A semi-weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY, 1866-1918, by A.H. Hall.It began with the July 19, 1866 issue.


January - June 1877

January - June 1877

Jan-Jun 1877, Jul-Dec 1877

January 4, 1877, p. 1:

At the home of the bride in Champion, December 31, by Rev. C. H. ____, Mr. HIRAM GRANT of Clayton and Miss SARAH S. MERRILL of Champion.

At the Parker House, Evans Mills, by the Rev. N. F. Nickerson, Mr. DANIEL F. ROURKE of Jefferson County, to Miss ELLA A. HOSFORD of Lewis Co., NY

At the residence of the bride, by the Rev. N. A. Nickerson, Mr. GEORGE A COOK of Alexandria Bay, to Miss SUSAN D. NATE of LeRay.

On Christmas Day at the residence of Horace G. Dodge, by Rev. Dr. Peckam, Mr. CHARLES E. HELMER and Miss RASALIE BACKUS all of this city.

On New Year's Day, at the residence of C. L. Van Doren, by Rev. Dr. Porter, Mr. LEWIS W. RECTOR of Hamburgh and Miss RUTH A. SHOEMAKER of Watertown.

In this city, Dec. 30, GURDIN MORSE age 65 years. Funeral from the residence of his son, B. C. Morse, No. 9 William? Street on Wednesday at 11 o'clock.

In this city, Jan. 1, 1877, PATRICK HENDRICK, age 45 years. Funeral from Patrick's church, on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.

In this city Jan. 1, 1877, JAMES COLWELL, son of Capt. W. and HARRIET CLIFFORD age 7 years. Funeral on Wednesday, at ____.

January 11, 1877, p. 3:

In this city, January 6th, 1877, by Dr. Porter, Mr. FRANK W. HORTH and Miss MAGGIE S. COATS, both of Watertown, NY

At the residence of the bride's father, Dec. 27th, 1876, by W. W. Woodman, Esq., Mr. MERRITT M. ROSE of Henderson, Jeff. Co., NY, and Miss SARAH E. ASPINWALL of Farmington, Jeff. Co., Wisconsin

At Sackets Harbor, Jan. 3d, by the Rev. E. P. Winne, Sergt. ALEXANDER JOHNSON and Miss AMELIA J. PARKER, both of Sackets Harbor.

At the residence of the bride's father, PHILLIP BAXTER, January 4th by Rev. N. F. Nickerson, Mr. WILLIAM M. COUNTRYMAN of Pamelia, to Miss ELLA L. BAXTER of LeRay.

By the Rev. James McCollough, December 20, 1876, at the residence of the bride's father, ALBERT W. PARRISH of Pamelia to Misss L. E. LEONARD of Hermon, St. Lawrence Co.

At the Vebber House, Theresa, Jan. 1st, 1877, by Isaac L. Huntington, Esq., Mr. CORNELIUS O'BRIEN of LeRay and Miss CYNTHIA HOSNER of Alexandria.

In Chaumont, Jan. 7th, ALMEDA A., wife of E. DENISON, age 22 years and 5 months.

In this city, Jan. 9th of heart disease, LUCY L., wife of C. A. HOLDEN, age 50 years.

In this city, Jan. 9th at the residence of her father, EZRA WAIT, No. 130 Main St., CHANCY WAIT, age 38 years, 4 months and 21 days.

In this city, Jan. 9th, NETTIE, daughter of GEORGE B. and MARIA COOK, age 6 years, 2 months and 2 days.

At the residence of his brother, near LaFargeville, Dec. 23, 1876, JOHN W. HAWS of St. Joseph, Michigan, a former resident of this county, age 58 years and 9 days.

At the residence of his son, in the town of Lima, Sheboygan Co., Wis. Dec. 5th, 1876, JOHN HUSAN, for several years a resident of this city, age 73 years.

MAJ. E. M. CAMP, U.S.A., formerly of Jefferson County, family residing in Sackets Harbor, died at Camp Halleck, Nev. Dec. 28, 1876 in the 47th year of his age.

