A semi-weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY, 1866-1918, by A.H. Hall.It began with the July 19, 1866 issue.

published semi-weekly in Watertown, NY
Publisher: A. H. Hall

January - June 1873

1873 (Jan-June)   1873 (Jul-Dec)

January 2, 1873, p. 3

At Lowville, Dec. 19th, by Rev. T. W. Perry, Mr. DANIEL B. STERLING, of Sterlingville and Miss MARIA A. STRICKLAND of Philadelphia.

At the residence of Alvin Wallace of Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., NY, by Mr. Joseph Lamb, WILLIAM DeLAPP and Miss NAOMI HUFFSTATER, both of Ellisburgh.

In this city, Wednesday, Dec. 25th, by Rev. J. J. Porter, Rev. G. R. TORREY of Cape Vincent, and MRS. DELIA G. BLODGETT of Watertown.

In this city, December 26th, 1872, of consumption, EMMA B., adopted daughter of S. T. and DIODAMA BORDWELL, age 22 years.

At his residence in East Rodman, on the 24th inst., Mr. JACOB VAN BUSKIRK age 81 years, 10 months and 13 days.

In this city, Dec. 26th? At 10:30 p.m., of brain fever, JOHN SHERRY age 21 years. He left a widowed mother and other relatives.

At his residence in the town of Pamelia, Dec. 16th, 1872, Colonel ORLIN S. WOODRUFF in the 67yh year of his age. He was the oldest son of the late BENJAMIN WOODRUFF, a pioneer in the settlement of Watertown, having selected and purchased the farm upon which he subsequently lived and died in 1799. The father, with two brothers, Simon and Frederick, accompanied by their parents, moved into this town in the spring of 1800 and allocated upon adjoining lands purchased the previous fall. As other settlers arrived, the area became the “Woodruff Settlement”. Here in 1808 the subject of this notice, was born. He was both teacher and farmer. Public offices in which he served were: Assessor, Commissioner of Highways and Justice of the Peace, the last of which office he held at his death. In 1824 he enlisted in the Watertown Rifle Co., commanded by Capt. Albert S. Massey, a company in which his father had served his time during the battle of Sackets Harbor in 1813, while commanded by the late Capt. Wm. Lampson. As a farmer, Orlin Woodruff was an active member of the Agricultural Society of Jefferson County and served two terms on its Board of Managers.

January 9, 1873, p. 5:

In this city, Jan. 7, 1873, by Rev. Harvey Hersey, Mr. ABEL WHITCOMB of Waverly, Iowa and Miss Rachel A. Patterson of Watertown.

In Brockville, Ontario, on Dec. 25, 1872, JOHN O. HARBOTTLE and Miss LIZZIE C., only daughter of GEORGE WALLACE, ESQ.

At the residence of Peter Ryle Dec. 25, by the Rev. Geo W. Miller, Mr. FRED EUGENE PHILLIPS of Champion, to Miss CELINDA C. RYLE of Copenhagen.

At the residence of A. Bickford of Belleville, Dec. 25th by Rev. C. H. Guile, Mr. A. A. PETTENGILLE of Rodman and Miss JENNIE L. CUMMINGS of Lowville.

At Redwood, Jan. 7th, MRS. ALONZO KRING. (Maiden name: ALZINA L. BIGELOW, born 1834)

At Black River, January 3rd, JENETTE L., wife of GEORGE H. SCOTT, age 35 years, 3 months and 6 days.

At Evans Mills, NY, Dec. 24th, 1872, ALISON BEEBE, one of the old residents of the town of LeRay, age 74 years.

In Champion, Dec. 3rd, ABIGAL, relict of the late ISAAC LOCKLIN age 91 years and 7 months.

In this City, Jan. 4th, 1873, GERTRUDE F., daughter of SOLON H and ELIZA G. WRIGHT, age 3 years and 3 months.

In Chaumont at the residence of his son, A. J. DEWEY, on the 29th ult, of paralysis Mr. ENOCH DEWEY, age 79 years and 10 months. Mr. Dewey was a worthy citizen of the county for about half a century. By occupation, he was a mechanic. He was survived by children and grandchildren.

