A semi-weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY, 1866-1918, by A.H. Hall.It began with the July 19, 1866 issue.


January - April 1885

Jan-Apr 1885, May-Jun 1885, Sep-Dec 1885

January 7, 1885, p. 8:

At the residence of B. W. Snell, Three Mile Bay, by Rev. R. M. King, Jr., Dec. 24, 1884, BRAYTON R. JONES and Miss MAGGIE McKEEVER, both of St. Lawrence, NY.

At the residence of the officiating minister, No. 5 William Street, by Rev. T. Richey, Dec. 30, 1884, ALFRED O. PENNICK and Miss ELLA M. WILSON, both of Chaumont.

At the residence of the bride's parents, near Albion, Iowa, by Rev. Mr. Slingerland, Dec. 14, 1884, FRANK M. DELANO and ELWILDA A. ROLSTON, both of Albion.

On Pillar Point, Jan. 1, 1885, by Rev. O. F. Nicols, ELMER E. LUTHER and Miss EMMA L., youngest daughter of J. C. DOUGLASS, Esq.

At No. 15 Sterling St., Watertown, Dec. 31, 1884, by Rev. R. A. Olin, Mr. GEORGE F. FULLER of Watertown and Miss ADELIA LAWRENCE of Orleans.

At the residence of Mr. J. P. Dougherty, in this city, Dec. 31, 1884, by Rev. W. H. Reese, NILES E. HAZARD and Miss CASSIE SULLIVAN, both of Picton, Canada.

At the M. E. Parsonage, Brownville, Jan. 1, 1885, by Rev. S. M. Warn, Mr. FRANK M. BARTLETT of Brownville, and Miss ELLA PERRY of Dexter.

At the M. E. Parsonage, Brownville, Jan. 1, 1885, by Rev. S. M. Warn, FRED WESCOTT of Sackets Harbor, and Miss KATIE C. DESMORE of Dexter.

In Philadelphia, at the residence of H. S. Houghton, on the 1st inst., by Rev. T. Richey, GEORGE GRAHAM of Black River, and Miss STELLA CRANE of Felts Mills.

In this city, Jan. 1, 1885, LYDIA, widow of the late URI BUTTERFIELD, age 50 years.

At his residence on Benedict Street, Jan. 2, 1885, DEXTER WILDER, age 70 years.

In this city, Dec. 31, 1884, CHARLES G. HAVENS, age 38 years, 7 months and 7 days.

In the town of Watertown, on the 3d inst., SARAH PAPPA, age 80. See Sarah Pepper below.

At Pillar Point, Jan. 2d, JONATHAN ELMER, age 81 years, 6 months and 23 days.

In this city, Jan. 4th, 1885, DEXTER VAN NOSTRAND, age 85? years.

In this city, Jan. 4th 1885, ALDEN, son of MORRIS and ANNIE HENNESSEY, age 3 years and 21 days.

At Rochester, NY, Jan. 4th, 1885, JENNIE, wife of JAMES EGGLESTON, age 28 years.

In the town of Watertown, on the 3d inst., SARAH PEPPER, age 80 years.

In this city, Jan. 5, 1885, JAMES B., son of JAMES and CATHERINE McEVOY, age 5 years, 6 months and 21 days.

At Evans Mills, Jan. 6, SUSIE E., daughter of F. E. and FANNIE CROISSANT, age 10 years, 1 month and 2 days.

Dec. 31, at the residence of his son, WM. P. FREEMAN, in Champion, DEACON SILAS FREEMAN, age 78 years.

At Limerick, Jan. 5th, 1885, DAVID PHELPS, age 89 years, 3 months and 5 days.

Dexter Wilder, whose death was announced Friday, was one of the best known citizens in Jefferson Co., and commanded a large circle of friends, who are greatly shocked by the announcement of his death. He was born at Sandy Creek, in November 1814, where he lived until he was 26 years of age. In 1840 he moved to Mannsville, and opened a dry goods store and where he continued in business successfully until 1860, when he moved to this city and served as County Clerk for two terms...About 1838, Mr. Wilder was married to Miss ANN SALISBURY, a daughter of REUBEN SALISBURY, of Sandy Creek, who still survives him. He leaves bedsides his wife, three daughters--MRS. J. J. BALDWIN of Syracuse and the Misses ANNA and HATTIE WILDER of this city.

The announcement of the death of Dexter Van Nostrand, last Sunday, was not a surprise to his hundres of friends in Watertown. His hard battle with consumption has been painfully watched by all for months...Mr. Van Nostrand was 35 years of age, and was born at Evans Mills, where hhe learned the profession of telegrapher, at which he became very expert. In 1865 he came to this city as an operator in the office then located at the Rome Road Depot, in charge of Edwin Pope. In 1866, he went into the Western Union office at Oswego but in 1868 returned to Watertown to take charge of the Great Northwestern Telegraph company's office here...About nine years ago, Mr. Van Nostrand married Miss AGNES, daughter of GEO. B. PHELPS, who survives him, together with two bright and interesting children.

January 14, 1885, p. 4:

At the M. E. Parsonage, in North Wilna, Nov. 26, 1884, by Rev. G. P. Yost, CASON E. MERICK of Philadelphia, Jeff. Co., and Miss HELEN M. SAVAGE, of the same place.

At the residence of J. Sorrow, in this city, Jan. 6, 1885, by Rev. W. H. Reese, JOHN DIETRICH of Lafargeville, and Miss MARGARET A. KARNEHEN, of Ellisville, Ont.

