Submitter's name: Collene Harker
State of residence of soldier: NY or Va

JOHN BAKER born circa 1780 NY. He fought in the military War 1812 , mostly in NY and VA. Had son JOHN BAKER born circa 1800 NY. Have any information?



Author: RDCalhounEagan
Watertown Daily Times, 17 Aug 1883

---Silas Barret, a soldier of the war of 1812, who died at his home in Youngstown, Niagara county, Tuesday, aged 94, formerly lived in Jefferson county, and was with the American army along the St. Lawrence river during the war of 1812. In 1845 he went to Niagara county, where he has since resided. He was married twice, and has had nine children, four of whom survive him. His wife died nine years ago. He retained his faculties to a remarkable degree, and took a lively interest in all that was going on about him. At the last presidential election, he rode four miles to the polls to cast his vote for Garfield.

NOTE: Silas married (1) Lucinda Evans (2) Sedate Evans, who were sisters, daughters of Urial & Lucinda Evans.

Author: RDCalhounEagan



Submitter's name: Joseph W. Fairfield
State of residence of soldier: New York

Family records say he served in the War of 1812. So far, we have been unable to find any record of him in the military. ANY help would be appreciated.


Colonel John GOTHAM

"In the year 1812, John Gotham enlisted as Corporal in Captain Lamson's company to defend the Frontier of the Empire State and was in the Battle of Sacketts Harbor."

Source: "History of Jefferson County" p. 1810 "John Gotham, private in Captain William Lamson's company of Colonel Gershom Tuttle's 76th Regiment, served from September 7, 1812 to September 20, 1812; from February 3, 1813 to March 19, 1813 and as sareant in Captain William Lamson's company of Colonel Amariah Tucker's 76th RegiMent from July 28, 1814 to August 21, 1814."

Source: Adj. Gen. Office; Albany, N.Y.

John Gotham was Colonel of Milttia after the War of 1812, having served in the War. He and his wife are buried in an old deserted cemetery on the Gotham St. Road. His great-granddaughter, Mrs. M.H. Rice (Grace A. Brimmer) was a Member of the Northern Frontier Chapter, U.S.D. 1812. His grave is Marked with the official Marker of the Daughters of 1812.

Summary on Col. John Gotham:
Born: Dec.16,1782 in Plainfield, Sullivan Co., NH
Died: Nov. 15, 1840 Sackets Harbor, Jefferson Co., NY. Drowned in Lake Ontario
Buried: Brookside Cemetery, W, Jefferson Co., NY
Father: Henry Rockford Gotham Sr.
Mother: Mary Rowell
Married to Nancy Penniman in 1805 at Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY

In 1804 he was living in Watertown. He served in the Military as a member of the Sacketts Harbor Militia in 1812. He was a farmer.

Joshua MOODY

Submitter's name: Cliff Moody
State of residence of soldier: Maine
Company in which soldier served: First Regiment, Light Artillery

Joshua Moody was born in Falmouth, Maine in 1778. He married Elizabeth Moody, his cousin, on August 25,1799 at Durham, Maine (formerly Royalsborough) by the Rev. Jacob Herrick. He was a carpenter by trade. On February 19, 1814, at the age of 36, Joshua was enlisted into the Army as a private of captain Adam Larrabee's company first regiment of light artillery. His discharge papers describe his physical characteristics as that of five feet ten inches tall, light complexion, blue eyes, and light color hair. He was discharged at Head Quarters, Sackets Harbor, New York, on May 25,1815. Captain L. Leonard signed his discharge papers. Joshua died on his farm in Andover, Maine on May 24, 1855.


Deacon John OTED

Watertown Daily Times, May 10,1870

Deacon John Oted died April 28th 1870, in the 84th year of his age. He was one of the early settlers of Ellisburg. In 1811 he was appointed ergeant in Captain Gad Actley's company, 55th regiment of infantry; afterwards he held the positions successively of Ensign, Lieutenant, and Captain, in the same company, at the time of the war of 1812 was declared, he was in Canada; he in company with John Paddock were called upon to take up arms. They stole a bark canoe, but could row only nights, one day they lay on Duck Island, under their canoe, among the thickets for fear of being discovered, and at night proceeded to Sackets Harbor. They informed the unsuspecting troops there of the near proximity of the enemy; they immediately sent a man to Adams, made ready a company to meet the enemy, while he went out, as a spy to the mouth of Sandy creek; the night was foggy, and he succeeded in getting within gun shot of the enemy. They fired upon him and he returned in double quick, and, together with the company lay in ambush ready for the enemy when they should come up Sandy Creek.

His family lived within a mile of the battle ground and his house was made a hospital of. At one time the blood on the floor was over the soles of our shoes. Enemies and friends were brought there and cared for with equal kindness; so we find humanity even in war. He followed the water for 22 seasons, and during that time never with an accident or lost a man, until the last season when one man was knocked overboard during a severe gale. As a sailor he was careful vigilant and courageous.

For many years he was a deacon of the Presbyterian church of Ellis Village; when it was disbanded he joined the Methodist Church, of which he remained a consistent member until his death. So passed away one who had endured many of the hardships and trials attendant upon the settlers of a new uncultured country; but we trust he is now happy in fields elyson, walking beside the still waters and green pastures.

Note: Obit provided by Railroad & Maritime Researcher, Richard Palmer, of Syracuse, N. Y.

For Mr. Palmer's research, see Shirley Farone's Website -



ANDREW PHILLIPS, son of LEWIS PHILLIPS, was born in Pamelia, March 17, 1822, within four miles of Watertown. His grandparents on both sides settled in Pamelia and lived there five or six years. His maternal grandparents were JOHN MíCOMBS and LANEY (FRANK) MíCOMBS. His grandmother was a daughter of Judge FRANK of Frankfort, his mother being the oldest in a family of ten. His father, LEWIS PHILLIPSs, was called out as a minute man at Sackets Harbor in 1812.



Submitter's name: Jerome R. Stocking
State of residence of soldier: New York, Madison Co.
Company in which soldier served: Charlotte Co. Militia

Found this informaiton written in a book. Does anyone have a written history of this Militia Unit? I have extensive information on the Stocking Family from the 1600's to the present generation. Would like to fill in information on John Stocking.



Submitter's name: Lillian Marsden
State of residence of soldier: NY ?
Company in which soldier served: Capt. Fuller's Company, NY Militia

Ruel WARE was a Private in Captain Fuller's Company of the New York Militia. He was married to BETSEY WARE. Bounty land was awarded to the widow of Ruel Ware for 120 acres (Fort Des Moines, Iowa, Adair county)Warrant No. 17.813. The land was assigned by Mrs. Ware to JOSIAH BURR PLUMB on 19 May 1859. To date I have been unable to locate RUEL WARE's name in War of 1812 searches. If you have any information on this soldier, or JOSIAH BURR PLUMB and his family, please contact me. I have the original Land arrant paper, but I am unfamiliar as yet with all the records available on-line re the War of 1812. I believe the families of either the WAREs or PLUMBs may be interested in preserving this document.


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