January 16, 1873, p. 7:

At the residence of the bride's parents in Loraine, by Rev. M. T. Hill, Mr. ARCHIBALD WAGONER and Miss CARRIE D. TABOR, both of Loraine, Jeff. co., NY.

On the 8th inst., at the residence of John D. Randall, Esq., by Rev. I. S. Bingham, ARTHUR E. LOOMIS and NETTIE M. RANDALL, both of Black River.

At the residence of the bride's parents at Lafargeville, on the 18th ult., by Rev. O. D. S. Marcley, Mr. JOHN BENTZ and Miss ALLIE VANCOUGHNET

At the Getman House, Theresa, on the 31st ult, by Rev. O. D. S. Marcley, Mr. ALMON H. HOUGHTON of Alexandria Bay and Miss CANDACE RAUGHT of Lafargeville.

In this city, Dec. 10th, ELLA MAY, daughter of MARVIN and PAMELIA K. YORK, age 6 months and 6 days

In this city, Jan. 8, ELLEN, wife of RICHARD WELCH, and mother of MRS. WAYNE BANNISTER of this city, age 74 years.

January 23, 1873, p. 8:

At the Old Baptist Church of Adams, on the evening of the 22d of December, by Rev. M. Baker, Mr. OSCAR LOVELAND and Miss ALICE E. HEATH of Rodman.

At the residence of the bride's parents, Orleans, NY, Jan. 15th, by Rev. O. D. S. Marcley, Mr. PHILIP SCHOLLENBERG and Miss MARIA E. WETTERHAHN, both of Watertown, NY

At the residence of the bride's parents in Loraine, by Rev. M. T. Hill, Mr. ARCHIBALD WAGONER and Miss CARRIE D. TABOR, both of Loraine, Jefferson Co., NY

On the 8th inst., at the residence of John D. Randall, Esq., by Rev. I. S. Bingham, ARTHUR E. LOOMIS and NETTIE M. RANDALL, both of Black River.

At the residence of the bride's parents at Lafargeville on the 18th ult, by Rev. O. D. S. Marcley, Mr. JOHN BENTZ and Miss ALLIE VANCOUGHNET.

At the Getman House, Theresa, the 31st ult, by Rev. O. D. S. Marcley, Mr. ALMON H. HOUGHTON of Alexandria Bay and Miss CANDACE RAUGHT of Lafargeville.

At Grace Church on Wednesday, Jan. 15, by Rev. Mr. Stanton, Rector, Mr. W. J. CASSIDY of Albany to Miss SARAH J. PATERSON of Watertown.

Jan. 2, 1873, by Rev. I. Bradnock, NATHANIEL PETERSON of Rutland and SARAH JANE GOUNDRELL of Watertown.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan on the 13th inst., by the Rev. H. F. Spencer, Pastor of the Division St., M. E. Church, Mr. JAS. KNOX MOORE of Washington, D.C. And Miss KIZZIE E. HUGHES of Watertown, NY

At the residence of his father, AMOS GOULDING, in the town of LeRay on the 15th of January, after a brief and painful illness, EDWIN R. GOUULDING in the 23d, year of his age.

In Orleans, Jan. 14th, HARRIET HENRIETTA, daughter of ANDREW E. and JANE G. BALTZ, age 2 years, 7 months and 3 days.

At Tribs? Hotel, Oakland, California, January 6th, BERTHA LOUISA, youngest daughter of WM. and MARY J. GLADWIN age __years, 7 months and 20 days.

In Rutland, Jan. 2d, 1873, MRS. MARGARET SCOTT, mother of ROSS C. SCOTT of this city, age 69 years.

In this city, Dec. 18?, ELLA MAY, daughter of MORRIS and PAMELIA K. YORK, age 6 months and 6 days.

In this city, Jan. 8, ELLEN, wife of RICHARD WELCH and mother of MRS. WAYNE BANNISTER of this city, age 74 years.

At the Fifth Ave. Hotel, New York, Jan. 15th, THERESA B. DEWEY, wife of CHAUNCEY T. BOWEN of Chicago, IL.

In Hammond, on Tuesday, Dec. 17th of inflammation of the lungs, CLARENCE B. TYLER, son of LAFAYETE and MARY D. TYLER, age 3 years, 3 months and 15 days.