In this city, Dec. 4th, CHARLES W., son of GEO. D. and MINNIE A. CLEMONS, age 4 years, 6 months and 28 days.

Janaury 18, 1877, p. 8:

Jan. 10, 1877, by G. M. ___, S. ACKERMAN of Sanford Corners and ____ (unreadable)

Jan. 10, by Rev. Dr. Buridge? at the residence of the bride's parents, FRED R. SMITH of Mannsville and ____, daughter of A. B. SOUTHWELL of Oswego.

At Potsdam, Jan. 14, by Rev. M. ____, WM. H. WASHBURN and A. CHANEY of the former place.

Transcriber's note, next two notices unreadable.

At the residence of the bride's father, Sterling Street, Jan. 1, by Rev. Dr. Porter, SAMUEL D. PRYER, Esq., of Winfield, Kansas, and Miss.____, daughter of Mr. J. T. WAITE.

At the Congregational Parsonage, Tuesday, Jan. 9, 1877 by Rev. Albert Lee, Mr. CHRISTOPHER CAMPBELL of Rutland to Miss MARY LEE of Clayton, NY

At Barnes Corners by Rev. H. Harris, Mr. CHAS. F. WOODWARD of Pinckney and Miss MARY E. MILLER of South Rutland.

At the residence of ___in Rodman, Jan. 4th by Rev. S. Johnson, Mr. W. J. WYMAN to Miss LENORA W. CHRISTIE of Rodman.

At ___by the Rev. S. F. Danforth, Jan. 10, 1877, Mr. MERRIT E. LIGENFELTER and Miss FRANKIE P. BARNEY all of Clayton

In this city, Jan. 10, 1877, SYLVIA W., wife of FREDERICK BOYER and daughter of the late HIRAM MERRILL, age 31 years.

In Brookyn, Jan. 10, GEO W. STORY, brother of FREDRICK T. STORY of this city age 47 years.

At Felts Mills, Nov. 20, 1876, JOSEPH S. ROBERTS, age 41 years and 8 months.

January 25, 1877:

On Tuesday, Jan. 23d, at Great Bend, by the Rev. L. R. Brewer, GEORGE E. FREEMAN and Miss SUSIE MERRITT

In Watertown, Jan. 23, by Rev. Dr. Porter, Mr. SIDMORE A. HILLIARD of Forrestport, Oneida Co., and Miss CELIA A. FOSGATE of this city.

In Watertown, Jan. 23, by Rev. Dr. Porter, Dr. WILLIAM T. BURDICK of this city and Miss ELIZABETH N. VISSCHER of Owingsville, Kentucky.

Jan. 9th, 1877, at the residence of the bride, by Rev. c. Widrig, Mr. C. CUMMINS and Miss ELLA M. CARLOSS both of LaFargeville, Jeff. Co.
In this city on the 17th inst., by Rev. L. R. Brewer, RICHARD M. CASE and RUBY ANN SMITH, both of this city.

In the Catholic Church, Jan. 14, by Father Ryan, Mr. J. SIMPSON and Miss K. CUMMINS, both of this city.

In Watertown, Ja. 17th, 1877, by Rev. A. B. Prentice of Potsdam, Mr. ALONZO WHALEY to Miss CHARLOTTE BAXTER of Adams Centre.

In Rutland, Wednesday, January 17th by Rev. A. Lee, Mr. MYREN E. ROSE of South Champion to Mrs MARGARET COOL of South Rutland.

January 18, at the Crowner House, by Rev. G. M. Mead, Mr. LEVI K. GILLETT and Miss RENA G. DORR, both of Depauville.

Near Ox Bow, Jan. 14th, SHELDON WILCOX, age 61 years and 3 months.

At Holliston, Mass. Monday evening, January 22d, SAMUEL A. SANGER, brother of W. H. Sanger of this city.

In Omar, Dec. 29, 1876, ELMER, age 7 years, and Jan 1, 1877, CHARLES, age 3 years, both sons of LEVI and ALMIRA BOWEN.

