North Side Improvement League


On the 22nd day of May, 1911 occurred what was probably the most exciting election ever held in this City to decide the question of any municipal improvement. Due to the sectional feelings of those favoring the building of the Jackson Street Bridge, as opposed to the plan, it was clearly evident to many good citizens that if this feeling was not removed, many propositions which might be for the best interests of the City as a whole would in the future be debated --- regardless of the merits of each proposition.

With this situation clearly in mind, on the evening of the day on which the Jackson Street Bridge proposition was defeated, and when feeling on the North Side was strongly in favor of defeating future propositions, 14 members of the Bridge boosters met at their Headquarters on Main Street and decided to organize under the name of the North Side Improvement League, with the object of removing all sectional feeling, and the further object of helping to carry out any proposition which might be for the best interests of the City.

We ask the active assistance of all public spirited citizens in the future as in the past, and pledge our best efforts for any proposition that may make for a better Watertown.

The north side of Watertown refers to the area north of the Black river.

NSIL Roster 1925

Adams, Ernest E.1005 State St.Machinist 
Adsit, L.361 W. Main St., Teller, Jeff. Sav. Bank 
Amo, Herbert508 Cooper St.Machinist 
Anderson, M.D.348 W. Lynde St.Milkman 
Angley, Albert J155 Katherine St.Floor Sanding 
Ashcraft, Frank665 Leray St.Coal Yard Supt. 
Ashwood, H.V.4 Gilbert St.Barber 
Audette, Fred330 W. Main St.MachinistLife Member
Austin, Herbert J.676 Davidson St.Chauffeur 
Babcock, FredCity HallJanitor 
Babcock, L.M.419 E. Main StFarmer 
Babcock, W.R.489 E. Moulton St.Musician 
Bailey, W. C.228 Gale StEngineerLife Member
Baltz, Geo. H.215 Coffeen St.Coal DealerLife Member
Barber, Fred C.216 Main Ave.Painter 
Barber, G. R. 253 W. Main St.Retired 
Barber, Geo. C. 645 Burlington St.Granite Worker 
Barry, E. H. 120 S. Massey StBottler 
Baum, N. L.830 Davidson St.Retired 
Beebee, Fred E. 427 Newell St.Agt. Bartell's Brew Co. 
Bellinger, E. D.673 Le Ray St,Retired 
Bence, F. C.110 Stuart St.Cheesemaker 
Bence, George311 Phelps St.Carpenter 
Bence, Peter311 Phelps St.CarpenterLife Member
Bennett, F.A.509. S. Massey St.FloristLife Member
Benoit, A.J.226 W. Main St.Carpenter 
Berkwitz, David511 Lansing St.Ins. Agent 
Biche, Adelbert206 Main AveMachinist 
Bloodough, E.V.404 Woolworth Bldg.Lawyer 
Bolton, Alfred L.118 Gale St,.Electrician 
Bolton, S. D.443 W, Main St.Pharmacist 
Booras, Peter J.422 W. Main St.Confect. 
Bourcy, Floyd. A.734 Davidson St.Electrician 
Bourn, Leo A.215 King St.Oysterman 
Boynton, Fred535 Cooper St.Manager 
Bradley, T.H.123 Court St.Hdw. Merchant 
Breen, N. F.237 Stone StLawyer 
Brennan, Martin A. 102 Arsenal St.Electrical Engineer 
Brown, Henry H.614 Burlington St.Laborer 
Buckingham, Geo.750 Davidson St.Carpenter 
Budlong, Lewis S Physician 
Burns, Wm. J.177 Stone StIns. Broker 
Burton, H. S. 324 Gale St.Carpenter 
Bush, Gordon F.239 Francis St.Trainman 
Butterfield, O.M.116 Barben Ave.Carpenter 
Byrnes, John716 Mill St.Grocer 
Byrnes, M.S.Evans MillsGrocer 
Cahill, D.W.110 W. Lynde St.Accountant 
Cahill, R.E.118 W. Lynde St.Pres. Wat. Eng. & Machine CompanyLife Member
Carlin, J.C. 639 Mundy StBank Clerk 
Carlin, John639 Mundy St.Chief Clerk 
Carpenter, Geo. J.203 W. Lynde St.Grocer 
Carpenter, J. M.564 Snell St.Foreman, N.Y.C. 