January 30, 1873, p. 7

At the residence of the bride's parents on Wednesday, January 8, by Rev. S. F. Danforth, Mr. O. D. WHITCOMB and Miss ELLA A. COOLEY, all of Rodman.

At the house of the bride's sister, Mr. O. M. WOOD in Dexter, Jan. 27th by the Rev. J. H. Stewart, WM. L. CRAWFORD of Chicago, Ill,. and Miss ALICE EASTERLY of Dexter.

In Adams Centre, Jan. 29th, 1873, HIRAM AMES.

In South Rutland, Jan. 26, MRS. CAROLINE E., wife of HENRY ANDREWS, Esq., age 40 years and 6 months. Funeral at the Union Church, 12 o'clock Wednesday.

In Pamelia, Jan. 15, EDMOND K. OGSBURY, age 25 years, 3 months and 13 days.

In this city, January 26th, 1873, MRS. KATHERINE TRAINOR, age 23 years, 7 months and 2 days.

February 6, 1873, p. 4

In this city on the 4th instant, by the Rev. Bingham, Mr. HARVY MARTIN of New York City to Miss S. M. STRONG of Champion, NY

In Sackets Harbor, NY, Dec. 15th, 1872, of paralysis, Mr. ERASTUS ROGERS in the 72nd year of his age. He came to Sackets Harbor in 1814 as a young man and engaged in trade as a groceryman and continued in the same business and store for 36 years, retiring from business in 1850. He leaves a wife (the only near relative) and many friends to mourn his loss. He was a communicant of the Prot. Episcopal Church.

At Black River, Feb. 2nd, MARY OLIVE, only daughter of the late CARY Z. EDDY, age 10 years, 4 months and 21 days. The remains will be brought to the city for interment from No. 24 Academy Street, on Wednesday 5th inst., at 2:30 p.m.

February 13, 1873, p. 1

At the M. E. Church, Carthage, Feb. 11th, 1873, by Rev. F. H. Beck, BYRON S. VROOMAN and SARAH G. STEWART, all of Carthage.

In Brownville, Jan. 15th, 1873, at the residence of Harrison Grant, MRS. CAROLINE CRANDALL, wife of A. W. CRANDALL, age 59 years, 6 months and 14 days.

On Saturday, February 8th, 1873, at Toledo, Ohio, of heart disease, JOSEPH BEAUSOLEIL, age 34 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral Wednesday at 10 a.m. From the residence of his father-in-law, Christopher Chaloux, No. 13 ˝ Main Street, from thence to St. Mary's Church, Factory St.

February 20, 1873, p. 1:

At the residence of the bride's father, JAMES HUNT, Esq., in Copenhagen, NY on the 12th inst., by Rev. M. D. Kinney, Mr. LLOYD G. CHASE of Little Falls, NY, connected with the Journal & Courier, and Miss AURELIA M. HUNT.

At the house of the bride's father, on the 11th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. JOHN C. WOODRUFF of this city, to Miss ADA ESTELLE OTIS of Rutland.

In Croghan, Lewis Co, Feb. 12th, 1873, of consumption, ROSE A. ROGERS, daughter of HONORA ROGERS, in the 34th year of her age.

In Hounsfield, Feb. 16th, EVA F., daughter of EDWIN H. and JANE A. MOORE, age 4 months and 21 days.

At Mankato River, Feb. 8 of consumption, MRS. CHANEY, wife of the Rev. L. W. CHANEY.

In Brownville, at Perch River, Feb. 18th, 1873, LANY, wife of NICHOLAS LAWYER, age 71 years, 11 months and 25 days. Otsego, Herkimer and Schoharie county papers please copy.

February 27, 1873, p. 6

At the residence of the bride's father, in Brownville, NY, Feb. 20th, 1873, by Rev. H. M. Dodd of Dexter, Mr. C. R. BLODGETT of Lowville, to Miss JENNIE YOUNGER, daughter of ROBERT YOUNGER of Brownville.

At Trinity Church Rectory, Feb. 22nd, 1873, by Rev. L. R. Brewer, Mr. WALLACE L. DUNAWAY and Miss ANTHA BRONSON, both of Copenhagen.

