, 10 months, 12 days.

In this city, May 19, MARANDA S., wife of P. B. GRANT, age 53 yeras, 6 months, 12 days.

In this city, May 19th, HENRY H., son of CHARLES and MARY HAMMOND, age 33 yers, 11 months, 24 days.

At Hot Springs, Arkansas, Friday 20th inst., ASHLEY D. HARGER, age 57 years, 9 months.

In Plessis, May 4, MRS. AMELIA GEIGRICH, age 38 years, 9 months.

At Bristol Centre, NY, May 16, HANNAH H. MOORE, wife of WARD TOTMAN, age 77 years.

MIRANDA STORMS GRANT, wife of P. B. GRANT of this city, quietly passed away at 4:30 o'clock Thursday morning. Mrs. Grant has been a patient sufferer from paralysis for several years past...Her husband and three children, MRS. WILLIAM MOULD, MISS JENNIE GRANT and FRED GRANT are left to mourn her loss.

FALLS JOHNSON, who died last week at Henderson, had been ill for several months. He was 76 years of age. He was the son of the late JOEL JOHNSON, and a brother of LEVI JOHNSON of Belleville. His wife was the daughter of CALEB HARRIS, Esq., one of the earliest settlers of the town. She, with two daughters, MRS. LANE of Henderson and MRS. A. E. KILBY of Carthage, survive him...

Notice of the death of ASHLEY D. HARGER, formerly of this city, which occurred Friday at Hot Springs, Ark., was received in this city, Saturday. He was for a number of years a resident of Watertown and for a time in the insurance business. He was one o f the parties which left Watertown in 1849, during the gold craze for California, and he remained away for a number of years...He was for many years proprietor of the Oconomowoc, Wis. Times, and his remains will be buried there. Mr. Harger was a brother of C. G. HARGER of Theresa...

NEWCOMB L. WHITE, formerly of Pamelia, died in Northport, Michigan, last month. The following form the Leland Enterprise: ...Newcomb L. White, who went from us at Northport to his heavenly home, April 24th, age 58 years, 4 months and 10 days, leaving a widowed wife, an only daughter and a whole community to mourn his loss...His funeral was attended at the M. E. Church in Northport, April 26th, a large audience filling the church. Rev. S. S. Steele conducted the services assisted by Rev. M. Coulter, pastor of the M. E. Church and Rev. Mr. Bannister, pastor of the Congregational Church...He was laid to rest in the cemetery at Northport.

News Notes -
At Harbor Springs, Michigan, Captain L. W. COLE, Sunday took a party of friends for a sail on Traverse Bay. The yacht was struck by a squall and capsized. D. G. START, GEO. WISE, CAPTAIN COLE, FRED COLE and MARION TRIP were drowned. Three others were saved.

June 1887

June 1, 1887, p. 4:

At 16 William St., Watertown, NY, May 30, by Rev. C. C. Townsend, DR. W. K. WALRATH of Belleville, NY and LIZZIE C. CRITTENTON of Smithville, NY.

In Belleville, May 22, by Rev. M. B. Comfort, Mr. MYRON CHRISMAN and Miss NETTIE CHRISMAN, both of Ellisburg.

May 25, at No. 46 Stone St., Watertown, by Rev. James Coote, COLONEL O. HOLCOMB of Carthage, NY and Miss CORDELIA M. TAMBLIN of Watertown.

In Oakes Corners, May 25, by Rev. J. Hermain Porter, DD., Rev. CHARLES FREDERICK PORTER, pastor elect of the Presbyterian Church of Alden, NY to Miss CLARA TAYLOR BURTIS of Oaks Corners, NY.

In this city May 28 by Rev. W. T. Stokes, Mr. HERBERT REID BAKER of this city, to IDA MAY LEE of Sackets Harbor.

At Redwood, NY, May 16, by Rev. G. F. Hartwig, Mr. FRED T. HOLMES and Miss MARY C. AHLES all of Redwood.

In Lancona, May 15, HENRY SNYDER, age 84 years.