In this city. Jan. 16, 1877, MARY, wife of WILLIAM BISNETT, age 41 years.

At Great Bend, Jan. 11, KEZIAH SLOAN, wife of HENRY McBRIER, Esq., in the 75th year of her age.

At Sterlingville, Tuesday, Jan. 16th, MORRIS GRIFFIN age 75 years, father of JOHN W. and D. G. GRIFFIN of this city.

In Watertown, December 19, J. FRANK MYERS, age 23 years and 7 months. January 1, of bilious fever. J. F. MYERS, age 50 years and 7 months.

In Watertown, January 15, 1877, LYMAN R. BAILEY of consumption, age 73 years, 3 months and 17 days.

February 1, 1877, p. 6:

On the 29th inst. by Rev. M. D. Kinney at his residence in this city, Mr. D. A. BORONIE of New York and Miss FANNY M. LUCH of Pamelia.

At the residence of the bride's parents, January 23d, Mr. SAMUEL CROSS of Felts Mills to Miss ANNA HIBBERT of LeRaysville.

In this city, Jan. 24th, ELMIRA H., wife of JEREMY STIMSON, age 38 years.

In Theresa, January 24, 1877, LYMAN WILSON, age 75 years, 5 months and 6 days.

In this city, Jan. 25th, LOUISA, widow of the late MOSES COFFEEN, age 66 years and 11 months.

In this city, Jan. 26, Mrs. MARY McGUIRE, age 70 years and 2 months.

In this city, January 27, LEON E., son of CHARLES H. and CASSIE A. GREEN, age 2 years and 2 months.

In Lyme, Jan. 25, 1877, LUCINDA F., wife of EBEN FISHER, age 58 years, 9 mos., 13 days.

In Sacket's Harbor, Jan. 18th, MAGGIE A., wife of JOHN L. FALL, in the 23d year of her age.

At Jacksonville, FLA, Jan. 25, ELIZABETH C., youngest daughter of CHAS. F. SMITH formerly of Watertown.

February 8, 1877, p. 3:

In St. Vincent de Paul's Church in Cape Vincent, on Tuesday morning, Jan. 30th, 1877, by the Rev. Father Conlyn, Mr. MARTIN DOYLE and Miss CATHARINE COLE, all of Cape Vincent.

At the home of the bride's parents, in Leray, Feb. 4th, 1877, by Rev. Wm. M. Holbrook, MYRON S. STOTLER of Theresa, and Miss EMMA E. DOXTATOR of LeRay, NY

In the State Street M.E. Church, February 1st, 1877, by Rev. C. P. Lyford, assisted by Rev. M. G. Bullock, Mr. ALBERT B. HOWE and Miss JOSIE A. LYFORD both of Watertown.

In Alexandria, Jan. 24th, 1877 of inflammation of the lungs, ALBERT BECKWITH, age 65 years. The deceased was born in Lyme, New London co., Conn., and was an old and respected resident of the town.

In Cape Vincent on Wednesday evening, Jan. 31st, 1877, BARNARD DUNN, in the 67th year of his age.

In Antwerp, January 31st, 1877, MRS. SARAH BROOKS, age 65 years.

In Antwerp, January 30th, 1877, CHESTER PARISH age 70 years.

At Los Angeles, Cal, Feb. 1, JOS. C. ROBINSON of Brownville, NY

February 15, 1877, p. 4:

MARRIED - two notices both unreadable.

In this city, Feb. ___, EILEN GILLIGAN, age 40 years.

In this city Feb. 13th, BRIDGET VAN HOUSER, age 34? years.

In Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday morning, Feb. 3d, WILLIAM CLARK, age 76 years.

In Brownville, Feb. 3d, BERTIE, youngest son of WM. T. and LUCY SKINNER, age 8 years and 10 months.

In Kenosha, Feb. 5th? in the 78th year of her age, Miss FRANCIS W. SANDIFORTH, formerly of Utica and sister of the late LEWIS R. SANDIFORTH of this city.

In Ogdensburg, on the 2d inst., MORRIS BERWIN, merchant, age 38 years.

