Jefferson County, New York



In 1878, Durant and Pearce published a list of the War of 1812 Index of Awards from the office of the Adjutant-General of the State of New York. The following list shows, from the "Index of Awards," published from the office of the Adjutant-General of the State of New York, the names of the soldiers of that war, who were living in Jefferson County as late as 1859-60. The list does not include all who served, nor is it possible to secure a complete list, as many participated less than 60 days, and were not entitled to pensions; consequently their names do not appear. The post office addresses at the time the awards were made are given in the volume, and as many have removed from the county, that is another reason why the list cannot be made complete. page 560:




Abell, John, Orleans
Ackerman, Asa C., Brownville
Ackerman, Lyman, Brownville
Adams, Henry, Brownville
Adams, J. (by adminis'trix), Ellisburg
Adams, Mark (no town given)
Allen, Joseph, Ellisburg
Allison, Ebenezer, Brownville
Angel, James, Clayton
Austin, Jacob, Antwerp



Babcock, Daniel, Alexandria
Bacon, Isaac, Watertown
Bailey, Isaiah, Antwerp
Baker, Erastus, Lorraine
Baker, Jonathan, Watertown
Ball, Elihu, Watertown
Ball, Sinecy, Theresa
Baxter, Michael M., Alexandria
Barclay, E. C. (by adm'r), Watertown
Barns, Enoch, Sacket's Harbor
Barney, John, Ellisburg
Barney, William, Ellisburg
Barroclough, Thomas, Cape Vincent
Bartholomew, Oliver, Brownville
Bassett, Barakiah, Alexandria
Bartchella, Sewell, Ellisburg
Bates, William S. Rutland
Baxter, Roswell, Brownville
Beardsley, Chauncey (no town given)
Bedie, Peter P., Clayton
Beebe, R. (by adminis'trix), Ellisburg
Benchley, Christopher B., Antwerp
Bentley, James, LeRay
Blodget, Lyman, LeRay
Bloodget, Truman, Lyme
Boardman, Eleazer, LeRay
Bodreon, Anthony, Rutland
Boyt, C. (by administr'trix), Clayton
Boyden, Samuel, Sacket's Harbor
Brazee, Jacob, Brownville
Brewster, Ephraim, Ellisburg
Brintnall, M. (by admin'tr), Clayton
Brown, Aaron, Brownville
Brown, Quartus, Antwerp
Brown, Thomas, Pamelia
Brown, William (no town given)
Bullock, Joseph, Ellisburg
Burdick, Perry, Adams
Burga, Moses, Jr. Antwerp
Burlingham, Uriel, Brownville
Burnham, Stephen, Rutland
Burton, Daniel B., Antwerp
Burton, John, Rodman
Buskirk, Joseph L., Lyme



Candel, Clark W., Watertown
Carpenter, Amos, LeRay
Carpenter, Asa, Brownville
Carpenter, John, Henderson
Carpenter, William, Antwerp
Carter, Earles, Watertown
Carter, Carlos, Clayton
Carter, Isaac L., Clayton
Carter, Rowland, Orleans
Chamberlain, Benjamin, Ellisburg
Cheever, Richard, Ellisburg
Chrisman, Jacob, Ellisburg
Clyde, James, Alexandria
Cobb, John, Adams
Cole, Nathan, LeRay
Colon, J. (by administrix) Ellisburg
Colton, Hemon, North Adams
Colton, Walter, Philadelphia
Clarke, Joshua, Adams Centre
Conway, Philip, Wilna
Cook, Benjamin, Antwerp
Cook, Caleb, Ellisburg
Cook, James R., Adams
Cooke, John, Clayton
Cook, Leavitt, Ellisburg
Cook, Rudolph R., Cape Vincent
Cook, Samuel, Antwerp
Coon, George, Orleans
Coon, James (no town given)
Cork, John, Ellisburg
Cornwall, J. (by admtrix), Ellisburg
Cornwell, Seymour, Ellisburg
Casselman, Frederick, Lyme
Coughlin, George L., Champion
Crabb, Abijah, Antwerp
Crandall, Constant, Champion
Crandall, William P., Theresa
Crapo, Jonathan, Jr. (no town given)
Curtis, S. (by administrix) Ellisburg



Danby, Zimri, Lyme
Dexter, Zadock, Henderson
Disbrow, Smith (no town given)
Douglass, Salmon (no town given)
Deney, S. by admin of Ellisburg
Dexter, Zadock of Henderson
Dillenback, Peter of Alexandria
Dodge, Anson of Clayton
Dolly, William of Wilna
Donner, Avery of Ellisburg
Draper, Charles of Alexandria
Duel, Jacob of Theresa