At Millens Bay, May 15th, MRS. MOSES WHITE.

At Black River, May 24, SARAH E. AUSTIN age 37 years, 16 days. Wife of C. W. AUSTIN of Copenhagen.

At Hounsfield near Sackets Harbor, May 25, ALMIRA, widow of the late ELIAS FRINK, age 80 years, 2 months, 15 days.

In this city, May 26, THOMAS SUNMAN, age 68 years, 1 month, 27 days.

In this city, May 25, LEON SCHWERZMANN, age 41 years.

In Brownville, May 26, ELIZA, wife of FRANK A. HOLMES, age 24 years, 3 months, 26 days.

In Leray, May 30, JOHN McINTYRE, age 81 years, 5 months, 28 days.

The members of the Universalist Church of this city, sprung upon Mr. and Mrs. SAMUEL ADAMS, a most successful surprise last Friday evening. The occasion being the 25th anniversary of their wedding day, was one upon which their friends were enable to present to them tokens of recognition of their services in the church and in the community. Rev. Dr. Fisk made the presentation remarks...Remington's orchestra played the wedding march...refreshments were served...

June 8, 1887, p. 6:

At Redwood, June 2, by Rev. G. F. Hartwig, J. W. KUECHLER and Miss B. BLATZ.

In Clayton, June 1, P. C. McCORMICK and Miss MAGGIE MAHAR.

In Sackets Harbor, June 2, by Rev. L. R. Webber, WILLIAM H. JONES of Sackets Harbor and Miss HENRIETTA L. PLYMPTON of Cordarille, Mass.

At the home of the bride, June 1st, by Rev. B. S. Fanton, FRANK R. VANDEWALKER of LeRay, to Miss JENNIE NICHOLS of Pamelia.

At the family residence 3686 Vernon Ave., Chicago, FRED C., youngest son of THOMAS and ELIZA FORESTER, age 20 years. Formerly a resident of this city.

In this city, June 4, WILLIAM DONY age 28 years, 3 months, 3 days.

At Longview, Texas, May 31, HANNAH, wife of NELSON W. SEEBER, formerly of this city, age 38 years.

At Pamelia, June 3, JOHN B. HUGHS, age 35 years, 2 months.

At Sackets Harbor, June 2d, First Sergeant CHAS. B. TERRY, Co. D., 12th Infantry, age 44 years.

In this city, June 3d, HULDAH H., wife of JAMES S. CADWELL, age 67 years.

In Champion, May 29, EMILY M. PATTERSON, age 76 years, 5 months, 19 days.

In Champion, May 25th, PHILO GOWDY age 77 years.

In Adams, May 27th, CHARLES W. ALLPORT, age 34 years.

In Lottie, Fla., May 26th, J. D. LEWIS, son of M. C. LEWIS of Adams, age 52 years.

At Wahoc, Nebraska, May 17, WILLIAM RIDER, brother of WALTER RIDER, of Antwerp, age 77 years.

At Philadelphia, May 31st, SAMUEL HALL, age 63 years, 11 months, 19 days.

At Theresa, May 24, LYMAN STEARNS, age 78 years, 3 months, 4 days.

At Gouverneur, May 21st, daughter of DAVID DORAN, age 5 years, 10 months.

At Gouverneur May 23, DAVID, son of JOEL SMITH, age 15 years, 5 months, 21 days.

At Sackets Harbor, May 31, JAMES CRAWFORD, age 40 years, 16 days.

June 15, 1887, p. 8:

At Watertown, NY, June 7th, 1887, by Rev. S. A. Hayt, A. F. LOWE of Stone Mills and Miss KATE CUMMINGS of Limerick.

At Watertown, NY June 8th, by Rev. S. A. Hayt, GEORGE CLARK and EMMA A. GURNSEY, both of Clayton, NY.

At Carthage, June 2, by Rev. J. C. Darling, HENRY M. KEYES and ELIZA McMULLIN, both of Fowler.

