Watertown Herald

A weekly newspaper published in Watertown, NY, 1886-191?, by Jere Coughlin.It began with the July 3, 1866 issue and was published every Saturday. Formed by the uniting of the Carthage Leader, Clayton Free Press, Copenhagen News and Jefferson County Herald.

Watertown Herald Vitals

May - June 1887

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January-April, May-June

May 1887:

May 7, 1887, p. 2:

In Carthage, April 28, CHAS. G. RAUHE and Miss MARY BURNS of Naumburg, Lewis Co.

In Carthage, April 20, 1887, ELISH BLIM of Denmark, and MRS. ADELIDE R. CROOK of Croghan

In Smithville, April 27, ARTHUR W. THOMAS and Miss MATTIE SPENCER both of Adams.

At Little Falls, April 27, GEO. E. VanCAMP of Albany and Miss E. EMMA WILCOX of Little Falls.

In this city, April 30, JENNIE, daughter of DAVID and CORDELIA MATHER, age 16 years, 7 months, 28 days.

In this city, April 29, CLARA A., daughter of MRS. SYLVIA A. and the late GEORGE WILLARD, age 27 years, 7 months, 11 days.

In this city, April 30, DANIEL MORRIS, age 58 years, 5 months, 15 days.

In this city, May 4, LEWIS FREDERICK, son of LEWIS and MARY J. FRASIER, age 2 days.

At Roberts Corners, April 28, MRS. FRANK GRAVES, age 36 years, 2 months, 28 days.

In Adams, April 30, CLARENCE E., infant son of W. W. and HELEN H. HART, age 5 days.

In Lacona, April 28, HENRIETTA GRACE ROBBINS, age 18.

In Carthage, April 27, FRANK GOSMAN, age 28.

In this city May 2, HARRY J., infant son of ORLANDO and ALZINA HALL, age 2 weeks.

In this city, April 29, RICHARD DUFFY, age 58 years, 4 months.

May 14, 1887, p. 6:

In this city, May 7, by Rev. J. B. Kenyon, BARTON CARTER and Miss MARY FAIRBANKS both of Watertown.

At Sackets Harbor, May 4th, H. H. GILL and Miss MINNIE E. CONLAN, both of Sackets Harbor.

In Lorraine, May 8, ARTHUR HOWARD of Ellisburgh and Miss IDA MAY RICHARDS of Lorraine.

In this city, May 6, V. W. NIMS of New York City, and MRS. ALLIE H. FORSYTH, daughter of the late C. A. HOLDEN of this city.

In Santiago, Cal., May 4th of pneumonia, MRS. MICHAEL HALEY, formerly of Watertown.

In this city May 3? ELIZABETH, wife of K. M. BELLINGER, age (inkblot)

At Martin Street, May 8, HELEN E. WARE, age 44 years, 2 months.

In Pamelia, May 9, NANCY, wife of JOHN J. OGSBURY, age 59.

At Fort Howard, Wis., May 2, FRANKIE, son of JOHN and LUELLA COLE, formerly of Huntingtonville, NY, age 11 months, 2 days.

In this city, May 5, SAMANTHA, widow of the late PLINY MONROE, age 79 years, 6 months, 26 days.

In Mannsville, May 3, Mr. C. R. HALL, father of druggist, FRANK L. HALL of Clayton, age 62 years.

In Rodman, May 4, JOHN G. WAIT, age 80? years, 7 months, 14 days.

May 21, 1887, p. 5:

At the church of the Sacred Heart, in this city, May 19th, Mr. JOHN C. HELDT and Miss HELEN M. BOUCHER, both of this city.

At Natural Bridge, May 8, EDWIN A. DIKE and Miss IDA M. FISHER, all of Diana.

In this city, May 12, at the home of the bride's father, No. 13 Rutland St., LILLA CELIA MACOMBER and FRED CALVIN PHILLIPS, both of this city.

In this city, May 12, TAMMY S., widow of the late ISRAEL LEWIS, age 83.

In this city, May 14th, CATHARINE J., wife of G. A. BARON, age 38.

In LeRay, May 18th, W. S. BURHANS, age 60 years, 2 months, 26 days.

In this city, May 19, MARANDA S., wife of P. B. GRANT, age 58 years, 6 months, 12 days.

May 28, 1887, p. 6:

In this city, May 20, to Mr. and Mrs. F. G. HOCKNEL, a daughter

To Mr. and Mrs. W. J. ROBINSON of Grindstone Island, a son.