Earl, James Jr. of Ellisburg
Earl, William of Mannsville
Eddy, Enoch of Pamelia
Edwards, John B. of Ellisburg
Ellis, Gideon of Clayton
Ellis, Jr. by admin of Ellisburg
Ellis, Robert of Ellisburg
Emerson, Jonathan Jr of Lyme
Emerson, Silas of Ellisburg
Everett, Austin of Watertown
Every, Isaac of Palmyra



Failing, Warren of Pamelia
Farr, Stephen of Clayton
Felt, Henry of Adams Centre
Fenton, Matthew (town not given)
Field, Laton of Rutland
Fikes, Michael of LeRay
Finney, H. (by admin'trix) of Ellisburg
Fish, Samuel of Lyme
Flint, Maurice K. of Pamelia
Fluno, George of Pamelia
Folts, John of Pamelia
Forsyth, William of Antwerp
Foster, Edward of Antwerp
Foster, John C. of Antwerp
Fowler, Lester N. of Antwerp
Fox, Robert of Lyme
Fox, Samuel of Adams Centre
Francis, Thomas P. of Champion
Francis, William of Sacket's Harbor
French, Elkanah of Wilna
Frost, Orry of Orleans
Fry, Jacob Jr. of Lyme
Fuller, Jacob of Pamelia
Fuller, Jacob of Rutland
Fuller, William of Rutland



Gamble, William of Rutland
Gardner, George of Antwerp
Gardner, Jacob of Hounsfield
Gardner, Jonathan of Brownville
Garlock, Philip of Clayton
Garner, John G. of Orleans
Garnsey, John of Clayton
Gates, Europe of Antwerp
Giddings, Joseph (no town given)
Gillett, John D. of Henderson
Gloyd, James, Jr. of Cape Vincent
Goldthrite, Sylvester of Rutland
Goodenough, Levi of Ellisburg
Gould, Orra of Pamelia
Graham, Gov. M., Sacket's Harbor
Granger, William H. of Wilna
Graves, Ira of Ellisburg
Graves, Salmon of Ellisburg
Green, Henry of Ellisburg
Green, Isaac (by administrator)
Green, Paul of Adams Centre
Greene, Joseph of Adams
Griswold, Joseph of Clayton
Guernsey, John of Ellisburg



Hoadley, Henry of Alexandria
Hall, Giles (by widow)
Halloway, Samuel of Orleans
Hamblin, Horace of Antwerp
Hanson, Peter of Wilna
Hart, Jacob of LeRay
Hart, William of LeRay
Hartman, Jacob of Alexandria
Hasting, Lybeus of LeRay
Hathaway, Joseph (no town given)
Hawn, George of Orleans
Herrick, Fayette of LeRay
Higgins, Ruel (no town given)
Hill, Daniel of Ellisburg
Hill, Daniel of Antwerp
Holley, John M. of Ellisburg
Holly, Don A. of Ellisburg
Hoover, Henry of LeRay
Hoover, Richard of Theresa
Hopkins, Thomas of Champion
Horr, William of Brownville
Horning, Adam of Alexandria
Horr, Oliver of Watertown
Hoisington, Grout of Ellisburg
House, David of Pamelia
House, Thomas of LeRay
Howard, C. (by administr'r) of Ellisburg
Howard, Daniel of Ellisburg
Howard, Johaza of Ellisburg
Howard, Jonathan (no town given)
Howard, Willis of Clayton
Howe, Ira of Antwerp
Howe, Solomon of Alexandria
Hown, John H. 1st of Clayton
Hubbard, Claudius of Adams Centre
Hubbard, John of Henderson
Hungerford, Amasa of Henderson
Hungerford, Seeley of Henderson



Ingerson, Ezra of Lyme
Ingerson, John of LeRay
Ingraham, George of Antwerp
Irving, John (by executor) of Orleans



Jackson, Daniel of Champion
James, Charles of Lorraine
Jenkins, Abiah of Ellisburg
Jenkins, James of Orleans
Jenkins, William of Pamelia
Jewett, Nathan of Hounsfield
Johnson, J. P. (by adm'r) of Champion
Johnson, William of Henderson



Keene, William, Jr. of Brownville
Keller, Jacob of LeRay
Kellogg, Aaron of Rodman
Kibling, John of Rodman
Kimball, William S. of Pamelia
Koyl, Ephraim of Ellisburg