At Lowville, on the 7th inst., by Rev. I. S. Bingham, FRED E. SCHUYLER of Watertown, and Miss JENNIE E. EBBLIE of Lowville.

At Lowville, on the 7th inst., by Rev. I. S. Bingham, D.D., ALFRED ARTHUR of Martinsburg, and Miss MARY E. BINGHAM of Lowville.

In Boonville, Jan. 1, by Rev. Frederick Campbell, PETER KITTS of Carthage, and Miss IDA E. CANCROSS of Boonville.

In Philadelphia, NY on the 4th inst., by Rev. T. Richey, Mr. CHARLES F. FEISTEL of Naumburg, and Miss NETTIE PETTIE of Philadelphia.

In this city, on the 6th inst., at the Crowner House, by Rev. T. Richey, Mr. WILLIAM J. ELLIOTT and Miss MINA E. JOHNSON, both of Chaumont.

At the parsonage of Arsenal Street Church, in this city, Jan. 11, 1885, by Rev. W. H. Reese, Mr. W. D. WILLIAMS of New Haven, Conn., and Miss DOVE KELLEAR of Watertown, NY.

At the parsonage of Arsenal Street Church, Watertown, NY, December 27, by Rev. W. H. Reeese, MERTIN A. MYRICK and FRANKIE E. HARE, all of this city.

Between 60 and 70 guests from Watertown, Boonville, Lyons Falls, Copenhagen, Natural Bridge, Lowville, Martinsburg, Turin and Black River, assembled at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM EBBLIE, at Lowville, Wednesday, to witness the marriage of their daughter, JENNIE, to FREDERICK SCHUYLER of this city. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Bingham and an enjoyable reception followed...The wedding presents were numerous and beautiful.

Wednesday afternoon, the marriage of EDWARD E. PARKER to Miss LIZZIE G., daughter of WALTER ZIMMERMAN, was celebrated at the home of the bride's parents in Brownville. The contracting parties are well and most favorably known in this vicinity, the bride having relatives in Watertown. At 12:30 p.m., Rev. G. J. Porter said the words which made the happy young people man and wife. The refreshments which followed were bounteous and rich and the large number of guests present enjoyed the occasion hugely...

In this city, Jan. 7, DOMINICK HALEY, age 89 years and 9 months.

In this city, Jan. 7, JOHN W. McDONALD, age 47 years.

At Port Lyden, Jan. 7, NEWTON E. NORTHAM, age 68 years.

In this city, Jan. 7, FREDERICK J. MUCKLE, age 23 years, 1 month and 7 days.

In this city, Jan. 8th, MRS. NANCY WILLIAMS, age 62 years.

In Pamelia, Jan. 8th, JOHN H., son of the late ALEXANDER and HENRIETTA G. TINGUE, age 19 years, 8 months and 26 days.

In this city, Jan. 6th, JAMES CANNAVAN, age 80 years.

In this city, Jan. 7th, HENRY BISNETT, age 7 months, adopted son of CHARLES and ADELL BISNETT.

In this city, Jan. 8, SHROFFIELD M. DOUGLASS, age 72 years, 8 months and 7 days.

In this city, Jan. 9, WILLIAM ROLFE, age 68 years and 4 months.

In this city, Jan. 12, GILES BANSITER, age 61 years, 8 months and 14 days.

At St. Thomas, Jan. 7, 1885, BERTIE, son of ORRA DENNEE, age 4 years, 3 months and 17 days. Formerly of this city.

In this city, Jan. 13, DANIEL SHAVER, age 76 years.

In West Carthage, Jan. 10, Miss LOUISA M. WILMOT, age 61 years.

In Memoriam-Died, in Henderson, December 1884, MRS. SARAH LEFFINGWELL, age 78 years. Poem by Marion Helen Bassett.

January 21, 1885, p. 1:

In this city, January 13, 1885, by Rev. W. H. Reese, CHARLES W. SMITH of Black River, and SARAH E. FREDENBURG of Watertown.

In Croghan, Jan. 13, by Rev. G. H. Shtists, FRED M. COCAGNE, of Cape Vincent, to Miss LAVINA LONGTIN of Croghan.

At Alexandria, NY, Jan. 14, by Rev. H. W. Howard, EDWARD D. HERRICK and Miss LILLIE M. BABCOCK, both of Alexandria.

Suddenly, in this city, on the 15th inst., PEARSON MUNDY, age 67 years and 5 months.

Near Evans Mills, Jan. 14th, SIDNEY, son of the late OLEAN and CATHARINE DEZENGREMELL, age 13 years.

In Evans Mills, Jan. 14th, SUSAN BECHA, age 79 years, 9 months and 12 days.

In the town of Orleans, Jan. 14th, SANFORD PETRIE, age 66 years, 5 months and 14 days.

At Pillar Point, Jan. 8, FRED W., son of WILLIS BRAWT, age 11 years.

In Evans Mills, Jan. 15, LOTTIE, daughter of HENRY S. and ALLIE MORRIS, age 4 years.

On Jan. 11, at his residence, No. 457 State St., Brooklyn, NY, LOUIS SIGOURNEY, only son of BETSY and the late ALONZO B. TURNER, in the 40th year of his age.

At Jordan Falls, Oct. 11, 1884, NELLIE MAY MYERS, age 13 months.