In Ogdensburg, on the 6th inst., CHARLES H. BUTRICK merchant, age 53 years.

In Hermon, on the 5th inst., OTIS EARLE, merchant age about 48 years.

In East Watertown, Feb. 10th, SAMUEL PHELPS, age 81 years.

At the residence of her daughter in Carthage, on the 9th inst., EUNICE DODGE relict of the late BENJ. THAYER of Wilna, NY, age 90 years.

February 22, 1877, p. 1:

At the residence of David Gould in Dexter on the 13th inst., by Rev. R. M. Dodd, Mr. TRUMAN P. GARLOCK of Harrisburg to Miss MARY A. GOULD of Dexter.

In Canton, Jan. 1st by Rev. J. S. Lee, Mr. HENRY PACKARD and Miss AMELIA L. BACHELLER both of this city.

At the residence of John Riley, Louisville, by A. B. ___, GEORGE B. ALDEN of Massena and Miss ABBE J. RILEY of the former place.

In this city Feb. 14th by Rev. G. M. Mead, Mr. EUGENE J. MOULD of Carthage and Miss KITTY N. GARDNER.

Also, on the same day by the same, WILLIAM W. MOULD of Carthage and Miss MAGGIE A. POST of this city.

At the the house of the bride's parents in LeRay, Jan. 30th, by Rev. C. Widrig, Mr. WILLARD NELLIS and Miss JOSEPH BAUM of LeRay
Transcriber's note: next 4 notices unreadable.

At the Oakland House in this city, Feb. 14th, by Rev. H. Hersey, Mr. ALBERT W. GOULD of Pamelia and Miss ELLA COLE of Clayton.

In Alexandria, February 14, 1877 by Rev. Mr. Coon, Mr. GEORGE BURT of Worth to Miss CATHARINE HARTMAN of Alexandria.

At the residence of the bride's parents, Feb. 14th, by Rev. A. W. Cady, Mr. CHARLES FARRELL JR. and Miss LUCINDA GARLOCK both of Clayton, NY

At St. Vincent de Paul's Church at Cape Vincent on Monday morning, February 12th, 1877, by Father Conlyn, Mr. AUGUSTINE HUCK and Miss THERESA WILEY of Rosiere.

At the bride's parents, February 15, 1877, in New Breman by Rev. H. Horn, Mr. MICHAEL FARNEY to Miss MINNIE MILL all of New Bremen.

At the Methodist parsonage in Lowville, February 22, 1877, by Rev. S. O. Barnes, Mr. W. K. THOMAS of Martinsburg to MRS. MARY THISS.

Next notice unreadable.

In this city, Feb. 13th, BRIDGET VAN HOOSER, age 44 years.

Next five notices unreadable.

In Clayton village, Feb. 12 of cancer, LOUISA A., wife of EDWARD C. MURHY in her 57th year.

In this city, February 17, FREDERICK W., son of GEORGE C. and AURELIA MORRISON age 1 year and 12 days

In this city, Feb. 18, LIZIE M. MILLER, age 30 years. Picton, Ontario papers please copy.

March 1, 1877, p. 1:

At Charles Cole's Hotel, February 10th by Rev. D. D. Parker, Mr. ALEXANDER H. DRAKE, and Miss ADELIA WAGNER, all of Philadelphia.

At the Forbes House, by Rev. Wm. M. Holbrook, Feb. 22d, WM. E. HILLIKER of Dexter to Miss SARAH COUNTRYMAN of Limerick.

At the residence of the bride's father, Pleasant Valley, Watertown, Feb. 22, by Rev. Dr. Porter, NATHANIEL G. GRANT, Esq., of East Wrightstown, Wis., and SUSAN C. BURRILL, daughter of JNO. GIFFORD.

At the home of the bride's father, on the 21st inst., by Rev. O. P. Pitcher, Mr. DAVID A. TRUMPOUR and Miss HULDA M. ESSELSTYN, daughter of JOHN R. ESSELSTYN.