To Mr. and MRS. EUGENE WARN, a daughter

To Mr. and Mrs. GARNSEY of Grindstone Island, a son.

To Mr. and Mrs. F. L. HALL, Sunday, May 22, a son.

To Mr. and Mrs. SEWARD MERRILL of Champion, May 10, a daughter.

To Mr. and Mrs. JAMES RAPE of Wilna, May 16, a daughter.

In this city, May 20, to Mr. and Mrs. F. M. SHEPARD, a daughter.

In this city, May 22, to Mr. and Mrs. ABRAHAM HANKIN, a daughter

To Mr. and Mrs. OTIS A. LOOMIS of Naumburg, May 18, a daughter

To Mr. and Mrs. ARMAND HUBBARD, of West Carthage, May 20, a daughter

To Mr. and Mrs. M. N. LEWIS of Wilna, April 30, a son.

In Pierrepont Manor, May 20 to Mr. and Mrs. DAVID ANDRUS, a daughter.

May 25, No. 46 Stone St., Watertown, by Rev. James Coote, COL. O. HOLCOMB of Carthage, NY and Miss CORDELIA M. TAMBLIN of Watertown.

At Redwood, May 26, by Rev. G. F. Hartwig, Mr. FRED T. HOLMES and Miss MARY C. AHLES.

In this city, May 22, JESSE B. GUN and MRS. MINNIE ROBBINS LOCKE, both of Watertown.

In Lorraine, May 15, HORACE D. SCOVILLE of Constantia, NY to Miss CARRIE L. GROW of Lorraine, NY

In this city, May 19, LUZERN W. TUTTLE of Spragueville and ANNA J.KENYON of Watertown.

In Sackets Harbor, May 18, JOSHUA J. WENTWORTH and Miss IONE HELEN DeWOLF.

In Mannsville, May 17, Mr. WILFRED W. PORTER of Syracuse and Miss GENEVIEVE OSTRANDER.

In Belleville, May 22, Mr. MYRON CHRISMAN and Miss NETTIE CHRISMAN, both of Ellisburgh.

In Pulaski May 15, HANNAH BENTON, age 86.

In Lacona, May 15, HELEN A., wife of WILLIAM D. FERGUSON age 52 years, 6 months.

In Lacona, May 15, HENRY H. SNYDER, age 84.

At Oxford, N.C. on the 9th inst., Mr. JOHN W. LEWIS of Brooklyn, NY, father of CHARLES G. LEWIS of this city, age 73.

June 1887

June 4, 1887, p. 4:

In Adams, May 24th, to Mr. and Mrs. DEWEY, a son.

To Mr. and Mrs. GORDON WILSON of Grindstone Island, May 28, a daughter

In Carthage, May 26, to Mr. and Mrs. PLANK, a daughter.

In Carthage, May 27, to Mr. and Mrs. DENNIS F. ROSS, a son-in-law

In this city, May 23, to Mr. and Mrs. CHARLES P. TOWNSEND, a son.

In this city, May 30, to Rev. and Mrs. C. C. TOWNSEND, a son.

In this city, May 29, to Mr. and Mrs. J. R. LANE, a son.

In Antwerp, May 27, to Mr. and Mrs. EUGENE FULLER, a son.

At Redwood, June 2, by Rev. G. F. Hartwig, Mr. J. W. KUECHLER and Miss B. BLATZ.

In Clayton, June 1st, Mr. P. C. McCORMICK and Miss MAGGIE MAHER both of Clayton.

In Adams, May 27th, CHARLES W. ALLPORT, age 34.

In Brownville, May 26, ELIZA, wife of FRANK A. HOLMES, age 24.

In LeRay, May 30, JOHN McINTYRE, age 81 years, 5 months.

In Watertown, May 26, THOMAS SUNMAN, age 68.

In Champion May 29, EMILY M. PATTERSON, age 76 years, 5 months, 19 days.

In Champion, May 25th, PHILO GOWDY, age 77 years.

June 11, 1887, p. 5:

At Sackets Harbor, June 2, WILLIAM H. JONES of Sackets Harbor, and Miss HENRIETTA L. PLYMTON of Cordarille, Mass.

At Pamelia, June 3, JOHN B. HUGHS, age 35 years, 2 months.

At Sackets Habor, June 2, First Sergeant CHAS. B. TERRY, Co. D., 12th Infantry, age 44 years.