At Jordan Falls, Jan. 15, 1885, SARAH M. MYERS, daughter of JOHN and HULDAH E. COTTON of Felts Mills, age 22 years, 5 months and 15 days.

In this city, Jan. 17, MERTILLA E., daughter of FRANK and ALIDA SMITH, age 27? years.

At Rodman, Jan. 16, WOOSTER, infant son of W. J. and NORA E. WYMAN, age 2 months and 6 days.

In this city, Jan. 17, LIDA, wife of MICHAEL McGOWAN, age 20 years, 7 months and 12 days.

At LeRay, Dec. 9th, 1884, DANIEL HARTER, age 79 years and 9 days.

At Warren, PA, Jan. 15, MRS. F. S. CHILDS, widow of the late WILLIAM H. CHILDS, formerly of this city, age 68 years.

In this city, Jan. 19, HON. WILLIAM ROUSE, age 91 years, 9 months and 13 days.

MRS. MARTHA G. SEARLES died at the residence of her son, ROBERT R. SEARLS, in this city, says Tuesday's Rome Sentinel, at 11:45 last night, of congestion of the lungs and heart disease in her 74th year. She was born at Belleville, Jefferson Co., Nov. 28, 1810. Her maiden name was MARTHA GOTT RANSOM. On May 4, 1830 she was married to J. H. SEARLES of Belleville. Her husband died in 1860. She continued to reside at the old homestead up to last fall, with the exception of the years 1869, '70 and '71, which she spent with her son, JAMES H. SEARLES, in Rome.

Sunday noon the wife of WESLEY THOMAS, a farmer living about one mile east of Adams, took a dose of what she supposed to be common salts, at the same time giving some to each of her two children. Soon after, they were taken violently ill and after hours of fearful agony, MRS. THOMAS died Monday at 1 o'clock. The children are still in a critical condition. The coroner has been notified and an investigation will be held.

The funeral of the late PEARSON MUNDY took place from the family residence at 2 p.m. Sunday. Notwithstanding the severe storm which was raging, the house was filled with the friends of the deceased...Rev. R. A. Olin was the officiating clergyman and the exercises were conducted under the impressive ceremonies of the Order of Knights Templars...The display of floral tributes was very large and beautiful. Two handsome pillows, one bearing the word "Father" and the other "Grandfather," in blue violets, stood at the head of the casket. At the foot was a beautiful wreath of ivy with a Maltese Cross raised, from the centre, a tribute from the Knights, while beyond it stood a large cross of ivy leaves and lilies from Hon. R. P. Flower and family; a wreath of choice flowers on a standard from Mrs. Judge Schley; a sickle and sheaf from Mrs. Howell Cooper; a wreath of ivy and lilies of the valley from Mrs. A. R. Flower; a wreath from the Misses Cadwell; a wreath of violets and palms from Mrs. Hulsey, nee Keep. The remains were interred in Brookside cemetery, the last ceremonies taking place in the Keep Memorial Chapel.

January 28, 1885, p. 1:

At Clayton, NY at the M. E. Church, Jan. 28, by Rev. Mr. Pierce, Mr. HENRY BACKER of Buffalo and Miss LIZZIE OVEROCKER of Clayton.

At the home of the bride in Camden, NY, Jan. 21, by Rev. W. L. TISDALE, Mr. HENRY C. DEXTER of Black River and Miss CLARA L. TISDALE, second daughter of the officiating clergyman.

In this city, Jan. 19, WILLIAM PRESTON, son of B. W. and AMANDA REYNOLDS, age 5 months.

In this city, Jan. 21, MAGDALENA, wife of LEOPOLD PY, age 53 years, 8 months and 5 days.

At Chicago, Jan. 2, of membranous croup, CORNELIA M., daughter of FRED and ELLA HAMMOND, age 2 years and 14 days.

In this city, Jan. 25, PETER V. GRIFFIN, age 83 years, 10 months and 18 days.

In this city, Jan. 26, HENRY HOWARD, age 70 years, 3 months and 16 days.

In Memoriam -
In memory of little HATTIE BURTIS RANDALL, who died at her home in Antwerp, October 15th, 1884, age 1 year, 2 months and 2 days.

Inscribed to the parents of the late EMMA NORTHRUP, who died at Alexandria Bay, October, 1884, by Mrs. C. H. Whitaker.

The death of CLARK WILLARD on December 12, 1884, has been briefly announced. He passed to his eternal rest peacefully, at his residence in Antwerp, after a brief illness of 48 hours. Deceased had been in poor health for a number of years. He was born in Rutland, Jeff. Co., Dec. 25, 1809. He married MARY D. ELLIS in the year 1837, and in 1838 moved to Antwerp...He leaves a wife and three children, one daughter and two sons to mourn his loss.

The Albany Argus of Friday says: On Wednesday CAROLINE VAN WORMER, wife of RUFUS P. WHITE, died after a brief illness from pneumonia, at her home in Adams, Jeff. Co., Mr. and Mrs. White were married in this city about 38 years ago, and after a residence of some years in Albany, removed to Adams, where Mr. White built and conducted a malt house, and also owned and managed a large breeding stable...She is survived by her husband, the eldest son of JOHN G. WHITE of this city, and four children, three daughters and one son. Her funeral will take place at Adams on Saturday.

February 4, 1885, p. 5:

In this city, Feb. 2, by Rev. R. A. Olin, WALTER EDWIN HALL of Philadelphia, NY and MARY WHITE of Smith's Falls, Ontario.

