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Nan, with permission from the site coordinator for St. Lawrence Co., I extracted those pensions for soldiers who had connections with Jefferson Co. NY, i.e., marriages, residence, to reproduce for the Jefferson Co. site. Credits are listed at the end.

ALLEN, JOHN m Melissa Dewey 20 Feb 1823 Jefferson Co NY; served in Capt Timothy Cornwall's Co. of NY mil. Widow was living in Ogdensburg in 1882.

ANGEL, JAME m Hannah Pope in Ogdensburg in 1819. Later lived in Jefferson Co and dc 1884. Served in Capt. L. Pettingill's Co of NY militia.

BACON, JACOB P. m Catherine Snell in Louisville NY on 12 Dec 1879. He was living in Gouverneur NY in 1882 and also lived in Jefferson Co. Served in Capt. Waters and Roots Co of NY mil.

BALMAT, JOHN D. m Nancy Gooden (her 1st husband White) 12 June 1812 in Jefferson Co. He d. 30 June 1862 Fowler NY. Served in Capt. Alfred Freeman Co of NY mil.

BATES, SIMEON m Sabria Cooley, then widow Emily Simpson 22 May 1867 at Alexandria Bay NY. Served in Enos Walker's Co of Vt mil. Lived in Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties.

BEEBE, RICHARD m Elizabeth Hooper 15 Feb 1812 in Watertown NY. He d 29 April 1879 in Fine NY. Served in Levi Hale's Co of NY mil.

BELL, IRA m Polly____, then widow Catherine Waters 29 Feb. 1844 in Jefferson Co. NY. He d July or August 1855 in St. Lawr. Co. She d. about 1886. Served in N. Hubbard's and Asa Harris Co NY mil. Lived in Jefferson Co NY.

BLODGET, ALMOND m Hannah Wolf 11 Mar. 1811 in St. Lawr. Co. He d 25 Mar 1858 in Lyme NY. She d 22 Aug 1871. Served in Wyman's Co of NY mil.

BOWHALL, DAVID served in Luke Winchel's, Root's and M. Water's Cos of NY mil. Lived in Hermon and Jefferson and Lewis Counties

BURGE, MOSES m Luthera Keyes 17 Dec 1821 in Jefferson Co NY. He d 27 Feb 1885. Served in Henry Liker's Co NY mil. Lived in Jefferson Co and St. Lawr. Counties.

BURTON, JOHN m widow Mary Tayler 12 May 1856 in Jefferson Co NY. She later lived in St. Lawr. Co and d about 1890. He served in Israel Post's Co of NY mil.

BUTTERFIELD, EPHRAIM m Mehetibel Lewis 18 Nov 1804 in Stockbridge VT. He d 23 Mar 1847 Pierrepont NY. Served in Septa Fillmore's Co of NY mil.

CALDER, JOSEPH L. m Araminta Colton 5 May 1818 in Saratoga Co NY. He d 2 Mar 1841 in St. Lawr. Co. She d. before Aug. 1892. He served in G. H. Richard's US Artil. Widow also lived in Jefferson Co NY.

COFFEE, JOHN m. Sarah Burton 20 May 1845 in Jefferson Co NY. He d about 1878. Served in Philip P. Schuyler's Co of 29th US Inf. Lived in Oswego and St. Lawr. Counties

ELDREDGE, WILLIAM A. m Rebecca Howe, then widow Emily Champlin 20 April 1856 in Canton NY. He d 20 Jan 1876. Served in James Gray's VT mil. Widow moved to Jefferson Co NY

FITCH, AUGUSTUS m Emily Nims in Nov. 1820 in Rodman NY. He d 23 May 1867 in Brier Hill NY. Served in Simeon P. Lewis Co, RI mil. Widow lived in St. Lawr Co until 1884.

FRENCH, ELKANAH m 1)Thankful Chase, 2)Thankful Ellis, 3)Maggie Cromwell on 10 Sept 1873 in Philadelphia NY. He d 17 Feb 1882 in Potsdam NY. She d 27 Dec 1910 in Westchester Co NY. Served in Ezekial Colburn's Co NY mil. Lived also in Jefferson Co NY.

GOULD, EDWARD m 1)Hannah Emory, 2)Ruth Sim 7 Aug 1833 in Jefferson Co NY. He d 11 May 1876 in Owasso MI. She d 1 April 1886. Served in Nathaniel Cochran's NY mil. Lived in Lisbon NY and Shiawasse Co MI

Information transcription by James Austin. Permission to reproduce was granted by St. Lawrence Co. List Coordinator Russell Sprague. Thank you for sharing. - M. Sapienza.

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