Lanpher, Abel of Clayton
Lawton, Josiah of Clayton
Lawyer, Nicholas of Brownville
Leonard, Isaac of Brownville
Lewis, Jeremiah of Ellisburg
Lewis, John of Hounsfield
Lyon, Alanson of Theresa



McCrea, Isaac of LeRay
McCumber, George W. of Orleans
McDonald, L. W. (by widow) of Ellisburg
McDowell, John of Sacket's Harbor
McGiven, Daniel of Ellisburg
McIntyre, Medad of Wilna
McNeal, Neal of LeRay
McNitt, Samuel Jr. of Clayton
Mack, Charmes of Antwerp
Mack, Solomon of Antwerp
Marble, Nathan of Orleans
Marshall, Jonathan of Orleans
Martin, Amos (by widow) of Ellisburg
Mathews, Norman of Ellisburg
Matthews, Thomas of Ellisburg
Mattoon, Charles of Theresa
Meigs, James H. of Watertown
Metcalf, Henry of Hounsfield
Miller, Ambrose of Rutland
Mitchell, Harlow of Rutland
Monroe, Burton (town not given)
Moody, Anson of Rodman
Morseman, M. T. of Sacket's Harbor
Murphy, James T. of Ellisburg
Myers, Henry I. H. of Ellisburg



Nash, Ebenezer (by exec'r) of Ellisburg
Nash, Henry S. of Clayton
Newton, Nicholas of Orleans
Newton, Samuel of Orleans
Nichols, Thomas B. of Ellisburg
Northway, Zenas of Sacket's Harbor
Noyes, Nathan of Orleans
Nutting, Leonard, of Henderson



Oaks, George (by widow) of Rutland
Oatman, George of Adams
Oatman, Elijah of Adams
Orris, Ira of Clayton
Otis, John of Ellisburg
Otis, Levi of Clayton
Overton, Nathaniel B. of Antwerp
Owens, Samuel H. of Wilna



Page, Amasa of Philadelphia
Page, John of Clayton
Palmer, Zebulon (by widow)
Parkinson, Asa of Rutland
Patchin, Ira W. of Clayton
Patterson, Lemuel of Alexandria
Pearce, James of Theresa
Pearson, Benjamin of Wilna
Pearson, Jesse of Wilna
Peck, Nathaniel of Brownville
Pelt, Jonathan of Adams
Pennock, Wilson of Champion
Perry, Eli of Hounsfield
Perry, Justus (no town given)
Petrie, Christian of Orleans
Pettit, Daniel of Clayton
Phelps, Barrett of Watertown
Phelps, Daniel of Brownville
Phelps, David of Brownville
Phelps, John M. of Hounsfield
Phillips, Edward of Rutland
Phillips, Lewis of Lyme
Pierce, James of Clayton
Plympton, William of Wilna
Pool, Barna of Ellisburg
Pool, David of Ellisburg
Pool, Isaiah (by executor) of Ellisburg
Poor, Christopher (by widow) of LeRay
Porter, Francis of LeRay
Porter, Joel of Philadelphia
Potter, Edward of Ellisburg
Potter, James of Ellisburg
Pratt, Lorenzo of Ellisburg
Preslar, Enos of Ellisburg
Purdy, Harrison (by admin'r) of Adams
Putnam, Philip of Lyme



Ralph, Nathaniel of Rodman
Rowson, Asa of Rutland
Read, Asahel of North Adams
Read, Daniel of Sacket's Harbor
Read, Dyer of Hounsfield
Read, Luther of Brownville
Read, Simon of Hounsfield
Reed, John of Lyme
Rhines, John of ORleans
Richardson, Freeman of Ellisburg
Richardson, Stephen of Hounsfield
Rider, Joseph of Lyme
Riggs, Solomon of Warsaw?
Ripley, A. F. of Pamelia
Robbins, Oliver of Hounsfield
Rogers, Daniel (no town given)
Rogers, James of LeRay
Rogers, John of Antwerp
Roof, Conrad of Pamelia
Rose, Joshua (by admin'r) of Ellisburg
Rose, Zora (by administrator)
Russell, John of Champion
Russell, Joseph of Rutland