On the evening of June 8, at the residence of the bride's mother, No. 30 Cooper Street, in this city, by Rev. R. A. Olin, HENRY WINFIELD DEWEY and Miss ALICE AMELIA AMES, both of Watertown, NY.

In Canton, St. Lawrence Co., June 1, by Rev. H. P. Forbes, CHARLES C. CRABB of Theresa, and Miss EMMA M. WAIT of Canton.

At the M. E. Parsonage, Barnes Corners, June 5, by Rev. J. F. Clark, Mr. GEORGE A. ODELL and Miss LENA M. BABBITT, all of Rodman, Jeff. Co., NY.

At the residence of the bride's parents in Sackets Harbor, June 11, by Rev. L. R. Webber, Sergeant JAMES FLEMING, Co. D, 12th US Infantry and Miss CARRIE E. RUSS.

At Depauville, June 12th, by the Rev. G. F. Hartwig, FRED HUCHZERMEIER and Miss SOPHIE KAHRE.

In Sackets Harbor, June 9, by Rev. L. Clark, Mr. CHARLES D. CLARK and Miss LOVINA EMMA CLARK, both of this city.

At Ox Box, May 31, WILLIAM H. HORNBROOK, age 16 years, 8 months.

At Spragueville, May 29, Miss LUCY DOWD, age 81 years, 11 months.

At North Wilna, June 1, MRS. ADALINE SYMONDS, age 80 years, 4 months, 17 days.

In this city, June 9, KITTIE, only daughter of the late WILLIAM and ANNIE T. WINCH, age 30 years, 9 months.

At Chaumont, Sunday, May 29, LEWIS W. PHELPS, age 32 years, 6 months, 13 days.

In this city, June 12th, SARAH ELIZABETH, daughter of HENRY H. and MARY P. KELLOGG, age 21 yeras, 5 months, 2 days.

In this city, June 11th, PAUL R., son of BRUCE F. and EVA S. MARTIN, age 11 months, 26 days.

MRS. MARY ANN TREMAINE, age 75 years, died at her residence in Fredonia, Chautauqua Co., May 29, 1887. Mrs. Tremaine was born in this city, Sept. 27, 1811, her grandfather, THOMAS SAWYER, having with his family settled here when two log houses comprised all there was of Watertown. The larger portion of her life was passed in Jefferson Co., not far from this city, where she married JARVIS TREMAINE on her 21st birthday...For a time before her marriage she taught school in Watertown...

The many friends of MRS. O. S. LEVIS will be pained to hear of her death which occurred in Ogdensburg last week Tuesday. Mrs. Levis had been ill for some time...Her funeral was held from the residence of her father, R. R. BROWN, in the village of Carthage, Thursday...Mr. Levis survived her...

June 22, 1887, p. 5:

In this city, June 15, by Rev. Richmond Fisk, assisted by Rev. J. Winslow, Mr. FRANK S. PADDOCK and Miss JENNIE M. DEWEY, all of this city.

In Ellisburg, June 15, by Rev. Dr. Muir of Pierrepont Manor, Dr. C. G. STEVENS of Watertown and Miss ADDIE BROWN of Ellisburg.

At the bride's home, June 5, by Rev. J. B. Kenyon, GEO. H. CONKLIN and Miss JULIA V. CORY, both of Watertown.

At Ithaca, June 16, by Rev. R. T. JOnes, WILLIAM H. SAWYER of Watertown and Miss DELLPHINE L. BOWDISH of Ithaca.

In this city, June 15, by Rev. Tobias Glenn, WILLIAM CRAWFORD and Miss ELLEN SULLIVAN, both of this city.

At Hounsfield, June 19, infant son of LEVI and MARY BOWLES, age 4 days.

At his home at Chaumont, May 29, LEWIS W. PHELPS, age 32 years, 6 months, 14 days.

At Mears, Mich., May 25, DAVID W. STARK, formerly of Carthage, age 61 years.

At Cooperville, Mich., May 21, MRS. ELLEN PLATT, wife of the late CHARLES E. CHADWICK formerly of Jefferson Co., age 61 years.

At Carthage, June 9, CHARLES HARRIS, age 21 yeras.

