A semi-weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY, 1866-1918, by A.H. Hall.It began with the July 19, 1866 issue.


May - June 1883

Vitals begin May 1883 (Note: newspapers for the year 1882 not posted)

Jan-Jun 1883, Jul-Dec 1883

May 9, 1883, p. 7:

At Sacket's Harbor, NY, May 2, 1883, by Rev. A. W. Allen, JAMES J. GAMBLE and MARY A. DUGGAN, both of Sackets Harbor.

In Champion, April 19 of pneumonia, EDWIN J. BURLINGAME, age 53 years and 6 months.

In Watertown, May 3, HARLEY, son of DORSON A. and MARY A. PRIOR, age 6 years.

In this city, May 3, at the residence of his aunt, MRS. MARGARET STIMSON, No. 28 Orchard St., EDWARD L. MORGAN, age 28 years, 1 month and 19 days.

In Rutland, May 2, S. ST. THOMAS, age 89 years.

In Lorraine, May 4, 1883, EDNA, daughter of CHAS. D. and FANNY M. GRIMSHAW, age 11 months and 16 days.

In Rodman, April 5, 1883, BARRETT PHELPS, formerly of Watertown, age 33 years.

In this city, May 4, 1883, ALBERT BADDGLEY, age 20 years.

At Copenhagen, May 5, 1883, Mr. VINETT MILLARD, age 33 years, only son of Mrs. I. S. FIELD of Watertown.

In this city, May 6, 1883, CHARLES V., son of B. M. and KATIE HOLCOMB, age 2 months and 8 days.

In this city, May 7, 1883, SARAH, widow of the late W. W. WRIGHT, age 50 years.

In this city, May 7, 1883, PATRICK HAND, age 55 years.

May 23, 1883, p. 1:

At the M. E. Parsonage, Sackets Harbor, May 11, Mr. CHARLES CRAWFORD of Sackets Harbor and Miss EUDORA L. PIERSON of Lowville.

At the residence of Richard Slaughnessy, May 14, by Rev. William M. Holbrook, FRANK PIERSON and Miss JENNIE WILLIS, all of Norwood.

At the State Street M.E. Parsonage, Watertown, May 16, by Rev. M. R. Webster, Mr. WM. W. LUTHER of East Watertown and Miss ADAH V. HOWARD of Pinckney.

In Chaumont, April 17 of consumption, ALICE M. LINDSLEY, age 28 years, 6 months and 20 days.

In New York City, May 15, JENNIE B., wife of Dr. C. E. LATIMER of New York.

In Antwerp, May 16, ELLEN ELLIS, age 25 years, 1 month AND 18 DAYS.

At Sackets Harbor, May 16, GEORGE H. CAMP, age 66 years and 2 months.

In this city, May 19, CALISTA CASE, widow of the late RODNEY CASE, age 72 years, 5 months and 20 days.

In this city, May 20, WILLIAM JEAKLE, age 75 years.

At Sackets Harbor, May 20, ELIZABETH KINNEY, age 70 years.

May 30, 1883, p. 8:

In Lowville, may 17, by Rev. Dr. I. R. Bingham, NELSON C. MATTHEWS of Utica, to J. DeETA VanBROCKLIN of Lowville.

In East Hounsfield, May 17, by Rev. B. S. Fanton, ALVA C. BRAINARD of Watertown, to MRS. BETEY DEMPSTER, of the former place.

At the bride's home, May 22d, by Rev. W. M. Holbrook, FRANCIS H. FARMER and NELLIE M. HARRIS, all of Norwood.

At St. Lawrence, May 17th, HUBBARD W. REED, age 39 years.

In this city, May 23, ELLEN MOULTON, daughter of FRANK BISONET, age 19 years, 11 months and 10 days.

In this city, May 25, BERNARD SHERRY, age 64 years, 2 months and 21 days

In Pamelia, May 25th, CALVIN LANE, age 71 years.

At Worth, May 24, RUFUS MALTOON, age 59 years and 9 months.

In Omar, May 28, MARY A., wife of CHRISTOPHER VanDEWALKER, age 73 years, 8 months and 14 days.

At Evans Mills, May 29, LILA, only daughter of EPHRAIN GARDNER, age 11 years.

At Stone Mills, May 28, DANIEL SMITH, age 72 years, 19 days.

At Sackets Habor, may 25, CHARLES FRANCIS, age 64 years and 4 months.

In this city, May 28, ELIZA G. BRIGGS, wife of SOLON E. WRIGHT, age 40 years and 4 months.

In town of Watertown, May 28, RELIEF, widow of the late GORDON HAWKINS, age 90 years, 2 months, 22 days.

June 6, 1883, p. 2:

At the Crowner House in this city, May 23, by Rev. W. H. Hemmenway, WM. E. ELDRIDGE to JENNIE P. ALEXANDER, all of Brownville.

In this city, May 29th, FLOSSIE BLOUNT, daughter of N. B. and HATTIE E. HINE, age 2 months and 24 days.

Suddenly, in this city, May 29th, WILLIAM CLINE, age 42 years, 2 months and 2 days.

In this city, May 30, EMILY, wife of I. ADDISON HOWARD, age 60 years, 7 months and 27 days.

At Limerick, May 29, RICHARD BUCKMINSTER, age 83 years and 3 months.

At Sackets Harbor, May 31, GEO. H. HUMPHREY, age 38 years, 8 months, 26 days.