In this city, Feb. 16, by Rev. Harvey Hersey, Mr. JOSEPH UNDERWOOD and Miss JULIA P. WHITNEY, both of Limerick.

In this city, Feb. 19, by Rev. Harvey Hersey, Mr. GEORGE M. WICKAM of Lowville, and Miss LIBBIE D. SLOCUM of Hrarisburg, Lowville papers please copy.

At the house of C. M. Brawt, Sanford's Corners, Feb. 22, 1873, by Rev. C. S. Corbin, Mr. WILLARD W. BRAWT to Miss ANER CALHOUN, both of Pillar Point.

LAURETTA, wife of WILLIAM THOMAS, died in Denmark, Feb. 16th, age 59 years.

In this city, Feb. 23d, ELIZABETH, wife of JOHN HUNTER, age 74 years. Funeral from the residence of her son-in-law, William Hull, No. 8 Burchard Street, on Tuesday 25th, at 2 p.m.

In this city on the 24th inst, of consumption, THOMAS McCORMICK, age 59 years. Funeral from his late residence, 69 Massey St., Wednesday at 2 p.m., St. Patrick's Church, 2:30 p.m.

At Pillar Point, Jan. 12th, ROBERT LONSDALE, age 78 years.

March 6, 1873, p. 3

At the M. E. Parsonage in Theresa, Feb. 26, by Rev. G. P. Kendy, A. D. PRIES, Esq., of Orleans, NY and MRS. MARY E. MORRELL of Theresa, NY

At the bride's residence at Syracuse, NY, Feb. 29th, by Rt. Rev. Dr. Huntington, Bishop of this Diocese, the Rev. FOSTER ELY, Rector of St. Paul, Newport, KY, and MRS. S. OLIVE BREWSTER

Laurette, wife of WILLIAM THOMAS, died in Denmark, Feb. 16th, age 59 years.

In Dexter, Feb. 25th, 1873, JAS. B. DAKIN age 68 years, 11 months and 4 days.

At Black River, February 27th, 1873, WILLARD, youngest son of JOHN and EMELINE RICHARDSON, age 16 years and 4 mos.

At his residence, No. 14 Central Street on the 28th of February, THOMAS ROONEY, age 75 years.

Entered into rest on Saturday 15th, instant, FRANCIS T. LUDLOW, wife of Lieut. Com. N. LUDLOW, of the U. S. Navy

In Champion, Feb. 10th, 1873, ABIGAL, wife of CHAUNCEY COBURN, Esq., and daughter of Deacon JAMES THOMPSON, in the 63rd year of her age. She left a husband and two married daughters with their families. (paragraph followed notice)

March 13, 1873, p. 1:

At Sacket's Harbor, March 8th, 1873, by Rev. H. Hickok, JOHN DAVIDSON and SARAH J. THOMPSON, both of Hounsfield.

In Wilna, March 1st, 1873, of congestion of the lungs, JULIA E. WEAVER, age 37 years and 11 months.

In Redwood, NY Oct. 27th 1872, of consumption, CANDACE, daughter of CHARLES W. CLARK, age nearly 19 years.

In Redwood, NY Feb. 23d, 1873, of typhus fever, HERBERT, only son of CHARLES W. CLARK, age nearly 16 years.

March 20, 1873, p. 7

At the residence of his uncle, Charles N. Ely, on Saturday morning, March 15th, in the fifteenth year of his age, WM. STOW only son of Rev. Wm. A. and JULIA G. ELY. Funeral services at Trinity Church, on Tuesday the 18th inst., at 3 p.m.

April 3, 1873, p. 4

Tuesday morning, March 28th, by Rev. L. R. Bennet, Mr. EDWARD EMMERICH and Miss MARY TURNEY, all of Watertown.

In this city, March 2d, by Rev. H. Hersey, Mr. GEO F. HICKOK and Miss JESSIE R. JACKSON, all of Sackets Harbor.

In this city, March 30th, ANNA, daughter of JAMES and BRIDGET FOLEY, age 10 years and 4 months.

At Worth Centre, March 13, 1873, JESSIE, infant son of WILLIAM and MARY PATTERSON, age 1 year and 13 days.