Carpenter, Levi413 Bridge St.Contractor 
Case, John G.Wat. Daily Times, Reporter 
Case, John G.Linden Apt'sReporter, Wat. Times 
Charlebois, E.G.705 Washington St.Grocer 
Charlebois, Gus105 W. Main St.Real EstateLife Member
Charlebois, Wm.1164 State St.Contractor 
Clement, Earl A.602 Le Ray St.Carpenter 
Clement, Floyd M.655 Cooper StDraftsman 
Clement, Manson F. 655 Cooper St.retired 
Closs, Geo. W.Watertown NY RFDReal Estate 
Cole, Earl E284 Stuart St.Baker 
Collins, Milford R.Point PeninsulaFarmer 
Congdon, Chas. H.Arcade StPublisher 
Connelly, E.J.118 Seymour St.Plumber 
Conway, Earl J.211 Phelps St.Mechanic 
Conway, Milton, 211 Phelps St.Laborer 
Corbett, D.G.517 Mohawk St.Boiler Maker 
Cosgrove, D.M.Bank Bldg.Lawyer 
Cozzie, Anthony619 Mill St.Monument DealerLife Member
Crary, Chas. K.317 Lynde StIns. Agent 
Crosbie, G.R. 214 Gale St.retired 
Crowner, E.B.624 Lansing St.County Auditor 
Cuddy, A.E. 555 LeRay St.Moulder 
Curry, W. Earl616 LillianPlumber 
Curtis, O. W.729 Davidson St.Foreman 
Cusentz,W.J.487 Mill St.Mech. Draftsman 
Dangel, Albert538 Curtis St.Ice Cream Maker 
Dangel, L.H. 522 Curtis St.Accountant 
Darby, H.M.407 E.Main St.Machinist 
Darby, Otis L.407 E. Main St.Pattern Maker 
Dasno, R.636 E. Main St.Foreman 
Davis, Thos. R.127 Royal Ave. Buffalo, NY  
Davison, A.W.620 Lansing St.Milkman 
Davison, Jas.305 Flower Ave.W.Sec.Marcy-Buck Co. 
Dawson, Elijah 813 LeRay St.Plumber 
Dawson, Fred217 W. Lynde St.Tool Maker 
Decker, John B.308 Gale St.Tailor 
Deline, Geo. N.803 Cooper St.Mason 
DeRocher, Barney L.733 Davidson St.Barber 
Devencenzi, Louis503 Cooper St.Chauffeur 
Dona, W.A.726 Davidson St.Carpenter 
Dorchester, Charles 1018 Boyd St.Electrician 
Dorchester,H.C.Burdick Bldg.Salesman 
Dorr, Arthur V.247 Stuart St.Trainman 
Dorr, P.B.839 Myrtle Ave.City Treasurer 
Dowd, Geo. T.225 E. Main St.Machinist. 
Drappo, J.R.504 Pearl St.Grocer 
Dromey, Wm. J.305 Mill St.Druggist 
Dryden, Allen453 Mill St.Grocer 
Duell, E.J.632 Lillian St.Machinist 
Duffany, Bert697 Mill StPlumber 
Duggan, John633 Mundy St.  