In Ox Bow, Feb. 22, by M. M. Gillett, J. P., SIMON ROSENBARKER to Miss ELLEN HUDE all of Ox Bow.

In this city February 27th, CHARLES H., only son of ELAM L. and JULIA P. HOLCOMB, age 3 months and 1 day.

In this city, February 26, JOHN GREGORY age 17 years.

In Sackets Harbor, February 25th, LAURA M., wife of CHESTER C. SYMONDS, age 63 years.

In LeRaysville, Feb. 10, EDDIE, only son of EUGENE and NELLIE SCHRAM, age 14 months.

In LeRaysville, Feb. 17, A. JESSIE MOSHER, youngest daughter of LEONARD and MARGARET MOSHER, age 14 years and 3 months.

At her residence in LeRay, on the 14th of February, MRS. CATHARINE WILKIE, wife of EDWARD WILKIE, and daughter of FREDERICK and CATHERINE LAWYER of Brownville, age 21 years and 11 days.

In LeRay, Feb. 24, Miss HANNAH BALLOU, age 66 years.

March 8, 1877, p. 8:

In this city, March 3d, MARY A., wife of E. WOOD AVERY, age 57 years, and 7 days.

In this city, March 4th, MERTA F., daughter of CHARLES E. and EVELINE E. BALL, age ___months.

In this city, March 4th, LUCY A., daughter of GEORGE and MARY L. TAPP, age 12 years, ___months and 20 days.

In this city, March 5th, CHARLES W., son of JAMES and MARIA MASON, age 14 years, 3 months and 18 days.

March 15, 1877, p. 7:

On the 7th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. FRANK S. PELTON of Chicago, Ill, to Miss Lois E. Wise of this city.

At the M. E. Parsonage in Clayton, the 8th inst, by Rev. E. S. Cheeseman, Mr. GEORGE M. MC COMBS, M.D.., of Watertown, and Miss A. NETTIE WEAVER of Depauville, NY

In Adams Centre, March 11th, Rev. LORENZO RICE, age 68 years and 6 months.

At Norwich, Chenango Co., March 12th of ____, MRS. ACHSA THOMPSON age 70 years, 10 months. Widow of the deceased ICHABOD THOMPSON. Buried on the same day at 1 o'clock p.m.

Entered into rest at Watertown, NY March 13th, 1877, REV. WILLIAM ADRIEL ELY.

In Manton, Mich., March 19?, 1877, of consumption, HARRY SLOAT formerly of this county.

In Tomah, Monroe Co., Wisconsin, JOHN MOTT, February 10, 1877, age 73 years, formerly of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., NY, brother of BENJAMIN MOTT of Philadelphia, Jeff. Co., and S. MOTT, Martinsburg, Lewis Co.

In this city, March 10, PARKER D., son of F. M. and THERESA R. FERRIN, age 11 years and 10 months.

March 22, 1877, p. 7:

There were no marriages listed and none of the death notices are readable.

March 29, 1877, p. 5:

In Adams, March 15, MRS. SALLY HALE, mother of A. C. HALE, age 86 years and 10 months.

In Watertown, March 24th of diptheria, WILLIE IVES, son of FRANCIS and ADELLA IVES, age 8 years, 5 months and 11 days.

In this city, March 23d, CLINTON T., son of H. R. and JENNIE HUNTER, age 5 year, ___months and 16 days.

In Pitcairn, St. Law. co., March 20th, LORENZO STREETER, age 21 years.

In Pitcairn, St. Law. Co., March 23d, MRS. MARGARET STREETER, age 100 years and 18 days.

In Utica, March 23d, MARY CARTER, age 30 years.

In Pamelia, March 25th, ELIZABETH A., wife of JOSEPH JORDON, age 24 years.

April 5, 1977, p. 4:

In this city, March 29th, by Rev. G. M. Mead, Mr. WILLIAM DUNCAN and Miss CARRIE SAGER.

In Greig, March 4th, 1877, by Rev. Horace Chase, Mr. ADELBERT JEFFERS and Miss HELEN SABIN, both of Turin.