At Worth Centre, March 27, 1873, GUY, infant son of EDWARD and MIRAH CORNEL, age 5 months.

At 142 Neuberry Av., Chicago, Feb. 16th, CORA MAY, youngest child of G. R. and DELIA A. MANSELL, age 1 year, 11 months and 4 days

HENRY A. HUNGERFORD at Carthage, March ___, of billious fever in the 58th year.

April 10, 1873, p. 5

At the State Street Parsonage on the 5th ult, by Rev. M. D. Kinney, Mr. SHERMAN GARDNER and Miss SARAH ALLEN, both of Rodman

At the State St. Parsonage, on the 4th inst, by Rev. M. D. Kinney, Mr. THERON H. ELMER of Sandy Creek and Miss ELL A E. WHITE of this city.

In Adams, March 25th by the Rev. Mr. Walker, Mr. EDGAR CLARK to Miss D. GARDNER, all of Lorraine.

At her daughter's in Michigan, March 30th, MRS. CLARISSA THOMPSON, daughter of JUSTICE PARRY. Funeral will be held at the Chuch in Adams on Wednesday April 12th.

Of consumption at his residence in Rodman on the 4th inst., JOHN HANCOCK, age 14 years and 6 months.

NOTE: All entries for April 10 were blurred copies so dates may not be accurate.

April 17, 1873, p. 5

On Thursday, April 1st, at Chaumont, NY, WALTER A. YORK to ALICE PENNOCK, daughter of GEORGE W. PENNOCK

On Thursday, April 3d, at Oswego, NY, AUGUSTUS J., son of AUGUSTUS D. and ELLEN RUSSELL, age 6 weeks.

On Thursday, the 10th day of April at Oswego, NY, ELLEN J., wife of AUGUSTUS D. RUSSELL, age 23 years and 9 months.

April 24, 1873, p. 5

On April the 9th, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. O. D. S. Marcley, Mr. HORACE D. MOREY of New Hartford, NY and Miss ELLEN H. EDMUNDS of Orleans, NY. Utica papers please copy.

In Rodman on the 19th inst., of congestion on the brain, DR. TUTTLE in the 53rd year of his age.

At Saratoga Springs, March 22d, Mr. JOHN E. JONES, age 77 years, formerly of Watertown, NY

May 1, 1873, p. 6

At the residence of the bride's father, J. G. COON, Adams Centre, NY, April 24th, 1873, by Rev. A. B. Prentice, Mr. ALBERT R. BABCOCK and Miss FLORA A. COON

At the same time and place and by the same, Mr. ARTHUR D. COON and Miss SARAH J. KENNEDY, all of Adams Centre

On April the 23rd, at the house of A. P. Ellis, Plessis, by S. G. Norton, Esq., Justice of the Peace, ROBERT H. SHEELEY to ELLA ELLIOT, all of Alexandria.

At his home, near Alexandria Bay, April 15th, 1873, ALBIN DAVIS in the 69th year of his age, Brockville Ontario papers please copy.

At Alexandria Bay, April 1st, 1873, of scarlet fever, MARY IRENE, only child of EDWARD H. and AMORETTA P. SMITH, age 3 years, 11 months and 11 days.

In this city, Sunday morning, April 27th, BETSEY B., wife of JAMES H. DAVENPORT, age 55 years and 9 months.

In Hounsfield, April 18th, 1873, STEPHEN WASHBURN age 36 years, of consumption. His funeral was attended Sunday afternoon, withstanding the almost impassable condition of the roads. He leaves a wife, three children and a large circle of relatives to mourn his loss.

May 8, 1873, p 3

At Evans Mills, April 30, by Rev. P. K. Sheldon, Mr. WINFIELD S. SPENCER to Miss R. L. D. BAILEY, both of North Wilna.

May 15, 1873, p 8

At her home near Adams Centre, April 24th of consumption, MRS. FIDELIA A. CARLEY, age 54 years.

August 30th, 1872, MRS. MARY FREEMAN, age 83 years, mother of FIDELIA A. CARLEY

In this city, May 12th, JOHN BLAKE, age 87 years. Funeral today at 2:30 p.m. At No. 21 Sewall's Island

A tribute of several stanzas by C. H. Rogers for death of Sister Amelia.