In this city, June 3, HULDAH H., wife of JAMES S. CADWELL, age 67.

June 18, 1887, p. 2:

To Mr. and Mrs. FRANK H. MILLARD of Rural Hill, June 18, a 10 lb. boy.

At Prescott, Ont., June 8, by Rev. Father Masterson, WILLIAM H. BURNS of Watertown, NY to Miss KATIE DELANEY of Prescott.

At Depauville, June 12, by the Rev. G. F. Hartwig, FR. HUCHZERMEIER and Miss SOPHIA KAHRE.

In this city, June 7, A. F. LOWE of Stone Mills and Miss KATE CUMMINGS of Limerick.

In this city, June 8, GEORGE CLARK and EMMA A. GURNSEY both of Clayton.

At Carthage, June 2, HENRY M. KEYES and ELIZA McMULLIN, both of Fowler.

In this city, June 8, HENRY WINFIELD DEWEY and Miss ALICE AMELIA AMES, both of Watertown.

In Canton, June 1, CHAS. C. CRABB of Theresa, and Miss EMMA M. WAIT of Canton.

At Barnes Corners, June 5, Mr. GEORGE A. ODELL and Miss LENA M. BABBIT both of Rodman.

In Sackets Harbor, June 11, Sergeant JAMES FLEMING, Co. D., 12th US Infantry and Miss CARRIE E. RUSS.

In Sackets Harbor, June 8, Mr. CHARLES D. CLARK and Miss LOVINA EMMA CLARK, both of this city.

In Adams, June 8, CHARLES H. BROWN and Miss ANNA M. KELLOGG, both of Adams.

In Cape Vincent, June 7, MATILDA B., wife of ARTHUR FRAY, age 22.

In Watertown, June 6, MATTIE C., daughter of HARLEY C. and MARTHA E. HALL, age 3 months.

At Oxbow, May 31, WILLIAM H. HORNBROOK, age 16 years, 8 months.

In this city, June 12, SARAH ELIZABETH, daughter of HENRY H. and MARY P. KELLOGG, age 21 years, 5 months.


In Lorraine, June 3, MRS. EVALINE L. MATHERS, age 63 years, 3 mos, 14 days.

In Richland, June 6, IRA NOYES, age 71 years, 8 months.

At Chaumont, May 29th, LEWIS W. PHELPS, age 32 years, 6 months.

At North Wilna, June 1, MRS. ADALINE SYMONDS, age 80 years.

In Harper, Kan., GEO H. THOMPSON, son of W. H. THOMPSON of Alexandria Bay.

In Adams, June 12, JESSE L. WRIGHT, age 18 years, 9 months.

June 25, 1887, p. 6:

To Mr. and Mrs. F. E. WOOD of Carthage, June 17th, a daughter.

In Adams, June 20, to Mr. and Mrs. F. E. COWLES, an 8 pound girl.

In this city, June 15, Mr. FRANK S. PADDOCK and Miss JENNIE M. DEWEY both of this city.

In Ellisburgh, June 15, DR. C. G. STEVENS of Watertown and Miss ADDIE BROWN of Ellisburgh.

In this city, June 5, by Rev. J. B. Kenyon, GEO. H. CONKLIN and Miss JULIA V. CORY both of Watertown.

At Ithaca, June 16, WILLIAM H. SAWYER of Watertown and Miss DELPHINE L. BOWDISH of Ithaca.

In this city, June 15, WILLIAM CRAWFORD and Miss ELLEN SULLIVAN, both of this city.

At Hounsfield, June 19, infant son of LEVI and MARY BOWLES, age 4 days.

In Chaumont, May 29, LEWIS W. PHELPS, age 32 years, 6 months, 14 days.

At Carthage, June 9, CHARLES HARRIS, age 21.

At Perch River, June 15, HUGH SMITH, age 76 years, 5 months.

In this city, June 16, LIZZIE, daughter of H. H. WARNER.

In the town of Theresa, June 10, ALLEN DAVID WILCOX, age 85.

In this city, June 12, ELLIOTT WILCXO, son of D. B. WILCOX, age 26.

In Carthage, June 18, ISAAC CHAMBERLAIN, age 21 years, 9 months.

In Deer River, June 12th, MRS. SARAH L. PERKINS RAYMOND, wife of CHARLES A. RAYMOND, age 29 years, 3 months, 12 days.

In Carthage, June 11th, MARY, wife of AMBROSE LYMAN, age 42 years, 8 months.

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