At the Vebber House, Theresa, April 1, by L. L. Huntington, Esq., Mr. EDDEY FLUNO of Antwerp to Miss MARY CHAMONT of Philadelphia.

In this city, April 2d, Jane McCONNEL age 28 years and ___days.

In Fisher's Landing, March 30, Frank? son of Capt. E. M. and A. ROBBINS, age 7 years and 9 months.

In LeRay, March 20th, PHILIP DONA, age 86 years.

In __March 30, 1877, JOB DULIN age ___years.

April 12, 1877, p. 6:

At the rectory, by Rev. L. R. Brewer, Mr. JAS STRATFORD to Miss MARY E. HART, both of Depauville.

On Monday, March 27 at the residence of Hon. D. D. Cheney, Sparta, Wis., by Rev. Geo. F. Bunting, Mr. JOHN KEMP and Miss CLARA DERRINGER, both of Sparta.

In Rutland, Tuesday, April 3d by Rev. Albert Lee, Mr. JOHN W. HYATT and Miss ELIZABETH MANN, both of Rutland.

In Champion, March 28th at the residence of the bride, by Rev. C. N. Higby, Mr. EMORY E. PHILLIPS of Lowville, Lewis Co., NY and Miss FRANKIE S. GRANT.

At the Christian parsonage, East Hounsfield, April 3d, 1877, by Rev. James E. Cayes?, Mr. CHARLES G. HAVEN and Miss EMMA J. LANE, both of this city.

At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. J. A. Prindle, Mr. CHARLES P. WILLIAMS of Denmark, and Miss ANN WINDECKER of Harrisburg.

In Champion, April __, SARAH, wife of BENJAMIN JACKMAN, age 71 years, 2 months and 14 days.

In this city, April 4th, CATHARINE, widow of the late APOLIOS POLEY, age 70 years.

At Oswego, NY, January 13th, 1877, LOREN GOULDING age 75 years.

At Oswego, NY January 28th, 1877, SOPHIA EARLE, widow of the late LOREN GOULDING, age 74 years.

CARRIE WOODBURY, adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. DANIEL LEWIS fell asleep at her home in Spragues Corners, March 18 age 33 years.

In East Watertown, April 4th, ELIZABETH, wife of NELSON and daughter-in-law of Rev. HENRY HICKOK, age 21.

In this city, April 8th, GEORGE G. PHILLIPS, age 61 years.

In Leray, March 26th, HANNAH, wife of S. S. CHRISTIE, age 62 years, 2 months.

In LeRay, April 5, 1877, CADWALLADER EVANS, age 83 years.

In this city, April 9th, JANET, wife of JAMES WATT of Kings Lynn, England, age 59 years.

In this city, April 10th, MAGGIE, daughter of E. G. and BARBARA MARSH, age 25 years.

April 19, 1877, p. 6:

In this city, by Rev. Father Hogan, April 17th, Mr. JAMES SULLIVAN and Miss LIBBIE T. MAHANA

By the Rev. James Hogan, Monday evening, April 9th, THOMAS DURKAN to MARYETTE SWEENEY, both of this city.

In this city, April 17th, LENNA M., daughter of C. M. and ELIZA WAIT, age 13 years and 5 months.

In Dexter, April 16th, JAMES ALEXANDER, age 39 years.

In this city, April 12th, JESSIE, son of JAMES H. and HATTIE A. RUSSELL, age 1 year.

Suddenly, in this city, April 13, LUCY A., wife of EDMUND BARTLETT, age 36 years.

Wednesday, the 11th inst., of typhoid fever, GRACE, eldest daughter of RICHARD A. and DORA R. CLARK, of this city, 14 years, 4 months and 27 days.

April 26, 1877, p. 3:

At the residence of the bride's parents in this city, on the 18th inst, by the Rev. Mr. Hayt, Mr. RUBEN C. CLARK and Miss GRACE L. VAN AMBER, both of this city.

At the residence of the bride's parents in this city, on the 18th inst., by the Rev. Father Chapelle, Mr. EDSWARD S. SNELL of Leray, and Miss ROXIE C. BANNISTER, of this city.