Dulmage, Erwin251 E. Main St.Contractor 
Dulmage, J.A.532 Cooper StSalesman 
Dulmage, Lewis628 Cooper St.Contractor 
Dunlay, L.S,114 Park Ave.Merchant 
Dusoe, Louis668 Mill St.Chauffeur 
Dyer, C.H. 405 Tilden St.Water & Dam Inspector 
Earle, Frank636 Cooper St.retired 
Eddy, E.G.136 Pearl Ave.Bookkeeper 
Eddy, W.H.627 Addison St.Shipping Clerk 
Edgers, Jerome, Lince Furniture CompanyLife Member
Edwards, Charles A.336 S. Indiana Ave.Pharmacist 
Ellingsworth, C.T.503 E. Main St.Grocer 
Elliott, Frank E.1006 Superior St.Boiler Maker 
Elsie, Charles726 Mill St.City Foreman 
Faibish, A.464 Mill St.Merchant 
Fairand, W.H.218 Francis St.Brakeman 
Farley, L.J.312 Gale St.Grocer 
Fidlar, Ross F1206 Academy St.Salesman 
Fisher, Carl701 Hancock St.Triple Worker 
Flynn, Jack623 Cooper St.Sergeant at ArmsHonorary Member
Flynn, W.J.Cape VincentCashier, C.V. Bank 
Fobert, Daniel313 Tilden StContractor 
Fortune, J.B.642 Cooper St.Machinist 
Fortune, M.D.642 Cooper St.Broker 
Foster, A.T.1008 Washington St.General Contractor 
Frailey, Geo.661 Thompson St.Clerk 
Frazier, Arthur A.613 Burlington St.Auto Mechanic 
Freeman, C.J.Haney St.Truckman 
Frink, Howard W.651 Burchard St.Mechanic 
Gagnon, C.A.217 Charles St.Milkman 
Gagnon, Frank357 W. Main St.Tool Maker 
Gailey, Charles847 LeRay St.retired 
Ganter, Geo.212 William St.Real Estate 
Gardner, C.O.411 Brainard St.retiredLife Member
Gardner, Constant187 E. Main St.Machinist 
Gilbert, Wallace540 Mill St.Tool Maker 
Gilchrist, C.B.528 LeRay St.Accountant 
Gillette, E.S.Buffalo, NYHotel Prop. 
Gillette, SolonWatertown, RFD 4Musician 
Gillette, Wm.R.710 LeRay StMilkman 
Gilmore, M.J.415 Grove St.Newsman 
Gleason, Dorr639 Mill St.Barber 
Gleason, E.N.DexterBrakeman 
Gleason, RobertDexterClerk 
Gould, A.L.656 LeRay St.City Assessor 
Gould, F.D.678 Cooper St.Real Estate 
Graham, W.E.1015 LeRay StFarmer 
Grant, Harry418 Tilden St.Clerk 
Graveline, Arthur1002 Erie St.Ins. Agent 
Gravelle, C.M.642 Lansing St.Sporting Editor 
Green, F.A.603 LeRay St.Electrician 
Green, Geo. W. 603 LeRay St.Electrician 
Gregware, Alex.E.Main St.Laborer 
Gresu, Philip814 Sherman St.Painter 
Gribbin, J. ErnestSyracuse, NYFireman 
Griswold, F.S.814 LeRay St.retired 
Hampson, E.K.417 Broadway Ave.Mgr, N.S.Bank 
Hartman, Lawrence514 Frontenac St.Carpenter 
Hibbert, A.J.630 Addison St.Insurance 
Hickey, E.J.507 W. Main St.Grocer 
Hicks, Willis695 LeRay St.Machinist 
Hill, Edgar J644 Burchard StClerk 
Hogoboom, Peter227 Main Ave.Machinist. 
Holsenburg, G. D.576 Snell StClerk 
Hughes, Wm, H, Jr.647 Cooper St.Tool Maker 
Hunt, DeWitt C.534 Mill St.Mill Wright 
Hunt, M.E.828 Superior St.Baker 
Hunt, W.V.721 Davidson St.Salesman 
Hyde, John542 Bradley St.retired 
Irolli, Vincent Jr132 N. Pleasant StMusician 
Izay, Geo. J.60 Otis Bldg.Broker 
Jenkins, Walter668 Mill St.retired 
Jones, W.L.330 Gale St.retired 
Juby, H.C.411 Jay St.Court Stenographer 
Karol, James628 New York Ave.Carpenter 
Keat, Leroy C.1003 LeRay St.retired 
Kelly, Jas. J122 Francis. St.Policeman 
Kilburn, Austin531 W. Main St.Plumber 
Knight, A.J.140 N. Pleasant St.Policeman 
Krupcale, John A.924 Summer St.Laborer 
LaJuett, Charles D.770 Lansing St.Tool Maker 
Landon, C.H. 111 W. Lynde St.Attorney 
Landon, Harry F.829 Cooper St.NewspaperLife Member
Landon, Wm. F.116 Phelps St.Tool Maker 
LaPlant, T.H.103 W. Main St.Barber 
Lavere, Joseph621 Mundy St.Contractor 
Lawrence, Nelson740 LeRay St,retired 
Lawrence, Vanance736 LeRay St.retired 
Lawrence, W.B.736 LeRay St,Clerk 
Lee, J.D.143 Winthrop St. Life Member
Lepper, F.A.524 Cooper St.Tool Maker 
Lepper, John F.524 Cooper St.Machinist 
Lord, Harold S.437 W. Main St.Cigars and Candy 
Lucas, John B.820 Huntington St.Cigar Mfg. 