May 22, 1873, p. 7

At Brownville, May 14, at the residence of Geo. I. Whittier, Esq., by the Rev. D. Ellis Wiles, of St. Paul's Church, THOMAS DOBSON and MRS. MARY M. ENOS

On Tuesday, May 20th, by Rev. A. B. Dilleg, at the house of the officiating clergyman in Watertown, NY, Mr. S. C. BARNHART, of Barnhart's Island, to Miss CLARA HAWKINS of Brooklyn, NY

At the home of the bride's father, Mr. C. A. FULLER, South Rutland, on the 15th inst, by Rev. Isaac Braknack, ALBERT D. VEBER of Felts Mills and LIBBIE A. FULLER.

In this city on Thursday, May 15, DANIEL A. SMITH, age 53 years, 7 months and 5 days. Funeral services at his house on Saturday morning at 7 o'clock; the remains will be taken to Richville for interment.

In this city, May 19th, CATHERINE, wife of EDWARD DUNN, age 57 years and 3 months.

In this city, May 20th, ROSA, wife of THOMAS MORGAN, age 56 years Funeral services today (Thursday) at St. Patrick's Church at 10 ˝ a.m.

At Rutland, April 27th, in the house in which she was born, REBECCA, wife of CHARLES J. WALDO in her 24th year.

At Rochester of scarlet fever, on the 10th inst., JOHANNIE A., son of A. D. PAWLING, age 3 years and 8 months.

June 5, 1873, p. 4

By Rev. D. W. Aylesworth at the residence of Mr. Gilbert Wells, Three Mile Bay, Jeff. Co., NY, May 28th, 1873, Mr. CHARLES B. TARBELL of Cape Vincent and Miss FLORENCE WAFUL of Three Mile Bay.

In the town of Pamelia, May 31st, MRS. BETSEY WHITE, relict of the late RUBERT WHITE, age 100 years, 8 months and 13 days.

On Saturday, May 24th at Washington, D.C., EMMA ELIZABETH, wife of CHARLES F. KEEFER and daughter of the late JOSIAH BEALLS, Esq., of this city, age 31 years.

At Adams Centre, NY, May 27th, CLAUDIUS HUBBARD, Esq., age 52 years.

At her son's residence in Gouverneur, May 5th, 1873, MRS. EUNICE FORCE, age 63 years, 8 months and 11 days.

June 12, 1873, p. 6

At the house of the bride's parents on the 7th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. EDWARD M. TROWBRIDGE, M.D. Of this city to Miss LILLIE D. SPRINGSTEEN of Black River

At the residence of the bride's father in Dexter, June 5th, 1873, by Rev. H. M. Dodd, Mr. GEORGE A. SAVAGE and Miss HELEN F. CASLER, eldest daughter of Mr. MELZER E. CASLER, all of Dexter

At Montague, May 31st, ALVIN CASTLE, age 70 years and __ months.

June 19, 1873, p. 1

In the city of Rochester on the 4rh of February last, by Rev. Mr. Oberholzer, JULIUS ARMBRUSTER and Miss ELIZABETH HUCK of Ashland Farm, Jeff. Co., NY. Miss Huck was one of the most amiable, competent and worthy young housekeepers of our acquaintance and we rejoice in her good fortune to have been selected by one in every way appreciative of her many good qualities. May the happy pair live long and prosper as they richly deserve.

Of Brain fever, at his residence in Antwerp, on the 5th inst., after an illness of but two days, Mr. ALVINGA F. HALL, in the 27th year of his age. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss.

In this city, June 12th, EVA E., daughter of JAMES P. and JOSEPH DOUGHERTY, age 7 years and 15 days. Funeral from the Sewall House on Sewall's Island.

June 26, 1873, p. 2

In this city on Tuesday, June 24th, by Rev. L. H. Brewer at the residence of T. W. Perry, FRANK ELLIS of the Times Office to Miss ELIZABETH DORAN

At Black River on Thursday, June 19th, by Rev. Mr. Cooper of the State St. M.E. Church, Mr. FRANK GIBBS to Miss ROSA McOMBER.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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