At 52 Rutland St., in this city, Jan. 29, by Rev. E. S. Cheeseman, Mr. JOHN HUTCHINSON, Jr. of Heuvelton, and Miss ARVILLA A. GRIFFITH of Morristown, NY.

In this city, Jan. 28, at the residence of the bride's parents, 19 Paddock St., by Rev. H. C. Townely, Mr. GEORGE M. DENNIS of Clayton, and Miss LIZZIE SWEET of this city.

At the home of Mr. JAMES CLARK at Philadelphia, NY, Jan. 28 by Rev. A. L. Smith, Mr. JAMES S. CHRISTIE of Brownville, and Miss CARRIE E. CLARK of Philadelphia, NY.

At Rodman, Jan. 28, by Rev. P. LeClar, Mr. BRUCE G. BROWN of Rodman, and Miss NELLIE E. PERKINS of Worth.

At the residence of MRS. N. FISH, the bride's mother, near Rutland Center, Jan. 28, by Rev. M. R. Webster, Mr. RUDOLPHO C. HALL of Watertown, and Miss STELLA D. FISH, of Rutland.

In Hounsfield, Jan. 31, FREDDIE W., son of FRED and MARY POWERS, age 1 year and 3 months.

At Evans Mills, Feb. 2, KATIE, infant daughter of MADISON and DIANA COOPER, age 1 year, 7 months and 12 days.

In this city, Jan. 30, MARY JANE, daughter of JOHN and MARGARET McDONALD, age 13 years, 5 months and 17 days.

At Black River, Jan. 30, LIBBIE, wife of P. V. POOR, age 36 years and 5 months.

At Black River, Jan. 27, MRS. EMELINE RICHARDSON, age 61 years and 7 months.

At Rutland, Jan. 27, SOPHIA, widow of the late SAMUEL PHELPS, age 86 years, 1 month and 2 days.

In this city, Jan. 28, JENNIE A. SYLVESTER, age 33 years.

Near Reynold's Corners, Jan. 26, MRS. LUCINDA SMITH, wife of PETER SMITH, age 70 years.

In this city, Feb. 2, MARY C., wife of W. G. WILLIAMS, age 49 years.

A large circle of friends will be saddened and mourn the death of MRS. MARY C. WILLIAMS wife of ex-Postmaster W. G. WILLIAMS. She died Monday evening at the age of 49. Since 1848 she has been a resident of our city...From her home three children have preceded her into the home beyond, and one remains to be the comfort and companion of the bereaved husband and father...

On the death of the late HENRY COUGH of Cape Vincent-
This time it is another of Cape Vincent's oldest inhabitants, the quiet and esteemed HENRY COUGH. Mr. Cough was born May 31, 1807, and at his death which occurred Monday morning, Jan. 26, he was 77 years, 5 months and 26 days of age. Mr. Cough came to the town of Lyme, the part now known as Cape Vincent, Jeff. Co., early in the year of 1831. He purchased land, the farm now owned by George Saunders in Pleasant Valley, cleared off the heavy timber from a small spot and there built, it is said, the first two-story log house in the town.

The ravages of diphtheria in this county during the recent month have been frightful, entire families having been wrecked. Among the saddest incidents of the epidemic is that of the family of JAMES SINGLETON, a section boss on the Rome Road and a resident of Adams. One of his married daughters attended the funeral of her husband's brother at Felts Mills, who died of diphtheria. On returning home she was taken sick. Her sister, Lottie, age 9 years came to her home to help her and carried the germs of the disease home with her. Within two weeks, six of Mr. Singletons children died. Lottie, age 9 years; Lena, age six years; Minnie, age 13 years; Robbie, age six years; Mattie, age 11 years and Henry age ten years. Two older children were taken down, but are recovering. The father is also reported as ill. The residence of the family is below the railroad track and is isolated by the Board of Health, who are doing everything to prevent its spreading.

February 18, 1885, p. 1:

At Depauville, Feb. 11, by Rev. J. J. Allen, ADELBERTH HORNING of Lyme, and Miss MARY BROWN of Clayton, NY.

In this city, Feb. 16, by Rev. W. H. Reese, Mr. JAMES E. CONVERY of Battersea, CA, and Miss HANNAH L. JACKSON of Harrowsmith, CA.

On the 6th inst, at Clayton, MRS. ADA S., wife of DANIEL A. GARLOCK, age 37 years, 10 months and 19 days.

In this city, Feb. 11, of typhoid pneumonia, HOWARD N. OTIS, age 25? years and 3 months.

At Sackets Harbor, Jan. 12, MRS. LOTTIE E. CAMPBELL, wife of EDWIN E. CAMPBELL, age 36 years, 11 months and 12 days.

At Black River, NY, on the 12th inst., FANNY S., daughter of SIMEON DEXTER, age 22 years, 4 months and 8 days.

At Adams, Feb. 12, LOREN BUSHNELL, age 85 years, 2 months and 15 days.

In this city, Feb. 13, CARRIE, wife of ALEXANDER NEDDO, age 35 years.

At Smithville, MERLIN BOSWORTH, age 69 years.

In this city, Feb. 15, CATHARINE, wife of THOMAS RELYEA, age 84 years, 9 months and 17 days.

In this city, Feb. 15, JAMES SCOTT, age 68 years.

In this city, Feb. 16, JOHN PAPPA, age 41 years, 8 months.