Lynch, T. H.515 Mundy St.Cigar Store 
Lyng, Henry T.714 Mill St.Real Estate 
Lytle, E. C.281 E. Main St.Tire Dealer 
Marsh, Geo.833 Superior St.Plumber 
Marshall, Clifton H.205 Arsenal St.Expressman 
Martell, F.E.132 Flower Ave. W.Sealer, Wgt. & Meas. 
Martin, Frank629 Mundy St.Tool Maker 
Martin, W.W.829 Mill St.Machine Operator 
Maurer, Geo.519 Pearl St.Grocer 
McAuliffe, P.E.140 Francis St.Mgr. A& P Store 
McCaugherty, H.A.177 Haley St.Elec. Engineer 
McDonald, E.F.657 Thompson St.retired 
McKenna, Francis J.730 Mill St.Ins. Agent 
McKim Geo.H.518 W. Main St.Grocer 
McKim, Elmer H518 W. Main St.Grocer 
McLennan, C.A.925 Riggs Ave.Salesman 
McMullin, C.B.344 W. Lynde St.Supt. Bank Bldg. 
Meichelbeck, Jas.654 Cooper St.Fireman 
Miller, E.H.Rte.1, Evans MillsFarmer 
Minor, J.H.147 Charles St.Laborer 
Mitchell, Frank H.315 W. Main St.Chauffeur 
Monnat, C749 LeRay St.Grocer 
Moore, C.H.724 Lillian St.Truckman 
Moore, Fred H.523 Morrison St.County ClerkLife Member
Moore, Jas.G724 Lillian St.Garage 
Moran, Wm.A.228 W. Lynde St.Grocer 
Morrency, A. W.312 W, Main St.Supt. Taggart's 
Mossmer, Mathais804 Bradley St.Cheesemaker 
Munk, A. W.726 Sherman St.Printer 
Murphy, Thos.F.519 Stone St.Carpenter 
Nickel, John J61 Riverside FlatsPtg. Pressman 
Northam, W.G.Smith BldgFuneral Director 
Nutting, Willis M.126 E. Hoard St.Student 
O'Brien, Wm. A.467 Mill St.Restaurant 
O'Connor, Jas. G.115 St Mary St.Farmer 
Ogsbury, W.D.115 William St.Real Estate 
O'Hara, Edison715 Griffin St.Electrician 
O'Neil, M.J.810 Tilden StPoliceman 
Ormiston, Leon R 147 Katherine StArmory Employee 
Osborne, Kenneth B423 Lincoln St.Chauffeur 
Osborne, R.J.423 Lincoln St.Stock Clerk 
Palmer, Herbert632 Mundy St.Grocer 
Palmer, Milton519 W. Main St.Baker 
Parish, Chas.555 Mill St.Conductor 
Parker, A.B.262 Flower Ave. W.Mgr., Watertown Standard 
Parsons, James622 Cooper St.Painter 
Paul, John527 E. Main St.Grocer 
Pecor, Joseph610 Grant St.Sailor 
Pester, Wm.W Main St.Laundryman 
Phelps, C.A.129 Keyes Ave.Lawyer 
Phelps, David531 Mill St.Carpenter 
Phelps, Frank J.318 Academy St.Truant Officer 
Phillips, C.A.1025 Washington St.Real Estate 
Phillips, Roy 672 LeRay StMachinist 
Pound, Jas.140 E. Main St.Service Station 
Prentice, A.E.835 State St.retired 
Prevost, Ernest A.600 Lansing St.Grocer 
Prevost, Leo J.Woodruff St.Printer 
Puffer, W.W.847 Washington St.Monument Dealer 
Purpura, Jas.237 E. Main St.Grocer 
Purser, Joseph877 W. Main St.Coal DealerLife Member
Rattray, Jas. L.740 Griffin St.Janitor 
Reed, H.D.64 Mill St.Salesman 
Reeves, Lee R.635 Bradley St.Elec Merchant 
