Surrogate News from the
Watertown Re-Union Newspapers
Watertown, NY

May 1884


Summary of the Business Transacted Before Surrogate Scott during the Month of May, 1884, from the Watertown Re-Union Newspaper, June 18, 1884, p. 7: The following is a summary statement of the most important business transacted before Surrogate Scott during the month of May:


GEORGE W. JENKS, deceased, Rodman; DAVID HUESTIS, executor, Rodman.

ANNA P. EDDY, deceased, LeRay; WILLIAM M. COMSTOCK, executor, LeRay.

DAVID McNEIL, deceased, Champion; SUSAN E. McNEIL, executrix, Champion.

LODWICK SALISBURY, deceased, Theresa; HIRAM P. SALISBURY, executor, Theresa.

HENRY BROWN, deceased, Philadelphia; ABIGAIL M. BROWN, executrix, Philadelphia.

WILLS PRESENTED FOR PROBATE and citations issued:

LYDIA ROSE, deceased, Cape Vincent; returnable July 2.

MARCIA F. BRAYTON, deceased, Watertown; returnable July 2.

JOB T. UTLEY, deceased, Rodman; returnable July 14

MARIA GUYOTT, deceased, Wilna; returnable July 15.

ROSE LEONARD, decesed, Watertown; returnable July 16.

GEORGE W. RENIFF, deceased, Champion; returnable July 21.

JAMES BRODIE, deceased, Ellisburgh; returnable July 14

JONATHAN GATES, deceased, Antwerp; allegations against the validity of the will heretofore proved, filed: citation issued, requiring the proper persons to show cause why probate of said will should not be revoked, returnable July 8.


In the matter of proof of will of SARAH M. D. SAGE, late of Watertown, deceased, returnable May 13: Objections were filed thereto on that day and hearing adjourned to May 28, and on May 28 adjourned to June 24.

In the matter of proof of will of JAMES E. BENTLEY, late of Antwerp, deceased, returnable May 5: Objections were filed thereto on that day, and hearing was adjourned to June 10.


JOHN WILEY, Jr., deceased, Cape Vincent; MARY WILEY administratrix, Cape Vincent.

EDWARD J. O'DONNELL, deceased, Watertown; MARY O'DONNELL, administratrix, Watertown.

FLORA P. HART, deceased, Watertown; VINCENT L. HART, administrator, Watertown.

MARENUS G. COUGHLAN, deceased, Champion, MARIA A. COUGHLAN, administratrix, Champion.

SOLON D. HUNGERFORD, deceased, Adams; ROBERT B. HUNGERFORD and RICHARD H. HUNTINGTON, administrators, Adams.

EGBERT T. HALL, deceased, Antwerp; RACHEL HALL and WELLS E. BETHEL, administrators, Antwerp.

WINSLOW PATTRIDGE, deceased, Watertown, petition for the appointment of an administratrix and with will annexed, filed; citation issued returnable June 7.


STANLEY D. CORP, ward, Clayton; WILLIAM B. CORP, guardian, Clayton

BLANCHE A. CORP, ward, Clayton; WILLIAM B. CORP, guardian, Clayton

DON W. CORP, ward, Clayton; WILLIAM B. CORP, guardian, Clayton

GEORGE A. BENTLEY, Rutland, CAROLINE H. BENTLEY, guardian, Rutland.


MARY L. WADE, deceased, Lyme; T. O. PECK, executor, Lyme.

HENRY MYERS, deceased, Ellisburgh; R. P. WILLIAMS and JACOB MYERS, administrators, Ellisburgh.

SEWALL SCOTT, deceased, Rutland; ANDREW C. MIDDLETON, executor, Rutland.

ORANGE PECK, deceased, Brownville; CYRENUS WOODWORTH, executor, Watertown; discharged as to part of the legatees.

BELLE JACKSON, ward, JOEL MIX, general guardian, Champion.

GEORGE HELLER, ward; JACOB WETTERHAHN, general guardian, Clayton.

HENRY HELLER, ward; JACOB WETTERHAHN, general guardian, Clayton.

STEPHEN SCOVILLE, deceased, Orleans; GEORGE B. SCOVILLE and RUSSEL B. BIDDLECOM, executors, Orleans.

MARTIN WILLIAMS, deceased, Brownville; LEONARD WILLIAMS and OSCAR M. WOOD, executors, Brownville.

PETITIONS FOR FINAL SETTLEMENTS filed and citations issued:

SIMEON L. PARMELEE, deceased, Watertown, SARAH J. PARMELEE, Watertown, administratrix; citation returnable July 2.

LUCY M. BRAINARD, deceased, Watertown; ELIJAH M. WOOLWROTH, Champion, and LUCY M. REYNOLDS, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, executors; citation returnable July 7.

HANNAH M. SPRAGUE, deceased, Henderson; PAUL C. MAXON, executor, Adams; citation returnable July 7.

ABRAHAM G. DEVENDORF, deceased, Clayton; CATHARINE DEVENDORF, administratrix, Clayton.


Orders entered for publication of six months notice to creditors:

SHELDON E. SPERRY, deceased, Wilna; JAMES H. DAWLEY, administrator, Wilna. Notice to be published in Carthage Republican.

ADAM FRY, deceased, Clayton: FRED RESH, administrator &c., with will annexed, Clayton. Notice to be published in Watertown Daily Times.

JAMES L. CLINE, deceased, Cape Vincent; MALVINA CLINE, administratrix, Cape Vincent. Notice to be published in Watertown Post.


Order entered May 26, for distribution of proceeds of sale of real estate of ABRAHAM G. DEVENDORF, deceased, on July 15.

May 31 decree entered removing administrator &c., with will annexed of ORVILLE C. SPRAGUE, deceased, on his failure to give security required by state.

The matter of accounting of executrix in estate of JOHN H. McMAHON, deceased, as adjourned to June 2.

The matter of the estate of SAMUEL A. MACK, deceased, administrator etc., with will annexed, cited to show cause why a decree should not be entered requiring heirs to transfer certain railroad stock to legatee. Adjourned to June 7.

The matter of the accounting of the executrix in estate of JOHN H. KILBORN, deceased, was adjourned to June 25.

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