In the town of Brownville, Feb. 16, JOHN OAKES, age 70 years and 4 months.

In this city, Feb. 16, EGBERT D. WHITNEY, age 62 years, 11 months and 27 days.

In Potsdam, Feb. 7, JENNIE MAY, wife of WILLIAM COOK and daughter of H. L. BASCOMB, age 17 years and 3 months.

February 25, 1885, p. 3:

At the residence of F. E. Ives, of Watertown, on the 18th inst., by Rev. B. S. Fanton, FRED C. LOADWICK of Hounsfield, and Miss CARRIE E. FOWLER of Watertown.

At Henderson, Feb. 9, by Rev. Mr. Cassler, at the home of the bride, Miss OLIA PUTMAN to HERBERT C. COBB, formerly of this county, but now of Frankfort, Dakota.

At Ravenna, Ohio, Feb. 2nd, by the Rev. Dr. Scott, EUGENE A. DORY of Watertown, NY to MRS. M. A. THOMAS of Ravenna. The bride is the daughter of H. J. CONNER, one of our most influential and wealthy county farmers. -Ravenna Republican.

In the town of Hounsfield, Feb. 15, JESSE B., only child of SAMUEL and MAGGIE RESEQUIE, age two years.

In this city, Feb. 18, JESE CHAUNCY, son of HARRY and INEZ ONEY, age 1 year and 20 days.

At Hounsfield, Feb. 13, at the residence of her daughter, MRS. STEPHEN WILDER, MRS. NANCY EVANS, age 87 years and 8 months.

In the town of Hounsfield, Feb. 23, ELIZA A., wife of JAMES C. BRENNAN, age 29 years, 4 months, 17 days.

In Hounsfield, Jan. 31, MARY A., wife of G. W. GAGE, age 57 years, 3 months, 1 day.

March 4, 1885, p. 1:

In this city, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. O. P. Haddock, 34 Ten Eyck St., on Feb. 24, JEROME SISCHO and Miss LONA H. FASSETT, both of Adams, NY.

At the Whitney House, Norwood, NY, Feb. 26, by Rev. William M. Holbrook, WILLIAM C. McCARGER of West Stockholm and Miss ELLA V. JEWETT of Crary's Mills.

At the parsonage in Lorraine, Feb. 28, by Rev. S. M. Crofoot, Mr. HENRY P. BILKEY and Miss ANNA L. FEE, all of Lorraine.

In this city, March 1, ELIZABETH, wife of GEORGE CAMPBELL, age 34 years and 6 months.

At Orleans, Feb. 27, ALBION A. HUGHES, age 59 years and 8 days.

Suddenly, in this city, Feb. 26, FLORENCE, only child of OLIVER and ELLEN BENORE, age 12 years, 6 months and 15 days.

In Memoriam-
In memory of WILLIAM GELTZ, who died at Redwood, Dec. 29th, 1884, age 24 years and 8 months.

March 11, 1885, p. 3:

In this city, March 2, by Rev. W. H. Reese, GEORGE F. DEWEY and MARY A. O'CONNELL, all of Adams, NY.

In this city, March 5, FREDERICK E., son of FRANK W. and MARCIA J. CLARK, age 13 years, 6 months and 7 days.

At West Point, Wis., Feb. 26, MRS. ELIZABETH SULLIVAN, formerly of this city, age 40 years and two months.

At his residence at Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY, March 3, of strangulated hernia, CHARLES W. BIBBINS, in the 77th year of his age.

At Westbury, NY, MARY TIMERMAN, widow of JOHN J. TIMERMAN, late of Manheim, Herkimer Co., NY, age 86 years, 4 months and 9 days.

At Leraysville, Feb. 14, MAUD M. SPRAKER, age 9 years and 5 months.

TRIBUTE OF RESPECT: In memory of MRS. JOSEPH CORY, of Rutland, who died January 25, 1885, by the South Rutland Valley Grange, No. 53.

Sunday at about 11 a.m., died Brigadier General SACKETT, Inspector General of the United States Army...Gen. Sackett was a native of Cape Vincent and was the son of the late Dr. G. S. SACKETT of that village...In 1840 he received an appointment from Judge Chittenden to a scholarship in the U. S. Academy at West Point which he accepted and from where he graduated with high honors...Gen. Sackett was twice married, his second wife being a Miss MAYNARD of New York, who still survives him. By his first wife he had one daughter, MRS. A. C. FAIRBURN of Minneapolis, Minn. By his second wife he was blessed with five children, two of whom, MAYNARD and BENNETT are buried at New York. The others, two sons and daughter survive. His sister, MRS. J. B. AINSWORTH, and her daughter, Miss AMANDA of Cape Vincent were at Washington at the death of the General. He has two aunts residing in this city in the persons of MRS. E. B. FOWLER and MRS. JULIA CADWELL. A brother, T. B. SACKETT, has resided in Montana for a number of years.
Note: General Sackett's entire military career is included in this obituary and descendants will want a full copy of the obituary.

March 18, 1885, p. 5:

At the home of the bride, March 10, by Rev. S. M. Warn, Mr. WILLIAM H. EIGOBROADT and MRS. EMMA KNAPP all of Brownville.

At the residence of the bride, No. 18 Central Street, this city, March 11, 1885, by Rev. Geo. B. Stevens, Mr. MARVIN B. SCOVILLE and MRS. GRACE CLARK, both of Watertown.