Sackett, William of Alexandria
Sanders, Joseph (by ex'rs) of Champion
Sartwell, Daniel (by widow) of Pamelia
Saunders, Roswell of Adams Centre
Sawyer, Jas. (by widow) of Watertown
Sawyer, Nicholas of Brownville
Scofield, Alvah of LeRay
Scoville, Smith of Pamelia
Scoville, Stephen of Orleans
Seymoure, Esher of Antwerp
Sharp, Benjamin of Antwerp
Shaver, Henry (by widow) of Belleville
Shed, Simon of Orleans
Shepard, Amos of Lyme
Shepardson, Darius of Ellisburg
Sherman, Abel of Rutland
Sherman, Job of Ellisburg
Shipper, Morey of Alexandria
Slack, Oliver of LeRay
Smith, Daniel of LeRay
Smith, Oliver of Ellisburg
Smith, Thaddeus of Lyme
Snell, George P., Jr. of Theresa
Snow, Jonas of Wilna
Snyder, Richard of Ellisburg
Soper, Lawren of Theresa
Spalding, Evander (no town given)
Spalsbury, John of Alexandria
Spencer, John of Adams Centre
Spencer, Steph. (by adm'r) of Ellisburg
Spicer, Daniel (no town given)
Sprague, David (no town given)
Squires, Elezur of Pamelia
Stanley, Daniel of Smithville
Stedman, Luther of Cape Vincent
Steele, George R. of Clayton
Stemplar, Henry of Clayton
Sterling, D. F. (no town given)
Stetson, Nathan of Clayton
Stevens, Ebenezer of Clayton
Stewart, Walter (no town given)
Storey, Pliny of Watertown
Storms, William of Alexandria
Stranahan, John of Watertown
Streeter, Amos of Antwerp
Suits/Suts, Adam P. of Alexandria



Tamblin, Abner of Rutland
Tatman, Calvin of Adams
Taylor, Charles J. of Pamelia
Taylor, Philetus S. of Ellisburg
Taylor, Solomon W. of Wilna
Thayer, Benjamin of Wilna
Thomas, Shubael of Wilna
Thompson, Archibald of LeRay
Thompson, Isaac of Antwerp
Thompson, James of Champion
Thompson, Joseph of Alexandria
Thompson, William of Wilna
Tifft, Theoph. (by wid.) of Mannsville
Timerman, Adam of Orleans
Tompkins, Gilbert of Theresa
Torry, Stephen of Hounsfield
Totman, Calvin of Adams
Townsend, John of Philadelphia
Tremper, John M. of Lyme
Travallie, Czar (no town given)
Truesdell, Samuel of Ellisburg
Tucker, Amariah of Cape Vincent
Turner, David of Clayton



Van Allen, Abr. (by widow) of Clayton
Van Bracklin, Nicholas of Alexandria
Van Brocklin, John of Thresa
Van Wormer, Abram of Ellisburg
Van Wormer, Jacob of Ellisburg
Varnum, Abraham of Lyme
Victory, Edmund of Philadelphia
Visgar, John (by executor) of Orleans
Vroman, Jacob of Rodman



Waffle, William of Clayton
Wagner, Jacob of Alexandria
Wagoner, Jacob of LeRay
Walrath, Jacob A. of Pamelia
Walrod, Warner of Lyme
Ward, Elihu (by executor) of Orleans
Ware, Rult (b widow) of LeRay
Watts, Benjamin of Theresa
Watts, Daniel of Orleans
Watts, John of Orleans
Watts, John J. (b administratrix) (town not given)
Weaver, Joseph S. of Wilna
Weaver, George of Philadelphia
Welden, Jacob of Ellisburg
Wessels, Luke of Ellisburg
West, William of Adams
Wever, George of Ellisburg
Wheeler, Joshua of Ellisburg
Wheeler, William of LeRay
White, James of Henderson
White, Lester of Orleans
White, Oliver of Henderson
Whittier, Jonathan of Clayton
Wilcox, Oliver of Lyme
Willard, Abel of Clayton
Williams, Nicholas of LeRay
Williams, Reuben of Antwerp
Williamson, Christopher of Rodman
Williamson, John of Wilna
Wilson, Jacob of LeRay
Wilson, Reuben L. of Hounsfield
Winner, Christian of Rutland
Wood, Amos E. of Ellisburg
Wood, James of Ellisburg
Wood, Jesse (by admin'x) of Ellisburg
Wood, John of Champion
Woodward, Ebenezer of LeRay
Woodruff E. (by admin'r) of Ellisburg
Woodward, Beldad of Antwerp
Woodward, Elias of Rutland
Woodward, Henry of Rutland
Woodward, Ezra (no town given)
Woodward, James (by wid.) of Rutland
Wright, Matthew of Adams
Wright, Oliver (by admin'x) of Clayton
Wright, Seth of Watertown
Wyles, Russell of Lorraine



Young, Michael of Wilna

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