At Ogdensburg, May 31st, JOSEPH CASAVANT, age 46 years.

In Smithville, June 2, MARY, widow of the late JOEL MURRAY, age 92 years.

In this city, June 2, CATHERINE, wife of HARVEY HUBBARD, age 80 years and 6 days.

In Pamelia, June 3, ALICE, wife of FRANKLIN I. BUTTS, age 19 years and 4 days.

In this city, June 2, OLA A., wife of WILLIAM J. BRENNAN, age 28 years, 8 months and 9 days.

In this city, June 3, ALICE, wife of THOMAS SMITH, age 52 years.

In this city, June 3, WILLIAM HERBERT, eldest son of WILLIAM H. and JULIA P. HOTCHKIN, age 21 years.

In Cape Vincent, June 2, JESSIE E. DAUGHTER of the late HENRY F. and ELIZABETH M. RELYEA, age 6 years, 3 months and 14 days.

June 13, 1883, p. 5:

In this city, June 6, by Rev. G. J. Porter, G. S. FARMER, M.D., to Miss FLORA, youngest daughter of C. A. HOLDEN, Esq.

At the residence of E. B. Lepper, Stamford, Conn., May 30, by the Rev. R. P. H. Vail, M. WALLACE LEPPER to Miss IDA E. MERRICK, both of Watertown, NY.

At the Lewis House, Carthage, June 6, by Rev. d. B. White, Mr. WILLIAM J. BARLOW of Alexandria, NY to Miss LAURA A. HOLMES of Yonge, Ontario.

In Kansas City, Missouri, June 6, Mr. CHESTER D. CRANDALL, formerly of Sackets Harbor, secretary and treasurer of the Missouri & Kansas Telephone Co., and Miss LIZZE b. LONG of Kansas City.

At Lorraine, June 10, by Rev. Wm. R. Warner, Mr. GEORGE EDWARD RIPLEY of Lorraine, and Miss SARAH ANN CATLIN of Adams.

At St. Mathews' rectory, Jersey City, N.J., June 3, 1883, by Rev. R. M. Abercrombie, Mr. CHARLES C. BARBER of Jersey City, and Miss MINNIE E. HUSON formerly of Adams, NY.

In this city, June 7, THEOTIST, widow of the late JOSEPH SAYERS, age 78 years and 16 days.

In Antwerp, May 30, ELSIE ANN, wife of WM. RANDALL, age 57 years and 5 months.

In Antwerp, June 2, LUELLA R., wife of EUGENE CARMAN, age 31 years and 9 months.

In this city, June 6, ESTHER BRAGG, widow of the late EDWARD S. MASSEY, age 75 years.

In LeRay, June 7, FRANCES JANE, daughter of LOUIS and JAN LaROCK, age 8 months.

In the town of Brownville, June 7, FRED E., son of WILLIAM and ANNA KNOX, age 19 years, 17 days.

At his residence, No. 3, State Street, June 9, SYLVANUS POOL of paralysis age 73 years, 7 months and 23 days.

At her residence, East Watertown, June 9, at 10 a.m., MRS. WILLIAM HADCOCK, age 62 years.

In this city, June 9, GEORGE A., son of FRED and ANNA BUDROE, age 4 months and 23 days.

In Worth, June 6, 1883, JOHN M. NICHOLS, age 56 years.

June 20, 1883, p. 7:

At the residence of the bride's father, June 13, by Rev. J. V. Shurts, Mr. MILTON LANCE of Point Peninsula, and Miss LIZZIE SPONABLE of Three Mile Bay.

One June 14, 1883, at St. Patrick's Church, by the Rev. T. Glenn, Mr. MICHAEL J. MORKIN and Miss NELLIE M. REED, both of Watertown.

In Pamelia, June 12, EVELINE JOHNSON, widow of the late JOHN JOHNSON, age 80 years, 7 months and 18 days.

In this city, June 13, JOHN M. SIGOURNEY, age 61 years, 2 months and 10 days.

At Hannibal, May 16, 1883, MARY A., wife of U. C. KANE, age 64 years.

In Chaumont, May 15, 1883, WILLIAM McPHERSON

In LeRay, June 18, 1883, NANCY, widow of the late EZRA GOVE, age 83 years.

June 27, 1883, p. 2:

At Sackets Harbor, June 17, by Sylvester J. Lewis, Esq., J. P. Sergeant, FRANCIS E. HYATT, Co. B., 12th Regt. U. S. Infty., Madison Barracks and SARAH A. LAMPHEAR of Hounsfield.

In this city, at the house of the bride's parents, June 26, 1883, by Rev. S. A. Hayt, FRANK P. BROWN and ADDIE B. ROGERS, daughter of J. P. ROGERS, both of Watertown.

At Pillar Point, June 20, at the residence of the father of the bride, Mr. JOHN FITZGERALD, by Rev. H. M. Dodd, of Dexter, Mr. WILL H. ADAMS and Miss LIZZIE J. FITZGERALD, both of Pillar Point.

At East Watertown, June 20, at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. H. Hickok, Mr. FRANK B. ANDREWS and Miss OLIVE B. SIGOURNEY.

In South Rutland, June 20, SAMUEL P. PAYNE, age 77 years, 3 months and 14 days.

At Felts Mills, June 23, FANNIE D., wife of E. T. HOWARD, age 28 years and 7 months.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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