At the parsonage in Brownville, March 11, by Rev. S. M. Warn, Mr. WILLARD KLOCK and Miss ADELLE MYERS, both of Orleans.

At the residence of the bride's father, LORENZO ROGERS, on Bradley Street, this city, March 11, 1885, by Rev. W. H. Reese, Mr. CLINTON A. MARSHALL and Miss ELLA L. ROGERS, all of Watertown, NY.

In this city, March 7th, 1885, by Rev. S. A. Hayt, ERNEST L. SONS and MRS. VIRGINIA M. COLE, both of Watertown, NY.

In Three Mile Bay, Feb. 26, by Rev. R. E. King, Jr., ANGUS McPHERSON and GEORGIANA CALHOUN, both of Three Mile Bay.

At Black River, March 14, JACKSON TAMBLIN, age 55 years, 5 months and 9 days.

In this city, March 15, FRANK W., son of FRANK and MARY MARSH, age 8 months, 7 days.

At Hounsfield, Mar. 11, JAMES CARTER, age 44 years, 1 month and 12 days.

Feb. 25, at the residence of M. D. RANDALL, near Adams, MRS. ALCESTA EVANS, age 78 years and 9 months. Mother of JOHN McOMBER of Watertown and MRS. W. H. DRAPER, of Adams.

In this city, March 12, JAMES NOLAN, age 56 years.

March 8, in Buffalo, MATTIE W., daughter of GEORGE R. STARKEY, formerly of Cape Vincent, age 15 years.

In this city, March 11, JOSIE L., daughter of HENRY H. and DOLLIE E. SIMMONS, age 12 days.

JACKSON TAMBLIN, associate and Justice of the Peace, and a well-known and highly respected citizen of Black River, dropped dead on the street, Saturday morning while on his way to the depot to take the train for Felts Mills. Mr. Tamblin has been affected with heart disease for some time and has been ill during the winter, so that his death was not entirely unexpected...Mr. Tamblin was age 55 years, 2 months and 15 days and had married twice. His first wife was a Miss MALLORY and his second a daughter of NOBLE CLARK, who survives him as well as two children, MRS. DR. G. H. WOOD of Antwerp and DR. J. H. TAMBLIN of Black River. The deceased had served as Justice of the Peace for 22 years and was elected Associate Justice last November...

March 25, 1885, p. 3:

At the M. E. Parsonage, March 18, by Rev. G. Moore, HENRY H. CLAFLIN and MYRTIE E. DECKER, both of Pierrepont Manor.

At Chaumont, March 7, VOLKERT GETMAN, age 85 years.

In Brownville, March 24, RACHEL, widow of the late WILLIAM GROAT, age 99 years, 4 months and 1 day.

In this city, March 22, HORACE G. DODGE, age 53 years, 8 months and 2 days.

At Pinckney, NY, Jan. 27, BENJAMIN P. WOODWORTH, age 86 years, 3 months and 17 days.

At LeRay, March 23, GUY WHITNEY, son of E. W. and M. JENNIE PUTNAM, age 3 years, 6 months and 20 days.

At Ludlow, VT, March 22, CHARLES S. WHITCOMB, formerly of this city, age 55 years.

Past Grand WM. LORD, of Jeffersonian Union Lodge, I. O. of O. F., of this city, who formerly resided at Brownville, and who was a brother of GILDEROY LORD, of this city, recently died in Aurora, Ill. From an Aurora paper: We are called upon today to record the death of our fellow townsman, WM. LORD. Last Saturday afternoon he received a paralytic shock, from which he never rallied, neither being able to speak or swallow afterwards and expired about 3 o'clock Friday afternoon. Mr. Lord was born in Brownville, Jefferson Co., NY, 62 years ago, and moved west in 1870, coming directly to Aurora, where he has since resided...Deceased leaves a wife, daughter and two sons to mourn their loss. The funeral was held Sunday morning at 11 o'clock from the Universalist Church and the services were conducted by the Odd Fellows of which order Mr. Lord was a member...The funeral was largely attended, the Odd Fellows turning out in large numbers. The remains were buried in Spring Lake Cemetery...MRS. MORRISON, of Chicago, a sister, and Mr. GILDEROY LORD of Watertown, NY, a brother, were attendant at the sick man's bedside.

April 1, 1885, p. 4:

At the Crowner House, in this city, March 26, by Rev. W. H. Reese, CHARLES B. STANLEY and JENNIE S. HOWARD, all of Smithville, Jeff. Co., NY.

At the Presbyterian Parsonage, Sackets Harbor, NY, March 26, by Rev. A. W. Allen, GEORGE W. COOK, Sackets Harbor, to KATE M. NIHOFF of Oswego.

At the American House, Norwood, NY, March 24, by Rev. Wm. Holbrook, SAMUEL MOXON and Miss CORA J. BOWMAN, both of Gouverneur, NY.

At Clayton, March 18, by Rev. S. M. Warn, MARTIN N. COOK, of Rodman, and Miss ALZINA L. LOWE of Clayton.

At the M. E. Parsonage at Brownville, March 25, by Rev. S. M. Warn, FRANK A. DENNIE and Miss JULIA D. BOOTH, both of Limerick, NY.