Richards, Wm S.223 Charles St.Salesman 
Richardson, H.W.132 Stuart St.Blacksmith 
Rivers, R.W.657 Thompson St.Repairman 
Roberts, E.R.227 St. Mary St.Electrician 
Roberts, John754 Davidson St.Janitor 
Robertson, F.C.537 Davidson St.Machinist 
Rose, Chas. W.540 Cooper St.Grocer 
Rowin, Timothy622 Seneca St.Laborer 
Rush, James222 Francis St.AuctioneerLife Member
Schryer, Wm.149 E. Lynde St.retired 
Schucharach, Ed.105 W. Main St.Tailor 
Schuyler, D.B.339 Ten Eyck St.Banker 
Scott, Robert218 Winslow St.Contractor 
Shurtliff, A.M.203 Charles St.Moulder 
Simmons, David E.618 Hancock St.Carpenter 
Simonds, Sol141 Haley StButcher 
Simpson, Edw.721 Cooper St.retired 
Siver, John D.758 Davidson St.Carpenter 
Slate, P.S.42 Otis Bldg.Lawyer 
Sloat, W.B.327 W. Main St.Lumber DealerLife Member
Smith, Eldred131 Francis St.Merchant 
Smythe, J.P.347 W. Main St.Salesman 
Squires, Fred662 LeRay St.Salesman 
St. Louis, F.C.715 :LeRay St.Mfg. Wall Plaster 
Stewart, Jas.531 Pearl St.Clerk 
Stoneburn, Wm.153 W. Main St.Real Estate 
Stopforth, Fred O.613 Frontenac St.Trucking 
Storie, Elmer726 Davidson St.Plumber 
Timmerman, Frank668 LeRay St,Retired 
Timmerman, Wm.668 LeRay St.Carpenter 
Toole, Thomas475 Mill St.Clerk 
Trumble, Ellsworth266 E. Main St.Fireman 
Tuft, Jas.615 Lillian St.Janitor 
Turnbull, Jas. A. Jr.643 Mundy St.Real Estate 
Turner, Earl146 Haley St.Bookeeper 
Upell, Theo.615 Grant St.Air Brake Tester 
Vandewalker, Edwin A132 W. Main St.Garage Prop. 
Waghorn, G.D.158 Jackman St.Sheet Metal Worker 
Wagar, Arthur560 Snell St.Stock Clerk 
Wagar, B. D.210 E. Lynde St.Carpenter 
Wallace, R.H.551 Mill St.Mason 
Walti, John610 Mundy St.Woodworker 
Ward, B.P.135 Stuart St.Cashier 
Ward, Geo.E.Paddock ArcadePaper Hanging and Painting 
Wardwell, A.F.Wat. Nat. BankBanker 
Warren, Fred E.Haley St.Bookkeeper 
Wasmuth, V231 E. Main St.Machinist 
Webber, William416 Bridge St.Cattle Dealer 
Weeks, O.D.172 Winslow St.Painter and Paper Hanger 
Weldon, J.J.483 Court St.Flour & Feed 
Welsh, W. J.257 W. Main St.Printer 
Welsh, Wellington528 Cooper St.Laundry 
Wetterhahn, H.F.745 Davidson St.Machinist 
Wetterhahn, R.A.503 Mill St.Asst Mgr, N.S. BankLife Member
White, G.F.724 Cooper St.Ins Agt. 
Wilde, B.C.Henderson, N.Y.Farmer 
Wingel, John240 Arsenal St.ElectricianLife Member
Wisner, Geo.640 Water St.Machinist 
Wisner, Isle, R.640 Water StDraftsman 
Wood, Ezra211 Massey StNight Watchman 
Wright, Richard724 Griffin St.Clerk 
Yerdon, Bert514 LeRay St.Painter 
Yett, J. Eugene208 Farwell St.Millwright

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