On the 18th inst., by Rev. J. H. Stewart, Mr. O. H. FLORIDA of Clinton, Wis., to Miss HATTIE LEWIS of Philadelphia, NY.

In this city on 18th inst, by Rev. R. N. Barber, HENRY S. MOWERS of Leyden, Lewis Co., to Miss EVA GARDNER of LaFargeville.

In this city, April 24th, JOHN D., son of MARGET and NELSON DENO, age 3 months and 7 days.

In Rodman, April 21, 1877, S. K. GREENLEY, age 76 years.

In Paw Paw, Michigan, April 21, OLIVIA, wife of CHARLES B. HALL, eldest daughter of the late MILTON WOODWARD of Adams, age 57 years and 8 months and 29 days.

In this city, April 22d, ROSE, widow of the late WILLIAM BISNETT, age 68 years.

In this city, April 23d, EMMA, daughter of THOMAS and MARY A. CONLEY, age 1 week.

In the city of New York on Saturday, April 21st, MARY ELIZABETH CALVIN, wife of DELANO C. CALVIN.

Suddenly in this city, 21st inst., WILLIAM, son of JAMES E. and MARGARET DUKE, age 10 years.

In this city, April 19th, JOSEPH DUBOIS, age 52 years.

Suddenly in this city, April 20th, 1877, RUSSELL DAY, age 62 years, 9 months and 13 days.

May 3, 1877, p. 3:

In Hounsfield, April 24, MARY J., wife of JAMES A. SPICER, age 27 years and 19 days.

In this city, April 26th, JOHN DEMARSE, age 78 years.

On Sunday morning, April 29th, after 24 hours of croup, EDGAR L., dearly beloved little son of JOHN J. B. and KATE A. PRIMEAU, age 1 ? year and 6 months.

May 10, 1877, p. 6:

At the residence of the bride's father, Washington Street, Watertown, by Rev. Dr. Porter, JOSHUA FLANDERS of Rodman and SOPHRANA, daughter of STEPHEN KLOCK, Esq., of this city.

At the residence of Mr. JOHN WILSON, May 2nd, 1877, by Rev. J. W. ___, Mr. WM. C. EDDY of Clayton and Miss MINNIE F. SMITH of this city.

At the residence of the bride's parents, May 1st, by Rev. N. E. ____, Mr. R. W. HUNT of Antwerp and Miss EMMA L. SMITH of Philadelphia, NY

At the house of Alonzo Hose, in Pamelia, May 3d, by Rev. D. D. Parker, Mr. ___FORT of Watertown and Miss CLARA CAMPBELL of Black Lake.

First notice unreadable.


May 17, 1877, p. 7:

At the residence of J. P. Porter, Esq., Lowville, on Tuesday, May 8th, TIMOTHY MANGARR of Martinsburg, to HATTIE VANTORREL of Theresa.

At Alexandria Bay, May 10th, by Rev. S. M. Warn, Mr. J. D. TOWNSEND of Theresa, and Miss CELIA J. TOM of Orleans.

In Hounsfield, May 9th, NATHAN LADD, age 90 years, 3 months and 10 days.

At Three Mile Bay, April 21s, 1877, LIZZIE S. MOUNT, age 33 years.

In Huntingtonville, May 1st, 1877, MELORA, wife of LEONARD DRESSER, age 75 years, 4 months and 14 days.

In this city, May 3d, 1877, JULIA, wife of JAMES and JULIA WELLS, age 1 month.

In Three Mile Bay, May 5th, 1877, ANNIE, wife of ___MOUNT, age 21 years.

In this city, May 7th, 1877, MARY, daughter of DOMINICK and AGNES BENSON, age 4 weeks and 1 day.

In Dexter, May 7th, 1877, JAMES FRANCIS, age 76 years.

In this city, May 11th, LIZA, daughter of JOSEPH and AMELIA LABATRE

In this city, May 10th, MARY JANE, daughter of THOMAS and HARRIET McGOWAN, age 8 months.