The residence of WILLIAM P. BALL, in Rutland, was the scene last Thursday evening, the 26th instant, of one of the most enjoyable occasions possible in domestic life. Friends from Watertown and Rutland and other places gathered in large numbers to unite with the family in celebrating in an appropriate manner the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM P. BALL...It was past midnight before the congratulations, the feasting, the music, the singing, the speaking and the last handshaking was over. Tables with sittings for forty were twice prepared and the spread was bountiful to a fault....Rev. Dr. Fish, of this city, addressed the happy couple and their company of relatives and friends.

In Champion, March 15, NICHOLAS GRIFFIN, age 74 years.

In Rutland Hollow, March 26, SUSANNA W., wife of CHAUNCEY DURHAM, age 53 years.

In Pamelia, March 10, EDNA MAY, only child of Mr. and Mrs. ALFORD JONES, age 4 months and 14 days.

In Brownville March 26, FRED J., son of JOHN F. and SARAH A. CONKLIN, age 10 years, 6 months and 28 days.

In this city, March 27th, Miss MARIA B. BRENNAN, age 31 years, 6 months and 23 days.

In Lorraine, March 23, AMOS CAULKINS, age 81 years.

In Worth, March 17, of heart disease, EMMA, wife of JOHN BRADBERRY, age 22 years.

At Sackets Harbor, March 30, 1885, KATY ANN WILSON, age 82 years and 4 months.

At Leray, March 23, GUY WHITNEY PUTNAM, age 3 years, 6 months and 20 days.

At LeRay, March 26, ALBERT RALPH PUTNAM, age 5 years, 1 month and 2 days.

At Leray, March 30, CLEO N. PUTNAM, age 6 years, 6 months and 21 days, Children of E. W. and M. JENNIE PUTNAM. The funerals were private.

SUDDEN DEATH: Ex-Supervisor WM. C. BECKER drops dead in the street at Carthage-
WILLIAM C. BECKER, a well-known resident of Wilna, dropped dead in front of Ingraham's livery stable, opposite the Levis House, Carthage, Monday morning. Mr. Becker had been at Justice Dawley's office in consultation with him and others and remarked as he left the office that he had a pain in his side and thought he would walk down the street. He had not gone far before he fell to the sidewalk without uttering a word. He was at once carried to the Levis House where he almost instantly expired....He resided on a farm near the village of Sterlingville with his aged Mother, MRS. HIRAM BEECHER, and a maiden sister, Miss MARIA...His brother, LANSING BECKER, was a member of the Assembly in 1875. Another brother, BARTON, resides near the homestead. The deceased was also a cousin to SIDNEY COOPER and W. W. and B. B. TAGGART of Watertown. He was about 53 years of age. Heart disease is the supposed cause of his death.

April 8, 1885, p. 4:

At the Presbyterian Parsonage, Sackets Harbor, NY, April 2, by the Rev. A. W. Allen, THOMAS KELLY of New York City, and JENNIE DARE of Malone, NY.

In this city, April 2, by the Rev. S. A. Hayt, WALLACE G. NORTHAM and MAGGIE FRAZIER, both of Watertown, NY.

At Dexter at the bride's home, March 24, by Rev. Alfred T. Vail, JAMES R. JONES of San Francisco, Cal., and FRANCES E. WELCH.

Suddenly in this city, April 4, GILBERT BRADFORD, age 70 years, 6 months and 27 days.

In this city, April 1, WINES H. SKEELS, age 81 years and 8 months.

At Mexico, Oswego Co., March 31, FABIUS LAWTON, age 81 years.

In this city, April 3, MARY A., wife of NICHOLAS PILCHEN, age 30 years.

In Ovid, April 2, BETSEY A. NOBLE, age 77 years and 10 months.

In Worth, April 4, ISAAC SLOAN, age 60 years.

In Brownville, April 6, LOVINA, widow of the late LESTER FULLER, age 80 years, 7 months and 6 days.

In Brownville, April 5, MARY J. MOFFATT, age 47 years.

April 15, 1885, p. 7:

At the residence of A. L. GLEASON, Watertown, NY, April 7, by Rev. W. H. Reese, WILL CLARK of the Sun Insurance Office, and Miss CARRIE WOOD, all of this city.

At the home of the bride, April 6, by Rev. J. B. Hammond, HENRY S. COON and LEONA A. JONAS, all of Great Bend.

At the home of the bride, in the town of Rutland, March 31, by Rev. G. J. Porter, Mr. C. W. GRAY, of Watertown and Miss CARRIE FERGUSON.

At Watertown, April 9, by Rev. G. J. Porter, Mr. AUGUSTUS VAN ALLEN and Miss MARION WAITE, both of Dexter.

At St. Patrick's parsonage, this city, March 18, NEWELL COX of North Carolina, and Miss MARY CONWAY of this city.

At the Presbyterian parsonage, Sackets Harbor, NY, April 9, by the Rev. A. W. Allen, BERT MAXON of Hounsfield and FLORENCE L. MAXON of Watertown.

At Evans Mills, NY, April 11, of consumption, MRS. WILLIAM ALEXANDER, age 22 years.

At Field's Settlement, April 8, ANNIE D., daughter of JOHN D. and MARY E. NEWMAN, age 17 years and 6 months.

In this city, April 9, JAMES WRIGHT, age 21 years.

At Leray, April 8, DIMPLE, son of E. W. and M. JENNIE PUTNAM, age 2 years, 7 months and 22 days.

At Harrisville, April 4, of congestion of the lungs, Mr. A. W. CRANDALL, age 77 years and 15 days.