At the residence of Horace Spicer at Hounsfield, June 15, LUCINA, widow of the late WATSON HALLETT, age 51 years, 10 months.

At Perch River, June 15, HUGH SMITH, age 76 years, 5 months.

In this city, June 16, LIZZIE, daughter of H. H. WARNER.

In Canton, June 3, JOSIAH BARBER, a well-known citizen, age 79 years.

At Cape Vincent, June 14, ALFRED G. GREGOR, age 27 years, 3 months.

At Jackson, Mich. June 11, WILLIAM T. LANFEAR, formerly of Cape Vincent, age 78 years, 10 months.

At Antwerp, June 10, CLAUDE, infant son of LEWIS H. and NORA McDOWELL, age 1 month, 28 days.

In the town of Theresa, June 10, ALLEN DAVID WILCOX, age 85 years.

At Natural Dam, June 18, LAFAYETTE LAROCK, age 1 year, 10 months, 12 days.

At Adams, June 12 of consumption, JESSE L. WRIGHT, son of E. F. WRIGHT, age 18 years, 9 months.

In this city, June 12, ELLIOTT WILCOX, son of D. B. WILCOX, age 26 years.

June 29, 1887, p. 7:

At Pierpont Centre, St. Lawrence Co., June 18, by Rev. William Whitfield, CHARLES TYRRELL and MRS. JULIA HEWITT.

At Arsenal St., M. E. Parsonage, June 22, by Rev. J. B. Kenyon, JOHN CARTER and KATIE RHINES, both of Watertown.

In this city, by Rev. Tobias Glenn, PATRICK FOLEY and Miss ETTA THOMAS, both of this city.

At Antwerp, June 8, by Rev. J. A. Canfield, FRANK S. HOWE of Spragueville, and HATTIE L. CHAPIN, eldest daughter of LUTHER CHAPIN of Antwerp.

In Camp's Mills, Jeff. Co., NY, at the residence of Mrs. E. Cobb, by Rev. H. L. Holmes of Sackets Harbor, May 20, Mr. TITUS ARNOLD and Miss MARY A. SMITH all of the same place.

In Carthage, June 24th, MRS. ELIZABETH CALLAGHAN, age 84 years.

In Deer River, June 23d, MARY E. WIGGINS, wife of MILTON WIGGINS, age 54 years, ___months, 5 days.

In this city, June 25, PERCIL, wife of GEORGE CAMERON, age 29 years, 9 months.

Entered into rest, from National City, California, June 15, FRED, only child of SIDNEY and ELLEN HARRIS, formerly of Rutland Centre, Jeff. Co., NY.

At North Russel, St. Lawrence Co., June 12, MARY REYNOLDS ROBINSON age 32 years.

At Otsego Lake, Michigan, June 22, WILLIAM L. DENNEE, age 30 years, 5 months, formerly of this city.

Near Clayton, June 21st, ELIZA, wife of the late A. C. CORBIN, age 78 years.

In this city, June 20, MARGARET M., wife of HENRY L. STIMSON, age 40 years.

At Carthage, June 18, ISAAC CHAMBERLAIN, age 21 years, 9 months.

In Deer River, June 12th, MRS. SARAH L. PERKINS RAYMOND, wife of CHARLES A. RAYMOND, age 29 years, 3 months, 12 days.

In Carthage, June 11th, MARY, wife of AMBROSE LYMAN, age 42 years, 8 months.

In this city, June 24, WELLINGTON LEWIS, age 40 years, 5 months, 18 days.

At Sandy Creek June 22, CAROLINE, wife of JOHN EIKEY, age 46 years.

The death of ALLEN WILCOX requires more than a passing notice. He died at his residence in the town of Theresa, June 10th. He was born about the year 1822, being the son of JOHN WILCOX, who was one of the first settlers of the town of Antwerp, working on his father's farm he helped to clear it up. At an early age he married JULIA LAWTON and they moved to the town of Theresa. They reared a family of 10 children, viz. 6 girls and 4 boys....

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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