In Ox Bow, May 3, 1877, MRS. LUNETTIE FELL, age 25 years and 8 months.

In this city, May 10th, 1877, FREDERICK W., son of RALPH and BETSEY BARNES, age 7 weeks.

In Watertown, May 11, NELLIE H., only daughter of GEORGE C. and MARY S. PARKS, and wife of WILLIS BUELL, age 18 years, 7 months.

In this city, May 15th, FRANK, widow of the late S. A. GREEN, age 31 years and 2 months.

June 7, 1877, p. 1:

In Ogdensburg, June 5, by Rev. J. D. Morrison, Mr. G. C. McMULLEN of Rome to Miss ATTA R. CLAY of Ogdensburg.

In this city, May 30th, ALFRED D., son of J. T. and M. D. BARKLEY, age 9 years, 11 months and 6 days.

In Stone Mills, May 25, of heart disease, ANN NORAH BURNS, wife of JAMES BURNS, age 40 years.

In this city, June 1st, MARY, wife of ALLEN W. HICKS, age 26 years.

June 14, 1877, p. 1:

At St. Paul's Church, June 6, 1877, by Rev. Latherbarry, Mr. ROBERT BLACK of Watertown, NY and Miss JOSE MAUGIN of Oswego.

In this city, June 9th, CAROLINE LOUISA, wife of H. W. SHEAD, age 45 years.

In this city, June 10th, EMELINE A., wife of JAMES B. CARTER, age 50 years.

At Three Mile Point, town of Lyme, June 9th, MRS. LUCINDA A. CATHOUN, age 40? years.

June 21, 1877, p. 7:

At the residence of the bride's mother, June 12, 1877, by Rev. G. F. ___, rector of Grace Church, Dr. W. R. PITTMAN of Miles, Iowa to Miss SADIE GRIDLEY of Watertown, NY

At the residence of the bride's parents in the town of Brownville, June 15, 1877, by Rev. Horr, Mr. GEO. LEHR of LaFargeville, NY and Miss LIZZIE M. GEORGE of Brownville.

At Cape Vincent, NY on the 13th inst., by Rev. E. H. Pratt, Mr. WILLIAM J. GRANT and Miss SARAH J. HORTON.

In Theresa June___AMORA? SALISBURY age 61 years.

In this city June 12th, MARY, wife of JOSEPH WASHER, age 38? years.

In the town of Brownville, June 13th, NATHANIEL WALRATH age 55 years, 7 months and 8 days.

In Rodman, June 14, WALTER, son of S. R. and J. M. SMITH, age 1 year, 11 months and 3 days.

At Cape Vincent, Monday, June 18th, WILLIAM S. HUNTINGTON age 58 years.

June 28, 1877, p. 1:

In Plessis, June 5th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. C. E. Lorr?, Rev. M. E. GRANT of the Presbyterian Church at Cape Vincent to DESSIE C., daughter of Mr. A. and Mrs. J. ELLIS.

At the M. E. Parsonage, Black River, NY, June 24th, by Rev. ____, Mr. AARON KELLER of Leray, NY and Miss GERTRUDE SALISBURY of Alexandria, NY

June 24th, 1877 in the M.E. church at Evans Mills, NY, by Rev. M. M. Rice, Mr. JOHN I. WIGGINS and Miss ZELLA C. KING. Also, at the same time and place by Rev. M. M. Rice, Mr. ELWOOD R. FAILING and Miss LYDIA C. STEINHILBER all of LeRay, NY.

In Smithville, Thursday, June 21, inst., WELTHY ANN, wife of ALFRED SEELEY, age ___years.

In this city, June 23, JOHN, Jr., son of JOHN and MARGARET KEESHAN, age ___years.

In Clayton, June 1st, WILLIAM BRINTNALL age 52 years.

In this city, June 24th, IDA MAY, daughter of JOHN and SUSIE WARD age 11 months and 9 days.

At her residence, No. 80 Franklin St., in this city, June 23d, HARRIET RICHARDSON, wife of the late CALEB B. MORGAN, age 80 years.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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