In this city, April 9, ELIZABETH, widow of the late HORACE TYLER, age 84 years, 2 months and 7 days.

At the Henry Keep Home, April 10, CATHARINE FIELD, wife of NELSON SEYMOUR, age 71 years, 6 months and 25 days.

At the residence of O. V. Hewitt, Three Mile Bay, March 12, ARTHUR B., son of WALTER and EVA HEWITT, age 2 years, 1 month and 19 days.

At Sackets Harbor, April 11, 1885, HENRY POMEROY, age 60 years.

At Philadelphia, April 8, WALTER B. HEWITT, age 53 years, 9 months and 8 days.

At Felt's Mills, April 12, ALICE G. ROBERTS, age 27 years and 7 months.

At Felts Mills, April 8, CHETTIE, son of CHESTER and MAGGIE GOLDTHRITE, age 6 years and 9 months.

At Watertown, April 12, FRANKIE, son of OLIVER and EUNICE ARKELS, age 14 days.

At Canandaigua, NY, April 6, CHARLES E., son of AMBROSE E. and FANNIE SAWYER, age 17 years.

A very sad and rather mysterious accident occurred at Sackets Harbor Friday night. It seems that a man named D. POMEROY, a farmer of Stoney Island, visited the Harbor Friday, and took a room on the third floor at the Eveleigh House. Saturday morning when the hotel people arose, they discovered the senseless body of Pomeroy on the ice and frozen ground near the steps to the side entrance to the house. The open window in his room told the story. Pomeroy's body was terribly crushed, his collar bones and shoulder blades being fractured. Both legs were broken, and his head was fearfully cut. He was at once carried into the house and cared for. Dr. Tyler was called and gave his opinion that Pomeroy would not recover. Mr. Pomeroy died Saturday morning...As Pomeroy was sober when he retired, it is believed he threw himself from the window asleep. He is about 60 years of age and has a family.

April 22, 1885, p. 6:

At Black River, April 14, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. W. H. Clark, Mr. WILLIAM H. MEAD of Watertown, to Miss LOTTA M. TAYLOR of Black River.

In this city, April 18, 1885, at the residence of John Nill, by Rev. S. A. Hayt, CARL H. PETERS and Miss MARY C,. KLETT both of Watertown, NY.

At the M. E. Parsonage, Adams, April 15, by Rev. G. Moore, Mr. W. J. FAIRBANKS of Adams and Miss ELLA BROWNELL of Adams Centre.

In this city, April 16, A. M. KENYON, age 52 years.

In this city, April 16, ANNIE MAY, daughter of GEORGE W. and MARY BAKER, age 2 years, 7 months and 13 days.

At Watertown, April 14, JOEL N. BASS, age ___years and 18 days.

At Stone Mills, April 14, MABEL HARRIET, daughter of WELLINGTON and DELL NELLIS, age 4 months.

In Mannsville, April 18, ADELBERT HITCHCOCK, age 38 years.

At New Egypt, NJ, April 17, Miss ELIZABETH LAWRENCE, formerly of this city, age 84 years and 15 days.

Saturday a man and his wife and little daughter arrived at Antwerp on the noon train, and after partaking of a late dinner, left for his brother's residence, eight miles below Ox Bow, in St. Lawrence Co. He gave his name as Palmer and his residence as Plattsburg. The family arrived in safety at their destination and all seemed to be in good spirits. Sunday, Palmer went upstairs for the purpose of taking a bath and changing his clothing...he requested Mrs. Palmer to get him a pitcher of hot water and ordered the little girl to go with her mother. The two had not gone far when, hearing a report, they rushed back into the room, to find Palmer dying of a wound in the heart, inflicted with a revolver lying close by. The cause for the rash act is not known, as the suicide seemed happy and cheerful and his family relations were reported to have been pleasant. A coroner's inquest was held and the body was taken to Plattsburg for burial Tuesday.

April 29, 1885, p. 7:

At Watertown, April 23, by Rev. L. J. Dean, ARCHIE J. HENRY and Miss EVA M. HOWARD, all of Watertown.

At Chicago, April 18, Mr. SAMUEL HOCKOLL of Chicago, and Miss ANNIE COLLINS of Watertown.

In this city, April 25th, by Rev. L. A. Hayt, EDWIN M. JONES and STELLA HORTON, both of Brownville, NY.

At Evans Mills, April 28, 1885, ELLEN, wife of ISAAC WALRATH, age 49 years and 5 months.

At Willard Asylum, April 24, 1885, HELEN E., wife of JOHN PUTNAM, age 34 years and 11 months.

Last Wednesday night, GARRICK MALLORY SPENCER, youngest son of Dr. H. G. P. SPENCER, died at the residence of his brother-in-law, E. H. MYERS, in Carthage. Mr. Spencer was taken with inflammation of the bowels or peritonitis, Tuesday, April 7....

MRS. MARY EMPRINGHAM, says the Rome Sentinel, of Friday, died on Thursday afternoon at the residence of her son-in-law, R. M. COREY, 50 Embargo Street, in her 88th year. For the last fifteen years of her life she was an invalid and four years preceding her death was confined to her bed. Disease of the nervous system and brain was the cause of her illness. Her maiden name was MARY ELLIS. She was born in Garrisborough, Lincolnshire, England. She married ROBERT EMPRINGHAM and came with him to this country about 50 years ago. They first lived in Adams, Jefferson Co., where Mr. EMPRINGHAM died about 1855.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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